Episode 113: Bad Skin (with Jon Gabrus!)

A personal favorite.  This episode is laughs from start to finish.  The guest if fantastic and the guys seem to really feed off each other.  Add to this a fantastic #parody song on the top end and this is an instant crassic.



Comedian and friend Jon Gabrus joins us to discuss discuss acne, trinkets, and communes.

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very funny episode we left a lot because
John Gay verses on and he’s really funny

things got really enjoyed it up by

Saturday mom the flip through mouth

home just to see you are the screws even

contenders match game the user big-name

just to get some kind million by

janzen slanderous them to me

peace just want a snack from

good job on she’s a real live cutie

themselves I’ll be explained all rights

needs now

yeah the bed and a collections
attendance and

he said god damn style show the largest

miss lowered

the man

use tags

come down to email

New Haven

Wow that my favorite wine that they were
all I never at the NW and Maria W guy

that thinks that you gave us what you

i’d truly enjoyed as a solidarity I’m
assuming cuz I don’t know anything about

pop music I

by and we’ll add that dan and his wife
and/or sister

I or someone who also the last name two
starts with W are working together to

make it up like this yeah

we’re happy for them we start every
episode with the theme song

made by our fans sometimes they’re
parity son have you ever heard that the


why you gotta be so yeah due to that I
did these people know that your favorite

song but that’s not my favorite song

busted how dare you it’s my second
favorite I

my favorite song is jerry’s rather we
all know that

your paper one is on is down is on his
own I know I know it I know it

may have ever concerned at all times
david Kerr if their current Sun

let me I think if their current size for
like that kendricks I’m a beer like in a

man sorry I feel like I’m dodging

husband dig himself paper without my
known another now

okay no no no you’re free I editor
arthur’s our first dance was

none other I got this a good let me know
how you like it when my parents

with our son and I

and I know it your paper conspired with
everything about your mind let the

and the I up with sorry figures

you think I’m specifics are just in
general night is come clean and


I don’t know what he’s thinking
everything you’ve heard him that letter

goes on land

my head that letter goes on my passenger
the guys things are the Tahoe not that

not that I yeah

to the wraps are you guys arrival
someone is the guy who sings with a


I just called music i gather you had a
good time for you

I how much time with I go to the %uh the
exact yet I built up on a big

I you’re touching a court again

I’m site took a I wasn’t touching a
purpose I was just I know

as just hand out in big you’re touching
a purpose and I I just wish we wouldn’t

have to do this every time

okay on site what was that song gonna
kill me

love song that I like yet it is that a
rap song

it sorta like a pastime it’s a lot like
why you gotta be so rude

I’ll I’m is it all about the basic

other is good I like bang bang nose up
what had a bigger

a train paying and then add the the

yet that one is that ms. by the way
however I run by Nico and yeah and

that’s that yeah

and it is let’s get on here a surge on
gay breast

I i thought i was just here to Council
you a

things are going to the show banks are
having Howard our fans know who you are

your fans might know me as I’ve been in
a bunch of college humor videos

yeah and or if your fans also unplug
from Jake and Amir watch television

why I not exactly that if they enjoy
things on a bigger screen they might


me from guy code on MTV and

assorted other comedy podcasts and live

when people at the UC B&W CB theater and
otherwise have people stop you honestly

what’s the

never can you tell what they know you
from based on what they look like yeah

if they’re black they know me from I and
if they’re like

I’ll all white like hipsters they know
me from you see be sure right

yet but if they’re black and I A or
their black hipster

Kommentare black issue they don’t know
who the hell I believe in you

if they’re black answer they know me
from my cornel west at documentary that

I’m I

it a used to be relief like it was funny
for a while I gotta be what ministry

ninety like two young black dude walking
up to me and I’d like to fuck

I’m in trouble now I what’s up come II
hey in Ag

guy code I might yeah lets me a good

and that’s going to be the first thing I
do however it like a sketchy situation I

