Episode 11: Zero to D (with Allison Williams)


In this episode, “Girls” star Allison Williams joins us to discuss sexting, shaving, and dead dogs. One of our favorite episodes. Enjoy!

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fat sky Bravo

Obama he a he recorded that himself I

right is not have music here is probably

yeah he definitely did what do they have
great question

but i willi’ll I believe he is by
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so funny I’m instrument that uses voice

yeah I don’t need to buy time I had
known earlier than that uses prey to

come up with the lyrics

yeah musical ability Graham Garcia it
how’s that for the name you at the whole

time hey it’s Allison Williams RJR today
no that’s okay

I was gonna wait the jumped in and then
introduced you I we could have any for

half an hour before even said anything

you actually lost several guess that way
we have some really big Matthew

yeah we had a cold beer I was on the
show for an hour and a half a news like

waiting for his turn negative it yet and
i ended the show

I was at least that’s what I said yes
Steve still couldn’t get it every

episode we have an ETA guess Kobe Bryant
was sitting in the room staring at us

with the headphones on

to said nothin at yet beats by dre /a I

I let’s its history that even after the

I got their Skullcandy I

really nice cock you weren’t there you
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cell name the game is if I were you it’s
an advice podcast

we get email submissions questions
people and sticky situations we try to

answer them

sometimes it’s been Jake sometimes we
have a cool special guest in today’s

Allison Williams

from they hit TV show girls but more
importantly from Jake and Amir

yeah Cheryl I but you also on television
you should probably check that out

but mostly just share does anybody ever
recognize you as a Cheryl

and not yes Marni now with a lot it’s a
certain demographic

everything I can fix it 48-year-old
jewish moise

there mostly in young because and the
mostly and there’s not much overlap

between that and girls but

it always makes me happy right away
because it’s

the enthusiasm level is higher yeah I
know thats it’s just like

very excited unbridled excitement that’s
good to know

then we’re excited yeah that’s right now

because we also recognize you from our
videos and it’s awesome to have you


um yet the email that you can email

is if I were you show at gmail dot com
keeping come in

they’ve been great we’ve we were in
England and a

vacationing in Iceland for two weeks so
we add like a thousand emails to get

their cities are high quality we’re very
very selective I’m really excited an

hour that we’re ready to go

are you ready to answer some questions
ass I’m so happy to be here

oh my god major major fan I can’t
believe it we are so proud to have you

as a fan

you actually are only listener yeah last
episode gotta

they got one play which is that so i no
i didnt

I know is that we’re yeah he’s letting
do it many times at least tell a friend


I did thank you you guys will go

I alright half

this one comes from let’s column a dude

named Nick yeah dude named Nick these
games are fake

but the emails are real nick is not a
real name yeah I just made that up

its offer unique lot to I I’ve been
flirting with the girl a lot recently

and an H E

often asked me to send her an exciting

I assume she wants to start sexting but
I’m afraid that if I go first and made

embarrass myself

I’ve already asked her what exciting
means but she doesn’t really give me an


