Episode 10: Grandma


In this episode we discuss retroactively cheating on your wife, secretly moving out on your grandmother, and why apologies are actually the best way to start a relationship.

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me share



yeah it’s

whoop I a lot to laugh like that

sorry eight blog you

you uses started so much negative energy I just hate it when you’re happy

I gotta love with devil albert is not like that right yeah I was

I meant to be a nice where on halfway gray yeah I do about it as a genuine lap

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answers and we’ve narrowed it down this week

to five like we do you want to give the guy who made the song no credit right

alright no your love with you do a screwed right

you how dare you you passive aggressive ass

I does that started this blog does not

so that is the key right out the gate is being really really aggressive love you

never mention it

I mean that’s clearly why didn’t you did make a mistake did you

you did that ass %uh the park in the the intro song we start every single episode

with the new interests on that’s thanks to you guys

with the lady how far we’ve come from my i’ve from the first interests on which

is just me

on a guitar right and it’s like it’s crazy how shitty that once

hudson et mind but I hear you the amazing with a big getting

yet funny that one sounded shitty to me right away but it didn’t sound

City Theatre where the other ones as the one from today’s our I give it back yeah

like that

you give-and-take finally took a swing I can’t wait to get that’s what it takes

to this coward

I can’t wait to get into an actual fight one day

i lovers video podcast the one that we

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and start the show are right on the season this geez

this first email is from Peggy

that’s right peg peg fake name

real email real problem my boyfriend and I have been together for a while now and

