Episode 102: Plane Crash


In this episode we discuss dirty texts, safe sex, and peace in the Middle East.

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hello or as they say in Berlin where I
am right now

how low you see learning German is easy
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let’s get this episode started this is
the last one we recorded before our

vacation to Europe

so don’t worry we still kept it real but
there was a

back stateside enjoy who you don’t
always have to ask questions you don’t

always have to know the answers
sometimes you do show up at your party

any let

the you go with the flow I had another
great example sign it up it’s called

girl with the PLO

gold closed


global goals that the closest

old girl




global below




in Eugene Ore 17 Michael party

because I got a little longer friends
and find to a party before I saw claimed

you there and

I just freaked out like that

1/2 months ago

party goals

old me world alright

you wrote that I think that was all me I
don’t see how he inserted any themself

into that are you for real

it was a yeah AAA came up that was on me
I got big that was on the no help

actually it was a

army but all you got a real the auto
tune your voice and piano music

I have perfect pitch that’s been
discussed has been proven

perfect pitch Upper Big payments

that guys name was booed luz de la you
as a YouTube channel

take movies lol but there’s a D budet
whose Ella

nice lot of talented artists out there
with the

here’s a tip from me dare make your name
hard to pronounce

the mood was Ella yeah it’s just hard
nobody will know eight outta 10 people

on small that correct what’s the most
famous band with the really hard to

pronounce name

I’ll name will think about really famous

ok I guess Beatles is kinda hard to
pronounce the letter that one mid


correct but like you too that’s great it

the letter and number Coldplay to really
easy you

words nobody is Buddha whose Ella

I nobody is whatever they like music
Safdar Donna

Beyonce yeah a little tough yeah but
it’s quick and it’s easy and painless

nigga a other jay-z that’s impossible to

I could have to spell out janet is right
that second leading the

a lot of people it is rated a in red is
a let wanted a wise EE

no it J like Blue Jay

where the like World War Z with a high
plateau her tightly

get at me jay-z but here I’m sorry
always introduces himself to be able as

Jay like blue J&G like you know World
War Z

that I V Bradley Pitt I

Redland pits as cell this is welcome too

barrier the only advice podcast on the
internet hosted by me and

anyway I guess you host it yeah a guest

but they have been a guest on every
episode except for one yeah this is your

hundred and first episode

love that has ever steps in a while that
guess we can finally if I can relax and


that talking to other people he shares
the love you

her it’s just got here it that

actually there is a guest 3d let him in
kobe’s outside

I think to Italy with burns on the
plugin corner he is dealing Obama is

actually pretty good a dribbling

yeah I just went cold turkey but keep up
with that he went under is lax you see


yea went under the UK really low to the
ground yeah

but now it kicked it you want to cut 3
as bit

is running it the curve in a disordered
simply got a late rolling down the whole

entire hill

gaining speed are well Kobe she at

shit a so how does it work people are in
dire need of our device

%uh still email us at a fiery show at
gmail dot com

and you have I guess we answer those
questions on this here program

a new episodes every Monday nice

nice sometimes Thursday sometimes

the very rarely mistake getting leap
year losing it

him over explain the her


so usually just get started the average
to go after that you said we do our best


well here’s an interesting thing this
episode comes out after London

after London show but we’re recording it
before I wonder

was a the world is different for us yeah

well this isn’t even dead yet with the
bus might be

by the most I mean at least when I was
probably will be

hear the difference in one of us may be
dead to others might be dead

or neither us yeah of course the 100 I
which one yeah I don’t know it when it’s

going to be even

after the London show either one of us
both the buzzard neither a yes

probably need a right on yeah have

here yet all all I’ll say those lovely
the better odds but

you never know yeah it’s Joe know what
it was what do you think is the better

odds when I was dying or both of us

um I feel like

I guess just wanna bust yeah

it would be like a singular event well
I’ll do for whatever reason I just

imagined us like both being in a car

yeah other but %uh flight accident we
took different planes to get London

yeah but not one not different idea to
berlin that’s sure that’s and that’s

probably the one that will crash get a
smaller jetliner

deal it if we go down yeah and if we are
predicting it right now haha that would


borderline I hope we do together I

how fucking creepy would be the heater
docking at this

cut bait out to this being played at her
funeral police say

although who’d put it online out only
have to be able to out only put it

online after immersed

would be a yeah if we’d had this
conversation yeah I

yeah nobody ever by key adviser wrapped
on this SD card in this is a room

h6 recorder that I have and who’s gonna
do that much research coming here

shuttle have to clean out our house

right but nobody’s gonna play that yeah
I know it although like maybe like a at

my brothers at all this a priority
recorded maybe at like some unrecorded

podcast he tries for like two minute to
get it off buddy the elf

I exactly do I really entered his bike

always overexploited John I could
sometimes the Thursday doesn’t

biker alright food was a legit a
refreshing our homepage wondering when

his abs that’s going to come out but

i right enough enough dark talk

mmm that was dark pitch black

let’s raise that lets lighten the mood
over here ID at a fake name for me these

are real emails from real people

we’re gonna given fake names to preserve
their anonymity so let’s do out there is

