Episode 118: Stinky

In this episode we discuss hobbies, honesty, and prematurely breaking up.

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back yesterday these say

JQ be some left behind a a black

jiang less the dishes answers to the

condensed yeah happy day

you literacy the hockey stick your butt

here we chill but honest dog

she here untrue prestech del

yet ross et wake the a podcast my

day sheer was a dream if I were here

with Spain by that was a woo

period Suey what

or or that’s just his way over signing

in the email 0 it says whooping silly at
the end he said stay true my dudes

whooping Suey so we’ll pick so we might
be like a college

crier like a way to say goodbye are such
as a a college choir will say goodbye

yeah he says check me out on Sat club
just type in a poll flow POEA FL

that the much better name and then we’ll
pigs to a year

yeah I hope with post-world he’s in the
is in the air force in atlanta

a summary from arkansas so it is we’ll
pick Syria bed is the arkansas like a

like you know I like Alabama has roll
tide yeah I am Arbonne has War Eagle

yeah and then USCS fight on so I think
our new are the new digs suing whooping


really now we know now and we go to
Arkansas to visit the little were not


really fucking idiots in arkansas vault
everyone’s gonna call is that out

I thanks that was the

Drake the

a remake no Drake pair did you know that

draft day I remix to raise his son
drafted for y’all

his idea and slowly reading this entire
email I am

what how do you how does one have fans
that are cooler than them

like our fans like us but they’re cooler
than us

this interesting we should like them
sometimes that happens remember Jackson

a air went to vermont we met a fan in
Jackson who is cooler than us and then

we just became fans at him

here yeah we’re like we wanna

we wanna we wanna see you and come hang
out with us

yeah all honestly go dutch on a pantech

at over my they hang out with Jackson

at this is if I really the only advise
podcast on the internet hosted by me

and me an Army Air and I’m Josh

a and all watch it watch record

staying lacking me to him it a little

yet click to yet Lathan

that’s the real K a prudent man is that
no state squeeze one these days ago at

the studio

you’re obsessed it’s going to be so good
yeah we should have a studio but we paid

too much money in red now yeah but is
there we had a three had yeah I’ll

house yeah we had a three bedroom house
with the little office the NGO yet made

sense to pay expensive Brett be right

you know we justified about sex lol it’s
also a studio at the guest room is the

podcast yet another early night the
mixers that up but yeah

now the new place is nicer and does it
have a hunch have

yearly who sacrificed the studio we got
used to paying higher ed

yeah we are at the studio and the
governor the comedian when we get my

money enough orders duty and when we get
more money we should just buy a car and

still not at a studio

what does have a company Tesla I it
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like a little office space yeah im we
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we could do stuff there that be chill
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well thanks to our sponsors for getting
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so what is this is an advise podcast
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they’re seeking our guidance and then we
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which is that accurate out there was
perfect thank you

