Episode 111: Clam Dip (with Dave Rosenberg!)


Our special friend Dave Rosenberg joins us to discuss working out, jealousy, and his grandma’s secret recipe.

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is back baby in the house are things got
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if they are some between a rock and a
hard place

got a friend in town defense these major

somehow and then funny

do you yes iranian time

show downtown my funny

if my national die


on yeah

very smooth Dirk Parker

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the I P is back

it is back boy the

amount Bullock I am death where
outsiders our first-ever

outdoor podcast all outside all the time
arthur’s time our third

her fourth episode with Dave what is it

third is the first one where a guest has

a bowl love homemade four-day-old clam

that you made for a party or bars that
was when was our party 3 is the %uh four

days ago

part today is Wednesday right now
Tuesday there Tuesday the party was on


so that’s the read it now but you made
on Friday yeah I know I’m a disarming

that a morning so that Saturday Sunday
Monday that the four-day land claimed it

where the angry into that ball bearing
its aircraft my secret recipe

okay well I hate this well gramma
cigarettes because I sighed

in the fridge I could be but the
ingredients when we all went to get

alcohol you but

court have sour cream can come

picked and clams and I wanna say that’s

is there any be out there without my
French onion dip now they’re

yeah the powder is that it well I’m not

you me like you know I’m a good death a

Instagram in and tagged Ashtead clam


Facebook limits through Google and their
plans thrift I’ll let me know that you

hit at the party behaviors just

finishing it up now but at the party

I would say no one touched is like a
hearty cereal bowl

filled all the way to the top with this
its obeys doubt

sour cream at this point did anybody
have any when you made it

yeah people that have it the you’ve had

well percentage the body think it
consumed over the past four days

him prolly in the upper 80s I

much like the weather here in sunny Los
Angeles that was the I we are he said

that park it’s okay to give a shout out
to the face of a tornado like to get

shit after free social media lies

now you’re faced with the way to go yeah
let me run my

a I dark you’re listening oh that’s good
idea is to start running the

musicians Facebook pages where the hymie

this is a fire you’re the only advice
podcast on the Internet

hosted by us unamir I’m Jake

and how deeply Dave Rosenberg

I finally we

0 wanted was near he has got back from
the gym right

oh yeah yeah how’s that it enters the
working out there but let me tell you

a little bit about his work out as it
has anything to do with the

what he said last podcast which was that
he worked out silly hi

yeah and doesn’t mention that when we’re
working out

but here’s something that he does he
doesn’t do anything except for girls

a that true be muscled I

he didn’t do a single exercise that was
in a curl

we’re there for almost an hour I how
many different girls can you do

are you just let the other way to just
pick that like you want when he has

picked up fifteen

cue track rolled it twice and then put
it down menu

but I like the jenny was curling
thirtieth and by the way as though the

goes I get accurate anymore add

I pulled my wrist up are do is curl you
don’t do anything else

they also say that he Dave at the

Jim in Chelsea Piers on the head that
the data in Chelsea Piers he was working

a little different he was just doing

but you just walk up to NEC

in not change the way a not touch it

just sit down and do as many reps as he
could with whatever way less on their

leader roulette game of sorts yeah
that’s gonna like how you live your life

a bit yeah it

at you are better you lock in this
situation than you do as much as you can

in the league good

the said attacker mmm get things pretty

I am NOT so the way it works this your
podcast is that we get

emails from people who are in difficult
places in our lives and they’re seeking

advice guidance

and we offered on this program sometimes
it’s just us

sometimes we have a friend and today we
have Jakes best

and and a really good acquaintance of
mine there at Sprint

I hmm a are you ready to get started you
want to talk about anything before we

dive into these enough

numb good

you can do it and but see if these
inspire anything with in us

we need fake names though can you can
you at least give us that

a fake name for this guy yeah yeah tear

Lamar Odom nice Lamar Odom rights my
girlfriend of four years is about to go

to South Africa in three months

she was there for a year doing a study
abroad program with her school my

problem is that I don’t love for the way
I used to

we started dating at 15 and now I feel
like I should move on

my current plan is to stay together with
her until she is just about to leave

and then break up with her to make
breaking up easier while she’s a broad

I want to wait because she really
depends on me she doesn’t have many

friends besides mine and she’s really in
love with me

by broke up with her now wood crusher at
this point how can I use the situation

to let her girl in a way that means the
least amount of hurting for

her thanks love Lamar Odom mmm

so he doesn’t like this girl anymore our
love her anymore doesn’t love

and she’s going away in three months for
a year and he doesn’t know when to break

