Episode 131: #GreenlightJakeAndAmir


In this episode we discuss our future, our past, and our present. Also, asexuality.

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bonus churches Day episode bright
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what did you think I said turds day I
said church today

I’ll I shoulda Saturday cuz that’s a
joke yeah chers day is just saying this

%eh since early in the autumn is
pronounced that the %ah

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I they really are on it

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well as your suggestion actually have
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not bossy cucumber you’re at a cucumber
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perfect amount

I you and then with your other one

as sassy great I see if the urine that
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where you just do it is not fun easy

i right let’s get started this was a

literally a different unique real

through a we talk about the and the

afar web series and it is the death

yeah anticipate my do not celebrate the
life a little theory

Miller nor mourn the death a will get
into it after the theme song

enjoy yes I would yield turn the volume

right now for this hash tag talk spill

a good job dear problem to god damn come

the get moes artists in stopping of this
is that true ship to sink with

to him popped up the steps I see that
she’s real quick

Monday black to public transit many j10
and your YouTube editor


or I I’m I’m ready to

boxy 0 what’s I think I’m gonna bock

scratching me atlases unboxing
lieut.-col boxing about him

like that I just box you ours boxing
just like them

are to fighting it I think boxing is
likely typeof

fighting’s I can’t like Boxee 0 know
that would just be punching me

but can I say that can I box you I guess
it’s like a good way to start off by

yeah but I think if you did that then we
started punching each other it would

quickly devolve into us like

right because you wrestling can I say
that I boxed somebody

I sure but I remember I just know that
you never actually will

a I is on and the closest I’ve gotten to
fighting is figuring out if

saying boxed is grammatically correct

that’s as good as they get adele is
Jonathan Gould

a in he said levy is the song three
times before

alright not as much on dragon Mart

musically the dragon dragon as the

and self take self-aggrandizing the
bragging dragon

you go ahead I G call you Brandon

no I’m Brandon you as a bragging dragon
yell at like a marketing ploy

not from a guy from which guy who’s

kind of new age to this whole theme you
know and I mean egg

ok but their power metal thought oh yeah

drop the my drive the bike in now like
it up again it’s really expensive


lay down the by alright and it’s broken

all rights a

so the app thanks Jonathan Gould I A

and you just proved how hard wrapping
actually a nasa

I could not do it very good I only spent
an hour reading that shit

though what if he’d spend more money
more time than that

what about spend more time needed to do
more to help

as they use curling not good enough
scarlet out it’s hard the hardest part

about free styling is not just starting
to wrap a real song

I’ll really act as my my train of
thought as goes onto a path that I just

want to take off from there

interesting might have I large part for
me free standing at lassiter didn’t

study really really dirty

as early as take you on a thick dick yet
as soon as I started

riving it’s like I need to apply to be
the roads with their

yeah lakes I kid every startup

is that not all about me being blown but

which is probably the problem with most
rapid today I

to him and he had a coupon writing by

let you talk about the same three its
blowjobs money in pussy and

honestly blow job and pussy is
borderline think tank yeah

and I really only want money they have

all their absolute me bragging yet stop

um what’s newell

with you a not too much what’s good G

and we said yesterday we put out that
video that said we’re no longer making

videos for college humor anymore oh yeah
that was a

big freakin deal I carefully we’ll did
that I

where I was a high when I made that
video I told nobody I

at college humor about it we were just
like arm

done thank you day in forever we tossed

did do feel a little video that was
sentimental and shit

I and now we don’t have a web series

they start to discover making the somber
yes sexy

yeppers that created a bittersweet
symphony for us

osha the was off the cuff yeah

apathy again arriving off-the-cuff just
not going to lie presenting at my school

rap away

yeah can I still have money we get is me
talk to an exec

the producer that we get pay it don’t

well after these videos are actually
gonna be sorted unemployed I’ll

yeah Ono you didn’t know about that I
