Episode 108: Park Sex


In this episode we discuss Instagram, cool kids, and public displays of affection.

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this episode was actually a

her how do i describe it real

lap yeah no other way enjoy it


page A

yeah use song that’s a pretty tired




goal in mind


traveler reviews

with the fade-out 0 he did for a are

catchy funky just intervene

bigger pin

Justin Turpin Justin Terrapin I knew his
song was gonna be good before I listen

to it cuz the

email said here’s my themes like the
mission’s it 42 seconds long and I’ve

attached it is the nine

192 kilobytes per second mp3 hope that’s

our series like yet month when that is

hey far this together I hope it works
and it’s like a

windows media file that I can’t even
open that’s when I’m a little suspect

but when this guys like knows about
encoding and how to make it

optimize for our podcast oh my god this
is gonna be get

and was heroes did you do did it do

and we’ll never hear it again well the
beauty of having so many Taliban view

listen to things once and I’ll never
hear that song again that’s the way our

is supposed to be appreciated in the

lead-in to lack could last forever what
about art museums

painless yeah that’s a different type of

I kind of music I can about painting

the fading here I would say with more
considered art and music

of course not yeah art art is paintings

paintings ours was be permanently there
re actually I think the idea

the idea of a museum is its it better

it’s not just archaic it’s outdated
actually fraud

it relied its yeah you think not only
that archaic what I think it means

outdated it’s also outdated and then in
addition to that is a

Iran its for a high yeah it outdated

in fraudulent but what for its fate it’s
fraudulent yeah

what they’re doing is an affront turned
to michelangelo did then she

picasso that have loans I’ll is LA tried
to burn down LACMA last weekend

the house is doing cuz I was I was
having a high day

but I was high in court for a day

you you got 10 tickets and you try to
light them on fire like a molotov


and I said this is what I learned at
Burning Man nah

and omg I’m ready to burn this man a and
you tried to set fire to a marble statue