there’s a prism 118 which I doubt my
birthday episode

Kors my birthday is

January 18th it’s amazing happy birthday
sir today you are officially done in a

the paper it’s not that’s not the date
that this episode is coming out right

the latest episode comes out you will be
a 32-year-old neo-nazi your style

but don’t say right and then guess ronna
when he let me explain it to you

what you’re like a poor pupils like too
afraid to admit that he’s rock I don’t

even understand what you’re talking
about a

a this is episode number 118

haha all a bit you still don’t get it

a boots so when it comes out you’ll be

32 ice is that this is not a January and
no no no

the other we’re at with the thought we
were recording this episode a month and

a half in advance

honestly I don’t know how many records
yeah I’ll tell you right now is zero

releases coming out later today slashed

well gets the summer third rail hours
love you the first to wish you Happy


absolutely if they are born on the
fourth there isn’t then

you’re born designer for the players
saying when he doing you’re ripping out

your pubes on my bed

I just feel like there’s a really long
here inside schumer

underway right now and it’s not your
pubic hair known on my puter come

relaxed it was after a bloody I’m so
sorry I jump to that conclusion as you

youths showed your hand down your pants
made a face like yours

your dripping out a tuft of hair and
then you’re looking at the result

yeah up so I as I regulate you own this

we rented I both both leave and that you
still can’t put your plant in North

this is not your word I can has them

I kid like you don’t think it’s right
lives there why the again you don’t go


yeah you’re right I don’t own it but
don’t turn this into a lesson we’re

teaching me thinking I’m a dry out there

ugly set him but the worst thing you
could do to my bed is dry hump it

a so well well we are to give the guy

poll flow both low I so

show for show should be get started to

transferring the first ima yeah why not
I am

we need fake name need a fake name

to preserve this gentleman’s anonymity

is a real email I’m gonna read it
verbatim a

so what it will want other people that
were born on your birthday

who share birth the get kevin costner at

great howdy my name is Kevin Costner and
I’ve been listening to since about

episode 40 and have finally decided to
write in I feel that you to give very

sound advice and I have hit something a
bit confusing patch in my life

I am one of your younger listeners about
to graduate high school and my problem

revolves around me not knowing what to
focus my energy into

I do a lot of different activities they
give me enjoyment such as creating short

comedy videos

composing music running and drying to
name a few

like I said I enjoy doing these things
but some of them I am less great at

recently my old man told me I should
just focus on the things I’m actually

good at

or I could find a career in my question
to you guys should I take my dad’s


and drop some of my hobbies and focus on
just a few

or since I’m so young carry on being a
jack of all trades

thanks love the show kevin costner

cell 17 to 18 year old has a lot of
hobbies dad says drop a few focus on the

ones that make you a cashier

cuz you’re you’re not a jack of all
trades you’re a quack hope I’m

low grades a didn’t say that but yeah

that’s a that’s one way to look at it
pressure a

to realize that a dad is telling his kid
to stop doing hobbies

don’t be happy at times to make money
years seventeen now

is he a farmer in in the second world
war that he has to help out his old-man

ASAP maybe this gives is really bad Ryan
is sorta

it I pick up pursued raw egg

I don’t know we do have you had a kid
you like a love

I love drawing yes I’ll paintings
they’re really really really bad

yeah what if you do it yet what would
you give your kid he was ugly

yet another week at two possible

and he couldn’t get he couldn’t get it I
have an ugly kid imagine if you married

Saturday dog your whole life and then
you gave gay she ever to a kid that was


so busted he couldn’t even get her head
is the worker

you’d never gotten her I don’t need to
get head I could suck my own day

but you CNN you are hospitalized for a
month because you pull that Bono and The

in your neck eyeball my neck and I broke
my spine

I’ve bolded into doing it cracked you
wanted to get that rib removal surgery

but instead you just

cracked your own to bottom ribs hoping
they’d implode by the pressure