thought we’d still get our paths I

our own Noel yeah I does this was by
your heroes gung-ho

yeah I thought it would be chill to have
health insurance and I’ll

make any video right and I told you I
explained to you in detail that you have


easily don’t even get moneyless we do we
have health insurance I

delivered it’s the air all gonna go away

cash no all have is

is is the biweekly input my 401 K

own no no no would he be

no I wish we had sat down had the power
station behind the building at a time so


contributions I still want you to mad

said you as the line I ACM at rec

yet are gonna go away while so why did
we do it for knocking a

get money anymore we talk at the way to
say this for the break

a No reality I’m and ready II busy

alright a as like my dad used to say yes
government only

yeah exactly did he show up it baby then

he didn’t even show AAA was it a
valuable lesson yes

that I had to grow up her um yeah

will it will first of all it’s very
flattering to hear like the outpouring

of support

as it is kinda like being at our own
funeral yeah

only were not dying we just get to see
all this the best of both worlds and

Leah only our lives

workers died yeah not us the comments on

and at Twitter you know it and I read

all still all still be able to hang out
with you all the time

all so it’s it weird for me to be like
oh my god people are so sadly girl

but mean you were still here

I I see a lot of guys with that I

and we’re also gonna happen is by
Castile that’s another question lol

actually wanted to make that
announcement to the I guess is over

the so this is the last episode other
fire you unless you physically CS on the

street your ass able to become

yeah separately to you unrelated

I’m moving to Dover I

lol moving to Annapolis I the two big
cities on the mid-atlantic oath

we’re not close enough but not cigar a

it is yes that’s very flattering in call
to read

all the outpouring of support yes that’s

has been very very nice and then the
second biggest question is why we’re

doing it

her well

mmm I’m honestly up

on the fence still as our kids are gonna
say the letters pleased with video

yeah declined the know it’s mostly about

wanting to you pursue other stuff Leah

at by the time these last episode it up
as a dare and a few guys even now

if you don’t know checking have a web
series attending the

its eight episodes starting on February
17th and on one a week for eight weeks

you guys you we have a web series on
cultural yeah check maybe it’s actually

pretty funny it radiates

a Tesla currently if various were
goldensohn yeah

a.m. and then the

I’ll rates or incidental have been eight
years which is way longer than we

thought it would go on

yes when we started it with but we would
run an oath

episode ideas after like 8 episodes and
we did

I and I we regurgitated regurgitated

ever seen a monkey its own shit I

with as though we did that for eight

he and you know I had a great time

it was fun a great run was a great run
and I don’t know for ending it too early

or too late but I guess I’d rather err
on the side

early like I’d rather where reading

saying I know I wanna keep watching and
we’d rather that the feedback then

that treat serve oh this show is still
on I stopped watching my poor girl

audiences like yeah I think your
audiences as big as

ever was true because we’ve been making
because the audience includes

people that watched a long time ago and
stopped summer day wants

now a and really it’s just like we got
we r

we got other stuff that we want to do
yes but is it is to make taken a mere

it’s hard to make a creamier and

do others to other things that we’re
passionate about like reading TV

reading movies and I’ll for the
developing this podcast which we love

are or jogging orange yeah and we love

II don’t argue I’ve enjoyed the year

but stempel I’d love to at least try to
take it up

and I feel like I can now and they were
going to other

internet stuff yeah internet ideas that
include mean you that don’t necessarily

fall under that Jake and Amir lead
serious right I would

like somebody is help people have
written to me and they’re like I will

miss you guys so much like

I don’t wanna do without you I’m like
well I don’t know how to do anything

but that comment so we keep on doing
that you’ll be good

it’ll just be not I mean the Jacob I
love the take leave your characters too

I still see things in a bleak

you know I think with so many a seventy

in your voice in the your characters
voice every time I do so they will be


right be doing with this right but which

lol I don’t know how you ever stop I
mean I’m sure sense of humor will be

able to

be transferred to us some new endeavor
that will hopefully be

as interesting it’s kinda like when a

like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
and make like stop the office but then