I kinda moved in with him

and by kinda I mean I haven’t told my grandma that I used to live with

that I moved out so technically I still live with her

I’ve been slowly moving my clothes and things over to his place

and every once in awhile stay at the night with her she’s

old and very old fashion I’m afraid what she’ll think if I tell her I moved in

with him

what should I do house a teller wows you

you’ve moved out without even let your mother know yeah she’s shoulder sifting

meet you there

if you fill holes yet even realize that the person she lived with moved out

ago she might not be okay on our own it does those funny to gradually move out

so slowly that you don’t even

you try to make it unknown moving is a very large

show we process so you gotta make it really soft and small

and spread it out over a very long time the hope that your roommate doesn’t


such a potentially terrible thing to do with your grandmother like you’re

walking out with a chair

re going ok with you talkin about grandma

are you losing your mind I don’t think so are you holding a chair I think

you’ve got dementia grandma

I’m telling a chair where have you been the last few weeks

I’ve never left dives I was watching TV with the last night gramma

year losing it I what did we log speak rather just crying like a little bit

I was at Matlock she’s playing along the goal yes of course I remember we watch

TV that he goes and sits in a room with just like

just sits quietly in pigs about where mind is going

she goes to sit down with the chairs godfather to holler

you dick I at a movie with your boyfriend you grandma needs you

but so well and this is a sticky situation because she’s already sorted

already moving out

what house in his youth out City telegram a

it’s tough because all ur stuff is is gradually leaving yeah

I think you will you gotta tell the truth you as Becca moving out and

if she’s not okay with it don’t worry cuz she’s not long for this world

I could only if you’re a if you’re really upset don’t worry only be upset

for a few more years

okay that a lot of time left you the grand I turned around he tries to hit

her with a chair

it just knocked to the ground that doesn’t knock her out are no

a what was that for aggressive with youth those drug release yet

a yeah I mean I’ll grammas in graph

parents always gonna be old-fashioned you can’t really be afraid of it you

have to embrace it

I just can’t wait until we’re the old fashioned ones what what are our

grandchildren’s going to be doing

that they’re gonna think that my liberal ass is super conservative

i guess i doing drugs at age 13 in the basement of my building maybe there’s

the that sydney there’s no more conservative

all people after a when our generation grows up that’s very small-minded view

to say

will make or maybe I mean like this where we live in

were like a minority right now like our liberal ass is as you say it like

there’s plenty of like conservative people in their twenties are gonna be

conservative all people

right so who knows and they’re also pretty like

I you know really open minded all people that would be like yeah

movie with your boyfriend that sounds great i’m happy for you too

me your grandfather use to move in with each other all the time

we would go to swing parties and we are a check down I’ll tell you about it know

gramm out this is why I’m moving out

a you tell me about swing parties way too much

you now I tell you about them not enough

strap on your strap-on at the salutes the

I advises do bite the bullet and tell your grandma

worst thing worst course what’s the worst case scenario that you say that

your grammas live through a lot of crazy shit happening you moving in with your

boyfriend: probably will blow your mind or anything

yeah I mean I sighed I saw a Hitler kill

many many people trust me I don’t give a shit about you all your boyfriend or you

know those are what does point that out your grandma by hey you know the grand

scheme of things you seen a

you saw Hitler try to take over the world and I I’m just trying to move in

with Greg

yeah but he failed then you’ll succeed I

guide your quick gramma I we’re gonna put you in a home okay

wait a minute that’s not my grandma oh that’s a good option you’d

you don’t have to move away just senator gravel to a home

I our city people or you move in with your boyfriend to the home with your

grandpa us

and that is a brand new show coming to CBS this fall

everybody check it out my grandma and me 8:30 Sunday night’s

if cool moving on next question

on this one is from al

okay okay fake name real problem don’t worry we will

preserve your anonymity we’re gonna make up names to your actual emails

as ones from Allen he writes my girlfriend and I have spent the last two

weeks breaking up in a lot of convoluted ways

and I guess you can say we finally killed it this past weekend

she’s very promiscuous and has an effect on every guy she meets so sadly I

anticipate her moving on

pretty quickly we’re probably getting back together next year

should I try to meet other girls too even though the sole purpose is to be

even with her and if and when we get back together

or is that moving on for the wrong reasons

I don’t even know what a bit then with his emails just

wrong wrong wrong and they lead to worse it’s such a got them cry for help

I I is Wow no

your cheeses al eggs al

you are you’re you’re doing everything for the wrong reasons

I if in the back up your mind you feel like you’re going to get back together

with the promiscuous girl that took you two weeks to break up with

in a year I use my advice is don’t yeah why what’s the point i’ve

finally we finally kill the the you didn’t kill it this weekend if you plan

to get it back together let’s not yet know it’s a coma

%um you’ve knocked it out for a little while

I I mean your pump the brakes on you’re on you’re getting back together a year

plan especially if your were this is going to be like with ugh

ton of other dudes in the meantime yeah he’s selling blase about it too

she’s very promiscuous and has the affect on every guy she meets

I guess we had the effect on him yeah which is probably cheating on me as we


anyway when we get together spell that she cast on you

a few when we get back together should i hook up with people now just so we’re at

