Episode 129: Especially You

In this episode we discuss making friends and breaking hearts.

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I am very often but today yes hell
please enter this up some things got

real by


and heat

do yeah



the end

do more








Bob Marley

from read a rave

I that’s like is in another i5 a
nightmare about a podcast that the


I’m like running around an empty stage
in my

an MP broken mp3 links are just flying
at me and tweets like a this episode

soundtrack to actually carry download at

at the ready to the airport for Austin
socialistic the flight

that’s the third today it yeah value

I gotta get there I’ll I’m not wearing
any shoes

if barry you can you can you go through

airport security barefoot like show up
at the airport without shoes

yeah yes theoretically the BBQ take up

have to repeat a cover fee that it will
the year that you are through the X

server issues like

are you the days are you

you give up all over again i loveeee a

thanks for a rallying year this is your
Michael Jordan flu game

yeah we’ve been here before have we
where you say you’re sick

when too thick but I do the podcast a a

yeah I guess you do get sick quite more
often than average

do I I don’t know where he is sick over

in December your December break at one
point you’re sick yeah

adult January you’re sick rate which is
what my mother told me

and I and then I take my response is

a I don’t the with I don’t think I was
sick recently before that I feel like I

got back to back

a sinus infections are cold or something

but aside from that I have a really good
sec yeah

island with a I

I remember the last time a sec I did
their podcast ban because you were in

town and I was sick and then I went over
there he was afraid that I was going to

get him sick then he said that he got
sick for me

it’s a whole to do yeah babe gets sick
all the time yeah he sees also sick


a I woke up feeling sick and I thought
you know him so he could write this

because he was sick

you through thick a it is funny to be
sick how

you don’t appreciate health like I feel
fine and I’m just a little not yet


but how much money would you give to be
me five hundred dollars

Wow beat up to look like me for the rest
your life

I resale a iris I picked a bad

best from slide my face up

this will even work it wasn’t buyer they

yeah I you really do it the feeling
healthy just being able to breathe and

stand up and not the sort a key and
tired yeah he said at I feel sorry for


I feel pity on me I really do feel
clearly I’ll be

I that’s not a fun feeling

and I feel bad cuz like when I see that
you’re sick I just get mad at you

yep that’s not fair to you right well
Mike had it

I was like I’ll feel better so we can do
more stuff like and I’m afraid they’ll

get me sick

ray like when I’m sick and I’m around be
like all your secular growth get Adiyiah