they had extras the next time

where take us or the same soul but in a
different body right

hopefully people could take objective
here is our first show

yeah but what their second one our
second show will be extras

okay I they figure they did it so now
it’s time for us to reshoot it scene for

scene shot for shot

cool so we have peaked the app another
know we’ve picked

and then a lot of people think their

I guess not a lot of people think but
some people have mentioned that pit they

think the web series is ending because
we have

were getting at TV show for sure right
so well as clear high here

once and for all that is true soon and
that that that that that that

announcing a.m. hurled never been a

I we the truth is

is going to be the truest most we
shouldn’t even answer questions up with

that this is just the truth was real
podcast immediate let that mean you’ll

ask each other questions I can answer
the why we’re leaving yeah

and are we leaving do we have a TV show

TBS a maybe so

we still down no the N learn it now girl


we’re we sort of have in addressed the

questions that we’ve gotten so far about
that because we don’t know

rather tried to say I don’t know I don’t
know I don’t now

but we still don’t know yeah so what
happened was TBS estas to you

right a pilot which we did Jake and Amir
which we did

so the characters have taken your aren’t
necessarily dead after

this series after the finale OVR
webster’s without like we’re

we will never ever revive them could

potentially Martinez potentially

TBS will say they want us to shoe

our pilot great or potentially

they’ll say Knoll yeah

yeah he ever go out on a date with a
girl goes really really well

and I say cool ways to go out again and
then she doesn’t answer you for a year

yeah so it’s like that I

and we’re thinking this girl might text
this is a

hey you know your second date idea let’s
get married holy word yet

as she could say hey you know your
second date date idea that you propose

the year ago

yeah no yeah so

we’ll see how can we force what we need
to do is like

at state will what’s the equivalent of
standing on their

their a front lawn with a boombox

0 we should just find out where the tv s
headquarters is

in stand outside with a boombox if you

if a somewhat could Photoshop second
John a few seconds say anything

and then Photoshop me my face on one in
the mir space on the other hand the


and playing green light Jacob year as
bag green led Jake and Amir Dan

their life think I think we have a
chance we r

I feel like we’re at the very least one
Twitter campaign away

yeah yeah I like if we get everybody
who’s tweeted at us their support for

the show ending if we turn that Twitter

right into a campaign instead of support

generally TBS mother-in-law is

and then say no I said bomb threat never
did say that either

I i was just like if they if people

like for example this TBS have a twitter

thats that’s that and well okay happened
then we got

first-class been that it was doña

I that sucked sucks

okay they do film at TBS very funny

well okay prices yet here it is and he’s
still alive

the if he will get his tweet

this is the campaign hey at TBS very

right don’t don’t do this at TBS very

we ever got your actual follow yeah die
at TV is very by the hay at TBS very


yeah make the show I

hash tag Jake we like Jake and Amir I

make their show yesterday green light
Jake and Amir

okay has to that the girl had said yeah

act as though hey at TBS very funny

this is going to happen people are going
to get into this if the after all this


after years of emotional anguish and
turmoil when and whether or not TV as

good a later show

at the big deal if it got picked
actually I think

it ever feared move the needle

that would be be be the most beautiful
and perfect thing in either direction

yeah like even if this ruins it at least
our fans clause that would render

ok but yeah that all the I ever cleared
out we just wanna dance their

support okay so here it is if you have a
Twitter account

if you don’t make with I we’re going all
in on this line

I well hey at TBS very funny that the

a have had their own spins on a by the

yale is that if you don’t think it’s the
bot but I think that there’s a

okay what does this is the necessary
steps hey

at TBS very funny hash tag which is that

greenlandic in a mere ok one word Alward
all one has to a

and then because or Morales I’ll

son Sardar reason gateway

so is the only characters after party at

a and I to be clear I do really really
what the judges sacked

shot yeah I like maybe I’ll Dubai’s if
you can photoshop something that’ll be

even better

but that’s that that seems like it would
at the very least get

a social media managers attention yeah
beautiful if

dozens and dozens are a hundred people
that it bad because maybe they don’t


that we have fans and our fans what
better way to prove to them that we have

failed by

devoted yeah so few guys if you guys

wanna I imagine this is a car on a cliff

if you guys either wanna all pushed
together and shut off the cliff or pull

it back together

back onto the land whichever you
consider the success

a like if we’re in the car you wanted to
be shut off

okay %ah of an adult I we’ll style

a hey here it is hey at TBS very funny

has degree in like Jake and Amir and
then your own spin on it

your their lease every night all search
that hash tag tomorrow

they were records on Wednesday comes out
on a Thursday we give you the boat is

Thursday at the police you guys didn’t
give us the TV show

you pull up was the TV show hottest we
made Jake and Amir

little web videos great britain here
today know you get any I didn’t get as

the show

yeah is a nine-year low obviously were
funny enough

has it would I be like theoretically are
fair like

somebody who started watching Jake and
Amir in high school college which is

when we started making it when I was 21

yeah somebody could be

