Episode 114: Hickey (with Streeter Seidell!)


Comedian/friend Streeter Seidell joins us to discuss laundry, car accidents and the Beastie Boys.

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is that %uh session here or me any
Stockhouse les Jake

a let’s get into this upsets years back

back again stairs that tell up bread

there’s galleria thanks got it thanks

bad I that that that that that that that
that that that that

are you huh

you the


p the

killed and that the lead you it doesn’t
matter Wed

the dude the plan the beer the

just know if they goodies

you and this day gimme

these the




an added dimension another dimension
data it got a bad shit

me about this new thing her that so far
your Lotus

I all rights to displace hey welcome her
back in New York baby

closely we never left a Cartier so much

it may have started out to get him if
you give a mouse a you had started the

rice cake that they were just went from
there now yes

you open your rage inside that there was
a half an eggroll yeah

mishap that role and you can’t say no to
that a yes

I don’t like any yes I had a little buzz
me yeah that is opened up a little

longer than I saw a cracker ass off the
rice steak yeah

yeah rather a stake through the egg

and now we’re back added you guys like
the Beastie Boys

your kids is that like more Jewish thing
delay it is a feature-rich thank her

yeah i LAA I wasn’t like way into

yeah I think I like with out to

young I’d certainly did during their
comeback to like intergalactic was the

first yellow

St I I heard yeah I heard like after
that girl

yea classic words like guys in my high

okay everybody love the Beastie Boys and
I also love the Beastie Boys

it’s funny because they probably grew up
listening to lick hardcore hip-hop

and then they did it often sells and
then all their batteries white Jewish

kid and we will go there wasn’t even
hardcore hip-hop on their growing up the

what has to be a story I thought like
they started out as a total joke

really worried different kind bid yeah I
think you’re right I think they were


it was a great show it like a punk band
is that they are there other really

happy as a joke

I go to the that is I really don’t let

it did this story in a letter just
insulting that yeah

shucks but whatever your funds and stand
on airplane mode in its

it’s clean it’s taking up

know it’s probably yes probably pay that

yeah dan did that the signal is so
striking that here and it was the deal

estimate how to do it all yet picking up
get better when it’s rather

summit I yeah you know it is really bad

no i didnt wear yeah pre-ordered online
yeah just as their next test went to the

Apple store picked it up

how long did you wait for it then pick
that one day and you can just drop it in

your toilet

well as early as they went on a bike
anything yeah

I don’t agree I got my full I could tell
you there’s a website that I’ve been

tracking it has to stop

every single Apple store in any kind of
make model color and

a phone carrier to which I go to New
Haven but not right now because we’re

going to a podcast

any case the end I

10 I couldn’t do it stop that according
to you don’t ask you to do that shit

like that I was there was some good

but it will be back I so how many times
I’ve been on sugar

see just might be five or six it should
have been more

but but when I think on

the because I’m sorry I was gonna be on
two more and i got really wet cement

yeah the whole point thank you

I totally forgot you didn’t get you can
count on that

it was how was it live yeah it was good

RSL I really want to get out but instead
he had a job right for Saturday Night


which I guess is good too right yeah
that was good

that was good reason not to go that was
a good step yeah I

say you know how or actually get emails
from people who are asking us for advice

and you know this is

where we offer it I mean yeah I’m
talking to the collective

we I’ll get better yeah labor sorry for
not being all three of us the true

the email address so that works email

if are you show at gmail dot com if you
have your own questions

but let’s get these real emails from
real people state names

to preserve their anonymity I should go
Beastie Boys

the I’ll was a there is

it’s really are there enough BC well
there is there’s three but then they at

that guy’s it DJ

that kept on the NC I’ll stand return
rate remained

got an Irish to get there that guy

I’ll d I’ll mix master Mike a Saturday

sex and DJ right I love israeli’s

lettuce russians for the mix master Mike
are at mix master Mike rights

okay so my name is mitnick’s Master Mike
and I have in Colorado I’m in the middle