that didn’t take

did not even for a second a where

I hear now we are you doing got this is
a buyer you’re the only advice podcast

on the Internet

hosted by me and me on a mere

and I’m Josh this site this is a bonus
Thursday upset so

we can get a little crazy who that being

a lot of times people will be listening
to this not on Thursday

I would same that’s a good question will
more people

thursday will probably be the biggest
the most frequented data

be listening to this podcast but I would
say it’s I

less than 50 percent chance that you’re
listening to this on a Thursday I would

say like 20 percent Thursday and then
the other six days are

split up between the other 80 per year
speculated Ohio

right now the you’re like you’re turning
away from the actor Tahar like how do

you know what you think about when you
say you’re going to get out why people


not technically a minority although it
is less than 50 percent

United mean it’s like the highest
subsection but it’s still less than

everything else

yeah I yes so we’re talking about
specifics that

a statistical not really and non-violent
I’m really getting tired

I’ll let it in the rain a copy you had
happened copy I know it may now does not

and I’m tired I’m yeah he does hear you
talk about numbers math is nyquil

two-year Yap

yeah artists pride in math is nyquil
nothing museums are fraught

museums are fraud map is like well at
night girl

that museums that actually I at the

and so how does it work people write us
to a fiery show a gmail dot com

and they’re in different places they
need our advice and we try to offer it

delbert that email address if I were you
show at gmail dot com

let’s get started we have given these
people Israel emails

fake names to preserve their anonymity
that’s good I did artie said the email

address to jim sonya

the cath I have backed up and actually I
guess we don’t write offer we do offer

our advice is just not always good

but through so we always offer advice

so we does not every email that’s so
every episode we do offer advice

it’s not to every email we receive are
you know that way that the other

yeah I think we’re getting were
perfecting this intro

yeah and then were getting we’re
starting to digress yeah

we’ve peaked at episode 93 brother a

okay I need a I am NOT a male’s name

a male’s name what about an artist since
we’re talking about artists earlier

0 that’s a good idea yeah amor

I arm a male artists name

yeah CIA’s Jackson Pollock

bright Jackson Pollock right hey guys
here’s my issue on the college freshman

it because %uh the ratio at my school my
sex life stocks

but things are starting to look up I
went to New York City and I met up with

one of my ex’s best friends and had

copy everything was really casual and
cool here’s where things get complicated

after leaving the city she immediately
texted me and told me that because I’ve

her school’s ratio she’s been having the
same issue

and went on to tell me that when I come
back down to the city we should get

drunk and fuck in Central Park

I’m going back to NYC in early October
and I’m wondering should I go through

with this

I dated my ex for all high school and i
wanna hook up

to get back I don’t want this hook up to
get me back in contact with her in

anyway because they probably still talk

what do you guys think about hooking up
with an ex’s best friend

thanks love Jackson Pollock

dot top of

three issues here wanna go on fucking
annexes best friend

that’s true till having sex in public in
Central Park

3 which is sort of a side topic of

maybe we can just touch on this real
quickly do you believe in the power

ratios like other schools ratios batter
there’s too many guys to go yet know it

sounded like that was just there excuse
for like fuck each other

but is there a ratio that like when you
walk into a bar do you consider that


or does it have to be so like this if
it’s within like 80/20 on either side

you’re fine

um I S I don’t really think about it cuz

I feel like I’m if I’m

feeling confident if I think I’m looking
good on like okay I can like talk to

girls here

bet like it’s almost good to be around a
bunch of other

loser loser dude cuz it’s almost better
that there’s 10 girls at a bar instead a


whirl do like this by better that the
ugly girl

I but I think I could like make a case
for it being okay if it’s packed with

dudes good like I could just

look better than that bright so there’s
a bad ratio at your school or at a party

you can actually turn it to your favor

rate you should elevate up discos like

and I get any school no matter what the
ratio of people is

like most to them suck right you that
you suck the least you like okay there’s

like mostly do that the school but I’m
like in the top

percent of them Sarah Attar it sucks re
like those guys in the bottom half

so that like me there’s like 50 get
girls and fifty good guys and whether


a thousand or 10,000 bad people that’s
the ratio that through yeah

doesn’t act okay okay fucking in Central

I there’s something called the the

I think it’s not the rat balls hope
you’re talking specifically

what where they should go I it’s called
the rat Bowl berth

know the rat boulders I think I mean up

i’m looking up really quick have you
ever had sex in Central Park

no ever had sex in a public park um

yes a public park yes

and it was just night time in your just
fucking in a park

um what I’ve done it more than once toda

rattle be a rat rock that reassured I

Google rat rock boulders Central Park um

yeah one time it was daytime

daytime a daytime Park oh yeah

I’ll definitely yeah yeah yeah yeah I
daytime a

a hook standing up I was sitting on a

rat rock is sitting on a rat la I was
sitting on a rat and Iraq

it and it’s nice to fuck outside i’d I

I’m never fucked in a park that was as
populating the Central Park I mean that

like fucking in Times Square

yeah they’re pretty that the populace
that the thing yeah

now maybe if it’s late at night you can
find a dark

rock like you said rap rock rate

I think it’s will if it’s late at night
in Central Park and the wide key you go


okay what about this guy’s crucial
question which is

is it okay or I guess okay but should

have sex with your ex’s best friend

rate will just real quick I think you
can get a room somewhere

I’ll get that night yeah I don’t know
why he prefers are cheaper for Central


if necessary go to rat rock if sent

its if necessary after dark way wire at
Rock I’m just cuz I think it’s a sort of

%uh secluded

gotcha okay but ex’s best friend

ever done that I don’t think so

I think all my ex’s friends hate me by
the time I really breaking out yeah

but they’re not up and have you write
bailey here all the bad stories

3 rather the school like they would
never happen to me

plus all your ex’s friends live in Texas
than yeah all my ex’s live in Texas

I okay okay okay Yes No

I’ll yeah fine it’s okay its college
access don’t count as relaxes I think

this is even a high school ex

oh then of course that’s not even a real
relationship has a preseason to a

preseason that’s not even a league

yellow the summer league it wasn’t even
preseason don’t close yourself up to

people because you like David somebody
in high school that’s

but this guy’s in college or high school
is the one that read before it’s not

like he’s

28 I know something as a 29-year-old

bed your that stuff happens in high
school matters so little

yeah I don’t remember anything from high

right had I for me I was born on
graduation day

I don’t I remember anything from college
year have no

you deserve it their own Friday believes
they have a bad memory

you certainly have memories from high
school yeah

yeah like no not a lot not very
formative ones I definitely had memories

that like

I’m I purpose cleaning how a hard drive

a recently and I was like looking at
things I wrote in high school that would


that public really mattered and yeah
laughable but

an affable yeah it was laughable affable
deafened up

a coupe but at the very least you
shouldn’t put too much

seriousness are credence on this high
school relationship that makes you not

wanna bonus

ex’s best friend who wants to bone you
but he is afraid that’ll open up a writ


up passageway back to BX the right ones
the cut argue that even worried about

like it hurting her feelings

yeah I don’t want to be in contact with
her yeah a fragile text me Pierce

yeah I’d I don’t to be like yelling at
me at any point is that I mean I’m


a few I think it’s kinda I think I’ve
never done it either and I think would

be kinda cool to

bonin ex’s best friend it seems very for
bed in but also like allowed at the same


