Episode 124: Racism

In this episode we discuss our new years resolutions and where to have sex.

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happy new year I

I haven’t actually said a joke yet
really yeah like speed as happy new year

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this is our first episode back after a
three-week hiatus

we we pressed record as soon as you got
the doors this is as catching up

yet nice yeah enjoy this enjoy enjoy
land you see

going beyond teams

you must

you are

she’ll online strands too much

room for Rangers are


the Marines be is only in love

stand to lose my


his team has turned down on your knees
get to enshrine the dorm room

the nineteen ninety million me

me too


can you to mention yeah

and John on

seeing you are who you rooming from




their talents the new rules still room


on that

nice it

good it’s a really


the latest oh yeah I hope it is

milling I latest

the greatest usually the podcast is
already online at this point right

yeah and right now it’s just in our
brains apologize

I what’s been good to you happy how are

I’m good haven’t seen you since what

December 11th I believe up

as January that I haven’t spoken to you

we have exchange two were yeah I texted

December 23rd I said hey happy holidays

they get a match you missin you reach
out if we need a

and I did you said nothing then

I didn’t need anything the UK December
try a pair

I’m just shoveling out there i text
messages with you now

a Merry Christmas Bird I don’t
necessarily celebrate this holiday but

it would be fun to hear from you

haha nothing well yet January to hear
from you

the pic I do believe he was the January
1st an impending

luv you okay did a texting your brother
your sister your mom

they all say you’re there you’re happy
in your help the i’m glad to hear it but

you knew

but idea where to hear from them

January bit are you coming home today we
have to record

and you finally respond yup I

as you to pick me up worker from the

you’re my boyfriend separate the it

you only are known as the real enemy

your you if you’re really my boy you
pick me up

and then I went to pick you up and he
said hes getting off the freeway now

didn’t actually need the ride

and I II s/2 split the who grew the

big you requested reverse split fares
with me for the entire

tire month and have done a split that I
i have been much

the remaining half it is that is split
is only fair when you’re paying for the

entire thing

which had in quite understands I also
write a paper the split charge relay

why I just asked me to venmo you the
entire it’s late let’s

up with the puck at the body good a

we’re not gonna listen to the the theme
song together so i want to sale by Eric


you missed it with good is a Death Cab
for Cutie

unlike my money here I’ll play free

okay but spare the ex and how is

every how is your break is really nice
did you have too much family time

you know I had that was why doesn’t let

split between family and friends it was
split between family and friends

is really nice got to see my my real my
loved ones

my a my brother my sisters

my mom did you meet days girlfriend II

yes I did a better allied it within even

I’ll yeah I spent I

we spent like two days together over New
Years and I

Dave the I can tell it they’ve had a
girlfriend or a pipe

not really that hot just the way he
treats I like

I commented on the weekends are not
talking ship and is back but I never saw


with how both his hands on her as if he
was leading her somewhere

the you it was a good kind as therapy
like goes somebody else got to have

for uses polling everywhere like pushing
two rooms also gonna really putting a


pushing and pulling her into an outer
rooms at one point they were like

this it was then a big house okay people
and add

they didn’t get a a private bedroom so
as I was going up to head a new year’s

I saw them in are bringing a buncha
blankets and pillows

into a pantry and locking the door

and dave says we gotta we gotta have
somewhere to fuck

and that she said sleep and he said I’ll

I it for them into the same thing

aisles are really very picture just the
two of them out on

a porch it’s like 30 degrees out there
pretty cold it has a blanket over his

lap supply curled up with a black color
jacket looking at him and he does

cigarette in his mouth both hands out
eyes on his phone

you did send me a photo at one point

this is Dave’s phone mo fee which is an

iPhone charger and any Adamo few charger
yet he had like

is in the public eye an alleged but
above most be like booster

so if this the I charges your battery

abrupt like six hours and two minutes or
whatever it’s like

the just as brick oven power that you
just plug

energy it takes a year to charge it won
t do it again charger bonus that a

second half yeah

it melts your phone and then hit and
that his phone is also at nineteen

percent better in this phone is almost

yet every single charger is like so many
extra Chargers so many movies

there’s also when they were he had all
those in his pocket

and that his phone was dead I the

where those things drained or did he
does not use them hate the

I they were drained you I guess I don’t
know if he charge they were people like

carrying them around

we made a joke went in our videos that
easier like I’ve never seen your phone

above seven percent battery

lectures yeah actually had day lives his

him hope God oh no

her but oh my god but the truth

I’m that’s ok I wrote my notes

well I guess let’s actually start the