should I give her that D that’s the
question he

is it like it is right that the Cliq for
the it’s like so well

thought-out cohere the attack a this guy
seems nice is terrible that should I

give her that he’d

it seem like two different it seems like
he’s these

asking two different questions so what
are the two questions in your mind one

is what is an exciting picture mean

and should I send one and the other one
is should I give her the days

the the answer to the second question is

green light really I think he has a

others throbbing erection on the phone
right now exiting listening to this blog

as they do address said

delight both the I’m ready to go you
think you think he’s gonna go from zero

to a thriving do you think he

there today but if your DNA DNA you
gotta pasley I like her senior year

yeah let’s call it TT could have got a
drug only gave no ways that I like a


a sucky so to have to be ash very short

movie though cuz if you like after that

I’ll sexting outside that began to be a
good yeah

I could give you throughout the day that
an exciting pictures

do you citing a league that from a how
do I

what I asked her what exciting means
it’s like what’s exciting she’s like an


surprise me and then an animated gif a

Dec club that did surprise me

that is such so weird active yeah it is
such a weird love

no exciting so exciting is stirring is a
very exciting pictures yet I will mean

you know it’s not exciting as asking
what does what do you mean by exciting

that there is here yeah there’s a middle
ground here

he doesn’t you don’t it like it is is
that you don’t go from zero to TD

go to I get a thirty-year fourth gear
senators drive you may be

you’re making a I’ve never send sexy
pics yes you have

I’ve I’ve never that a dick picture the
lead so what’s your take

whatever using the falter I

picture I dick pic I

never said that the so when they won an
exciting picture when he sat

I’ll don’t feel so it very I

actually just get nude right now it’s a
greater is up and I’d like to listen to

this a look at it said more bears the
big boobs are you can you really are I

yet but we know you’re here thought
mortified I mean for nicole we’re just

that cool clam

very collected a Kobe go way back been
here for like 30 I

I taking my shirt off is that shirtless
pictures 2 girls afraid to do anything

as a girl like seeing a curious guy it

I don’t know where they ask for
unsolicited they were always solicited

they were

I let me clarify it to you anymore
listening they were love

up consenting age and heavy ass but the

you as a mostly lawyer out and rapidly
was able to go to a slow

I things become to think I’ve

where I was going with this um iight so
here’s my theory

its this is a very changing yeah they’re
not answer my question the way set

I’ll no I i saw this picture at me with
no shirt on flexing in a mere

like me as hard as you can as hard as
outs have realized how many families


blood vessel the sad thing is that it
was that occurred pictures like a

picture for Mike several months before

had like worked out of the picture I
remember it clearly I said to my brother

so I had a picture that when I looked
stronger by phone that’s what I said to

this girl

a bit but I think when it comes to guys
any exciting pictures is only like

collateral cuz like girls double I don’t

think girls get off to a picture of me

I feel like that picture goes from her
cell phone to her friends yeah

and it’s like now I thank you neck I
know I can send you one

sears is using its like okay you have if
you want to embarrass me you can because

