Episode 110: Lie Forever


In this episode we discuss threesomes, feline murder, and God.

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yeah well I guess they didn’t because
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now I noticed Anthea thoughts it’s
interesting to hear from you come

I’m just low on audio nerd yeah at a
certain point is gonna stop hosting the

show and just

just be the engineer the producer really

yeah I got million new cohost Yahoo you

Allison Williams okay that now is so
quick like you I Rd the perfect like her

already email yet another

attributes it did you approve the
Allison Williams idea yet

the have the work we get emails from
people who are in difficult places in

their lives they need our advice

and we try to offer it on this show

me we don’t write off really do

and we offer it on his podcast a

how do you listen to it great question
while you’re doing it CRT now

way to go yet that didn’t help it if
you’re listening to it the one thing you

have in common with everyone else
listening to it is that you all know how

to listen to it the

you’ll figure it out the hard part is
getting people can’t figure it out

good how do we talk to them how do you
talk to someone who doesn’t know how to

use the internet

over the Internet had a how do you at 8i
somebody you hate

yeah then went right having trouble your
way to some attention W A

are that we can delete no door-to-door
showing retail then tell you where yeah


so like I’ll come by your house one day
with a long as an on-air with you walk

in yeah I actually kinda guy

with you you talkin I wasn’t mile yes
let’s hurry deviate from the start

a so these are real emails that were
gonna be entering from real people but

we’re gonna given fake names total

preserved there and no anonymity and
leave them in the

this the in enemy it’s in an imminent an
amenity anonymity with the ASEAN and the

need to make me a friend wanna be an
enemy let the hair

so that I

extra bad were Steve ever did

everest you ever had who a

that that that that that that

alright this is a at chess question so
maybe with the theme today can be chest

people so like this Purcell’s

name will be gary casper of of course
yeah so Gary casper up rights

hey guys I’m writing you to ask advice
concerning a particularly sticky


I’m the undisputed best player on my
university chess team which is great but

there’s just this one problem

my girlfriend of two years doesn’t take
my skill seriously whatsoever

and every time I spend hours analyzing
my games are studying mid-game tactics

he tells me I’m wasting my life

this has recently bubbled up to an
unavoidable apex am planning to play my


yearly University chess tournament
hosted between the two local

universities in my city

the tournament is very competitive in my
entire club firmly believes that I am

the only one

I’m the only chance we have taken the
title home my girlfriend however

recently told me that I can’t miss a
deer playing with her parents scheduled

for that same night

planned out after the tournament mind
you I have told her that she will have

to tell them to switch the date

but she is insisting that there’s
nothing she can do and if I choose the

tournament over her we’re practically

what the hell can I do I feel like I’m a
few moves away from being sexually check


while also being pressured by my entire
chess club

mcgovern rain giving me an ultimatum

Adam I do admit I breathe chess and
practically think an algebraic notation

but I still feel like she should respect
my passion

any advice you can give would be greatly
appreciated pS if you don’t believe that

