Episode 103: Psychic (Live from Manchester!)


In this episode we discuss street artists, house gifts, and sleeping with somebody you hate. Recorded at The Lowry in Manchester, UK!

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live show

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alright let’s get started this is our

live show from Manchester we’re very
excited to perform there for the first


ever and I think you guys will agree we
kept it real clean quite real actually

enjoy E

me are





yeah the

she the

well the

dry guy

everybody here’s part even us

up especially that guy at Nana’s

you I really I was like scared for a
second you really grabbed me and pulled

me in the eye

which he coulda yeah I you could have
just grabbed me and talk to you

yeah Europe I to him

your appetite height tight

tonight like that first cuts

I was very explicit is a to rate cut

to hear see him is that you’re OK yeah I

cuts time a.m. okay

Manchester England in

%ah this is very exciting

we bill Manchester where you from

Colin everybody laughed when you said
it’s Colin

so will you 0 how it is that we got

I don’t know if so I’ll Chris Collins

I know everything okay it is actually
anybody here can be me up so doesn’t


the answer is yes you been working out
yeah you look good next is your body

your muscle

I know my

on in

epic if you’re listening I just took my
dick out

you get the impression that sure P I

but o’neill opinion

for those using at home I took my dick
out again so that stick out like they

had a puzzle

yeah I well guys who here has never
heard this podcast before

why are you here who track deal

who drug deal drugs and drag

see our friend Chris was like dude you
are not going to believe this

these guys talk

into microphones the can I had twenty

that’s ok with that Chris they are did
you buy a ticket

he paid policy just invited directors

right you’re the best friend ever the
paper everybody here actually really

repair those rescued they return to
thank you

ira I haven’t

teaching Hebrew to Manchester Arians

manchester’s it is

where you guys all set monkeys know is

your your ass material Mancunian

collect the monkey in candidate

nice this and I haven’t even had

anyways yet now is this over joke and a
sobering joke

to you talk about guys so laughed

are excited crime I S

out how lol houses podcast for Chris

you’ve never been here before let me
explain it to you %uh

shifts I’m Richard he’s Chris

you fuckin ass you idiots you know it’s
you know all of our names

a you little height jeweled

wait a minute that second part was
definitely anti-semitic

I it’s a device podcast is what we doin
basically Jake and I receive emails from

people who are in sticky situations and
they need our advice

we don’t know why but we’re happy to
give it sometimes it just us two alone

in our living room and sometimes it in
front of two hundred men Killians

cool a all and some Scots

in Scott’s the help address the state’s

we are below everybody the state is
lower than every six months

yeah that’s rare right I don’t know ever
I don’t know

yeah sewer of course it’s rare right and
i know i

you whatever the Scotsman yeah is not a
horse he tell you what is their Big Sur

oh my god if you bring a horse here a

yeah I don’t know what else to say that
essentially as anybody here

email the show before as anybody here
had a question to be answered on


1 but someone really

what was the question I

close sets

which one in

just the second show

the county went on holiday spread

here I the

card ever wondered

this episode canoe let’s go

episode lol day one the

is an original survey welcome join the

that you’re probably were the first
questions we ever answered so what was

the question again he went on vacation

vacation wave a girl I like this and

she was going with her ex-boyfriend
invite me as well

so you were invited with your

a girl you like and her ex-boyfriend on
vacation at that time I’m