people who died in plane crashes

%uh that’s good Buddy Holly I Buddy
Holly going to say right now on record

that a finalist as we should still
release this

yes your that’s fair

you like he would have wanted it that
way of course bit now it is

as audio a evidence that are saying that
we would have wanted it that way

me which isn’t to say that one of us
instead if you’re listening to this

right odds are still alive said alright
yet art

between Buddy Holly rights a guy so I
have a dilemma and I wanted to get some


I’ve been seeing my boots a woman um

alia Leah died in a plane crash yeah

alia right I see baby so I have a
dilemma and I wanted to get some advice

I’ve been seeing my boyfriend now for a
year we text a lot because he works away

at a job for two weeks at a time that he
comes home for a week

in the beginning when we text I would
always initiate the sexting

he would go along with it but he never
really put much into the conversation

other than agreeing with what I said or
saying he was excited for it to happen

since then it somehow got turned into a
pretty PG version of sexting saying

things like thing instead of naming an
actual private part

example I can’t wait for you to kiss my

meaning it can be free to suck my dick
the thing is

you might say he may be on are nervous
the say things like this but is not his

26 years old and he swears in talks
pretty baller to his friend so I know

you can come up with a better word than

thing I feel weird being the one who
always says dirty things if I don’t

really receive anything back

I’m not looking for him to go into
discussed in detail the wildly inventive

shit just something to get a little
excited about

any advice would be appreciated love

oo said a

I sorta earning some money tonight
learning bathroom

ball or say I’ve been sexting you for a
long long time

I’m thinking you from a plane shakes

is categorized sorry what’s wrong with

the I Love Leah a I sorta commiserate
with the guy here I don’t really like


you don’t like that yeah what’s up what
is the

with your hang up and I guess I’m just I
don’t know it’s very sincere and it’s


a Manila

I feel like it like an I’m too cynical
to get into it

I like I’m like too much of a comedy ass
all your call this is so

like it somebody found it would be
embarrassing side I want to do it would

be embarrassing that you like

got somebody of using your words that’s
the part that’s good

you want would you want somebody reading
your sex if they’re successful

yeah I mean if the like I’m going back
and forth with

a girl and she’s like I want your huge
cock in a mic I want your wet pussy

they’d let me read that

I I don’t think I would like handed me
my phone but a final count

sex but yeah I will be embarrassed I
mean like diving the embarrassing thing

is if you’re sexting somebody and

sure they have network app have a right
to bail as exact I wouldn’t mind that

but like

its it sorta like am somebody funny like
a shirtless picture I took on my phone

like I’m a little embarrassed but also

are probably flexing and I got a really
good angles only okay

group I look hot saree whole lot of your
dick is in it

is that sorta but another quayle it i
mean about if I took the picture that I

did it because the dick looked good in
my would be like a 0

so I use of my penis looking great I see
I wouldn’t want you to see a naked

picture of me even if I look great

I i think that what I think the only
failsafe are the only the only

protection is that the is to like I look
at sexting is like a writing exercise

yeah Atlanta rating actions I witnessed
it like now to the company would like so

I wouldn’t necessarily be like

where would he not comedy like that
funny Nikon read-out

what’s not funny about sexting about
anything I don’t get that

you’re always on yeah I was joking right

serious from the area yeah it’s tough
for you

yeah i living under a rock I live in a
castle euro badly company react comedy

but funny by

racked exactly everything is funny ray
I’m either even a.m. either having a

good time and everything is funnier I’m