of something with my girlfriend she
recently moved in with me

if you have to do my laundry clean our
room in such or that she smile

she says says that I should do hers and
she should

and he says that I should do hers and
she will do mine

in parentheses laundry I

I’ll so is it much easier I was bitchy

look it’s like you know being a macho
macho man

he wants to be a macho man what yeah

I want to be a sexist man yes

Texas that his Mathew proposal is
straight up to

yeah it’s a go my it’s like you’re not
getting anything but just doing each

other’s long trail here’s white stuff
the market for shareholders do a bad job

with her laundry

I did I’ve lived with the lady and

you to do to do their laundry it’s hard

there my clothes are all t-shirts and
hats I know

all that II once hold like a growth was
only what is this guy i think is this a

SF in the city okay exactly that by

if they are like I’m really datasheet
only is is at hand or str8

more like I was and my sister has a scar
like that

I don’t know what it is like wraps and
some that way and I try to look

I just folded it would chase you

with it today with her for sale its
target the black hole

every single day is like trying to pull
the initiate

after it was a top I thought it does not
do that as you know is that your

yeah not yet between about our some

your shit like that happening other
already she checked I thought it went


that I had downside all that a good what
I’ve never all this is gonna bother me

you’re thrown up yeah if the iraqi

who hasn’t bothered with yeah tks well
if that was the thing that I I’ve never

done that

cat damnit I hate my bro not now we as a
contract made with trampoline together


ventures okay let’s go then you for
example even triple tall are you

to bounce University dogs cats lol

where though disclaimers are 48 pages
long weekend someone is going to break


everyone shall bite their tongue all I

the I so what is

let’s let this guy citizens guy
expecting too much when I did with a


you know I like I remember this phase is
moving in with the girl works like

you rule time and so you start laying
out all the same time rules in a


transfer who’s gonna do what and
everyone’s like real concern about being

fair yes speaking with an ass and I for
a while I was like

well I did I did the dishes and I have
to do the law and

eventually just like it’s just like
whoever has time you know

I’ll so that’s that’s a mature way it’s
like if you’re a rag you do it

there’s not like a rule let me so her I
would never be like

enough time so you have to do our
laundry yeah I will go there live close


it so I make time to watch the unless
you have elected

sure lists works like oh I rate

and do the snow will do whatever you do
don’t mean I have like this shared space

yet like dogs that you but together so

the dog to walk the path to us will let
the dogs out the lake

who does let the dogs out you know

will you

he was not barred was just yeah I’m

buddy that you know the verses you
thought it was who let the dogs out woof

woof will

I don’t actually who Yahoo I thought it
was i serve a player like who

and who a little ironic that adopt
another party and there’s a saying

who but they’re saying who as it were
dogs I

home who woohoo yeah I got that Bai let
the dogs are all within their will

thing now like the dozen Luther get who
did it

as the central question yeah I think
that is that let it be like that the


Yahoo who dog food who

you know those bought gentlemen you that
the gentleman from Baja

a high-paid settlement I this

I I’m I think this guy and his lady

need to start making plans and learn and

anxiety glance start being a man’s yet

me that you know it’s not really as I

we just get to arrive whether it’s
churned up but

but so it’s a suggestion I would say

don’t worry about it who does way death
you don’t go into

going to hide same you do the laundry
now yeah I think that’s not good thing

to say to a woman

I don’t like the way the don’t combined
with the person or do you

you and have you ever while others there
are things but nasa will tell you not to