you are being mean to me all day

I know what it’s like to be
discriminated yep I bid protest it

demonstrated against

I do you think you’ll be okay for Austin

it’s wednesday when recording ray I
guess cuz up on Thursday our shows on


I’m horrified I don’t I am I I think
I’ll be ok

I B to this feels like the worst at you
also very acutely aware when you get


you and sometimes you’re right and
sometimes you’re able to nip it in the


yeah there’s some I could be a couple
times where

I felt the caveat and I i ok you out
myself did

fluids slept a lot I

that he should Asia sleep for like 14
hours today as soon as we’re done with

this lovely

go to bed here let your body I think you
can only

one more note about sickness and then we
should really move on sure will this be

any advice you


I think your body can only fight disease
and on hours past 8 asleep

like if you sleep for eight hours your
body’s not getting over it

but if you sleep for 12 then it’s like
you’re giving your body for hours to

fight the disease that’s the best idea

one time I’d like slept for like the
entire day basically as

in bed resting and I got better so
quickly cuz I think goes my body was

just I was just like

if I shut myself down my body doesn’t
have to figure out how to walk talk in


do normal function how many sleep tight

I was either sleeping or like napping or
like half asleep after nap it’d be


yeah I was bored but I was I was
watching TV and I was

I was excited to feel better 0 psycho

yeah you could be in bed watching TV and
unlike drifting in and outta sleep

in an attic consciousness rate so that
the watches it was a very good yeah

I’m thinking property brother yeah I

it love property credit so I was
watching a warning the you actually like


yeah it’s here but it’s like I could
base a little better because they like

to submit to recap

and the only people I know that why tht

are like girls in my life and you he you

you in every girl I know loves
International House Hunters

yeah you is a good do it every girl I
know a lot as property

house others was really slippery and
then you in every girl I know loves

lipitor flop it I look it’s it’s just
flip or flop

I can appreciate the accusations

I with I like the first lap low as the

what was the lower the Brahmas I like
nine a boner I flip flops okay I like

that reflect the Blitz I really like

a rehab addict year its run it like big
bad either

no worry about it is absolutely the best
show I’ve

issue to me it’s like the same footage
your favorite Buttkicker live shows

now despite leaguers but I don’t make a
rehab addict make a flipper

well make a house under that it says
people again at

house is all about the host directory
about a

she is she delays the little fire plug
disease places but she works so hard


restores all those others like their
original glory flippin

air flipper flop is like that we’re
gonna that we’re gonna go with the year

the put paid to a better lipstick on a

another they do. they really are iight

what is this show it’s a fiery year the
only advice podcast on the internet

hosted by

me I’m a mere I will host the plaza

that’s all you that up and the year I

me okay take d I cohost

and it sometimes our health ins and as
you’re ill

it’s so ill today I again if Hillary
talking this I can

a China empathize a sore throat

stuffy nose a

I feel lethargic and sore

a I have at feel like a head cold or

what are your thoughts on medicine di
dua dirty just let it

run its course naturally do I’ll

I have a lot about this right now take
well Dodik well

I think dick will Louis on II took

sudafed very the congestion sure to

for by a kiss that’s good ed some air

just to reject me with vitamin C no I
read this morning that vitamin C

is it actually that effected both going

just I think Michael it may be held it
may be it I prevent to call but once you

have it that the violence is not really
doing it for you know it’s getting

drowsy medicine from you ready to go to

public and I call at 9pm hit on knock
your ass out

I should get a quote I’ll take it if I
could find of

spiro biking now I’ll snort some hail

this sec it letter alleged a I eat too
much better said

like that I’ll take a leave absorb from
a something but

chance to take years was that would’ve
not sick waste readers just

always %uh medicine year fought back it

the argument about beds always a sister
is always administered flipper flop

appeal it’s they gotta get their big and
then there’s me and her daughters who

happens to be ill at this point in time
but for the most part is they’re healthy

helping a guy who calls himself over the
counter side

I no cheese the yeah you know him

shit I’ll I really want a gray or let’s
do this

the who is the who is another am

a illness thing on

dairy free at them I am

alright these are real emails from real
people are going to give them fake names

to preserve your anonymity you could
explain how the show goes

I didn’t the shit see now you got me
fucked up

but he did did I’m I’ll no I just said
it hosted it

here this is an advice podcast basically
you guys

people write us n if I ratio gmail dot

and they are seeking advice and then we
do our best offered on this program

perfect a cases this is our first you
know that you’re reading What only stay

with the HGTV theme

you have a name for a girl bacall
courtesy call

Curtis the rehab addict herself a hey

so it was an it was New Years a little
bit ago and you guessed it

I hooked up with the guy it was nothing
special just a classic New Years kiss

plus a bit more

I never thought anything other because I
was just new year so me and him continue