having a bad time and nothing is funny

it’s never nothing is not as I can do
not have the things are sexy I’m having

a good time and things are like deep in
a movie at yeah

no that’s not that’s never gonna happen
happy they’re funny or not

for me actually I was gonna buy that
domain name Funny or Die actually rather

the way I live my life but I was taken

so what do you do if your girl in your
guide is on a sec to you

I’m I think that she she just like keep
on going full steam with

ahead say that the things to him that
you wish he would say

so I could be says kiss my thing you
would just respond like

our I wanna I want to put your whole
thing in my mouth I wanna

Lake I wanna suck your dick or whatever
you know like

escalated to keep on escalating and see
where he imagines you

right I think that light at this is we

the disorder related subheads if you
like if you’re talking is a B&E chatter

and I am in like nobody’s using

if you start to use good punctuation
capitalizing your eye

Nevada year period you’ll watch as they
also start to do that

and then you switch it back at them and
certainly they feel formal and out of


that but I just think they’re like
people are they played a level their

competition yeah by nature where they

energy matchers right not everybody is
bad maybe I would at least

I don’t it’s kinda weird to be like a I
won’t have a conversation about sexting

but that’s the next step I think the
first step is just like sorta passively

try to escalate it yourself by like not
feeling shy

because it has tax but just like keep on
hiding them and see

where he met is good guys like sexting
I’m sure he likes hearing from you maybe

just feels a little silly sending

messages like a mere to spray you noted
as if the same shyness

as public displays of affection do you
like that

and I I don’t it’s like a enjoy it but I

have Knoll I have no problem with the F
no shyness about like making out with

a lady friend at like a party right

see that’s embarrassing to me to see you
like that

I I’m fine with it I’m had a republic

you go to town with my eyes are you
hitting you happy

at your final PDA your

yeah I mean how the guy would make out
at a small get together with my friend


at a dinner but like i buy was with
somebody I would like

grab their but the supermarket right

I would not be that on I don’t even pick
what my own wages at a supermarket

I don’t touch my ass anyway I

it’s so dirty even in the shower I’ll I
will I will apply soap to the lower back

to my body

we shall yeah Chino’s on that’s right
but this goes out

I think it’s not chast to a have your
feed its bow and you do urge as the bell

but what is a chance to develop

I don’t where the relief in medieval
times the plates

just the fucking some there was like a
bell with the lock that you couldn’t as

he could have sex right

that a real fast an anti-terrorism like
The Princess Bride or Robin Hood Medina

tighter than it was that’s the advice
here is

to keep doing it maybe wait until he is

I get when you’re drunk your little
looser more likely to do it well how did

she know it when he’s drunk his way

yada now maybe I talented start drinking

send them here sanam dheere guys love

the I fucking love is love year year
it’s okay okay I grow your email

may PA or even IVAs Nuba than AP an
American pale ale

night I I love pale ales I love

I just dark amber box

I love a good half allies into in
addition to those ones

so to be clear I like beer a

alright that’s it your a ined name other

for this next question to a

college gir that I want to use his real
name William feller

with lows sheared it

letters will def no I as it’s David

but three lol yeah letter to you our
buddy holly with them

I Buddy Holly oh that’s his real name
knows she knows she

I Buddy Holly rights hey guys just got
back from a birthright trip a few weeks


on my trip I met this god damned I
another girl

a sexy Israeli soldier who’s just a
perfect Jewish woman in every way

since the day I left to come back to the
US we’ve been messaging each other often