like a 29-year-old executive breakdown
%uh roles here saying a high school fan

has turned into an executive I don’t
understand why not have a high school

friends had become the guy that runs TB
as we already have our high school

players Kevin Reilly I

really should be really should be Kevin
Reilly like this but the Red at the very

least as senior vice president winer


alright cool thats this is get this is a

diversion and yet will read the tweets
respond to people

maybe re tweet a couple I don’t know how
to incentivize it other than a

look are threaded 2002 marty’s

if personal a personal thank you of our
friggin follow

all follow a couple people how every
every 10 to 15 people

Roma follow wowowowow be like me

me to follow you on twitter his you lose

I you do have a popular Twitter lol

but still a I what else

anything else officially start answering
questions um

be nervous about live in college humor
for ever

I really it I don’t even know

like I know the right answer here’s the
right answer that is the interview rate

yeah I jabbed service culture has been
so good to us for so long and we’re

we shaped our sensibilities there that’s
where we met

but at the same time I’m so excited I’m
thrilled to see

mixed that way well I think that’s how I
really feel

but also I’m so thoughtless down I

just like right now I’m thinking about
light what’s for lunch

yeah rock climbing Lee and

yeah I you on a disorderly laid out

good I compare I’m usually just thinking
about girls and milkshakes

I’m sort yeah I don’t know a moron

I’m not like I don’t know the repre-
cousins %uh

ending our web series yeah like it’s
it’s cool to be like you know what we

had a good run

eight years have episodes let’s wrap it
up on our own terms

ended on a high note and then like their
logistics evidence like you on a health

care website trying to navigate what
it’s like to pay for your own helping

yeah I was sick and actually had to go
to the doctor yesterday I was like oh


I need to get ready to go to the doctor
before I don’t have health insurance


to release these episodes one every
other week I think I have appendicitis

I like a I like being insured Avon

I want a doctor in a daisy try to see if
there’s good health care to uniting

havoc okay yesterday

is great I went to a doctor very heavy
holy shit

sure at the pair’s significant chunk of
money every two weeks that as I just

seem like my don’t understand how
anything works

so I really am. I guess I’m not

I guess I’m not nervous but I also
recognize that are pretty dull yeah

the but at the end you were to be

that’s comforting yeah Delhi where the
same boat I think about is doing this


that would be a lot scarier we also saw
the podcast that feels like

life raft of sorts definitely at the
very least we can try to be funny want

to try so we can put it online

yeah but I think less than being like
excited and thrilled at the prospect

avoid do it ourselves

which I I’m I’m just mostly

curious I wonder what’s gonna happen and
even though it

like I gonna be in integral part of

gonna happen after that to me to be be
doing it I’m still

they have you been curious about what I
am gonna do yeah like you’re standing on

the sidelines we like I wonder what’s
gonna happen with that guy and then

you’re like oh wait I am

neck yeah that early well hopefully with
if I feel like if the

we get it with we get this trending
topic thing happen and we won’t even

have to worry about it will just be
working on this god damn TV show

it an ideal world we will never have to
think about what our next project will

be because Jake and Amir will just get
bigger without us realizing it get it

get to keep on working on it

he there be a good thing I like the DVD
a is like at the end like al thinks

a hash tag green light Jake and Amir
project oh yeah yeah I’d like for you

guys like pushing us through

that knowing you note also be funnies
TBS told us know today

and then this I but this witness I
campaign starts

tomorrow the Akai we should really get
those get the word out there before they

officially think

which can happen literally every day
they can say no

at any time they could have already said
no we just don’t know yet

yep because our our phones are off
loading record

she put really be we recorded but
gathered no

be this campaign will be even funnier if
they had already set no

I am anything else

tree take a break and come back and

some people’s advice questions we
haven’t even talked about this show is


and yet he will take a break you want it
we just talk

list as me know letter I’m not an area
single question

Ben Schwartz style yeah finally

they still sick I yeah well

a lot better than I was it was weird it
was like when I was really die before he

left for prostate hmm

that I was ok a little bit lasted yeah
last two days I got sick again

your day after Austin stick to that date

and this has been just seven days yeah

a so this is I finally went to the
doctor and I was trying to decide I


in the last 10 years I went to a doctor

twice for when I broke my foot hmm I

podiatrist her foot surgeon right and
that a

another time when I got my STD tests

sure a at the free clinic in New York

in but he said I’ve never liked got to
the doctor for a little bit like an


illness so what was it like dat actually
help yes

what so I waited I want to walk in
clinic I

everybody’s like I know it easy to go to
a doctor bombs like you know there’s a

brick wall

includes I is the more it was good 81

like I didn’t want to go through the
process of finding where to go right and

I was like yelping like

as calling %uh like the highly review
doctors they’re like

we don’t take your insurance or we don’t
take walk-ins and for

and that I was about to go to this like
really really shitty to shower reviewed

place at Echo Park

and there was literally in had for
another blocking

like that what I reviewed other guy was
gonna go hell if you can afford anatole