I’m a beast in the

in the chess regard here’s a snippet
wanna my recent blitz tournament games

and then it just forward line the the

notation I carried Queen acts be

keys Casey eighth all the 28 NCAA to KC
28 great get casey et actually Casey 828

and PPI he did as a rock

Bishop gambit I mean easy as pulling out
all the stops I’ll

he ended up yeah he ended up check
mating in what appears to be a second

late what you check your mate

and tell her to check her hey oh that’s
good anything yet

that’s freestyle the mi amor

me and let me a nanny hip

your job went well your Djokovic air

men that even a joke man your job column
Andy Reid jokingly

I jokes min mash not a businesswoman

I their a so who’s losing the right here

casper robbers lady I think ass brother
I think you’ve got a passion i think is

his lady doesn’t appreciate it or him

me she should celebrate the fact that
you want to

plainest the chess tournament but you
love chess and

I think she’s a little DOD honestly
don’t like they be the duty

she’s being a Doody head you’re being a
little bit of a turd burger

but I think ultimately being a turd

is a little bit better than being a
Doody head this sound like a sitcom

pilot premise was just like a huge

annual tournament at the same day as my
parent my girlfriend’s parents statement

maybe can rush back and forth between
the two

that doesn’t work yeah I know what the
third act yeah

third act is a girlfriend the girlfriend
eating hot dogs in the stands at the

chess tournament cheering him on

dinner that this is what I see it is is
that they

there at dinner and then

and the girlfriends as really railing
into this guy and she’s like I’m so glad


you not that stupid tournament right
gary is sorta you realize that it wasn’t

for you that was a child’s game in the
stands up because no

this is a child’s game and any checkmate
the salt shaker in front over

and runs to the tennis tournament in
many entertainers tournament I’ll

CHESTNUT ST it’s a huge triumphant
moment for me because he told his

a abrasive lady main squeeze to go

at Purcell’s years they I feel like
we’re adding different shows because

yours or writing a movie with the
girlfriend is the billing yeah

I’m writing like an episode of tv with
the girlfriends a good character but

she’s making a bad

she’s like being a bad person yeah now
yet she can grow and make an

there’s still hope you know it’s a good
idea let’s let out a character where

there’s a chess a lady on the chess team
and so he’s close to her but only as

friends you know

countries like and she’s a quality even
some girl ready

yeah I’ll move yet it’s called checkmate
and it takes place in prague says check

us both

see the email made they are really cool
that’s about a czechoslovakian

Test player and okay and his mate yeah

big-ticket appeared as ice may and also
attacked Czech player yeah I checked sxx

yet texture ol yet and you know what
many bilaterally with people playing


I’ll so that the check chest people here
the checkers

the attackers as their team name and
also spell they’ll drink coffee mate


so misek checkers coffee-mate yet

back to rate others so I think this lady
is the villain

maybe military thing about things from
her perspective

a my boyfriend is upset will with your
boyfriend was obsessed with something

maybe chess maybe something else in with
taking so much of his time maybe her way

of showing it by saying that the waste
ur time

right it seems like she should stop
making like an

like that’s a that’s pretty grandiose
overarching statement like this is a

wasted your time

verses I think you should focus on some
other things as well

like mean age ship you know it’s okay

hear it maybe sometimes people are
obsessive and like

he’s not giving her any attention and
she doesn’t deserve

attention that’s the relationship so

had want me we’re giving him advice
right now her Yahoo to deal with the


and you it this is happening to you
maybe you

I one safe like this I A in a
relationship with chess not you

yeah or two work I like you

you have to you appreciate my passion

two things one ultimatums are always bad
rate let think you’ve said that before

you disorder have turned

state your case and let them decide for
you if you do an ultimatum even if they

choose our side it’s because you made an
ultimatum baat never want to issue an


3 what do you think about this for the
closing scene in the movie he wins the


a chess tournament a then he goes up to
the girl the friend right in the test


and then she’s like oh my god
congratulations any kisses her

and then she’s like wow how did you know
I want I what has you know I wanted that