yeah it’s the closest I can get to
cheating on someone

it is kinda hot like while you’re
together that person there like around

their friend all the time yeah and then

you’re kinda cue like I’m with your

for a yeah yet almost like it’s the
closest thing you can get a fucking your


what for me to fuck your sister I’ll

but Jesus Christ you know you could do

which sister I’ll flip a coin accident
four sisters look four points now

actually all it takes is two coins good
urs Corp unit agents serious I like

heads had to be serra heads tails lies
that Hannah rachel’s their allies if

you’re listening to

and I know you’re not I I know my mother
is though

load the air oh oh dear that’s why this
is just a joke

this is all silly I would never you have
four corners right now

I guess that I only needed to you a

so if you were here what would you do I
would definitely do it

you do it yeah quiets I think I

I would try to do it too -ism if it’s a
fun story

and it’s not there are you not actually
in you’re not in a relationship she’s

not a relationship

exact and he’s that the other it nah
he’s just

I feel like if they broke up and he was
like I always had a crush on this girl

should I text should I try to meet up
with her then I might be a

I prized the time to do a black guy
could be a little more conflicted she


to the have sex with him to this it’s
like a mutual thing

yeah i think is OK it’s a win-win right

if you think about that third person but
that still you’re you’re still bans 667

over there

and that’s pretty that the that each
year old the concert celebrates slugging


I’ve never boned in public I wonder if
I’m capable of doing it are fun too


like my tuna Roddick to actually let go
so much that I can have sex in public

it’s it’s going to be very relaxed to
have sex its way do in the privacy of

your own bed

ray I mean yeah I think if I’m getting

and then also have sex I guess I can
imagine you instigating it but I bet if

the if you’re with somebody you really

like to your very attracted to it they
wanted to like

the idea turning them on would turn you
on enough that you can at least

get hard and have sex maybe you can come

I think I I think there was a point in

and when I say that ice I mean I know
there was a point in time where

and instigation happen it was an
outdoors but it was like a public space

and I was like man and I we shouldn’t do
it because I was afraid so walking in

where it was at a like a

hotel like you know I can and keep it in
a hotel in

it in my room tournament the panel Accu
their surveillance cameras to raise the

like an employee

like an empty conference room in a hotel
Wow you with you would have done that

right course of course

I would not a I would be like if
somebody catches me that the legal and

I’m going running a lil

really love I L conference room why
because its public

nudity the public knew you learn that
you were behind closed door

I think it’s illegal to fuck in a public
conference room I don’t think the Lake

if you got caught though not nobody like
you’re under arrest they’re like get

outta here

yeah I little pervert in at Aggies
scurry away I don’t get like arrested

I think they turn on the lights and I
hiss at that and Esprit


a I mean like also getting caught that
would be that late for the fun to you I

know but I was a weiner

and I wanna I wanna change it who was
the girl ever nail

I it is zero hesitation a mare in foal

the fertilized egg you’re listening I’m

hmm and that she’s not listening she’s
dead are now

the and she was shot by the police
believe that the nobler and

almost fucking in i right to go for it

go for it run for it go for it I mean
you already wrote for it

yeah I

next question okay this one’s from a

is there a lady artist like two girls
paint tale asshole

watch I can’t think I’ve why I’m telling
myself an asshole

night the headline okay Georgia O’Keeffe

I it no big deal but I didn’t name her

I he is the line are looking at a at me
made me think for a second Giorgio keep

with the Met

that a ago said today did I do something
really that it’s funny I was joking but

there aren’t a lot of female artists

I think there are but like in that in
there like the

olden times their Renaissance area
you’re in there were no they were like

allowed to paint right

I don’t know maybe is just not there’s
actually a popular theory there

Claude Monet was alarm his wife paid it
all in his work

a relay now we wouldn’t that be kinda
cool Claudia monet

did good and I would be cool alright
here’s my question right Georgia


I’ve been dating this guy for around
five months now and it has been great we

get along so well in person he is kind
helpful patient et cetera

he’s even introduced me to his family I
have nothing to complain about which

leads me to think I could just be
looking for an issue because

although this seems like it’s going to
well that being said I noticed on