to text a bit and I was moving soon and
so I thought it was

obvious that I never had feelings for
him I it was

wrong apparently he took the hooking up
very seriously any took our texting as

flirtatious because he just told me that
he is planning a vacation to where I


now I don’t wanna hurt his feelings but
I also really don’t want to see him at


or have them expect his vacation to be
week-long hookups esch

how do I tell them that I don’t really
wanna see ’em or how could I warn him

that is the case in won’t be a week-long

hookups ash PS love the show and thank
you for bringing me into the world of

tender love Nicole Curtis

fluoride nadie so this guy didn’t quite

any hints that this girl might have been

trying his way rates if they hooked up
in a text that into him it’s like

I’ll she’s interested right but so
interested that I wanna plan a vacation

at a little crazy

yeah I think he’s just like you think
he’s like social be down I’m gonna plan

a vacation and we’re gonna hook up

value depends where she lives she lives
in Miami

that it’s like oh I I could see ’em

planning a vacation here initials Miami

don’t think he is being a starter i
think is going ever made

so what would you say that you should
say I got a text to Jake Gillum

yeah that’s true text Jake talk on the
website that logic her with the suggest

texts for you

please do check it out still up and
running but this one’s this one’s for

free so what do you suggest the text
should be

%uh but were I don’t know

do you say explicitly don’t come

already today so you know yeah how far

is he in planning s hopefully not very
Kors shoes that down to see him at all

it’s really dangerous cuz the I mean I
guess if it’s me

I with first text like oh I’m not going
to be around that weekend

without he just ate a lot like have fun
I’ll give you some rest on advice

and that’s good and that if you’d like
00 I like planet

look for when you’re in town that I
would say 0

you have the right idea I wouldn’t do

a.m. at the use they like as flattering
as that is why I’m not I would really be

aired on having a

a week log visitor

I was planning on staying with you yeah
no thanks

you think it’s worth a white lying
saying desi non-standard see somebody

or just so you know I won’t be in town
or I’m busy with this that the other

or she should just be completely honest
be like a by the way I don’t plan on

ever hooking up with you ever again

a sec you’ll like that’s this guy has a
totally proven that he can take a hit


I think he I think you’re allowed to
give one more hit

especially because you did get something
you did flirt with them

so I G is said one hit like

a busier I’m

arm I V busy is really the only like

hit keeping at bay yeah is this
something that you run into like

old let’s give this guy a hint and then
see if he takes one hand and if you

can’t take that hinted men yet to be
more blunt

I’m I’m not very good at being blunt
with anybody

ever but I’d getting better at it I’ve
been in this situation where like

somebody might say oh I wanna come visit

act I wanna come visit you in New York I
want to visit los angeles

right and I’m like oh yeah that’s
awesome and then they’re like

getting into actual plan FAA does and I
realize what an integral part

I am to the process and it’s like what
weekend is good for you gonna let go

I I don’t accept a weekend visitor

I usually are just say it’s something
like that like my schedule is always

changing I’m

super busy I can’t accept a weekend
visit here but like

you planned this trip if you wanna take
it and if I’m in town will meet up it’ll

be fun

so is the equivalent of like I’ll
hooking up with someone

in a city that’s not yours and then you
are just having fun flirtatious texting

like oh you gotta come visit me in your
ki Asha alcohol come back to XYZ at all

be fun

which is fine and it’s like alright I’m
looking at the calendar New York I’ll

well I didn’t really expect me to do
that alone o.o

a wide as they win this is real but now
the eighth

his hooking up like having a weekend
visits like bud for a little bit

that and that they like being in a
relationship with a stranger

yeah you’re spending 24 hours with
somebody even more

yeah it such a real thing that comes out

one native hooking up a really great
that the big big big ask

I would probably wait lie and be like a

I’m either one seeing somebody so it’s
like oh I’m sorry I can’t if your gonna

wait lies seeing someone is the better
think that not the antenna

because they are they will see you or
that he may just be like

oh I’ll just change my flight and i
wanna come another time

when you are in town and

and then you have to be like who but I
don’t wanna see you and that is like why

did you just say that

making you feel badly right the life I
care for you usually about

and weathered he’s a moron let’s get a
relief lemme hair

hey well I and I

I’ll can you with a head cold low a
alright and the pain

that I other Jewish guy a

O’Kane as that is love that I am

that it for her that think so

which is just the way lower its just the
truth I would suggest

I’m busy and don’t plan your trip around
me and if it sounds like

if his responses like I am planning a
trip around you then you say

0 I don’t want to be at that place with

a especially year ago yet

University especially you I

never is this Leslie it’s always the
suit yet

it is don’t like I don’t want a
relationship with anyone in the whole


like really especially you but

the only one in the whole I don’t really
I’m not looking for a relationship with


and you fit the description somebody I
don’t wanna be the key and kinda busy

next week’s on enough I could see

especially you if you’re amazing I
probably find a way right to play go for

it supports a good fury at in bed after

specially year ago does the silhouette
every when whatever big excuse somebody

gives you they’re saying is specially
yeah I’m drunk and horny I’ll go with