up with her

is there a good the best time to break
up in year

experience I feel like you get these
types of questions

lot where people think they’re helping
other person by

keeping the relationship going the
matter if it’s

a month third three months or year I if
you don’t love someone you shouldn’t

continue to date them

cuz you’re just wasting both peoples
time so there’s no there’s no merit to

waiting till just about to leave the
best just about she’s about to leave

or doing it when she’s in South Africa
he had fake

never seen such like sound advice
delivered by somebody with clams all

I as my dessert

I’m even those clans am reading with
their date last night at midnight

that’ll be oh so you get this morning
it’s 7 a.m. people wouldn’t work a

straight red we went to work out

clerk a bag of pretzels you have I

you had several pretzels covered in the
clam dip HW in your pocket and then gave

release sage advice I really do it is

I’m worried by how much of it you ve it
with his

I it was a lotta claimed it be with too
much clammed up for the party

definitely too much claimed it for one

to consume in less than a week I mean
it’s insane Italia

for you know one month 3 month and here
it doesn’t make a difference a

difference between a cop in accordance
claimed it

but while cream it’s all creamy clams at
the end of the day

but I agree with you do it as soon as
possible but is there anything to

waiting before she leaves for a year

well then jeez you gonna break up with
the rate before she leaves her that I


use he saying read before can handle
many other

your mailing label with its gonna make
it easier on her but it’s really just

make it easy on him

yeah he the like his confusing being a
good guy for being a bad guy.

right yeah guys wanna wait till she’s
gone so that it easier for her

yes and no now and that’s right if you
like I do that a lot too and I’m in

relationships are like

I feel like shit like it this way is
what I’ve convinced myself because I’d

really like it this way I think she
preferred you know rather she would

rather break up over text

been like I get a restaurant is to get
down after that it’s just that’s a weird

are her yeah and it’s oooo
coincidentally sure it’s easier I can do

you think about it until I would hear me
and I want that way to use I guess we do

have damage in common not enough to stay
together but

so I think you should admit you’re a
coward which is fine

everything up is so heartbreaking up the
it would be so hard for hurting

like she loves her boyfriend there the
other for four years and then right

before she leaves she’s about to be
thrust into this new environment where

she doesn’t know anybody and she feels
like at least I’m

tethered to something back home my
family in the love of my life is like 00

I want to be together

bono as I how did time in Africa sweetie


know that many but should leave if you
can hear him he did in the house I just

before she lives are better service goes

it now lol yea respond for 14 hours ever

for 12 months if you know him as soon as
an A for data

or what’s that I a louisiana say oh yeah

I feel like you talk about are one
thinks about breaking up your

when should I do it i doing now but as
soon as you decided to break up

you can’t stay together like your body
won’t allow yourself to have a normal


like if I’ve already decided to break up
with someone I can’t hide that feeling

yet just I’m sad and morose and then
eventually lady will be like

why are you feeling this way and I like
collider with somebody like they

sense that the way that they smell
what’s wrong and I

own nothing I’m thinking about work exec
okay and then you just sort of a

shithead reminded me

abolish like as donors TN like what’s
going on you’re not the person I love


oh we love you to say that yeah and I
think we should not be together

let me get what you does that this is
you it is I’m you

I wasn’t pulling away I was stressed
about other shit you

and it’s your fault now that we’re doing
this you’re breaking up with maybe think

about it I’m gonna take it like a man

all you can do is be a I think breaking
up is either your

your an asshole and then your hero or
your hero then you’re an asshole


because you breakup was only clean your
life this is it

I’m sorry I’m putting all the table and
I want to be with you and never want to

be with you so by using this site so

so fucked up yeah and that but then
she’s done she gets over at like you

know what

retrospect I’m glad that you can stream
Eli I’m glad that you just

you can keep going let’s fight through
these helicopters

how the alar outdoor highlighted by
Ariella mountain now

glad that you can keep the I didn’t
stray be a long it’s picking me up today

let’s go back to disrupt you

couldn’t that boom

here just firing on the clam to I

200 don’t joke about that its could
claim that

it’s a good recipe don’t forget the
angry at the arc remember get the sour

cream otherwise he is the inning clams
another router a nine-year out there

don’t forget the hash tag abut clam bake
tonight as a clam strips

is there to hash it out how are you yeah
if you do it’s don’t want to do it right

