Episode 165: League (Live from Montreal!)

In this episode we discuss stupidity, pregnancies, and fantasies with a special friend, live from Montreal!

holy cow were back on a Thursday finally

it is a bonus it is a treat it is a it
is a desert

yes it is a little further a special to
realize it has a sweet treat as a


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just a couple nights ago and mall the
all well that things were very very

funny thing is God larry o’rourke

yeah cuz things do get real if you want
and you’ll find out exactly when in fact

he was an epic

it has real enjoy E







yeah the

ladies and gentlemen please welcome your
hosts Jake and Amir

by chamber me

the champion

hey the that should have been the whole
shell as as taking photos with people

down one by one you know what fuck it 20
by 20

we’ve learned that Montreal hours ago

I N %uh





yeah the that’s right cut

the the this is Kira acts

holy shit I wish my mom could see this

she’s here she’s just blind on

seeking here it’s super well mommy

followed my voice mommy no point waiting

it I

how are you guys doing %uh

the this is really cool this is our

live podcast and Canada all up now the



who we are as familiar with our show the

we have never heard it before they’re
like somebody has Andrews

all you’re gonna be so fucking confused
die borderline

don’t get this and I am this

to know this database by cass is called
if I were you and

people will write us questions there and
sticky situations their lives and they

want Jacon mines help our advice for
whatever reason

so if you guys don’t mind we can answer
some questions in front of you guys

%uh maybe you guys can help us out to

um we’re going to take us what’s going
on right here UK

I’m actually okay I’m still feeling a
little hungover yesterday cell

I let’s take a seat but the answer some
questions year ago


RI I really like this enthusiasm it make
me feel really good

the you should say you should see a
catch phrase like got me cheesing

oh yeah I don’t know if I do that
whenever on the podcast but as a matter

of it on the pop hits really close to a
we do actually be

sees that she is and the

that is kinda fun

now see I don’t know if I know

height I don’t allow on

and a half

hi kanya soda tears

I want us and the longevity of our
relationship ok to drink bad luck if you

don’t short

if you I love you brother tho

I love you and your your great Mayo

acaba now okay love me

say it say it all I love you you love me

and we we’re good man the it’s so clear
you’re avoiding saying we’re not I’m not

avoiding anti-dust we r

good together I think we make a good
team baby

not baby i think is a pretty nice to
it’s better than mine but what you said


kinda more intimate actually alright

requested a.m. these are really emails
from real people we’re gonna given fake

names to preserve

their anonymity and the

I’m hearing a lot of grand s really
Granderson followed us from city to city

he haunts our dreams like a never seen
you don’t even know

I grant us rights in a little mustache

hey guys I’m a little bit on the crazy
side and that I will do anything anyone

tells me to do and we’ll go to extreme
for stupid jokes

anyway I fear I may have accidentally
gotten into a gay sexting relationship

Co I was joking around with a buddy of
mine talking about butts

and long story short I told him I was
going to send him a pic of my ass

he didn’t believe me but i frikin did it

you’ll he then told me he said at his
profile pic

%uh me on his phone I was cool with it
and thought it was funny

a few days later he asked me for another
saying the first one was low quality

night didn’t think much of it but skip
to a couple months later and he texts me

again can you send me a new profile pic
my mom deleted the old one

as a joke I replied nope sorry man
you’re but less

lol he then replied then send me a
better but

pic please stating that he’s looked at
the same pic for too long and that he


that I should send him a sideview call

I guess my question is is he jacking off
to my butt?