an even a

even playing field when we do get back together I miss my advice would be

yeah I do hook up with other people even if you think right now it’s too I

even the playing field and maybe just maybe you’re gonna meet somebody that

actually kinda cool that you like it is not going to be promiscuous

and take two weeks to break up with might have some thunder kinda crazy

rocky relationship that you seem to currently have yet I mean the best part

of breaking up is the fact that it’s over

you don’t to break up with someone for two weeks go through very like Messi ups

and downs and then

plan on getting back together with her that’s the hard part you didn’t get off

this roller coaster

I so would you say that at is that moving on further

wrong reasons yeah I’d say that’s moving for the wrong reasons best

I but the opposite is there a reason right with

its is no reason you seem to have no reason at all

you have no reasoning skills but I

I mean was that people from swingers it was like ya

well I’m a brown I’m a bunny in your the bearing she wants

like know our always double down on 11 not that well

%uh Glen livet Glen fetish and I’ll and really

alright forget who’s your booking a yeah have west coast while you watch this

movie really recently

I with quote are you thinking about

that one that’s like the very beginning its like I use act like you move on and

then run

Ron Livingston is like you know that’s the trick you know that you act like

you’ve moved on in life the

tell she comes back but there with you family does come back you know

you’ve done for real they’ve oh they know not to come back to you really

moved on house like you have to pretend like you don’t care until that actually

becomes the reality

yeah exactly which sort of mir’s another line from swingers which is

act like you don’t want this shit and they give you the shit for free

that’s really interesting with a minute I think among crack

I’m sorry can we posit you’re on the track I

you’re calling this get your telling this guy he’s making bad decisions while

you’re on crack

you on I’m and I’m I’m cracking something else I think I might crack now

the thing on cracking as a

a bottle love body and a crack ho chi are you on governor and I’ll

crack at crack rock do people still you do

is crack still a ping I think so you smoke crack

totally can you I can

can I I you bet your ass like yeah

I can hear my own track better than anybody I he just doesn’t hold is crack


I of that did such an idiot when he’s on crack

I who do you know like sometimes like there’s like

feel or they’re on crack in there like a good time yes he’s like

is like an unknowing crack at like a a Greek Raghav

if not definitely some people be a crack in the other like dan sitting there like

meeting new people the right to my crack it is like

I passed out eventually the alleyway teeth fall out amal a good crack use my

job I heard people I got my shit on track

that’s like that’s my crack reaction I what’s your anti crack

a so are advised to Allah’s move on

moving on that the the thing that you’re trying to do moving on is good

whatever reason have for moving on do it and then I think the the right reasons

will disorder like seep into your mind

that’s right India it seems like because you’re you’re right in the middle

getting other relationship so

I kinda makes sense the like I’ll probably get back together which i think

a lot of people say when they’re getting out of a relationship

yet sick a way to mentally soften the blow yeah but

as you actually move on in your with other people and you’re probably feeling

a lot better you just really gonna

you’re gonna move on for real its jail Tom

alright well right along chugging chugging along

this one’s a pretty pretty detailed question but I i really like it’s from

somebody will call buddy on

good that’s right he writes a.m.