appear and they did that is that is the
bedroom where the

Marilyn Manson removed his ribs at a
concert is intact is that the limiting

factor your bottom two ribs if those
that was those right there you keep your

spine thing just fold in half

I think what have you

you those the route will so the rumor
that you remove your bottom Europe so

you could suck your own dick but your
dick was still too small

so they had to remove it with the
conversation like with the doctor that I

like to remove the bottom two ribs in
order to

you now suck my own de klerk at that
sounds fine

as long as you have health insurance is
supposed to cover up the pup

be ha actually removed my top two reds

so that I can give myself a raspberry
you OPP ordinary words

I wanna be able to you blatant blow me

though they protect my vital organ

yet that’s by my most vital organ is my
penis and I wanted my mouth I

with I get a actually remove my rib cage
and rebuild it around my dick

yeah so that I can sorta still suck my
my entire torso will be a

lose like a war because and can I move
my heart into my anus

but after that I can kiss my own ass
goodbye but

you at this at this guy get a hobby

so this guy lose a hobby time to drop

you’re so young still my advice I feel
weird saying don’t listen to your dad

well you could just stole your dad okay
and then still do anything you want

about this for some sound advice so his

hobbies are creating short comedy videos
composing music

running and drying line first of all
running as a fine art you can do that

concurrently with anything else you do
for like

half an hour to an hour a day it’s not
can take away from other stuff

and it’s like physically good so keep

and then come behind the other hobbies
like if you start focusing as a freshman

in college when creating short comedy

and then they also have your own music
and they also have your own

own animation by the time you but

finish college you’ll be some sort of a
expert in that

see like you’ll be the only person I
know that can like you know

make his own comedy videos that are
animated with your own site

that’s true the the it’s not about
losing hobbies it’s about a

combining them so use or to shove them
together into one mega hobby does not a

bad idea

then then you’re still doing what year
old man says you have less hobbies

because you’re in one hobby is to you
know create animated

from a videos with songs and the other
one is running

but he tells you to stop running you
really should start focusing more of a

comedy videos

other chick thats son I’d like you to
start jogging

I’d like you to get less healthy a

that beat that advice you can’t

its sound it’s perfect it’s great

it’s good it’s a little too on the nose
X years

I think I you’re trying to give him your
turn a year now you’re no better it

better than his dad by saying

do this exact thing had and I’m gonna

do you follow your path

you like your mom and I like your dad

you just give like very helpful

optimistic spiritual advice Justin
overarching emotional push

yeah and I’m like are I take I take
copies 123 income I’m at Hobby one and

half before will become happy to when
you’re down from four to two and then

like that you made it yeah but you are
the one

the constructed the PAP I

for the with you you talking about me
you talking about the child talk about

my fucking dad

it na mile I always am whether you know
it or not a bug you talking about a mile


as you listen to the podcast I am

let’s find out fuck you dad

call me for once and now you’re calling
you well

a bitch dollars yet daddy I love you

you know I’m sorry daddy wrote you got
your call Micah

yeah okay went and I had a friend call
another friend

on his birthday like my friend

friend be it was having a birthday in
friend a call friend be to ask her

friend sees phone number

so there’s like a and is a girl hey
expecting that it’s a happy birthday

with a thick do you have this other guys
phone number is that

yeah guess idea is that alright thanks
bye i’ll know that those that

a alright moving onward

onward and downward and I’m

oh this is a good one another another
guy ugh I was born on my birthday

I think Mohammed Ali you its we know
Kevin Costner

yeah I’ll I think Milan Italy sorry
cashiers clay

don’t get me started on that whole
fucking a minute hey

and kathy is clay precious cashiers

yes cassius rights hey as my name is

cassius clay already in from Canada I’ll
cut to it have been dating this girl for