but she just got promoted to a commander
position in the air force

so now she has less time to talk is it
bad that I’m annoyed that she doesn’t

talk to me as much anymore

I know that she’s fighting for the
survival ever country and all that but

how hard is it to send a text every once
in a while

love Buddy Holly who we

I you do look just like Buddy Holly

up %ah hand a little bit mary Tyler of

you’re married Eleanor I mean

I don’t care they say about your health
anyway I I just don’t care about that

hmm a well what do we do to look down
I’ll advise you

a I think

its weird I don’t know I in the womb
strangers way I

sympathize with him but he’s also like
you also a rock yeah

i’m wrong. in my sympathy yeah as she

they’re like actually at work their
dollar’s value

its youth she’s the senior member of the

a of the Easter Island military yeah
she’s not an option on the

US Coast Guard but she really but
another time

the if I could deal with them ship yeah

as of now there are well there’s a
cease-fire yeah

so I think hip levy fine I I was
director just

says for sure I now or dr Rogers keep
fighting during that shit

what do you do during this cease-fire
because the first thing is in texture BS

I hmm it is following the news for all
the wrong reasons

I just hope to god one day that peace in
the Middle East that way Sahara will

text you back more often

I just worry for her safety acres that
the end of the day I really on a texter

tooth texting her hey I heard there is a
I heard there’s some progress in your in

your peace talks that’s really awesome
maybe now you’ll have a little more time

to text lil ol me and I’m happy that
everybody is safe

and i’m happy that the country’s not in
turmoil at the moment

and maybe now we could Skype for some G

hey what’s at what’s going to happen the
military level in speaking a whats app

I notice that you read my last one and
you haven’t what’s apt me back

the world is a very big plays with huge

and this is just like it’s a perfect
showcase at the small

with the black Lincoln and the big is
big something affecting like

a has having global global reach yeah

then this guy’s phone and then there’s
this white American guys

his birthright your problems are you
just had a free trip to Israel to

your problems are small I went on a free
trip to Israel

because it’s my right my birthright I
got some good food medicine exit Jewish


and I don’t live next to her and when
she TextMate infrequently cuz they’re

frickin countries at war

yeah you should be

I think you should be different I thing
is it I think you’re a terrorist

her way to do it you’re in hezbollah for
the bigger

commas operative I think as a now

I felony do I guess take a chill pill

a think about what how much good you how
good you have it sir

as the see that your e-mail address is
coming from a very fun party school

see you can have that to look far do you
go to a party school

so you I you’re dealing with the

your your falls not getting enough
incoming packs but your girlfriend is

dealing with incoming missiles

yeah aimed at her and her loved ones the
so a

perspective I guess missiles versus text

but they are sending and receiving
missiles and rockets at each other

you are sending but not receiving text

I feel free did things are good honestly
I had a good for Little Buddy Holly it’s


it’s a tough it’s a tough place to be a

you have to I feel like you have to keep
your best foot forward be optimistic and

hopefully one day there

there will be a solution some peace in
that very you know it solution and

hopefully one day stills be sending more
tech high a law that we don’t care about