you a few years ago a friend of mine called me up and invited my girlfriend

and I

out for drinks to meet his new girlfriend as it turns out his new

girlfriend ended up being a girl I hooked up with several years before at a


we had a pretty well night and she was really into me but I wasn’t really

feeling it so i peaced out

just totally balanced I never spoke to her again a dick move I agree

but that’s also what I was thinking with anyway

my girlfriend and her hit it off and as time passed they became close

a few years later my girlfriend and i got married

and so today we never spoke about it at all until last weekend

we’re at a party when my friends wife got so drunk she confronted me about

she confronted me about it after all these years in front of her husband

and my wife my friend now wants to kill me because I banged his wife back in


way before he or my wife forever in the picture and my wife feels betrayed that

I slept with her now best friend

and won’t talk to me and i truly the asshole everyone’s bailing me out to be

are my victim of circumstance and coincidence everyone is mad at me and

not the girl

can I salvage my friendship with my old friend and regain the trust that my wife

who I never cheated on I was 21 at the time doesn’t everyone do stupid shit at


am I screwed any advice or help would be greatly appreciated and needed

love but well I i’ve have no advice you are screwed

in other ways the yet like a pretty awesome it’s almost like a cool movie

Yahoo retroactively cheated on your wife with your

best friend’s girl you are is such a victim of circumstance that’s so tough

use it I mean you fucked up when you didn’t address it

right in the beginning right I said but I can see him being like I did so it’s


one like its it was a one night stand I maybe we won’t hang out with these get

this couple again why even bring it up

yeah and then things start to get seriously like i got now it’s becoming

too big that I don’t wanna bring it out

and then like three the years led years later it’s too big to even bring up

kind I love my favorite line is that my friends mad at me cuz I banged his wife

back in 2002

I does but I love his memoir I

band his wife oh my god you get the bank to NY for the things that has not been

I banged my friend’s wife is the artists so crass

so rude use foul life is lovely in being is the object that

wife is like you know it’s its longevity its family it’s

it basically is married its it’s the right like strong roots a bit three

and he could have banged is like its destructive imeem

and him quick in meeting with my god now you’re mad but I think about it but I

i’m is my wife that he banked

it is funny that people are not mad at the girl like

initiated stacy is isn’t she on the same level as this guy

I get why is it were wise it worse for what this guy did cuz he also

wronged her like he he’d Bangor and then pieced

as he said he bounced which is that yeah

because I love a good balance ya get B&B dude you bang a bounce

I know yet cuz it it sorta like she can be mad at him for that like she’s she’s

owed an apology for the way he did that you have nobody in this situation

you you over on the mall it’s weird to be the guy has to come for his wife

because some other dude bangs her and never called earlier hey

now you’re your great um

if I mean I banged you and I wanted to keep doing it

yeah I’m sorry that he I don’t know I wish that didn’t happen though whenever

you’re with someone

unless you start a relationship very early on in life there’s gonna be stuff

bad stuff that happened in the history there’s gonna be times where

somebody was banged and balance to ponder or a bad relationship

and its you know it’s it started before your relationship the

exhorted can affect it yeah I think I mean that so that everybody has to deal


at this point leave your your media getting married in your like late

twenties early thirties these days so like you just

just know that like any anybody you commit to

has been defiled by somebody else or has defiled someone else themselves

it’s just like some some terrible disgusting depraved act

has happened to their past but I think I think the problem here is that it’s like

your the hit dis guy like is confronted with that directly you know like

I don’t think about somebody but like my future girlfriend or wife like

sure she’s fucked a lot of dudes for a couple do it whatever

I or you know we actually she’s a each

she’s a virgin above as long as I can make this up on the spot right now yes

she’s a virgin

the well that’s great is in I buddy just kinda like it you don’t

you try not to think about it but I keep if you have to you

if you like this definitely happened its

oh my god you’re crying yeah I just feel so bad for but in the same

fickle friend group so there’s basically nothing little about your wife’s best

friend do

all you can do is apologize yeah just keep on apologizing

I she can’t she can’t possibly

be mad at you for ever this seems like a thing that will go away

yeah I guess that’s true I mean like cuz

I think it’s the kind of thing that you’re just like you know your gut

reaction is

anger cuz it’s like he finds the anti didn’t want to find out

but as everybody in this situation is going like think about a date while they

were 21 their young it’s in the past like where these were new people now


adults were mature now we can forgive but

I guess the one thing he did wrong was not bring it up like she’s she’s

maybe she’s like she’s mad about the fact that that he

she that his butt banged her best friends now I’m saying being

yet that bites love the best friend but the way she’s saying it is like I can’t

believe you didn’t tell me

yes that’s true everybody’s just it was just her prior dishonesty

but you know what this is actually good because I think

um is that the reason I have even site for this question like no one’s better

than when they’re apologizing

all you need is it is it chance to say

like it make a great apology say you know I can apologize for

having sex with your wife like I was 21 we were drunk it

it just happened but why can’t apologize for is like betraying your trust now I


been totally upfront with you I value your friendship in the same your wife

like I love you more than anybody you know you get a chance to say all these

nice things

they can only come out as you’re asking for forgiveness

to just make a great apology that’s my advice see you actually like apologizing

I think I’ll ever editor I’m never better than 1 I’m apologizing

City I use a resolution that

what does that mean really let you you pervert messing up really early on in

the relationship because

you apologizing is the best version of yourself yup

I every person I’ve ever been with I its

it was I swear to God on the heels of a great apology I

city ever sell sabotage result is the as the new apologize for

yes of course I feel you have to suddenly be a couple weeks ago

like I don’t get into too many details but like somebody was mad at me and they

like went to the bout was that a bar that they went to a bathroom as there’s

my brother is like manner you

are you pass like this is this can ruin your night I was and I just like

I like them I smiled like no I think this is

this is exactly what I needed actually this is my chance to apologize

this is my chance to shine I can’t tell if what you’re saying is really nice in

whole summer

absolutely evil that salute the evil I

let me and %uh they call him about this I’m not

is ever is a tree for every owner you think your unique case

thank you I don’t know I become I maybe I’m just like a

some kind of like I sociopath yeah that with this FFF

but it I think I can pass out so my sociopathic

a you know knowledge on to this guy right now you know

make a great apology a maybe yeah as long as your apology is great you’re

gonna be better off like bones they heal stronger than they were before they were