a few months now and she’s great a real
sweet girl only both

were both into each other and in we are
enjoying our relationship but

here’s the issue whenever we get
intimate there’s a pretty significant

be 0 problem now I’m not saying that I
smell like roses all the time and I

don’t have a problem with natural body
occurrences were both studying nursing

but it is really consistent and it
definitely takes away from the pleasure

so my question is

how could I broach the topic I’m
thinking that maybe she doesn’t wear

deodorant so should I just ask her if
she does and suggested

I don’t know a good but kind way to
bring it up I like ur

and I know this can be a sensitive topic
I’ll and this is just a normal armpit

body odor not like a bad

happened badge in a low-order or
something weird so

put a pin in that anyway thanks for the

to cassius clay what can you do you

Kenya can you would you better now Andy
tell someone that these stick

I mean DL does put a lot on

pull out a dealer in your armpits and
when you’re

fucking like wrap your arms around her
so they handle them onto her letter to

your how to clear out the

yeah ok now I don’t feel so hot you know
it gets me off is this this this degree

body odor wipe

yeah it’s fucking rub it all over our Rs
armpit specifically

think you have to wait I think you have
to wait till you’re more comfortable

like if you’re wondering how you can
bring this up then you’re

that it’s like not OK

yet be at to happen you ever kiss then
the longer you wait to go how long have

I smelled

three years yeah but then you like the
Holy Smoke for a long time

but I like you so much there is no
better now never come true around each


yeah no I don’t know are it’s the worst

have you ever had a just a friend smell
I mean for france le tuve smell

yet guys can do that I guess girls girls
don’t do that as much I don’t think

like girls K because we had that in that
problem on the podcast

because they make my friends not bad
here and her at least

maybe I’ve definitely known go through
like I don’t know how we can tell her

that she doesn’t smell good do they not

if you are around as bad smell d just
become desensitized to it

take when you’re in a really sweaty ruin
and someone walks in and I quote smells

awful in here like a lot and I don’t
even realize I i’ve been here for three


death I mean that happens to me all the
time people tell me that I snow bad

and unlike up from I do and me all the
time I

it smells status quo we’ve been in rooms
are just like been farting so much in

like not

minded you know like writing or
something yeah watching like holy shit

Lee Aaron here is steamy greeted

a is that and even realize I was

yeah I guess we have been waterboarding
each other with diarrhea

the somebody tell a girl that smells

and it’s bad and if you don’t tell you
that you can’t get intimate with her

mean I just

yeah nothing

units a year your options are sucking up
you I think

the only the best you can do

is maybe talk to her

about this like wait till she smells

and then you say who you have like a
little bee or something

today others like a specific thing i’d
like are you at one hundred really


oh one other through the snow yeah

I don’t know about me are you but not a
bad idea

but I think definitely treat it like
it’s the one first time it happened

yeah I think that will be like oh he’s
aware of this stuff

so I called a put on deodorant or

you know it okay anything about this
this is like

sitcom style approaching it

aka guys dating a girl yeah she

Smith took a Seinfeld episode she just
smells so awful

he doesn’t know to do he’s building
himself up

he liked LC I’m gonna get drunk and I
meant lol me get a friend to tell ur

and then like file he’s about to do it
sitter down

and that Kramer Locsin and is a all

dear God and then she’s a quite sick you
really smell

and any walks out and then she smothers
often is that I guess I guess I do

really smell

to what you want to do is get a wacky
neighbor or a silly person in your life


who has an old who has no leg moral

no problem you have no shame to just
walk up to go back to Eureka shit

do that it’s like this instant jolted

coming from a source that she may
responsible for

what I think I think she has to know
that that person is like

a little a little wacky yeah this that
it’s always about you smell bad that may

be sorted dramatizing right but if it’s
late you know the source that it’s

coming from

and you know that it’s like that it just
matters like pure honesty

yet like no filter yeah unfiltered
honest rate yeah

%uh that not bad at all I like that
apparent forget the Kramer in your left

SARS would be Dave

yeah worth but the Davis Davis millie is
person I’ve ever known

he always smells like cigarettes in klan

it not a coincidence give her the two
things he eats the most up

that impedes item smoky cladding he
didn’t regret

I here’s a quick 20 days story that I
told you

when I was in New York a month or so ago

we went out /url just mean Dave going
out a

and we went out we just went bar hopping
and hopping and bopping looking for fun

just like you know it was always just as
to and then we got back


we like eventually decide to talk with
the 2 a.m.