show and the whole world

well we can we can talk about through
our are you want to just go through the

whole thing right now

know you’d be irate we in pianist

get into interweaving yeah a

this is a fire you the only advised oh
haha okay

he’s back hurry doing II am

you breathe a beer yeah weird ok is

it and the Gimme Shelter be a a and

I just labonte so what’s up him

a if I really only post by guest on the
internet hosted by us Amir

and I’m Jake a.m. we recorded all these
pockets before you left that’s how we’re

able to do that

now that your back we got it really hit
the ground running um

we get emails from people and sticky

they need our advice and we do our best
to answer on the show the first question


I have a good one it sort of reminds its
it it’s a jumping off point

from the story they said about Dave out

the with dude which we call this person

it male the mail I’ll just go with other
people who are at our new year’s

retreat that’s good Benny okay any

dear Jake near I have a problem my
girlfriend and I have nowhere to bone

the last few times we’ve done in our car

but we both want to do it somewhere else
both our parents are home

all the time so that eliminates that do
you guys have any suggestions of places

we can do it

and have more space to move around
sincerely Vinny

chris is a hash tag cool person problem

women because it’s like I’ll let cool
live with your parents

I just assume their high school I yeah

I guess if there are over the age of 25
it’s less cool bro

but if they’re like cool high schoolers
and I we don’t know what a fuck yet

that’s a cool play I didn’t have that
problem rate this still leaves so crazy

about you is at thirty years

saying like to a 16-year-old this is

cool but you Simon fuck your girl

it at the time where do high schoolers
have sex they just do when their parents

are home

or when your parents arms is the sleek
late sneak into the house yeah it sneak

into the house

a any have to be really quiet rate will

its I’m for instance I i’m a

have had sex in my basement when I was
in high school right which is sort of


it’s removing separate secure several
floors a movie actor your parents and

third alone with us

guy lives I love them a McMansion I

repeal a real Mickey pin my parents run

turret in the fourth floor the overseers
with the guard

with %uh the kind of houses that were
purchased after world war two from Sears


though the prefab year the a prefab here

the current cute and quirky like a
prefab bungalow

yeah yet that is there’s a prefab
McMansion by the model home yet here dad

piece together at our house from Ikea

it’s mostly rector I

but yet you like you sneak into your
basement knapsacks

to the for this room from your parents
yeah I feel your parents are always on

both sets always all the time

I feel like I have a memory though never
had sex in high school getting a hotel

or a cheap hotel

yeah people could do that I mean it if
you’re have to be really cheap hotel cuz

it during high school team isn’t women
have a lot of money

I did that to masturbate solangi with
the check until all

four seasons sit and I would J O and I
would take a shower

had come in less than three hundred
dollars at least on the Rue

a do it in the road that I would steal I

did it Sears thinks they could hear
parents house but do it in urs

it while they’re asleep in a different
room yeah at least

it’s too it is a really unique problem
have yeah

so Lake sad

you have said abuse and you have to do
it in a car

that’s the it interesting that it has a
call when novelty place that you want to

do it like

all once or something right and you had
a every single time I want to make love

with this

girl but I’m seeing you think if he told
her pet like it’s not bad to have sex as

knowledge drugs

I wonder if you can just tell his
parents here but they might

if you’re in high school they may be
late missus it’s your to your

it too young to have sex I mean I don’t
actually I i wonder what I think the

laws that like

if you’re both under 18 then

it’s fine and I wonder what it is and it
different all the time

but for some reason I thought I remember
then ECOnetic it was late legal for two

16-year-old steps X

I’m sure i’m wrong. could yeah I don’t
even look it up

others say I’m wrong now 30 what I do on
both the vid

by can read it he heard three a day late
actually Jake it’s a legal you’re under

arrest just relax

I was kidding AFP you well you guys the

years cynical your the new year yet
whether they really got into a rhythm


are event called out wide so snorted


the alright so your advice is to do it

%uh the secret room was very nice yet
makes make it

yet even if it’s not its own ideal cuz
you want to just be able to like

lay down with your girlfriend yeah he

do like what you you know have the
freedom to just really

that I suggest cheap hotel just gotta be
cheap hotels

yeah that’s true and you don’t care
about how shitty hotels are winners them


18 to rent a hotel room do you I don’t
know I thought I remembered that

with another girl either you’re making
up like I definitely remember being

afraid to rent a hotel room

and like a fatass Breidis and stuff a

why would they why would there be an age
minimum to rent a hotel

mean should I even look this up

yessir is happening yes I’m curious
while you’re at it do the

under 18 connected say I one will be a
really deep search

hotel room age minimum

mmm hmm

minimum a jerk right for renting hotel

young adult party leaders 8221 sometimes
run into difficulty with traveling it is