wash dishes like a way she

on that there’s associate Washington to
jump to learn it

spent just as I do the laundry wrong
which is our because all you need is a

bit unusual

I with the whole the waterhole I

already do yeah I moved to the high also

the way it goes that and touted as a lot

ever got a hot us yeah I’ll let you know
that I love you just wrapped up in your


got it

there duffel bag go to lunch

up it’s hard laundry in like some stuff
is like very personal like I like doing

laundry like in a certain way and like
somebody else might like to do it in a

different way

like I feel bad like I was living with
someone and they did my laundry rock the

only complain about that that tiger
striped underwear you got them skinny


I got a lot of bad things yeah I just
gave my

it crazy in a sec do you know if you
look for the girl would you

keep the laundry separate I was that
case away

while you’re reading this thing with
each other like yours

gonna see each other at worse yet
although I’m not worried about my

I’m just worried about actually worried
about her seeing this shit yeah I’m just

worried about like

don’t you all do my laundry when I want
to be the logic is that it’s like


you to do your laundry just its it seems
like it’s better to keep it separate

like I don’t think shit when you have to
go to that

separate-but-equal Rep not for sale not
even not even equal

I I want her to do her is worse

I disagree that I say just like

slow light learn how to live together
living together means like

you just do when you do the chores when
someone has time

you know that read like what about I
when I was living with the lady

its orders just call in certain ways
like at

she would do the cooking and I would
clean the dishes so let’s reject the 50

you got fine written right right hola
about laundry I can’t quite remember

must acting clueless actress did you
send it out

a you got the a lot about that’s it

his speeches churning blood blood rather
than anything see it’s that good shit

I hurt you favorite finish

but no I we would do it at home but I’m
just saying

color II mother evelyn is that do your
own lawn G

she gave hers it’s getting tired
reverential she’ll do it the way she

likes it there you don’t mess it up just
like he said like

all accidental washes acknowledge I
decided guys that all this I don’t even

know what the hell this shawl

thing is how okay well how about this
than for a cop

s K you lick her said taste is it sounds
like a

she I mean in my experience like the
women in my life had

way more preference when it comes to
laundry I have played but this is how

you wash it is how you do

family as I said thrown in the water all
right I i’m sun sand and a hot ass

done so maybe he should just start out
doing it let her be like

you’re doing it wrong you know I’m just
gonna do it like it so hard to say

you’re doing a favor for me wrong even
though you should let me explain to

but it will leave it to a vote to elect

yet up but it’s unlikely if you do my
laws here on idea that

act like what look cool I would not look
good enough to be doing me that favor

water is still like it just my shit
rather like best like nothing I love

more than

do my laundry I so if you look at the
girl you would

at keep it separate as well I probably
wouldn’t be Lake

here give your laundry or oh and I also
would be like

will you take my lunch but I wish we
have won him for two different I

comedy hey section oh yeah it was I
don’t have hampered she would have

happened if I moved in with the girl 32
closet I would keep mine after the

closet like I do now and I bet she did
Judas do it approaching one with ireland

reached Howard

I would be like I would like to help her

up should you’re a coward or a seller

yeah and then add another to do the
luxury I

another way he reacted like talked about
I got your scaredy cat

yet to stop eating the rice cakes this
is crazy that

lying liar cakes they’re not me so I
have it

its eating cuomo are you eating well
right now are you hungry

call Graham bad news for

nasa won’t you can’t bring home food
anymore right and yes it is very active

said bola Big Bear you other quiere

no calendar like we have I guess I’m
giving the phone desks to discourage you

from eating

they will Billy is coming up with zero
it doesn’t work all

live in a way that is so incredible that
you love it dictator

its rewire your brain to think that all
crude as I still plan to just replace

the sleeve with card

I you’re reading this Lee mins all

spirit I remember the thing I hadn’t
eaten until recently

I just had locks for the first time meal
by Jill

just not a lot man it’s good I never
really ate s growing up and I just 30

issue mike l it lots like chigney Sen
even better

it at fault here yes smoking and salty

list yeah but I don’t like region look
but you didn’t know

but still and Loki check party catering
thanks I just tried lots

not terrible but I don’t like cheese or
am I suppose the like locks on a big

you’re silly eating this year cyclones
false not elected chief you gotta get a

little sooner

good opportunity here you’re going to

bayog appreciate 387 capers

roussel oxygen read on and you’ll see
this is all Jewish kid

I should be the one teaching you how to
eat this but I’m teaching you

nationalize Christian Church you

I which me the way courted by duty at
the christian soldier

or he has done his job I really believe
that just so it would be gone and I

wouldn’t get

thinking about it and I wasn’t done me a
favor taking away my food know this so

simple over there

I’ll let you discover another one the
exact time is the thing that I was like

my mouth was so all they couldn’t speak
and i was just another day without me

than you think

ID is little big honkin welcomed

you like a low-tech Republican I might
just is then haha

unit that plea that as an Appalachian

yet want to I do you think you can buy
that book over there

I yeah I steer literally take a bite at
a crime earlier

the crazy all is OK real real

but let your device on this guy

Deron lot just I without any to each
other plunging

I would say domain rule just do when you
get done and let’s sort itself out

right to live with that late never say
always I’ll do I’ll do this and you that

to wall never say always is very deep
thank you

yeah never say to always say after

no UE you always they sometimes /url
with AK

I was there’s gonna be a poetic with you
always say it is like a base

a hearsay holiday I think it separate
laundry is a little too

it’s personal all do my laundry Dr’s

and don’t make me do yours is a I do my
life yours

good at it if the mail slot yet and

is that to kinda perturbed somebody who
makes their girlfriend

like it I cool ready my question number

was NCSA IMCA engineer

I’m university student and the other day
I hit the back of a lady’s car while on

my way to a gas station

it was a light tap after she and
afterwards he just kept driving

relieved assuming that I had to slam the
brakes really hard I continue to the gas