he says

I always think the remove the head then
he slides his hand

down her she’s wearing a skirt and he

he doesn’t finger her but what he
removes is the shiniest

it’s almost like production wise will
dip is resting bath where she is

but but it is

just almost like the to a woman holding
a torch into that shiny is hand is a

is a beacon I want to say to be can

that I thought it was pretty decent up
until the move where he publicly

rubs her vagina I’ll really yeah you
think he should go further

I had think maybe you’re gonna

your generous regrets picking I

I alone are not even talking about the
movie anymore I just talking about is a

humanitarian idea publicly

that what you’re doing is driving yeah


million the be public fingering her

yeah I feel nothing I feel no remorse no

no objection rate if these headphones on
and i feel like i I’m in my own little

hard on yourself up your home yeah

I shiny myself it doesn’t make sense
where did they come from

so what to tell this K ISAE

teller respectfully that you’re gonna do

what you want to do that you love chess
in that you

would love it if she were on board and

also just a little side no mister bigger
you want to just do a little uneasy at

church picture a good

I’m just like I’m speculating I’ll admit
that but I think he’s saying like

I 3 the chess and then he likes I into
the email with

four lines of code that he must have
known we would have understood

a it shows are both Michael like a all

lack ove awareness on his entire yet
like maybe not

everyone let’s just as much as you do so
dial it back and try to

talk to her and sure attention in other
ways that are chess related

but I’m just saying that as a side note
I think that your passions should be


in a relationship I just think there
might be a balanced and that sort of

that’s for you to explore buddy what do
you think the best amount of passion to

show for like

did you have a lady friends that never

and your videos they never listen to any
of your podcast heard like with a

someone into it somewhat not like

you want to be fans be also don’t want
them to ignored entirely or you don’t


think you’re entirely hmm I I think I’d
probably care if they ignored it


if they like never saw any it could like
my work as part of who I am so I’d want

them to like

I guess is maybe I care most the ball if
they just thought I was funny in general

