Episode 156: Raven Nest

In this episode we discuss apologies, dream homes, and sloths.

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very fun episode things actually ended
up getting real

mmm which is pretty let the thick nice a
check it out

let’s start

in the year this is what do good to me


on doing the kid

said the is the key


this you

the this

the list you

is you should

I love that and that was Spain’s own

Amy don’t hate me article that every bit
look at it John read music which is

there that was

a folk neoclassic or rock n roll with a
little bit hip-hop

are no you up know aren’t the best the
eighties night to build a link though

yet the number one arbitron made it less
network station suddenly the

like the secret song at the end of a
punk lol yeah

Obama self yeah I know work and rights
are like that are like the blink 182

a the New Found Glory that we should
explain what secret songs are to

to our audience do you think they don’t
even know how would a

their secrets on Drake’s out massacres
on jay-z’s album in Sikhism

really recently you buy the CD and it
only exist as a secret song that you can

listen to the replay the last track

not last night but they’re like signs
interludes like he did in the he did at

the end zone tracks I thought it was
like the last song actually goes on for

like three small more minutes of silence
and then another one starts

rate that’s I mean that’s like the
classic classic secret sorry but they do

have like

hidden track certainties still a albums
and how do you access them

are you as a whole album seeking is
actually go to track 11 at that

no no you go to track 11 listen to track
11 and two minutes after Jack 11

sinister like

some has shorter you another track place
home I

got that the secret song yeah so you’re
still have

we should do a secret podcast have fun
idea so after the set podcasts and is


an hour and a half its islands oh we
should do like all entire

seven days of silence then another
podcast well I will release it


0 sounds like a nine gig I’ll you there

seven days yeah has elapsed

a hundred hours have gone by and then at
the end if it is just one more

generates so we will %uh that’s a good
idea I

this episode comes out June 2nd a

which means where on our way to
Australia by the time you hear this

what no yeah release June 2nd

so others have a second June 1st and
we’re going to be on our way to us judge

in second

it in the night and we have a red-eye
right that’s here

okay hope and probably a retiree this
runaway Australia well I mean by the

time you read it who knows what’s
happening yet because I was stressed


that would take days show misspeak
around the mother

hacker I I will out its

I will pass our said you don’t get away
with a tax cheat

shields know I’ll that’s fine I’ll

yeah illegitimate stock yeah they did on

a porpoise a that this is a fire you the
only by his podcast on the internet

hosted by us

I’m here and I’m Jake and how does this
show work

we getting emails from people who are in
difficult places and

there in Needham our advice specifically
if they needed your advice

data emailed your show yeah
unfortunately is mine

they let the email our show we had a

money the most commented comments about
our show is that

we only take relationship advice are we

take relationship emails and give
relationship advice and we do that

I think has become one of our specialty
is coming just but that the sheer volume

a question that’s all we have questions
about right so we we do get

emails a with some emails about work
problems are family issues their school


a but with the majority of them are
relationship on but we did find some non

relationship ones for the serbs

alright so why don’t we get

this party begin

let day b/d in doubt

here about it he gated alright

a year away we gotta give this

real person who wrote a really email a
fake name to preserve his

anonymity anonymity

got a lot of amenity got a lot of people
chanted the keeper London and China take