are you Claire Baker claims to be the
way you’re cooking my gramma seeker as a

BF Yeah

follow both hash tags to find out if you
won anything really

worry thanks very a series or hassle
first and then she appreciates the


you’re not lower than a year later he
wrote first nasa late or you do it

really nicely and they say oh you broke
up with a really nice day and the like

you’re still the stream

her or him a lawyer’s like I’d it’s the

don’t think we should be together but
like let’s define hangout like okay

thank you I really need to pour in as a
cocaine we can like hold hands and kiss

if you need I’ll thank you I love that
oh yeah

you’re still here for me I love your
still my bestfriend ratchet the

relationship and I’m not gonna

be with any other anybody else is just
doesn’t that just like

we’re gonna do this very slow slow
breakup that the easy on everyone

that help everyone Intel because you’re
a you want one thing in your say you’ll

do another

until then finally let you like you said
you were my best friend and now you’re

ignoring my calls and you’re trying to
date other people I is down tinder on

your phone you said you were gonna

hook up with other people might oh why
we’re gonna break up a fight didn’t

wanna hook up with other people

so just be honest do you think your nasa
when you’re here over still there

where am Dave you to since taking office
shirts and stick starter that soliloquy

magaña any guy you are they gave you a
acclaimed coming out

levels rock high IQ I bring you are you
anyway zelman and they are you at our

outward and return to read it here

do I Big Sur Roger with the only thing
that could make it better and there’s

not it’s right in there

everything else was not a liar lying
about the Roger expression please I’ve

never seen anything that made toasty
toes taste bad

so at declare delay let’s quickly let’s
go around break up with her when

Dave a now take the second yeah

I agree that 3 breakup right away don’t
wait for her to about

be about to boarding a plane to South
Africa letter letter deal with these

emotions while she’s not a broad and

after three months maybe she’ll be more
ready to deal with a break in the

breaker the right when she goes abroad

that be that but the danger to other
funders and work group at a friends and


you know don’t just talk about it be
about yeah actions speak louder than

words I thought word

she’s gonna meet some hot south after
that what you’re a totally over that

you’re afraid as we approach and

air Hannahan hum mmm how


wealthy okay got a good one for yes

I am we need another guy’s name

David he’s your story of

shepper phases they %ah covets rights
I’ve been striking out with the ladies

for longer than I care to admit so about
six months ago I discovered a

double-wide trailer right off the
interstate there gives Asian at massages

we all know it goes down in those places
I’ve made a weekly appointment and it’s

been great

but now I’ve met a girl and its kinda
getting serious

do I have to stop getting my picks up
the asian persuasion I don’t even know

if I’m cheating technically

I kinda doubt she’d be okay with it but
it really is the highlight of my week

hell the business they are coverage
Davey ever

gotten around to enter or tug arm

no your eyes are saying yes

slashed her I didn’t pay for Robin hug
the Roman Todd with par the real deal

that I yeah

but does that mean if they try to
besides and

ragged okay the relevant dog I think
this does happen because I was hot

I think creative tired after their oMG
is the thought that I was Anna’s love

she liked me it was attracted and began
to jerk me are you get a little handjob

action another massage non after massage

but there was nothing on her I shall
what that hooker in Montreal

other hand job that lets issue that was
just the tug

is it that when I’m smoked crack as a

I you

it’s not the crack story it’s the
hookers story here basically you’re

messing up then I’d

the two different night I’ve actually
never even had a massage I should pry

get on that before even consider the tug
part the year you’re saying

that you’ve paid for sexual things where
whether it be legal or otherwise and

it’s not that big a busy always

would you can always a little ice it
never legal knows a lot of my girl

in there in Montreal to your a catheter
the Montreal I’m about to look that up

it but it is actually known for legal
Montreal Rd Montreal liens

it’s not known for that

kind it’s not known for that how dare
you known for like an 18-year-old

drinking age in occurs

I hmm said Bronson pressure prostitution
be legalized in Montreal so I don’t

think so

I don’t think it’s legal ok I got
another helicopter

I be allowed to have better

okay well legal or not is it cheating um

I guess you throughout the be yourself
and the girls position

what if I choose going to some do you do
to get fingered every weekend

would you like that now you probably
wouldn’t but he’s not thinking a bit

like that his think enough

it doesn’t mean anything to me
emotionally it’s just the equivalent of

masturbating which is fine

and masturbating not cheating elisa
cheating when a paid professional does

it for me

right again house in a different if back
girls getting fingered by some


yeah and I guess it’s not but you you

that emotionally it doesn’t affect you
while you don’t know if that’s the same


fair lady friend you can’t be afraid
that she is getting emotionally attached

to this guy that was

diddling her is there a female
equivalent equivalent to the

I’m real quick this guy is emotionally
attached to this thing

know it only that he called it a fix he
says the highlighted as we hear hey

if that’s emotional that’d that the
attachment but it does I wanna say that

it’s like poets bucking whatever cuz it
was a

whatever they wouldn’t do it well it’s
only day that he’s basically addicted to

it another he fell in love with the

the masseuse thats stroking his cock

no work today or is it the same one
every 2008 tournament with an adventure

and I’ll with an outlet it’s a rotating
cast of Asian

assisi’s that I doctor missus astor

me I should resign I I think you should
probably stop doing that

yeah me but if he doesn’t

is it that bad an her I get right I

he was so close to being the area per

dogs got a bar iight I’ll of

he was like creeping up Zealand yeah

you are now highly doubt including a
decent and isolated on a bowl of clam

Devon and is my god damn I know

yeah are some concerned I can come quick

I’m believe me im pump them nuts out
here are saying no yeah I know you guys

you can download it in the form a
freestyle live it up but now I am eating

their clan living shred and I had

handbook and talkin spartans: Raja I big
to fail lol owner and head up high waves