right I was with somebody that like I’ve
made jokes and they’re like oh my god

shut up

oday yeah wide

I are we doing that that’s all me

so I get away maybe like them watching
my stuff

is that is like hey I think your funny I
think you’re

career is valid the rights that’s good
they at least like it

yet they don’t necessarily watch
everything you’ve been with people who

thought you weren’t for

all I you in a relationship to

I’m sure in the beginning everyone has
to think I’m funny read like if you

don’t think I’m funny what else are you
what are you into it this

i jus I’ll especially like a couple
years ago but yeah

weren’t even in shape i jus like your I
don’t know

T to you’re not funny but I guess I like

I dunno what else is there to your the
pie chart that makes that your human


it may be in any relationship like your
ad the

your jokes will get old after a long
time yeah that’s what it is it’s

definitely like

if you hang out with me every day for
two to five years

I’m probably gonna be less funny in

yeah and then Mike you there around like

other people just laughing so hard your
job yeah I’ve heard only 40 is not that


arm and I have a great story wonder if I
can tell I think I can tell it doesn’t

really matter

I had a girlfriend once and I was in a
car with a bunch of friends

I with their yes I think so

yeah I think and

it it doesn’t matter but just you now
being like a wacky mood

you know sometimes like on a roll yeah
yes I was on a roll

just making a lot of village X people
were loving it and she was not having it

at all

and then I think at one point she was
like jeez you really like being the

center of attention

G another like are that so soul-crushing
I think we needed

discuss not be a together anyway
discover that was there and you were

like you’re so happy and I

people is loving it yeah another way to
look at that is

geez people think he really funny look
at this car will be lapping better that

whether you think the first three months
the relationship like look at the guy

got his making people laugh

by year acts you dislike alright

I get it plays in our I protect myself

feelings I breaks my heart a really does

a but now I’m not together with anybody

you know you happier yeah either honey
all the time had a

been around you for like nine years and
i think that share this info I’d still

think you’re hilarious thanks did I love
you so there


Barack know if

but the fuck have not

what I said I love you so much then
there was silence that moments psyched

that was the worst second my day

you biopharm deflating and I stubbed my

the planning to fiddle least God the

worse when my dad actually happen like
five minutes ago other spiders falling

all over me

inside the cabin what happened like
outside I was washed to wash the windows

at the cap

I of course trying to wash the windows
so I went outside around the back a bit

and as scrubber the windows and I just
looked at it is over hang in there just


and keep in mind I’m not afraid of
spiders anymore I show the I

and add there are three spiders in three
different corners the cabinet leading


and I weapons been the website know
their eat bugs and I think that’s great

but but under this overhang there were
just so many spiders

I that being said and I really

I didn’t kill anything but I felt very
scared them comfortable

I know her with this race thing as the
discovery going to like get me out of


I was fearful that while there was but
keep in mind I’m not afraid of spiders

about I was scared they’re like
individual I’m not afraid of them

in in those kind the numbers yeah

I don’t like I have a fear I’m afraid

all right let’s go to the next next

I’m do you have another chess players
name um

Bobby Fischer great Bobby Fischer right

is an anti-semite I don’t want to pay
from Topix that

like the listener first-time writer
yesterday I found myself in a rather

sticky situation

I love doing sick tricks on a trampoline
I also and I also love to jump on it

I I was bored at the times I desired by
my mom’s favorite cat

he’s 18 years old on the trampoline with
me as I began to jump my little bounce

violently and try to get off but
couldn’t because the chaplain has a net

around it

he was only panicking for several
seconds in just as I was about to take a

math he had a heart attack or something
and i’d

I secretly buried him in our words and
have no idea how to tell my mom that is


mostly because I love my mom and I don’t
want to make her sad or disappoint her

help please of course you need help I do
want to make my month at I

because you just so clear I love do in
sick tricks on the trampoline

also loaded up on yeah alone the

that the kind when joke we do it like a
very detailed thing and then in addition

to that the big version that like

I love painting fruits and people well
so but I also like art

I up I

don’t you tortured cattle your cat
murder it sorted unfriendly email

but you did tortured cat and your cat

but the calendar I like torturing small