a from A+ I very good if that was the

and everyone out there singing along you
are harder arrest

whether they do the though

what about for this podcast will call
these people

a musicians that it had secret songs

I’ll alright cool to disagree Billie Joe

sounds good billy joel writes so the
other day in cafeteria this girl was

talking to her friend and I overheard
her say

oh my god I’m so hungry I could
literally eat the entire snack bar

this girl and I will or not friends know
each other and have talked a handful of

times therefore I jokingly said

yeah probably thinking we were close
enough where it would be funny

well she didn’t think so she went ape
shit all over social media about me

being so disrespectful and how I’m such
a dick

she is a decently BP girl so it made me
look even worse

even though this girl is pretty alike by
almost everybody in my grade cell

should I apologize or should I just say
fuck it

and let the anger pass over her because
my reputation in the grade

is it really at risk thanks

love Billy Joe my reputation in the

will remain untarnished yeah it can’t be
rescinded alleged and material it’s the

zone nerve is that it is your

I get weird as they actually reputation
is at risk for

you’ll get I’ll lot when I knew it could
you talking about who did you hear that

it was at risk from

I was afraid it would be at risk could
you imagine all the while I wrap all he

wants is the comfort of us think Jara

is now that your relations your your
reputations not at brisk

reputation as a junior high school
profit thing like key match in your


once you leave school with my reputation
it’s funny I

what I reputed as do you care about your

maybe subconsciously but I never really
think about reputation

the word at least reputation headed for
another day said over and over

starting to lose meaning what is my

in tables also weird want to do is say
oh yeah

table up table no no it’s fine
reputation is weird though

I guess my reputable our reputation is
defined by this podcast

like mine is like this logical
analytical emotionless dude

and yours is like a a fiery passionate

yeah loud mouth ass have hurt but that’s
your reputation

so if your reputation was at risk it
would be quite devastating

a I don’t know if there’s one thing you
could say or do that would risk your

reputation but in high school everything
is hanging by a thread

from a thin line that’s true cell

would you apologize if someone was
blasting you on social need

it sounds like he wants to apologize
anyway why doesn’t worth

what’s the harm in apologizing yeah he
feels bad he feels guilty

that for just any sugar said that and
he’s like I don’t know I guess is just

like thrown because he’s so surprised at
all that this has happened

the athlete to have to apologize of
course you do

will more than one of my apps my my
reputation as the apologist

I think also you have to take ill ASM

with somebody acts like this like with
every put you on blast in social media

when there’s this offended

the like of course you just apologize
because it’s

you’ve clearly done a bad thing you
offended someone

I in a really rude way

I mean have you ever apologized on
social media a partisan social me I

think you don’t apologize and social
media you apologize offline yen person

to say sorry about that I think what
really matters more than your reputation

is nothing

Mataram or than the rep

you will being a nice guy to this to
this girl

some help you take action one nice guy
to a girl to

what issue do you always want your
reputation to just be like oh he’s not


that’s a good a reputation for up for i
mean you he made a reputation anything

you want but number one

have nobody think you’re mean would be a

I no one thinks I’m mean no one thinks

I am I i I 8 douchebag asshole yells
women fat in the cafeteria

it so your life the goal in life is to
go through it

without really offending anyone so that
nobody thinks you’re

a mean right to navigate through the
waters a society without really

jostling anyone the wrong way and it’s
funny to his you like

she took it the wrong way she he meant
it as a joke and she didn’t take it like


it’s not like you had so much riskier
that you don’t want to apologize for

like I don’t wanna set a precedent

Friday well apologizing to people I
accidentally offend do

what sort of message does that send to
the student body

you do just a yet you the you made a bad

in now somebody’s really mad so the
right thing to do is apologize

yen a is it ever

not get to apologize would you ever say

don’t apologize will be like stood up
for what he believed in some

day up it but II

if this girl was like even then wouldn’t
you just a Paul

like if someone is mad at you even for a
bad reason

what with what’s the harm in just saying
sorry ray

I get I’m trying to think up a time when
I have like really felt like I was in

the right

and I also had to apologize and I kept
thinking when responding how pride is a


like that’s the only thing stopping you
from saying

old worded that you think will make
someone else feel better because you

don’t want the message to be that you
are on

right but I think the thing also about
apologies is that the

they take on such a strange form where

the problem is the at this point become

then he should have never said rape but
since he did he can’t just a partly hand

size that

like it’s not okay good now other people
are mad at him

from social media and like other people
in the school will be like

this guy’s an asshole there’s going to
be two women it taken on

a grandiose

than up are all or a

a you can edit that make it look like
the iPad or

quickly right so you have he has to do