I should I send him more

he I’ll probably send him one more

the but said I continue after that

to do in this solid

he isn’t the type of guy to keep the
joke going

if at all any advice would be
appreciated love

crash Francis right gonna for candles
the okay

so let’s dissect the question yes the
couple on

a couple yet couple worries I one is his

jacking off to his butt pics yes

our I adventure to say yes

I should he send him or up of old
torrent overnight

sky brings up a good point there’s some
I got kinda hot about it

yeah somebody is coming to you

yeah you’re a little bit caught for that

you’re a hot guy to him which is nice

to hey for you to have for them to us

with you I really like that sentence
structure preposition now and 90 times

in a row

and would you send a butt picture to a

I let’s say your friend obviously a
novel it to your friends at a homosexual


hypothetically you guys

the scared me percent haha

know I know that there are no one the
most reliable the harami I

that’s just about it Mohammed am

as a bit how far can you go and still be

right he is making this shit like hot
spa near the picture my but you’re

checking out with that’ll areas haha
that’s funny

now you I’m sending you more and more
and all hahaha that’s funny I’m letting

you blow me this is the

here this is so silly

I by solving were 69ing ingredients

dome it doesn’t

I just like where’s the line yet to dry
out somewhere I think you should write


the I really think the lining

what should be Siemens size what do you
think blindness is beautiful in the hell

she agrees in Hebrew but still

um I think it’s fine

it doesn’t really matter you’re giving
someone a gift who cares

what I gave you if I gave you any

if you jerk off to it that’s your
prerogative and like

you give me a lovely pen for my birthday
last year and you better believe I’ve

noted on absolutely you have i’ve you
know they’ve got a gift ever though I

really nice quick will be a little
harder it’s a fountain pen

homebound an adult I and yeah it’s rainy
well how ya red blue series fountain pen

through as I it’s just drenched in
seeing drenched in Seattle absolutely

and I appreciate it here’s the problem
with a nude pictures and I think

everybody can

related there’s a little bit nobody’s
ever satiated by them

all you f you send a nude picture the
response is always like that so hot that

so hot that so what can I have another
one yeah

so like you’re going down this rabbit
hole we’re gonna have a little fun

sending him pictures up your ass

yeah using the waterside View isn’t that
a downgrade

play all these pics love you too it is
so hard to one we’re covering it

the one where I can see the private

the you can see why I like teasing like
bikini is hotter than new the dry if

anything it’s a little weird to the lake
has a specific demand you know side well