agree what do I well as I

a much better now just being truly I

who starred rather like to have you go
take a while

they’re going to you

shaken amir’s fans might know me as the
racist the iPod

at the I services and advice podcast on
a theory listen to it but basically


email us at a fiery showed him and a
common they’re asking for advice

and we read a couple other emails and
try to advise them at a bit

some has just made a good sometimes we
have our funniest friends join us okay

course are you by episode 130 yeah

alright well I guess it’s time to bring
in gay bridge the final yeah

really old phone books you know we’ve
already had girl which

five times and the fuck you never had a
real bad

he’s never done yeah I

111 the same citizens that Sami Salo we
can’t do Skype

these what we did in New York for a
couple my that’s quite enough yeah

later on this I could disturb even
though not

not even today with me terribly busy at
the 32nd to be

wishes bleep heard we never be even
bigger which belief care which you never

believed her which

a alright actually get to some these
questions we gave

these are really emails but we given
fake names preserve the anonymity can


a help us out there just every time I
ask you for a fake name you can do

whatever you want this is just that

a 20-year-old student who’s been
courting a girl by

okay act campus no be level again yep is
no like as a No

yeah 0 that you have even bigger I got a
very good afternoon my new movie

yeah I just saw the idea here tonight

I you realize how hard it is to do
really good

it’s Zac Efron and Olivia newton-john
the all-male does she plays his mother a


I oh no she plays the teacher those are
amir’s two favorite actors I

newton-john exact effect run are

two favorite actor nobody likes them
here I love the Indian John and I love

that that cap

that’s really all the actor that I care
about how will the month I have no idea


15 going on 49 I was like my idea ever

a herald an mod a

re reboot about an old guy and a young

but the old guys played by the young guy
in held in mah

now is an old guy and he liked the young
girl who and every forty years they can

redo the movie

other that no that’s a money-making
machine I that after like a hundred and

sixty years you’ll have some serious
chatter stacked

up by then we’ll all be living until age

I alright so campus no far-right I’ll
try to keep this short sweet and boxer


I’ve been blessed since birth with very
clean skin on my skin

is horrifyingly why I’ve never had
acting up never so much I’ve had two

more than two pimples on my face at the
same time

I’m a 20-year-old student who has been
recently courting this girl in things

have been going great

and I think I’d like to go steady with
her here’s where things get sticky

or should I say a greasy this girl is
hot i’m talking a straight-up nickel

with a couple pennies

but she is very poor skin on her face
and it’s very oily and greasy

after a week or so looking up I woke up
with what can only be described as a

pimple goatee

I’m not so insecure that I can handle a
few people here and there but by dating

this girl I also inherit her bad skin

I’m not in a position to tell her about
it because we are that close here and I

know your thinking and no I can’t pull
the Jake fade away and slowly not talk

to her because we sit next to each other
every class

should I just go with it should I say
something to her should I just take

better care of my own skin

and I being a diva I’d like to make it
clear that I don’t minor imperfections

but question if it’s worth my piece of
pizza face thanks

helped me please love campus Nova now is
that chock full o

inside Jake and Amir references may be
so yeah

gonna take fade away yeah DJ failure and
nickel into to help you like I was no a

couple things are your dime piece

yeah it was also mentioned in the song

yes that’s how it started to your own a
lexicon a few

just I’m here right on himself they had
issued an accredited yeah

the next to villagers question up the
next emails and not even in English

I different languages developed I are
any word on what do you think

I didn’t order anything about that a

so what initial reactions the add to
that email

my initial I and I feel like this is
always gonna be my initial reaction I

just say it for the first question about

relaxing I it’s always going to be
relaxed john has relaxed yeah

federated like my dream girl has
literally every question that is


yet let’s just get that out at the top
yeah not say it every time but we’re

just going for the answer is always just
relax you know any

your 20 not going to be your wife order
she is your car like

but if you’re getting pussy

like who cares if she’s got as some
happy if you’re okay with

her having the Acme like you clearly are
key at parent you’ve been hooking up for

a bit yapping

be okay with getting a little she shit
on your face you know the name is not be

contagious like that

I think if we all y’all getting from her
skin today his

dammit do they have a go Minaj it off
with a slice a bike artichoke pizza

as how the fuck are they getting how
much oil can you transfer from

face to face I don’t even like you so

yell kisser just pull away shine I

like the edges with bus submerged into a
deep fryer almost

yeah I mean I’ve gone through I’ve gone
through way worse just to get hurt you

know hook up with a chance I think a bug
in a little acne on the chain is no big


overweight were contained but nah be a
week do you get the greasy ball

that’s going to be a singer

when you got the the discharge you gonna
be hot air gunnery unity hoping for a

pimple go to any idea when you got

you get a little outta and you’re like i
now I have pimples all over my pubic


I and then there are also some

not pimples with lesions almost inside
the reader and i got really but I can

probably are all

yeah your standards are so low that my
heart has been falling out in clumps

I gotta do something about my chin
temples I

I say two-thirds so hot I i say maybe

like after you look up if this is a good
steady thing or before you look up

maybe just without saying anything to
her just like a whole lot I gotta go

wash my face

I just said look into the matter you can
just hit that yet but if you say I’m

gonna go watch live in a case like

why I just got it’s just what I do at
night yeah you know maybe that settling

president yeah I am but I still like

people with bad skin often ago she must
be hyper aware

yeah I try to take at twenty year old
girl with bad skin is aware that she had

pants Kenya

like I didn’t even notice I had be there
yes I also will you tell her to relax

because wherever she is she’s just threw
up in the park at you

n there’s about if however many girl
listeners you have everyone thinks this

is member I got fucked its me they know
they now

efficiencies britt if she’s hot then she
know she is Baskin legacy if it’s not


their top reggie’s like a monster it’s
not going to the top of the list

her worst nightmares like this guy
emailing like I think I’m catching her

bad steer

like that literally her clit with her
sister that they’re so bad they’re

spreading to my favorite but they’re
jumping all heard CNN on to mine

that also could be I don’t know how much
campus no hooks up

might just in general if you never
really hook up with like

just a lot official contact with anyone
whether they have

pimples are not or greasy skin or not
you just open yourself up to it may well

be writing while you’re exchanging oils
no matter who it is or if you’re

going down there like your face is just
touching on new things that has in touch


you kiss me or at school so maybe it’s
his developing a a and intolerance

turner’s thats

I’ll just let it fester on your face
yeah I have your skin will start to

reject the only

the worst way this works out is that she
dumps him eventually because his skin is

