Episode 128: Herpes


In this episode we discuss ESP and STD’s.

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just now of course not things ended up
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the course started be yeah down-home

add this de ese es

home mom

the men’s human home &amp

there dumb

years learned by sim

and the stage hanan

meaning mamie yeah dominant genes

mom I’m

mine do they door

done to

Don knowns

group hmm

dumb I’ll

holy shit those great that was actually

wanna The Good Wife that was haunting
yet as that was

are I when I started playing like ours
is like a real song that he sent

with anything una is actually saying it
has like always making fun of us here

but I’ll take it a gentle ribbing all
the good little ribbon cassette but he’s

kicked it I think the gentle ribbing go
they know is clearly have because if

that was the truth

I kill myself Ruth a the author but he

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fini fini be me I can’t seem to find

be be pp their feenin for morphine has a
gf BAE Da Bank and it could take

but this is your name feenin

own old I’m the only one that can have

a you’re lucky to be sharing a name with
someone that’s cool

who’s the coolest cake them me

then this dude

then jillian hall yet to get Jake

cm to show your name with a buncha cool
people there’s not a lot of cool amir’s

your boxer that’s pretty cool that’s
cool yeah yeah there’s the I think


a.m. desperate but the name I don’t know
what to do about it

up to you at like you did Scott the pic

well I was a little pissed my pants
could come up with something original

politic ill let like something that no
other person as

yeah but its that’s stupid about Ben

John back into you that’s what you I N

job back into yeah your bf thanks though
hope things if that’s an upgrade

I think nobody all the other buttons
true so there you go

it’s running because the it too isn’t it
the a the numeral

yeah too many people too whose jumper

there isn’t one I’m number one and
number two

love every number Joe Bergin I never
wanna talk to you again say rats but

rare those people down I growth

well as my parents came up with a really
good idea concept

a what’s your name Roy yet

Lesley Roy that’s pretty much shit to
release technology I would say that shot

in the dark both against your

friedman et act crazy clothing that that
never happened to me

I jumped back into actually was at a
normal name like Jake

I do hate it when people don’t react
appropriately to crazy coincidence

yes you it’s hard I try I try to

unlike you don’t understand how a huge
up a shot in the dark like that so one

in a thousand

her if I said name a number between
number one in a thousand and you thought

630 and I said 638 you’d go crazy
Rabelais how would president the

it your if they guess 675 night goes 638

is in the 600 oh yeah that someone with
a lake

its you know there are their 999 wrong
numbers majors guess what are the wrong

ones isn’t that impressive

we ll what’s what’s crazy eartha let’s
say I’m saying bigger number 21 a

thousand you think I’ve 638 rate

what would be crazy idea if I said 636
or if I said

738 I guess you know

I the it be crazy reviewed 6 through

6:30 something beneath local try are
they even over 200,000 dead

aka a gat you the oneidas

its they can’t be 638 death three random
like that the next 38

but both yes at 3:38 %uh it’s a

they let me actually gets there one in a
thousand yeah

mmm I

one thing about being a member yeah I
both Gary at a way yes it is so exciting

for us though border for everyone else

the lot their bill is there alright

I think I got it with 901 well

802 relay yeah it felt good intro to the
picnic at a close

I that’s it that’s pretty close yeah but
like an interesting

a exactly a blind in one eye over each
now the zeros stood

oh yeah obviously the zero was the
pillory a yeah whether it until

yeah I was so I think 901 is closer than
this direct like getting those

it was 240 a

misdemeanor really a it was not how are
they related to

go it alone with a with I thought I know
when you said eight otra rate so is


one up a middle lamina down here

there well as it is it’s a magical to I
tell you that my friend over things a

little bit like

yet i think i mean you are very good at
getting birthdays

though I will say when we do that trick
together on people

in my religious leaders I like boo I’m