you’ve got a fetish yeah he likes I’d
bust through that the leg side but

but I do like your theory that porn is
like the Pringles once you pop you can’t

stop it just makes you will

sepas owed is sponsored by bring

the the porn a potato chips they call
themselves never

there on the guy with the mustache on
the job I could see him jerking off the

side but

I let’s get to what the hell yeah
actually asked us so we can answer and

talk about we do

yeah I think we answer the question to
you is going to answer the questions

official in

and I your day yeah he’s jerking off
into the attacking option I sent him or

is probably start to cut him off we him
%ah I

you’re like a drug dealer you know one
and send them down that road

um alright sanam let’s say two more

one side view in one gaping hole yeah

that’s yet he needs the brown II

the now if you mind may I read the next
question so you can start to drink your


yeah %uh cuz I don’t put you on blast
but you haven’t touched it since we

sense which airs RI eyes actually I
could put him on this is the

it’s a french-canadian blast on a
Saturday night

the are they a third I think it’s earned
and I think you’re

I’m gonna keep your phone after this to
you to

in smaller set by the ever seen

the just about to now nah


no the this

as as peer pressure yeah

and i wanna do it it back what I’m doing
a live show they chaka Chaka

I’d shot dead in Paris and a potent I

you realize 0 popped it is

%uh together that’s good price-earnings

how do you get outta there you have to
juggle your YouTube I’ll shot but I

might not finish is that okay with you

the let’s get a job one more time so we
can and I reading

oh you know what let’s just given sip
halfway said halfway

said have for the

it wasn’t quite halfway over yessir
given up a Bluebell

in I like that you guys are like

reasonable peer pressure us very polite

like a few don’t smoke this drug year

okay I question the second part we get a

the the



where r absolute silence haha

sure until I O

let’s what is that crystal ear

crystal ear okay Christel your rights

youth here by the way that the back the
so huge fan wearing a see the t-shirt

dear Jacintha mere for the person who

I listen to the show I’m also Josh
sometimes Josh are

yet Josh are I and also the bench this

the those crab up every

the I


that my father its hey there dear Josh
in a mere

I love the shell a new I could come to
you devers

for advice Obama sought myself in quite
the sexual pickle

I’ve been dating this amazing girl for
over seven months now

and everything is going amazeballs
whenever they start like that it’s never

actually going amazing we love each

and are highly attracted to one another
yet we have yet to have

actual sex we’ve got as close to six as
he can get without penis

in vaginal penetration handjobs blowjobs
even anal


that is sex

the second part of the anal is the word

I but never have I ever

done it the way God intended it to be
the her biggest fear is getting pregnant

which I totally understand

but I’ve said I’d wear a condom and also
pull out before ejaculation

she still doesn’t seem to trust these
methods the birth control

start appeals have sex is an infinite
has more points

he use that word incorrectly dunlap sick

so here’s my question how can I convince
my girlfriend to let me have sex with


and are there any other method of birth
control we can try

the sides condoms and birth control

which she can’t get because she’s still
17 I don’t know about that rule

cell well

you can’t you can a birth control policy

I fine completely non sequitur unrelated
doesn’t matter

and he is ninety one-years-old I I E

you read that question earlier I
crunched some numbers to see indeed how

a what was the efficacy of condoms and

verses pulling out the withdrawal method
I found out

kind of a gray area answers because
there’s one percentage that says

condoms are eighty-five percent
effective when used incorrectly

and when used correctly there
ninety-eight percent effective great

pulling out

is about fifty percent effective when
used incorrectly know if you ask me to

be zero percent effective

same with condoms if you put it on your
face if you do it wrong

0 percent how do you do it wrong and
it’s still 85

and left the wrong is putting your
entire body in the condom

if you do it wrong 0 percent effective

according to me a so eighty five to
ninety eight and then pulling out was

like 50 percent effective to 96 percent
when done correctly

your chosen me right now but go ahead if
you do them both correctly

this is a just a tip for this guy you
are crunching these numbers you will

never have sex

luckily been

what we have done it for you if you use
a condom correctly and pull out

which is so unnecessary the odds have
you getting

a seaman are the spring get into Iraq is
one in over 12,000 cell

if this girl is worried about getting

he should just make sure to say I’m
gonna use it correctly I’m actually

gonna put it on my penis

I’m actually gonna take my penis out
somehow before

I ejaculate and it’s still she Street if
she still needs more

like a third-level a layer a

birth control there’s also the calendar
sits system which means you can’t get

pregnant close to your

actual ministration day so that’s still
not enough for her I fear that she just

doesn’t wanna fuck this guy

then again he’s getting anal


that’s true and that bats could open up

is a little I have not had any other way

we do the vaginal try to get to the but
you skipped over

yeah this guy made at this guy has a
home run and he’s like I don’t touch 3rd

com does it still count

the on

I was worried about the baseball
references up here but likely remember

the Montreal Expos played here from 1981
to 2000 till

r.i.p in do you think she’s just afraid
of getting pregnant she doesn’t wanna do

this guy and

in the the J you know what I did some I
did some research as well

that has been watched a lot of porn
earlier I do

than I did I years now we got a free
fleshlight for performing here

the could show you I don’t have it now

I threw it away just getting into my bag

I alright so I did some research as well

one thing they came across it was
interesting that complex with the

research a little bit

is they advise not combining the two

I’ll using a condom and pulling out
because sometimes in your haste to pull


you’re not gripping the bottom of the
condom and that she could slip right

often and that’s not good that’s just a
bag a common your girlfriend which is

what I call myself sometimes

I am really does the walking back have

I so there’s that the other thing is the

is is that so what you’re saying which
is she doesn’t wanna fuck you occurs

you know she may just not be ready for
sex all you can really do is not

pressure your girlfriend ever have sex
but you can

sure say hey I’ve researched this amount
and this these are the chances that you

getting pregnant and if you don’t want
to do it that’s fine but it is wanted to

put all the research on the table here

and your call yeah no pressure

no pressure but these are the numbers

but butts butts butts proof is in the
pudding doesn’t

arm I’d like anal sex I think

who’s this chick that’s given it up so

this this this is but a whore Spain

polls are ever had

a single simple this apple juice

bourbon apple juice odier I

alright so have an open conversation
with her tell her it’s not actually

risky if she still doesn’t wanna sleep
with you odds are maybe she just doesn’t

wanna do that or something but you know
I try to enjoy the buttsex what’s

happening cuz I

do guarantee this is the only time
you’ll ever get that this willy nilly

again is it the child complaining about
getting dessert without having to eat


all that’ll sexism that bad

clear there are brussel sprouts

shares the


let’s take a short break right now for
those are you listening at home





if you’re listening at home we’ll be
right back the

and a nether bonus Thursday special
thank you to our second special sponsor


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disco to mile IQ dot com for more
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that time I like you for who they were
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by texting taken a mere 20 yes I am
pretty hot in 30 year

