Episode 133: Bro-Job


In this episode we discuss bad Tinder dates and worse friends.

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yeah I just wanna paper gosh XD

Albert I can buy Jackson I’m here

PG get happier me 300 gallon

gas field goal or getting ma’am knows
how to pick it up like a baller the best


call the best big gotta let mom guy with
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comic my

exactly got real babies and i cant yeah

and issues you have my word you keep

ever stop keep going to get these days
she’s well-known

Justin gone

Culvers gone solve this gone there

helms geo an

CaAl veas

Amir Blumenfeld love most in solo I

23-minute the China for another could be

kill lose could be young but by all
loaded up with the

at the amazing how many times he said
his last day

performance are Justin Gonzalez is that
the sexy be

though that their candy shop yet I was a
candy shop a rate that the sexy DM

bring it to you cuz it kinda sounds like
belly dancing

the yeah there’s something sexier than
belly dancing

rates except for the fact that ethnic
people who always do it

I visited I really the because I was
like I agree with a rope

you and I dared this guy wanted me to
shout out his

the YouTube channel which is sketch
films with is the four

the number and live sketch films for

Justin dawn solvers you do the work and
we’ll promote your shit

ya is that fair is that good is that
nice to you

yeah the

you think he’d based out of the fact
that we answer that question about a

girl who’s saying candy shop all going
down on a guy idea instantly limp in


ray and that do in Justin gun called a
the air heard that he was like I’ve got

it right here

I that is for the next two weeks in the

yeah I laying down the track yeah the
PDP you

will go to a studio Alicia podcast India

and having a nice remember rec room

hoc this edging great the AC work I B
winner Adam

yeah but sometimes they just you know
miss him

i misses hospitality it up to me to want
to miss them

absolutely do no I miss I’m is Adrian
Grenier a everyday

I guess you can miss a celebrity you can
read I miss their Michelle Gellar

day you I miss what we used to have yeah

just what you watching her a lot Lake I

yeah like I really liked Buffy and I
really and truly

pretty see you like Buffy well I think I
had a crush on Buffy

and and Joey from dozens Creek
especially for breads

yeah about MATLAB locketts a result
gather my

to be crushing I had like that was the
first do you remember the first

arm girl you hun on your wall and enough
ever hunger on all

really never I had like athletes and
comedians I had a poster above

Butterbean the boxer at 1.2

was so that was like your wall was
decorated with yeah like Lakers posters

and Raiders posters and then like

one conan Got Milk ad really yeah

it’s really funny and what did you put a
I’m checks it was

yeah I made a collage of their resale
Gillard Katie Holmes

I they’re hot they were hot for sure yet

and who they end up with a the whole
week till the year

but it is still good opened stir on

I love that detail and yeah led diodes a
a week in a week 20

oh yeah let’s hope we don’t ever trade
bikes accident and I live at the back

there in my bed is copping

up to those guys I like the air they
like i rly where’s he going

up in the air Raleigh down to the whole
bit like a willow tree like a weeping

willow really perforating down on us
absolutely like hot iron I was so sick

you deserve to feel this way to is that
fair that I should do it alone

I’ll fucking dare you yeah

I didn’t serve to be sick years say

black yeah a you being so

a whole you know I would just like
wouldn’t be fair if one person got aids

absolutely would like to use that had
cancer it wouldn’t be fair to that

person monotonous spread it out so
everyone deals measures that the sequel

have a

making sure everyone to help be instead
of making you healthier ideal world is

me also being sick

I think we should be at the other I
think that there’s less