but Notre may be particularly
challenging since many hotel set a


age requirement for guests wow if you
are under 18

it’s virtually impossible to rent a
hotel room in the United States if

you’re under 18

the legal age %uh majority all in all
states I use that

I don’t know but we used and there are
some hotels in our town that didn’t card

and then by the time we’re seniors there
were some of our friends who were 18 and

legacy is thought to be responsible

the only thing that would happen in
these rooms are things that parents

wouldn’t allow you to do right we know
yet where people we would

I remember like in high school drawing
hotel parties a year

did you others do now I

course not but I’ve cool so I go to bed
now I could serve read them

I will pound on hotel room doors saying
you’re under arrest even if it’s just

like a couple fast asleep

that the global thing to do

yeah John Wall actually reminds the
upper well you do have a story

yeah I was from the New Year yeah I
heard of

an interesting global story she exhibits
over Christmas actually

like from friend happened over Christmas
yet this Christmas and

as I understand it previous christmases
like gosh

kill go to I’ll is John Woolfolk a
global who hates you

Toys for Tots you know that a good

they don’t really nice they donate toys
to children yeah

and he’ll deal goes far as to dress up
as Santa

oh my god it’s like you know on our
brave the joy the row and I are here

yeah but the yard hey that could in
theory it’s going maybe

and I don’t have a drag it out the hill

others spelled out he’d he had that
empty boxes

here that empty boxes to lose did not
even call

just can’t thank you up when they have
based so any

the other thing is you click the ribbons
on really really well

bill struggle with the tape to the
residents here maybe ten to twenty

minutes he also which is also very
subtle has a black beard for said

the tooth fine I guess with all the guys
in lamesa

of but this is bad it’s as the No way

it’s a little easier that with a black
beard as said

yeah it’s likely in a column out I guess
injured but maybe not he brought


length it’d it’s a dick link the media

to be sure I am right hell

what else what else did we miss from
each other yeah we’ll what was your

holiday like what honecker Monica

though it was just a lot of me with my
nieces that was nice break yeah

I yeah yet I don’t say their names but


Italian bleep that yeah up

to play Yahoo I was a non-core I was an
uncle to to

does a mocha love my yes I was among
killers this break

and they wear me down to do you have any
presents a

I don’t think so I hung out with them so
often that it seemed like it was a gift

to them

but I’m sure they didn’t imagine it to
be that way today agreed to a point

where they ignore you

you’re like you guys have to go away
yeah yeah

worse they’re they’re like secure and
just like that the with quite enough

you wanna hug me and hang on to me it’s
very cute as you create your own if you

meet our Yahoo out what I said yeah I

okay that’s not good looking at my phone

or like I’m watching TV like I wanna
watch this football game and then my

nieces dislike

hey how come like she’s basically an
alien that’s really gain as much

information as possible

like how come the lights on cars are red

I like I I guess a red means stop in
break let’s meet up but not all lights

or Reds and as the lights are

wear white but that was her followup
questions yeah guess I don’t know what

do you what firmly shut up

I don’t know everything yet it you can’t
hide their dad’s brother

I was not involved

in any decision making process about
bringing you into the world

I said it be here PNH like lions I mean
like hugs may like others as cute


there’s a a nice thing I can understand
why like people like dogs cuz they’re

like children but you don’t get we had a
dog no no no I you know


me you could a puppy is

I don’t let in say that I like that as a
necessary to understand

because I when I said goodbye to them
like I’m gonna miss them even though

like with a subtle at the end of the day
it was a very worn down every day

right you really happy to go to bed yeah
he would have you seen leave

yeah how still sets it leave kid fuck

heavily great speaking of which this is
a great great question

at in relation to this it’s a the
subject is anti-racist

great yeah I so whose another person you

New Years with is a a boy’s name a
girl’s name mmm

boy I great

neck nikka rights we all know tinder is
a great app but I worry it is revealing

my inner

racism when I’m swiping I often find
myself very quickly skipping past

any girl who is not a white I feel
terrible doing this but there’s just

something stopping me from finding them

I certainly don’t think of myself as a
racist at all

so is it racist to only find your own
race attractive

and then just a little thing also on a
recent podcast JKV advice

trying to start of a tender conversation