is yes to basically debase himself


I start from 0 and them I am sorry I a
huge asshole

I should have never said that I don’t
know what’s wrong with my you need to

apologize so much sometimes when you see
our sign

that the other person has not only
accept your apology but start to build

the backup

I’ll Seattle Audubon strike you believe

I hate myself for and only then can

rather like that’s when it changes

for them to say like no you’re not an
asshole you know me and I know you meant

it as a joke

that’s what you need to let him tell you
that you meant it as a joke but you

can’t say

I’m sorry you obviously took that the
wrong way admitted as a joke I

didn’t mean to offend you like well you
did you’re an asshole

hey I’m not an asshole you take your
don’t like yards apart I so much that

the other person start to apologize

that’s like Sourav when I was in
relationships when I was a younger

glad like I would think like the only
way to

a endophyte is to feel so bad that the

other person like had to like make race
start feeling better teacher apologies

in arguing

but I feel like it was false I’ll just
like this the I was lying so that this

person would make me feel better than I
be like

alright it’s okay now we’re back to
neutral like some sort of weird so

minute didn’t

the Pitt game but it I don’t know it’s
on it’s just like the way he

the way things are see how is better

so you have to actually like like a
percentage apology what percent of

apologies would you say are not

like are yours are not sincere I think
at this point when I apologize for that

they ate

meet because one thing you can do before
you apologizes to like

really put yourself in their shoes this
is how you to give a sincere apology

I’m tight like it I think the way I was
talking about a sort of what

and makes people not like to apologize
because that’s the nature of apologies

but if it was me doing it

I would release search my soul to find a
reason that I was sorry

so rather than look at the way she blew
up at you and how you feel like it

undeserved you look and say how did I
make her feel with that comic book

achieve been going through in her day

her in her life and Mike wide was she so

and then you when you talk to are you
really are coming from places being like

hey I am sorry I

obviously couldn’t have understood how
that would make you feel

but knowing how it did make you feel a
and mortified

that I said anything you should never
have to feel the weight like that and

then she’ll be like

that’s ok as long as you treat your
apology I’ll

totally acceptable really has till the
tassel holler whenever dollars

yet as to be a public apology or we can
do it in private but you have to be


nude yourself to me present yourself a
new to me

centrist so that I can embrace your
apology and I can see your body

I wanna see all take you don’t apologize

just show me your penis show me

show me your not iraq’s I want to sell
your small little acorn Dec

after you’ve come out of the shower I
want you to who present your self

cleaning them

I was collateral I they’ll skin freckle
face in

grief lasted for the world to see a
goose bums and shivering body

I like you to present that to me and
then and only then will I accept your

apology because I love seeing you at
your worst

and you see me in mind a

alright so apologize in a sincere way

it’s like if you’re not sincere find a
way to make yourself sincere

make yours if you make your if you’re
making yourself sincere than you not


know anybody you it like it’s not a lie
if you believe it

know if your Flickr with your party
that’s not sincere but if you

say like I if you actually sit down you
think about why you should be sorry

then it is a sincere so what if you are
always hears you are sincere but you to

say really quickly like I’m sorry about

or is that better than actually meaning

sincere short apology or one where
you’re lying and penalty guys that’ll be

the answer to your short apology

why not if that you actually feel bad is
am really sorry about that I feel bad

or if you’re lying you like I searched
my soul and I totally get what I’ve done

to you and it really breaks my heart and
brain to know that I did that to you and


acting bull if you’re really really
sorry why would your

sincere apologies sound like you’re
being hassle because

because you’re just how to talk to
people okay but if you feel better you


uncomfortable speaking a sincerely to

a alright apologize always apologize you
need another air

a guy’s name who had a secret song on an

jay-z rights

good Day Guys I gotta seriously sticky
situation and desperately need your

advice on how to deal with it

everyday at my workplace we get our
toilets clean

but that happens after we all leave for
work for the day unfortunately we have a

serial Toyota destroyer who arrives

at work before everyone every morning
and I’m not exaggerating when I say that

literally every morning he uses the
bathroom but he doesn’t just use it

he abuses it he must have something
seriously wrong with him because he

sprays shit

which is a very different color each day
all over the back to the toilet bowl and

somehow on the lip

on the very top the ball now this
wouldn’t be a problem if you use the

toilet brush that’s right next to the
fucking toilet to clean up after himself

but he doesn’t

healy’s it for the rest of the employees
to deal with for the rest of the day

not only does he somehow stay in the
porcelain bowl the smell that he leaves

behind could kill et al Darien army

it took me awhile to figure out who the
culprit was and now that I figured it


I don’t know what to do packages walk up
and say something to him and speaking to