I have that you have an embarrassing
photos me now send me to Verisign for

love you and for girls it’s a little bit
more than just the she s

feel like she could send a picture for
boobs and she’s got one like she’s got

wanted him compromised

yeah yeltsin at like if you want to leak
it an all-league your site

say we’re both in their son ourselves
here you know I feel like she’s just

been strange

he’s weird you think she’s weird yeah I
think she’s weird for wanting an

exciting for asking for it so explicitly
is weird

and for specifying that kind of picture
like if you don’t ask for you just how

you get it

how to get there with you just see it in
person I

what do you mean see it in person now
and sold fashion

do you know how did he know yes yea an

ocean is video chat was there with the
advice I say

I say is I do it did not send the DA
dog’s ear today

exciting picture you know is that our
picture uva dinosaur

I ok so you gonna make the source

I get a little I agree I did you send a
picture of your face

maybe I’ve your body maybe not D not me
nah I did you not send

the daily the last picture I think amy’s
dinosaur but the actual

out to be a estudiar attacked a
dinosaur’s dick though out yet the WRS


back I what is that if but

I would say don’t send the D because
once you send the D game over she’s not

enough season

yes it doesn’t send any his Isleworth
also I’m not sure whether janik there


yeah I the you have to like oh my god
I’ve tried to take

yes x1 but trust I’ve definitely your
phone is just littered with your own

dick pic

I yeah it ended up with that that they
says oh look for like do not swipe it

left to right

I mean yet girls privates are so much
more photogenic than guys profits

private I think yeah Jesus up to a
direct throbbing penis is the most

unattractive looking thing

is a pretty aggressive yeah I’ve yeah
said I don’t spend the day

the center comes up working as a worker

it is very excited picture yeah that
really what you don’t have

in the dick yeah I feel like they have
to scale

big yeah exactly or like you can be
gripping the D

and like by doing so it’s a thumbs up
through like hell thumbs up to you I’m

also holding a D

that’s what’s up now and I feel we’re
venturing back in at the very end

now would be a good crop progress
getting a permit

I we gave nixon solid advice let’s move
on the email again as if I were you show

at gmail dot com in this one comes from

named Mike fake name fake name don’t

or not can expose this person used my
neighbors left for a trip two weeks ago

and they asked me to feed and walk their
dog every day

I’ve done it before so it’s not that big
a deal now this dog is really old his 12

years old and on the seventh day I
completely forgot about the dog

my parents left with the car so I had no
way to get to the house

I went to go feed the dog the very next
morning but he was dead

I couldn’t have died it could have died
after one night without food right

does this make me a bad person and in
some way is this my parents fault

because when I call them for the car the
reassured me you’d be fine sad face how

can I tell the owners and how will I
tell my parents and how will I get paid

love Mike witnesses

glory it’s a it’s heartbreaking said
okay requester ever got to do you think


I think it’s real I think you can’t make
up rugby

such a down bad person the last question
is how do I get paid right and what are


one of them is does this make me a bad
person so quick answer yes

yeah for sure also next-door-neighbor
requires a car

I’m having outlined a they miss live
very very far away from their neighbors

ever very well be okay NCR is extremely

evian on my guy prison for trying to
believe that his parents

they said it was okay like in the
beginning he says they asked me to do it

all the time so it’s no big deal

and then press forward to I completely
forgot to grab hold a

entire day and then you say like if my
parents well

think that you forgot for a day and then
at night they didn’t have the car I

think it might just want to feel little
bit better but no mic you have blood on

your hands I

well you’re all the loyal faithful of
got personality and jobs are so

this they’re the best right Mike you
deserve to be dead I

again to the young lawyers with the name
them with not much really grabs I’m I

if you’re under forty I’ll send you a
picture my dick but

I I dunno Mary thing

I how can I tell the owners I enough to
tell Mel find out

%uh how will I tell you dance you acted
all the honors

00 by the way before you go in before
you go in that he sees a

has restarted on the seventh day he
forgot thats thats about half of his job

like up a seventh the

property we you don’t they for can you
imagine if the Old Testament yeah

and on the seventh day he forgot to
create a everything is created

and diet diet main line to get pay

I can’t help it you ass I get

how do I pass is all about my parents
and it’s like if they get the money

I’d love it for to at least get paid 675
what I’m a good

I mean it lets them out seventy dollars
give me six yes this was a loyal service

dog being the hell do I had lied

the I don’t think you’ll get paid I
think you get paid at the end if

services are completed and rendered and

judging by the dead dog they weren’t
wealthy very did for the first six days


and we when they gone for two weeks %ah
that’s true

say I did for six days on the seventh
day it’s dead so if the dog is actually

a lovely day was a dead on the eighth
day was that the seven-day forgot so

yeah it does still live kinda boundaries

yes I believe he stressed out enough
about it so it’s kinda ok headed for

that day

like I got a couple hundred dollars for
two weeks I had a

a hundred dollars he’s owed for the half
the half effort for the half but I think