the best I

I’m sorry you got a letter I could
handle the

having a simple treasures hidden hers
then stay here

yeah I’m a teddy is it what is this
distorts get more people interested to

get less

hedges steely had a maximum number exit
and they’re just moving

they’re just how great he is like in the
rogue like he’s just like slowly

draining her power and I kills them

the thing is I was hot when I had
pimples your you can afford that guy you

are you are on there are two years
without them I

you’re lucky that I was knocked down a
few bags now I can get someone much

better than you

whose getting worse so and we’re not
even a talk about the dangerous

situation that is to be hooking up with
a girl who you sit next to in

every yeah it’s not a good idea that is

Ben personal how do you end up in the
same for every class or damage at all

that’s like aquatic engineers asana
super specific major

the college has the signs the UPS you
just sitting there for though

the girl you got what is the gross next
to an every class that I data is

that a nightmare in a bit said stresses
them out a little bit here in like

doctor tom is not talking or can they
can yeah it’s a doctor in every class a

date ever stop talking to her

ever again will be a new semester we
just opened a law firm together

I of BN adopted I’m talking to my wife

I can’t do the J courage wife

fade away I oh I paid away from a
nine-year relationship yeah

it away from the light be cleared yeah I
did you not killing I was low and slow

now dead even pick you up today that he
didn’t pick up their pick you up today

but they’re not the next three days and
then all the sudden that he never had to

pick anybody

I bet you did that even a delay

a is that is picking up other kids nah
that goes

that’s funny you’re cheating on your
family but by doing responsibilities for

another person

yeah ages are you fucking your I’m just
picking up for kids wanna meet a new

woman who has a whole new family in just
move on

I it’s got the switch

its Upper Big scene was out like a light
hot up though the white party at the

home a layup the home the hallmark at

at my other Mary that worry a homie
hopper is

another movie I’m working I /url yeah
where I black teachers all switch

friends for a day

I it really doesn’t have that much drama
in the building had been pretty fine and

they actually discover that they had

yes meet new friends and people into a I

so basically relax and take better care
of your own skin sounds good wash your


yet you might be like sets answer
president if you like I gotta go wash my

breath at a pre

good behavior breeds more good behavior
like to buy one if I’m lying in bed with

somebody and I gotta go brush my teeth
my for

other address where you want to be the
guy that doesn’t project Orion

like I’m gonna wash my face like okay
why don’t you go wash your face and then

come back

with like and I feel extra dirt right
and or like you when you go to your know

where the body

like like and then you’re like both
about the leaving your like I guess a

lot i guess i watch

you’re both doing that again I’m are we
both disgusting

I can’t wait to see the fake washing

like you had that issue behavior people
just matters like about getting prizes

like to be a cheese Bradley

that’s cool with you let it get to you
right you to do the good version I bet

she was our faith

yeah Bay can I recommend benzoyl

six-percent I

him since Fred Phelps a look at the let
the tax return every class forever

the delays have bad skin growing up to
you know that other stuff I know I love

it all because

a like people talked about it but I I
never really had dads gonna make a

greasy sweaty Italian but I’ve never had
by her ample

where’s the grease girl I R just like
you can see in our eyes and starts with

a hair all up in here mike

excuse me in my hairline and yeah that

I when I played football I got pimples
on my chain cuz my chin strap

I get like if I wear this greasy hat

all day long like and sweating it I’ll
get pimp like

but I did tell I spot get pimples in the
most obvious place right but you don’t

have the natural the

oily jewishness that just sort of six
forces its way out now

right never had that like I had some
pimples when I was in high school like

everyone else but I never had to like

yeah go on and I accutane oh yeah my
brother took accutane

did we say so bad national it’s like a
nuclear bomb in your

I learned that it like affects you
mentally I know again at a teen suicide

klondike may be loosely linked to yeah

it so that you into a deeper I mean it
doesn’t help that if you are so far down

the self hatred that you’re taking good
chemical grade medicine

your face right now might also be your
pre predispose other depression right

but I was the worst I was worse than
that cuz I was not bad enough for

accutane but too bad for everything else
yes I was stuck in the middle zone right