station but she ended up going to the
gate same gas station

after pulling up beside me and the pup I
looked over and she was looking right at

me so my

entered good guy came out and I went
over her

and asked if I had hit her and she said

just a shortened the rest she turned out
to own a musical

music school and she’s never been in a
car accident driving for over 20 years

so she didn’t know what to do and only
took down my name and phone number

I’m kinda broke being a student mall and
I really don’t want to pay her

it show you she texted me and told me to
pick up the appraisal for on Saturday

from the same gas station

should I just ignore her and not pay or
should I continue to

do the right thing showed up have

NCAA %uh that’s a real conundrum

years it I isn’t too late yesterday

your hooker you can’t disappear under

share say that it was her fault I

like maybe it was he said you’re into me
it’s always your fault matter

that’s right that I N that way if you
rent sell its all your fault

yes you can slam on the brakes nevers
thus the following so close

your sister you alert you’re supposed to
be able to stop like it to you

some be slammed on their brakes and use
landline years and you hit them did that

just means you’re fine

to close it you were going too fast wow
is this to be able to

a to not hit someone who’s up for you
yeah I’m afraid he’s already

like the real decision was should he

should have told their up before

a like it first at the gas station as he
was about to get away with it

yeah actually just got where yet that he
like he fell

too bad it is inner quote good guy which
is i guess its parents

succeeding in life yeah if you had to
wrestle that hard

I greater good guy is so small

my demands I live finally decided you
know I will ask your buy in her car even

know so that I know that I did I will

let me at least bloated yeah %uh she
doesn’t make me cry

that’s something I you call let I don’t
really know how it works

do you call insurance in that situation
is that insurance is having a different

state by state but I believe in like
California like insurance case for

everything play

way it yeah

your chances just gonna go up since you
got a tax write a right so his insurance


pay for it if they win only do what you
gotta do is say

are less taken to the police %uh chalet
I am going out tonight at all

hanging over my but why would she didn’t
do anything wrong she would just make

sure you know we need to have this one
about that

yes I did God we hit haver excuse me a
cabinet us

I legally and because I’ve tried you
know I was like I just give you my list

settling right now we’re gonna

cuz you know we’ll go through the whole
thing and you

religion I what that was like a real
hassle and now

like looking back we should just take
money right some

but maybe if he says like okay cool if
you think it’s a big enough Thanksgiving

money for

then let’s do this the right way will
call the police will report its just a


you’ll say what do you think happened
know that the only batter hit

cuz I think this is what reason people
do that is because they don’t want their

insurance to go up they don’t want the

yeah I don’t elect all but all the
others give you three dollars to fix

your car at night nothing bad happened
and it’s like one-time

be or she’s like I mean the worst case

%uh leno’s let’s get our look at my
insurance but that should be okay I’ve

never been an accident you think that
with bare

yes was that the page this Richard this
go up this is last chance to get out

actually not only later if you’re gonna
have to give her money which he

specifically said he does not have

I right he said I don’t have my yessir
as well as the day

I mean has what is deductible is course
the lookout I

people should have my job wrestlers I
saw it or stay

just a switch things up just to make
things even more complicated this is

from Canada

wessel I don’t know what the fucks going
through the other day there how is the

same as hell


aa re do nothing does money

Canada I’m just trying to say like yeah
probably the smart thing is just

settle up but if you really want to take
a swing

wanted me to get out a completely make
you look like

you’re gonna make a huge deal out of it
what happens

it issues like okay eleven hundred
dollars is that I don’t have that

well you could always say like do you
mind I get a second appraisal cuz she

manages take it to them

any red week at every hit me like others
the prices like

but this guy yes mechanic the issue to
address that he knows

Fredette like knows that car at this
hurts and it’s just get it over with you

right prices but not so the shopping
around while he’s that guy I think I

could buy you a better deal

maybe could at least paid a small it’s
not money that way I think that the

cheapest thing you can do rather than
going to be richard’s

know that the best thing you can do is
ignore her phone calls attacks

right with it she just like look that
reverse reverse look up your phone


by WR she really gonna do that sheila is

really ended here at least look up up
can you even do that but if you google

search phone number if it doesn’t come
up with that I think it actually I don’t

look at me

here’s the deal which he does is give
the police think this guy it david has

never dies night

I you let me know release are going to
look into that yet lol you know it

thanks man

this file that away and notes that have
that is the antithesis like the biggest


I just checked the ATI te Craigslist the
New York City this place a small town in