just as close yeah because there’s no

such thing as

being a little it’s like it rate it’s
just like weird little still 90 1802

maybe I just play guessing games a lot
right what I think because I think it’s

easy was it

do it every time we’ve done the birthday
thing it’s like oh you’re a

you’re a summer baby i gather winter we
do it we do a season-ending

yet and then we went we get batman its
the ladies that game over

didn’t I am night

enough about this shit sure this is a
fire you

the only advice podcast on the internet
hosted by me

and year rule yeah

a I’m a mere I’m Jake a

this podcast as an advice pocket people
email us at a fiery show I gmail dot com

they’re seeking our advice why

because we are the kings we are the
kings have

wishful thinking and came Louis

berle theme keying and all all to their
own heart because usually we just like

we don’t know anything

right we are good at assertive

knowing eighteen to thirty year old

habits yeah I think at this point we
read thousands of emails yeah

we’ve gotten our practice we’ve had
follow-up ups we’ve gotten

live advised that the live shows I don’t
know what’s normal an average but I

think I do know what’s good

yep I think we’re social the intelligent

emotionally aware yeah way regulated by
the year

we are you today a colonie IPO on it

I learned it and have earned it the
first question still I

shit I don’t fucking know I don’t have a

I write these are real emails from real
people a

we’re gonna give them fake names to
preserve the anonymity do you wanna read

these I feel like I always read them

do you want me to read ’em you do you
always read them so you should feel like


yeah but you are medically reading PO
everyone a really good

yet be nice I

okay this one’s pretty funny as you come
up with the name okay

a to Lady now but the dude

a.m. a

well my name is a oh my god I’m stumped

I definitely want to Tristan to be said

I just can’t quite figure out what his
last name

s said Sal

said sell I thanks for the tip

I think it’s a myth said sell said sell

her I’ll a mosquito just blew up

the said sell her home

sydell rights I am 18-year-old high
school senior

if they shouldn’t say worries from and
yeah sure when a

don’t say where he’s from okay so
Kalamazoo Michigan

let’s start is turning into a mad libs I
am a 19 year old high school

I love the Lord and hold the only the
cop that out

yup yeah %uh this is real this is
happening it is live in it as a rock

you the the flan the flight home

you really really heard it you felt it
you know it’s good

it does feel good to get rid of it yeah

that’s gonna gross a lot about that
chris is a lot of people at

probably I believe about you know it
shouldn’t go sleep a lot as I feel

the a lot healthier and now the flame

in my throat which Rose’s place the
candy to imagine it now

its it gets in mind

but even that the faith creativity
you’re going out

ahead this from said thou County

high school senior from Kalamazoo and I
have a very awkward situation

i met this girl and tender not too long
ago when we had things are so arranged

to meet up

he went well soviet to hang out more and
more each time a got more more heated

soon after we were full on hooking up

who she was extremely good in bed as she
gave head

like a god damn porn star all but here
is where the problem comes in

all what time when she was giving me
some slot top she looked up the middle

lickin saying

take me to the king and the sad lemme
lick the lollipop what

the fuck I could not believe it when I
heard her

it threw me off so much I couldn’t stop
cringing at the thought of that

she was being dead serious so this
wasn’t just a failed attempt at a joke

what she did as I just ignored her and
tried not to laugh too that he wanna

make her feel bad

this is my question you guys ever come
across something so awkward in bed

what the hell should I do with anything
like this happens again please help me

how r so do you think he gets he knows
that it’s a song

like he knows that it’s a popular song
or he thinks that she made it up

she I and really interesting pair

I I would definitely imagine he knows

haha so you’d like I’m so turned on by
the fact that you referenced that song

not let that you’d like me to I think
you would imagine like

she made up a road sign in enemies with
the lira a

you be there they matched up to an
actual rap song began imagine