and in a league where you going is that
gonna go sleep at the office

obligate you to sleep in my hotel room I
have to bed are a great

and then he’s like we should get pizza
so ago

this kid’s place is closing down they
have one pie left and every slice in the


and Dave does not have a wallet at this
point he lost the disease

elavil all it did you lose you that he
lost it I don’t know if he ever got it

back he with

he was like you didn’t want it cancels
credit card and he was waiting

I if you think a good samaritan the

I think he got I think he got a new

okay said this when he didn’t have any
more he didn’t have any money yeah he

didn’t have a wallet for like 45 days

right so he’s like some like archive two
slices of pizza

one for me one for Dave and then Davis
like waiting at a table

yelling across the rest rising get four
like get I don’t want forty the Cowley

3 like now eat all get three you’ll have
to interview what

two more after that easily huge leads
that are you really wanna four then I’ll

get you two more after you finish you

I get into it he demolished them
instantly and then a like have to go

back I can I have one more slices they
get three more

to be rockin Eve 5 slide repeat that you
are yet to

I’m giving you one more is like getting
to know more

and a box both the you know you on it

I’m buying your lunch for tomorrow I get
into more and a to go box seats one

which is third slice and then takes the
fourth box

to go I like leaves in my hotel room
when members sleeping for toothpicks

up local pizza if they get worried when
the knife that not enough

everybody be it that night anyway are
free it the next morning if it to get

but he definitely consumed for over the
course the

not a lot to ok the a does actually take
an Instagram photo of him eating pizza

in my bed also was that the 4th DCA

oh my god so if you wanna check that out

Dave take off his pants very quickly
hopped into the bed next to mine in

devoured a pizza incredible I’ll

but steak let’s take a break in between
questions 2&3 this time

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show hair back to have some news for you

me yeah cassius clay born January 17th

not january 18 alright here’s an
interesting thing

I was born January 18th in israel but it
was january 17th in america

see you in cassius clay were actually be

but think time well he is a forty years
older than me

but still same job yes a time a day him

day idea and you as Earth roughly the

together in the grand scheme of cosmic
time we r

week here we have new year in the same
deepok Irish twins in April

are a you know everyone in my family was
born the same day

that to me that the week yeah really

comment Tuesday I

every third now question 3 question the

a okay my got it

this guy’s name is Clark Gable

Clark Gable was born on january 18 I
like the

sup here’s my issue during the summer
I’ve been going on lots of dates

I think dates are super fun because I
love taking girls out for a fun time

without there being an emotional

here is where my problem comes in I
recently went on a camping trip

and drunkenly hooked up with a girl toda
the girl had a boyfriend but after the

camping trip she dumped him and asked me
to go on a date with her and I said yes

the date went well and then another one
happened and now I think she’s getting

serious feelings for me and at this
point I don’t feel ready for a

relationship so

my question is how do I tell this guy
want things to slow down without losing

her idk

completely and does it make me a
complete prick

for wanting to date other girls any
advice you can give me

would be hash tag dope was the problem
that you have as well

yeah I guess so I am in a in a lot of
ways I am like Clark Gable

you’re very dashing a dashing actor born
on dies or lane Clark Kent

he ever met it better without the
glasses journalist

a awake like gave I look like and I’m a

I am mmm

I just realize Clark Gable

February 1st so way of Internet that’s
been but

it’s only got Kevin Costner and no one
else it

I I’m bad at room

room at birthdays the so what do you

this is the problem with being

a lockdown boy than the that the for the
lockdown boy

lockdown boy it’s been like a good catch
I got a lock this guy down

well you’re saying this guy’s so nice
he’s nice he’s fine

charming lake states that 3 you like
dates because your get it because girls


you you know you’re likable guy

yeah and the problem is so many guys are
pieces of shit

that what a girl needs a good guide it’s
nice and treat them nicely and

is respectful and funny and charming
they want to date you and a UN date you

can tell no one else is dating yeah but
you just go on a sample

yeah yeah you’re not ready to settle
down and the tough thing is a lot of the

time a nice guy and ice charming guy
like that

and much like you and me to a certain
extent that for sure

I you get that pre-emptive guilt up
knowing like

this girls getting into me and I E don’t
wanna see this

the Ru yet on it like I don’t think I
don’t wanna give it is a form like

shot right so what do you do

do you break up with someone after the
second date even though you’re not in a

relationship and that’s what you do

rest hustler a I

cut things off so early things up
because I’m afraid that if I cut it out

later it’ll be harder

the world’s the I think that is I

a the he it some short-sighted

its it sort of it’s a little bit too
much of a power play

so it’s later you’re taking everyone’s

into your own hands and reading you feel
this way and I don’t want that song in a