poor just as a byproduct about access
have ideally should be sending more tax

than that hopefully some collateral
let’s go over the bridge deck and she


she just might not be text then cuz you
not feeling it I mean lean

thats the birthrate is I’ve ever been on
a bit like that seems just sorta like a

a heightened time with emotion yeah and

maybe people get swept up in now is gone
and she’s like well I’m

I got my life here I’m in the military
got a promotion this dude goes to

yeah Tulane or some equivalent her
acquittal and beer to you later better

appears that yeah here’s the thing she’s
she’s a sexy Israeli soldier

a which is very fascinating same for you
but her life is just filled with sex

israeli soldiers

that’s that’s her status quo member we
want Israel North

fucking hot girls on the beach with
machine guns yes really soldiers are

late leader

guns don’t I and then also just

all the girls are attracting all the
guys are also liked all buff and Paul


and the problem and then you cut you
walk in and apply them all like it was a

good thing in her landlord somehow this
caller of

Baldia I they are but in a good way

I and shaved heads I should say

right so and then incomes you this

the judge America Israel is that like
all the guys are like aggressive

yeah they’re like those gotta talk to
anybody to lie grab simply put her arm

around so no hay

you to come home with me which I thought
let’s talk and Mike

americans are just a our game is being
quirky and weird in our Korea and like

making eyes at some 14 tired at work by
a living like a I guess we

week end up looking at other but like
their thing is just like it does not

even looking at them and go up in taker

view a make out with her yeah be out
some success in israel

yet will I am a fucking pair yells at
her pant leg pant comp and who

mom blackwell gathered the Israeli Air

a so relax and find an American woman

our it like you know that you’re in a
position there and you are like

texting with Dymo than ever just like

been texting somebody that was the text
me back nearest do they were testy more

even though they were far away a maybe
not far away but like

I’d like texted girls and they don’t
expect yeah I think the only thing we

could say text Wise’s

the more text you send doesn’t mean
person in you mort X

so you should have your text be less and
less yeah

anything they’ll start to be like
infrequent nice little surprise is that

distract her from the war she’s by

but so then chill maybe start to reach
out to you and she’s in

a dark place because of the war yeah I’d
ask because you’re nice little respite

from the war

that she is fighting and try to remember
that you fighting a war

yeah and you’re studying for a sociology
midterm and you’re not even doing a good