tired however the question our advice
was to not was it to not go

I said not to go or not to go

and act upon my we told you not to act
upon your ass tires and what happened

I did not act upon them and sell after

vacation and their work and worked for

harsh on the hut the

cut hair

air dreams come true okay all take so
another time any day the week brother

Scott what’s your name

you can give your are so what baby will
you up


this grudgingly as you of the

now fuckin professor von Strassburg he
hates Austria that he was wearing a

theater near you

as these issues here yeah a little rate
we actually

the agency’s the iron I nice


yeah what type of guy are you clear

yeah Terry hey yeah I was

night free to view text that joke but
never really dangerous

alright let’s switch it up a so yeah

a people right and they are in the

difficult place and we give these real
emails real people fake names to

preserve their anonymity and we come to
their hometown

and ask them to standard %uh everyone
took a picture a professor von

rosenberg right great is not done it is

area I so should be get this party

you in

by got to get ready I

awesome they’ll know

but so loudly that they must have been
ready I okay

first name first question we need a
first name while


I would act out Tom kala Manch lol

so much to all three not tell us Rowell

comission well rights hey guys been
dating this girl in British Columbia for

a while now

like six months and just recently she
came home and bear

I don’t know if she breaks up with me
after a couple days sleeping on a

friend’s couch I talk to her

Brandon she says she visited a psychic
who told her to break up with me

can you believe should

a different friend of mine told me his
friend as a psychic and is willing to

convince her to come back to it in

who so my question is should I get this
person to protect us a year

futures surged shit close it goes back

tried doctor on my own or just

b-cell on this site girl any help would
be appreciated love tom is callous well

the that’s really interesting

that is a sitcom I wanna write that a
yes store at the pilot darman great

yeah I don’t know they didn’t have that
show here for the joke was just for a


yeah and I only sorta like that you up I
can go out there you

whether they take I it was that of
course ok up although I did not got a

call at

a giggler a chortle would you say there
was a cup of thank you

go up by that’s good I

another will always have your say yeah
it’s got

scotsman are worth more than a couple I
used to discover just now

so those should this guy hire her
psychic tick tell his ex-girlfriend to

get back together

result the psychics tell you to break up
with her boyfriend

dinosaur predict the future can they be
like you’re going to like

chase uses guess estimated baby does
that mean is I can give you like

explicit information but she just said

there’s the bad shit afoot yeah
currently in your car in lot like do

with that information

yeah a Germanic RI I have it a decision
to make

let me let me at least get a second
opinion she opened a fortune cookie

video is that this

this guy then new with psychic who could
easily be but yeah I’ll tell her to get

back together with you yeah because it’s
not real

gore right just like you have the other
day know it’s like it you can just

know a guy yeah you can know and ask sir
yeah just anyone not even an actor just

a guy who’s willing to buy up and then

right a bandana crystal ball yeah %uh no
quiero dar

here got here pair Tara redder your
palms read yeah I did once

and on she actually protected me my
girlfriend at the time we’re gonna get

married and have twins

how that worked out well

my peter is not totally told yes I don’t
know maybe I’ll get back together with


girlfriend when I was 18 should we buy
have twins that’s how you do it usually

take you back to your listeners

yeah I think the twins need us

we’re on the Jersey Shore and

yeah we were told that we’re gonna have