what appears healthy and I’m sick that’s
53 home I

that’s probably you hear how bad that
focus on what we were both sick

let’s look good and then one way I’m
five and that today’s

as Lil that or it’s going on right now
I’m finding your say

honestly I would definitely I would
trade anything

had you be sick the I even if I didn’t
have to make it if I could trade

anything just for my health yeah

just trade 30 trade my health for you to
be said years stuck to anger at the

bottom those shin and you want to drag
me down with you and then I don’t know

what I wanna do you brought to the
surface I want to everyone as drought

now but also you’re saying only perfect
yes anyway if the vibe spent some time

in the third their best case there were
both healthy

basketball best-case scenario I’m
healthy your day hun real

monorail digging a bigger role for you

bathes the fire you the only advised by
cast on the internet hosted by me on the


object command

yeah how does I would you say this what
would you say the rules are the podcast

if you’re to discredit

I guess I would say that people by
themselves in sticky situations

and they email us do I would buy them
other situations

what’s the email address if you’re if
you find yourself in your own difficult


I will you know if you buy yourself a
difficult situation or by the way if the

other theme song

a use email I we show at gmail dot com

now that’s great SK so if anybody’s
listen to the show for the first time

those are the rules and we apologize for
explaining them at the

nine-minute mark after every single
episode the

deewana operate into it I guess when I
was the person is there gonna be

people in your while okay and so this is
a ladies so

this is a real email from a real person
we’re gonna give them fake names to

preserve their anonymity

take would which we call this lady just
a symptom

9 put on my wall in college you ever

shi’ah heartthrob chicks hotties yes I

girls that are a hot yeah stupid hot I
have that type

hot girls are the only ones that I like

I have rate yeah okay suggesting a
simpson writes

I recently went on my first tender date

and it was bad Ono so bad

I guess it could’ve been worse because
at least the guy wasn’t a creep

but still bad so what happened was

that I liked his for pictures fun enough
by and after speaking

with him for a couple a day hours that
day I went over to his place to watch a


the guy that greets me at the door looks
almost nothing like his tender pictures

and I

immediately just want to bail I see that
it’s the same guy because he wears the

same glasses and as pictures but his
hair is so different

and he’s a bit on the heavy side I’m not
a skinny girl so the extra pounds don’t

bother me but his face is so different
from the pictures

so they would have to either be really
old or are

airbrushed weird anyway we chat for a

choose a movie he’s nice and friendly
but I can I get over the whole you don’t

look anything like your profile picture

then he comes closer and closer on the
couch strokes my hand in kinda put his

arm around me in a cream so bad

I keep my arms crossed over my chest
trying not to give him any encouragement

while at the same time trying not to be

but feeling like it a complete bitch

I’ll leave as soon as the movie finishes

give him a goodbye hug and a nice to get
to know you face

a minute later he texts me saying he had
a great time blah blah blah so my


are how do I better judge you guys
pictures on tenders so I don’t feel like

bailing if I decide I want to try this

and also should I try this again and I
being a shallow bitch

I mean he was a nice guy but I just
wasn’t attracted to him like I was the

other one

they’re like I was the way he was in his
pictures should I have tried harder or

been more open-minded

more importantly though I don’t want to
be rude or mean how can I show a guy and

just not

interested in him so that he stopped
hitting on me or

touching me please help I really want to
date a news tender but I don’t want this