couldn’t take pills and unlike

this year which is dry me out but I
would still have that

ya that’s the pits you know I’ll say
that this is a little off topic but I

heard that people who

who suffer from i BS’d airline bowel
syndrome the %ah yet irritable bowel

syndrome D means diary like OC instead

see which is constipation ok I people
suffer from that

is are there the suicide rate is four
times higher than just normal depression

really I could that crazy so if you have
diarrhea is

more sad than depression well its be
good this is like

the most extreme cases only because you
can’t leave the house because you a slow


your sofa love him like you’re always
embarrassing yourself cuz you’re always

shit like

you getting runs your life shooting runs
my life to a minor degree these people

are like shooting

literally predicts what they can and
can’t do for the rest of their lives oh

my god

yeah I learned from a friend were two
forms Google advertising they’re working

on my couch cures for IBS day

i like it so on Mac

if I had I would pay anything to be
cured writer and if you imagine that the

ability that like every time you leave
the house there is a

75 percent chance you’ll release fecal

into your pants and in public it’s so
sad that it’s almost making diarrhea not


right and I i rehabbed money in my head
not really my diary every minute I

they are you laughing hysterically right
sneezed at my ass

I leaky faucet it out of corporate style

I got a leaky faucet with batman is a
rusty water

the hours where the bird area described
alright look at that picture

let’s go to this next question this is
from a lady the other ladies name

%uh that so that’s all I have is lady
told me on tax I’m 21 because I feel

like advice columns are like

okay austen Minnewaska yes it all
doesn’t know if she did something wrong

here for boyfriend is not being

nice to her who suspect number 0
huddling numbers 0

you had that before I said anything
happen as a when you said thought she’d

Italy Russia

I panicked I ever year ago i BS’d

suspect number 0 rights hey I was a late
bloomer I got my very first serious

relationship with my current boyfriend
just over a year ago when I was 24 we

are both still in school live at home

work during the week and live about an
hour away from each other for the most


our weekly date night and one night we
can sleep overs work for me

but as I was talking to a girl from the
other day I thought it was weird that we

never spend more than one night together
and I haven’t been on a little vacation


I always asking to spend more than one
night he always has an excuse

I have also asking to go away with me
for a week and nothing too extravagant

scrap extravagant just to yosemite or
Tahoe or something nearby

and I even offered to pay for the whole
trip and he still shot me down

I get sad sometimes because I feel like
he doesn’t have feel the same way for me

as I do for him

leading me to get mad and start a fight
wherein he tells me that I am a mopey

ass bitch

because I don’t get because I don’t get
my way so here’s my question to you is

the game over reacting in a plausible
that after year together spending a

weekend together would be a reoccurring

even take a little weekend getaway every
now and then says this is my first

relationship I don’t know if I’m asking
too much but I feel like regardless I’m

not a mopey ass bitch

maybe you guys can shed some light on
the situation for me thanks

love suspect zero but

she doesn’t know better cuz this is our
first relationship

it sounds like a first relationship
right it sounds like a high school it’s


because it really does sound like a high
school or a college relationship

outside when you’re not good when you
don’t go to school with the girl yeah

really feels like that one night a week
we going to date one night a week we

have a sleepover

right and I we talk on the phone every
day but it’s weird that they’re 24

gather with their prayers oh it’s really

has like a 17-year-old parallel to
attract although when I was 17 I did not

have the gumption the call a woman a
more BS

sometimes not even if you don’t have
been yeah 24 you should not be calling


should call women at a mopey as bitch no
matter how mopey ASI or bitchy she is

i right I feel like if you call your
girlfriend amo PS bitch you don’t get a


beauty i get a text that makes me think
that’s you are she should take yourself

away from it he’s been he’s been bad

heat this makes his makes you think like
now this is just jumping to the worst

possible situation

he has another graphic right eileen is
how you guys have one weekly date night

one weekly sleepover in the resolute I’m
is cheating on you yeah I get hit or

your he’s cheating on someone else only
view mo are the other woman you are the

other suspect number zero because why
would you wanna go away for one weekend

with unless he has

now I know we’re just talking about IBS
by Angela Hart has a with a girl for 10


if you have diarrhea in your life get
away with a once but even if he had

diarrhea I would say it’s not okay to
call her to her face

a mopey ass to bed yes unless the
diarrhea is really have heretofore

you get your double yeah a Tier II not
deserve Algeria 0

in reality there yet use you should just
not be spoken to like that right tell

him that he should nappies

speaking to you right well I mean like I
think that the mopey as bitches

pressure on acceptable but like the
icing on this cake that’s already

taste terrible right at it like a year I

up her asking to spend more time for
wanting more

to give himself more into this
relationship anything

not so that’s the that’s the the problem
you like

what is what are you getting into this
relationship at this point yeah there’s

one pushing a pill

and then you like finally alike I want
to take a vacation with you and his

reaction isn’t like

I understand that you want that it’s
just your amo Piazza

big yeah so let’s let’s do a little
intellectual exercise sure

let’s see if we can get put ourselves in
this do ted and what would make

what would be the best most positive
reason why

he won’t go on these vacations with
their I what

that he doesn’t like her that much under
the most positive yeah that at most that

is the

I was going to be the most positive is
that he’s afraid that it’s going too

fast but one year his

long to be concerned about going too
fast Arabia

them the most I could give this guy and
I don’t get many things maybe they

maybe he’s insecure cuz he likes you too
much in is like

he spent two days with me you may not
like me as much i wanna keep this

fresh and exciting site one date night
one sleepover and he’ll stay interest of

mine and I have a theory

okay I he hasn’t told her his parents

that he has a girlfriend that could be
it too I was only one night

she said ask him to take off that he may
be work

right one day on the weekend in like
keen needs the money or likes his job

doesn’t wanna fuck eyelashes that on
paper it’s just yet this is just

inlex just Yessica the SSL China me back
and see this guy’s the valuable exercise

because we’re struggling so much to give

any write and read and if it’s like
we’re actively trying to be as

creatively possible to be like why is
this guy not an asshole

I still feel like makin outright callers
can as long as we don’t know his point

of view

me but I’m trying she might be really
moping she might you really don’t know

how much from opps


most but that was started by its hot
shit to be fair I would never call a

girl amo PS bitch unless you’ve been
like a real mode yeah

one yeah less smoke really have three
let the bed except for

les aspin you could have added in I’ve
never as real as theirs but you need it

I think the this seems like the end of
the first relationship you’re ready for

your second really that’s what yet you
might now now like what

that missus that’s a great point we’re
now you know I like to hang out with my

boyfriend yet more than twice

a designated week you know better that’s
what relationships are you learning a

little bit

every single time and I the end you’ve
got somebody

you know as close to you again perfect

not right people never be perfect I like
the perfect match for you

which is somebody who goes away on
vacation and doesn’t call you a mopey as

billionaire every thrown out free
vacations by the way

yeah haha okay I got to drive your sexy
from Calhoun right now

are you sorry that so it’s a five hour
drive to be lovely vacation have but if

you just wanna go to: seventy with you

going west is gonna be a case with this
girl 2003 but we realize midway through

the week she is she really is a mopey
al-bashir the fuck up

it was seventy I she will go on I like
to think that they’re just moping

I been there the love it is like there’s
no no good reason to call your gf amo


we SA this is grounds for termination
just straight up given to this guy

yeah I would say before his I’m I’m a
fan up like

adaptation like if it’s new to even the
relationships knew him to

maybe he needs to know you don’t talk to
me like that yeah

and it’s important to me that you go on
vacation and if it you don’t think that

that’s important to you

then we our priorities are different
let’s and this but maybe he just needs

to because if it knew him to

relationships in general maybe just need
to be pointed out that compromise is a

major part of the event

you be surprised if you dude especially
and then young women to

right new data you please raise a few
people realize that like yet you kinda

can’t just do exactly what you wanted to
know how we’re not

yeah a major part of it is again savage
calls it the price of admission

and I yet it just like part relationship
is yet you may not like this about the

person but if you like everything else

you deal with that part you don’t like
thats I like that I was really sounded

we’re not used to getting really sound
advice on the show some can’t a setback

I thought that’s where I me and yeah

113 funny sms Anna but I also have like
some gay dad I know we don’t have gas

every episode

%ah yeah I thought a lot of houses and
you just forgot even though I guess

before yeah

I build us a KB I’m up people who are
funnier me

and nobody’s several times good and if
they’re not around to be allowed

we just got alright let’s see if this is
a better day by day I’m so tired of each