Twitter although the Tweety favorites
are posted by other girls we go to

college with

like theirself bees sexually Rex random
tweets about how horny they are

just all sorts a sexual tweets from
other girls sent eyes he still favors

Henry tweeters axe I just don’t know
whether or not I should feel threatened

by this

I realized how strange have a concern
the sister has a specific to our


I would rather have found weird porn on
his computer then discover his

interested enough in these other girls
that he knows two favorite Henry tweet

them all the time

I hope I’m not being overly sensitive
about this but it does make me feel

uncomfortable and insecure

how do I handle this love Georgia

GE she okay I love this question it’s so

real your specific in its so true

millennial and it didn’t it didn’t make
sense to do exist five years ago

0 and now it’s everything right like Ian
Reid tweeting and favoriting

I’ll throw in Instagram into this cuz
that’s a big thing to do

do you think it’s flirting for a guy to
like re tweet

favorite I think it’s like the most

passive form of learning but I’d do you

it’s not flirting it much is like
smiling at somebody at a bar

the air like so it you know it’s plenty
to smile if you’re passing people on the

streets nice to smile

but then you at it’s like for whatever
reason it says

its slightly sexually charged yeahh in
like at a bar on a dance floor

you get a flicker of micro Boehner yeah
it’s like when I look at my phone and I

see who’s like dove

a Instagram photo if it’s you I feel
nothing and then if it’s like a

girl that somewhat interesting I feel
the slightest

faintest Flickr a microbe owner yeah
it’s like

what the first is %um a new look to bite
all your photos

in nearby rivers late Republican to life
it’s happening I do believe in fairies

the I do believe in fairies clancy that
tank it’s working

it a few lead on my deck good

it is a nothing it’s like the first I
owe to the firs millimeter towards

boning somebody yeah

it’s not nothing and the fact that he’s
doing this I feel like this is what I

said earlier which is I am

the I said it before the podcast

is what I mean by earlier a Tweedy are

liking and favoriting someone’s Twitter
photos is the most flirting you can do

without getting in trouble

cuz it’s like just like this girl like
if she confronts this guy’s dick

oh my god you’re being crazy like I read
mean are you really getting mad at IRI

tweeted someone and down so trivial

right even if you did anything more it
would be actually like a bad offense and

he did it

anything less would be anything at all
yeah but he is doing something

and she does realize the Nazi by just to
stay in the word

tweeting makes you like then I saw as
you’re arguing like

what if they parted her tweet own no up

I suck yeah but it’s true do not suck

for having those thoughts it is I think

when I was in a relationship I would
purposefully not

re tweet favorite or like or do anything
with the

another girl like another attractive
single girl

rate I would like play it extra safe
that’s interesting

I think world to me it’s okay did
favorite re tui

or whatever all that stuff for like two
guys and girls but it seems like he’s


specifically doing it two girls sexual

yeah and that can only stream like a let
yourself be sexually referenda tweet

about how horny they are your favorite

yep that’s weird I think it I think if
it’s like maybe there’s that there’s

a budget with the knees like favorited a

and you know it’s its it’s a little more
innocuous but if you’d like

just favoriting a sexualized tweet it’s

have you ever a like if you like a girls

you don’t like just like her photos feel
like some photos around at Sodexo Jake

liked for photos and so like Jake liked

dana’s photo no I would just like Danish

31 at I wanna know I’ll a clear public
record that boom I love them when I

wanted to the public because then it

special see you purposefully go out of
your way to make it seem like a

can have a bigger deal than it is yeah

yeah me to hell know you’re you’re very

yeah I S and i’ve mail it you have a
little you’re also like I would never

use that like

news feature on Instagram our US evil

yeah where photos people like you can
see I guess you look for

I have people like it’s the edges that
never occurs to me

there’s also no other way to see what
people like like I can’t go to

a lady’s Instagram feed and see what
photos he liked

rate I use it I just there’s lots of
learning plugins I would love to add to

the Instagram

rolodex I have a lot of notes feature
integration was

you can either really great tool for
flirty because you got just like

the filters everyone looks attractive on
it that certain Marty said he’s like

Instagram is the new Facebook like you
meet a girl

you wanna follow her on Instagram rather
than on Facebook now

oh yeah because Facebook so when
interesting it’s like parts like more

an hour you don’t share as much on it