go there

so I went I waited a chilled I read a

and I walked in I told them a problem
which was that I think I decided

bush with that they got dying I was and
I need a TV show I didn’t lol

I a little about how to react like Jake
and Amir shit

she seemed on board and other breast a

although I do or because what you think
on board and unimpressed

I they did the whole thing with my heart

shines in the shit mayor I gotta your
love I urge which

coolers a do know that is

the flushed so she was like by the way
the doctors like pretty cue

so she’s like I the just

feel in my heart was like okay this is
nice I made a joke

she asked me to take off my I was
wearing like a

over sure in the bud researchers to take
up the overture

0 and it was like bye bye lick my tricep
was looking good idea

likes to hit it with a new was like
those girls politicking like

old ethic is years is pretty hell I

you look tonight usually you actually
have a lot of your wax I

have you ever ever love i urged excuse
you I said

aetna and that she was like your

there’s a lot of pressure on your head
and its like

the iraqis what’s causing it but you
know it’s

the its contacted and the it’s not

helping the situation so there may be
some minor relief

as like oh yes sir so mister stinky made

like flushed my ear with warm water and
that took

metal tongs stall deep I you’re a whole

a yanked out a piece that your wax the

fuckin razor a call it will it’s crazy
that there was a great year

forever yeah and it would have been
there forever at like

I don’t know it was it’s a it was

it’s incredible that there are many
things that they should be feel that yet

from you here yet

look at our the gurney I wanna get
something in it for my ear

its but it’s not how they recommend
actually a one-time about a syringe they

have the syringes at home

and you can do it yourself yeah try to
do it in the shower

her work not askin it does it could well
that doesn’t

this early flush out like an you need
the the actual users to get the huge

piece %uh

God so thick and wet

the flushing will yes help something
yeah little pieces

debris of course nothing but Yap you
gotta get the love I’ll

I get the full version a sorry I looked
out at BJP said your wax on the table at

least by doctor would you go on a date
with me on a I

now that wax free as de Grey late

I’m borderline on a date with you right
now and I pretty much have a TV show

that he does look at his Twitter

which I know Kevin Reilly well and if
you run politically as

his social media platform DA’s that he
is the president also a social media

her I you serve does it all on

so and then you did that you don’t have
to pay at all but no

was covered there should just be a place
like a haircut place or a

a specialist that just flush is your

work on the twenty dollars when is
really a third of last year then I don’t

want them to do anything I want to go
into this place and start getting

haircut they flush my ears

yeah I mean that’s this walk in clinic
you can have them do that

%uh no but I don’t want them to do
anything else they don’t have to do

anything else they hi I’m in for anybody

its yeah I wanna ruin I

but than a believes there are you

you want there to be reliable aware that
you get a

your love eyes every every year a year
love i John I’ll

yearly airlie love by just a do I want a
place where other people could come and

and it is called like

your flashers oh I see and that if you
go on your fleshy a really

this place is pretty close to a haircut
place like the same way that a haircut

is like woody was she able to wash

yet this place is like they do skin tag

they yeah they do you like sinus

checkups they do a flu shot it’s like
and each thing is like

it’s like a maintenance thing yet each
the is priced I’ll take a menu

yes you can literally just be a I what
what are these how much is the large

I’m not sure signs insurance other

I can remember but it was on the list I
wish I could remember it’s funny because

I did look at that two star review place
on Yelp and they also do

beer churning they do here in training
and a haircut place and he’s our lives


beard trimmer yeah flu shots and
actually surgery yeah they also have a

roast beef there’s a deli counter

you take a number and you either get
meter la just crazy added the do faxing

an open heart surgery at the notary

paper shredding place that’ll also do a
wart removal

craze and last but not least yes they
will do the love by

he have a love I just a gesture you over
at my local %uh visor re


but let’s take a break they could be
more sponsors and I will be rather IOC

a jerk you cooking and heating should be
enjoyable mmm yeah

galley this so if there’s a way to make
it so how was ur

go with just blue apron dot com good
idea ordering out is

ordering out is expensive and get
unhealthy fast shopping and cooking can

be tough

forget it with blue apron they send you

these meals in the mail the thank you
the right ingredients in exactly

proportions with sample recipe
instructions right to your door for only

$9.99 a meal

not bad its best a lot of our stuff is
like subscription services for dummies

so you know how to cook they’ll be like
I’ll this is the exact food you need

this is how you make it try not to fuck
this up to try anything like what up

national life upgrade yeah that we have
that we sponsor the meals are fired up

to 700 calories per serving their

and they’re fun to make it’s basically a
great couples activity or a a lazy

person’s activity

like I don’t wanna buy the on ought to
get I have to go to store

well i were really in a chicken wings
but I don’t know I won’t do the research

for recipe in go out to the store and

that’s actually a great that it did
that’s what they sent us in this week

lungs as an example actual chicken drums
buffalo style blue cheese and celery


the office and a shepherd pineapple rice
stir fry bison and pinto bean chili with