so this it’s such a funny specific thing
to look like

she’s trying to be cute and sexy and
he’s like

adults saying no we’re not killers sono

weird but is seems strange that if you
if somebody did it

acting like you have to take their
intent at the very least she’s trying to

turn you on

yeah but what you doing that we are you
today didn’t and Mike

I’ve been in this situation where I

the girl saying the song

with the in the same girl is the new
shit no but like somebody does something

that just turns you up so much

the its all you can do a its the you all
you think about

every time you see them is like that
would dare you things that I think


her dare you say specifically what it
was a

I B I couldn’t think I just it happened
cuz the for a while I was just so so

picky that like

somebody doing anything like even
watching somebody eat something I was

grossed out by

rewrite like it by if somebody got like
a Bloody Mary day

all I can’t imagine like kissing their
breath would taste like paper in pickles

I now and I don’t even wanna see them

a later I think it’s not you it’s me
with a

I’m way yeah it’s not it’s not that into

yeah dis thats horrible yet that things
that I think this guy’s things a little

more valid because that it really is

soul it’s such a turn on that the

a girl lady first of all

if somebody is I feel like if somebody
is giving you oral sex

you have to give her the benefit of the
doubt she’s doing like

a very selfless act rate that’s true

so it’s like she’s got to do a lot to
mess it up yeah

an ethnic it’s like how you can get mad
at someone for doing you a favor ron

real pick you up at the airport sorry im
20 million you can’t get mad

no with Matt but you can’t get mad but
you could say

I’m turned off and I but not ask you to
pick me up at the airport again yeah

this will be the last favor you ever
give my ass because they’re not I mean

it’s also a representative up a larger
thing I’ve liked what she thinks is

sexy and you might not think

you guys just by five you completely
missed each other on this and maybe it’s

I think you’re extrapolating a little
too much i mean this is like a lime

2nd Ave Longwood hot cups s

break and you’re just like maybe you
just don’t bite each other attractive

I don’t know as the sofa I

the it’s funny to

Lapan sup like he’s trying not to laugh
at how

much he thought it was pathetic yet to
its sole

while she’s giving them the beach well
it’s clear that measured screen

as its currency I though

back review /url so it is a weird places
not to

saying sons popular songs during sex
wonder if I think some people may be

turned on by I would

I don’t think she’d this in my opinion I
don’t think this is the first time she’s

tried that movie applause broke out for
a while

but yes a I think I’m willing to give
this girl more

the benefit of the doubt than you are
well i just think that

um here’s a guest I think this is

bad that was a bad move on her part

but I guess it sound like you at least

react like it totally turned you off

or on so maybe she will try it again I
mean I’ve had a girl

star like running down there and saying
let it grow let it grow

let one who is a pupil pair a girl

yeah I think it was the musical
improviser cuz it was so good

though you gonna call you

I I am if that is the only i tuoi occhi

a I think I would have the same reaction
just like the

II me like it’s so hard to be like

dirty talk dirty talk is so

its you’re so self-aware select I can
imagine like

she’s doing so much and then she’s also
trying to do that and then like if it

falls short

like 830 need is democracy dirty charged

cool but here’s the thing like I what
I’m saying with that then

when that’s not the first time she
didn’t like it did work it did turn

someone else on

so like it the just didn’t work on this
guy well you don’t know if it worked or

she’s done it before

I believe she wouldn’t be doing it again
now like they’re talking about ten years


I 50 Lepine

he didn’t do you it’s the rare
fifty-cent I love you know I got it bad


that the solo en with you we

you with the lil wayne signees talking

you tell me about the other day where
it’s like people metaphorically talking

about to throw that away with both bat

truffle butter it’s like I’m ready this
label its

Drake Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne
indirectly talking about like my aunt