size would like to recap

you put big clam dip on your ass cheeks

Suraj I know clan claim on the dick
thrives on the ass

no no no claim on that ass Roshan chakra

I and then you squeeze one out yeah and
that cheating

I feel like to meet plans are people too

that nothing troops up this is the

or mauve cheating well maybe camgirls

there’s no physical touching it is
checking up to girl talk India

this is the second wrong have let’s say
10 up cheating

so it’s not insists if you can suppress

a beacon suppress the guilt I don’t be
like its negative towards the

relationship necessarily

not right now but it’s just something
that’s gonna build up yeah maybe not

right now

I but if the I get to be another with a
crazy if you’re gonna stop eventually

might as well stop now

mean if you do anything for long enough
you’re gonna wanna continue doing it

yumm it’s not crack for fuckin

three days in a row in Montreal on all
shot anyone take that nap following all

the sudden you’re fucking whores

I that’s not true and I am

I made love to her well listed

which would mean she didn’t take your
money I love the reported by guest

starred on my keys talk about this XYZ
story like nah don’t feel comfortable

talking about that

and then since then you’ve talked about
this then which i think is morally worse

than when I went down there

well wanna talk about dinner now that he
thought I love that other day

what I don’t bucket list thing the them

bucket list thing with a long time ago
in a land far far right now it is live

it seems like I D limitations is up on
your bucket list

how about I tell yeah I tell one part of
the bucket list each other said

%uh allies gustaria now um yeah i get

I I am you said you cross that seven
parts of a bucket list in one night one

night stay on longer than I did not
apply to kill this

which I would pay I think almost all the
money I had I

have to read the whole entire thing yeah
the list in its entirety there that do

you have a bucket list

yeah it’s pretty filthy okay solicit I
guess you can say 10

12 however many of these things that
crossed up that day the I

I E I got a blowjob in a bar bathroom

okay easy that’s fine that’s a good
start with and yeah

I’ve an angle I imagine now that is

camby’s we’ll then fucking a prostitute
in Montreal at you smoked crack

David leads were legal in the clam dip
oddly enough I don’t go into the details

on a wire how to attack your that it is

matzo would you say this is cheating

yes as bad as cheating as

sleeping with an ex girlfriend during
the early I don’t think you are there

different degrees and overheating Chi
hedging achieving cheating and safe you


you can just like breakdown stuff like
that just forming an excuse for your bad

behavior and I don’t

appreciate and I don’t respect it and I
will allow it but the fairy

that’s very thoughtful and positive Jake
is cheating cheating

I work for a reason cheating I did just
part pretty loudly but the question


power through I would say this for me

this right here is unequivocally
cheating as bad as any other cheating

bad behavior I do think their degrees
achieving I think they’re all

you know reprehensible and I’m not
saying that from

and ivory tower I’m saying that from the
base me at the lovely ebony base metal

as yeah

as the cheater myself and

I think they’re just degrees because
that’s all you know it’s all subjective

to the person that you’re in a
relationship with

I sure there are people out there who
are like

who don’t care at all like this

spot for eating into a mic did the

deb is is squeezing peers you can hear
yelling Plato’s you get here and you’re

getting it through the mic %uh

its not the sound of that fake glue or a

viscous a small CBS I wanna muddling
setting off

me together hitting on something you
have a min try I have tried to tell him

you have I guess I have an idea that I
actually the impression I

I like it I can’t bring myself to

and i’d menopause recipe happy birthday
Graham abcess on a Sunday

that year yeah appear some panache used
to make that

that night here assert canned clams just
in there

I mean price pressure and Cape Cod out
that it works out then if hyannis

where you at column A Boy a

Instagram your and their pictures with
Cape Cod ing it ok

it third I pissed 88 gotta get

the clambake clam strips email yesterday
I am. tape cutting it

Granth I have never cheated on somebody

and a ballsy fuckin pussy yet so I love
I am yeah that’s about land there was


but that’s not untrue without the
whiskey I am afraid

a but I would say that there are

less their totally decrease the severity
like going to a strip club

that some might consider that cheating
in a strict sense and then

sleeping with someone who loves you are
having an affair is a totally different

than other there’s also objected to the
relationship because I don’t think

cheating is like

your relationship to the Act its your
partner’s relationships

to the act it’s like how fucked with
this person feel it she or he knew

what I did a search is just like a cool
liberal sexually free person to be like

out dope you get your getting a job
that’ll area yeah

could totally do you think your like in
an open relationship he did but he has

the third

that she would not be cool with it may
be to test the waters by being like all

my body’s own so they’ve been doing this

her handjob thing so we’re a and injured

are out sounds fun to me iight cool
already yeah i would tell you if you

ever did that then you like if you had a

which way would you rather her be I am

would you rather you be like do you can
totally get it handle I don’t care

Origi rather be like if you get a hand
job I’ll cut your dick off

approach rather be in the middle love
that like meanwhile

I don’t know I would never do this on 9l

with reaction would you look for in a
type of Lady

I any girl with %eh I would cut my dick
off present they are trying to break up

with other

I but I don’t think I’d wanna oh yeah
wait here whatever the story had

I first thing a girl once upon a time in
a long time ago this all have this is


borderline different person so everybody
crevice every one of your story that way