crispy tortillas

avocado and got the chance cheese they
have a

lot a sample menu offerings on their

they have for meet eating options and
also vegetarian options

it is fun it is a

we suggested I’ve actually used it
before group only for you I’m personally

I personally recommend it

if you go to blue apron dot com slash

if I were you you get your first two
meals for free but right

blue apron dot com slash if I were you
so if you’re interested in

eating right or cooking food it’s also
like a good

way to learn how to cook because there a
sickly guide you through the process it

a go

I’m inadvertently learning how to deal
with serious right I’m learning how to

cook rice

I’m learning how to play up after
something that seems very intuitive for

some people

but if you have no idea what the heck
you’re doing blue apron dot com makes it

easy so please check out blue apron dot
com slash

if I where EU and check it out for

and another quick thank you to audible
dot com the leading provider of premium

double spoken audio information
entertainment on the Internet your

knows you guys like consuming spoken
entertainment on the Internet

i mean clearly that’s why you’re
listening to their house right

well imagine instead of us here reading
a book not really reading a book but

listening to somebody nary

a book up for you so it allows you to

literature while you’re doing other
stuff callously listen to a book while

you’re reading a different book and
thats reading two books

with one stone urn yeah actually pretty
decently good

if you do like a if you if you do

like listening to books on tape a I
double dot com is basically the world

leader in that they have a hundred and
fifty thousand

titles and if you never listen to a book
on tape try to upgrade for road trips

great for commutes Kenya as somebody as
if you read a book today are not enough

time I was too busy washing dishes are
doing errands you can actually

bebe reading a book while you’re doing
that I was washing dishes the entire day

and you get a free you learn I’m a

I you get a free audiobook and a 30-day
trial today

by signing up at WWW dot audible podcast
dot com

slash if I were you kinda long going to
let me repeat it for you guys in case

you’re interested

www easy every let it start at like I’m

even stassi is as a grape dot

audible podcast dot com because it’s
audible but if you listen to a podcast

flash if I were you that way they know
we sent you

like a look at all these people that
came to this URL still get a major

not put in the last part and I recommend
a book for you guys

the book that I am reading call consider
the lobster and it says a foster Wallace

