Episode 134: Toothbrush


In this episode we discuss proms, raps, and apps.

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built here dont II city i cant read the
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I big tits cranberry but I can’t make it

par missile on I garlic pop Pop’s

you can you can you can keep reading you

up cranberry epic medley

Jul a pain you’ll

Cassie’s a how the team

tomato crunch I S a tooth

rapidly through the lesser normally
surprise snack

were and nights hmm a

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a alright let’s get started fun episode

we had a fuckin blast yeah regularly

does so we barely answered two questions
the burger

that so good at what Spain things that
they don’t have things got really

I the lab yeah

cromwell governor double

here she can you people not go to jail

yeah before you become

now can happen in your lapping at the
beach do

I’ll be capital you can people you can
already be here

duty here its gap

good by Jack yeah

baghdad back the be the key

enjoy the show

you know that is sky but

Justin guns salvors the adl’s London
golden color is it back to back

a rat parities while back to back pat
pat pat

that go to cap it at CCL hard it is to
make wraps

I was nailing at I

back to back rat a tat ago tap tap tap
dat dat

tax really good read at the Telluride

a with tat tat tat tat tat Lee Hughes
kept on going who had

at I gotta I gotta they had it’s there
back to back

back to back rat a tat gotta jet ap
Italian appetite

I’ll I gotta ask that at now this is
just making a rap

-ism it this high right got word that
that’s nice I got a back to back

back to back rat a tat gotta ap Italian

and it 8a at area appetite for app

movies at the tap tap it out but a

at the tap tapa tapa tapa tapa tell

a Apple’s Apple’s Apple’s play

a sir I got ap a tap attack Apple spite
pure delight

nyse: yeah and that spared 90

do this the piece it all together is
back to back rat attack got an appetite

for app Italian

Apple’s pock I

Julia I well you know that even if you
mail that it would not be good

but do mighty it’s like my degree of
difficulty with fellow even its core was

in good


anything it was fairly it saying it was
bailing it

a sing it was failing it a

Kobe went a prevail in bonds

are a AC it was feeling in bracing is

partners apparently that yeah it’s a

basing it was failing embracing it is
nailing it

yeah and then one more the lacing a shit

is staley with I

I I can do to i cant 23

apps you still more than you I really

a thing it was feeling it embracing it
is mailing it lacing shit with sailing

with with sailing with the

leasing it this let slip through their
butts and better than lacing it

okay it a thing it is failing it
embracing it is mailing it

a racing now

with racing racing let like literature
about racing

so slippery thing let racing where

the about a.m.

what’s mmm impaling

impaling and picnic tips

I really will arrive with shit a

impaling shit yeah racing the Impaler

hmm a sing it is failing embracing it is
nailing it

racing lit impaling shit we got it with

third line with the best racing let

isn’t a legal shit you know that a bad
but raising literature

Jeff Gordon wrote an autobiography that
was on tour is that in Paley everything


does not go through it and it was real

the a yeah well I we had to give him a
shout out his sketchbook could Justin

Gonzalez ketchup a sketch

films for life I don’t know what is
videos are like but as rappers range oil

school about facing I’ll

okay so nailing it

a sing it is nailing it no I it is it is
failing embracing is

nearly shit so facing it is

facing it is wailing

right whaling whaling ish whaling

it clips will include yeah oh that’s
cool so

it’s like is the Whalers clear yeah
exactly right a Hartford Whalers

clear well yeah I thought about but
defund hockey teams

the Jain a that’s why

that’s what okay sir we really gotta
move on

floor on the third verse that this song
at this point now there’s just the third


opposed to it and rivers is work v1

I think they have weeded another those
are the one bird us like a minute have

that is averse

yeah look that’s not bad like we just
started to write

and its and it’s already pretty good
except for the authors write

yeah food so we have to love the 13 have
any rhymes in a rap

let you go that route out over them if
you go there you can never be a rapper

how many rhymes are in one Rai Kendrick

your albums really good by Tom how many
rhymes do you think you have in mind

we saw your Google search ickes lurching

how many arrives in iraq has surged
words words that rhyme with gonna won’t

work a

do it arriving Dictionary dot com
Kendrick do you think

any rapper is every is deriving
dictionary I think you can’t resist the


it feels so good the

well lebanon readers found his phone and
all his

into it like you eat is down your search
history was is rightly dictionary word

through the loser’s I’m you still fast

would use words like true but the funny
by is a guy going up to M&M minis

is the is computers on rhyming
dictionary slams shut really quickly got

a deal with the

and then like the they focus that the
zoom in and they focus beneath that

he was at what they got the rhymes
owners up their lives only a

and it should be for word that was
written it’s really really is

a big gun you turn it around that time

a you know it’s a good Kendrick Lamar

tell me just that we’re on that topic
and good rhymes

yeah that analogy and metaphor for you I
should win a medal for all the ways I

adore you

that is yeah that’s where your style
yeah it’s a it’s not like

AABB it just like it sort of it’s sort
of like a whale years

to wash yeah a.m.