HR about this would be very disgusting
so instead I told several

others who were wondering who the bloody
Punisher is he’s very proud of what he

does with that stupid smirk on his face

I’m tempted to get revenge on the behalf
my help with coworkers

should I arrive before him after a big
night at the Indian food and destroyed

the toilet giving them a taste a bit not
only his own medicine but I’ve might


should I start taking photos at

his abominations a leave printouts on
his desk I feel as if I should quit

because I cannot deal with this shit any
advice on how to deal

or punish this guy would be greatly
appreciated thank you

love jay-z huh it slowly

you think the guys Prout newark’s out
with a smirk

a bit is not proud he literally has a
shit-eating grin as he emerges rate and

body that’s like I am the shit I have
the shitter

yeah I and I destroy the the toilet
every morning

he said pS I think I’ve heard John world
of doing this one’s

to make sense because what he’s doing is
not a legal yes yeah but it is a public


and is not subtle though nah yes praying

that they just think that they know it’s
not a wolf is calling card is incorrect

a so let’s see there is this guy who is
proud of spraying shared on this toilet

bowl every morning

right how do you get back at that I
don’t think posting photos if it will be

good because like he seems to take pride
in it

yeah he probably takes his old phone yes
Papa’s pet name

like a serial killer keeps his own
newspaper clippings I know the answer to

this but I’ve ever taken a shit so epic
they’ve taken a photo that

and shown it to me recently because the
whistle on

a long thick log I don’t know you’re

we are taking a nice a shit you’ve been
proud up so much so they’ve taken up but

I’ve shown it to me re still on

asked and answered it meant abstinent

view them in for you to answer I usually
have you ever taken a video of yourself

taking a shit and then drew

rebirth the videos so it looks like this
shit is fucking you in the ass

ass everything except for the last part

it doesn’t look like it’s fucking me in
the ass looks like it’s going back into


show there’s no insert out floats your
way is a SharePoint

but my point is that I make art and you
make chartres

and speaking of Chartres what should we
do about this shit Smith

this mystery should Smith the shipment
how do you

how do you embarrass the shits min all

K this is what you do. oh my god and
this is something that we did

at Burning Man bullets is something I
learned it burning

so you know it’s true I world’s

I think that the it would be more bears
in this scenario it was funny reprimand


there are porta-potties everywhere not
everywhere with partners are report


I and some and you like

in the middle of the day in High Point
they’re usually like lines for them

mean high points on Rush Hour

yaa got just like so people are in line
for the poor bodies

the suddenly goes in and then as soon as
they go in

a big mob of people comes around with

a.m. a red carpet I’ll the roll it out

I’ll in like from the deported by the

does it out back into the middle her
home at the crowd

yeah everybody they call people over
everyone comes around

forms a huge crowd on both sides have
the up the red carpet

and the new way and as soon as that
person opens the door everyone just

cheers and then they walk the entire red
carpet at the front

be like I am get they get pose with like

a photo yet another Italian neighbor and
they make a speech

said they do that everybody or just want
know it’s just like it never happened to