Canada we read it to a lady who all the
music school

I early if you better at you can own a
school in Canada

just tackle I was trying to help this
dude not pay money I thought that was

the objective

in in Italy objected to what what what
would you do in a situation like this

at money yeah Michaela yeah originally

do it yeah honestly not so we could pay
this guy I’ve got a lot of

let let stand by me but maybe we should
ask is that nuts it does Chris based on

its head

you sell a maybe that you okay there

that’s actually good that getting shit
text check back on is still up and


the essentials that checks personalize
texting advice

he will get his suggestions within 24
hours guarantee that

either you really get checks chick dot
com house

she going for you I actually really like
it yeah it’s a lot of fun is as I was


I mean I know you know I discuss said
expert delivers there’s a little

overwhelming I had missed anybody yet

yet unique probably answered plus the
two nd Tex the first lead at 130 but

Wow bad it’s like your own personalized
Dear Abby column

yet whole device the I just think that
I’m finding is that a lot of people


necessarily need like this one golden
text yeah I can re

their whole entire text like give them
direction be like

so so that’s just like yeah I think it’s
going good I’m no question ask rabbi re

the conversations like

so clearly going amazing I don’t like
will you could say anything you want and

that sometimes people are like

I’m it at like but was at this girl at

reading that text and the girls like for
like in a press charges not

I don’t text this girl anymore

yeah we when we built it her when
Garrett I should say built it or when we

had an

I to be built we thought it would be
like more mostly just say this and

you’re gonna get a response to let me
say this like you’re actually texting

for people but it’s usually just like a

that we like don’t worry this going
great I would say this that because here

that you can do this it’s not just like

one text and you’re waiting to hear
their specs originally we thought that

might have at least

business plan and well as its overt act
as if his office today the billable

at take that back at this chicks I
believed I was gonna be I could respond

to me

well rightly writing your writing like
that 300

work emails back to these people year
you have to stop carry so much

I really love but I really love you we
want everyone to fuck that was nice

it but to go excluding this kid who rear

I treat you safe career ending was good
how would you like this type

reread you owe me money 300 bucks

at cell shop around if you want to find
the best offer

or if you don’t pay anything at all

ignore her forever but know that they’re
the risk to that is jail

way tonight is a commanders throwing one
back yeah

I would say he should just be

on a special lady

say I don’t have a lot of money I can I
what ya doin this about

yeah like all I know is that a visit
dollar you know us

like if it’s not a huge deal and you
just let it slide because it was no big


it was an honest mistake I clean up to
you and I i okay my

00 they did I hit you up with that you
stop whore

do here you feel that earthquake that
like guy a large

I like stopped in some beer and between
your car the crowbar doin group

think I tried to chase it and I well was
that you’ll be at lol that

may be safe you tell if you don’t let me
off the hook

and I’m not saying I’m gonna do this but
at some point in your life many many


now when you long forgot about this
incident this whole conversation

Sears thats you lose someone or

and back your head you always wonder was
at hand

who did this for me who took this thing
I like was

shit all those years us a sleeper with

well at a health freak her out now I’ll
just let you wanna

say that yeah he should say to her many
years from now

%uh long past will you guys title this
movie that’s the first 10 pages is this

accident and the rest the movie plays
out he works at her school to pay it off

and then she looks different right it
looks deputies from the rocks at it

checks and then he’s like

shape you know miss blank I keep seeing
you teaching these kids

maybe you can teach me by lead again she
starts to be looking at Paul

when you’re sitting on that a prodigy
yeah prodigy

heat goes on to be like a world famous
musician at the end he makes a lot of

money and that he gets to that checked
by the way I don’t think it pays you


says 300 bucks hit it off so what’s the
name of that movie

who fender-bender I

here’s oh yeah yeah

car and a whole thing is that like areas
like that

depending on its okay

Paul bad benefit

okay with that to look a lot better like

better Bend It Like Beckham let’s get
that the free

movie idea for you guys so you’re
welcome Hollywood a

let’s take a little break let’s take a
chill out half an hour in

a backstretch on you are casting doubt
you like it

I love it on any which have you worked
there I

6 7 Wow busy

everything about us I think about you
guys all the time

yeah I pictures in the there ever II was
nothing is as well around this apartment