also of a sociopath a you

note that all third and Associated but

um would you tell your mother

never tell you bother nah tell you that
bother you don’t have to tell your


never do you okay something like a

this is like where we deviate from sick
cons like

this were an episode of The Brady Bunch
the the guilt

up killing the cat will eventually force
Bobby Orr Peter Brady to confess

our mom I I killed your cat bagley
visited by the ghost cat yeah I

you thick where she did you hear her no

the the beating a that hideous hired and

it’s like the tell-tale heart where you
kill someone in the Gulf forces you to

confess what you have to do is select as

it would there’s no set there yet
beating our a you have you can fight

that fight that urge to be the same yeah

you can live forever I think since
you’re already a cat murder it’s not a


asked to ask you to hide the murder UAE
already did the hard part

deal you killed the cat that so much
harder than what we double to do

we be able to do it right I can kill a
cat now did not leave killed yesterday

you handle plain data on the trampoline
you you made it

scared yeah are you also had to have
known it

aged 18 years all they can borderline
your brother

I what you yet it is no love you dead
cat yeah

Andale that cat litter ad at eighteen is
a human for that number

and but I’m serious at life forever

live forever as the food so they’re the
easiest thing to do right now is to just

never tell your mom

yeah what what good can cut you already
done the evil thing

I think coming clean and tell your
mother that you murdered the cat is more


cuz it ruins your relationship with your
mom your for ever the cat killer

yeah at least now you could be like
sympathetic I’m sorry miles gonna go

around put up posters

and then maybe you come back from the
words holding his dead body in you say I

found in

the woods mile near I’m so sorry with
given a proper burial I love you so much


there’s mama I bought it in the Woods
Hole I

weapon bottle right away model I its
sale you shot like someone kept bouncing

up and down on a trampoline mother may
be other than lol smaller

Leah bungee let me tell you about %uh
ago that I believe lol

ok about the family with the mother you
know I like that again %uh travellin

shut the door crowds crowds violently it

as long as the trampoline killer in you
murder is

a David I the

is there anything to the nice

obvious a adviser you have to come clean
you have to tell your mom but then what

good complete mile is not going to be
cut come back alive

she is cheap then the moms like okay my
cats killed

my son killed it he’s a sociopath

he took the calendar the trampoline and
tortured lapper after

live forever that my advice life forever
that should be

I really would like to see that on the
t-shirt lol let you share

and the T&T public and a t-shirt alive
forever life forever

maybe that’ll be the livor I just like
my low key and I and the word I

president peace now live in peace

I you’ll get over it the guilt won’t the
guilt will not tear you apart

from a I guess I would also do the same
while I would I confess

yet yeah damage is done yeah at

so the that to live for others and 0
tell the truth

there you go we are raising a generation
a terrible human spirit hey

line the telltale fart I heard it’s good
to me keeps hearing that part

yeah three kills okay another move your
TV episode kills a really

gaseous a glutton this guy like a guy
that the threads in is just like

eating burritos and Lisa of mall
property I

then you wanna know him over the head
with a shovel or whatever he’s dead

he buries them under the under the his
floorboards ray

many as another guest over or his wife
comes home the fuse on

more yes yet but she can’t hear it ok
but underneath the floorboards

3 on but he can’t take it anymore

it’s not the sound smell 0 yeah it turns
out he’s actually

decomposing but down there so that make
sense a


and than the dan dan

Diana and that the


we’re good at improv I hmm

I one more question nursery let’s get

one more question before the break nice
a we need another

a guy’s name up to a chess player

slick biking real tall order it and came
up with but

I got one bill deep blue the fuck is
that the machine the IBM machine that


played chess awesome you on as a funny

like as prop one once and then the
machine just destroy them everything by

yet others liked the energy it’s better

I be obviously there is a machine

right sorry survey says we’re at the
point where they’re better than us get

used to it

okay deep blue rights a couple months
ago my girlfriend asked if I would have

a 3some with her and her friend

her friends are fucking a whore and of
course I said yes

since then we’ve done it a couple times
and I’m starting to notice that it’s

mostly girl on girl

the last time we done it which was about
a week and a half ago I noticed that my

girlfriend mainly focuses on her friend
and not me

there into some crazy kinky shit and I’m
starting to worry if she’s doing this to