Diane’s people would have like

girls like into trouble but hurry mickey
a Nicki Minaj like

also offhandedly mentioned and then I’ll
always like

at but rather a bad idea but the day I

LuAnn is the animal love the Muppet

I get slower demand from a cage and it
is that every lines like yet but family

than that I’m

or I don’t put trouble but hey I’m here
to put the

at other a little better with
representative %uh vogue

over like a high-quality machine yeah or
I think the

allow you to talk in about 20 cable a

away want to try to laid out like now I

did it from the top down well okay

that’s the thing about little and you
have to take the good with the bad

you can check like he’s like it taken in
perfect relationship protect okay

something’s wrong here but

you have to understand the pencil callus
the highest the highs are high exactly

lowers the Mariana Trench

it does get does not get lower so what
should what was the specific question he


um he like it him socially discard this
lady entire little the use this guide

are entirely

but I mean how do you DN center vies I
mean there’s a great chance you’ll never

see it again

boy she says that every time then it
turns into what all these questions have

you guys ever come across its growth
something so awkward or this awkward

and what should I do if it happens again
so does like you

if he’s not running of which it like we
were both they don’t

bail on this and yeah i rly if it
happens again

which I don’t think you’re right I don’t
think it will but it might it had

it happens again this same exact song
same exact line

I guess I would just I think you should
do is have your natural reaction laugh

the and fish it I know that my really
offender there’s nothing worse than

hearing laughter

yeah we’re going to Dallas on somebody
I’m be late

for but also you don’t have a weird
somber conversation about it

now it’s almost like you wanna laugh
however get hopefully a little bit

early Oct but not like wrecked you note
is there a sexy way to say Shh

no I i three you have to like lap is
that why you laughing like

object to being sexy like I’m sorry I
like the seeing

just makes it made me laugh you do use

but I don’t be yours I don’t think you
one have like a

hey stop stop what you’re doing I don’t
like when you sing

yep that’s worse you can have a
conversation made that it’s better to

giggle and have her be upset

and then you explain why you giggled
yourself at a track

here a dozen I think that’s what I would
do I would probably

not do anything could that be too scared

it up but like what if you

lose your action because it’s so unsexy
art that’s

that would have to be really aren’t a
single line that

is more negative than a blow job is

it takes it down from a hundred 80

no no be amazing then she’ll notice

a other data we should do

Hugo flaccid your tooth that’s good
advice yeah

go flaccid as less as possible or come

happy the freeway set up a Pavlovian
response I would without a neighbor this

question really interesting leg

a but here’s the thing I was about to
come anyway so what do you think I’d

canine as he thinks

has a great this is like a modern-day
seinfeld dude into

we should too we should tweeted that
modern seinfeld

jerry carnes I think girl sings a song
as the orgasms

does not want to give her that self-love
like make it seem like a reward for her

right I next question yessir

do I am I have your phone now this is
yours now well ourself is enough

them okay a question to you

area this one comes from

the laid the he who were her name is

melrose had and her last name is

now it’s aa a both plot

is Mel pro-growth

platter Millbrook Melissa Primrose

pop/rock larger bill applied to

Melissa the you know pocket her name is

just got to the stage right hey guys

here’s my situation: I’ve been dating my
boyfriend for three years now on we live