in Spanish this is literally the most

useful piece of advice

you’ve ever given on your show every
damn girl response to Spanish

hair fight yeah

I can’t believe I’m getting his races go

we should hang on a billboard till oh

OC its it a lot

there is a lie yeah is not going away
for a month does

it’s almost time for the next Super Bowl
but in the last several made a bet

where if the Seahawks won you got to

any billboard you want using my image
name rate and I i to pay for it break

and that happened the Seahawks didn’t
you can file out on my life yeah it was

funny and I i bills have missed that
game entirely

yet play yeah

a.m. didn’t like I’ll take the score
well area by eighty

a so the Billboard I put on my Instagram
if you’re curious to see it

it’s a picture of me cracked

and then underneath it has my full name
right Amir Blumenfeld 31

yet which it entered is not there do not
fearful have I

is tender understands the beauty have
you know keeping slightly private

and then to the rate of my picture is
the phrase

hipsters have less feelers which is an
area blessings that we live next to you

it’s like where actual hipsters to live
it said hipsters %uh Veloz

feelers in the sweat me right on tender

right that’s the basic gist and then the
left side

is your image in essentially a
screenshot of your hindered by either

witchery the mir Blumenfeld 31

I was the day

stylish recognizable actor year

with athletic build yeah lovers frenzies
rock climber

the Putnam sushi lover funny

lonely beer a perm so it looks like

for real for real though I completely
forgot the tender doesn’t have your last

name yeah

oppose the actual blunder that was not
on purpose

but to the untrained eye to people that
don’t know that this is a joke it just

it people assume a wine I either took
out a billboard to announce that I a

live in Los appeal is that I’m a
recognizable actor in that you should

sweat me right tender

a or two it’s like a weird tinder
billboard and I’m the spokesperson I’m

the model that degenerated

pretty weak

the parade bad for me are you
embarrassed but

a I will say that I ate lunch next to it

it’s right next to a restaurant called
alcove I guess you could say that

and I felt ashamed to stand on like next
to the Billboard

because with so many side and Sammy in
omits the

blood as anybody who commented at the
Blue that like they passed it

the and mole rickys enters the picture
at first

break because I but I nobody like no
stranger has approach me honestly be

like are you the guy from the Billboard

rakebrand any of our friends at bay also
seen it if they’ve

they’ve although if they thought yeah I
think we’ve seen a non-stick are you are

what would you have done for me cuz I’m
had a lot of people ask me

yeah might what would he have done for
you and I’m not I I mean it would be

something similar I can imagine it’d be

yeah I would be something similar I mean
the yelling

at people who live in a seal thing
attention hipsters is pretty bad

rather than their third and the funny
thing is that you gave me that line

oh yeah he’d Lake I when I told you as
the unit tender

at like a tender billboard you like
hipsters the los Pilares

put down your pumpkins both love it the
flooding that senator

which I wanted to do but there wasn’t
enough space yet it is hard to like as

he can put a lot of information on a

rate usurp the it’s got to be like
mostly yeah affect graphic

but I am we should say they care per min
help design it

yeah together create a text object
account correct

worry about the same I was gonna say
should be doing other

should do a similar better this civil
it’s like when we did the Super Bowl

I E I know so much more about football
and gambling than you

so I thought I was sorta taking
advantage of view cuz like Denver was


right and you’re giving me odds like you
you basically should’ve 11.4 billboards

for every billboard that I bet

where you’re just like I think Seattle
when I would now try to put me on Blair

up you didn’t know that you can watch
idearc skiers IDIA you never did you you

never not bet on Russell Wilson

up Russell Wilson in the backfield do
you know that they’re not the playoffs

this year

yeah but that’s that’s that’s semantics
they actually are in the playoffs yeah

from and it’s not worth a look yeah I’m
down to do another Super Bowl bet

discover be funny to one extend my
billboard for another month if I lose

or maybe can govern the one and 2 I’d
like to try to figure out what I would

do for you

us we yeah I’m thinking a bench campaign

old better but yeah pain would be a good
but the elimination which is almost had

this one started

yeah I like we can we have two benches
and in some guys like actually we do

have a bill where they just opened up

two miles from where you live here as
perfect up

polar were with us question even oh this
guy racist yes right

at the years well I looked up the
definition a racist because I was sorta