let me down softly because she is a

do you think I should end it now or
continue to have these

fucked up three sons with these two
smoke shows thanks guys

any huge shout-out from Dublin Ireland
are I love Dublin

doubling up in Dublin nice doubling down

yeah so the Italian awesome situation
going on in your being and

a little bit of a bitch let Michael
overlapping attention to me during our


yeah I I would love to have be ignored
during a three sons are you pay

attention to the friends and then you’re
having a threesome


as in not letting you down softly and

that’s the nicest way to do anything
right I wish people let me down softly


by giving me a 3some dude this is

she’s like it’s a maybe she’s by
additional lesbians the ones you

to be involved even if she’s a lesbian
what’s the alternative

yeah just saying you know this you know
why I’m done

you’re not paying enough attention to me
during the threesomes a few

you should have just broken up with me
when you had the chance but to do it

like this with a 3some thats

actually incredibly nice I do appreciate
that the low blow

%uh how many 3somes would you go to is
there an end to the amount of 3somes as

you get phased out at three thumbs

at a certain point you just watching
your girlfriend hook up with another

girl which is

bucket I so until they like blood don’t
let you into the room during the three I

keep going

they have to lock you out for you to say
okay we’re not in a relationship but


and at that point hey at least you’ve
already had the max amount three sons

they yell

because three sons they’re not up

out up right there a privilege

for sure I’m 31 I haven’t had a 3some

yeah I don’t & letitbit the the year
changes are having a 3some

probably go lower every year right I’ve
by the second yeah

I every day every day I don’t have a
3some is another day I’m closer to death

without ever having a threesome

so if you’re listening ladies and what
have a threesome I

drill granddaddy blooms here I mean I
never had a threesome in my

a putting on my mouth go that should be
the new like if we’re ever both single

and were 35

let’s just get married so i i me they’re
both about a threesome I i’m where

35 would just I can so

I would have a threesome with you %uh no
not that kind i

yeah I know I don’t you wanna have the
same I the offers on the table

yeah me you and another dude right now
11 party of sorts

said a so sir I bet you’re young

and you think that if you can walk away
from this threesome in a threesome will

happen you know this all the time in the
NBA like I was in the championships at

age 19 and I just thought I would always
happen it would always be easy and then

arm 36 am retiring I never got back to
the playoffs right

easy come easy go so want to come

on those hoes for I

that was so to rate on yeah

unlike the nasdaq chauvinist I both

uncalled for added it was very spoken

a so your advice what would you do if
your him keep on having threesomes I

can’t believe I have to fucking tell you

appear is there an amount of the reasons
they could have the you would say

RA I think we’re done here male I guess
it’s hard to say

you get you pry get desensitized to
everything but if you’re not having

3somes currently then you can’t even
fathom in and

again it’s like when you’re really
hungry you see a lot of food I can eat

this forever

but soon you’ll get full I guess and
then that food will look at it doesn t a

not batsman health reasons or yeah a bit
because I know sex alert I

I am I’m infinitely insatiable when it
comes to my appetite for

that threesome even a have you had a

by getting how many work

Moscow I to I

I love job but only cuz I didn’t get the
first one or the second

that followed a.m.

pro good anything better than nothing
bad about it there’s nothing bad about a

free hand if like somebody was paying

play not enough attention to me that
would be fine cuz I could stand there

and watch it would be fun and incredible
the worst part about the race

the worst thing that could happen in a
3some is that to you ladies are having

sex in front of the

yeah which is amazing yet the worst part
about a 3some is the best part about my


and it was burned at least would be like
coming too early

and then your life you ruined the fun
because it was could have been like

an awesome experience for everybody in
you like got too excited United menu

like yeah how do you avoid that

like isn’t the most sexually exciting
thing in the world and then how do you


contain yourself some people can live up
to the pressure a

try that and is there to have the threes
I for me that’s my time to shine

ok with spirit Tom Brady in the fourth

the ongoing in the pocket yeah and
jordan gets there

a p in the pocket a dare you

amor immobile scrambling QB

I yeah ty Detmer the OL just a

put a little pressure on me and I’ll we
can throw the ball away

or a hole that offer to loan get a sack
fumble either way my coach is pissed at

me so the three sons eerie their

completely flaccid yeah Jack yelena at
is the

0 no Ohio from can’t get it up to trial

have revealed to it hmm real fucking pic


come forth like come for that they are
already came forth

a let’s take a break to think one more
sponsor without them we are nothing

an old black for one more question
likely I looked up the name of another

chess player

think that a quick thank you to another
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let’s get back what a shot girl that

I just I was sorta freestyling some
legally visitors are going up but out my


and were bad back that was at the

for sure yeah the ads are my fair part
me too

I know but i wanna my group all add up a

I can’t wait for the rich yeah I but
they have to pay us

do we have any shows coming up our shit
we should talk about that

good memory yes we have a live podcast

in LA at the Hollywood Improv their ego
on November

13 we put the information on if I were
you show dot com

and Jake neared account so please the
first live show

at the Hollywood Improv is really fun
yeah the second was not better than will

never do it again

exactly there are still tickets
available so please please come out for


come come come are we also are also
doing a show at middlebury University

in vermont 2 per month yeah

I don’t labor 20 a yeah or is it the
22nd it’s a Saturday yes

shit namitha Thursday so if you go to

22nd p.m. Middlebury College you live
like near Burlington Vermont in Jena

please that’ll be another live podcast
yeah they’re doing one in every major


in america when Los Angeles and the
other one little boy middlebury vermont


act let’s get a the last question last

comes from did did you do a man that are

Anatoly Karpov course sure how about it
must be said to be the second best chess

player ever

nobody will ever know don’t get me wrong
is still making being

it is still fucking tutoring for cash on
the side but just the

if you’re not playing deep blue if
you’re not cast brother you ain’t nothin

has brought broached it’s a outcast
props fuckin loader you kidding me

Anatoly Karpov rights I recently started
the course in information technology and