me a random

yet thanks just this group of people
that like to stage this sort of

so he gets everyone in the office to
come in roll out the red carpet so that

when this guy leaves

right but there may be rather than like
celebrating like cheering for him

they all gr8 him I’ll be here yeah

golf stress Butler there’s serpents to
that boy

a is asleep everybody is aware that not
everyone knows who it is

they should all cuz he cant be mad at
everybody you know what they should do

this shit up the ante from that

like because I think what what what’s
giving them that shit eating smirks that

he thinks know he’s doing this is like a
silent little assassin

so what if he gets everybody to go into
the bathroom while he’s doing it

that seems like the way to get back at a
shooter because the best thing about

taking a shit is doing in private

Rep so you mean well he’s taking a shit

the entire office barges in not barges
in but like one by one so yeah I’ll

never had a single stall

that your majesty it like a yeltsin
person Bathory an open a multi stop at


I imagine it’s a single on battle I’m
sure you can get in either way but like

if you take one by one by one

byline and suddenly there’s like 30 40
50 people in there was taking a shit

and is to sell the fucking mortified as
his sprained shit

be at the other thing the pic about is
that he may just have IBS

like I really ashamed but he can’t
control himself when he gets to the

Patriot were at Leichhardt least it’s

I’m so sorry he like wants to clean it
but he’s too embarrassed is like I don’t

want anyone to know it’s me so he
hurries out in the bathroom

and he just thinks about the happiest
moment he had as a child that makes him

that my love it

that look good this is what we’re gonna

happy is nobody had as a child is funny
and his father passed away

because he thought he went through his
whole life to hear that is dat run out


but it turns out know he’d actually died
so you there

how I’m happy that at least he didn’t
abandon me on purpose yes a look at this

is life is like any also has a BSc has
the status life ever and now you wanna


by hissing at him coming out of the

you imagine a modified back I would be a
viewer’s in the stall

we did we teach you to practice empathy

or public shaming them a

serve you really ought to bear some I
like the group idea surround him with

people either rape

during his shit or right after

her out him as this as the shits min
because maybe when he gets off to the

fact that he thinks it’s anonymous

that through so until that point a
finger at him put the stage light on


also that you could talk to HR about it
that’s kinda funny that like

they do have to deal with up like that
like people that take shits net in a

nasty way

Yepi if they’re disrupting the office
that they chose job right but who the

disrupting the officer that is pooping

is disrupting the office is that action

let them deal with it on that day it
that’s what they’re there for

human resources I

both now and what better resource than

that the resource I write those are two
options for you

let’s take a break then we’ll come back
with more questions

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ideas we

are back a lot of I

its like a low back pain its no it’s not
all it

what user not Briana

I but with a lot of forget I wanna know

according to a guacamole

and I’m pissing myself

you also pose to sell but before we

and during the break I just realized and
in today’s june 1st

if a miracle happens

who might today will in fact be the day

I know you’re gone I don’t even want to
barely say

I can’t I don’t wanna I don’t wanna jinx
it by saying it

but we could be moving into obviously
calling it a dream home

would be under selling it so its and
that’s that’s at least

me leading you to the doorstep of what
we’re talking about a dream

we had a lot to be a bit laggy got a

I I did feel bad even calling it that we
recently saw

a house that we’d ideally like to move

it is it is

what’s above utopia Behala Behala

Shangri La the garden maybe then hi

it is a home it is a beacon is a light
it as an energy source on Raven nest

it is a house we cannot afford but it is
the one we deserve to be in

it’s the house with their but not the
house we can afford absolutely we ran

out of options in our price range so
what we did was double what we can


and what we saw was actually borderline
trip borderline try though

I before and we did it

is that we are just totally thrilled our
initial budget that’s right without

tripling our income who so we just said
we are willing to spend

but we’re not yeah it took to get in the
door he could have accused ourselves

in order to walk through these pearly
pearly gates

at Raven est and what we saw dumbfounded

we were awe-struck we were dumbfounded
where we we work on

found it appears strike banded it is
unfounded unprecedented I can’t imagine

a world where we don’t live in

Raven nast I can’t imagine a world where
to live in to die in Raven as

would be more than an honor the diet

did to die to die a thousand deaths in

for one night in Redmond my my goal in

is to find a woman who will bear me a