broke iraq

yes so this wound you to will heal

and the relationship will be stronger than ever because you know you got there

the weirdest

most messed up time warp free wife being age sex that you’ve ever survived

option number two is you guys just get drunk and swing the only way to even it


that’s what that’s what having on it a sitcom yeah it’s like my life is like


I know what I could do you can sleep with my wife is why this is like excuse


no i nie honey please listen area God I guess I’ll do it’s the only way to make

things right

you have to also a I you

and that he just shows up at the way says the guy did not absolutely not your

agree to this

now I’m mad at you for if alright listen i do you have to fuck for me to get off

the hook

other number three get a divorce and move away you’re done

you tear tear the band in red oak

I I am i right there’s your answer

awesome question we help you we hope we can help

um here’s a good one from let’s column

bother Rooney through my people where they submit their questions till

just this and I i like the a nice little break right in the middle

Alex Strachan black grey s another movin too fast you known disliked I made a

mental breathe air right now

at times up so that’s the average I was just Jesus

yes so you can email us at if

I were you show at gmail dot com

you email us your questions you can email us theme song summations issued

you can email us suggestions for the podcast I if you have suggestions for


guess we should have for whether or not that’s fine you know any ideas that you

should have

I’ll about improving this podcast whether keep those to yourself

yeah it’s perfect we really think that we’ve reach some sort of Apex here and

that we don’t really need any other suggestions but if you

happened to even wanna write one and you think that it’s constructive we might as

well give it all

other oil and snow I really want that I think we’ve been through the podcast

this is my suggestion that I’m getting

that to us right now you know the show his cum on feel the show

I and II the one that would check the email where you

I’m i sorry out Car Talk which is another device got podcast

about cars yeah they do this thing at the it’s called stump the chump

where after they’ve given someone advice they’ll call that person like several

months later

I’ll say where we correct where I was art did our advice like

it do well for you and and you know yes or no

I like that idea I have no idea why it’s called stump the chump

it’s not called some 13-play the I feel like it is

stump the chump than that seen like two very different things yeah I agree but

you know click and clack can do no wrong let’s the

let’s call ours a the follow-up up and unlike will start ever has to rise yeah

it’ll be like a little puppy know is that

fellow that’s the follow-up up time to call this person

that what some of the actual got a hand job on a bus that she did pay but would

you say

oh well all we tried to swing in my best friend %uh took a swing

it punched me in the jaw then fuck my wife huh

now he has his wife and my wife so I love fuck you guys

who looks like this stump has been shown to well as it stop them

the shop has been to the shop has been shown up I Iman Shumpert has been jumped

I am yeah anything else that we’ve got to mention that we want to talk about

the interesante email submission

sees the cheese doc ass yeah how we always want to talk about these the

cheese that car

few II as we him we can go we can run ready to answer another question

alright here we go

this one is from Bob Rennie Bob Rudy

a dudes I was flirting with this girl from a university on Facebook and she

asked me out

I said yes but then after looking through your pictures I realized I don’t


I don’t want to anymore so I just said I was busy

since then I’ve just pretended like it never happened I see and talk to all the

time at UT

and she mentions and she never mentions it I’m pretty sure all her friends hate

me know though

and her friends are basically everyone in my major

how do I make it so I’m not so he did

you know with interesting about that is

I think you just have delusions of grandeur now that I really listen to

this question

you said you were busy which is a very normal excuse haha

she sees you and talk to you all the time and never brings it up

right and you think your friends hate you why

way I it sounds like you just

told the girl you’re too busy to go out it was fine and now you’re just like

you’re paranoid that people hate you well the run reason I do believe it is


she asked him out he said yes and then he said nevermind I’m too busy which

seems like a fake excuse

I guess so so in her mind it’s like what happened we were gonna go out and now he