by texting Jake and Amir X-ers then

the two 89 a L most likely be

you to you do think that i won the

thank the many Jake and Amir 89 8 L

let’s go back to the episode things are
about to get special enjoyed by

you plz I’m

we have a few more questions dance and
find you guys if that’s okay with you on

a few guys listen to the program but
sometimes it’s just us two

giving our device and sometimes we have
a friend the

n the and tonight we have a very special

the you guys are CNN both on our videos
and probably HBO silicon valley but yeah








why the


the the good news is there’s only seven
minutes into the show hasta en

in %uh

me now

ass of activity on the Internet the

yeah alright now you fuckin weird shame
on year


yeah in I can’t contain myself I’m

must-see yell the nest i hack tear

his strange strange

P fall thought a


I me very busy year

I’ll oh and yeah I’m making more

mad yeah the


the while you

the fall created back the

I blame only you bout but I still happen
to levy a

the were here to answer questions
questions are my favorite part about the

pack yes let’s get to know us get right
into it

and what a weird thing I’ll had

I however well issue

skews very much X 20 excuse you

hey to back at it out man I can get you
ended up here in

yeah just yell at our to help now

yellow still doing back yeah just do it
now sentence it is saving them for like

Instagram photos like me and my like
Cindy been at

year I my potential two-year-old nah FeO

me yes yeah I just the chest caps lock

P Nair with me and a 2-year-old

call a

said do it now and the yeah

alright alright that’s enough you guys

is still Amanda how

hard-line I alright

Asia you’d think being on home box
office would change I

now and you box yeah

great to be here I well let’s do it

iran-iraq read it baby year ago what’s
the name once in a lot I you want to

give us an hour

yet yeah %uh shot

hi I stream

and you can spell that worth

as L Etem salim’s

to sort out the Israel about hi I’m

I I’m a junior in high school and one of
my best friends is a girl

that I really really like we’re pretty
close and kinda flirty

if she were anybody else I would be
positive that she likes me the thing is

she’s away out of my league think like

not only is she super nice but she’s

funny outgoing and gorgeous

I would say that I’m smart and kinda
funny but I can

I could be better and not nice and I’m
not handsome at all

it don’t be sad he attached a photo is
actually a cargo el

at the bottom there’s alice rivlin his

as sexually assaulted at

you’re fine my question is

do girls ever date below their legal
it’s so what’s the best way to court a


if you’re not the most attractive guy in
the world Davies thanks love sleeve


the you look like you have an opinion

you’re leaning back with such companies
are you ever gonna stay right outta

there is a right answer and you have it

no oh no there’s no answered any life a
to any life

I Mike write that down the main my first
thing to sleep would be in

don’t think cover relationships have
leaks thats

up unhealthy way of looking at people
love like your one league and I’m

another thats

not Nuer by the way your hot nights in
your ugly in poor

yeah AAA show fact I

the I don’t know how much HBO

I no idea I came here for free because
they make so much money otherwise

ha yeah

going to his you can look at it like
that because

I mean right I mean if back me up here
if you look at it like people their

leagues that’s crazy

here’s the thing if you’re hooking up
with a girl she is in your league

the problem is this guy is treating
league’s as attractiveness but league is


I can’t date someone is more physically
attractive than me in fact I almost

exclusive did Lido

all my friends hookup with girls all
your ideas are like they look at you and

how every girl you’re with mango

really yeah that’s my tight and then
they meet the girls in a cow

ike at all a

oh I get it she can barely spell her out

SL I it says Leen

well the thing is league’s leaks arm
just like regular league’s

leagues are more than just points wasn’t

the i three Jordon can trouble he can’t
shoot but he still getting paid more

than Steph Curry you know why because he
can play defense he can rebound you can

block the shot laptop now

the so yeah well they are popular

conventionally attractive but maybe
you’re better at other things and girls

don’t actually necessarily care about
that kinda stuff as much as guys so I

would say that they do in fact a below
their attractiveness level of analysis

early below their league

let’s hear it because you are things
that he said that he liked it

would you like your now i baby baby baby
baby okay

here’s the really okay if you know just
how it actually is

now actually well here’s the thing I was
nothing I’m not even

dissuading what you’re saying I’m a
little bit that now you’re giving merits

did you not interrupt his cock

I’m were both although that’s my height