achieve done once before but to be fair
in every to me out this guy told me D

me out so that we hooked up anyway that
guy was a guy I hooked up with before I

got together with my boyfriend

the reason we start taking up his
because he has genital herpes

so that kinda scare me off but he eats
me out not on

do anything to him because he has herpes
so anyway it’s been five months since I

cheated on my boyfriend but I’ve been
texting the herpes guy for a while and

things are getting pretty sexual via

i really wanna hook up with them but I
don’t wanna break up with my boyfriend

cuz we live together it’s like

really inconvenient but he herpes guy is
good at going down on me

anyway I know this is bad to me and I
shouldn’t do this but i also really

kinda like herpes guy

we get along really well what would you
guys do if you were dating someone

really like that and think they’re
perfect but then you find out they have


thanks for the advice I like that at the
end it but he was talking about her

current boyfriend

right to your daily so it is great but
he has her P oh you’re talking about the

mistress she went from

a they were from just like they I kinda
wanna keep this go though

has herpes do I kinda want to date this
guy to I am dating this guy would you do

if your thirtieth

it and security over boyfriend McGee and
be like there’s no reason to stay

together with boyfriend

right you’re already moved on mentally
to a guy that you probably shouldn’t

have sex with unless you’re the only
person to ever have sex with definitely

dangerous to be cheating on your
boyfriend with somebody

that has genital herpes that that goes
from like emotionally dangerous to

actually physically dangerous he might
give you can I think

don’t quote me on this again but I think
you can get herpes

even if a guy and a girl that we should
find that out there I bet I bet they’ll

say you can

people are usually pretty safe about
that because the air with Lake

with diseases there’s a yeah there’s a
chance don’t do is always a chance yeah

I always the chance

o’neal but i wanna find a picture there
is a I mean like if you have herpes

I don’t know if it’s localized adjust
your genitals you can have lick

you know I call sores are herpes on your
mouth and I feel like wanted in you it

can get transferred to your time where

yeah thats will their Cup what your

default search is buggin ya who you’re
using a weird browser I think

not use the Wii I’m using the browser
the youth

welding Firefox yeah I use that it’s
very specific but I only use that to

post up to our

podcast tumbler still you didn’t

ever changer

your default search I think I did and it
didn’t take

really do we get into that I

within the next half hour on attitude by
default search engine

we would be searching um I had no

I don’t get herpes through cuddling is

genital herpes transmitted from mouth

the and actually the third came up it
all these league’s weekly

I think you have it royal purple

their purple links um alright so I

I should be this week ordered parts for
that was parked on 2nd genital herpes

disease caused by the herpes simplex
virus which there are two types

at were right are we back choice I just

some other ok you mind hidden we’re not
doctors and I only skimmed an article on

the weather

38 the what you’re saying she let your

I ever vehicular okay

she dyed her boyfriend admit say it’s I
mean it says

but herpes simplex to which is genital

I can usually only be pass top

from like penis to vagina there penis to
butter whatever

penises the source word vagina penis yet

like that guy can genital to genital yep
up but

and it also hood he pastor

from his genital herpes to her mouth to

oral herpes which is I guess she thinks
she’s not doing anything to him right

which is essentially a suppose that’s
okay but

but once you’re in there and things are
getting swap to the other thing at like

herpes is sup is like a disease that

always like evolving and changing so
it’s I don’t think it’s ever

that safe to be hooking up with somebody
that has

her herpes virus I mean unless you’re

and I feel like I’m gonna marry this guy
and then we’re just going about have

herpes together

sure but I think there’s also
complications if you’re a lady who gets


its and pregnancy is dangers for you

so even if your gonna hit a relationship
I would I would say like try not to get


is yeah condom do all that and are now I
don’t know

I your but definitely

and you’re putting it the boyfriend you
live with

at risk up you giving him herpes from
cheating on him yes as I think we do

meanest thing you can do to someone yeah
breaking up with them and giving them a


okay I’m sorry I cheated on you I don’t
wanna be with you also get tested you

have herpes

I it’s all bad

so that’s not a nice thing to do to
someone the

for their specific this was the question
is what would you guys do if you’re

dating someone and really like them and
think they’re perfect but then you find

out they have herpes

which is totally unrelated to her their

yeah she already knows this guy’s herpes
and she’s cheating on her boyfriend so

the advice that you didn’t ask us for
that we’re giving you anyway

is don’t to be with your boyfriend and
then if you want to be with this guy

that has herpes if that’s a compliment
her boyfriend with

anyone break up with him yeah breakup
break up but especially so

PS if it’s with the guy with herpes and
that would mean its

I would say it in urgent situation if
you’re about to cheat on your boyfriend

with a buddy US herpes pic is this guy’s
already gone down on you

yet so stop what you’re doing break up
with her boyfriend immediately

yeah and the if you wanna be with a guy