met a girl there on my second AG came up
to me

and hung out with me during the lunch
break we had lunch together and got to

know each other and became friends

she told me she was religious and
attended a youth church every Sunday and

invited me to attend one day

I declined because I’m fairly shy and I
didn’t know her well enough to do

something like that with her

before I left we exchange contact
information the next day we began

messaging each other

everything was normal until she invited
me to the church again via the phrase

I think you should know and meet God
this kind of surprise me and made me

think that she might be a little too
spiritual for me

I’m very sure she wants to go out with
me and I think she’s really nice and


but the magnitude over spirituality is
something that makes me a little bit

apprehensive to go into a relationship
with their

an absolutely clueless on how to proceed
please guys share some of that sweet

sweet and nice

love Anatoly Karpov whole

she wants to have a 3some to it sounds
like they’re

with this God care anatoly in God up

just me you and God should respond to
that text

side bitch I am God I

that crazy air you our team I’ve already
met me

a I just think their relationship means
that little now yeah

though done that the game ender yeah
you’re done

you want me to me God she’s too sheath

I don’t think they should interest in a
relationship with the issues just she

working for gosh baby

is your sister issues Ranikhet make as
many convert this again

she’s already cheating on you with God
yeah aaaa

his priority blowing got at this point
but I know the truth and you are outside

our room it

just her fucking god which is amazing

yeah got imagine that can you even the

it’s like the one time you say oh god
during sex in your say the persons name

I like the

yes or she’s fucking this guy saying oh
god he’s like dark

I knew you to buy more than a dollar

I’ll you said his name again a

us ghirda it’s tough to say how much
spirituality will

scare you off because we don’t know
maybe he’s a special guy but the fact

that I gave you ’cause probably means
that it’s not a good

situation right I mean I’m all for if
your religious jews religions then you

guys on my yet a lot in common

the you know go get it got not really

do you think that go we’ve got I yeah go

the and the invisible nothing but

pressure I your anti-god man

yeah just a few dozen eggs with gonna be
at the end up

anything that’s not real yet so anti the
tooth fairy

well at to I have anti-matter

then it doesn’t matter I meant I had to
write the same

but though what’d he do

I think you should you know tell her

there you aren’t interested in religion

if you arent KK you seem cool but like
am not religious then I don’t want to be

and this does not interest me and then
see what she does with bad information

or I don’t say no

maybe you could say like oh I don’t
think I wanna meet God I think I’d

rather get to know you better

exactly are the yet to be like hey we
are gonna hang out but you should

probably just be like

up front with their be like this is not
gonna happen

me yeah believing in God you me going to
church every Sunday or whatever

and then see if she’s like okay well I
wanted like Wednesday energy and finding

someone who does

or if she’s like and I was still think
you’re interesting zone its name

right Syria saying P is I’ll don’t cut
it up at least at least be honest and


no I don’t want to me God and see what
she does with that information I think

the stakes team low enough

and always I think it’d it’s probably
best to like make your intentions known

and then what that person reacts to that

then to assume their feelings and their
thoughts and their goals

and Mike react on your own right then

yet like the anti ultimatum stands right
don’t say do this

or else to say here’s the facts rate was
ten now what do you wanna do

all the information out on the table you
like okay we can make this work

or okay not gonna happen but all the
information needs to be out there is a

go for it

run for go for I

I I’m the same way if this is all if I R
you think I can’t

I can’t be with someone who thinks I
should know and meet God

she probably thinks I’m going to hell
for being Jewish and that white

that that’s what turns up a lot of the
people that I know from

religiousness they’re like I grew up in
a religious household and I went to

sunday school and they said that the

all my non-believer friends are going to

image the guy at like six Jewish friends
and they’re like yeah they’re going to

hell in there like now I rather be with

yeah then believe in you I would say

that’s one way to if I’m gonna give a
note to the church

don’t tell kids their friends are going
to hell

that’s not a good way to indoctrinate

you wanna like be as happy in part like
positive is

as you can well it works at the time
people be at the whole being scared shit

years straight but I feel like they’re
getting a couple little other

stragglers there let me loose by that
health thing and the other to me

like atheism energy issues like a
everything’s good

yeah I like whole I like bad idea yeah

you’re losing your losing out to judy is
some guys you can you can snag a plan on