child who will die and Raven s

a child what else I a row I proud moment
it would be for me to lose and in to

lose my kid

with to my caring for me to feel

that sensitive shame how will I know I
will rate and yes sir I will be

a year I will be a jester in the powers
that is rated now

I pull I will proudly serve the king and
has a little humble

gathered at the survey hey I will set me
up prisoner that is

that’d be bound to be be headed

would be an honor to find a genie so
that I may grant you the other two

wishes for I have but one

it is to diana reyes the nest for me to
live there for an eternity as a dead


would be greater than spend the
reincarnated as the blade of grass

on the line up news I on fresh up new
tourists love that is Ravens methods for

me to be a patch of grass that a pig
would spend

eternity shitting on as long as it be in
Raven nest

for it to be in Raven nast a would be
such an honor

Matthew question you already have good

and I already asked do you dream I’ve
Raven as

course not it wouldn’t fit he allows the
dream up

I don’t sleep I stay awake at

longing for Raven as I lost after it

achieving dreaming implies that I a.m.
at a state in my life for I can be

restful outside the Raven asked to read
the nest the Raven asked

to you to me so that we may find the

that the cat raise a glass but do not
let the line touch your lips because the

wind a brave in nasa’s too sweet to bear

but I bare my soul to Raven as done all
I am to be eaten

to that that I am for her a threat for
i’m for them to go to mediate

it may never be enough a but I will have
no less than Raven nast

I will be homeless before I eg I am
denied that house which I will be

furry offered 50 percent asking busy it
is as I cuddle

a you anyway we’re out to comedy writers

to pay rent in Belhaven as through the
Travers the a tragedy that I won’t allow

to happen to be

yeah again afforded to happen to be to

I we took the asking price and we said
no chance

apparent to assign a price to Raven
esters more than a slap in with his left

landowner across the bay it was at your
house is worth

hand-hold what this is so will offer you

because you don’t deserve have they
don’t deserve to own Raveonettes

only we are the rightful heirs excalibur
the sword in the stone that is the home

that I must own can somebody own mount

and somebody own pursue be is can you
own the ocean can you handle it because

the kingdom with the gods kingdom come
thy kingdom come it actually where

rivers subjects do you

imagine living the night in Raven nest
where you are not plagued by

wet wet dreams to surf out on a wave

as we move out a raven estmonday years
and years a nocturnal emissions


overpowering the home the the the the on

it is a four bedroom it is a5 bathroom
there are the pool there are four on

sweet and a powder room it is open

there is a pool there is a two car
garage there is a gate

for I may sleep on that gate

and I don’t mean too lame I rest my head
but side the gate

I do 12 firmly slide my body along the
spine at the top of the gate to gate is

fully furnished

ikat is over four bedroom studio

the gate has a non sweet and every house
that i’ve seen since Raven nast

is a toilet it is absolutely not a home

I I can’t imagine living anywhere but
and at the same time

we can’t I can’t stress this enough we
can’t afford to live there

as we really we right now we’re waiting
on the email

from our realtor even to tell us that we
did not get the house absolutely will

not get Raven nest

we do not deserve Raven est but chill
missile who does

impossible more than a probable

but there is a chance we do get it in
the next couple episodes will be

recorded brothers in other words a
little play God could you imagine no I


a but before that actually slightly
after going to be in Australia

I’ll were coming this week next week
next that would be the biggest tragedy a

vault to get

rate today and asked to move in on the
first in to leave on the second per to I

would miss

the house I so desperately I can’t only

on the a an adventure and a new %uh

touchable exotic continent country

will could tear me away from Raven as to
who fortune that’s what it is

great gonna be in Sydney Melbourne a
Adelaide Brisbane Perth

up by cities 10 which is already sold
out Sydney

dangerously close tickets

available still on our website if I
really show dot

com I am I’m sorry

I was lost again my body is here but my

my soul my heart by eyes with Ray the

I can’t to think a raven s to be putting
it down

it it thinks it me beacon

a pic that you I don’t think it is you
you are at

been that’s very good what bedroom would
you want perot Vanessa Raven est

the math will be the Masters rule there
are popular for a master’s

you have to show some reference for the
master only has one master

my master is Raven ass and your master
is me

and rape in ok what do you mean she
needs to be in that

I she wants me in that master Raven ass
must have me for I am her bath jerky

we are husband and wife back home

can you imagine finding a woman a
soulmate after

love living in Raven est can you imagine
starting a family after having

I only have so much love to give and and