with herpes

look into the actual risks and I if
they’re worth the reward

talk to a real doctor because I think
there’s like some kinda complication

with pregnancy

and yeah um yeah whatever

what the so to answer your question were

do it would you do if you really like
them and they’re perfect but they find

out they have herpes

what would you do I guess if every if
there’s like

if they check off literally every other

then it’s like this is a thing we can
get through could like I’m sure if I’ve


my soulmate want to get married and then
they got herpes

I wouldn’t abandon ship so doesn’t make
sense not to abandon ship

but then the problem is if I don’t even
know them yet like it the first thing I

learned about them is

herpes they start with such a net
negative that I don’t really

that they can’t climb out of that hole
yeah that’s a silly if I’m dating

someone in their perfect I love them

and then I find out they have herpes
it’s late they’re not perfect cuz they

lied to me about having rabies for a
long time

yeah are here’s another mathematical way
to think about it don’t let me lose you


guy I was made my erections good thanks

I a herpes

is negative there’s a a scale a woman
ever Anna partners on a scale

okay best as a hundred worst as negative
a hundred

got it if they’re in the positives the
Amery ’em did

really yet if they’re even at a two yeah
I on merriam

herpes is -99 ok that’s it you dock for

this girl’s gotta be a perfect 100 going
forward for her to end up at one

and if it’s the last thing I know about
a one hundred and she get doubt

99 like you know it’s it’s still worth
it but if the first thing I learned

better is a -99 unlike you’re not climb
and added this whole idea what are the

odds that year

not only your 6-foot-4 a 200-pound

all the things that I think are a
perfect woman want it

a DD the other less than an A let me
know when I like other ones in burrs


robbery brunette I i take issue with

a with your putting somebody had a
negative a hundred for

having herpes -99 and I i take issue
with yeah

ado yeah I mean I don’t

think I love you get herpes

like completely by accident think that’s
that your the

you’re gonna give them that fine I’m
well the fine is not like

I you owe me cash RI am’s

I’m your day you’re an outcast society
and other they rather not have a key at

bat NHA

that don’t care personnel

double battle like I L absolutely I’m
not saying that

I was saying on my compass on my scaled
the redo the numbers can be any like

ball will be we look we order pieces a
leper to you that’s what you’re saying

it’s like if someone like you what you
give what your biggest penalty would be

would be to a girl who a says that she
loves Jesus and thinks that

all nonbelievers are going to hell you
give that person

a huge in def probably why don’t I do I
don’t have a scale like

you do. a probably is she evoking a hot
or not I

that would be probably bigger that would
be a net minus 10 one that even if she

was perfect she can get back to

positive territory and are you saying

all people that are religious don’t
deserve to find someone above all on my


press saying for myself I wouldn’t want
to necessarily start a relationship

with someone that I know has an STD I
that’s the

that’s what the the issue is for me

I think somebody that has herpes can be

lovely and I charming and beautiful

and but like it would I would

take pause entering a relationship with
them he has I would

be at risk myself travel writer P and if
our relationship

doesn’t work out then where does that
put you when you leave

sure you your you have to like this
close to anybody you would date that you

have herpes Andrew or -99

adult everything you’re saying is what
I’m saying I’m just giving it a number

Wayne Gretzky wanna buy it makes him/her
I beg make the negative you know

it’s like putting the putting the Jewish
star on through the name

are highly area

love dating I occurred dating

good that is what my OK Cupid profile
pic says

the picture not even the bio you should
make your OK Cupid

the name I hate Hitler %uh that’s good

instead of hail Hitler Jazz’s hate
Hitler yeah

yeah love anybody’s name is I hate his
way after that

did not their name on the dating the
about their actual names just like you

and I i rly a gram name

I Hitler and then I discovered on
everybody with

polluters like well I guess Abigail 2929

final exit the very least is neutral
about not wanting to take a stance on

are going well below the guy holiday

they anything food but I guess I’m kind
of a hero in that regard

do we get this girl enough bud vase yet
and that she and her boyfriend and only

enter this relationship is she really
really really thinks this guy

occurred could be the one otherwise

you can find other people to eat you out
yeah you might want to talk to your

boyfriend about

I be able to I’m sorry rather go down on
you then have somebody that has herpes

go down on you well he’s still living
with you

if given the opportunity I feel like you
would be into that one

definitely a alright let’s take a break
and will be back

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remember that fourth girl kossuth

let’s go back to the ship your latoya

hi when he got there others got back to
the Super Bowl this year that would be

really funny I believe the time is right

yeah the time is definitely right and

break we are going to be in Austin allow
very soon

the subs are comes out on the week we’re
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well so I i Hitler is taken

a No mother is a gram is private he has
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any swallowing one person he squatting