is a reprimand she was men shoes solana

name the whole region headed back after
a bit I had a younger girls are hot girl

was wearing a min

speak English I think he understands the
language further

may have fun I she used to get crazy in
like they should come help it’ll

pieces yeah rock-hard whenever she had
I’ll not be a turn me on more

she almost tried to stab you here

she was over here I remember this and
when he was this Dave had like

under his bed long time like you have
gone on a date with them be a long time

ago and even

long long time ago not even realize I
like it was just at a bar the way you

like walked into a photo booth and
started making out with a girl inside a


land to end it took photos so end date
like had the photos in his room

under his bed not like like a hung up
her and Savannah somehow found them yeah

and freak like she just didn’t greene et

potshot passionate kill me and she would
and I was also chief

you guys were not like officially dating
in any way

where you at all now know how many dates
have you been on much you yelled at you

like that

I am at Legoland day third is paying you
know me

ang I’m you going to out you wanted to
or not I was really cool those who

really knows you like to believe ever

dated I you plead the 5th on there but
she was very

pretty sheet1 very I go or induction a
bit older than me

and in the ape I shoes in a min

30 and gonna grammer’s I

should have a green car and I know that
sounds bad but I’m always

storm in the back my head all the time
like that sometimes be where you are

by a legal bid as did he did got

the guy the guy fuck the prostitute is
worried about the legality of having

don’t live as you know like that

operational doin it was viola where you
had the ringer

just to back up a little bit you went
2-for-2 with made out with a girl that

you had not known

I I don’t know if that’s accurate but
she did fine pit bike photo booth

pictures a funny story in the summer I
don’t have that that bar which is really

funny which bar

Dave like you my hotel that would you
are missing tell a story that you mind

then you

yell me afterwards be a long time is
going to be in the van a gala I’ve got

are far away

I law today with the freeman years ago

we went to you a party at the Jane

and Dave just like within 30 seconds
that like all he does is just like


either start making out with 30-second
entering a bar II Mystery Method the

game that’s when I knew where the

your the anti me it takes me like weeks
to grow on someone and you start up as

high as

fiery hot is the ETA and hot when he
walks in room in Rome when you get an


yeah I like ugly when you walk in a room
with a hot ones I get to know you

all yours is martin funny and successful
you know immediately lawyers

that you expect your you’re weird and
Donna a

we should run into each other and create
this person that hot and then smart

and then the leftovers will be this ugly
dumbass that never gets anything

and then we’ll with the hots but that
would be JK other rivers is the claim

that I

use the day started making out with the
this girl within 30 seconds walking

about like we walked in as I gonna grab
it take you out when

okays dredging a tiny little asian girl
in a stairwell

and repeatedly in like this was in a
dance floors like

pretty bright like they’ve tried to
finger her haha I don’t remember that

she said the I’m not that kinda girl
whatever you have to take me out on a

date so

a poor diet is coming back he lives a
corona is more than you deserve

you know what tomorrow let’s go on a day
I wanna take you out i’d

they did died on the bar to meet at
table shows up

on timing issues running a little late I
as soon as they walked in

some trash girl comes up like we did
during our friend to make out with you

and Dave like okay

knowing that he’s on time for a date the
clock is ticking your players there

thanks making out with his

fuckin random drunk girl whose who’s
making our money

dare and his date walks

growers course she does God does it not
allowed to tell you how the text is the

other thing and I

my phone broke during their I no
internet or would you like

joining like can you come back I’ll
explain I can’t see what happened was I

made out with someone

are you already knew that a bag as I’m
done with explaining clammed up

but a yeah

up yeah I am

you an embarrassing story than 92,000
trying at all high and mighty on both my


bears his own planet I am wasn’t at the
Jane hotel or with

at that Papa love the like love being in
that room

know when I got kicked out

yeah by yeah yet I and I was that night

pro-serb back with my yeah oh you very
much a fancy ass place and I’m trying to

get my lil

fingers and obey that mean don’t know
let me know came to

way there now a

let’s take a quick break and then we’ll
be back with more questions with day

a ver as the OD I

taken one more quick break just to say
thank you

to Dollar Shave Club dot com based on
shape club and we’re back then and now

we have to actually say what they do.

okay yeah that way people they at least
are aware that their service so that


like you know how difficult it is to buy
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and going to the store