mare the not always do it

I let’s hear what I was as a teller a
note and headed up Jay action

you’re still talking about a car in
quality is a qualified people

and the thing is in the end you’re all
jazz people it’s a matter can miss you


if I were talking about leagues I would
never became heir to the hotline baby

over there

pair now granted she’s only in it
because i’d status

money but outside at that

I happen to be an extremely handsome
individual all now that my point is like

she’s very cool and pretty in the end
the whole areas and the fact that

that this ol back at 10 the a picture
like a bag of miscellaneous 10

mmm retail and her I got hurt and it’s
the war in Syria

anyway I though our door is on

yes germans forget to give up in 10
sender salami to the boiler net

that I guess he still can’t quell you
can’t quantify you just have to have

what you have he has he he I tell you
this is the real thing

now that man has to take ownership but
the situation in his hands

he has to be like is this girl for me as
opposed to can I be where the for her

that’s a huge membership that’s when you
turn a thinking game and you like

although I like you but what you gonna
do for me and a citizen do that then the

girls like

I don’t now maybe everything trash try



should speak good jobs yeah

funny hey no

so I a job but what is really really

a detonations us tickets USA is
character but there would be so fun

issue thing sky champ

show up at the sky and now

and possible unreasonable demands silly
requests I

Jake does bring up a good point what it
was actually it was really really really

ugly what if he is a founder

million a thumper a dumpy a crusty

what is not lawyers crown but he’s a
crappy deadlier and it’s got all the

skin but its extra


call here’s did you actually do you
bring up a great my own

see in OI here in North America here in
the world we think I’ve

we we want males have all stamped

status quo we want this psych horny

hi like got it all lady and the thing is

man there’s so many beautiful babies all
different shapes and sizes and the fact

is you have to be somewhat aware of like
where you’re at right now

I like that here sitting here you know
how a real do I get

as real as I can really speak to the
fact lead embers this from a hard thing

to the public numbers

back had no idea this

I’ll give you be way I don’t need to be

yeah that only go to the way harder

I you know you’re right let me help you
out let me give you a few

you can see mine do but I did have an
Acekard colors I can I’ll give you a

little bit

do you mind if I give you be I guess
maybe rhyming

forcibly rhyming every other word all
hell yeah

stupid its

blessed are You glazed-over

still take says this is horrible of

said that stupid know it I want you to

I has here alone we end up being a thing
that our regret it CA

I what is your

I’m I want you I want you to help me out
but my point yes the fact that like

everybody wants this crazy parser no one
has the camera outside themselves to be

like white

how five-letter what though at just
about the 1i I just want to encourage

I’m jealous guy specifically and this i
think is gonna go to your point

because when you describe this girl he
didn’t say hot first

he said she was funny he said she was
smart bennies that she was beautiful

for me what’s attractive is someone this
is narcissistic but what’s attractive is

some kinda being into me

you know and I’ll see you like girls
that are anti hill moonu

drew what a crazy concept going to a
farming like I like the girl over there

that sent to me I suppose a girl is over
there who

doesn’t even know I exist lately like it
you like a girl because you think she

looks like a girl that would be into you
like you walk into a room in use can you

like oh that girls kindly hipster

wei-wei you just gave me a nosebleed
well as a crasher

to I like a girl who think I might be in
satin black lacquer

you’re you’re scanning the girls and
it’s like oh I’m attracted to that title

I’m just a girl Robocop statue yeah
think that targeted you i hired the land

on a girl thats

looks like a type a girl I would like
you are she she has the actually has to

be into you

on my experience is any time I go after
the girl that I think that I would

really really like

it ends up being the girl that’s like
the worse set for me

the girl who ends up being that I like
is like I’ll just a genuinely nice

person that likes being around

these the

hi the

next month really quick

two sentences or less what’s this guy do
I forget the question

he wants to know essentially Kenny take
it to the next level with your girls a

couple guys below their league can
easily do it

abandon leak all the time almost almost
exclusively a couple guys

a if you exchange that mindset to like
there is no league

yeah sure he driver all legal humanity

their lives here I know you want to know
how going tactically break it down so we