early maybe do

it’s an entire generation years there
are you saying you share more injury and


but maybe that’s a slight but also you
leaving I really care about people

sharing on Facebook is pictures

I know I’ve never liked look at my
Facebook newsfeed like oh I wanna see

all the Lakers data said

arrest tell me about your I a call you
become well today

definite cousins okay here’s our family

alright this is greater your sister

what’s your job I but your job is only
to sell fees be a house on as the those

hot dog legs at a pool

ap though the garden vikes hot dogs or

but I select a but that’s true I think
they like

interims also a tool like to me

twitter is like it’s sort of embarrassed
things like this is a

silly joke I thought I was there by need
and a yeah

engine but in three and just like cool

bath eyeball you ever want that the all
you ever you

are these the ones pictured it’s all I
ever it’s all you can ask for

hmm so your way to answer this goes
question I didn’t

anytime you’re in a relationship and
something eating away at you you should

say something

so I think the key

is maybe to like not let it build up to
a point where like you do this all the

time and then he’ll get defensive be
like I don’t do it all the time when you

talk about your crazy but just

more like next time it happens next time
you feel

the including love jealousy or
insecurity just say something

hey with some things like makes me feel
bad or maybe she should choose

are not even or but to build off that
like choose the most egregious example

like the self you’re the horny lyrics
like it makes you comfortable that you


that specifically 9 you favorite tweet
in general


to choose one that seems like the most
egregious affront

to your relationship and then the focus
on that and then maybe that’ll steer

away from doing it in general

and always pure heart will go into it

this is crazy this is how it why we
think this is crazy like

from maybe like this sounds silly sound
so earlier I feel still even bring it up

but it’s gonna but it’s weighing on me

and also does not having any
expectations you can’t go tonight K

it’s pretty annoying that you do this
you have to be like

this makes me feel this way any you

go up and help keep that make him feel
yeah this girl sounds like she knows her


may like this email was written well
agree it’s like it came from my brain

I agree yeah her in fact Georgia

I have your email address right now what
things don’t work out

holy shit your favorite in all the three

but think credible it’s working

you have a micro bombers killed by x-ray
when you say micro bone it’s the

its it the tiny little hint I’ve your
micro Boehner going up right

yeah is a microbe owner yeah it’s a full
boner but as a guy you describe your

the you describe your action is a

yeah imagine like get when you squeeze
the end up a toothpick on a table how it

sort of liquors up but it’s it

that size and weight well yet that
that’s like a flickering little pig dick

toothpick dick exactly right

let’s take a quick break to think one
other sponsor and I will come back and

have a break

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a it’s cool to read

at this stage if our lives let me hear
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its cool

the problem is its hard it takes time to
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lift up a book and shove the words into
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right not to mention books are boring in
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ok ok well they’re learning Jap that is
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yeah magid up instead of me and Jake
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somebody’s smart and well-spoken was
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you guys let’s do our voices the night
clean air

I if you guys are cowards so

what book are you suggesting Jake I’m
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he what’s that about it’s about food the
food crisis in America

and you guys are just fucking willing
participant to do you listen to the

audio by you guys use done X the god
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understand bill bit but Cornyn in money
comes out

how’s that fair who played out in other
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i’m reading Freakonomics right now which
is a very classic but but I’ve never

actually read it

it seems like a book that was written
for me and I never actually got around

to reading it

you know they feel like my book to yet
like the economics have everyday life

for breaks down little phenomena a and

easy to understand paragraphs and charts

a book about charts about a book that’ll
make you smarter

how they gonna put charts into audible
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largest let’s go back to the show than
and were bad