it is

alter with rave the bass could you
imagine sleeping with Raven est

can you imagine taking her and as a
Asami and no life

to you I can imagine letting Raven AZT
wear a strap on impact sir

can you me how do you imagine that

I would like to put a strap on on the
ice squeaky look what that

the nothing preguntas that the up

a strapping strap-on

on the 13 a

alright let’s get one last question
shall we yes

a this one is a relationship question
movie I’m sorry we can’t we can only

wait for so long that we get so many
relationship questions that even on our

special non relationship is still well
as the

one of three but this one’s pretty good
DF another

your is there a name worthy

a even bringing up after we discuss

ahead in song I don’t think Rambin Raven
as knows the hit song I think she is an


I think she is what’s on at this is a
siren song

meaning meaning I am selling to her a

and I will later consume me knowing that
I will die a slow death

but the live but the live

in Raven ass dying in Raven as to be

so honorable because it meant we were in
it again

to Raven matched absolutely to Raven’s
nest up

raise your Mead AFP you anti-aristide

alright Raven esta rights I do declare

you heard the friend zone but have you
ever heard over the sloth

zone I found myself in a quandary of

in the strangest variety I work as a
bartender in the barb is due

and the bar is due east from my house
remember that direction

it will come in handy later now one fine

evening I am tending bar being thus
while the end a cool when the gods have

alcohol consumption smiled down on me
and two beautiful girls I had been

making conversation with at the bar left
me their phone numbers on a single


a notable aside is that for some reason
our conversation somehow landed on the

topic I’m slots

here’s where it gets tricky they are
obviously friends and us

obviously talk so I didn’t know if it
could be some sort of

trapped attacks one of them before the
other and potentially give away which 1i

was more

interested in thinking on my feet I
decided to try a bold move and text them


in a group message even bolder I didn’t
say who it was

but going with the conversation from the
bar I texted did someone mention slots

here’s a random fact surprisingly I went
over extremely well

we all group text it for a while and
eventually the girl that I secretly was

more interested in started texting me

jackpot right nope dot com

she still only want to talk about sloth

and occasionally other cute animals I
don’t mind the animals but how do I move

the conversation away from that

and more towards me wiping this checkup
did I ruin my chances with the slot line

can I save myself and still have a
chance with this girl

should I have chosen a better random
sloth backed

yes sorry dude you’re all slaw stock

all flopped now mama you are done

so learn everything you can about sloth
that’s what you gonna talk to her about


this is the texting phenomenon that I’ve
experience maybe you have to do is

getting stuck in the inside joke mode

suddenly it’s been like I’ll 456 back
and relax for getting out at that moment

and I won’t even allow myself to get
into that

its quicksand too lazy so what do you do

you bring up the slot or an inside joke
which is a great way to break the ice

but then you can stay on it course not

is it how would what would you say is
the a good amount just as as a rule

back and forth maximum to

so you say slot she makes of Turkey you
make at most one more

and if she left she was more work oMG
your router percentage on

it big on you are God will have to
respond to every sloth related thing she

says with something else lot related

change the subject just like in any

for example we were talking about look
at only be described as

like you said the gates to New Jerusalem

and the right now we’re talking about
slough well 1 I’m talking i’m only ever

talking about raping absolutely that is
a car that is where I am that is a nice


that is where I come from and and that
is man



I feel there is a yeah there’s likely
Republican eisenach

its I did not accuse we both have a

for a bit messed let’s leave it at that
no one reveres are more than I’m

except maybe you a hurts though you’re
there hurly-burly

so do we were very cool it a

silence shall we do

two-minute silence in reference there
Raven AZT

to rate the nest

I weep for you

you re vision shares

house sweeney I

and with you this

have a Saturday dinner at the moment is
that the thing a bad song you wrote like

taking that

considering that at this stage it

everybody need learn I year ago

hmm crazy the men

or the fan server a Van Nest are
seagulls and a high C bottles why young


at the rave and nest hey diddle diddle
and I hated oh that’ll

mmm rei

but the plane manthe

analysts weeee the

man’s lot why burns

was sad and is now

the pad

earth 0 reais the

hidden nah up

bad had their you

apparent or even though our song about
Raven nest is

music to everybody’s ears what’d this

this is going really well from the sky
the slot guy right yeah of course he’s

got a seat

if somebody takes it from groups just to
you that’s like the flirting is even got