other we needed a third person in the
room it didn’t matter who it was he

looking for a Sat night david thank you

a okay yeah everybody here to make me

if you get this is actually works out
and I’ll it

so out at it’s easy for us to say just
break up with this guy but that may not

be the worst thing but I guess you can
give them a chance and let him know that

he can’t call you that

and then let them know that you want to
go on vacation and if he says no to both

those things are pushes back at all

and cause your mobile AB once again then
it’s time to yeah

eilers plenty more dudes out there that
like vacations

and don’t use the B word when referring
to women you should let him go which is


like we’re talking about that song I let
a girl so that the one thing I A line

wedding at over music

yeah it was a got is he has a voice but
it’s not quite talking

yeah allotted yeah but he is pretty bad
advice that song you only know you lover

if you let her go

the air that’s not so you let her go I
don’t think that’s true

yeah that’s kinda risky yeah I really
like this dog let me let it go

oh and the park and then if it comes
back to me whereas the many

alright endicott all I don’t have it
margin I

I gladly that a yes I

that’s an ideal I that is unless they’re
just as I found out I love dad I

here and I do love the cock oh man
that’s gonna hurt me now I really loved


now what am I to do I

I next question the app at 21 year old
guy from connecticut I’ll

at the Hartford Whalers I that any other
context was questioned at Hartford where

as a really good actually cousin you
know if the the the basic all it w

a I L gr well lately whaling in Hartford

that’s good whaling in her dwelling in
Hartford is even better cuz that’s more


yeah I advice columns outs and Eileen
I’ve been doing this for 139 garth

yeah I now if whale I

be brought to my attention a couple
times likely 112 a hand in hand

this partners with the mir for like
seven or eight years now assuming we’re

this episode I

still up in the air a I’m a 21 year old

from connecticut and much like when I
was 12 years old and discovered

masturbation I’ve got into a really
sticky situation on my hands

a little over a year ago my ex and I
broke up after several months of

wallowing in self pity I finally saw the
forest for the trees and notice that the

forests look surprisingly like a
cheating whore

fast forward to the present where I’m in
a healthy relationship with the girl so

great she’s more crisp than a dollar and
a dime

she’s the or other Crist to have a crisp
dollar than a dime and even read it

are your yard butchering scrambler
here’s the problem

when my relationship ended I was so
bummed I never got all my stuff back

that she had borrowed from me

now most ovett was trivial stuff a few
books trinkets and thus touch

such but she also had a necklace which
was a gift my mother gave me and a baby

blanket I’ve had since birth

I like my sent I’d like my sentimental
stuff back but I don’t want to deal with

it or talk to that whole bag ever again

how do I get my shit back without ever
seeing her again during the question

here is look at you

the funniest look at their as I knew I
had the baby rank and I was like dr.