he should be liable for

cremating the dog which i think is an
expensive my god I i jus it died

yeah I just feel so bad for the family

they went on vacation two weeks is a
long time yeah the Asian

to trust dog do you like I’ve when I see
but the case is my family would be so

excited to come back to the time now is
the one thing that was like hey

meeting vacation okay like I well and it
gets good see bob you know

I other I was like dogs may well have no
I they

you know they glow seeing because I was
with this is a little weight much looked

like a wolf

fuck yeah I do but wasn’t much really
yeah and not the best and that’s our

time thank you so much I

us so our advice is give me your address
I can come kick your ass

murdering I at Lucy for crying out loud

forever home alone where he set up that
booby trap for the guy walks in and elec

the paint can just swings in a few years
that this is relevant

its I think that’s how we should tell
the neighbors I you tie up dead

good job in a row the open in the ad
servers that

I and it sorta swings in Greece the
owners one last time the night is its

dead and then use the mic

you play a full you really where are you
act dumb twelve-year-old dog that sort

of older I think stays decomposition

God yet brigham or two you have advised

disprove I agree but they’ve had no I
don’t think about the degas

I guess you have to call the you have to
call the police

on yourselves up the you sell you gotta
call the owners

tell them what happened tell the truth
can you get arrested for this

no I don’t know your child you could
what he did it on purpose

you be interested probably interesting
her know

what animals what animals would you get
arrested for killing on purpose

Europe dogs kits Michael Vick arrest for

killing dog our day together arrested
for like organizing dog fights and

torturing and a little too definitely a

they can go to jail for yet they say
yeah alright good

you’re going to jail dude I got my

dialed 911 I I

so that %uh I but advises take the

now I mean it’s also you’ve been gone
for weeks he email you think this is

it’s come to some kind of resolution
already oh that’s good that’s a true

email us let us know how land we can do
a follow-up please do

um I anything Tattershall on to the next

I like that r.i.p I dot I

is what does that was actually had
dedicated to you near

um alright those names here’s another
email from a

I I’m trying to think if it’s a

okay it’s a girl so a collar Carey carry

I like this guy named Matthew and I’m
seeing and talking to him a lot

but my ex Kevin just got a new
girlfriend and I’m so jealous

I know if kevin is bad for me he just
leaves being comes back in uses me for


and advice to get over him it’s really
hard because he’s my best friend’s uncle

I I your

we’re ok

like them and have Dec content in the AM

five guys just being himself in front
for it I

oh my god I your guidelines is left for
another 30 seconds to hear about it

it’s really hard to because he’s my best

On Call of oh this is even the best part
PS he’s younger than my best friend

I so think about that with parents live

yeah Harrison work I think your parents
have kids that are like

25 years apart %uh

and then the older brother has a son

I when he’s 24 Jesus Christ so the
daughter has a son

before the mom has his last Sun so that
the army or really

dignity on cialis older it’s I as you

25 years apart I just knew I was gonna
get it it didn’t matter how hard I

checked out by eyes as well

I just started thinking about Bob again
for IP

I said Bob this is crazy so

he only ever use me for blow Jays he
says OJ

now she says blowjob sample it’s changed
a blow job in camp that blow J simpson

and it’s really hard because he’s my
best friends on goals yes

how do I told my best friend well that
helps to ease my mental image of her

best friends and cope with

yeah like in the olden yeah I think
she’s busy yeah

I you’d like in the question how do I
get over it he uses me for blowjobs like

to think about that yeah that’s not a
very bad experience

that’s not a good place to be joining
and you like this guy who’s the guy that

she says you’re in israel’s Kevin

and seven and she likes this guy named
Matthew Matthew she isometric Matthew in

met her Matthew carry Matthew there a
good thing

yeah bank appreciates a crash on each
other yeah

it’s nice and then Kevin best friend’s

who has a girlfriend that’s right
jealous girlfriend new girlfriend

but he still is getting blowjobs from
his old girlfriend so can it sounds like

a shithead

right I yeah heavens are really have an
old guy

was given an uggo kevin is a god damn
I’m sure if the worst part about kevin’s

that is nephews two years older than a

now the right knee is a I our niece

papers is it that I’m younger than my
niece I want a blowjob whenever I wanna

and I have a new girlfriend

doesn’t these don’t sound like good
things people nice be as a basis to move

away from this him from whatever it is
that really sounds good

yet you have a good thing yeah I’ve
always liked him via

not use actually her uncle’s cousin I

matthew is her uncles and I’m at again I
demands like family math

an injury that yeah I would say

ditch the person who only likes you for
your blowjobs

yeah that’s not a nice person that’s a
nice quality

unless he gets like an amazing blowjob I
which fight okay that’s your best


hey at least I value something about you

i monster I’m yeah klaas Jan 13 wouldn’t
his down time and I and you I don’t even