to happen again it was just so

love Jessica simpson

well was along email

to explain that she had a bad date help
I fell asleep during the tail and

1 I’ll but I say good work

good idea but own live without the
rumors the really

on earth would I fell asleep at the keep

help out Google+ tonight is a reread it
we edit this guy that puts

just back

will let me give you the CliffsNotes if
anybody else also stop paying attention

this girllll founding antenna that
without the tracked it showed up at his

house and was like oh no that’s not the
same guy that I thought

I where had a crush on right then she
held his hand and

is afraid she but she still feels like a
bit she the fridge if that the wrong


yada yada yada have to give or this
happening again

major advice number one I feel like
we’re both thinking the same thing

let’s not have the first tender hey be
at the guys the house

yeah that’s a that’s a second to fourth

that’s like a a dole or no no no no no
don’t do that

like you’re a rebel red flag know that
like a

with the danger is flag at the that’s
just the land by in the air

that’s bad news its it’s dangerous I
would say it’s borderline may be too


yeah you don’t know this guy really
gender is

like specifically filled with the tide
of creeps right say you don’t go to

their house even if their pictures look
cool and they seem normal

the anybody click the normal overtaxed
yes so many murders

are like he capped with a 3-under so
adorable cell first date

good suggestion is public setting yeah
get a drink

perhaps a meal right I of the yeah

everywhere were like a bunch of
onlookers would stop if the

a stop in if you tried to murder you
yeah or hold your hand

right or worse hold your hand and that’s
sure to LIKE he feels like it’s such an

intimate setting for for state me feels
like a I you think I can hold it like I

was weird if you don’t cuddle a little
bit when you’re watching a movie with

you to do just sit there

yeah by your side while another promise
move his arm

at least two hours your your

the good thing about a a drink date is
that a drink and last 25 minutes seem

like you know what this is a

I’m it’s getting late so I don’t feel
well sorry someones text me so I gotta



you can we can’t do that in the middle
of a movie it’s cuz I wanted will talk

during movies that’s insane

yeah that’s a first date like for stator
where are you from what’s your

relationship with your fam you will
learn about me a reason

yet talk just yeah chat so the setting
was bad and also the ideal was bad

watching something

rate a and lastly

you’re never a bit if you’re not
attracted to them when that’s fine

yeah that happens all the time people
put their best pictures online

right and when you meet of Lake ninety a
prisoner time you meet someone they’re

gonna look worse

yes so yeah that’s a good rule of thumb
for this that happen again

just know that everybody a meeting with

avi like 1000 photos were tagged in on

oh yeah they found four good ones which
is no matter how ugly you are

you goodbye for good one for the
pictures is pretty easy yes

so just know that they’re gonna be like

uglier than their photos shores of the
lake on the fence like how this person’s

alright looking a guess I’ll meet up the
they’re really unattractive

yeah right off the bat does know that
they’re not we percent Rex

hey yeah I feel bad for saying that
they’re ugly but let me know you’re not

attracted to them

and you’re like sort of traded get your
start like okay if they’re OK

like know you’ll be attracted to them
the next candidate won

better setting more public space to I’m

say temper your expectations this guy’s

you know her not as attractive as photos
yeah and then

now that you I are armed to the stuff
use or to learn the hard way

through because you went through this

and worse comes to worse this guy are it
could’ve been a lot worse is what I’m


yeah that he had a gun murder yeah for
example you’re still alive

so that’s good and that’s a positive
yeah at this guy doesn’t seem to have

creeped you out you said it was in that

so that they could hold her hand the
entire tried to hold her hand and he

kept it for

she captured folded in and front of her
on the couch good

the cold can you imagine what movie they
saw would dry within the worst movie is

that they could have seen

um lost and found a happy birthday but

let that’s a great film and Sophy Lorenc

Yaari kidnaps ago a woman’s dog and that
puts up lost photo like lost dog I

are yeah he says found out what is it

he kidnaps a a hot womens white dog

and they’re all and then she puts up
lost photo like I lost my life anything

I rescued him

that the presale acutely that the that
the legacy get the Dead movie

yeah will spade was hot in the late 90’s

a.m. here’s another bad movie could have

um the player with the player

it’s with Tim Robbins okay I don’t
remember anything about it other than

the fact that I don’t like it when I was

I I don’t remember I

is already forgot the name of it user
the carriages

a horrendously if you Ivy Leaguers tired

yeah by Pia yeah here’s another a

what that would be bad if it was it um

’em I for love the game

hope is that one kevin costner %uh
baseball movie

I liked it about it is wouldn’t have
been a great movie for that night a

great date movie