I so is that we had to get his shit back
with a dwelling in Hartford is very

fitting for the day

life is just a few others blanket bag
yeah how do I get my will be back

I for you know how you grow the fuck up

you really want it back up its for civil
how this got being a mopey as big as he


him ok we have beds now I get it I

I got some layers here a why do you
still have your baby blanket be

how does your girlfriend end up with it
see why do you still need it bad

that’s said Satter Senate

I in that order I know you’re quite as
my blankie and I need in fact and a

necklace my mother gave me

yes all your dude if it’s not a change
don’t want it

I to have neck with his mother and it’s
a bookish elderly gotta take a general


yes believe that back you I had never
dealt with getting shit back from an

X-ers a gone forever

I feel like that’s the sometimes it’s
like take the L

there’s a couple girls that went to
merit scholars everybody dealt lifeguard

I from BBQ I gotta take the L on
something that shit like that this guy

it’s a sunk cost you don’t wanna talk to
her again

you back impeded the you answered your
own question that but it but what if you


stuff back more than a month doctor is
there a conduit he can use a third is

what I would

I will the Virgin Islands opportune I
want to go on record and say that I

agree with

you take the L your dad’s that’s gone
for a you’re being a baby you

don’t want your pee your fucking baby
blanket back but in a way I can sort of

understand like

I don’t need the blanket I don’t want
her to have something says that right

and who’s to say she still even has
right that’s true I bit

like chances are she doesn’t have to be
replaced and sizes like this fuckin

s love is like she has a budget my

I could haul my what you fuckin admiral
Capri on inception

just my spinning top I don’t know if I’m
in reality they are not

I get some marbles in Jax I

a little snow globe this a glittering
trinket their lead anywhere either

yet again until she Native American
you’re buying land of her every time you

wanna I

nurses good be an issue got a stack a

disease-ridden blankets but on the plus
side I do have 29,000 square miles

that’s right as in louisiana already and
I thought I have that guy

corner here’s what I say he said he does
is on

you take inventory of the stuff you have

and use the hey I have a bunch your
stuff and

let’s do it as well yeah like email or
text like we should

why don’t you think likes what mister
lee like if you want to be so cool about

the agitated by Adam on your stuff on
your back

like oh you know what I want your stuff
to you what a

what about a third let’s just think
about a business idea here at the third

party escrow service that comes in get
your stuff back at the hotel is a little

worse lawyer yes up in the air like a
liar like boyfriend Republic exactly

what’s up dead clammy and we have a boy
he and some trinkets in a necklace

I am to understand there’s also a baby
blanket on the premises

reminds me this is also slowing related
but I a bar other

remember the movie idea we had for the
business well as is a

although I it see words it’s a hit man
for pets

like a dad is this in greater the kid
will walk the dog and i’m taking care of


I it’s a guy that comes in kill the dog

makes it look like an accident writer
designer dogs there it’s called

all dogs go to Kevin yeah became a
character’s name is Kevin and that’s the

business that is done by the way this
makes you to some XO siege

I let me know what I did not showed yet
most obvious thing is you kill it

for the best idea for a guy who murdered

I feel like you guys were the Kadima for
so long that all dogs go to Kevin came

to mind I

we can turn this into anything tonight

I Serena Williams so I world champion
Tetris player

I perfect there’s a pretty good yeah

now that I am sure that is err is a
two-minute video featuring

me and will Hines George basil somewhere
with that premise

headlines anything your test go to yeah

not terrible you Serena you’re listening
and I know venus is so

penises get a ring in the room long-haul

on mississippi a tip she’s badass you’ll
get their death I’m I would say why does