I feel like we can rescue that name for
it for you if you really want it

I would like to the this episode this
podcast episode comes out

on generating the 19

the day after my birthday happy birthday
I can listen to this

I’ll be 32 well and yeah and I feel
about that

I don’t know because I’m not there yet
alright excited to turn 32

a I think everything now sort of nothing
until forty

right like 31 32 33 political 30 he’ll
be when you turn 30

and a yeah that feels like the start of
a new decade

rape because it’s like you know you’re
no longer a twenty-something

I mean you’ll feel it in August it’ll I
know I wonder

I I haven’t felt anything since 2525
felt like

oh my god I had like a lot of things I
wanted to do by the time I think people

put that

and that age for whatever reason you
like well if I do this by the time I’m

25 that’ll be impressive

the I want to do that by the time 25 and

I’m definitely becoming less impressive

min with every year I grew older I think
it was winter 30

its I mean like people when real awards
at this point like 32-year-old later

later actually like every got a TV show
on the air is that they get that nobody

will be on my god you’re so young yeah

crazy it would just be a 0 ok about time

what took you so long purposes best
basically a decade since college

rate so wish I should have a review and
audit of my life

like what have I done since college and
i proud anything

yeah I would say no not yet okay

geez that’s nothing I’ve done so far a

I chalk it up and I had a similar review
with my parents may agree

I actually lead to review I days ago
pretty good up until the point where

they told me

I was a failure that I was going to have
a review I am

was a I asked and we’ve got tickets
available for the author Joe January


com come gonna really be that this week

alright next question Schur

lol it will need a name quincy quincy

and actually he names somebody else so I
need a

i thought id name the person in story
quincy I wish to be named Quincy his

personal story

Sydney quincy Anthony all I can think it
was Sydney’s

what up J keep away in a mere I’m a team
that had been in a good relationship

with an awesome girl for a year

she always gets really jealous that this
other girl

Sydney that I’ve been really good
friends with for a couple years I have

to admit

she’s pretty damn fine but we’re
genuinely nothing but friends

one time when me and her were hanging
out watching taken to see for now my


anyway said me ask you to do your
homework for one time I jokingly replied

I’ll do it for nudes and she took the
bait and sure enough

she’s that me some nudes and they were
awesome this was a few weeks back and

then today she said she’d make a video
of her masturbating yelling my name will

seek orgasm divided again

does this mean she wants might be or
does she really just hate accounting

her friend did jokingly tell me she did
one time

am i cheating asshole for this I mean I
didn’t send you anything

also is this prostitution i DK I’m
probably gonna keep doing it

I should I not great question let’s
assume this girls 8

18 I because otherwise I feel like this
is the legal

yet we are what we are doing it was
recalling the authority her a cell

this girl I like the quite

the statement I jokingly asked for nudes
she did that search she didn’t get that

I was just kidding

yeah I know there was more back and
forth than that I would she tell you the


well I guess I’ll get the nudes now how
you put it in you did the homework and

you took today

a yeah you weren’t kidding serve you did
her homework for her

a is it cheating to get videos

those are very specific radius to have
nothing new there are also pretty can


I mean it’s all I think it’s all in the
cheating spectrum yeah

how mortified would you be if your
girlfriend found out and how her would

she be if she found out other extreme in
this girl already assumes that there

ha cannot rush she’s got like the hot
best friend thing going on which is like


might be girlfriends don’t like that but
like I don’t think cheating

is necessarily I’m

you don’t qualify in the in the
wave-like I went this far with somebody

or like they only sent me videos or I
only got a handjob

you know you’re like it’s not about

that cuz this dude could take this dude
could bind all

anything impersonal he could have sex
with her and be like it didn’t mean

anything to me

so how can you say what it meant it you
can’t its all about

how the other person how your loved one
feels so if your loved one is fine then

you can cheat

they’re like then cheating is fine yeah
I mean if you’re

if you if your loved one is like I don’t
care if you sleep with other people

I that’s like sorta some kinda like open
relationship or whatever like I don’t

care if you

flirt using social media I don’t think a
lot of you I don’t think

very many relationships are Batley back

I think I you know this is but Wednesday
energy drink but if a guy super strict

as I don’t want the following any guys
on Twitter babe