especially you as I could be a good
thing that can be a poor

I that’s nice so never take anything
personally both good and bad

i think thats a good life credence credo

especially year year then you never get
too high or too low

especially year professionally me

dealing all ever kiss a girl I

I think I think everyone deserves a
beautiful girl

especially yeah but either I really
really really I’m overdue

a its I think it’s sad if anybody
thirty-two year they haven’t kissed a

girl was specially

you freshly to a

next question the us we need a guy’s

’em I think that was the properties

probably brothers named Doug %uh that’s
good that property rights

you know that the last name crazy dug in
jail property

his name is jail property and 10 bad

Doug property rights I have a couple
questions for you my girlfriend and I

have been dating for five months I get
frustrated when her text with me aren’t


or nights and I tell her in a nice way
she is accepting of the feedback and is

getting better but I’m worried that it
makes me look needy or controlling

is it okay for a guy to bring this stuff
up or should I not

I’m 24 and she is 22 and we just started
having sex

I think I’m pretty good at the pull out
method but I’m worried that

but that this is not enough shure

any other method there is that death Dez
let me know if you’re going to use this

question Yeller ballers shock collars

and shit on crawlers peace deuces on now

I sewn up I as good as

sneakily as too close to the line uses

the see the trend that is that is that
is made up is a controlling I’m 22 or

just wait till we’re going to pull up in
like way this is

now I’m reading sewing health Uganda he
realized you know there is a much bigger

problem at stake

what is texting the others birth control
it I

and here’s why to wages is we just
started having sex although I actually

there’s an issue there you

get I pull out is that fine is that good

alright first things first you’re a
little bit media

sounds like I’ll I don’t want to seem
needy or controlling I guess what you’re

doing is little bit a both


you’re trying to control the way she tax
because you need

more affectionate that’s like the
opposite problem that out I’ve ever

experienced I always one

ladies to chill out to text less yet tax

don’t be so affectionate right off the
bat I like like email keep it cash

rate but I guess at this guys talking
about a girlfriend I’m talking about non


I think I’m I also like I don’t wanna

jump on his case I understand where he’s
coming from like a cold message from

your girlfriend you’re like wait you’re
being mean to me

yet what’s to its happened at the latex
or so

since they’re so impersonal like if you
if you write like

I’ll pick you up at 7:30 how does that
sound and she wrote okay

then you’re like she’s mad she wants to
be any other type B side 7:30

but not necessarily to its just like she
has for got an exclamation the society

that we live in

and everything counts every character

is this 140 character last society would
kill each other screens in jail that

each other’s faces generic

steering it hardly know Jesus that
actual harness

I mean its Dec its

hack you are as thick I yeah

at so it sounds like he’s doing

a decent job with guys like it telling
her nicely that he wants

a little more former in the texting
regard long as you don’t have any


that he’s doing it with a pure and as
long as you’re not getting mad at her

for being herself

then then I think Uriarte entered a

year is it and I think that what are the
best ways to Jeter

I your text level is just did said the
text that you

so the type a text you wish that she
would send and then you’ll change your

you’re short-handed the language eased
with each other

part 2

I the pull out method is actually

not but much less effective

then a condom its the issue

with the pull out method is and I think
this might be tough because you said I

think I’m pretty good plot method

like if u actually pull out and you
successfully do it

then yeah there’s not a large chance of
a girl getting pregnant though

there is some a cement in

pre ejaculation though but

that usually only will happen if you’re
having sex like multiple times approved

actually does

Preet se project with doesn’t actually
contains even

I UTI are you with girls about now a

well as the alive it’s amazing how much

and knowledge you have when it comes to
fucking girls without a car I

everything else like I don’t allow
herpes works what’s the internet would

have allowed in certain things happen
they are like

in terms of pre ejaculation now the
cement per ounce

so injures a pre ejaculation what that
is actually just

I it’s fluid going through to cleanse
your you throw above

but you’re in essentially but

sometimes if you have sex and then you
have sex again

the pre ejaculate will all not as clear
out the urine but it will clear out

some seaman as well and that’s how

can I get paid for pre jacket with yes

that I don’t i think is planned this is
all just you’re talking about pregnancy

not necessarily

std’s rate which I don’t the you AP that
a committed relationship with me that

really worried be about std’s yet that
doesn’t prevent

pulling out as a brunette std’s at all a

so it’s so facto

cookie dough air goes some the problem
with it

I pulling out as birth control is that

fucking feels really good and sometimes
you wanna stay in there and sometimes

you don’t pull out quick enough and
sometimes you do get a little splu Jimmy

old BB

so that’s where the problem lies

right and it sounds like he is a little
worried that he thinks he’s pretty good

you have to be pretty a macular

yeah you got to be very perfect with
that otherwise

because the penalty is pregnancy yeah

which is not a good place to be no air
who knows what her reaction to being

pregnant would be

so that other you guys could talk to you
some people the Planned Parenthood right