doesn’t like me anymore what did i do all I said was the

I accepted as I acceptance he said yes and I wanted to go out

interesting but you are you flirting with a girl before you even

knew what she looked like to begin with well you know if she did she had a

really nice profile pic

he said yes based on the profile pic his wife to write all a tender

hola to the other now you speaking my language though I

I now is like the other phone is realized he didn’t want to anymore

is that a very shallow dickish thing to do of course but

you know what if you’re a shallow Dec why not

do you as they say well if you already said yes

is it was a considered a better course of action to say

21 go out on a date to say you’re too busy

or three be completely honest to the ground like sorry I said yes prematurely

I look at something more view photos am no longer attracted to tell you that I

think that the worst possible to you but that’s the honest answer

right what is honest I mean I think honesty is like maybe good half the time


will blunt honesty like that it probably almost never good but this girl probably

just wants to know the truth

no she doesn’t so she’s like it was not like I just wanted I just want

I just want this guy like to tell me about Glee okay that’s all I want I just

went through

most notably very confused a little protected if you ask a girl out she said

yes and that’s that nevermind I’m too busy

will you be like why would you wanna know it’s because he you’re no longer


to her know of course that would you wanna see you wonder how did your that

I she already knows the truth that’s I think that may be the problem here

like if if I really talking to a girl she said

you want to go out then and she was just like I i’m too busy

I would definitely assume the worst I would be like 00 she doesn’t she’s like

not attracted to me at all I don’t know what confirmation at that

see you would but then you wouldn’t and you wouldn’t be like confused at what

happened why did she fall off the face of the earth wifey ignoring me now after

she said yes you would go out with me

her know it’s tough because I mean like I’m not ugly so how much

I kid commiserate with you because I have nothing in common with VI dreamzzz

is right I there are no setup for pictures that someone can look at me and

say no nevermind I’m too busy

right that’s not possible C four pictures of me and they say let’s hang


now okay forget the date on Friday can I just come to your apartment

it is Friday oclock others I I

I’m with ugh I hate myself right now I

I don’t know I think that I think that maybe she is

what she wants is to like forget that it even happened it sort of embarrassing

for her I imagine

so I think the best thing you can do is also it like if she’s pretending like

nothing ever happened

you should too don’t make it worse follow her lead on this

so just you know don’t make it what about going out on a date with her

without a late now it doesn’t you should have done in the first place asl

if I you agree to a date you can look at our pictures then say no I mean you owe

it to one date you should have just gone out there and then

she tries to kiss you do it I

like I V go out on a day and then and then you don’t have like that you know

or anything else is just like you pay at they were better friends

but isn’t that is it more of a dick move to go out on a date begrudgingly

or to just blow her off know it’s it said more way more dick move to go out

to blow off after you’ve said

ya go okay but let let’s say he didn’t say let’s see some

somebody a girl ask you out you looked at her profile picture

thatcher’s check that you said yes she’s a great

how about Friday then you look at moreover pictures you like shit

she’s actually looks different than what the profile pic or I thought she was the