know who I was and that’s not how Kevin
sounds highway

hey yeah it’s some fighting an event not
that’s ok away if you

a carey so I love one party view the
mostly just happens to be the party that

s is my dear

and life everything that was an eerie
these like teenage girl

is that this is because I I am so
jealous yeah

here I mean I would have read any
question that ends at by the way he’s my

best friends on call

so we don’t have to get into too much
detail I just really love the way the

question ended

yes our sizes to you stop blowing Kevin

yeah I understand being just because
he’s not yours anymore but consider that

you dont actually miss the person says
that you lost control

I my cousin to grow think I don’t
understand such a girl thanks so let’s

say that again

so that mice my truck with a brain
understands it so you break up with the


you still get chills be seen with
another we did she down Kevin in the

first place I’m just I’m not even talk
about her anymore

I’m getting gas that captures air
carriers dumped

by Kevin and his jealousy as in

not because he’s a good dude he’s
clearly not because he’s not hers


right let’s say carey dumped Kevin would
you say that jealousy is still a natural


a little bit because again and someone
whose emotions are no longer

at your back in call I’ll so you’re
you’re done with them but that and weird

level you don’t want anyone else to have
them either

my I donors than that it doesn’t make
any sense you know the logical that

happens all the time the idea for
american up to someone and then there

was someone else you like

I left that guy now now you like okay
good how it now yeah I do that all the


I time to get another dog again yeah I
think I will never get back

yeah I think channeling in prison I wish
I was

I said that they were jealous I accident
I’m jealous shallows small patch I

if the list will and can go on da yeah
onto Yahoo I at that

yeah I’m glad you’re here to give us
some real

I interesting advice rather than jerking
advice that we always come up with

to years such a suck holy shit

I was talking to you yeah I

Allison I can give or take so you have
to hear that Kobe

I go he’s sitting Indian style
stretching out his recently heel the


um you want to take a little break and
talk about the show

what you wanna do you wanna keep
trudging through was taking this little


agree there yelled let’s talk let’s chat

email again no I was gonna say how with

house I wasn’t sleepy or who gives a
shit about that about every when they

got the email that they already know
that don’t you

if I ratio gmail dot com Alice has your

you know I’m really glad you asked paid
you it was

that was good as Italy actually are you
end up on the show is it

no god no notice and really

the Spartans never ends up in HS we
don’t need anything I

we also never had a guess that we cared
about I

we don’t give a shit what streeters been
up to

a what can you tell us they don’t mind
sharing with thirty to forty five

thousand people

we r shooting season three right now

%uh girls is and it’s really fun

is a different it is different we’re not
shooting the same stuff that we shot

last year

also its new episodes will you have they
said really thats recalls that’s tight I

as an actress as we say like just so I
gasoli how does that work like

like I’ll be good I are they like go do
your life

about when they edited together will be
doing different was it like you know

otherwise let’s be bought for you

weird a hey guys you have never heard of
TV you know even fat guys you never have