guidance K

her so is knotted more on a podcast to

like smoking people without coddled and
they’ll tell you whether we just say

right now be

care be use a condom Sharia

that way it’s like a we told them to use
a condom at the responsible thing for us

to do

yeah I do we tell the practice
abstinence as long as they’re fucking

guy off the rails over here

yessir don’t have sex with anybody the
same as the you can do is not talk at


yeah because he could put on the condom
incorrectly to you

anything can happen a so birth control

a I have birth control birth control
thing at a row

she’s 22 she had yeah you’re allowed to
do that that way you can

sleep with her without a a condom and
then you can also

not have to pull out bouts I mean that’s
be ideal thing but I think sometimes for

women birth control tax people

yeah I will he’s a guy

so he wears I got their affectionate
right they don’t affect me

I had to take a pill I have to change my
mood at

is getting written sucks all the time
you’re always hormonal

you’re that angry hormonal guy you

PMS I that the funny stakes for a bet we
should discuss our Super Bowl bet but

what are the options as I get

birth control I’ll get a month the birth
control over my daddy and we just have

to take it

we have to take you have nothing either
jody has to do believe that there are

not much

that is so for you grow breasts written
and would think so

but that would be funny your voice which
aids I don’t think bill does turn you

into a woman

is the I thought that was estrogen pills
were I don’t know

this is see this is that nothing we
don’t know about its true

a but that that be funny sticks for that
could be like insuperable

this is a really tough this is really
tough it’s so tough

it’s like wanna feat in even Vegas is
confuse it’s a pic on which means

there’s no spread their like I don’t
know who’s going to win

that the coin toss I think it was like
the team of destiny

because they shouldn’t have been there
right but that also you think about it

like that he wouldn’t necessarily be
super sad it they lost because they had

such an amazing

with like they’re not going to recreate
that lasts their playoff win pray

the but that I like a lot of players in

that of course love to Brady

that cheater thats my other issue I

I’m to find it very hard to root for the
Patriots a

is there a cheater yeah they deflated

Bilbo check just the videotapes other
teams practices

and then deflates book ball so is
quarterback could throw the better as

receivers can catch a user

he they’re a hard team to like their

we’re not really worried about that word
esta are trying to put the most points

on the board you know

right sure and Billy you are mister bill
eject you did delay

joy yes now i ID I did I deflated

11 football right but I’m I’m gonna do
whatever it takes I’m going to give you

a chance

if you want to you can take off your wet

38 you wanna I’m a joy to change are no
you look on culture no I’m I’m quite


thank you very much I’m soaking wet I am
a cheater I

but this is him he’s talking while
deflating a footballer from the breadth

sa Ramdas Gandhi is good for Twitter
like it that’s crazy

a deflated football I did read that the

I replaced all the footballs after

after halftime the Patriots play before
those bubbles and that was when it

outscored yeah which is one of only
eight years I think 0

they were already gonna win so that any
with it’s the weirdest typeof cheating

is when you’re already up by a lot

yeah I guess when you’re a cheater you
just grow 2.2 you know just like the

just cheap to where you tried it

the gene everyday yet there’s the
there’s old footage ability ek tying a

ref shoelaces together in the youth

you the shy and I guess trip him so I
really do feel has to pass interference


it I do I want our baby to win so

would it will if you if you were to bet
on who you want to root for more TV now

it’s a really tough do we have to decide

now I’m just saying in general I I

I mean I I would lean toward I the
Patriots okay cool could I lean toward


any fun if you that on Seattle last year
and one and I bet on Seattle this year

and last

yeah I wouldn’t be fair got house i no
you idiot

I liked it a lot the really tough this
exact match up that i won the Cy rule

it hasn’t congratulations thanks

I’ll take a break and I will come back
answer more questions

thank you as well to blue apron dot com
for sponsoring this episode another

exciting sponsor because that’s what
I’ve used before

who very nice as what they do for $9.99
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I and I i made last night a delicious