girl on the left versus the gate on the right

and now you realize you’re not actually attracted to her is the dick move to go

out on a date

giver a courtesy day just so it didn’t seem like you blew her off

or is it more of a dick move to just be like the nevermind I’m busy

I think you over a day in that in that is you or a day

she wants you call a courtesy day exactly is a Kurdish

I the nice thing to do. you up but if she knew the truth you wouldn’t want you

to go on a courtesy tailor their

should we let if you don’t like me should have just not gone out with me

I don’t they should I hah it’s so tough because you made such a big mistake to

begin with I wish to

I wish you could have talked earlier I above really what would you do

I I don’t know man I mean this is my show

I I Wellwood ideal

I guess I would be afraid to lead

somebody on and go out on any day and yeah I think saying you’re busy is the

universal sign up something else might wrong and we can’t be together

you don’t need to know exactly live but it’s not gonna happen

but now although her friends are probably mad at him because he’s the guy

I think saying you’re busy as we should have done in the first place but you

can’t say I can do this day

which is you know saying your not busy right in saying

actually I am busy you can’t do that but is now he say you did lady sometimes

if they wanna hang out with you not I you not honest enough to tell now uses

what is this

few taking a shaker bugs this levy

is this well we had a question on is this what we’re doing this

bill I will the public shaming have made I mean I think there’s a difference


going out with someone deciding they’re not your type you’re not interested

and you know giving the the classic excuses like a busy

in pushing it and I think that’s like a new social norms like oh this person’s


cancelled on me twice I I have

I can take a hint they’re not interested ray verses you like

accepting a date and then insulting her by canceling it I think

that’s like a slap in the face you added you at least over one day

you don’t have to have fun you don’t have to leader on behalf like you don’t

have to have fun

you didn’t piss throughout the entire night it’s early in me to leave you be

great to the entire affair

but I got it I was like knew I wasn’t interested in in the girl

as I went into them because like because I’ve been set up for because they agreed

to a date or like something

its on it but I’ve also been the situation where I can vote because

you to you yeah how do you I

a alright hopefully we help by bringing you definitely did not help at all

yeah how do I make it some not so hated was his question

I am I guess change schools right

all these people currently hate you there’s no coming back from this unless

we if he takes around now you think that’ll make it easier to him I said to

clear it up I’d love to take you out

I think they’ll make you not so hated chore a good time and

but then if she asks for a second day to say I gonna say yes

and then say you’re too busy at %uh that’s good yea and take her out again

policy started in relief other psychological totally totally 80s it all

try to give your liking eating disorder so I think mine or like ever present

when you when you go with early

like when you meet up with the at a leg up on love with your gift that’s like

really passive aggressive like a

like something like only ale yeah I like this is a scales not funny that square


oh yeah it’s not fun and then you may rear right okay I’ll have a

line skirt the world I so hate it but 0

she did you skip out on the wedding okay it’s you

see you you were busy the day our way a few

your ride on the horizon driving loafers

a yeah so we got nothin freeman I’m sorry

I’ll no I think you’re bit of advice is actually pretty it which is

say you know my schedule cleared up go go on one day with their show a good

time and then

I think that’s all you over at this point is you did say yes

beat out over more than a single day and you knows maybe she’ll change her mind

that’s true

she might be great maybe you’ll realize that her personality and how she is as a

human is so cool that doesn’t really matter whether

two pictures 2 through 6 look like on that is that you guys get along

and also that all her friends hate you that the perfect way to start a


with every single one of your girlfriend to win everyone over in this


from start to finish a God

we are at a time no shit really yeah we’re actually where over we try to do

30 minutes a week

and we’re at 37 right now holy crap

unless they added a question and which case were right on time

I I thanks so much for listening everyone we

love love love you guys we love all the emails that we get all the tweets that

we get all the Facebook message is everything has been so positive it makes

us want to do more more MORE

and we just are thoroughly enjoying this helpful as much as you guys are

if you want to help us out you can leave a us

a review on iTunes what sort of help boost your rankings help more people

discover the show

or you could just tell your friends or force your friends to listen to an


yeah or just keep on listening honestly just even that’s great Yale or stop

listening earlier I don’t know

not computer tonight father breaks their death you get they can’t stop listening

I believe we need a letter dated through their phone in a river

no I you a yes let’s and the song

R looks on the episode with yet another a theme songs the mission

this one is from someone named Gort or maybe just jordy

but it’s spelled Gord thanks so much for listening everyone

sees the cheese by where you choose

this is what I would do who who I will do other things the

teams by you wanted me to

who so please send then dished

Beach in New York clandestine ish

deal if I were you showed soonish

failed accomplished Beach ish because the usual even be

J issue addition I’m happy guess should be let me present because gas

%uh this boom ish on beyond speech

mmm hidden it’s not ironic to go see a movie

is the bases ICS devices known as the Venusian

being Beach just give some love you

musician Beach mmm each good for you

each like a fun him he would be good work which

YouTube his dad each were met again you don’t come

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