leaning towards a no not racist

heed the way he phrased I keep on
swiping them left

but pretty I because I i at first I
thought that racism was like you have to

like heat or look down on another race
but the definition that he says is

where that is in this sounds like what
this guy’s going through which is

a belief that race is the primary
determinant of human traits

and capacities and that racial
differences produce an inherent

superiority over particular race

there you have in many races up

but can’t I say that like just to play

devil’s advocate if I’m only attracted
to females

am i sex you literally are playing the
devil’s advocate right now apparent am i

sexy strongly like females

for only like the MIA just for only
liking it young ladies

like just because you have a preference
doesn’t mean that you’re saying that the

other ones

like you’re not like like if you were if
this guy

had a friend that was dating a minority
and he was a completely fine with that

is not less racist ra a yes

like he’s not thinking like oh I can’t
believe anybody would date

Asian woman rate is low so I’m not
attracted I don’t mind a single person

it’s not white attracted

and i’d I I guess I would buy Lake

is going on tender swiping a like only
swiping people these

attracted to to the right yet maybe has
amassed with

I’m somebody up another race yet but
he’s like

he should be like discounting them
entirely like I’m not attracted to black

people are not attracted to Asian people

but what if what if your weight and you
only H a are attracted to Asian woman

only slight is one right is that also
racist known probably

what i’m saying is that at the very
least this guy is not extremely racist

not extremely racist but I think you
should take

other I don’t know his you give other
races a shot

its all thought maybe it’s not racist
but it’s definitely weird

at all like it I kinda benefit I’m gonna
be in a bit

and I think you should I think I I need
to go on record right now on

I don’t know about you but I think
racism is wrong I know you haven’t sent

it yet

but I do I totally don’t like it I feel

your the you’re pretty you’re me in a
passive black the sub plats

I hope your plastic hashers Pepe as a
biz Plaza 1st

and narcissist well but a if racism is a
spectrum I feel like this guy’s

a low functioning racist right rate he’s
even is not a threat

yes he’s just like is 0 is swiping

in his race and yeah not you know it’s
the least he played Hebert

if the least UK but a so give other give
other flavors a shot

yeah just just blindly swipes at mine

connect with them on on AIM

on a level a9 a.m. and AM

non-white level yeah yeah your are you
attracted to any specific race over the


0 what life’s yeah for sure alright next

I the I’m attracted them I

everybody really doesn’t matter I guess
if you weren’t you can really say so


right but have you ever seen me not the
hook up with somebody

now that’s true area right there was
there to

polynesian girl that a

oh yeah yeah I hate my I hate people in
French Polynesia her

yeah from Easter Island do that yet is
that a giant donations there

but phone we’re smarter yeah I am

cool shit hurried on on time we should
take a break right now think one more


football-related and I will come back
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rights that

three different sports but israel also
basketball yeah perot bad or

yet and they said games and all that Mac

X yeah maxed out on Ford I haven’t David
name dozens

biggest gap there’s not necessarily a
draft Kings dope

so had to draft into common use promo
code Jake huh

think he had to play free in the hundred
thousand dollar benefit the book on that

this weekend

tracking stock on bigger events bigger
wins pure millionaires center Jake for

free entry now at draft Kings

dot com that raft Kings dot com let’s go
back to this program

and less and we’re back

a good to kiss on New Year’s a I never I

and educates did you have a kiss and
midnight I didn’t kiss anybody

it was very funny we’re at home and we
sort of mister like somebody check their

phone like ours

it’s after midnight really yeah well did

did you ever kiss a new years kiss yeah
I had several New Years kisses at

and in terms the the midnight one he s

I the he was also well fifty in the 1245

and I think with French the to at

at the reef 15 a and your

outside jerk each other off and
hesitates or like the LA New Years

let’s try to not have one you do the
math Ron

where gone and the

be. that there


hold many the

deal in new year’s resolution yet to get


that is your everyday resolution yeah
but I make you my legit New Years

goal have you what was your with your
holidays with did you have a fat three


on I was I was really on an off like

its I would go like two or three days
where I was just eating nice

good good normal went climbing a couple
times a year

and then there were some nights cuz like
I would there were a couple nights where