twins and I don’t know I think maybe


but increasing back to her growers

there wasn’t even a first I wasn’t even
a fortune teller is

talk to hello know the Cartier yeah he
said yeah

gonna have his way and you mean that sir
I don’t know I’m drunk I love her

I I’ll i think i buy

not only not want to get back together
with her I would say

sheep takes psychics were for anything
this goes that you should break up with


where unless this guy really
manipulative any could be like

you guys use this to his advantage in
all that time the city’s got a psychic

in his pocket

yeah I like he can convince her to get
back and blow him every day

yeah that therefore their dream girl rap
look at a few other yeah

day on a daily bases a girl that

she blows man not away

but my deck Corolla clozapine

yeah every bit like during the day
during the day to get us to be during

the day

at 11 a.m. today otherwise I’d say every
night after work I work during or after

work whatever as long as it’s still
daylight she’s a vampire so it has to


indoors that’s ka

so it sounds like your advice is to you
I’ll let this crazy person go away

psychics are not real

they are unfortunately actual people
that try to

there there one level Watson wanna have
a level above a bagger

there a backer who said you know I’d
like to tell people shit for my answer

like a street performers tops

yeah I don’t have any money but I gotta
tell and yeah

and I have no doubt that the earliest I
can spray paint myself silver

yeah yeah of great standing still Prolog

yeah actually what didn’t get me a job
in the first place and then it’s

repeated myself

silver is our dirty money yeah so do the
same exact thing just stand around yeah

but then silver

yeah and now I have money so it’s

tops silver will call him the Queen

and then the track would be the jackie

with the bottom bottom is a beggar big
guy did just that guy is not even doing


yeah that didn’t even make a sign yes
just like I

can I have my like alright at least get

yeah I like a party and your nightmares
in yourself you says it now

cash in front of him and walked away
although not for you I’ll give it to the

silver man

a they are still here

he’s a robot I think on and then if you
split the difference after two in silver

in sin gather

got up fortune teller is like I will
keep you engaged I’m gonna tell you lies

yeah but hey at least he looks forward
with the guys that are saying hey this

is money for my family because it’s not
that yeah

with sunny for so they buy it tear a
card in the they

lay down from the I got my fortune read
and they’re like and I quote debt card

like that’s actually not bad

right like the debt that some its root
for like the liar who is the fortune

teller to tell you

bad news yeah I will like they’ve
dedicated their life to

lying and then they say I don’t know how

but i would tell people bad yeah so

this to me like five dollars site pounds
five pounds I will

tell your fortune for 10 I’ll give you
only good news is

that sounds like a really good deal shit

him maybe I’ll paint myself silver you
so i think im Tuesday’s behind you make

pretty good money doing this

it’s okay did you get paid for doing

now I split my money with the Scots yeah

very well then so could you date someone
who believed in psychiatry

yet why aren’t these stupid he detested
person I

watch me I’m pretty dumb myself said it
actually works out very well

I don’t know you know I’ve paid good
money to have my fortune read

yeah sure so yeah imagine believing it
at avid

you’re an idiot I’ll so what is your
advice for this guy

keep the dream alive ABC’s were keeping
I think I think you could do it without

the ru that the psychic I feel icky
going to be like

let’s prove the psychic Ron baby up

if you’re saying that know all

that’s not a good place to be in your
life it elicited some laughter that I

wasn’t expecting a hacer I thought I was
making a good point in the people out so