no what about this one what dreams may

I’ll maybe they thought it’s sort of
like a bitter sweet movie with starring

Robin Williams oh yeah

just like this area with sadness to it
right with this occurred at about death

and suicide specific now really

yet I would be a bad first date moved
effortlessly have it has tech bad for

Tuesday movies

have to occur starting censored at
midnight earlier a sequel would be

really really about what

the second and what dreams may come yeah
which is really come to

when that might have happened the do we
have any more questions later that it

a yeah I i win and I i just want to
reiterate that she shouldn’t feel like


a bitch for being cold that to someone
like it’s

the just not be into that is very normal

I guess like I would feel awkward if I
was not into the in such an intimate


right the Packers with the next time

go after someone’s house that you don’t
know try to pick yourself

in places where you’ll automatically
feel comfortable yeah like a church

or a synagogue or a mosque a restaurant
or bar

that you’ll feel comfortable good there
rather than a stranger’s house

yeah the end toda

sewed up the I’ll only what are your
favorite restaurants

that’s a nice one a value her what’s

the wake up with the target woke up late
last night the inning but he

but he pitched three strikes and you
specified restaurant as one of your

favorite restaurant

it is the bike if that that’ll make you
feel extra country when you choose a

rezar you know one another one

a good restaurant I forgot to mention oh
I don’t like yeah I was still at the

date you know what I find it was she
would have chosen whenever favor a

settler there’s a silly true at all

that’s not true you’re squeezing by a
bigger op

you’ll fucker it old yet get back here
you little

heard diary this question bitch at the I

hmm idea you but not have to do it

now I am with %uh with even doing to the

that to me a lot yeah just the stuff
that i’m gonna do anyway

youth use the bad that it be done it
because that would be

yeah say like we’re coming over from the
store a lock the door bitch

yet but I’m going a lot better

park the car bitch up

a fun little game for you guys to play
with your friends

the Libya declared a little like if the
if your house phone rings and someone’s

about to pick it up they pick it up

and then they do lol mock or brother
John Wall story

through with such a global thing to do

that israel for every legal perfectly
subtle very enjoyable

ever heard %uh global in a bit
overburdened and a game I think he’s

laying low

I that actually I hate that more than
anything yet the fact that you know

something’s up

yeah this is the way it’s the calm
before the storm earth the

I at the store maybe yeah late we don’t
know what schemes are in motion

years sometimes goes into these things
you know what he does is he

ads sentences to Wikipedia articles

just that aren’t necessarily Ron they’re
just like fine

its ally Turkey like there’s like like
for example the Wikipedia page for


yeah I’ll go to paragraph and he’ll be

it’ll be like capability throw pillows
husband bills and then allowed one


novelty pillows it pillars in the shape
I’ll characters but at an hour wrong

but why at that you’re not adding value
he’s just making things different its


breaking global shit you %uh the problem
with loop the hood to me

borderline thousands really okay

for you think drove ok I mean now that
the bill as I type

yes but like why add that line busy
there’s really no other gods us

are you about it he had now turned into
a thing had a fuckin hate that

year he’ll go into my phone you know
you’ll go into my phone sometimes

who lack it the like NLD like an auto
correct thinks alike

want I might for whatever reason I
fucking tape lava like in a text to


yeah and auto changed it to LA ABA

so it just looks likely that I could but
yeah because

obscure word actually asked he said his

unlocks almost 806

800 iPhone maybe that’s why his name is

yet Lee as a skeleton every time he sees
a phone unlocked Hill

hill that his daughter into its crazy
he’s like the universal donor but much

more specific your local 34

he really is global in that way the
global the

up hmm a next question

it’s from a guy I’ll say

Eddie Jones Cassill he was on wanna buy
liquor posters less

Eddie Jones writes hey guys I’m a 23
year old guy

there’s a subreddit called 30 pen pals
the point is to find people to exchange

either short term dirty message

or more elaborate role-play scenarios
there’s some weird stuff on there but

that’s not what I meant to

post that are labeled something like
female for male

which means our site post that are
labeled like F for an

which means female for male is a female
looking for a male

a few days ago I responded to an F 4f
post without telling the other person

and I’m a guy

and it went well and the other person I
was talking with told me that they came

for real during the finale at the scene

I thought this would be one night dirty
talk deal but after went well she wanted

to carry on and do another scenario

while we’re discussing with the next
scene would involve she ASI about myself

I think I was big enough to avoid
confirming my gender for certain

it isn’t all that easy to find a regular
writing partner on are slashed dirty pen