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yeah Korean style there’s yeah I do
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actually yeah it’s stuff that you
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to Kirk I didn’t know how to make stuff

and then well using their recipes its
its easier when someone shops for you

and then sends you exactly and he and
then put a little

two-out singles so I saw 70 table Cup
Brea and then we don’t have to get out

like a a measuring cup really play and
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please do check out the books to come is
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I where let’s go back to the show and
we’ve returned

welcome back I am

I wanted to read and email we got about
the last podcast episode where we talked

about her piece

cuz this girl has an inside


viewpoint that we didn’t get across

on industrial ready mom a

she writes I want to send in a little

to you guys regarding your herpes
episode I feel like you guys have a

strong voice for people fourteen to
thirty range in your opinions on herpes

an STD is in general might be

in the wrong way hi Kat hsv-1

which has herpes simplex virus 1 last
year from a guy going down on me

hsv-1 is the orel version of the virus
but it was transmitted to me

Jen Italy I have dated and been sexually
active since catching it though I’ve

been safe about it and I haven’t passed
the virus to anyone else

however there have been times that I’ve
been flat out rejected for having herpes

now I’m aware that the girl in your
question was dealing with someone who s


which is the general version which can
seem like a scarier version of the virus

but as someone living with herpes I
think it needs to be realized that

herpes is not a scary is it as it’s made
out to be

std’s should be taking seriously don’t
get me wrong but I fear that instead of

educating themselves on herpes people
listening to the podcast

a might just take your advice or opinion
as standard and they should apply to

their own lives

this can perpetuate the problem
associated with the stick my related

std’s the fact that a mere would put
such a negative twist on herpes

so much so that he would never consider
starting a relationship with someone who

has it really saddens me

I’d appreciate I did appreciate Jake
defending the honor

us with the virus however maybe when
addressing STD really

related questions in the future you
could try to think of the answer from

both sides of the coin

I’m in this girls a bitch

a yeah

a ps3 did to me writer and

click here grammar mistakes who is a
rather email address

better to and spelling errors I know but
it’s true we didn’t consider legal weed

at me

did you read I think we were both wrong
to seize then asked if she was observed

by your opinion that LG with brightened
by buckingham

up then yeah at

okay let’s bear a so I will say that I

I was very black-and-white my cast a
casting out have

people with herpes I did you call the
negative a hundred

I that is such a lie I call them -99

you did tell you that I said I can’t
imagine someone being so perfect size to

crawl out of that hole

that ever if someone with herpes was
absolutely perfect in every way

they might be a one

I’m Yours scale %uh 0 corrupt -100

to either group when you say it like
that it sounds mean in a way

and you a person who’s just like god
damn say

mother teresa whether pleases 01 to you
is what you said

and the cold calculating it terrible
human news just disease-free is a forty

to eighty

geez haha happen as so I do apologize
thank you for emailing us and thanks for

sharing your insider opinion about how
you shouldn’t just

discount people with herpes people with
herpes are people too they have

and they’re able to have hair you know

fairly normal relationships that passing
on this disease

sure a so it’s good that

a ride with you in a relationship with
them with herpes there’s a very good

chance I’ll get

therapies well it appears safe and you
have condoms and all that stuff

I think if you’re in a long term
committed relationship with someone

they said the Chancellor just like

just so take you might as well that
we’re back to giving advise rockwell the

arms and body view it but I think you
can like this

you could date somebody with herpes and
be careful when i touch it

yeah it like that the kinda person you
want to be with yeah

but I think I don’t you be safe for
every special with herpes simplex one

I think it’s a lot be is it a chance
with them it

then herpes to so I guess the moral of
the story is do your own research sorry

for being so

the Rosary is definitely that we don’t
know enough about it tell listen to us

but keep listening to us what else do
you and talk about

I’ll here are now now I’m getting sick

I’ll are shown Austin is sold out so we
don’t have to promote it anymore

no idea how excited we are to go there
we are excited and Houston

yeah which by their comment a Comedy
Festival tickets are still avail

for that we know is how we’re going on
now by 8:30 a period Sunday

on Sunday we don’t know how big the room
is a

but that the ticket you can just get a
ticket for individual shows he getting

for a whole day or two love comedy

so that’ll be fun if you’re a fan of
there’s a bunch of other podcasters and

comedians like norma Donald will be

well so that’ll be fun ENISA buy the
ticket for us come for Norma down

yeah buy the tickets for us and then if
you want to you can see like norma

Donald a comet let’s just say we’re
opening for Norm Macdonald yeah it’ll

whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter
sure and anything else