I also really wanna know why your
ex-girlfriend has your baby blanket like

yeah why the situation does it occur

where you even let her know you have a
baby by no less

leavitt at her house well this is the
this is it this is a

her with move I don’t know if I invented
it but I’d but is that really

this is legit you i think im imagine up
I guess once so

first time your girlfriend to trying to
make a follow up with you to get sick

you bring her over your first up the
animal your first baby blanket your

favorite t-shirt something soft that she
can cuddle

and it’s a very sweet sentimental move
or you had to fake it is that would you


course I could ever want to give her
your real I

not the real play yeah how to television
are you get the dirtiest

ugly uglier teddy bear you can find I
imagine you’re like some Liam Neeson

taken care to you I pull a pelican case
Avenue C

flip it open in its like a will be to
step down was like

alright Timika I over something that’s
only been around for four years we night

this is a southern always made me feel
better really to Charlotte Bobcats on it

where they’re not even around europe or

a7 migrate uncle was a bobcat

I you gave me this alright class of 2014

I so I had a didn’t want to tell you
this I hear other I’d rather blow me

like my big boy he pp you mokey mokey

I’m begging you gotta hope your dick in
a blanket third party is also a reason

like are you friends with any of her
friends still

probably not if you’re casually calling
her a cheating

Rai you’re not present cheating whores
cheating whores over people that use

life that in your life yeah

like I feel like if you got to the point
where in herm in your mind he’s a

cheating whore

you gotta take the L yeah I got a
third-party dangers too because then you

have to ask a friend to viewers to go
get your baby blanket Bessemer Ala finds

out that you have a baby

yet to do this yourself as a result of
missus changing your name

on the iPod guess this is the best the

keeping anonymity here is the best idea
possible carp a regular

we are days that connecticut we’ve
already said too much we added this may


%uh so either go for it if you really
want it

or you can’t ever see it again that’s
how it goes but I okay

you could have thrown the baby blanket
out when you were one

yeah you she did you a favor you had it
for twenty years too long

in just remember the good days yeah
didn’t you have that situation somewhat

recently where somebody old had
something that you wanted

I still think about that package shirt
and my favorite shirts yeah

I’ll I recently did a Google search for
it to see if someone was selling it on

here because I want

the exact same one and the you know they
weren’t so you’re you’re you’re

basically is resigned to the fact we can
to swat yet like

there’s they come you don’t know that
there’s a mad version if this were like

a statute of limitation the it would not
be like the level of embarrassment

outweighs how bad I want the shirt yet
the wrestling just barely

yeah I like really want the shirt I
don’t wanna talk ever is felt a little

less shame you could go for the shirt or
if you want to shoot a little bit more

and it would like I mean this would be
the first thing I said to this person in

a very long time

to like nollie hey how’s it going which
it more hey

I miss assured I’m not know

it’s a big supposition a big assumption
on your part to assume

she still has that shirt she still has
the will be you now try to pry Burnett

in a fucking has analyzed the second you
called her cheating or

that the that’s the beer like you muster
up all your

your cursor hey look I know this is
crazy I want my baby blanket back

and she’s a new fucking losers I threw
it out I

I threw it out when you gave it to me
and we’re still together cuz I thought

it was so lame

events ADEs but I you get back together
with me

lets the let’s stop for one a quick
second to think another sponsor animal

come back and we’ll do our last question
is that okay with you

now are let’s do it thank you to me

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John gay person friends

and we’re back capers left after that
first who is mad

that’s it that’s all we had a deal will
do that later searing after we’ll have

to pretend

okay occurs you know I i’m so anti
commercially I know exactly two hours no

doubt where

don’t look at my resume I believe that
my sure to look at all he had a lot of

stupid game show that both the Nautilus

I has a gun with year just to take a
little breather we don’t talk about

questions all the time

how are you I’m good I’m giddy feel like

I I’m I don’t think people realize how

I mean I’m assuming your fans assume you
guys live together

yeah to me was finding out that you guys
live together was one of the more


things in my entire life kazakh its it

oddly genuine you know like I had I
couldn’t live with my writing partner

I can live with my best friends anymore
it’s just like it’s too weird take that

your wife

yeah I could live with the man I love
their government to work with her also

right to use part you guys work together
and live together

yeah like exercise together go out
together I can meet him

Brea this relationship has gotten too
like an unhealthy level but it’s still

magnificent and charming yeah it’s a
cute codependent yeah it’s it’s like

this is gonna be depressing someday when
someone gets serious yet a woman


you guys are like just giving up somehow
we made a rather than the fact that we


we can get married anyone else well I
really had anyone know that we’re a


for her number pretty good so did I S
that I wish the I like to die I wish

that were true

yet we were just gay would be fine work
you know what don’t like

why not just fuckin change the game you
can always have a two-family house

me like me and my wife when we first got
together we lived with when we first

moved together

we live to the best friend just the
three of us in an apartment a


for like a half for years and it was
yeah I as I can only imagine like

and then like it’s you too and whoever
gets a girlfriend first check

and I

they didn’t like it literally any got
married when we get married first Amir I

and then whoever advocate birth J I

for you to find we would need to buy and

who liked us and each other and one

yeah like that lick our relationship is
already so rare

this is like some crazy yeah I would
like to thank me later women or partners

because we’re still

you know hard when I when a label images
are not out so I have to find writing

partner duo’s that

BR both female that love to get our
jungle in OTR they say the least

John you know that I don’t know him that
well I but I say

go for alright what you do need to find

you or you just need to women who don’t
hate each other they can live in the

same happy you know you mean

right like average after really like us
right on the attack on down man

yeah to family up company do I live in a
commune I wanna have like

you have a wife I have a wife you have a
wife dave has a wife

yeah and we all fuck everyone’s wives
yeah it’ll be just kids running around

in like we we don’t know this ad there
already was a letter legal aid bill

because unlike other

oh my god oh no my love we all moved in
together to end welfare but he does lies

we just saw found out that our lives
just keep fucking

yeah that would be the biggest like your
life would be like james ivory II and i

cant fuck game

I and it’s a victory but

Jake Ziegler just mean a mere play video
games every night with your life

she said she was gonna watch it grapes
is drilling everybody forgets

you other you and I are just hanging out
that way let you described was Iceland

in 1100 and then if you want to know
what happens after nine hundred years

that go to Iceland now and I’d like that
and they have a perfect society

yeah they have a very beautiful society
yeah if you like a whale meat diet cola

for forty nine dollars for every male

they really figured it out that’s not
there that’s all year everything has its

downs I well me and I call but you get
to fuck your cousin

yeah you gotta fight your good clones I

you to fuck anyone under 5 11 or with
dark features the neighborhood up

masturbation fucking over there that’s
how self-sacrificing it is

become so we oh yeah

we should law all live together sorry I
told in our up to that Tina Fey ago

we’re all gonna live together soon

right class a decir cabin here that some

this is a this upriver I love is like
your wife here I’m not joking that idea

appeals to me I can be really fun with
some friends

for like a temporary thing but I could
never sell my wife on

I even without eliminate the group sex
party with the swinging thing is what

ideas you think not weird

in our 30’s with that we have a fuckin
what made you with the dual box right

now you’re

but what about like fun silliness for
years she’s like now I can imagine

I could imagine loving like this idea
and pitching my wife and being like ok

is only would like

my friend David my brother and the end
like that and then all their kids like

that all your friends yeah many like
electronic she’s kinda annoyed I

that is 100% resemble an avid say what
about my friend at

you know you like and on and on and on I
her boyfriend rather hang out with once

or twice where are they now live with

that’s exactly I would be my letter
should be on my closest friends and

they’re gonna just be friends with their

I the most like him have ever like to
live her girlfriends

friends boyfriend a lot like got along

are there to also removed you don’t like
them anymore yeah now it’s like

you kinda I have to fake it for all but
then every once in a while there comes a

dude and then you’re like

RI I actually like this guy and then
they break up you know she can i still

hang out with that right now actually
happened I have a friend that this guy

had Johnny who lives in Brooklyn

who is at tip at Tiffany’s maid of
Honor’s boyfriend for a long time and

now they broke up

and this dude is like super
collaborationist I

but he’s like really cool and i wanna
chill at them and I’m like out here in

california tax me and I feel so
uncomfortable right

but I really like you

yeah as a perfect never reply quick
funny story about the in-house closed a

nice girl

all her friends such I mean oncologists
are went back to her high school party

like you do over summers in college haha
your home town for weekend

and she had a high school party and all
over France Oct all girls kinda annoying

and I all our friends are sort of dirt
bags and they hated me

she was like the hot girl on her high
school right and like this big

obnoxious den is now dating her and they
all wanted to fuck Aaron and I come back

dating her and all her friends sock am I
gonna be on urs their stupid boyfriends

one dude was kinda cool and as a guy
like this guy I’m kinda stuck with him

and then later on at the party some dude
comes up to me bigger than me

his home in a bottle in his hand white
and he’s like what’s up

which from coming I have a problem about
the fuck you doing here and I’ll

my girlfriend brought me and I’m trying
to not use names lax right

a group for prom here are you know I’m
dating a guy and now

I want you here other lol okay I can go

but you’re being an asshole on being an
ass all and then I look

and at the dude who I I met that day no
I thought was kinda cool

is standing behind that guy and he looks
mean us like I got you like to thank you

you think if I break my he was literally
like you at the dude who I met for three