let’s never really is a psychic wrong to
deliver your opinion

you deliver your opinion admits that
with laughter like it was the

that I’ll yeah lather does hurt bed

a two options one

she actually believes the psychic and is
it worth your time as a normal

to I she just use the psychic as a ruse

to get out at the relationship you know
on her anyway either way

yeah move on that or move on

with a move on move often

so is the creative plots

the guys being um

alright where one question if we broke
up a relationship great love it

let’s do it with let’s keep the dream
alive and okay

I am up a who we need another guy’s name

in I i herd Adam all over and what he

outlaw Adam Oliver Hamish Hamish Adam
Oliver actually %uh

I’ll take that Adam Oliver Hamish drive

the I recently matched with a fairly
good looking girl on




and a separate

grading not great great

yeah so great Inc tainting everything to
you understand what that was right

is so confusing I have no clue what does

yeah why with that something weird about
women and then everybody I heart like a


so the weird thing is that your pants
and hard like yeah

potentially could grab her lobster the
hot like a good

imagine what I wonder if you’d
understand their

all you have to do is spend a hundred
and two hours up your life that you


Co and it explains why everyone does
that alright

Hamish I am oliver right I just really
match for the fairly good looking girl

and tender

banter is great and we have a lot in
common we are planning to meet up this

weekend in the city

fingers crossed all goes well site
banter is great yeah

I thought is that banter always correct
I and he did not bang her

banter is clear is great and Jack II
we’re planning on meeting up in the city

fingers crossed all goes well however

while we were talking during the week
she seemed to get extremely jealous and

angry that I had other female friends

and it seems like she thinks we’re
already in a committed committed


just taken it upon herself to call me
pet names invite me to a family dinner

next week and it’s even got to fix that
which is our to plant a Christmas gift

for me

as I’m not looking for anything serious
but I could get lucky my question is

whether or not I

my question is whether or not I should
avoid this entire situation or take the

opportunity that is in front of me and
let my future self

deal with the consequences thanks any
help you can provide

be great lover Adam Hamish oliver at all
over him sure

Italian Irish sup use didn’t get lucky

know if this isn’t getting lucky right
all he wants to get like is not it would

have to have sex with her would be

this coming from you I

yeah I this coming from a guys that the
best way to get back at someone is tough


them I didn’t I said it the hairs are

as they would you fuck someone you haley
said I exclusively fuck people oh yeah

I only five people I hate but like

said I

let’s stay at let’s say how much can you
disconnect yourself from the terrible


and just have sex with this backup but
it’s not that is a terrible person I

could fuck a terrible person

sees like insane person

I don’t think I’ve got crazy I think
we’ve thought I think I I think I’ve

said this before

I don’t think u’d I don’t think you have
sex with crazy male but crazy you don’t

fuck with crazy don’t but crazy

you don’t fuck with fucking crazy
fucking back on but crazy

I don’t think you do it but it is funny
how much he’s willing to

like she could be so bad but that’s just
the promises sex makes it

i cant not do it has their eyes his

yeah he just has to try at the very

I mean she’s already crazy maybe can
have sex and then she’s equally crazy

and then the only thing that changed is
the sex I might as well go for it

your thing go for I’m saying if I were
you I wouldn’t

but if you were him I think you word a

I would you have sex with an annoying

I there’s a difference between would I
and have high

I would it but I have every time

I but I would never do that yeah

but I’ve done it always an exclusively

but I V no I wouldn’t do that though
every time the opportunities presented

itself I think I have

yeah which is why my advice is really

resound with him does he think that
don’t be like me you’re saying do is a

don’t know that was a pretty happy I

old that’s it Parker

because then you’ll be happy then you’ll
be happy will feel good when you come

and that if you can’t disassociate
yourself with her feelings after worth

which is really easy could help find
somebody else

yeah you just distract yourself to
somebody else and there’s nobody else

you distract yourself with yourself yeah

took a terrible person plays i
masterbate on the go yes

how I masturbate with this

this claw 0 now in the hotel room