couple of but that’s actually you not
knowing how she actually feels ready you

can tell a food

if somebody’s more into you like being
the extra cute and lovey dovey sure but

I don’t think that

I gives you I don’t think that get it
should give you the power to make the

decision up we’re not going to do this
anymore because you can’t handle Europe

oceans but isn’t it more on me like I
don’t wanna

lead you down this path and that like we
entered a forest

and I don’t think there’s anything for
the next forty miles so I don’t wanna

lock twenty miles with you and then just
leave you I rather like at the 100 yard

mark be like

this isn’t gonna work out let sprint
back away who says you’re leading

anyone through the forest because I’m
the man and the man on the man on may

the birth of a geneticist

yes I am decided that yeah

up I the word today what should i do
what did this guy do it if that is you


you let pure heart rule let your

be known up front that way when things

inevitably fizzle let you know they will

even if that disappoints her she at

knows that you were always upfront
always honestly mean physical

when he’s like you know what I don’t
wanna die I want to keep on dating you I

wanna see what’s going on with other
people and she’s like but we were having

so much fun and you’re like

yeah but you know I told you from the
get-go that I wanted to like

continue dating other people that I
enjoyed being single got to so instead

of breaking up

you don’t say I do wanna see you anymore
and then just like however be confused

he say

by the way before this gets too serious
I don’t want a girlfriend right now

I like hanging out with you we can still
hang out but I don’t necessarily want to