essays written by

basically a genius a man called David
named David Foster Wallace and he never

rates this audiobook I just found out

awesome before he passed he was able to
read these essays for you you know it’s

good is that a

that video that we saw the on

this is water sally has girls water this
is water that’s what got me into my car

this has great

he smart and entertaining and inspiring
taken within the

David Foster Wallace in areas on essays

a an unknown just a suggestion you know
where you can download and listen to

whatever you want that

audible podcast accomplish if I were you
to get back to the program already

finally pay you walk into the house to
green I J can hear radio our

a very cool but I’m talking we’re taking
support from you our listeners

accepting donations in a former but

a tweet a Twitter a another thing we
should talk about

our Super Bowl bet I O and also

right will I have nothing to talk about
to okay

what you want about first cuz she
wouldn’t tell them for taking the

early but we should try to do it hella
not whether things pretty cool but a

telephone produce a nightmare to

will tell if I like public was trying to
raise money

yeah for what the energy as a smoke a

I now it really does one cash

I just like the idea taking over public
to published

pub that the public access TV actually
like the idea taking over public access


a an hour for the evening that the
address in a tuxedo

love this twitter thing works will
announce it with the telethon

promise or what about that brings back
to the Super Bowl but what those are the

stakes the bat

like the winner gets to you I don’t know
if it’s so expensive to get a half hour

public access TV

ours a billboard funnier I think our NRL

okay deep winner’s choice

either a billboard above the loser but
every once

or a half hour I love public access
television where you can say whatever

you want about allegedly up to look that

look into that yeah basically a public
shaming display

I wonder too we do like and we have
access to the LA billboards

yet but I wonder if we could just do
like an enormous billboard in wyoming


like one in the middle of nowhere and
then we could like lol

as the person who put it up to take a
picture yeah but it’s it’s more fun when

it’s in our backyard

is that’s you like I’d hit for mine to
be in

around the corner from our house and
then if you lose

I get to put a billboard a view in
Cheyenne Wyoming right nobody’s another

yeah I guess install location a great

are you know you can get a budget
billboards all across Wyoming

while the just to make sure it does so
we’re on same page

yet that Patriots yes to win such as the
Patriots too and I have the Seahawks

just to end your

no spread the spread because that’s what
the that’s what the Super Bowl is right


a I can think is just be a billboard
that cuz that it’s like

are annual billboard that’s good because
we were bored they

the Super Bowl billboard bet yeah the
super bubble bat

ever I what could you top a tender add

yeah I hope so it would be sad if

a I picked against the Seahawks and got
burned last year and then I picked the

sea at this time and I just got burned

I just the real question is how many and
many of those balls are gonna be

deflated I really think

brady’s gonna chukka a deflated football
haha the

yeah ya get up dude a the balls were
under inflated the still won the second


I mean we’re not talking about ice this
here nobody died

I okay job he know

actually know this isn’t is this thing
can take that the holocaust

it a football you trying to good

you try to understand I’ll yeah you’re
minimizing it in terms of football it’s

pretty bad too cheap though

yeah I know I’ll but it is to the game

senators sport yes I entered play the

a you try throwing one about you still
can draw tight spiral into the end zone

actually give me the ball was a floppy
little biscuit if I do play led to a

frisbee you could throw a touchdown pass
through to grog

he needed a specific away yet at the

I don’t know but that that your team

I do I love II still love

Tom Brady yet tried to bet against him
but here I am

I think I think he is the typeof aptly
that really like rises

when this with this would be going onto

with everybody tell me about this year
get the

that’s the the fear in me is like they’d

their bill Senate calls it FQ mode is
get you think he’s gonna go to fuck you


rate well thats and that but the thing
that scares me is that

that’s also what the Seahawks are in
after they like you know that in same

Cup from behind victory that they had to
get theirs is more like a team of

destiny thing

yet even as the scares me that their up
that it’s like

their up against the Empire we write the
evil empire

Lake the oh the team it deflated the
footballs to get here and where the team


we’ve earned it like bucking came from

I what their victory was absolutely I’d
say they’ve recovered and other side


yeah they were down so rarely let alone
the like the postseason

they said there was a ninety-nine point
nine percent chance on the Packers had

the ball

up 12 with four minutes left the love
them winning

and the last crazy a as I just hope it’s
a good game

I really hope it’s a fair game and I
hope the Patriots Way happy I wanna

I want another bill blass I deserve it
was still up

I think so just had just given another

900 bucks and say let it run a keep it

run it twice a I believe they always
talk about is

that are going on vacation in your to
take over text Jake

oh yeah text Jake dot com

website that allows Jake Hurwitz text
suggestions for you you have your expert

insight into what you should type

to occur like I if you are a girl a guy
and you get a couple everyday

her to respond to the mall within 24
hours that’s correct I am

air but you’re going on a mini-vacation
you want me to take over

yes I’m Libya may he called make eagle
tho I

and I from what I’ve heard about the
specific area that I’m going

it is that there’s no wifi only respond
life I

doesn’t sound like a good vacation to me

I know you have a portable DVD player

we went to London yeah largest city
what’s your have no

to and that you had a very old he was if
have at it I had a digital versatile


a London’s I’d show out Sherlock Holmes
one which I do also brought your back

foot Pro which has

a CD in my mmm so I tried to tell you
that that would act as a DVD yeah

you said no I want to bring those
portable DVD player

hmm I also took a my FI hotspot into the
Amazonian rainforest one year

yeah and I just ended up chatting I was
chatting all day

you were at your %uh the up

a year yeah you’re a chatroulette yeah

chatroulette Brazil a so you want

me arm do you think I have it in me

for the next how many days to respond to
these text messages

’em I’ll say

that watch does go off every day

system it’s true there was an episode 13
left in

and somebody call me out on it are
really the San you’re showing on

with ranch dressing at yeah and heaps
for a little bit longer time though

so you leave tonight so basically I have
control text Jake

it’s basically text Amir for Thursday
Friday Saturday Sunday

yes are you back Sunday you handed me