earlier using a lobster try to figure it


yeah I was actually taking up with the
crustacean yeah

you can imagine I cross the Asian whole

that so we call them I know you said we
how dare you

love you too that so I

if I were you with you fire you you have

yeah I’m trying to think like when I
think you can do it once I think you

have sex with their

I as with this this is she’s catch this
is what she’d

she’s done she’s Rd jealous and angry
they have admin rights but what will

happen is that she’s

showing her hand a little bit so is
getting nervous is like oh man I can see

what will happen next

if I’d go through with this will be
really attached but that’s okay unique

service know it’s gonna happen

this is busy knows how to play it so he
didn’t know what’s gonna happen and as I

do and then what

she’s Rd order in I guess another
Christmas gift at this point and you say

baby I I am so sorry

this it meant so much to me but I can’t
be the man you need me to be right now

but I i cant be home for Christmas I i
don’t wanna lose my friends and then you

then you give her that like that really
nice honest guy

thing and that’s a good honest guy right
they call you never real

do never real

well let me saying never be released the
realized I’ve ever been yeah

but yeah you then you are then you can
slowly back out the ballot apologizing

and then I’ll

she hates you for a little bit but then
ultimately respect your honesty and then

you’re okay

with honesty you said not actual not
real honesty

she respects her seeming lianas Voice
with the capital seem

yeah Glee I serrano’s kinda

it’s a tough call should be she asked
the audience yeah

well as a round of applause for yes
boning her


okay okay I’ll try I like nike’s dices

a round of applause for know I’ll stay
away the

I you know what it is the people if they
stay aware like the normal people that

refuse to be too loud

yeah yeah lol they are just the whole

america’s like casually politely and
then like that but knows are just like a

really loud drunk guys so maybe volume
doesn’t really do the trick but yes

it’s a toss-up the 50/50 we have two
different bits of advice

have we ever sorry is moving on yeah I
think biker you say don’t

yeah I’m no angel on your shoulder near
the devil yeah

the phone

up their area oh yeah as the next
question richard the third

question that their the old-growth

women laying out the male-female my

the Brian

door daren whose name is Dr

all Doris door

de la Renta as a first then

as a person and a female members or
neighbors a dork this is just a guy who

killed or

in a girl was asking a girl her name

a guy just yelled Helen

I was a girl you asshole hot

Joyce July her joys and that it was
echoed by a dude

Joyce door you only one yeah

share choice Joyce door writes a day

my ex boyfriend and I broke up in
November last year about 11 months

after about 11 months of dating it was a
mutual thing and I saw it coming

I’ve been doing okay since then a one
night stand here there but nothing

serious that’s right

anyway I recently found out my ex is
dating someone I’m Knoll

I’m not sad about it more just annoyed
that he’s got a serious thing going on

first anyway I saw photo that pop up on
Facebook in a fit of rage I

unfriended him will now I feel kind of
petty for unfriending him but there’s no

way back

if I send a friend request that the
obvious also I wonder if you look at my

profile now advances that have
unfriended him with that may come up Sat

and I nice person that I don’t wanna how
I wanna have a move on anyway and is

wondering what your opinions are

unfriending X is on Facebook appropriate
inconsiderate consider it somewhere in

between I just don’t know

love Jane he’s

save you hillard so is similar to that
in the email

yeah joyce do it was her name Jamie

now a great I just I thought her name is
Jay that is Joyce

Lego store lovejoy store to restore

great she broke up the boyfriend

workers rate like of Peter rate Jack
unfriended yeah

I went blinds I only saw white light I
was so pissed I clicked a button and

with cyclic they really are not

really mouse is broken I couldn’t back
in helping and

is a crime a passion yeah let us which
is national economic gotta wracked with


start to debut erotic and area Joyce
isn’t my type a girl

would you ever run friend a girl go

IRS would you ever on finding euros
asking me shit

yeah you always asking me shit

I guess the problem is that you never
ask it back well

cry I just got bad I

I what’s your opinion by actually here’s
mine okay

a I feel like unfriending someone

is giving them more a more

attention then keeping them as a friend

if you really don’t care he just give me
as a friend whatever you see in you know