to see what guys want a ride

they understand a little bit and we
think frack I was like made herein below

I separated know a couple new to me OCI
well this is ok with both

so when they’re like God so when they’re
like it’s an all new episode is that


alright but is it or is it like okay
some new solar water does real well I

get it securely go but yeah i’ve seen

I actually wrote an episode who is nine
pages long

I and I gave it a very fucked the
hottest chick ever

know that was an actual episode that the
cutest a big you a different up so that

I wrote

a spec yeah aspect pilot now I’m like a
completely different character

I’m a frat guy who knows about the
industry review admitting the rest

background I

at some point a dark moment does sex

I know data David Rohde out respects
columbia’s fun specs capture nx2

yet fucked Scott I’m going to stop
record I don’t

there that looks like you as a button
that says stop recording

yeah the 190 is movies is a button that
says on tronic

like the rest I %uh Mercy Me

I am alright ready good break great

gaming this one comes from Abu his ear

I be fuckin is

hitter if you can believe that thank you

yeah it this year use your goal is your

that’s on a good review Jess alright

dad my name is do have led to present
further as this is a

my name is good my okay here’s the
enough my name is Abu his ear

I’m 17 years old I the

I recently discovered that my lifelong
friend stole my ipod two years ago

and has been using it without me knowing

once I found out I swore to myself that
I would never hang out with them again

but he keeps asking me to chill and I
feel bad because his mom is sick

should I stick to my principles and not
hang out with them or hang out with them

just to take his mind off is Mon

thanks up in his ear I if

Jays in no brainer yeah now if you’re
free to read all your iPod I

all over the world and it appears that
nowadays is it

though that was awful the timing is off
I’m sorry how responsible

I chance to hang out with your friend

its it was mom its sick 0 let the cold

right she will say that yet we were
better eating out with a bang and other

is also its Anaheim yeah an iPod

it I play if this was a zoo and I would
say okay hang out but an iPod that carry

some cultural cachet people

I really also the the fact that he said
should I stick to my principle that not

hang out what your battles that they
that they ban you for hanging out with


I can yeah best friend is dying years

yes such strong morals that he’s now not
hanging out with a friend whose mom is

now you get an iPod for free

I will give you our place in an iPod

I will give you a shuffle a second
generate yeah how much the shopkeepers

shop 99th and I

no I think it’s forty nine dollars for a
nice reshuffle yeah so

I mean you should just like how did your
best friend to use like his eyes must

make a wish foundation thing for

for like I K yeah we stand I’m tied yeah
I guess

94 Haley shit yeah like 90 X 90 s and I
said he would be

Joe yeah give you cancer to use that as
an mp3 player black also look if you

want to reach yet

you take pictures with in public yeah I
set aside

sorry about your mom did I people like
got the iPad is because Mom is fine

others not the third house on here yes
she’s killing her and how she raised a

son with such strong moral convictions
they want even relate to a little bit

this drool that he made for himself for
not being able to read

his lifelong friend you’re 17 say let
your light load good what is that

I two years ago I guess from 1958 head

I what I’ve had friends long in this
guy’s been a life

yeah oh yeah so this guy’s life long
friends is you know

five to eight years but I feel some
sense into him right with all relative

percentage wise if his legacy housing
people as honest sorry

I’m just sayin I just like that is that
has that like to tell

seventeen-year-olds that they suck

I would repeat how would you know I
understand it’s not for everyone

actually told his friend that you like

I knew I know that you stole my ipod
loved it he didn’t include

the fact like he didn’t say when I
confronted his friend right

or if his is being called for no reason
to say maybe just suspect that

keep the Act I keep the iPod we’re not
hanging out why

you know I I really doubt my mom is
dying make a hundred said so you don’t

lose your iPod

fi acolo to heavy snow in action well

years wasted I he goes to his mom’s
funeral looking for like his tie to wear

this press laws funeral opens the
Jordans and iPod Caldwell guidebook for

and a great buys friends mother I

this youth this means so much to you too
that go

guy is have a heart his friends as I
friends iPod as the other house I really

have is that there’s a bigger problems
in the world your best friend’s mom is

so sick