but she does omitted a good job that she
was promoted to a a

what was it a admiral alright brigade

captain superhero commander yet tax less
not more

make peace not war I we need I’ll

another female name do we have another

celebrity that died in a plane accident

home there was in there like a

a governor something like a politician

you look at our one is gonna look at
famous women who died in plane crashes

when so famous woman who died in

I’ll you know who else you like I really
erhard yeah of course

added I let the record show that I her

like I got there myself radiation really
put the millionaire

heard her mind yeah on the map that
would know I can confirm that she’s dead

Amelia Earhart rights an

hello my name is Amelia Earhart and I’m
a senior in high school

I’ve come across a little dilemma with
which I think you guys can help me out

this guy and I have become really great
friends over the past few years but

started a few months ago but starting a
few months ago he started acting a bit

odd to say the least

he began to tell me things that one
would simply not tell another friend

especially ok friend who is a girl to
name a few that he masturbate a lot

asking whether I masturbate or not and
that he thinks about me while


I’ve been trying to play it cool so to
speak and try not to appear so super

blunt about the fact that I don’t want
to text me about things like that

and change the subject but the message
is continue now

here comes the plot twist he did the
same thing to at least three of my other


I would stop texting altogether but when
we hang out he’s awesome

is it normal for a guy to do this what
should I do thanks

Amelia Earhart call this guy’s a
predator right yeah

that’s not a plot twist that’s just the
plot yeah

the plot twist disorder have also just
like something we’d expect yeah

guys that the not much of a twist any
boring story it’s a full 360-degree

twist where everything is now facing in
the correct direction yet again

I yes he tells you that he masturbates
to you and then No

the plot twist is not that he does it to
other girls the plotters would be that

he only did it to you

way this guy is a creep that’s gross and
you shouldn’t feel

bad about being blunted telling him not
to do that

yeah that’s okay wanna that’s a fine
thing to tell his daughter whatever

reason he is not feeling bad about
telling you that he masturbated thinking

about you

about something you should feel bad
about it happen so

you go ahead in say growth

bad gusting bad him your domain gross
and mean

awful person thing that yeah I think
it’s okay to masturbate thinking about

who everyone’s

he’s a free man let’s yes your right as
a as a teenage boy

and I think you know maybe this behavior
is happening

I’m because he’s a sicko and also
because nobody has

the balls to tell him that he is

gross that makes them feel like that
makes people feel uncomfortable yes the

you should say

that’s disgusting you make me feel
uncomfortable when you say things like


and I’m not the only one and then maybe
I’ll stop or if you persist

they need definitely has a problem and
you should tell your parents

you know it seems like it seems like
this guy is an older brother who is

either fucking with them or told them

that’s what girls like to hear it seems
like a line that is using

like girls like to hear that you
masturbate about them well I think we’re

in high school

it is like sort of like sexy in a this

fucking weird way well I also like
actually but masturbating is sexy when

it’s somebody that you

want select if if somebody like me

and I said I like you I might I get
myself off

thinking about being with you right they
could think that %uh

and if if I like somebody by was
attracted to them and they said

I came last night imagining earth

I would be like but yet that’s great

but it so maybe like there’s something
to him doing it because he thinks if

it’s reciprocated the net like his way

and I i with find it hard to put it an
attractive girl was like Oh

I masturbating whatever plastic I

but kinda girl would have to tell you
that where you would be creeped out

none known but the spirits now line

yeah safer relatives that would make me

regardless the route told you that right
a course that about I do that to a girl

there’s going to be a little fuckin
turned on by her dick guided

really yet just sexy the idea that I’m
getting people off

will love that I the 28 sty rolling in

em girls and ladies I’ll take it and

take my face but I think that

I’m differ from the like it doesn’t make
me a couple makes her uncomfortable as

she should not be shy about being like

no you fuck now yeah top it bad dog

stop it stop now she had him on the nose

has live shark I’ve never know the come
to blows I like it should really come


iPad nice thank you him on the nose if
it comes to blows but it shouldn’t

really come to those in this scenario

who leads the way to go at a

could I think we’re all in agreement
hereof telling him not to do that is OK

yeah I it’s actually probably the best a
slash only thing you can do

I mean right now is probably doing it
because he hasn’t gotten Lake even

though you’re

you’re late you’re still hang out with
them you’re still responding to his text

even though you’re dodging those ones

yeah I think he needs I mean far
Commission busy shouldn’t need it but


some comps kind of clear signal will

and the problem or show you that it’s a
serious problem in my

some more drastic action to be taken you
gonna keep doing it basically until

someone doesn’t stop

yeah and also he doesn’t if you keep
doing the past people tell him to stop

then he needs to go to jail yeah I

thing i do. taken away I you get it the
state took his phone

sorry you don’t know how to use this as
my girly gotta be great as the

opposition yup my hey

a unity in earphone what yet yeah

bad it using it we make people feel sad
going to be how is that a legal

this is insane is the police day

to yet give it to me okay Jesus Christ

iraq three questions in

time for a break but the 30 issue 3 it
was 3am we got Amelia Earhart

we got earlier yeah buddy holly now

time flies when you’re in a sweltering
fucking room yet %uh

near a let’s take a quick break to think
one more sponsor

and I’ll come back into a real break
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I mean hey a lotta maybe maybe like me