you can block him from your time I’m
without unfriending them

that being said she Rd unfriended him
don’t re friend him

it’s too late that ship has passed that
ship has sailed

I what do you guys know I’m

she’s she probably still

into him slashed kind of obsessed with
them cuz this is

this thing is kinda freaking her out so
I would say keeping one friend did the

damage is done

not here Co and

a yeah keep living your life and its I
think the fact that he got into a

relationship first means he lost

because she’s still living the good life
living the good life being single is

living the good life

yeah I think so if you’re in a
relationship and happy in

is anybody here single and happy %uh is
anyone here in a relationship and


I to people exactly the same time

guys here on a date with no friend but
they’re not dating each other’s the sad

part right does it to people

as anybody in here single and miserable
pretty telling

yeah so you can have you always happy
that nice

you to be happy or sad in a single or in
a relationship but I P I feel like

getting back to relationship isn’t
winning he’s not winning he’s not doing

better than you BZ that in a
relationship is no winning or losing its


yes there is every everything is a gamer
score its competition

and its growth losing unfortunately show
that -1 use the issue is whether I know

that she unfriended him

the I gotta penalize that that’s a bad
that’s on this either as I for sure

I a doesn’t matter still need to be
friends with their s

know you really didn’t notice I don’t
think I’ve ever like on through

anybody on Facebook in like a had is
this person my friend

and that that being said if he does know
is he can’t say anything about it ever

is that you that you do this shit you
look to see if girls follow you on


a day after I read on to play on a
manchurian black yeah

exactly what this is you that’s thats

you’ll do that I will check if somebody
is still follow here’s somebody has ever

followed beings

both trill have you ever not

checked if somebody was following you on

I think so bullshit this is that big
honesty you’re talking about earlier

would like an ex-girlfriend to see if my
ex was still follow me i didnt say less

than actors as they fell

if the lady was girl with a girl if the
girl I like this follow

yeah and I think so okay so

we have one lie on the stage is it live
event you guys ever

tech to see it was significant lady or
guy in your life is following you on

Instagram or Twitter Facebook

that smell there’s there’s not a lot I
guess is it me on out there that was a


very erotica you has anybody ever just
are at

you guys just ignore that fact never
never checked it all is that average

see there’s a silent what about like
under what about a

just on following an axe on any form
social media to people do that

yeah I think if you do that you gotta do
it right away

you can’t do 11 months late to join the
parade I think you should be like

freaking out about it now it over she
did it yeah

she should have done it when they first
broke as I say you know where the

pictures it’s now or never

because then he’s like old she
unfriended me eleven months later she

still thinking about me

its uncouth it’s unladylike yeah

what what’s X’s view its uncouth

to what untidy friend just keep friends
you can ignore it

I think it’s okay to unfriend cuz like

done the real life version of that you I
unfriend you to your face we break up

I’m no longer your friend knowing your
girlfriend but 11 months later

11 months later then she’s still
thinking about a little too much but

usually done right away I think that
there’s a clean break in the beginning

that’s what you do

you know it you can do is unfriendly a
hundred people companies like colleges

part amass wave

if you’re just unfriend one person with
no duty on branded a hundred people

he should why that you take that and how
many people are extra burner following

a round of applause you carry a notebook

I detective call for a round of applause
when you’re done with them

I also do that at home sometimes still
you finish the milk round of applause

complete silence I doubt the

the lecture advice here what can she do

nothing forget it for keep just you’re

don’t like dole re friend the rebranded
something about it again

de friending okay every friending no go

sir call our

could happen the I

I was the guy that I a second hand
before anyways I think he’s leaving and


well I you’re gonna kick my ass in the
parking lot right

I cool so we sort of agree

don’t we friends yes story from and if
you are going to defriend do right away

Jer yes sorry yes

fuck off dude

I am we need a fourth win in the guys

the in

for Andrew and I heard Moses

and remoteness eros is pretty cool then
that’s a really cool name yeah

Jesus yes Moses alright the Scotsman

your Moses now I I’m

hey guys my step parents want to buy me
and my wife are home

a straight-up house gift it feels a
masculine eating

is it weird to say no love

Henry Moses everybody says

all right thank god they’re mixed

a straight-up house skipped

I somebody want to buy me a house I will
feel emasculated I feel like her

like I had a house that makes me feel
good actually there be a homeowner

to you lol fuck off you’re not a hoe
yeah everybody know

you that these in my day car you’re a

what I live in a home here what do you
live area pieces shared an apartment

I O you get up by a lot I

say to you Mike daddy I love my

there are 0 rows for civil plus

we share an apartment together excuse as

20 your I you may see a homeowner cuz