hours I thought was kinda cool

I was like nah fight I will talk to you
if I tell you I got to the bottom

and in hindsight I think that dude is
the fact that is the ultimate version of

like meeting your girlfriend’s shitty
friends shitty boyfriend

ends up being kinda call this dude was
ready to despite guys he went to high

school with on my behalf

at the main hey wanna know that mean II
like every situation I’ve ever been like

that i fuggin

squash and by making them laugh or
whatever and I doubt it I told my

girlfriend Bowersock

to get the fuck outta here and then I
was like never visited our again I’ll

fuck this

and I was like enough to almost wanna
break up with her not because the

current fight situation but

when someone went to someone who it was
cool and all their friends suck

you like that’s enough I’m outta here I
guess is just ahead

i won get this spend time with them or
this is also a reflection on you

min that’s where you are as good as the
company that you keep right

a the and also like it lives like a girl
you date has no friends

that stellar oh yeah actually i using
our behavior you like a guy get any

I why does everyone why do you hate them
all you can hope to many people yeah I

call him

hit him like you date somebody like up
my month such a bitch

no no I

you are that everything you say about
somebody else is what you are rather

barry assured of that guy so fucking

no you are gathered by calling someone
else patty

that is be like you know that’s a snake
eating its own tail is pending

I guess so petty in small and annoying
at the super uncomfortable right

you’re currently being small penny and I
himself up I

share but I’m cool yeah but not me

yeahh but I’m not an ass all about it

yeah I had to say to someone today
someone who says I say it like it is

isn’t a someone who never does I

they like it is I hate drama yeah not
yet don’t

I a job as a good why I I’m sarcastic

the people don’t get sarcasm I’m a free
spirit are usually the most

up tight for if you read someone’s
Twitter profile and has any those words

in it you can just helpful well are they
are non

yet tender I don’t know I might render
right the thinker

general yeah later I I’m a deep thinkers
yes the isotoner themselves like I don’t

think like

a fuckin like who I you know guru a
buddhism would consider the hell

yeah anchor I should write I should type
your with my little finger than i’ve a

deep thinker

as my ginger bio base %uh thio in there
we go

finishes the sense for me space-based
period deep thinker

aidid I am that nah

I must be that I the a

that that was fun but it took a still
past when we have to go

okay yeah we just had a fun time we only
had three questions by their

we we delve deep and we we laughed a lot
so I’ll call that a W

we had talked about a canal week we
gotta w8 to head up my menu DL we got

the Delta I might even released this
episode I swear to God

that and I’m I’m just here to to see
what I wanna see what the fuck you guys

life was like

yeah I wanna catch you guys fucking I
paul got going on I was running late and

then still made it on time just as yeah

catch you guys kissing you came close to
Earth but here we are in my cabin

years in my bed yeah I am certain
letters less recording equipment the

normal project I

nothing you like 10 object like a friend
is unclear

by the dildo at a mind gone

I but I did set up a camera on a tripod

I in the corner facing the bed done a
lot for let’s have sex at the end of the


the everything you want to promote plug
are talking about come out

I’ll it’s a Monday October 27th

a 0 you know that might be Monday
November 2nd okay well if it’s Monday

tune in to chew TV tonight her to watch

is episodes 3&4 over hair jacked worries
it’s all real

this is really to this is Monday
November 3rd yeah on Monday night

starting October 27th so if this is
november third behind

week to yeah I could be canceled by now
to be honest I the so-called hair jacket

a game show called hair tacked onto TV
it’s pretty much they pride only

pitching like this but it’s pretty much
Cash Cab

in a hair salon like it’s a numbers game
show where they don’t know they’re on a

game show and your host

on the house they pop out reveal myself
where is that we’re t-shirt that a shot

that in Burbank


all the work I do in New York I finally
got a job covering grab yeah I was great

so there you

you pop up of people getting her kitty
ask them questions what are gonna hurt

yeah and then like

II you went up to five thousand dollars
and go to the bonus round and if you

fail in the bonus round you get

hair jacks the titular name you know
they shave your head

they or the or the fucking up in some
capacity he came back really insane

haircut atomically over the entire yeah
that ideas that I know it is so serious

it’s an early team of ppl I

through literally give a time I did I
told her yeah truth or hair

I it was like the original data that’s
even better yeah

are and its it kinda fun I mean if
you’re into get I don’t wanna push it

I it’s not but if you’re into game shows
you might like this partner in the gate

receipts oh yeah

organ estimates on Monday night if you
don’t watch Monday Night Football our

Big Bang Theory I

reading about 500 people in america if
you know what you doing those things

to in their hair Jackman Chiu TV channel
2050 rather that the one part a Back to

the Future to the game sure whether it’s
like TV put it on Channel nine hundred

and twenty six in a row they what

yeah right but now it’s indeed there are
a thousand I haven’t had a show on a

channel below a thousand but the I

my new girl at the sub thousand a
triple-digit games yeah

I’ll thanks for coming on great times
awesome other opening theme song was

written by

entirely for God a den W Maria W brother

sisters brother and sister or couple
yeah there are good and I

Williams and we’ll send me not even
related we have a

closing theme song which was written by

Rachel vendor Rachel bender if you’re a
theme song are your own questions that

you want us to answer it if I were you
show at gmail dot com ross is still


the mail submissions from when we post
the videos to facebook facebook thanks

again for listening as thanks

gamers for common on the show we should
have you back now that you know where we


and you’re good at it %uh yes even as
everybody I’ll be I’ll be back for

episode 226

I nice math I love where you are coming

I later death

season ended complaints

CssClass denies bad shouldn’t

10:19 system on it but means stop textin
just found

didn’t do anything cam school

like tunes vol daddy

shouldn’t delay and just MTG

matches snatches will know Sarah

sick and it didn’t change any


cheney kids 5350


but I don’t care

Ford smoke a cigarette

playin ensured money

this time situation even speak English

you can complete healing to comply

grandma and anything do you have plans

more trust new that’s why I am continue

plans any do

here’s something to eat

he’s T you


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