everything is leaving your number on a
napkin for a bartender

that dangerous that the two numbers
would you have done the

do will text I wasn’t exactly what he
did or

but is it happens when there is that a
in phnom we did this once we

two girls gave me their numbers and I
texted the one that was like

way less attractive oh yeah there was a
cool move

yeah and I did and I never texted that
other one and then eventually she texted


that has nothing to do with this really

or kinder to applicable lessons here

right well anyway so I’m cool and I

does know where I’m coming from you just

have to stop top you don’t have to given
to the inside ship

every time it’s also like it’s really
easy to keep on going back as you like

know I know the cheap response to the I
know that you text me about that right

but so what should I like it’s your job

move the conversation forward if you
that’s where you wanted to go

Dodgers like play the slot game and tell
she ask you out you’ve already done

something really pasa by texting them
both and hoping she moves you over to

both a solo texture basically taken
every swing in this relationship she

left the number

she left the group chain and now she’s
like waiting for you to stop back in

talking about slots and you can’t

so everything’s going great don’t

discourage just change the subject um

whether they want to say when it came in

and if if you wanna know exactly what to
say text Jake dot com still available

oh that’s right I tell people you know

situation I present I have at the
website that allows

Jake to text specific add to your
specific needs he’ll upload your

conversation and you you need

Jake to tell you exactly what to respond
with sometimes it’s nothing sometimes

it’s too late

right would you say that happen before

not from I’m eating nuts right now

of course the kitty not threatened on
start was really hungry

litter box helping you cash

up brought to you by to see those in a
total derailed

a sorry was meeting at self-contained

not too late for that for your help the

almost half the time now it’s like I’m
getting this is kinda inconvenient for

me but

it’s like text analysis where people are
uploading like a tunnel attacks

and that what you think the house is
going to ask her out

or like hey what why is this guy %uh

why this guy goes down on me

arrives at the wrong some like reading
all these attacks in trying to

a read into people’s situations but it
seems like this is the perfect

a perfect question for you because it
seems to be going well he just needs to

know how to

pivot from slots to letters and what i’m
talking about. slots it would be so easy

yeah help I spend years not talking
about sloth and probably so do you

yeah but it is get it is good to have
something dumb like that to bring up

a originally the ever likes lip stuff
like that and

at to the conversation at first so that
you like out this will be a good thing

to text about later

well as like let’s say you’re talking
about nothing in specific with the lady

in the lake

I should bring up something really weird
esoteric so that I can bring up later as

an inside joke

or will inside jokes invariably have to
come up during a conversation

whether it’s something specific like
slots or something else interesting

um I don’t think I’ve ever like secretly
inserted inside joke that

like usually comes up organically yeah


to sell because every conversation is
about something

ray as eyes you as soon as he has get
like a common interest then you can

exploit it for a little bit just like he
did with slots but

you don’t like the kid it’s not a

is not the

the what’s the word like the gift that
keeps on giving

I give you can’t live in the past it’s
not the game

take him Raven as the gift to yourself

button she is to give she is the one
IRS’s Adam she is

menu a cheesy as the sailor and and she
is a God

to use the Bible she is the story she
has met government

online I go out she really is everything

and anything and nothing at all the
house itself does not exist all at work

I an so and it is worth sixty percent in
the past

I that being said I cannot stress how
little we can afford is home to serve I

did we see it the way we did you build
the palito flatly

his bits like his have the image of us
walk you through all the really like %uh

this is really nice this is great

and then knowing what our financial
situation to

a few effect as driving a test love with
thirty-eight dollars in your bank


lightly of course it is a nice car yeah
I already knew that

a I i doubt I think that I haven’t done
in life to and

enough in life to deserve it
unfortunately the

suffer this guy a things are going well
just change the subject

exactly a alright at a time they keep so

for listening to the show if you have
your own questions your own theme song

submissions like

Amy don’t hate me send them over to a
fire you show at gmail dot com still

accepting thumbnail submissions

for Facebook page every time we upload
our podcast me is original artwork from


are talented fans the opening theme song
once again

from Spanish group Amy to hit me and
disclosing one is a full song it’s

pretty good we just felt a little weird

opening the show with like a a multi
minutes on

so it’s from a band called the legacy
enjoy that

will be back next week and then we’ll
definitely be in Australia by the time

that episode comes out





do you feel it last

bad that every day and

thank you yes some bad in

tumble went

the and

you yes




doesn’t do a

yeah a you

I a she was okay with me she loves the

yeah CA world okay

she also appeared on bail she lost here

home and I’ll then the

clever swell like and SK

make it back as like this yeah

list the city

doll planet



make TV




Google so it ish this was

probably a little bit historical I could
other bits to cut up

you 58

up mark ok comments like also matched a
good day

mom with go to work houseman to freeway
tattoo artist

to get my the way yes


I dices said okay

me yeah





a see more than a million


saying okay


jook the mail

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