everybody say yeah

I pilot took a swipe other guitar owner

by shake your head your then shake owner

I and if you’re alive daddy but as you
all know

you’re a homo a nerd I just think my
problem with the entire thing is if you

buy me a guitar

I’m you might say a Jake i buy you this
guitar and I wouldn’t have any say in

the guitar

and then if this guy by the house you’re
like urine

you’re in his debt you owe you nothing
has good house now that’s all in your


oh you feel that you have one mandela I
love to catch up to our house

he did not meet you catches I

you yell although I thank you so much

and then when his back is turned you put
it on the market like you won’t notice

what is registered for half a second and
you don’t live in the house but

well that’s weird anyway I’ve 850,000
quit now

so thanks to the house idiot Siri

are you saying you wouldn’t accept the

you would say no I think there’s
something nice about

earning your own sure that’s fine but if
you can’t well who’s to say he can’t

well otherwise he’d be owning a home
sell nobody’s working towards it maybe

he’s got a good job for sure so you keep
doing a little job thing but as long as

you’re asking for my favorite

let’s check it out I just think you’re
incorrect but continue

do over into the other door you do the

where you ask for best the yeah I like

I like having money and homes I

I if you could shoes if UK

create a perfect girl in your brain and
you can’t you have a checklist the


50 questions blonde brunette red a

tall short thick then

whatever and wanna the option one other
things was welcome back sir

one other one other things was

up poor average rich

what would you choose I’ll

I don’t think I want to use that
category at all you have to choose one

122 what your average to read yeah

at Ivor average average I guess you
rather have less money than more

your proper my money it is know it will
be your money

because if you guys get married now one
yet is that summer directly share

bankers and other alright by it

I don’t but me man how I did

out he refused if she was rich they
would become from like different

backgrounds we may not be able to see
eye to eye on things that like in terms

of money

now having cash is good that he would
agree with me

%uh you guys wouldn’t you got everybody
just yell that I don’t know anyone tell

yes or no

you guys it’s not necessarily no lol

you would say no to a house

I would say no to a house you would say
thanks but no thanks I would say thank

you so much for your support I think
it’s lovely but I I would

like turn my own house I think I feel
better wake up in a house that I bought



I would like to know what makes me up
okay because I want to earn money

because they’re not accepting money

your you’re basically saying I don’t act
but without with a billion dollars is


you little pussy accept this money

then you’re then you owe them shits

lay down yes you do parents by their
kids should not you know your mustache

don’t buy me anything all my leg I am I
to get you got a private high school

I would bro has it was my mother was a
teacher there and I work for free

okay out there it did your parents pay
per year college

I didn’t go to college football you
better for colleges

boss in

and I didn’t know they did not pay for
they didn’t pay per call him my father


I with a good or bad as in good time in
a steak dinner

parents by their pared by their kids

they would buy your lady if she they
want to buy her daughter loves it

thing at the house I houses in to think
good night everybody

what kind of mad the no

houses a clearing actually fair you know
what you’re seeing you all to let you

know where you’re going to want to know
how I feel like a lot of very bad you

are now yes sir

you’re not going to run a headache well
I was not OK


fun you know I can throw capita




thank God I cannot get still and I don’t
like you

could fan

I really was it you that they better

there’s something you can throw my house

so I guess another thing we disagree on

you say cash isn’t good which I think

I think gerry has good but I think
earning cash is nice that so yeah after

the crash

her husband Europe your wife’s daddy
aren’t that bad

County that house that’s money as his
money and what if they take you on

vacation I also think thanks but no
thanks I want her my own home wine

vacation others her is and I think
that’s nice for them to have their kids

on their

vacation at %uh they’ll go on a vacation
but you won’t accept our house

I would accept the house what about

get a positive mind I have thought about
that brings up a good boy in

now for the down payment and you

more kids money in my account I can have
whatever house

million dollars they put down $250k you
pay the rest of over thirty years with a

fixed APR 01 what’s interest rates now
that both want to buy up 0.3 percent

it started because your mothers trying
to buy you a house

and you won’t take it next question


the differences that’s my mom I don’t
take sip from her also what else is

mom yeah thats I want her to Clearwire
Monday night

date a girl that has a rich daddy I get

I am that was good



from it is time for a break

up Richard J curfews as the tiles
virginity story on on

on tape because it’s I guess borderline
illegal and that’s probably the smart

thing to do but he says during live

we cut to a a little message from our
sponsor who we love so much

and Jake will be anti-israeli yeah
hopefully biondi’s

and I know we cut to commercial and Jake
tells is written it is right just to you