I wasn’t x’s a day or a beer

is that true why would there be give a
picture slide here have no I’m

pressure jet remain on my desk that this
is covered with it he said

I yeah the paper says Jill she said I
could set a look at that he is filed you


I covered it up some weird yes you put a
rice cake over s

the upcoming Thursday April but you
finish it

now it will be I go get it and is also a
carton brown rice

you really yeah a little I think there
is a Russian I am I i watch Ecuador

don’t tell me to check day I will check

I’ll be having sex outdoor unless russia

we have hot it we’re kinda really pissed
when you got the job because

that met you one can get elected to can
move to Los Angeles

like yes said they were happy rising
rapidly as a Florida

what am I supposed to say like duh
that’s the opposite

Mexico personally yeah I got it is this

makes me angry and upset you heard it
right got dammit yeah

yeah it was a positive for you in a
negative for a right so overall for us

it was a negative

yes the positive for you doesn’t Reggio
Calabria placed readers happy his wife

was at his friends and family on the
East Coast were happy

unlike I was yeah

I was I was at I was like a I still

anything and you knew you knew that his
parents like August such a great

opportunity for you keep liability and I
knew that was only gonna be like that

with the day before we went to live yeah
and it we really like

four days avenues only get I he was like
stressed that day

yeah the two shows in London yeah like
sad and hardware that’s really what I

want that

it be fine early I wanted to come to
berlin yeah basically I was like this is

one week

I’ll inconvenience and then later

happiness first reader is spent the fam
and yet for the and I was like

I want to be at a burned you what I want
to get what we want

I smile about yes Tonya Harding on sorry

I i’m looking at least detect that I
said he was like percent through

clenched teeth that I was like hitting

phone and all hard yeah he was still
that he had to go through with somebody

else the detected congratulations you’re
just have a good day

I for up to you

I did a google search for salutations
until like a cynic

copy and paste it that way who didn’t
let it show on Sat May

a question to local comedians aware that

they’re pretty funny yelling as a
Canadian actually and one guy was a

local for Manchester

was called at like like we were talking
about it now we preferred it

prefer it that way applica local comic a

own CIA yet well got there it would be
like industry here

the shit like that is like whoever is in

yeah so we can also meet people from LA
and New York like actual item is:

somebody travels with us on that the
night yes at a Brent

yeah I feeling a geyser yeah I

felt like I was pretty cool when you to
sort of announce that you’re going to LA

I knew I wasn’t gonna go with you have
to go straight

we thought we were and I said yes great
I will follow suit

with the Eureka that’s what you

lawyers edit the less I we hosted yet LA
so often

on AIX David

us for a long time it was a nice and it
did I love it is that they have my older

teen iight

track all your job yes you’re on the air
we had a stop using after a

got the box a baseball cards head up
high so many graceful heart still turned

to mush

now playing little if they win this
thing wasn’t baseball card is

email because he didn’t want to miss
huber back to work yeah

no one was I guess you shouldn’t but 16

cartons up should I was bad pal

I research she I alright lets the

away yet to take a small little break I
think one

more sponsors but we’ll be right back
with more straight here after the

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but scared back to the street at best
and we’re back