pals I think the woman on there must get
flooded with messages whenever they

poster would be a shame to let this one

from a couple of comments she made I
think we’re probably in different

countries are the chances that I would

ever go beyond pen pals is low I enjoyed
our first conversation

but I’m not sure how far I should go in
order to keep up this insanely hot dirty


I enjoy writing in my current job job
involves boring academic stuff most at

the time

it’s not really a hobby but reading
dirty scenarios is way more fun

should I keep going she seems nice and I
really don’t wanna mess or

down but it’s also really fun sincerely
Eddie Jones

mmm as really tough he’s pretending to
be a woman on a dirty pen pals

so we can talk to another woman any
fields guilty yeah

should disease PD then yes to tell the
truth well

I guess the truth is that the other
woman is talking to is also a guy

on the whole does he know that the know
that everybody think

F for an autograph for an hour for a bit
like it all Evans

a clam and it’s all four eps yeah

’em like a bad report card it’s all an
admin then for about this issue

should be fine even if it is a girl
that’s all fantasy rape

right I just get him as a late where
he’s ready to get off

as well leahy’s ready to this girl is
saying like yeah we’re robbing

our vaginas together and yeah I guy
wouldn’t necessarily think that was that

I B you would want to mention your penis
in one so these things rate

yeah maybe can transition that like okay
like role play as a guy

yeah looks kinda cool I feel icky air I
wouldn’t feel guilty at all

is the I mean it’s like guilty in a this
is the way to Sligo ball it’s totally

not harmful

ray it’s just text yet these cherubs
nobody is like who they say they are

yeah it’s all it’s fantasy it is a mess
gave up the idea

and I really really do genuinely believe
that you’re talking to another

it’s only you convince yourself that
minutes ago we both have this implicit

agreement that were just lying to each
other than it’s completely fine

yeah have ever done something like this
this dirty pen pal thing

a have ever and I was a glitch hats yet
what I was like middle school but I

would do that with my friends

like me and to other dudes would be and
whether those chat rooms trying to meet


so electronic resizer cyber yeah but

I’m sure we were all the cybering with

the redo yeah teenagers just fucking
each other do

since I read with me Batala Bathinda are
likely idea I think we serve you tea at

the lake said the picture

some random liked it that it’s an
argument that are

a real person well there are real person
but million girls

yeah I real pretty accurate that’s for
sure absolutely

the so it’s okay to be live because
everyone on the internet is lying about

the identity

ever lie about everything if you like
your husband present Instagram they’re

lying about shit

you know no yeah I’d like to take a
picture some food you like this Dec best

breakfast ever believe it was a really
the best breakfast

was it your life take a picture old but

legs by a pool paradise but like your
day Sunbird

your gas yes they are not like that
country boy i’ve seen your comment on a


photos every like it we live in this
world where everything’s idyllic

ever share ability a anything I’m a

US just tied to this pristine ideal

you have his own I don’t stand for

it maybe I’ll be ready for it I new
high-end dile do have it because it’s

felt there and you have a job

yes you know what everything I had that

it’s filtered its crop so did the
pilfered that’s cropped and stop the air