we have to start the show who Billy

it’s crazy this is brought to you by the

a better burger you going rogue

and that’s that other jurors scripted
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writes about it started talking about
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a Q-tip okay you’re not a major global
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you then uses gonna send it tell you
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all the emails log books and I’ll say
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can I have money for that new their
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then low then the mp3 of this episode in
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this they’ve realize I just said it once

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now this a ok i right this is a fire you
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and I’m people who are in desperate need
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for whatever reason will email us at a
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and this is the show worry offer that

sometimes it’s just me n Jake and served
as we have a special guest Kobe Bryant

get over here

gobi David third did that some juggling
the ball

right hear the word doc he does wagged
his finger at me smiled

it’s because he had that shoulder
surgery yep yeah he’s resting

when they will get him the to speak the

them alright we need a guy’s name for
this first email

really emails from real people can a
given fake names

to preserve anonymity lemme Sol

Sol rights hi guys

I’m from Australia and about a week ago
I was invited to a school formal by a

pretty girl

without knowing what a formal even is I
said yes by the time I looked it up

I was sadly too late I’ve already paid
the two hundred and fifty dollars and

was registered

then she invited me to a party slash
sleep over

being too shy and nervous I said yes
again little did I know it was with her

12 a hot friends and their hot dates

and later after some more investigating
and found out you have to buy a girl a

corsage what the fuck is a corsage

and then after some more invested it I
found out a lot about cars gonna be

present at the after party

I have been near a girl since I was 13
little I’m going to a formal enough

fucking limousine and staying in a house
full upper half naked drunk girls

here are my questions: how do I get past
the situation

what’s a corsage handle a slow dance

should I bring a toothbrush for it is
that on cool

thanks guys pS There from a different
school in a year older than me

what’s the problem

I the role as this guy does is
investigating a little too late in the

game always

you just say yes to share though they
actually investigated in a formal is a

dead so then I investigated why do I
have to serve

another like he should have just learned
his there’s no reason that you should

investigate what a formal is

I do you think you should investigate
what a corsage is

yet lutweiler like if you investigated
to the point that

I need a corsage that’s when he stopped
the shot the a standard

asked us he still doesn’t know i think
is kinda believe the investigator

if the he’s a lazy eye I

yeah a should be should we try to answer
these questions one by one

i jus wanna lay on bass tube a little
bit more i right you’re upset because

the girls are going to be hot


that the problem how do I get past this
yeah how do I get by the ways but her I

get paas as the situation

I do I get passes so as even as grammar
a little bit

we would be met and they were half naked
wife through them

I and in what way did in is
investigation did you find out that they

would just be half naked

I think when he was just the daydreaming
about this but I think above the problem