hi love be at sell much what do you want
to say well quit

I would of course I wanted to %uh to
offer our condolences to the gas card

really got car

the one that but for them but the

but we start it is I guess it loosely
based on

their podcast right that was our
inspiration all your inspiration I had

never listen to the show

right at issue an upset yeah yeah I
refuse to

when others yeah people do solos that
Ray Magliozzi

a is demand when it didn’t know it at

authors really yeah yes at us

works %uh the first time we talked about
a real death on the show

things actually got real for real it
happened the present

real to you’re probably out of r.i.p who
this is

hell I doubt near dry would you want

me to give like funny eulogy

like touch i soo miss me right it’s me

sure I think it would be it have to be
funny and I like a little set point at

the end

kinda like a well arXiv set %uh ever

that I United children yeah it would
kick it would be pretty cool if it was


she us biting and then like everyone
come up to you and be like

what was that and then like the people
that really need look no

if you doing here she wouldn’t want it
to be directly that yeah like that

like X service sarcastic also yeah I was
like when the

wanna bother Monty Python people died
like what are the eulogies

just like really mad at everyone take
those the actually the sweetest thing he

can do

if that’s what you with I should a

should get the one or maybe two more
questions yeah I mean I prefer one

yeah I know you gotta go really up trite
snapped right back

but worker something prioritize I had a
week off right now

I assure you I don’t wanna anymore this
nonsense about you being mad

I by the way it is a I

except about like that it’s not as bad
as lol is nonsense I’m not a bad

yeah that no

deal with at the British people get mad
at each other at

is yeah that bad idea dog’s eyes

foolishness no I a does stop

not making sense I

this is a key role a girl named at Rock

let the litter a so it’s better than
others but yesterday

a who did a now to MCA that

and anatomy ok was no I don’t know

i solve it in the beginning look at our
issues in a sequence that book

me is ratio than no I

well lookouts is that how Magglio the
okay we’re not going to make it look

Eva Longoria for TP alright alright
alright at a rock

rights but it’s a girl in iraq hey guys
this may seem small but its been bugging

me for a while

unfortunately I have a crush on my
really cute friend whose kinda player

for example when he goes out to parties
he makes out with attractive girls that

he needs

on Monday proudly walked into class with
he’s covering his neck because he made

out with a friend over the weekend in
her dorm room

it ate away at me throughout the entire
class until I finally caved and casually

ask how you got that

the first thing he this shirk said was
that it took me way too long for me to

notice that

his best running around like he’s
bringing Brad it since he got that

on way to worried that his boost his ego
means pretty soon you’ll choose another

girl to be wit

and I’ll never get a shot at him my
question is

when a guy like him let a girl clip
hickeys on his neck

is he liked her or is he just in need of

a major ego boost since he hasn’t hooked
up with a girl in more than six months

thanks way we’re all up it’s a six-month

that doesn’t make sense then she said is
due to play and it he’s making out with

girls left and right yeah i think is

the basic question is what well I mean
there’s a larger issue at hand on her


is when a girl when a guy like the girl
clip it he’s on his neck does he like

her or is he just the needle a major

ego use I believe the problem is that
this girl really want this guy just

tried to like

be like up this player loser comes in
the eighties and its

so hot nylon and that is it like ahead
or polar exhausted

is any sexy yeah late which you’re so
complete yes super conflict

yet but this guide is some kinda look at
your this is a I can’t believe how long

it take you to notice

by haiti’s I could just be saying that
be in his world they’re just friends

hey and friends notice shit about each
other Evan call that out right away

like what it back to you know a yelled
at him for being a player

and then lady especially the you like a
player is she giving better be a player

and I also like

right like up this guy such a Chirk
especially because I wanted to fuck be

what are your thoughts when is your
stance on hickeys I think that’s

it was cool that high school or college
I mean definitely I will

what he’s up my neck now risk OB it has
a lot BS

why’s it impairs I think there’s a bit

it’s hard to hit on a girl well maybe
it’s not to like this

it’s working for this guy right its
Catholic buying condoms

embarrassing you’re basically admitting
that you

are getting some but still shameful and
away it is shameful because it’s like

shape policies you don’t walk it’s a
very lazy only like

outward display like got lucky yes I

other her address stain let everyone
know about your private life and

that that’s a problem but it’s like if

company cool you need to talk about that
she writes that you wouldn’t want to

wear a shirt that says I got laid last

right Yahoo people who are so like the
opportunities to is like somebody

baby kiss to you are yeah I like doesn’t
like a leg

yet legal budget picky than a decade I
was that they get

your dad sex whether someone if someone
was like

if you’re hooking up with the lady and
she starts getting a key which is a

stopper pusher way

I will I don’t like the sensation that
but yes I can I check really hard a good

this is it hot yeah I would I would it
be like hey stop this is it hurt but I

would definitely like

flinch away group yeah I would not allow
that to be happening you had a kiss


in my life seen you with it’s like six
months ago I

the issue yeah but it’s cool when I do
it I

does look better I solos jealous girl

fishy reading too much into it is she
yeah this guy doesn’t like have he said

that’s cool because he likes her

he wants I mean if anything is
broadcasting music is

or other girls for I I just like

in the issue that both the girls I am