like this fitness square roads are
Graham said and you have to make shit

later outside the phone edit

ugly and it’s dirty and a and it’s not

and i cant double happen if I like so
that the

because feelings are more complicated
than that cuz I like things I love

things I hate things

and i’ve a different toward think that I
forget about them to you

a soul a third ot the don’t minimize by
a tire experience it would god damn hard

in the lower left hand corner

other screen other human being I made of

I’m alive with a beating heart but

as he speaks into a microphone for a
podcast to be uploaded into so I by

Frederick but for

right now is a little over the bed
activist the

I double tap that you know what the edit
the podcast dates

upload the party as vid I

a actually I love your comments

all the caps in the air Instagram photos
are please give me DAP

double tap yeah most the way I was to
make actions are like my full name so

make people could buy beyond that though
yeah he said the money

yeah if you like this picture send me
some cash

but for other photos it’s like are you
sure this was your best breakfast ever

stop bragging about a sunset you saw
nobody gives a shit you’re on a hash tag


hash tag editor is photo viewer eggs
while they got cold loser in

thats that’s like paper should I would
say right yeah

it’s like cute little funny stuff well
it’s not as very global nah

I’d still global a lot I’ll it’s a crap

NP they actually know cars and solve

what yeah like a local or global hybrid

yeah his legs because he was both at
home this out please you

yeah oecologia Coolio called Google

it’s so bizarre I played on people’s

too bizarre yeah it’s like is not the
you could even say you do it do it

it is disruptive but it’s weird to get
back to the Wikipedia thing he updated

my Wikipedia page

wouldn’t be right there he change my
birth date from January 18th to Jan

period 18 that the rake local

congratulations cloacal you made it a
little shorter a little abbreviated


I appreciate it yep piss and

after design like my page seems small I
don’t even fuckin get it

I although it too late and he will

a good strengthening the bud it didn’t
check it fuck it could ballads be

and Mike I E conceived as the revisions
on Wikipedia pages and you can trace the

IP and

locals but then I you kathy is a proxy
them all over the place assessed

you’re obsessed and I think that
actually a problem but

yeah I had about this is a local’s
played but let’s not actually viewing

you with right now what’s

yeah that’s exactly what the fucking
line and when they did this is just


very perturbed listening to you talk
about its literature being absolutely

lieutenant Israel where you at in a way
that’s not healthy

and yeah it makes you think what have
you got him it’s kinda like the plague a

it’s like just this issue you have to
deal with died at the deal with that


yeah Patriots word got a brady the event
as far as an asterisk next to their

there there’s their title they do not
and the asters is made of

of 3 deflated footballs you know it will
be open to an asterisk

at the Billboard that i’m gonna
Halloween are get for you

to the biggest daily loss there’s always
that is says call the Shrew well

call me maybe and then inbred the they
know that small well

men in Britain the other that a beer
blue pill heads fourth known as Sri well

a good local pray conduction

a alright let’s take a break think a few
more sponsors and there will be bright

rate back

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get into it key on it go back to the
apps hash tag relay Jake and Amir still