and and then we talked enough

be ready to get back to it sure I guess
to the sooner we’re done with this the

senate to go buy nyquil and pass out

and delivered the neck while I don’t
think I have I so discovered it late in

the game

and it is it’s a game-changer deters did
take the

the is tablet read separate yet

two tablets basically before you go to
bed and it knocks you out some like when

you’re sick in your sleeping use or to
wake up sneezing doing all this stuff

yeah and the nyquil basically like I put
my head down and then ten hours later I

wake up and I know they haven’t moved

and felt like to run because I actually
was juror

I love I want that you it is a thick
they could dance

inescapable SLE its it a

you’re a dummy you are you dead dummy
for that long

eight to 10 hours love my job is too

I people you’ll sleep through the
greatest earthquakes

I am a alright we need another

guy’s name good as they readied ugh yeah
together property brothers name Steve

I Steve property rights

I made a lot of friends in high school
in a couple years back now

him I made a lot of friends in high
school a couple years back but now

unfinished and I’m in the second year of

and have realized that most my friends I
made were dickheads and just do stupid

things I’ve been pulling the Jake

feder slowly but surely it worked and I
basically stopped talking to them

completely which I guess is what I

anyways now I’m only left with a couple
of friends

and not exactly enough to go out with or
have a good time

so I’m wondering if you guys have any
tips about complete finding a completely

new friend group outside of school or

too I just talk to random people see if
they have a cool group in impose my will

on their whole social life

please Jake and Amir help me you’re my
only hope

love Steve property approved his dad
pulled the Jake Fey

yeah ended I haven’t really heard I

they really do you think it they are all
close and good to each other

they are brothers in arms

and I am on the outside more than
looking in I am stroking the window

I don’t have a job so I can’t beat
anybody at work and I had finished

everyone at school and exhausted all my

everyone sees me as the kind of friend
who doesn’t stick around fades away

help ahead is a is walk up to random
group for people and see if they have a

cool crew

and what they find out if they do you
impose my will

yalla kinda cool interested in having
another friend in your life

flipping a coin a this is the but this
is a common problem which is how do I

make friends

as an adult yeah I feel like

is there’s all these aP’s to meet people
for a relationship there should be

an adult friend finder

web series if the early you just adults

and you’re looking to find a friend
thusly I just got to Adult Friend by


all these ladies look pretty interesting
on this one

is a prostitute

for I was this hot what do you do all

grew are your latest friends and how he
found them um

well I guess it’s like people georgian

right with so like people coworkers

her friends are friends yeah i plug but
that’s tough for him cuz he’s not in the

its appeal in eighty dollars friend so
what mutual friends the unified the air

what about a hobby thats I think that
would be at

some good friends like Stacy we met at
the Rock Climbing Gym

that’s right so you can you can take
something up and then see who else is

interested in that thing

and the good news about that is that
your automatically

have something in common with anybody
you meet practicing a hobby you like

because you both like

said hobby this actors their website or
app like meet up or event

something where it’s a you Biggers the
people get together and do

hobbies sounds United yeah I think it’s
called meet up

meet up .org but don’t once again don’t
quote me on that but I do think there

that we would do though you would turn

the if you moved if you had to move to
nebraska yeah

for who for work or whatever yeah
nobody’s there with you

how would you go out and make friends I
think I word

a one see if I had any friends or

in the area so like I would search
Facebook to see if I have friends are

friends like

to two degrees away is the best way to
meet people is to see who your friends


to hang out with and sometimes he become
closer with his friends a friend you

know what if you hate all your friends

up band at there might be an issue with

with me at that point but a

I think the hottie thing is the is a
great way to go because then you’re not

relying on other people I’ve known
already relying on a something that you

like to do regardless like I like to
play basse-bolle

go play basketball and there somebody’s
friendly you can sort it all right away

but the plant that all we should do this
again I wish to do this again

in another option is you go out on a

yen late use tender OK Cupid its

at at and then you attacks and then

you meet up with somebody you know when
a girl or a guy says like actually

I think we should just be friends and
you take that is like no one ever talk

to each other again

you’re like I will take you up on that I