that she’s gonna die endured you’re like

you’re obsessed I this is an after

this is a really long Apple commercial
is actually a galaxy correct

%uh his job I read a lot of these are
you to Botswana dozen cars in OCT

I so have Iron Man

really do know yet in life and why
packaging because I knew better than to

think that the first lady

%uh some to give it as a gift you some
media zone as yet as a gift

I think probably a twelve years ago it’s
a mate it’s at my

Connecticut my parents having to
represent 103 got to

and yell yell yell 1903

you still got your day as a liar yeah
you don’t lose shit

now I still have the frikkin zoo he
still uses an event today

I had even get those idea file alone

format and oh yeah they play MP ones I

stereo love you ideas I’ll here so you
can never hear it again

I you can only use one year but because
that’s how many are allowed in as many


only has one had laid on it Duramax

over the hell take a bill in blood flow

Juliet the only sign it he says my soon
only has one headlight on it

in one headlight he says %uh be in
Cinderella will keep it all together

we could drive it home in with one mile
a my soon as one headlight yeah

well if de Villers ASM really a great
other stuff love Jake adele is great

he’s on season three of girls right he’s
on season three girl yeah

his own all the seasons but season is a
featured extra I’ve never seen it like

kobe’s in the background silent

I really heavily credit and

I every episode ends with directed by
Jacob 11 I

we wanted to

we got time for one more question wanted
to ask one a

with coming from a sister asking a
question about a brother

because your sister to a brother it’s
true so maybe brother

you can give some really intimate
interesting advice

to I am Jess

over here fake name real email hey guys

my brother’s bedroom is next to mine and
since I’ve moved home for the summer

I can here listening to point at night
before to go before he goes to bed

I don’t think he realizes that I can
hear him anything some sleep since it’s

late at night or something

how do I let him know in the least
awkward way possible that I can hear him

and I’m not OK with listening to a black
eye of thanks in advance for any advice

Jess well that’s right

have so it is and I have one follow up
which is congee hear him

actually whacking off or she is here the
poor in separate question let me email

her back stay here for you

and she will totes get those expressed
but cell

hearsay yeah just yell turn that down

once and you’re done I you have to do

wants you to share love your brother

he has the good sense never in your
style never came out you spell it never


I was a great answer try using and it
was the lease up with the Yahoo is just


confronted head-on there’s no like it’s
only awkward if you like he beat around

the bush

yeah i knoe highlighted the office are

yeah no I think she’s just be like

turn that down yeah that’s it yeah
really that’s it I V mortified

if i rly brother and is everybody you
may be able to delude yourself into

thinking that she didn’t hear that was
actual porn yet

yes and you can preserve some kind and
minutes or so that our story

yeah out it’s love %uh that’s here every
was thinking is that enters the

rehearsal dinner see does

you know she’s gonna do like turn that
down israel’s no

I go let’s face it up you can also walk
a dead body turns an EFT

I at so dry sanding

think about a rather not I love velvet
title page about what it doing tonight


it’s Bob exile in his ear I Jays is
crazy this is the only thing master I

know is what do you mastery would like
this of DA I have mastery with the class

i jus o’clock values I guess

what can I say clock I have been caught
club I

some people usually do but I squeeze a
clot had about a jerk antibody

to drive for me I when I’m running out
of a club to use and the paper

and a beyond that I’m sorta s.o.l I

I separate if shit outta luck at

and now you learn something yeah decade
I have

well yeah where thirty five-minute mark
the water we go for one more bonus

questions you having so much fun

oh my god people always say they want
the park has to be long real here it is

mother F ers

everyone stopped listening to feel worse
if it ever tell them about I

no alright this one’s a very movies in
the corner just like

doing a cut finger after he really has
to go I

yes practice alright I

this one is the event at ohs all Sol

11 stay focused so I recently got it two
straight razor shaving and I have been


they’ve been giving friends really close
shaves with it word got around

to the HR lady is that the company a
intern for I’m pretty good friends with


and visit them just to talk to them
every once in a while this last time I


they said I could shave I should shave
another HR ladies’ legs