going strong oh well

yeah is really really sweet

you know that a.m. let’s think some
people that are treated

what’s the oh that’s a great idea I I’m

right off the bat a.m. let me just

course a couple yeah job wolf tweet that

yeah home is the he is yep is absolutely

with the called trolling me yet here
that has tech red light take a mid-year

Andrew you’re an 00 thank you

hash tag relay Jake and Amir a Wow

actually this person’s to handle is at
subtle John Wall

really at the Bay the thank you that guy

a Thomas the Thomas Cohen please please
PLEASE has to green-light check the mir

you had for anyone that’s

that tweeted at TBS very funny to hash
tag green light Jakeman thank you very


32 couple every episode that’ll be a fun
little later

keep the ball rolling with idea and TBS

tweeted at somebody else today right yea
they keep tweeting and other people

they find the ones that are not about
over the grisly get TV yet to respond

to that to their agree like taking a
appear to be

near I should get a prize I don’t know
what it wouldn’t have been like somebody

big in they missed that did it I guess
like to respond to

a Bobby year what they respond to Moby

more they have it I think the first
person to get the response from TBS

get get the TV show from us if you know
if you if we said they have a cell bill

of live about the premiere party but if
de beers response to them

if yeah I mean it’s a huge loss %uh
because this Green Lake thing is

actually a little

as to shoot the pilot yell like the
pilots last year picked up we have to

shoot the Seattle be a totally different
with her campaign yet so

but whoever if this happens if TBS

the we let the show we get a pilot we
get a series

we film it the premier program if there
is one

I’ll fly you out were that the gay area
and TE

progress with net it’s written are not
written that

recorded which is better than read into
the outer Viking reader

through I am anything else you want to
send the break

and I came out we’ll shooting lasted up

yet we shot today holy shit it’s

Israel the we have about four more
episodes to shoot

how do you feel so far not nostalgic as
we saw some to go

rate but tomorrow like it’ll start
becoming more real

and then Friday when we’re done with
everything will have shot her last day

can help later crazy to think about

there really is like crazy I think like

the past two days are just like her I
was just like head down

yet gets done won’t know your lines make
it funny we’ve been laughing a lot

pictures that’s a good sign affect
people like the idea

Hosur the premise yeah which

I guess these EPs thirds when the
command February 17

ray and cultural YouTube that the

that the beginning at the last eight so
it’ll be like the first one and then

seven more after that it’s crazy I can’t
give in to it anymore way no more


all we can tell you with the about
develop a certain yeah taken a lot a

great production stills that’s going to
be the that are gonna literally it’s a

game with these

day is actually a reach the internal

but for now we have to keep it hush mmm
I am

me matson my answer your question and so
the less blood

it’s getting late we have more shooting
to be done

haha to remind me author

helicopter tomorrow above talk about it
people a

alright here we go one last dude
question a

another guy did you have any guys on
your wall oh yeah

the Freddie Prinze junior could use in
the background a lot of the sermon


geller photos that I had tub the world
Tom DeLonge rights

the tabloids with it to the by Guess Who
yeah he’s a he’s a huge fan of the show

what does it sound like a annoyed the

all the morphine year

Tony are 18 saying I Lake IL

bockman me okay

so my best friend Ryan and I went to
this party where we met a group of girls

one other girl flirts with Ryan but by
the time we get to the other party he

ditches her after making out with her
because he wants someone hotter does the

up is world

I comfort her and try to cheer her up
and then she kisses me

this is my first kiss so I feel pretty
awesome about it but here’s where things


they get real old mill after we keep
texting back and forth with the girl

right and I see her again

and basically me in her pick up where we
left off but then my roommate gets


when she says I’m a better kisser love
the two so he grabs her and starts

making out and one thing led to another

and 45 minutes later she’s blowing here

am in the bathroom I feel really
uncomfortable now but both act like it’s

no big deal and the word bro job

which is basically a girl giving two
friends BJ’s comes up

that it’s OK for two friends to be blown
by the same girl

but I think it’s dumb how would you feel
about that

is Ryan a bad friend am I making a big
deal outta this

mucho appreciative 0 love Tom the lawn
have never having children

that’s it this is like what happened her
you have kids in you raise these

precious angel them by age 15 they’re
just blowing each other

guess that’s just what happens teenagers
give blows

that it and i wanna say like that didn’t
happen when I was little but maybe

a I might’ve you have I mean not to me
but I’m sure somebody was getting blown

is going to happen to be

our dead yeah for sure a girl blue UN
then blew your friend or kissed you and

then blew your friend and they all that
stuff happens

yeah an incestuous blows circle of sorts
have ever heard the word term bro job

though that’s really be

I like the term bro job yeah I like the
can I like a good harder

I love a good sexual idle on the
internet making people I better apart

but there were no plows little

I’ll will cover nearly there was no
public about that the ship