I raged

and in the morning I would be hungover
and then I would like wait till mid 80

Ian I would eat a sandwich in in these
macros yeah he realized as the arm hung

over my body craves

that is why give my body do more yeah
free yeah

I am that would be bad as I would like
sorta at Stacey’s

though on the plane just now I 18
enormous sandwich and legit two bags of

chips yeah

so like hey a.m. am

diet over tomorrow for super for real
there’s a

arrogant shredded are you gonna do
anything differently tomorrow I


I’m not gonna cruise line at breakfast

and I’m gonna and I mean I go workout in
the evening

a and actually been climbing I took my
knees is climbing a bunch

did ELab yeah those that they’re good

oh yeah your brother guy you nuclear
miss you free area hunger


they really nice those gears so when you
climb email v3 v4

no not if the four yet to do be four the
three that we were doing your hours days

and the threes

right feeling strong feeling confident
on the wall no shit yeah

what’s been a year I have to like step
it up let’s go tomorrow

I actually quit what yeah committee
whose goal beat it beat it better

and I told him to fuck off but in the
end I took it to heart

the I got to the top and they dared me
to cannonball off-the-wall

it I did I miss the padding I was the
crash pad

beard the entire ground is crash I know
but what I did with somebody I get

shoved me

the river spotted me so instead I make
Israel and a ride she loved the

that he pushed me deja the here yeah
pretty much

K is the film little as the really try
to plan that

and it worked just said perfection and I
don’t think I’m allowed back in

say a with who is the lame lame

14 minutes but but nation only allow

and cold actually have a new year’s

what is it it’s the check social media
less wow that’s a really good one yeah

and how is that going so far so far so
good have been checking Instagram once a

day at night

really yeah and it’s great because it’s

I have all these photos to look through
that is nice and I okay that their

I just did in 30 seconds what I’ve been
opening my phone for a lot all day

ray do you do during the day now so this
is the problem

when I ok what I’m still in Ste because
you know its lead a3 size still


instinctively like when I’m bored open
my phone reply to that now

like my nicorette is still not

so like I’m still chewing that like I’m

I’m basically replacing it by like
looking at like our sub redditor NBA

subreddits like I’m still wasting my
time here wasting time on the internet

but you’re not looking at

Instagram right leader is so my next
yeah my next step would be like okay

let’s replace

NBA stories with like news stories

right I can’t quit cold turkey yeah I
can’t just not look at my father

hopefully someone will be widely at like
New York Times article that yeah

your air than and Facebook I just I’m
trying to wean myself off

entirely yeah like I checked it today

well yeah because I realize Facebook is

only the only people Facebook a

keeps me posted about are people that
post lot on Facebook

and those are the people I care about
the least right yeah because those are

the people that I don’t

I don’t really care about yeah it’s like
somebody from my high school that I

don’t talk to him to work at

yeah it I don’t I don’t I’m a slave to

yet draws me and I got earning about a
praça girl that I haven’t spoken to in

seventeen years

yeah how dare they a bit you’d like a
girl I haven’t spoken to you is since

high school who has three children why
don’t we had two on any level g post

complaining about the kids

you know so much about her life too much
officiate any idea how much I read her

status to be there

to be floored devours the levity the
nobody you’d be so happy

the someone’s out there looking another
that would be another

a good bet is I get to run your Facebook

a cap for a day that’s are horrifying

very it’s more like it’s more privately
shameful could that would just be

broadcasting to your friends and family

you know what I think it would be but I
i I wouldn’t do about to give you carte


I with never so here’s the this is

I think this is the bat were we eat
right five different

comments and it doesn’t matter what like
five different comments

so on other people’s posts but like

literally you see the comments right

I’ll show them to you because it doesn’t
matter what the actual posted at three

Facebook or Instagram retiring to be
Instagram cuz that’s private

that may be the most prevalent yep I
would say so

yeah and so as just likes going to your
feed I get to choose which photos

get the car

are seeking like so easy you go straight
to ex-girlfriend

and then you just ref on that and I and
i could veto how many other five

I guess you’d have to be 2009 I’ll so
what’s the point in me saying the

conflict why don’t why do I have a way
to accept the bet

ol wat so you are giving me car plunge

I can write any 5 comments I want what

yet maybe that’s what is it that
probably better so any 5 comments you

want but I mean like that you can just
be like

yelling and racists here

noses learned as the be intelligent yet
it has to be well you would do it so

that it would look like

real which is kinda like the Billboard
like the billboard was not like

my friend thought it would be like oh I
have explosive diarrhea

Ray Ray like which is obviously fake you
do like something like very subtle

a global John what that’s going to give
you the inspiration any flaw

it reappears in a weird fuck beltway did
you come up with a summons a group thing