I we moved nor solarium

know muscle area that house is no longer
will never go back there

it fell into the ground as we left her
home that no longer exist we

we’ve upgraded or just change grated I
filled with

we it we sides we sidestepped the app

it was a lateral move but I think for a
lot of things that we

preferred yeah I like a air conditioning

yeah yeah mission is nice it’s a
comfortable modern

house rather than an old cabin type
house wreck which I really loves that

was nice

but now you have your own little cabin
the other I have there’s were recording

right now from my little

account house is an outhouse I would
call a cab and I i think the branding


you know you and Marty keep on referring
to it as a shared yeah

share to shatter she is the first time I
heard you call it outhouse we can just a

shit hole in the ground up

is that something that’s been going on
at Main Place we are at this is why I

live in a cabin

and it’s lovely is it is a is a key is
in a cabin would

I think you could cut if the this is a

is that word it would on the outside
with this what’s this material that like

houses are made out to dry lawyer

drive on a cabin I do you have

trial on Kevin yeah ap an idea

a more power to your the acoustics in
here a great

I loved it here you’ll get there are in
the cabinet or even death

year dole aground knockin on my lower
level I love what youve done with the


I absolutely love you don’t have to but
is a depth breadth

the it’s much more comfortable now

were much more less sweaty will sone per

as well there’s a helicopters to for
some reason oh yeah

a No lot less chance yeah but only

but only last not completely gone you
can get rid of ants

believer they followed as they were in
our bag limit to the thirsty

answer like the least disgusting you can
be while still being gross like

they stick to food they don’t travel all
over your house in like

crawl on your body and bite you right
but there’s still a lot of fans and it’s


yeah I think you see like you see enough

Anthony like this is gross is he wanted
to do whatever and then you’re like

of Qatar’s 10 there and all you can
imagine is that like just beyond that

will crack that they’re coming out a

is there’s the there’s infinity than
reality adds

actually want I looked up how many a
ants there where

and I found a website that said there
was a million ants for every

human on earth those like over a
trillion ants

out a lot like advance wanted to this
Ricky matter is there any animal that if

they could communicate

and really want to take over the earth
could a and maybe a dance

a trillion ants working together you
don’t think they could kill every human

I know they could

like if they all killed one person at a
time and can also they can live like

how it happened twice their body weight
right which is almost nothing but still

but it’s like you know they’re strong if
a if 20 billion ants wanted to kill a

sleeping person

easily and they were just do that they
would wait to you slept and then they

would kill you

I think I’m gonna write a horror movie
about ants that’s awesome you should

waiting to hear asleep when they kill
you how can you stop two million ants

that’s the law glide

happiest a few billion at manages the

a shot at somebody stepping up

into 0 it was that easy all I had to do
was step on them

but they don’t value their own life
there’s so many upon and also

another one last point about ants is
that you are I have a lot of hairs on my


because I’m a human like whenever they
touch something a twinkle the like

you like others an aunt and I like it
freak out in ninety that it had its not

an aunt

but there’s always the 10th and that it
is an international you need is the

thread oven at like yesterday

up for the coming back I love that on my
cereal eggs and Anton evacuee others in


and how like whenever I feel so they’re
already in bed

a single Anton me yeah it always feels
like there’s one in Thailand it like

I saw a spider on my sheet this morning

and I was like of black Ag get outta
here and then I was like alright well

that was once fighter so there’s

they all will be there every single
night you know they’re everywhere

yeah lets you kill he’s going to relay
the information that there’s a

nice from the human in this a shack why
did the thing is i’d

I have a buncha spiders in this cabin
not yet I

I is all right there yet there so I went
to that I went to a spider exhibit at

the Museum

a couple weeks ago and that’s where is
right like I mean you know everybody

sorting assistants fighters a good

but um their legal they’re really good
BAE all the bugs

be bothered by it giving sweaters a good
way to hear this they’re actually really