be in a committed relationship right and
if you wanna

like if you wanted walk away and because

I’m not ready to the commit or like see
this relationship

a through four what it could be hmm

then I understand but if you’re down to
just have fun

and date other people but likes each
other in

get to know each other a little bit yeah
the Mets great till

so leaving her basically giving her more

and then the power to make that decision
rather than

you taking the information internalizing
it and then breaking up with her

so lows get specific question I feel
like we just started talking about me


yeah the how do I tell this girl that I
want to slow things down

without losing her completely will this
girl is somebody who broke up with her


to start dating you if you’d like to be
/c you assume

rates is she broke up with her boyfriend
I think he would be like

that’s really exciting you should
explore being single I don’t wanna wake

bring you into my orbit and

I don’t be this rebound also like

I’m a little scatterbrained right now
I’m still excited by other

other girls in other opportunities out
there for me yeah

girl who aren’t you specifically let’s
enjoy being single

yeah there’s nothing wrong with being
cited by other girls and I the person if

you’re single

Road beings that babe you it’s so weird
how it

there’s like you know being on the

its so easy to understand that and then
when it’s happening to you and the

person you like 130 other people your
mind is rocked by

yea like why aren’t I the best you don’t
think I’m the best

you think other girls are better Najim
people having opposite early

different feelings than you have that
don’t doesn’t everyone feel what I feel

don’t you get it but I like you lots o
than you like me a lot cuz

that I feel that and that’s what I want
and that’s what would be best

take when you’re sick you like how are
people walking around right now is in

everyone really really sick

yeah in this is a sickness it but

so this gay shit all you can do is be

yes a I’m not looking to be in a

I’m just lookin date around I’m I would
be very happy if you’re

you would be that girl are one of the
girls that date me

I dot the sad face yeah and budget I
love for you to be one of the girls the

dates yeah

but just know every time that I am busy
that there is a great great chance that

I’m with somebody else developing
emotions and feelings for them

I think something always carry in your
heart in bed protecting people

from the truth you think will hurt them
is much more detrimental

i’ll carry that in my heart believed you

I am wearing a locket what do you mean

well so I should give

nope lady all the information and not
cut her off

yes that’s the kindest cuz I think you
do this because you’re trying to be a

nice guy

and I’ve made so many decisions knowing
I was being an ass or

so you there’s actually hope for you you
how you can learn from their mistakes

you wanna be nice

I wanted to be mean I want to hurt
people I wanted to destroy things

I’d like that you did you really

are listed as the a collateral damage if

I think I’m but I had to do to be okay
with like the wreckage I was causing

yeah I I wanted to become demand that I
knew I was

I thought you just wanted a lot of
things and then the collateral damage

was people being hurt by it I didn’t
know that you actually want to hurt


it was you know yeah share I I didn’t
want to do it

but when I did it I was like amused by
it a sociopath

do you’re amused like I was like

oh man a harlem yeah much Lake I didn’t

deal to prove guilt I

maybe ever probably never I would be
like microbes

birther ya god I can’t believe it hah

there’s something new israeli 2008

let me switch to another text message

wrist somebody’s excited by yeah not
angry has appointed one person so how

can I make the people happy well

alright the net positive change in the
world and I just keep replacing one with

every three

subtly I’m the nicest person I’ve been
here a

so its as a your truck you wanna be nice

you genuinely do yeah so I think

week but at what i think is nice is like

if I tell a person that I am not into

after date the re that’s nicer than

avid 815 right because I mentioning how
long have you known

outs in state 30 I did you tell me after
daybreak the

would and thats I carried it in my heart

Jake help you

it you have to do. right I’m think
you’re in your heart the fact that being

met be

honest is better than protecting
somebody they’re not white lies when

you’re dating

there at Lake you saying hey

I don’t think we should hang out anymore
you’re robbing

both the I you guys like

eight great dates and some nice sex and
good friendly conversation

that would be fun for everyone and then
it and it could fizzle former

she might not be into you as much now
everyone’s really in Tempe

yeah yeah yeah this I no one would ever
fizzle out a

feelings for me look at me I’m the man
the man on the man

by the way Cary Grant is who I was
thinking up not Clark Gable

hearings ranchers to so wasn’t
completely out of the blue

so basically in summation be completely
honest with her and let her make the


the nicest the you can be is honest but
not brutalized

I with me not too much to we gotta

that there’s a fine line but dating I
think that is true

a.m. alright last last question

from a girl someone to look up a real
lady that was born on my birthday

holy shit there’s never been a girl that
was born on january 18

his neck crazy never ever yeah

not even a non famous one just zero

I’m scrolling food list and I 30

them a the hmm

hmm mmm minutes I’m gonna have to choose
a non famous girl

the worst happened the

I here we go an actress named Morgan

ever heard over one my favorite the this
is one january eighteenth nineteen


1993 thermal Morgan your work I am

rights so here’s the deal I moved to LA
about a month and a half ago

I only know my two roommates so I’m
looking to meet people obviously I


to tender halo about a week and I’m at
this chill guy he was from the same area

I was back east and we had a lot in
common he just moved as well and with

the lanky ginger with the beard just my
type so it was great

we went to a concert went hiking and
started to do a bunch of random shit

together every weekend cut to a few
weeks ago when we went to a bar and then

back to his place

their sex was not good

he lasted about 30 seconds we can have
laughed it off and he said it had been a


and I thought this was kind of endearing
at first but we’ve looked up twice since