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you have nothing to lose by trying them
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price raisers

joint Dollar Shave Club dot com slash

if I were you that’s dollars shape a dot
com slash if I real

thanks to those guys for sponsoring yet
another episode thanks to you guys for

checking out now let’s get back to see

more see what’s inside David head still
hey we’re back

um E do you

it what’s your game when you’re tall and
handsome is it really diskette

it getting by saying as few words as
possible as quickly as possible

Rd like to get to know a girl now I i
don’t have game I’m

sorry people think I do are projecting
fayed you do have a game whether it’s

intentional or not like you have a

you have a strategy or at least the
subconscious way I think you’re really

good at making small talk

you’re like so shallow and vapid

through like when you going to buy you
see a girly like to you

are you per a persistent are you you
back off and let them come to you have a

strategy need to be like the perfect man
a drone

to Lake not to not be too drunk to Lake
me still mourning

you don’t like being too drunk a hate
down I really

no I feel like he can I just over here
at like Lou Gehrig’s disease from Lake

you know I have this lake with shell and
I’m living in but I can be anything

about I did as recently do and

Dave rosenberg’s drunk ice bucket
challenge Justin

raise awareness for that crippling
disorder where you’re too wasted

you know the Lou Gehrig’s disease were
like yeah it’s the perfect amount where

you can play baseball but you’re not

a bad the drug that I wanna be today
consider myself the druggist man in the

face of the year

the Pacers bar so what do you do you get

the perfect an outage on I’m not mocking
Howard Thurman through when it comes to

reserve a hot girls c0 and smiles at you
you’re not you’re not you never approach

know I do are you with that but like all
have nine turn on leaving

look at me and then you just don’t do
anything about it yeah I i’m not

okay with Lake walking up to someone
that time in looking at me

Mayer 6-4 200 pounds that’s why the sea

and I think that you and I both do the
same thing you we need to be like

looked at admired so that just like

that that like initial spark up
confidence yeah in each other with lower

your risk right some people have cop
friends right when they walk in the bar

like I can get anybody

and they walk up and talk to somebody
via a three-way walk into the bar like

does anybody here like me

and then some is like I like you and you
like but yeah

title weird when the when I know someone
who I can mean to a Michael fuck that

without building a

it building yeah that other it to the
that energy tonight

were why they waited like I think you
might be cool and then you’re like you

rise to the occasion nearly I am cool

but I’m over a clan don’t want from that
likes me I want someone that

fuck much dislikes me up coming up into
millions of on if you’re listening

I pay goes to but I’d bet it’s 10 copy
into the

when you’re growing up you think Olga
competence is the key to success for you

you you realize like

copy and come in so many different ways
like a mere last night performed for

like 60 people not that many people did

but their earlier in the night he played
a five-on-five game with no one watching


and absolutely played like a complete
pussy I

like really closed carrying anything guy
reads like trash a.m.

I is it possible that I’m just better
comedy than a basketball

no because you played like a pussy are
you saying I didn’t play to them

it best of my ability yeah says where
that I can happen yeah I got a day in

the year you were incompetent on the
basketball court so you didn’t play up

to your potential

right you were competent on the stage
see you did play up to your potential

that just reminds me of a funny story
the day she went to play basketball so

bad at this fucking

by about 5 directly with you do you the
hue is on

doing is rebounding for the other team

in building where they got their Indian
just running around at one point a ball

like we’re I was turning and the the
corner on my phone

in the balls are bouncing towards me and
I like put my hand up to catcher in

Davis let me touch let me touch

I gone to a mall:

%uh alright let’s get to lamar question
like basketball

and I and other Asia when you know
you’re an indoor gym basketball’s very


yeah but like don’t even watching play
they came when you getting nervous about

I guess my friends on the team i don’t
wanna embarrass myself

them i play with you on Friday ok fine
thanks for Irish

really needed to know nothing kiss play
with heart that’s all i care about.


culture I i really I really do think I
was hustling but we really got to get to

the doctor I don’t appreciate the
fighting lack of effort check it out

I’ll run right now and then

I I really relates bow out when you run
into so lame

view it it’s almost comical cover on

update still hasn’t freestyle ago he’s
been freestyling all weekend

and we haven’t got one today such like
no way boy claimed he didn’t show did a

lot today

reason I didn’t want to dare is a good
line he said a neck injury usually don’t

tease me does put a bacon egg and cheese

something like that me a big egg and
cheese in me

yet oh and me please me don’t tease me
to be a big in a good deal I was a

little bit tighter the flavor but
smooches do it now

%uh but if it comes out as they like to
badges while like

at one point rap about claimed it that’s
all i care about.