good they’re like

it looked like oh yes players earned in
a Bible like they’re the hoops with

loose we there’s forty thousand be the

and like only a handful love them by
even those ones that Dubai

only but when they’re like about to be
squished to death

unit is it bad PR they just lose like
that happen in the shed

yeah a bit we’ll stop looking at spiders
as evil look at it looking aerial

yeah but the thing is I there was a
really tiny spider in my sheets this

morning and I was like

I’m not deal with that shit you know
like ice I killed it

and I just my I looked right up to that
spider in the corner of the room

analyzer that staring at me like a

including I

all I feel you did named Hannah

was that you are was dire but I D need

I thought I was poking limit so I did on
sorry man

like that fled it is not moving as it
moved in two hours

is better sleep did you learn that your
exhibit no I didn’t mind that

yeah a rather it be alive you sleep
better right with a man

I don’t got all the answers frankly I
don’t have any of the answers which

brings us to our last question to the

ru I when my favorites ready for this

we need another male artist’s name

nexrad rights look him up everybody he’s
an up-and-comer

now he’s established okay he’s in his
tablet and comer

sup con some innate your mix code area:

subcontinent 16 year old dude who lives
in Australia recently I’ve befriended a

popular student i charge it by charm
them with my job personality

which is led me to meeting and
befriending other popular students

I even got my willy awake by the seventy
five-cent piece

I swear to god she was fucking meant

I’m successfully prying my way into this
friendship group but I haven’t booked

been fully accepted

so I have an idea I’ve done some rekon
and I found out that there’s no bigs

stoners in the group so

this is going to become my new thing the
only problem is that we does not settle

well with me

I’ve done in about four times in a
generally makes me super paranoid and

really nauseous

so my question is how do I make my body
love we did

well and how do I make a homemade bomb

sincerely nexrad

oh my Godman loser a

is the perfect teenage crashed in lot
anyway this so bad that I may get

addicted to weave

I me that being end I’m gonna do is do
this thing that makes me nauseous and

paranoid the two worst things you can be
is afraid in sick

but upgraded sick

now do I make a grab long I’ve had two
leader Bal

called gon and what else do I need an
apple core server shit

itself money he doesn’t care that he’s
gonna be

Lake when I’m scars sick I don’t feel
friendlier nice

yeah if I’m that also scared I don’t
wanna feel those do they feel the need

to be loved friends in the popular crowd

small price to pay you’re gonna be in on
the group do

I’m gonna be cool its cool I can just
get myself a dead to this drug that

makes me feel bad

it’s so scientific to like adultery cut

there’s no big stoner in the group so
boom I’m in

only problem is that makes me afraid and

I yeah that’s a pretty big problem maybe
that’s why there’s no big stoner the


I notice that there’s no people who are
afraid and nauseous and the group you

guys need

you’re in need of a stoner I I tokens
that I bought this

I but I have not close and the

and some some Birkenstock so

so all I need now is to make it so we
doesn’t hurt me

what makes these what makes the cool
group cool where they all like this guy

what if there are not cool like it there
anybody that’s really cool

as a as anybody call when there’s
sixteen I don’t know were they all these

these people

this teenager who’s trying to be cool
and it’s like if five people agree that

there are cool and their the cool group

or is there an actual cool group and
then there’s a bunch of acres that try

to join

I think there is a National Coal group
rate I there was in my house phone when

it made them cool

they were the most it they will

the girls were the most attractive and
the guys

I think they were I’m not sure they were
all the best looking guys that they were

the ones that the

good looking girls liked so it’s this is
the an additive a cool group

it’s the best looking girls and then the
guys that the

are most comfortable with but not always
the best looking guys it’s like the guys