I was taken aback I’m 21 and she’s 24

pretty hot but she’s married and

it barely shows though the other eight
sorry ladies

who the other HR lasers saying how
they’re gonna try convincing her to let

me do it

I mean I can’t just say no to that right
Who Am I to deny her silky smooth legs

but I also imagine it wouldn’t take much
for it to turn into a sexual thing

what do I do namaste de Sol world’s saw
thinks pretty highly

yeah he wouldn’t hate my spirit to
become a sexual adjacent least you have

to decide that she doesn’t love her has

we had a baby boy did i do thank her
what the straight edge shave those legs

I came over I just caught the

the private eternity having been
convinced yet they said you know what

everything she knows about it yes he’s
not trying to fuck you solve

I know you exist and thanks I’ll

you I don’t do it the more gentlemanly
move is to not do it

yeah I do shaving 0 HR ladies why her
love all people because they are putting

those people

yeah the report that HR here at least a
reason time the person who threw it at

you they should save this

other person’s legs has a crush on you
know sees go for that original percent

how girls think I think yeah yeah

oz that you save your legs but it’s
likely cm9

but no don’t shave any women
specifically this yet is that in there

that really pulls back the curtain a
little there’s an artery act like Kenya

danger and lets the no to leave a girl’s
legs I love this line though

she’s pregnant it barely shows I get

she super hot and skinny and you see an
opera van Java the net it’s okay for you

major got his 24th fragment you don’t
get it eight months but it’s like a

small little cue

baby girl I

I would love to shave your legs man
how’s that i’ve a straight edge of my

reason hobby is traded raising I would
love to just show

no you’re not hymie I recently got it
it’s traded

K I and have you ever gotten a straight
edge shave it’s like very intimate they

have to be like

go to the cream in like a hot towel I

every time I’ve seen it portrayed
someone’s been killed I

I was there and do it man yeah he slid
thru Achilles tendon like you guys going

to evil barber

it because senator just be like a pain
in the ass and in

in outpatient surgery I is ephemeral
artery and there’s only

well we could talk to Kobe about it if
you ever want to open up about his

injury in Florence Howard

if I mister Bryant’s you weak weak man

as the go to advice here as if I were
you don’t shave these

designer shades a pregnant woman’s legs
yeah you know

I would I agree with that lol but yeah
you know what that is even higher going

from there today

I exactly why I endorse it do you

okay you save your leg you let go to: I

Lulu what are you up that’s when you’re
in town

has anyone remix I am I love them too so
that a couple what I just think if they

want their

trigger you really ill yeah I

yeah the first time you decide a I

I verse I rather like huh I get cold

I has offended by it been in no
particular way

I members there is no sale

sayin you deal yeah what is that I could
rake impressive how’s it is love it a

little bit ago

it is there no new friends nano France
started from the bottom our air you know

he’s a principled man

Drake has a song called sees the cheese

when I ever got was raised at GE yesyes

I can definitely see that um

cool we’re gonna end it with yet another
theme song

that we get submitted we get a thief Sox
admitted to our show we haven’t

actually settled on anything yet we just
love the fact that every

week we start and with the new theme
song and you can make your own

try to keep it a thirty seconds are left
up love

just your thirties got through I

thanks so much for coming on the show as
anything you want a plug

I want when I currently yes just watch
girls on an airs again in January

oh you should rant coffee town I’ll

on I tunes it is climbing the ranks

rentals 90% and they really are but not
in sports is in a Glenn Howerton isn’t


you can click a Josh Groban that’s right
have little

and you can get that on iTunes and yet
watch girls

not enough people are watching girls I I
hope a lot of people are watching girls

I many workers thanks for coming on the

whenever you want to come back like
seriously we’re recording another one XL

let’s go back to my kitchen Shea

the same questions I and we broke the
record for longest episode

my god so yeah we had fun I Co Inc

I bald bad thing though is it 1552 yeah

good I write this last that the apps on
iOS by Luke

canoed sent thanks so much for listening
everyone goes

CG when he didn’t have the guts

but the past gonna tell you to kill
yourself inside at the Stardust

bother you I mean you’re not yet been
loving you

thing you got

thundery here a up

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