dealing with lines and and that

that whole thing like I don’t know I
don’t know what you guys are all into

what kids are into these days maybe
queues are cool

accuses how you say lines and in in like
DC were very well traveled now a day


back to the shell think stamps dot com
guess who’s back

guess who’s back we are back I collapsed

I what it’s so fucking hot in here

yeah I’m dripping with sweat you see me
you’re sitting in the Sun little bit

more than I am it

Jesus Christ yesterday we were recording
an out a freezing room

yes seem so preferable right it fell it
felt good when we got this house with

the big zal area yeah

glass window yet I know if he’ll know
that seemed like a good idea at the time

and it’s so hot

yeah so hot in this room everything
usable most

I you make sense thermodynamically that
the room that encased in glass that’s

not attached to many things is just
baking in the Sun

here but it’s still a little confusing
why it’s so so much hotter and then also

so much colder at night

well during the night we keep it’s got a
lot of winners are you up

I open about the window doesn’t it feel
colder here than it is outside

in and I yeah at arab girls colder than
it does outside

maybe but how does that happen are going
to be colder that’s like ice being

called in their freezer

see this is why we have to smart people
on our show yeah it’ll be fun

I’m only smart enough to ask questions

I’m not sure that makes you smile I

that so dumb you are you don’t get that
that’s smart

I’m dripping and I’m I’m never sweat

god damn it well unhealthy I’m getting
mad for the first time ever

will you are melting of her disappearing
throughout the year

show a you do day after the Sabbath the

a we’re gonna have a lot to talk about
on these breaks 13

travel the globe yeah right now we’re
just fighting waiting

he added the waiting game waiting on the
world to change

a tiana just Angeles last question over

I guess so there’s nothing going on in
your life they don’t talk about I’m just

fuckin getting amped

dude getting amped for the shows an
experience that will have already

happened by the time anyone listens to

the I question for

we need one last dude

Stan Rogers who Stan Rogers were the
best books in his fault I’m

died in a plane crash here well
technically the plane had landed it was

on fire

any died from smoke inhalation but ok

crash but she is an accident I think

and what I’m not I’m not under sensors
the vision he did say it but I think he

stayed on the plane trying to help

I it’s nice benazzo make him a hero was
making here

but what songs that is in the Stan
Rogers K arms of his best songs are

the Mary Ellen Carter but for now it’s
good it’s called rise again

america’s either when you can search for
a the Northwest Passage is really good


hmm a Barrett’s privateers and I heard
too many these

we plannin Karnataka earlier that you’ve
been there

yeah or the year was 17th in the

how I wish I wasn’t her bridge now

ya I lip

stop babe you have hand if you have it
because they don’t know anymore the


I Stan Rogers rights hey guys love the
show but let’s get down to business I’ve

been dating this girl for a couple weeks
now and she’s a total smoke show now

recently we had sex for the first time
in here’s where the trouble starts

before that I was a virgin and I
expected to last for 30 to 45 seconds

but no

we fuck for half an hour and nothing I
didn’t even finish

some people say that this is a good
thing but it’s the opposite

she’s feeling bad because he thinks it’s
her fault and I’m left with blue balls

in conclusion how can I get myself to
come during sex

lost and Rogers what is I think if you
do it once and you don’t come then

you’re fucked

yeah now we know the truth you can’t
cope during sex

I moving up

this is so unique this is the opposite
in most people’s first experience


what it’s like state rain away and the
works differently for everybody like

some people come to quick

other people can’t come and I’ll I also
think that like

it there’s an ebb and flow sometimes
he’ll be quick sometimes you’ll be long

sometimes you won’t come sometimes it’ll
be perfect you guys will come together

just different is that the beatles on
come together is about

I think you’ve talked about this on the
bug as before knows of the podcast

well we’re talking to some people and he

coming together and I thought I was out
come together is about

probably right come together there

right now old roomie yeah it’s about a
shower and watch yeah

I watching Delco yeah ringo yeah fuck

yea Rennie’s underneath that and they
were yelling at the same time

any that I want yet to come together
later right now

better right now over a he’s forcing the

he’s got beat down below the MES I

got to be good looking cuz he’s so hard
to believe so

Raso I don’t know what is what the what
do you think is worse

jizzing after one pump or not being able
to come at all

and I think there’s probably pros and
cons to both ok do the after one pump

you could spur I’m in first like it’s
been as like that’s your virginity I

think thats

on was to be expected and you could say
to that girl like oh my god you’re so

hot you got me off so quick I’m sorry I

and I think like the more you do it the
more you’ll it’ll become normal and

then you’ll be able to last longer gonna
and then it

you are coming then at least you kill a
try but have fun

interesting positions just don’t go at
it really really hard so everybody gets

sore and tired but you got you won’t
have like

you’re not gonna come you have like a
nice long slow

experience which would be pretty sexy
and you could definitely

do things there are more pleasurable for

her since you are Jackie elating what
about this for an idea

faking an orgasm will had a glance

I yeah so you’re you can last as long as
you are

cuz your your immune to it

and then as soon as the other parties

you just say you are right that feels
you read that

yet that feels great %uh now for her
rate yeah

because they are we did it at the same
time that sort of a quick OC mills

like oh this person’s you’re like you’re
gonna come and then you say me too and

then you fake it yet what do you look
like when you’re faking an orgasm

by the same thing I look like when I’m
do when I’m actually orgasmic and then

what do you do you just like take the
condom in you

hide it well I role of or the other way

and then I’m like I’m gonna take this
off I got about them which is true

either way ray I gotta come to think
about it I’ve never actually orgasm

holy shit you dissolve in fake I think
it’s that’s fine but like that’s only a

quick fix to the problem for

in security the like you say I came and

she’s like happy but you didn’t come
soon right not exactly

a you haven’t found that release a

also it’s very pleasurable to come with
some buddies certainly that certainly

certainly is certainly it’s a short term
solution but it is a solution to be sure