we like would you describe all to like

the fifth pose down Yahoo it is the shit

let maybe a review is Ricky they came up
with that but I threw

she’s the reason I thought it was like
your by the 5th pose down and not

I guess just cuz like its more the

it’s like more before the game that he
was Ricky that I heard from so if you

lose I can open your

thing we’ll go to the see you three but
the group

use hope you got the public page it’s
her friend sheila

oh and you would rate would give this
little a selfie that would be a bad when

I think

rate and I would you right who gives a
shit that would

the she would see that and it would be

love the next layer that that would be
can I

then teller was a bet right never

right I wouldn’t run I’m sure one day
you would he is one day you could

I wish I could one day but ed 24 hours
have to go by what she has to think the

twenty-four hours a day

it’s got the 24-hour 5 picture down who
gives a shit better

but for him who gives a shit cuz I don’t
think that there’s three key or Ricky’s


a about this 5 let’s do six pictures
down too so it doesn’t fucking sue us

the up and the comment is armed dot dot
dot okay question mark

that where to but why do pose a

don’t know it just sorta makes them feel
bad didn’t mean

up you know global jumps

the subway turnstiles on the way out on
the way out yeah

spill it’s like he’s sneaking out it
just puts people on a weird high alert

but hope I can hate that

it means nothing I guess maybe they’re

likes in some weird census away maybe
they’re not you want to fuck with

somebody somehow it just makes people
feel like what’s going on great

and thats the agent of chaos absolutely
on a very small level

a shit at we have time for one more

and then we have to record at in after
post this absurd because they’re people

in England right now

worry with of for their lake it’s it’s 9
a.m. over there and then or not they

don’t know latin

what’s going on the

forget last one I’ll ok these are good

back I alright your ego

one last one with banned from a girl
hand were you with a girl on the years

our readers kissing boys

I was mostly kissing boys know it’s
called Earth Wind & fairer

Sarah rights hey guys I’m in a long
distance relationship with the military

guy who is stationed on the other side
of the country and we’ve been doing this

for a while and love each other quite a
bit we can see each other every once in

a few months

and for about two weeks at a time with
that kind of distance no amount of Skype

calls can really fill the loneliness

recently I suggested the idea of polly

that in the down time between us being
able to see each other we would be free

to date

other people he has been he has been the
side piece to couples in the past so it

wasn’t completely unfamiliar territory

and a couple days later we were working
out the finer points

and agreeing to the idea now to my
question I’ve signed up for tender

and I’m swiping left and right on quite
a few dudes part of the agreement with

my boyfriend is that we make sure that
our side pieces know about us

cell at what point should I tell my
tender dudes about ’em

it feels weird saying it through text so
i’ve been waiting up until I meet

someone in person to bring it up

a yeah if you’re going to meet up with
the girl you met through tender how

would you react to knowing that she was
in an open relationship

at what point would you wanna know
thanks serra

so this girllll is in a relationship
with the military dude

she can bone other guys and cheap but
she has to tell the guys that she is a

military dude and that she’s in an open

at what point should she tell them I’d
wanna know before the date because the

I would want the opportunity to not be
involved at all I

but what if it was an attractive girl
and she’s like

military scares me off a little bit I
would like the opportunity to kick this

guys accesses

who right been hot

he punched me through Skype you fucking

SEAL team 6 bother fucker uses the

I a so what’s your advice

because I maybe I may be different I
think she should tell them before they

meet up

I wait I like your about your setting
the terms for the day

saying like let’s go here let’s go on
the spot like

oh and just to get this out of the way
before we meet up

I’m in an open relationship a

that is weird about the let’s meet up if
it does I get it

I’m here I’ll find somebody else who
doesn’t conflict

I don’t think any guy would give a fuck
I think most guys don’t care

like most guys just want to have sex and
so they’re like

this is what they were here I can still
have sex with you but blah blah blah

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

and the like alright you were I don’t
know what you said after I can still

have sex with the I understand what
you’re saying

and I agree tunics that but its

just that this guy’s in the insulated