how pathetic is yeah

only loses the Judith year losing do on

yet nobody ever told me a rabbi never
told me my non Jewish friends are going

to hell

mainly because I didn’t have non-jewish
friends perfect the ad that

and that’s the ideal here only hang out
with your own kind

i campi morning lyrics had so many bad

things like this happen after

I detriment that that’s our take I

don’t never heartache pets here too all
right now I’m and I i

the general don’t go away what I said is
my dayquil he said is it a yeah

day are takes our respectively what we
said yes and you never had a girlfriend

before but some of them don’t want you
to know any God

you got a little bit more time from
unlike the

three some guy who should strike while
the iron’s hot gay actor yet

keep doing that fuck it I would I would
meet got every Sunday at him and i can

have a threesome for real

yeah what a interesting buncha questions
we got today from cat killings

reason I threesome centers and then I
guys that are

you know get you know God a I don’t
remember the first question was now

how dole it real quick how can I get a
3some if I really wanted a threesome

like do you have to have a come
naturally or

the can you force a threesome and I
think it’s already past

it’s like lightning in a bottle at like
the right things have to align

it’s like us it’s like a lunar eclipse
is what it is yeah I think

will in my opinion I feel like
relationship three

threesomes are always weird bad so I
would avoid

that gray and I think the way to do it
is just like

has be

fucking cool I no other way

I did years saying I don’t have a chance
will use or to have to have liked a girl

maybe like

a girl or a guy who likes you and is
like sort of trying to court you in a

way like wants to impress you or
somebody that’s just like

has a bit like a totally fun loving
relationship right

yeah and I’ll be so casual and so
carefree right and then the third person

has to be a little better than hell
player who’s just like

you always need to crack is crazy at a
crazy person personages

down for anything who’s usually I feel
it wouldn’t necessarily be like

a friend of yours as well a ride that
can happen to you

I mean it’s only ever gonna happen in my
opinion the best ones alike with

three friends or two people who are like
sorta dating

and a third wild card that we almost
suggested what about two girls that are


hooking up and then they’re looking for
a third guy does that ever happen

I’m sure it does I mean ads

that is even more rare I feel like also
being the

person that wants the threesome you have
to be the last person to be at

I you can’t be like going up to people
that you know let’s try to its present a

threesome in need to come to you and you
need to be like well

really I your are your yeah you only get
it when you don’t

ask for right and you but you need to
also react in such like

be wilder positive way that they’re like
alright let’s blow this guy’s by

like you’re like oh yeah that sounds
fine but I do I wasn’t necessarily

angling are thinking about this for a
really long time

right similarly the nice little pleasant
surprise right and then I feel like


people rise to make a choice sort of try
to give someone an experience

so if if like there’s two people who
like about a threesome with

this due to a girl and she’s never done
it but he’s never done and they’re


like alright let’s make it fuckin for
that I

so how can I do that i’m talking about
me personally not one as an unjust and

you got it will star

going on more dates yeah sir going out
more home

and it’s it’s a numbers game it’s yep it
happens one in a thousand I thought you

go out he’s got to make sure that next
thousand that happens in the next three

years rather than X 20

I really think so I think you know just
keep on keep on hanging keep on raising

RA select the what started out as a
right now I know is that three game

right now

but it 2:30 in the afternoon observe you
have your own questions

your own theme song 09 picture thumbnail

send it to if I were you show at gmail
dot com


I don’t know if we’re back on a Monday
we are back on Thursday

for you guys soon oh that last the that
a shit

been talker the opening things I was
from adrienne dunne

injury Rd and done RTN done and this
closing beams on

miss run I’m Lancaster so thanks Adam

thanks Rd in done they see that you’re
listening only vaccine but

I’m yeah Paul




I’m we welcome is all


GE on

he is I’ll wear

he and

in Liam yeah Mar

yeah was shot I’m

this condo on the palm downstairs


I’m demand C

and I only is she home

mare and NJ way


you come




I’m yeah



hmm me 12 years car


energy and how me song way

the mine



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