to the find a way to do it you not to do
it now because there’s nothing that


yeah I give me one more persons them

devall shit %uh a bloody hell finish it
I said

the right here right lotta rights

a I’ve been dating my current girlfriend
for nine months now she’s a diamond a

cool I can assure you love that
yesterday she was at my place in she

left her facebook open

I tried to resist the temptation but I
ended up going through heard shouts

I know I’m a scumbag for doing this the
thing is that I discovered something

that kinda rubs me the wrong way

turns out that before we started dating
she passionately kissed one of her guy


I’m sure that’s over I’m not over 10
years and she’s not the kinda person to

cheat on someone but she’s still hangs
around with them

sometimes she goes to his house with
other friends also I read that she

accidentally kissed another one of her

but she described it as there was
nothing and but she described it as it

was nothing important that she felt

she never told me any of these things
what should I do

cool tucking a fucking coward policy do
people just

do shit can deliver it but if if if
focus on making money that she’s a

pepperoni National Army norm same

fucking you’re wasting energy damn and

aspirants is saying these guys are kinda
pansy for even giving

shaky year your week for checking your
feast for

man you’re mad at her for being weak so
you’re just gonna be weak with but that

she does know he’s matter

over here check in the Facebook yeah
I’ve been there behind on their shit

are you have you checked an email for
facebook facebook not be mailed at

Facebook is everyone in the sector
already has your in securing your scare


find something to be insecure and scared
about well you know i i got

fuck her in college point for make i

I my girlfriend at the time

said she got a Facebook message from

saying from some woman saying that like

woman women tend to wear college-age
woman yeah

I my girl had time said that I

this girl that I liked it or in cation
with Facebook message you’re saying that

we were like fucking for the entire
orientation week

was a true now it was it end and I was
like okay show me in Chicago so upset

that I deleted it

unlike the okay who

now I’m II kedo understand michael Page

I believe who should I be mad in that

I was very confused and return tell
everyone in that situation was a shit

including myself I ok it so now you

you don’t keep you don’t snoop I

for you it is seeded snoop on this
girl’s Facebook I did you not I

no ID name but I could help idea I was
just saw relating that to way that like


sourdough by me

the the Facebook fuck very own over
right but i chego Kochi murdoch common

the fuck

we got 3.89 million phantom close to
hitting four million folks

I get a promotion we here for me and I
thought it sooner the better

a not sure that I it’s not sure I get
three both the claim that matter I

but you know how to make yourself male
Mesa for you throughway up

Howard Thurman Allison said I something
that I

remember there was again else and
Williams yet Mike cause

yeah guys she said don’t like when you
snoop you

always find what you’re looking for yeah
to a every that spoken true just don’t

do it

even if you don’t find it you’re gonna
assume something is as good as mad at

her for cheating on him in

before they even got together ignorance
is bliss used him

like what the fuck she a course she made
out with somebody before like her

threaded a little bit weird I could not
find out your friend your girlfriend

fucked up with a friend that she hangs
out with most people hook up with other

from the point where you guys are like
we are together nothing matters nothing


right already going forward is she and
all he said that he knows she’s not the

kinda girl that

cheat on him great so before

before she even was with you she kissed
somebody good for her

that’s great but not just anybody a guy
that she’s doing that with the

giant at the top Brenda purrs that you
have that with

other people youth where that doesn’t
matter if we’re about people that think

they’re in love

is like that there they’re in love with
themselves more than they are with the

other person

I’d love to delve deeper sleep lab rape
so this case as you had my love maybe

doesn’t but he says he’s in love with
this girl

yeah he hates the fact that she was like
happier met someone before they even met

each other

now and it’s like a very selfish thought
to have like 0

I’m the only one that can love you I’m
here to say that I W

oh yours so so many people say after
breakup or like normal love you like I


yeah like that is the most ignorant
selfish shit you can ever say

dehumanize people yes a shitload one
that no one will ever love you as much

as I like this Google didn’t exist
before he likes jury

late like I have brought you into the
world in you kiss someone before me to

get you say that you’re the best

will best that this girls ever held
koozie there’s some millions

billion you’ve on this road only you
have the

the emotional capacity in the job
physique to

love our buyers yeah yet fuck ’em
pissing me off actually

yep while some girls here I’m hurt your

yet but I’m fuckin you getting yoked up
Hannah and Jack Kyser

your arms are fucking massive half an
hour think there’s a real workout with


you’d you have worked out at three years
if you are not a listen in your arm

ripped and I won’t give me a green car

I’m give you a cream it’s like your
muscles never atrophied they just get

stronger and I have never seen anything
like he fled to drive by those with


and then your belly is just filled with
cleared it I

this is how you got into a fight on the
plan which is another story on

cell he always got into an altercation
on an airplane on the way over here

i’d did I don’t know if I can’t do this

justice but I left her a latte

Friday 6 a.m.

six am playing gotta wake up at like 345
but i wanna make I when he showed up his

bag was a backpack into plastic
shoplifter it was also wearing flip

flops because quite you then you don’t
have to take them off in the security


i think thats fair and smart EZ Mart and
you have not taken is

American flag bathing suit up for days
so you land at 9 a.m. LA time around


Eastern that you’re drunk on the plane

well like an hour into the net play the
store death

male flight attendant male players and
their I am

happened to Lake my job line let’s put
it that way

are you very gay friendly I and II love
gay people

and they love you her know I can
generalize I think a

ideally if the generalization is that
you loved it people now but I do

I’ve never met a game and i three giving
you free drinks your flight was at what

time 645 645 services 7:45 a.m.