the keys to the Ferrari

yeah dude don’t mess this up getting
back to you

we have nine lawsuits pending by what
you’ve gotten

I you you’re pretty good at text
messaging I’m your protege

you really are so you think I you think
I have what it takes

I really I definitely think what you
have what it takes to take over for four


I a trial run will see a lil

thank you namaste day and I appreciate

a a read about the 40 minute mark when
he wanted you an answer one question you

want to say goodbye forever

but it’s our one question alright this
is a fire you the only advice but

on Canada’s the buyouts al Amir Jake

people email us they’re difficult places
sticky situations they’re asking for

advice the email addresses the fire you
show at gmail dot com

let’s answer one question

from one person one guy let’s get its

Kevin weapon right

hey dudes love the show hoods I want me
how I can help you clean the project get


I really wanna see the show but still
above the Jake Libya is leaving college

era but

and love to see it live on the floor
with the television TV show just like

you when I all your fans have always
dreamed if I get a lot of tweets that

sort of push me over the edge I’d be
down to green-light it

I’ll cover we’re glad you wrote it a you

a alright aidid’s love the show and all
that stuff I’m 19 years old

and the past few months I’ve been
spending a lot of time with this girl

it started out really innocent just two
friends hanging out playing video games

and chilling but as we got more
comfortable with each other

things got intimate we could cuddle and
watching movies occasionally spooning in

one night after few drinks

there was a kid s I thought for sure we
were heading toward something real

and she seemed to be just as into it as
I am knowing all this imagine my

surprise when I see a Facebook post from

where she announces that she is asexual
obviously I’m all for being who you are

and I would never want to change but I
do still have feelings for this girl I

definitely feel like we had a connection

so I guess my question is how I approach
this do I just

quit and try to forget about her do I
tell about my feelings and hope for the


all help would be greatly appreciated
thanks love Kevin

while she came out of the closet as an

that is a tough pill to swallow

she stood on a soapbox and proclaim to
her friends that

she was disinterested in you she came
out all Saudis

yeah she came out as someone who is
bordered view

ill the budget by surprise I

so dramatic but in Italy that could be a

it as my the asexual are made to my

is being just like saying I’m a sexual
it’s where to post on your Facebook

it I guess right but I want everybody
has a chance you misinterpreted it

are so that’s one whale thinking about
it as a wishful thinking

thing we like hell she just said that
what a weird way would be for her to

tell this guy to relax

the whole lectures I don’t wanna tell
them that I’m either one a sexual or

tonight interested

a salters post that I am I have this

on Facebook where I can’t love or bill

are settling the issue a being asexual

I searched and it’s like I guess it is a
thing that says people with insanely low

sex drives

they’re just not romantically interested
in any of that right so

my theory is want you to she’s all lying

and doesn’t wanna be with you which
means he shouldn’t pursue it

or two she actually is a sexual whatever
that means

and not into it so you shouldn’t pursue
it regardless of what it is

do you think knowing that should you at

tell her your feelings I guess what do
you have to lose right

yeah I guess you could say I’m I was
that the earlier asexual because I liked

you but

I still celebrate you as a friend and I
think you’re great and I wish you the


let’s get the sorta you open the
conversation with the fact that you saw

her facebook post

right like I’m sorry to hear that you’re
asexual because I am actually

a sexual person I

and then you lean n and you kissed her
nose idea they actually felt nothing

I tell me pueden brick and feel a spark
I did feel wet weird lips on my nose

I no spark you should rub

rather carpet like with yours with your
wear socks in like

rub around on the carpet and then when
you going to kiss her there’s a little

spark a little static a letter asked min

left that’s harassment

a oh my god you know it kidding

ugh to make a joke about cabinets 3 and
you’re you’re alleging there was juror

old get tough but cop the citizens love

ghetto me do what are you doing all

as dagger help I

they yet I will deal when thing I would

I know what you’re saying I’m sorry to
hear that your asexual

yeah like you say it like I’m sorry that
you have that problem but it’s not like

it’s just like coming out of the closet
being gay or something you would say

sorry about that the geez they like

here I heard you personally bombed

that that means that you aren’t
attracted to me

right and last the law as the law do for

I you go for the older sister you

let me know and now you know it’s
actually dated anybody but me

other now I’m actually not sexually
attracted to you pissed

taking up this is another carpet hold on
one sec at

you’re gonna love this I’m getting all

static E a that was

that in a lot of the tell this guy yeah
probably don’t pursue it at all

but if you feel like you want to at
least getting closure

stay like I did I did have feelings for
you but I up but I accept you as

in a sexual im opening up the threads
here at the very least you have an


let’s go to like this TBS than likely
it’s not nice to be hanging out in limbo

you want in either yes or no

some instead of hanging on this great
zone wanna you tell her

the second campaign will just be tweeted
yet to at least tell us it up

you we deserve an answer earlier to
exact the

I did bouquet but as dead red lights a

II that’s it F that a

cathartic episode it was a little bit we
should do this all the time

like a boat this really was a bonus
Thursday episode will be back on got


on Monday with our schedule the
regularly scheduled program

we begin and end every themes every
upset with the new theme song

the first ones from Jonathan Gould as
last one a is from

poets from those triplets own they sent
us a

Christmas lights hannukah themed theme
song and I didn’t read it in time

I’ll so we still appreciate this festive
theme song from those triplets

an ilana a la

now you wanna Isla and Danny thanks guys

to die thanks to you guys for listening
and thank you also

for all the kind words on our subreddit
and Twitter and/or Facebook and

everywhere else

Indy it means a whole lot

to me and Jimmy hyena say to me like it
didn’t have anything to do I just think

it meant more to me

uses you’re speaking because you’re you
but I’m me in a bad light in any

apparent as well as me thank you guys
I’ll see you monday

love all a

and yeah the on skype I

well venal

all it

cool see the I



I the said all


lot there

polls I see it



me Sydney

I honey

and yes Costco and

all now today J it now

upsides way

and yellow stage and show-and-tell

all hell you neel

loves me


me shiiiii



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