can fuck her in the butt

the other guy what so that brings us to
our next in Laie the ham

let’s get a little silly up in this are
you guys money I’d like to try to reel

in front of a live studio and I think I

favorite anime is it we’re

Kagan your beautiful baby

that had come from my butthole and I put
it on my face for this just as mommy

I how we do it on time we started late

20 minutes are perfect if I have a
little toy does in your mind I don’t do

I get the harder you

I think so right you’re like a year this
riddle Smith a

april Smith yeah what search sure I’ll

is Smitty is general he’s like

in this workshop sweating leather a
friend like dating

in acting rebels I

quite a funny idea

it’s Billy Crystal from the Princess
Bride like

I Asia got a share

and Zim a question is newsday billion

day luv the yes said a

here what would you want your most
Jewish first name instead of amir’s

yeah lol Blumenfeld yell at me I’m bored

middle name iz Manuel its airspace cool

I’ll share lol




see Christianity and Judaism can coexist

it’s funny because get this riddle Smith
is how an anti-semite would call you if

you thought you were jewish

late I die I only hear defects be you

the the delivery the next question

I fuckin love tear the

the whole issue citing

you girl be you give me okay I

its el-ad but taxi I like taxi

now I have chosen %uh

Tassie is the first name but what’s the
last name

Joe I’ll wait till I know not
highlighted test I shut up

fuck up you animal the I knew him I’m an
improviser take the first 1i here

Tessie don’t wanna who I’m sure

neither of those names are actually 7s I
heard its hi Guys is a first

tessuto on rights headache 0


its K not like expand it’s been 3 A’s in
Montreal and very little to no slips out

an hour

hey gains left the shower here’s a set
rate Shatin

but that one was raspy girls ever get a
check to the raspberry yeah

like so I’m having so much fun partying
feel like what’s up with you

here today figure out where you’re going

what did you do to lose your voice at
seeing easy is what it is

I 0

5 dario after the hospital like just
fear and then like sluts are sluts yeah

yeah the duality of man

AAA here’s a situation I have had a
sexual fantasy for a few years now that

I can’t seem to make a reality and

I wanna have a threesome with you guys
as I stare might

I daggers into my will its interview I
have a threesome with two guys

NP doubles ok ha crap

have for the Lady man

brackets double stuffed as in one in the
front and one in the back

dot dot dot not both in one and brackets
like get your mind that I got is your

parents I

I’m not an animal slideshow I love this
show where

I okay I mentioned to my boyfriend a
playful sexy way but was quickly shut


I start the conversation by asking about
sexual fantasies

and what kinky findings he should change
on then I casually perhaps three sons

my boyfriend jumped on the idea of
having a threesome with me and another

girl latest ban

then I mentioned a 3some with another
guy and I wanted to be

tell both tough the dot dot dot

cricket what’s Rep can imagine same like
I’d like to be double stuffed

in earnest the like me you i’m looking a
bit like that you know what two and one


just like no not to hold like waterfront
won the panic sounds like double south

like a fucking double decker Aurea

only more cream Creek Canyon




I A Dell I like to hide all that

I cricket and a conversation

it’s not like I want my boyfriend to
mess around with another guy it’s not

about that

it’s just something I think would feel
amazing and i wanna try it

and not baby a little and settling be
here at our friends say shots to get

double stuff

they’re taking a three-time good doubt

up she wants to be in the middle yes you
are over you

home in what the

%ah the


you shots won me over




I like these guys now I like a the where
they are your eyes

again and now you’re fucking dead to me




a and selling here you your first choice
get double site only get that

but here’s the thing: I really want to
happen exclamation point yards

so here’s a question collin and I do
appreciate grammar

so she’s done iraq how do I bring this

up again in a way that’s not my share
offensive but let’s make way for know

that it’s more important that I made it

during our first parachutists haitian
she’s ESL

I also just out of curiosity how would
you guys respond to a girl chassis that

is adopting a sexy thanks for the help

arm its te CA


one person let’s go to Tessa to live
their lives at a loss the

alright first saw I feel like the only
person I would be down in this 30

is this idea right here I it is like

when you hear that covers like would you
like hey I wanna have a threesome night


energies like with another dude in your
right hand

air re:

have but also why did you like

why that’s so great for another girl and
for another dude coming year like

bucknell I’m thrilled to bits

yes I dollars at I’ll tell your

here let me let you and tell you why in
my face in fancy two ladies the two

ladies are also into each other

Ryan right that’s great that sounds

but like in her titties in double
stuffing there’s nothing the mini get

from me in a mere looking

across from like a pig that we’ve got on
this is bad the

some okay extra ever like and like

and I know you will anywhere and we’ll
let you know

but now I know why do that yeah

fun doing it like ensure you’re looking
into each others eyes now turn to look

up here

I’m reading a Kindle yeah oh yeah I know
that your girlfriend

in full on a text that the right now
you’re giving her her dream her hope

your fantasy year

you know you’re right I know what I
here’s a little as a no I would never


do its I have a theory I you don’t mind
go and I’ve got one thanks no I don’t

think you wanna give you be

%uh bad does not help the

the suis ICI prob

I thank God I get away i’m for the DMV

do you mind if I give you a B whether to
use it

I have been working on some shit your
life you’re a waiter at a restaurant

nobody’s ordering beats

here but can I bring you a plate up its
have you decided on your order to help


mind if I give you a beach to do you do
have to have do you have to do

to do have deteriorated due to letter
made by me why I won’t be able to make

your I’m alright

let me make a plan that will try to the
rhyme it shows just abandon their I

here’s the here’s the here’s the here’s
the trade-off

like that was he gave a song go here’s
the here’s the here to hear the trip for

all to see saying

first of all we all we we like the idea

us a two other girls so she said it’s
not a question of whether you’re saying

this is an awkward moment but

what I get in return is okay this is a
deal all do with another guy

if we do with another girl I I think it
is worth

I think it’s worth the trade-off if you
don’t imagine yourself to marry this

woman because then it’s like oh I am I
gonna marry a girl in like 20 every time


all me and another guy fucked my wife I
don’t think that’s okay

but I think if you’ve never had a 3some
I think fucking a girl with another guy

might be an alright price to pay for
that prints a patchy

the really really really that was it
two-person applause

well letter thinking about it because it
makes so much now let me let me


the let me take you back that guy in a
slightly more

can I have you eaten please diversion

product gonna give you every the I think
it’s more about this like

analysis King yes Oriol around to hear I
think those A’s aerial on our show is a

perfect email it weird denounced

you guys I think this thing is is Lake I

man there’s a bit here’s a weird thing
about it whether we like it or not

whether we want to admit it or not

but the animal kingdom does but we don’t
but there’s a little bit ownership when

it comes to sex

there’s a little bit like I put my thing
in you are we put are things together

and now I can to get you for a bit

and so if you if you combine that

it sis its but its if you combine that
with like feelings and emotions like

I love being around you up I miss seven
urinate I don’t care about Lee

yeah but like we’re together I think
that even makes it tougher like

if I think if your gonna go for like I
keep it’s harder for me to imagine my


love of my life the woman I’m gonna
marry to be I

double stuffed as opposed to

it is not what I found some lady in
Montreal that I rather start using

double stuffed I’ll definitely

yeah double stuffed is a little like
yeah I would react poorly at that too

baby it’s casual I’m just taking my
being double stacked

and like

which date do I get is mine and whats up
if you get

know you know yeah the

say prior to last time here don’t get
any debt hey

double stuffed I love the ideas so you
book me the puck 30 I

which ones were whose third bill i
gather hit so you got the strap-on you

got the big

the what’s wrong though I get barry GQ

I yeah

what yes I answer you want I always
quantify shit like you saw the last

question you may make in the metrics

baby if she if this guy’s not down with
a one to one conversion rate

let’s fuckin upped the ante week
reinstitute okay how about 23 sums for


how much is the double stuff 43 45

at a certain point is gonna have to make
the Ka’ba it’s worth

and three sons and at that point if he’s
down I think you go for it if you really