failure in Armenian pay mean it did you
ask Richard like Haiti on a free vodka I

why I wear

impact your the bathroom and missed

course and I’m may know I always make I

be I’ve been pretty good lately I like a
holding eye contact with people that I

know of I’m like

I am feeling confident I like me I like
knowing I’m easy and I had a

and if I can hold like how they were
someone I know I am I going down the

right path

I’m good at Skinner if they look away I
know they scared I’ll

you know they scare you not like that
here for

so how did you broach the idea but get
seven in the morning

he offered it to me I with a without you
even progeny that you wanna

drill no use a computer I was like is
that bug you can I have aa 15 good as it

has a sorta like the of brown out
because it didn’t have a question and

like I do and drink

so are standing up in back by the
bathroom again and a very high on a

drink and I think I

I work on a drink you know a guy get
that battle OJ that mess that the

state’s you raise nearly matched with
limited a screwdriver and so yeah me too

okay to Bill airplane models and then he
did that again in an hour and then did

it again in an hour

the fast forward to about 9 a.m. elaire
played out as a bug 9 a.m. Pacific a lot

about to go and power now the heart and
he’s got the 11 I know that I thank God

every hour and a half yeah if I have
been known to about the right at you

know it’s a way for me also get more
drinks they’re pretty tipsy

your what you would call the perfect
amount a drug I yeah

I at No was Lou Gehrig yeah I

tag their clan that luv gehrig drawn
others getting a lot of work done on the

plane now JetBlue they got good wifi job
luv you’re listening I change and I’ll a

from my indicted Thursday not charge me

lessening I

hash tag now JetBlue nanny I

and nagging me that refinancing I was

outing their stories for you Bri Barca
so you let wheel and why did you have to

pee but there there’s the

see bell because you’re landing so as
soon as the seat belt but goes on down

everyone stands up and starts getting
the bags you fucking be line towards the

bathroom and take a piss

yeah you’d get at the bathroom there’s a
line of people waiting to get off the

plane you know the eyelids feel to your

walking through the see if people think
the easy part may try to get back to see

but a corner them they just think you’re
China Lake rush at the plan before them

well and know most people like okay
disconnected cedar

he does i mean bag containing iraq gonna
skip the line no one

does that I don’t think anyone does fat
or but one guy one guy

thought I was doing that and this was
like two seats behind me

and insist dude who takes sitting down
at the time

and I’m like going by my side like
bunches me as a girl like you all summer


and Mike yeah back to my feet if that
okay with you

and he likes dan job he wearing

is a deluge I’m a tough guy and now and

no I’m not trying to be a tough guy I’m
trying to go back to my

any is that okay with you and many pay
cut his sunglasses

anything like why you tryna top

and Mike I’m not tryna I

a little better life he and covert
that’s what my bags are

yeah and I to rate this story like the

I’m both sides in the emergency exit and
the stories

was like I am are you guys okay

and a mic yeah I’m OK I I like the tub
is laid back down from a fight

trying to be a tough guy Noel I channel

the heat good right now I’m owns at all

are you da a yeah you want to be top

I actually don’t wanna beat up mother

I wasn’t tryna be OA from you

trying to be I know if you listen you
fucking bitch

and you’re only two years altogether but
every day is our backyard

four days later you’re like your combat
you know I can come at me I’m really

like them on an airplane do what the
fuck you talkin about how big was this

guy that he looked at you use export I’m
like I’m not a fucking plane flight from

on a guide him plane when you talking
about I’m not sure

i DK showed you I never shot you guys
should not be undertaken but not

third I not like this claim the

a rather time I don’t know what to say
to questions

I really but I think I think that’s
going to happen here question from a

woman I think they’re all males

yeah I at sir how goes majority very
questions are from guys

will have you back on hear more about
the butler someone is horny layer

insight about stuff

we forget to mention we have a a live
podcast coming up on November 13th

tickets are about have sold out so you
should snatch him up while you still can

it’s very fun

very it’s a tough festive atmosphere and
the more people are there the better

November 13 okay is just back in

thanks a definite you define it as short
as their

a third please check that out and if you
have your own questions that you want to

try to tackle

or your own beans on I’ll mercy it’s a

if I really show and shemale dot com
wells are still accepting thumbnail


600 by 3:15 which is perfect for
Facebook right there

you’re the one who told me that yeah 305
315 patrolled

I you can do it bigger UK US 600 by 600

on as long as the Ange dates into the
parametered for the six hundred by 3:15

in your local border you for the really
make sense but you should start a

social media podcast sorry just talk
give you advice about how the shirt on


but OK it’s okay good social media

yelling hundreds of thousands both I

a thank you to dirt Parker for reading
the opening p.m. Sun

and the closing theme song by two ladies

who I think have submitted before their
name are alley in with their

Dave anything you want to say or promote
before we go yeah

um howdy yeah out a bit but

itself thanks today thanks you guys for
listening will be back soon laid out


kill me and get job training

dole don’t


dude yeah

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