at the very least people that know plays
on words about it

so plan aside than

I mean its okay does this person
deserves to be punished

I would probably be pretty annoyed by my
friend if I was making out with someone

and he grabbed her and started making

her and then she but like if she blows
said that it’s like

I yes that was what she wanted to happen

I legal help at a PA

is rush if it’s our first kiss if it was
a pretty bad friend in that instance

I would say he is a bad friend yeah but
it’s interesting that the

like the girl it have both they’re like
oh that nobody likes you think it’s not

like I will blow you know how can they
blew him

a little blow you would you take a
second blow J I

yet for sure I would effect if you’re
kissing a girl and she is when in blue

day vanish that I would still blow you

ok idle there %um blown after now

good David I Dave jizzes clam juice

up straight to you ABC clammed up that

a I is it would

it would probably depend on the girl the
situation I ache and a friend like to

speak in Apple

absolutes absolutely I how would you
guys feel about that

I feel like I wouldn’t be down and

if a girl left me to hook up my friend I
wouldn’t just take her back

I feel like I gotta have a little bit a
pride in the situation like no you don’t

get to hop around

ray but like its interest presence
thinkers like sometimes it is robs you

have a good time

if you’re going into this be like others
all silly and fun and I don’t really

care the lake

that was ridiculous that that happened
and the couple days later you like I was

at the

for that happen to be and I want a
blowjob but I’ll let you party

these guys already made up his mind like
I don’t like this this is Dell

should I be acted differently and the
truth is no doubt if you like

feel a certain way yeah but a an hour
like hooking up with someone is exciting

because that person on the fact that
it’s like happening to everyone else

makes it feel a little less exciting in
cheapens it almost

not today is still like wet lips on your

that always feels great yeah I mean if
compete in a vacuum

like when you put a Hoover vacuum up
against your balls that feels good

yea as long as you fill the vacuum with
gasoline but I’m a little bit too

neurotic to like not be able to this is
the fact that this girl

just blew my friend identify a there has
to be some has HIV just like this girl

isn’t the girl that I wanted date
because this I is the way that

the situation is unfolding neary

I Stevie in strange in

up were using the word blowed bro job

also it’s his first kiss yeah third
should be slightly

levy above your first were job users

the I think go with your gut tell you
got his wish

in personally I don’t think that any
this that is that big a deal so

baby would just get a blowjob so how
would you guys feel about that he said

no big deal

as Ryan a bad friend yes I would say he

if you took a girl you were you got your
first kiss from any made out in front of


years like this he didn’t like this girl
yeah he

this this girl was his kwento ko plan B
for the evening it seems all like this

guy who got robbed

also didn’t like this girl 0 it does
look there’s not a lot I love

actual feelings in Los Gatos likely to
your horniness

he was like he was trying to cheer

up he felt bad for her yes there is a
lace kits but as it’s just

this is all horniness he year will
teenagers are just pure

Boehner hormone another day with it
doesn’t really matter that much and

share like you if you

if you there if any part of you wants to
get blown and

she still wants to add you think you’d
have fled the do it

and its by says Ryan a bad friend the
average thirty shred

here but then a nice maneuver we’ll also
pretty shitty

person in general till like grab a girl

who said he was a bad kisser and start
make late try to make out there

I mean it’s just hard to find a good
game Ryan I don’t know a single good

right yeah Ryan they’re kinda like

cool dirtbags yeah okay whatever I’m

thats totally right yea at least you on
a good guy

like a really good guy you dear Brian
koresh at the be makes a home

there read really does you know I trust
the b—-

though a lot a good bright yeah no good

any runs out there that want to change
their shit you want to switch it up

if that be in there baby or maybe even
in I’ll override

yeah imagine yeah interstellar is that
shit like ames so does hi my name’s a


and then you have a belt you always wear
a bell

chairs arise because I remove a ride the
little I can give you a blowjob

Alvarion eyes and then the dipper here

you give her the Big Dipper hey that
that bring to you a

is the little bit perhaps talk about a

doubts what that the podcast bitch

I that’s our hope is a

bits is in a BF is a bitch you have your
own questions

or p.m. Sox emissions if you only start
and and every episode

with the

custom-made song written by our talented
fans the opening one was from Justin

Gonzalez John calamos gun calpers john
salvi as

and the closer is from an Alex row

so thanks guys for writing in thanks
guys for sending at the in Santa we also


we need your thumbnail submissions if
you ever

Pisa artwork that we can use on our
Facebook page every time a

upload an episode which a user have a
thumbnail for the show

the year talented net regard send us
your graphics to a fiery show a gmail

dot com

ideally 600 by 3:15 but we’ll take what
we can get.

we’ve been running low on nurses and
then if you gottem

and there will be back on Monday is that
at the thick gracias

grassy ass to dance I’ll be with us
later huh




web page

a do

IQ judge








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