and the same thing keeps happening I
hate to be a jerk

but I’m not sure what to do I’m
definitely not looking to date him

but it would be fun slash cool to have a
hangout slash

hookup buddy should i ditch the bitch
and see the cheese

elsewhere on tender or stick it out toda
Morgan York

war shit me

mmm how many strikes before guys out is
the real question maybe she should do

both things that she’s talking about

well if she can continue trying to see
if you are looking up with this guy and

then also still stay and tending go on

that we should do blog species E Cheese

why you have to teach you then you have
to do you do understand

and you can do that without hearings and
that is seizing the ultimate cheese the

moving the ultimate you

the most to the mall yourself but if
it’s not good why she keep doing it

well personally I I don’t really know

about history premature ejaculation

oh yeah I’ll be on a two pump chump yet
though I have been there

appear nor do I know that about not
being able to achieve

so I’m sort of in the red zone always
and forever

I Wednesday is like there’s definitely
been times where

I came too early I like this I think
that happens top a to everybody

yeah and but I don’t know I think I feel

I’ve heard that there is like chronic

a where you’re incapable of doing
anything else yeah we’re you like

only come really early ray and

I don’t like if if that’s the deal is
she doesn’t like him that much and that

her she like

doesn’t the sex is going to be that
always then sure don’t do that you’re a

but I also think that like this game I
just like you a lot

he might not have had sex a whole bunch

and you guys are having sex like every
couple days every couple weeks then

you know he might just be like coming
too early for the super excited

and I and it might be just take time did
really get used to it rate so it

maybe if you’re not enjoying it you
could stop but if you think there’s

promise of something better

feel free to keep doing that while also
pursuing other interests and I mean to

be talking about just like you try your
pleasure which is

great and you should tell until I go
down on you were like

do do said that the hot fucking biko’s a

he’s not good enough that I think that
you are

this is heard giving him the cold gold
through both

will do shit to me that’s not fucking
because you’re not good enough to get me

a job

will it be the lead actors say that to
him and that allege a little his little

dick so much they’ll never orgasm again

that’s actually very ashamed him into
lasting longer but you should also be

dating other people so I can write do

go on another date and then you’re like
simultaneously dating a couple people

then you choose the best one in any drop
everybody else no good

the and there you go now you can use law
may yeah I mean Morgan you’re an actress

you know about auditioning you get how
it works

that the game other I’m kinda into this
shame condom idea where you sort of just

to make people feel so bad about
themselves they can achieve an erection

or an orgasm world none not achieve
erection probably a pretty bad

bad way to have sex you can stuff it in
there sorta like a handkerchief like a a

magician does it i hecka chief into a
fist that’s true

yeah as the new girl could say that
while having sex or there is like

you’re never going to come other ever
car oh yeah I’ll probably come into

I because she’s she’s doing the ever

I definitely picked like don’t come like
don’t come yet

is so hot I

that’s a shame because when she’s saying
that she really means it I

now yeah interviews that ever by Ken
soon is that the whispers like

would you was there when it comes like
not yet look okay

way to lay I yet

I’ll we’re past that honey

a game five minutes ago free right look
down I’m using a god damn pickle

I that’s actually not bad if he is like
a cucumber or a deal this is good

advised him that yeah I’ll have been

prematurely with just the prematurely


his girl he did it anything

yo dude you got it use the pickle yes ok
played Halo universe

yeah but a good kinda want a pickle and
then do the old switcheroo don’t

actually do this

that’s I should I should clarify that
that sounds dangerous

that so in conclusion tell advertising
don’t do that I add

cores and then a for this lady she can
just continue

a sampling before settling down

yeah maybe it maybe go get a candid
conversation if it happens our fourth

and fifth time like my

is there something I can do to make you
last longer and then like you can find

out if its

a constant problem for him or if he’s
just a little nervous

personally I think up a woman sucking up
a two guys at once is a slut and she

deserves to be shamed

though that is our time well I quipped
about the

what does get those snuck that in their
heroes bloodshed

I over that a cool I think we’re on same
page here

continue doing yourself continue season
the cheese continue seeing other people

give this guy another shot if you like
it and if not then it’s okay to come off

perfect a that’s it that is our time

th Miami e in a cute little fashion a

if you have your own questions please
email us at a fiery show a gmail dot com

if you have your own theme song
submissions like a poll

loaded a you can send those to you if I
research email to come as well we start

and end

every episode with the theme song
written by a town that fans the one at

the end of the show

I is by Aaron maghame Harry SEO her

perhaps hairy CEO for short yeah a

will be back on Monday y’all will big

this episode it was


Smith heat


do yet real good okay okay

good day tell your mom

you UK

I twice a week you


does dp pp

your sleep it by for ya clean tablecloth

no gimme my yeah

God the S West everything you

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