think it’s worth it

if this guy still says no I think he
wants to marry you which is on a special

in a different way I’m going to have a
Grand Avenue get doubles up by to do

that are your boyfriend all of that like
a real hard one to look at Facebook

but here’s the thing: I will say this is
a slight slight slight a path near

like the idea of being able to give your
true true love one the most like

incredible fantasy that he/she has ever
had is pretty rewarding in itself but

they’re not to say that’s without
incredible obstacles like

I think I’ve lady luck over there and I
love her

and the idea of giving her that her
dream is like great but at the end the


at the end of the day like some dude
either he either my friend I would be

honors Sr

either I or PRI you know I know I know
absolutely on over she a dream come true

okay I would not have mastery come up
with a few

the US I flatly cream come true yeah


but but but that either like at Palatine
help me on this

or like a stranger likes affect straight
jacked up like have spit at sears is got

Ryan Gosling bad A&A

though either-or is still really

is some tiles and the EU needs it EA got
away at all man

I do you have the emotional fortitude to
provide 11 would like her dream

hi titled died are

if you got a high dollar titled The Ohio

by Donna do I let you gotta Jake Coyle

take take photos any don’t know how you
feel it boy allow you wouldn’t want to

delete all hurdling is loyal

a Yudhoyono they need oil I’ve what will
the total before you have you spit it

doubles better

my answer the doubles better as you’ve
been a double earn a double-sided a

triple spitter eww triple stuffed

have you really yet trouble I do you’re
talking about a woman

quadruple stuff too there’s not fourth
but there’s so much you’re like the guy

like awaiting

I the I’ve ever had on today

I was the guy waiting that actually
noted from jerking off just to stay hard

click Owens might turn was much up

by block me

I am I gonna live in our lead I need to

if I need to know if you if you double

orch have you double stuffed I had no I
mean that’s a really were and I would

fucking love opportunity the fights real

the them anyway

there are so many women screaming if one
of your girlfriends is screaming that


then look at her like this

half and I shake her hand I didn’t know

it was a Carissa very female screen
where it hurts

the the specific question was how would
you guys respond to a girl if she asked

you that

I take a dive run the I’d run this area
through my mind judge the present at

I’m you get back you gotta like like is
that of putting her sexy

its its neither its you know it’s a herd
of dairy

a it someone a genuine if it’s someone
I’m dating casually

it’s not that big a hurdle it’s like
it’s more about the question like

who’s the other guy dancing uppers in
kashmir but yeah let’s greatly I’ll get

my friend David here till Yahoo

okay the like playing your neck

no deposit for aa that clam dip


idea I biking almost had a three way
with a brother right

cave in this fucking close the but it
has some you truly truly care about that

said that’s and ended up to be a two-way
with just me and him by the way

I think I expected a nice SSIS SSAS

missionary gay sex I i cum I Jake

would you say what would you do would
you go for would you consider it

yeah I would consider it I’d you know
tighter about whether it’s the love your

life or just a random

lady the air into ideas i’ve if it’s a
randomly them into the night but

couldn’t do it now if it’s lovin my life
I say let’s

let’s talk let’s zoom out a little bit
I’d ask I’d ask on a scale of dreams

where does that lie because I no lol

peace now because if this is a 10 out of
10 like

ultimate scale dreams I want I want her
to have

account you that’s right of all it’s
going to be a hard thing for me then of


that like if this is a woman and I might
if it’s your ultimate dream where if you

die and you say I’ve never had this

and I regret dying right now I will love
wanted to be the guy and she’s like

that’s great so you’re not involved I’m

had its akward in Camella jiani

move that what a train you pick the
perfect candidate I

Zack overcome male discuss he brags
about adding a big dick

mailed a sack would never do that sack
would be like my penis is small I’m

sorry for having one


a are they here

fuck it let’s talk about it

and I i mean i judea at %uh that’s what
I would do I think it will be someone

that I envision being with forever I
don’t know if they can have that vision

over me

but if it’s somebody that I don’t
imagine being with for the rest of my

life I think it’s a

worthwhile price to pay and with the
dude you have a threesome with Yahoo’s a


%uh the other guy yeah I don’t know if
it could be you because I have to stare

at you for the rest of my life

silo I yeah service


though esmine yeah



thank you guys so much recovered

the hospital that the


and you guys have been great thank you
guys so much

the thank you how the


the I G

3 are



yeah the


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