I’m actually now delighted that you
didn’t want to be with me romantically

do you have a cool cruel that you plug
me until

I’d like to just be friends with you and
her and her and her

and then we realize that all his friends
or just girls that has gone on dates

with the don’t wanna fuck ’em

that the best have a friend you can have
all you need to do is get friend zoned

by a couple girls

year you’re in the zone for a lot of
girls it’s a very small zone it’s just

yearly up but then there’s a buncha
ladies around that the zone

and they can hang out with them perfect
a there

to very very practical useful pieces of

I don’t know what else this guy needs
maybe we can offer to be his friend

on no I don’t want to do that

and now that I think about it I’m kinda
full yeah

I mean polling the the the me fade away
on a group of friends

little Shastry actually as when I have
to really explore

the entire group and why you wanted to
not be friends I guess that makes them

because sometimes there’s like

group should be friends but you need to
get out of here that I am proud to you

there was a good decision yet they’re
terrible and you’re not that you did the

right thing also this guy’s a

in college which is how your body a very
easy place to find friends

it’s you I play the friends I made the
frenzy making the beginning of college

it like that the first group that’s like

I need friends who anybody and then I
think like as

time goes on you realize like who your

yeah guns are colleges like a room
filled with 10,000 people

and then for the first the Recon only
talk to the people that are standing

next year

and sometimes that works out
serendipitously in today’s not and

unlike the second year you get a walk
around and meet people

and you become friends with those people
based on mutual

hobbies hobbies class if you’re in
college at like activity

respectively by

clinton clubs bro a coupon

a place in intramural sports man you

you know and that you didn’t do any of
this stuff I dropped out but I have


a I still like my high school friends
they’re funny

but they actually did some pretty funny
jackass videos

look like that’s one thing I got to a
friggin shopping cart might

my main man does launch me into a wall

so I hit a wall and then we taped it I

israel is that that that happened its I
don’t appreciate

the you really make jack has videos

if and you know I got these scars

with the most people but your friends
convinced me to do I

was really like I didn’t I could feel
like I came up I was not the one that


Minister the humor director I

I was yep I was like I feel like if we

Jackass crew my friend in was johnny
Knoxville and I was more like a Dave

England or a crisp object yeah only
without the skateboarding a big hit

I who is the guy that just shot the
footage it didn’t do shit

I I my friend Ian we like a means the
new job

up the ladder the mmm

we live issues and if I remember how to
do a backflip there’s always one friend


stupid enough to do everything because
it makes them cool for 30 sec it’s like

that wasn’t %um and kathy was clear
before reading this shit

so alive why would he you liked it as
late as she’s on fire do a back flip up

a lot he was like the most athletic I
guess you did

he was just like the he was so

compact uses tough little square

Amanda it was the be any with not afraid

jump and writers by copper ramps so that

you know we had no you were like BAM you
always did she and then someone put a

snake in your face he would cry

but I didn’t actually not cool you got

record nobody was pop band thought

lower the jack has a really ugly to the
Jayco searchers real a

can be all be applied to people frets
and it’s fun whom I have Preston lacy

here with me apec’s the freemen there’s
a growing the glue

for its own so I heard saying that uses
small purse them

a years small head emotionally not
physically of course

iight let our place a meet people

either online or offline it gets better
legal better

and thank you for listening that’s it
that’s it for this episode a.m.

if you have your own questions please
send them to a fiery show at gmail dot


we read them all but we can reply to
everyone or can we answer every question

on the show it would take too many
others that we have eleven thousand

emails for crying out loud

we also start and and every single
episode with over

with an original theme song written and

buyer town to fans the first honors from
had to be agreement say his name

maybe not wow the first one was from
Jeanie so thank you Jamie for that one

and is closing one is for Michael Park

so guys thank you for listening we’re
back on a Monday

and if you’re in Texas we’ll see you
there thanks guys if

for you

is one the loop

so I’m you

the news








hola coming to podcasts want this

the job the podcast but the really cool
if it’s funny

shot stretching there on a gf

to tell all your friends the chives
coming to podcast 1

released on 12 like comedy Sportz and

nothing they love the Chive the podcast
coming to podcast 1 this Thursday

podcast already dot com

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