and I think a lot of the time what I

when I hear like I’m in an open
relationship with my boyfriend

is like me my boyfriend have shit we’re

10,001+ each other it is complicated it
is complex people are gonna yet angry

and hurt and scared and sad

and do you want to be involved with that

I think I’d rather know before the date

so I don’t show up because if I show up
then I will Chalker delay the wheels are

in motion

and their I’m already have a beer depi
no emotions

will get will become turmoil so if you

matched with a hottie entender and she
said that to you

would you say no thank you I wanna meet

hello to see she was like a legit 3

it fuck analogy the art now mired

alright for a storm coming

yet at now just like a very attractive

very attractive girl injure the military
boy from

is different for me who I I could take
the do

I oh you know the usual edition but I’m
actually not getting a croissant from

language a drink with the one thing let
weighing me down

I the American sniper yes they did

you love it I E despised it really

I’d hit it yet interesting to do you
like it I liked it but I thought you’d

love it

interesting you love coops I do and I
love you address limit he was incredible

I love coops I love so I love soldiers I
just felt like it was iight

line with ur talkin Lee was the movie
podcast the

with a bill with your review i jus it
with we just

to me it was a repetitive yeah I mean it
was the same movie four times in our

yeah Danny thought like the first 20
minutes was a little too heavy-handed

oh yeah yeah these are the sheepdog yeah

block of Clint Eastwood I you’re not a

you know what else is a weird thing
about snipers doesn’t it seem like

anybody can do that ido it’s probably
hard but in the movie The just like put

the face on the cross hairs and that’s
what being a sniper is right

right I but like have you ever tried to
shoot something now definitely not this

comes from a place the one hundred
percent ignited only ever tried it

miss you BB guns yeah it was really
tough I feel retarded with a handgun

clears like and I have 2 a.m. by closing
one eye like I’m playing but I gotta I


is it like a a magic thing that just
works then gets your

no it isn’t it so it’s not like if the
X’s on the face then he’s dead if I

press the button to keep your eye

I mean I don’t actually know either but
I picked you up to like

Yarmouth ball anyway

and yet the it dude the faith

icon that X yeah the person press the

press the button Negril authorship
apparently you know what loop

his as you read this review at the
sergeant it so

if the guy I’m moves you miss I make
sure the bases on the ex parte

the its I had to go to call my
girlfriend cooper’s like yeah oh yeah

doesn’t like he does cause go over the
drug had yet while he is working well is

killing people just lay on a cell phone

within Hey Baby yeah you could talk me
off I

although I put the favor on the ad

and ready and unlike the most
interesting part of the story

happens in the like epilogue yeah well
let’s not let’s

come on what’s not spoilers whalers the

a I am so

tell though if you follow the news you
should know the end in the a pic

your method the it’s not as at the

the Titanic sank right now that the
bigger deal than what happened

andrea was more newsworthy it’s a if
this isn’t there a

hmm up who were

sir tell before the date I mean you’re
kinda right

I think I probably still go on the day
and I think most guys will still go on

the day so you might as well tell myrlie

you might as well tell more early at all
the risk anybody off but I think it

would at the very least like

its gonna make the day itself better
that they go into it

feeling less pressure and you don’t and
you don’t have to like

bring up this weird thing on the day

and there have you heard the word side
piece I’ve heard it but

not from a young person’s the

averted but only in chess yeah don’t use

gauntness Akira not

the biggest insult them all use our I
got god damn

on I both where you don’t sound like my
mom you sound like her brother’s away

you by key aunt your non trip

i right let’s stop let’s get this
episode online

will be back Thursday this week no read
a whole lotta making up to do

but a if you have your own questions
your own theme song police and the fire

you show at gmail dot com

a yep that’s it %uh the opening thing
sounds from Eric Dale and his last songs

from some

a french-canadian I think or just a
Canadian name law

sounds French to me yeah los Parques

welcome back happy 2015 let’s talk about
real shit after this ready

program gonna stop so what happened
shall consider quitting

it’s time for a router new home

show chicken mean but they would sell
you want to do

billion you you didn’t bring

so listen up to

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mom why Dubai

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