going to give you a hickey

you’re not mate you know I don’t know
how old he is like if they’re like high

school or something not stop it

yeah I just yet whatever go ahead as I
was realized to make it out

you know I don’t there’s advocate at
when if ever had

icky and I never had a nice I

I think it yet maybe like a I get there
are different levels

Hickey but used to be a thing electoral
like forever like it’s great

I can give you a hand rather like I
presents Jack

Miller 5 you five minutes yeah earth all
the capillaries

your neck I do not like up I don’t have
a division my own memory like just the

TV or movie show

her TV show me the way love goes like
tomorrow me give you a Kia

iowa AP and the other I really want to
get it is it good for a girl to get

dog marking their territory latte human
equipment job pissing on a tree

thanks I P here and this is mine read
that it’s like you have to say we’re

outta eighty that yeah

who gave you that a key their with but
so it’s like the area Hey Jude a

facebook relationship

hissed you don’t like saying I think you
can really let

shit is girls were like that that you
like that girl that does not mean that

he likes that girl

there anything you’d like excited about
other girls getting eighties

I think she the Haiti thing she’s
getting hung up on the wrong

same here she’s like found some little

detail about him and decided it’s like
the big deal

and she’s reading into it a lot because
she doesn’t

what you really don’t want to use read
it her own feelings to admit that

if she wanted to be with him she should
make a move she should be the one given


she let him know that yeah I know this
you can’t get mad at him for just

Puma Cayenne you got like this do not do
you know who it is

looking up in the player then lay you
can’t be like

I wanna be with this guy in like 30 is
from other girls your email

like go go into this it to like with the
expectation that you’re gonna

change in right because that’s what
girls used to do to you

Inc a it like well I wanna change Jake

yeah out him that PS right it’s not
gonna happen

known at the office yes I

for a while it gasoline on the fire

when I get changed in the peace let’s
not even

it but he’s just breezing like if you
touch it it’s a soft me in the

like it cause I believe has a week now

up got yes a really really bad ingrown
hairs yeah I’m saving

is this day %uh like really really
passively as take her

the circus that like the you know where

yeah by to other the apprentice tellin
they look gross yeah

she should say I could give you a better

on your fucking I’m here hey I’m stop I

one and you’re not touch their like is a

his neck where the hickies are the most
prevalent or is that just the only three


have tickets than skin is so thick in
get wherever

a hazy get p you know here that way

weird play Eastern a healing method
really heat up

cuss you all need for my hair back and
the like

up tomorrow on your left leg these crazy
circle bruises everywhere

I wonder what that which they signed
certificate you suck book

you study so much to tell you what did

a gets ok if from the inside the paint

it towards the skin it’s like you’re
create you

and like me across the world at you so
things about Philip you know about the

the blood is actually just

going through the bank that they were a
and then towards the skinniest

busting out little late capillaries ever
do that

ratings you can almost get a key so deep
in like this keeps sucking in till like

it comes out here

I could suck Butler sorry

a route is how it is out lighting at
this guy was not stopping

look which is you access shears here’s

a horse I like it better back to you

and stuff than not a whole lot you like

your and left it there correct enough
play you probably got all

one result leaving lol like it are among
the internally

I love in our pockets the Baltic the
eath the right

what is actually pretty good I you
killers yeah it till years just spitting

out blood work

ira doing myself in our yeah that’s a

months old and but the skin on your arms
maybe them like this going on at

yeah like lol my bicep area

years okay well with last question
because we’re running at a time why

don’t you get hickeys

can you get a hickey on your penis oh

things but why not because your desk in
its wholly different said

it feels like Penske n know it’s like

it’s like a up happening it’s like super
elastic and stretchy insta

JQ you’ve seen porn any tickets have
already is

at nursing at the key me it

he maybe got an erection and and is on

work because otherwise it was just gonna
go to European isn’t filling up her

I’m not talking about the Halos I’m
talking about maybe undersell

yeah of course yeah I

dunno the whole hers a few tickets for
blood to flow to it said here

trying to get let it flow there already
has a thing it does what it does and

that’s not just you know not strictly

yeah school in big

a alright that’s right the on a plug
anything before you have to go

stifling by podcast oh yeah but is it
that hard

shame if the talker share it’s Tony

BS up Italian talk to change in our

you guys have been on it and beyond that
again yeah

more you we have to be on your six times
now that within the unit

13 upset we ought to happen we should
also say that we have a live show coming

up because and I

as is coming up if this is monday every
night and we have a live show

at the Hollywood Improv elect podcast on
Thursday November 13th which is so soon

so please come out

it’s fine get to watch the podcast live
and hang out

and just have fun just hearing about
this I don’t know opium

me the US the I of frenzy

no I mean I can maybe try by I get

even if we wanted you again you couldn’t
because you are job in New York

I’ll area alright that opening theme
song was written by

she Bradford and is closing one is from
a guy named

Anderson so thank you she and Anderson
and if you guys

have any questions are the Sox emissions
are thumbnail submissions that your own

sanity if I really show at gmail dot com

thanks to reader short see all be











on down on time

luanne time



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