guys if you promise not to tell anyone

in on so

if you’re listening at home we’ll be
right back by

the do you suffer from Sunday sadness
because the weekend is almost over

well fear it no more speak on Sunday is
Monday on

customers are glasses MMS it’s the
season premieres of us insane by

in Berkeley 9/9/ yeah thank you those
same old shit done a whole new nice


you look amazing which is not really bad
that’s my car welcome to the Mafia

its only lead in a one-hour Family Guy
Simpsons smash Dacula

sunday on months



it now I something with you very

alright discourages sorry I’m sorry

letter who I

a you

let’s get the one last question we’re
almost at a time when we like you guys

wanna squeeze as much data as possible
you guys have fun

in we meet up one last

male why fail for stars are two female
to female to the


yeah which they will be Quidditch

Quinn it no no no up

I don’t use their names almost every
time is the closest I guess I just know

that every row

top rollers the red last rokar

your backs against the wall in here but

published nice I like poppy sexy pop

I chicken pot

p I copyrights

hey guys I’m in high school and a week I
for about a year and we text

like everyday I used to not have a
problem with this

but now it’s summer and I like to do
more shit outside how do I get him off

my back without sounding meaner like I’m
trying to avoid him

thinks happy but yeah that’s their

his on attack so much but I feel like
they’re resonates because you get into

this rhythm works like

oh and now in a relationship where
there’s a constant state a conversation

constantly updated deal that’s won’t be
in a relationship is so weird

you like use that the shear every weird
little Monday in detail of your life

yeah on a roll ahead baby I had a
sandwich yeah

how was it it was nice there

and then you also have like why keep it
interesting a little bit sick as the it

was good got a

it was good there’s a little too much

we keep a yeah MOT

subtype weird inside joke the problem is
when you first start seeing someone you

love the texts

you want to keep going cocaine yes it is
more more MORE

and then once you have that that the US
just mood cuz I think okay yeah

our rights I don’t want to get this
column and scary

it’s a place where it’s all them yeah

and once again like to get that

rate of conversation going you feel bad
slowing it down

her I had no I don’t you don’t feel bad
like reigning it in responding less and


it feels like it’s like you’re it’s a
slight and it’s not a slight

I have a suggestion aka two things

sir 1 this is what I want to do with my
ex girlfriend

God will might be here right now

yeah you know that’s correct and all
will shut her up

now how dare you yeah it won’t it’ll
just make her louder

I or might be a positive experience for

nevermind she’s not the room anymore a

one text very infrequently from the

from the start you rarely text you
infrequently text to make the actual

meaning like

conversely if you think that now but
you’re not in love you don’t know what

it is

okay like you it soon as you remember it
with someone

she’ll break all the rules that you’ve
said before you met her

strip that is why I am onto idea number

alright later said it was bad we’re
gonna grab him will call is one day

alright which is what I’m gonna plan to
do after at baylor won

sure you say I it’s so much more fun

when I see you and we can catch up on
Morton four minutes

I’ll day because when you’re in a
constant dialogue you’re talking about

the entire day and you see the person

you already know everything it’s not a
sponsee say I chairs being with you in

it so much more exciting when I haven’t
spoken to you all day

so exciting we get to have this real
meaningful conversation and then you

can’t do that thing where it’s like

I fucking hate the internet it’s alright
it’s ruining my life every time we take

pictures like you not really
experiencing anything

it’s not terribly Chile said and then
sure like oh that’s actually nice it’s a

nice that want to be shared with your
personal moments in person

rather than and a constant state over
text message

thoughts on that kaelin


career fair that was his name suggestion

users really lay those on on on the
other point does pretty gay

lights the way you describe your
relationship with your girlfriend

the opposite sex yesterday taking that
closely do the things you do if your


are pretty day I can remain inside the

which is very heterosexual is gay so for
example having lunch with a girlfriend

day taking her to a movie day homo did

blowing a male prostitute that’s fine in

what do you think my a my idea

turning it into a positive spin in a
two-part pretty gay but I think I can

say that


think you just sorta peel back entirely

you just you know I don’t think that
works it does the retreat

know the usual are you mad at me this is
the bucket is saying you’re asking me a

question if you all that BS

yeah crazy fifth now I interrupt you

now rosa

I really rough you all the time

sorry we’re going on a blast it European

are you just any at the herders it’s
time to beat us up

then the last two minutes at the shows

you getting your faced added it

we’re very close really close GDP you
can go

money yeah I think you should go no
unrelated to the PP

looks good know what I mean you put two
more slugs the advice and then you’re

gonna go PU leather shell

is a bit pissed away by the door cuz I
will there be a crowd like a few of the

purp like readied

to jet police stand by the door comedy
report this year it i rly right

yeah so here we go this is delayed by a
bus really quick the appeal that you


you just text a little bit little bit a
little bit and the person gonna be like

hey whats matter you don’t text me as
much as a QB crazy P neurotic I’m in

love with you we’re doing fine

and then seles early but it’s the slowly
but surely

bill match you people are energy matches
by nature

hill that she’ll start texting less and
less and then everything’s gonna be ok


I think girl occurred hazard

I would like to say thank you to you you

up here oh and I would like to say thank
you to you Jake

I don’t know we thank each other at the
end I think he did a great job I think

your advice is really out quite

I want you to go pee sir

I want you to be so bad I want I think
any pneu to be more than you need to pay

to die the strong I was gonna cuddle him
so now we’re definitely gonna leave the


thank you guys better as you been
amazing the


me are





she 2010 Patrick show ends its

to boxscore begins to

the nothing join poly season pretty make
love in and host bro

everyday they react to the day’s events
we love you feel

any cooler at the Dollar and plan for
Brock’s dad

this come into my house grab my computer
bingo thought of the end appear

that saw last what have I done past one

dot com slash boxscore to hear every

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