I think you should think about things
that make you

really turned on yeah likely baseball
are your grandfather

eating a sandwich will understate like
maybe him on top he’s like

pumping away and can’t exactly come
because it’s like

all it is his biceps are engaging
disorder gonna play position here

like I can’t come cuz I’m thinking about
coming too much and maybe a few just

lie on your back and she rides you then
you can come that way

am money you can keep listening I

wouldn’t you say yet they’re not lying
about your cell specific

yeah as understand that this is good
advice yeah

anybody who’s like I think that you
could just

try to relax during sex course do things

try different positions that you both
bind pleasure full

and that you’re not straining yourself
and stressing out

and and if that doesn’t work faking

well you can fake an orgasm to figure
out how to have a real one but I think


is there to get yourself worked up I
think it’ll happen there’s like the

there’s condoms that quote make you last
longer and has a good numbing agent

is there the opposite that were like
something gives you an like

something makes it even more sensitive
down there

I’m there’s definitely want to have like
warming agents but I don’t find those to


sexy I think the best thing you could do
is get like the all truth

then tried like you try to make the

the lib the experience feel as natural
as possible you don’t get like

I’ve heard people getting bread condoms
and then turning them inside out

%uh dear and so like though ridges are

going against your penis with and I feel
good let’s get at that fucking an

accordion have done that

yeah you have are you actually watched
you yeah do it

act for me her behaviour audience

a I’ll what else is evidence Leia

use it only is a condom at the last
possible second

right has everything else acting 6x that
I getting it advocate

right ones are not in a not before

so so I do as much as you can before

ray and during league leader horse to
water as far as they can possibly go

and then use a condom right so that’s
another tip

another tip yes but when I said that you
immediately thought of fucking without a


right which is yet my real advice yeah I
put a

obviously has a month up with me but
with a condom dog

rata share well here let’s say this is
bad advice

so well what should you not do Jake I

I would nice Bucher without a condom

because thats nap because even though it
would feel the best scores

and band and you would enjoy the most

yeah would be hot and make you want to

and then you could potentially pullout I

which if you do it at the right time is
about 98 percent effective just as much

as the condom

however however there’s the Briscoes not
pulling out in time

sure um and if you you think you may not
be able to do that i’m saying you should

definitely wear a condom

yeah pulling out would be another

typeof bad option that option that
wouldn’t work

yeah so that’s that’s the advice that we
don’t have

cuz it’s not safe there yet to give it
which is why we don’t even give it

I didn’t we told you not to do that we
have to present all the options

agree not to do yet and that’s one of
the up and up

said I do it you can see a swing King

because an audio podcast and we’re not
we can exactly

doesn’t matter i right we’re at a time

bucket but thanks Joe bucket you record
the whole thing

I by Lee said fuck it cuz I was done I P
have your own questions or own theme

song submissions please

send him over to a fiery you show at
gmail dot com

we’re still taking thumbnail submissions
that first opening theme song was from

booed luz elena and this last one is
from john Taylor

see that’s a that’s one that’s simple to
pronounce let school of course than food

was Ella but at the very least

john Taylor john Taylor yen I thanks for
listening guys will be elected by

from some hymns and laced on

major symphonies dude sticky situation

do not consume

was only one thing you can win Brewers

JK Adams you wrong with you for me

from what engine surgeons

me in Broomhill me

my Angeles it he has because no

homes through p

I’m believing their job is more moderate
than 20

storm and I’ll keep listening to you

mentioned sure ok honey don’t want the
world to

0 so me a little weird show


I’m Julian

thought prongs

dude you do JK Wrangler Jeans to Mikey

enough some Gardner my so

ok the 11 pool

0 so Israeli Jews

are you sure




among the homeless love




sure child doing their job


June show June ok




well we weren’t sure what you mean
taught call home

GTE MSO call through sure gene into a

long-term are you sure you want GE

until home dude I’m he said through you

the show them

hey everybody its local police beat but
you may know me especially from MTV’s

Jersey Shore and

I truly feel like that he doesn’t exist
anymore so

I want you guys to get to know call
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a lot has changed my life the becoming a
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there to be a part in my new fantastic
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