well then like ice is broken up his acts
a bit like was so

what’s what the disconnect like what’s
more important

while you sleep could you side with if

if this girl found out she was really
hurt would you be linked

oh yeah this guy is an asshole yes %um I
think it’s just like

the subjective but yet the masses would

that this guy’s a cheating asshole and
if you were just following a budget like

models on Instagram the post pictures of
themselves and thongs

that’s not cheating that’s just I mean
it’s like very passively

ogling UBS which is skewed but not real

believe that not cheating this is him

pursuing something and get illicit

that would get his girlfriend upset I
will say that accounting is really


yeah but would you make a video of
yourself orgasming attention with the

name year that’s very specific it sounds
like she’s into Hannah she’s willing to

do that if she came up with that

yeah in you know if you maybe it w my
just like this

other girl which is why I B should break
up with your girlfriend via

I feel like 18-year-old shouldn’t be in
relationship there so much like

hormones and opportunities there that
think it’s impossible to keep that caged

yeah I why would you yeah I don’t wanna
tell an 18-year-old to dislike

shut everything off thats the prime if
your life right there

rising I’m 32 the advice is to you

not cheat on your girlfriend but also
break up with you from and not have a

girlfriend you just don’t need it

you can just your at this point in the
next four years you supposed to do

take in as much as possible don’t shut
anything of

right says would appear the Gulf your
girl with your with a girl for five

years at this point and then you break
up with her and it’s like

others five years irv nudes that I could
have gotten

or experiences that i’ve could have
attained right or five years have a

loving relationship you could have
explored in room with somebody and

done and I was with one human being and
have a strong connection

you know there’s that too for sure but I
don’t like a hour video of a girl

nodding as she shares


it’s only one thing weapons I’ll

quincy went the for the win the you

ever do it while she’s singing that
lollipop song but can dwindle takes me

to the loud

up the so is a cheating sorted yeah

the disease is this girl into him sorta

yeah year girls don’t do that just for
homework she would

she feels closer comfortable enough with
you yeah I think

right now you have in crossed the line
because you haven’t gotten the video you


but like if you can we got nudes yet

and that’s like not great but let’s say
that still

a little okay widgets really if it’s not
but if you

now you know for eaten the beginning he
didn’t necessarily know

is like I said jokingly nudes

than I did the homework not really
knowing what was going on really

happened she said nudes

and you know now you know

do you take that and exploit it further

which is the bad guy thing to do while
you have a girlfriend Ortiz de wo

that was intense I don’t wanna do that I
want to be.

decent guy to my girlfriend that’s the

yeah just be a good guys the general get
move and

if you’re a good guy then you can you
know politely break up with your


that still good guy move and then you’re

then it’s a pretty good game moved to
just flirt look up with whoever you want

not OK

but whether she’s like my breaking up
with me enemies like a

well I kinda wanna see these nudes from
that girl that you’re jealous that to

specific a reason but

you just say I’m not invested in this
relationship anymore and I can’t give


the kind of attention and love that you
deserve a

feel it Sears thing like pass it off
like you deserve more than what I’m

willing to give you

yeah how could she get mad at that you
can’t not

your the prior that’s why it’s the
perfect breakup

is you put it on you yeah it’s not you
it’s me

course with it I

now I kinda wanna get together with
someone too so I can break up with them

to I love that fucking the real the
conversation use it some went down you

stare in the eyes news

day I am done

with you en mi together

yeah and to just deal that guy he did
not talking about earlier

bases you to think that I D but it is
those feeling in the world

some people never feel it so you’ll
never get never have to break up the

only a broken up with

yeah or they just stayed with their
first love

and in don’t know what it’s like yeah
well plots

I it’s not good water broke up with you

the I I little

what’s going on behind me did you see

ago I wrote package a big one all shit

that the pop shop she got a pop shot

AFP that’s right everybody

we bottle arcade basketball league debut

jealous much we have to sign for it no
with areas

up I just whipped little you must be a
podcast fan

I the way he waved us was very knowing
you took a selfie

a alright let’s go play pop shot alright

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up found it by Joey Phelps J Phelps

we are back on a Thursday this week
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