you don’t give a shit

like in my elementary school it was like
guys that like

jelled their hair before I even knew
what that was all I got there

ears pierced before I would never even
consider doing that yeah

Lake that the genetic code the ones that
did that

where the cool group its wheels all is
really sick

rate new I think music the big one yeah
like I was listening to the grumpier old

men soundtrack

being in school music in there like into
pan Terra

but until the music guy yet into music
nor all the good shows are going to be

yeah I don’t have to feel sick yeah but
you really wanna

be a different kinda guy don’t get it
your head is wrongly so what you to


he still yeah don’t be yourself well
that’s the real thing we did

he can change but it may be like in a
little more than authentic way

you should buy into the your actually
into you and be entered that me though

follow your lead there yeah and if
you’re gonna force yourself to get into


get into something I like running yeah

something that healthier than that
healthier than we I’m advocating don’t

like nothing don’t smoke weed I’m just
saying don’t smoke weed if it makes you


the very horny

you thought I would warn you it don’t
smoke in it makes you

apparently didn’t shares that down but

that’s now we’d should do if it does
then your body thinks it’s poison

and don’t give it the poison to be cool
how big they are like

kinda instantly don’t like this kid
because the knee just started the email


I but he’s an Australian and they’re all
that cool

a bleaching hair that was another cool
thing oh yeah

adding that the added that yeah but
dudes are you are more like this kid

trying to be cool

yeah I think I was more like the
outskirts of the cool crowd

would like my thing was that I was funny
but I wasn’t like that

quite cool have to hang out with them
all the time yeah I would never hang out

with cool kids like on the weekends on
the weekends hang out in a loser trend

but and then at school I would be like
kept around for

for comic relief yeah would you listen
to podcasts like this one if you’re


like real comedy nerd at all um and the
other coming year before high school ago

had like the Adam Sandler CDs and stuff
yeah and I really liked those like

I like movies more than season stuff I’m
and I liked

I liked punk music and I like Dave
Matthews I i feel like i liked

the popular bands at the time yeah you
definitely have the musical tastes over

popular kid rape but the hot girls
didn’t want to include you

i think is just for those two shy I
think people are

friendly if you’re like will I get high
schools maybe not but i wouldnt I was

afraid to talk to anybody

intel i people accept the need to be
funny and then they were like

look to me for commentary and when I
when people when I like can tell the

people are waiting for me to talk

i’m happy to talk but if I don’t feel
like I can’t usually interject Lake and

Lake which is sort of how it is now

yet yeah we still haven’t grown now

yeah the can you tell me about what it’s
like die airs a teenager

I’m unit so what is the with the
beginning if it is seeing somebody else

do it

yeah Martin pappas me yet must be like
the guy from sum 41 or something

like to play a lot kids I in the punk
scene heard anything

and then I had like it was summertime

numbers have anything to do so like you

elite rely EN mattress late challenge
related with your friends yeah are you

doing with your friends

the Albany to change their but remember
we had a

I we all bleed stay here and I had some
%uh the bleach like dripped into you

in eyebrow do you tell your parents they
are going to do it

he just show up one day few businesses
have watched a ratio of more like

hikes act rice Jake she’s still look
like an idiot

a worry saying bleah so the bleach

dripped into in the eyebrow any bleached
the have his left eye every

the the data a solitary we all bleed
staff our eyebrows

the yeah I would imagine being a
disappointed father

if that happened yet my dad was just way

to enter your eighteen-year his property
it’s like all look what you did to

yourself you’re like a dog that got

dirty yeah you’re ruining his

he s the show you to people and they
look like crap they got to go to his

office parties

just like my christmas cards going out
now you have

the computer shell necklace and bleach
blonde hair

like hey hey I lol I had braces story

you like the paying thousands of dollars
to fix my teeth and destroying every

other part in the

hints are are places don’t get high

try bleaching your hair getting into
music yeah that’s good and there’s hope

for you yet

everyone sort of a turd Ferguson at age
16 that’s right good luck context but


that’s it that’s a wrap so that’s our
time thank you so much for listening

I will be back on Monday if you have
your own questions or your own theme

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graphic artists out there have been

using their

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that opening piece on again was from

Turpin and this who and this last one is

Jonathan Gould who said he’s had two
other theme sizes

a hat trick for Jonathan Gould alright
thanks guys

and I soon chairs all real quick before
we end the episode we want to give one

special shout-out

to a band a sexy that we use their theme
song so often Audrey Scott who submitted

to us so many times

we’re going to use our theme song in the
next episode but want to give her band’s

Kickstarter a shoutout

just in case you want to support them
for being so great on this shell

if you got a Kickstarter dot com and
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see as I C K space STA

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Kickstarter and donated if you’re


very a what’s the word charitable

chill all good cool

being yeah so i’d give them a quick
little shout out before this episode


now goodnight a




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