the situation has gotten the best the
yep we got away

from into he’s in his head yeah and in
his head is 12 net half naked girl is


is abruptly stop it is imagining has
taken over

what is happening a kid by the way like
is a bikini more than half naked

or is that half naked are you have to be
topless for to be half naked

what bill put I imagine half-naked it’s

topless be I I don’t know

it world but the first thing I thought
of was girl in a

t-shirt or tank top no bra and underwear

well so like pants off underwear

taped up no a like the sexiest pajamas

you can imagine ella si you’re still not
seeing boobies or Vijay

no the left to the imagination so isn’t

entire asserts that RK

because I was thinking like not entirely
closed if you if you had a wife

and she was parading around in take the

and underwear no bra on

with the budget dudes I think you would
say you’re having a kid

this is what I was thinking about half
naked starting from the bottom up

never hear yet ugg boots skinny jeans

and that’s it see the earthy make the

yet the halfway point happened then
hemisphere up her body it

the top half is completely nude I but
how many as they have a naked it’s like

it means scantily clad like close to
being fully news yet so it’s like

things removed from the top in his
removed from the bottom yeah how you’re

not actually

ok in new paradigm is nude like in your

the chest is newt yeah he would have
needed you would say

fully nude from the waist up but that
make it to me

but that’s where my definition is up the

a girl can be ugg boots yet pants

no nothing about the hottest a girl
could be is wearing out hanson et the

pits right

pants and boots have negative dollars
sexier the naked

yeah but I would rather have bottomless
Lynn topless are really

for sure see rather have turtleneck
space Man helmet

and then everything below the waist is
just open for biz

obviously I was so turned on just by
thinking about it girl in OP is a


like almost missed the space the public

I think that maybe like the hottest ago
could look is wearing a hoodie and

nothing else

the really to but not even underwear

an interesting for whatever reason when
I think Ive

with the sexist as I think Ive pants and
no top

because your booty and I’m listenin are
loyal man

but I’m also a boob man this is no Sun

yeah a alright so moving on from that

um a corsage the flower the pinata your

or and I if they haven’t their little
wrist corsages maybe that’s what you

I criticizes around the rest in a boot
New Years iraq okay I so there’s like a

little arm

here every year for the corsage letter
within the it to derail as like a

15-year-old you have to buy a flower

which is where responsibility because
it’s just like mom you have to take me

to get it but it is that’s why I have to
put put it on this

I think I remember like junior prom

I called and I ordered it here

RAAF to like that the same place you got
your text here or something

nightly goes on a flower Radha

to called a florist a florist say I

would call and I put on hold amid my mom
drove me and I

women with Erin we got through it comes
in a little like plastic salad

yes but it’s the it good business
there’s a way that salad bars

yeahh thats like okay but now I’ve gotta

alive bracelet lower and I’ll

drive it through your house and put it
on your wrist and this isn’t all the

fine tradition

we agree with his diary was still think
this is good normal

and now a for the ceremonial our parents
paying for the limousine that we all

drive in for no reason

the we can’t get drunk so we’re just
sort of hanging out in a limousine

you to drink at age 15 at a formal yeah

stay me to the but didn’t

I Dec the when I didn’t have to press
you at all

appear to come clean on that a how do I
slow dance

you is this the put your hands on a
girl’s hips and she puts her hands

her hands on your shoulders yeah

I think slow dancing I mean

don’t worry about I

that’s a pretty easy and straightforward
and I also don’t think they’d play it


I don’t remember there being a lot of
slow dances that

probably thought like four hours a slow
day at the plate mostly

regular dancing and hanging out in I was
such a huge the jet like a huge like

turning point you’re late for like

parties became like not bowling arcade
but like dancing and in the slow dancing

was a thing I’m like holy shit I flick
ask a girl to slow dance like whole

was like like really forcing me through
puberty at a

at an age I wasn’t comfortable with it
you have to ask your sis loading I never

did cuz I was a too embarrassed and
scared but like all the cool kids would

slow dance at these parties and I was
like 12 years old does like sixth grade

and like all the Sun people were not
having party that fuckin Chuckie Cheese

anymore they’re having like slow dancing


I use the drug the slowdown 30 its soul
who is crazy about what is going on

at the same time ever on Justin’s they
desire to have dancing parties and slow

dancing with the thing in any guys had
as good growth to slow dance

I think that was just because we didn’t
real like grinding is clearly better

you know like real day it’s a that can
happen to later did it

adult leaders are not granting I don’t
think I was

this was the predecessor but like when
I’m when you’re twelve like touching the

broader hip oh yeah well I 12 yeah

so that like the that that’s the max yes

everybody just like runs around the job
so there’s no there’s lasagna hope

I get a touch them yeah and like that’s
exciting right

I remember doing that and I really like
going to bed after party is just like

still wide

East 11th still hard just like

shit so much happened dance with her in
her home in

these two day and those two day instead
his dances

I mean I used to love it yeah I used to
be frightened by it

I still have it now you looked at the
yet it’s really only gotten over it

twenty years later can you met like the
way we dance

is heavy bass

hip-hop and you’re like pressing your
body into a girl in gyrating yeah

I and like if all the sudden that music
screech to a halt in a better slow so

who should be upset

I oh I have to stop grinding my dick
into you know I have to just like

take a step back in slowly sways side to
side in spin in a circle

levy amazingly just they’re playing red
red wine red

lafitte early her

I am

I think I’d like it if Casey judges all
my life played at the next

a bar that we danced at that would be
fun yeah

that’s like a fun theme for a dance
parties like six great dance by slow


yeah that’s cool name for a band slow
dance with somebody

as a been caught that actually slow

babies just an idea and then last

and certainly not tell that a slow dance
just see what the other people are doing

and how people are doing it doesn’t area
just put your

has rather waste bill per year there’s a
usually just

side to side splitters circle their lead
yet ran out to get

motion sick gunmen the last step

the last real question is should II

bring a toothbrush you should be worried

a battle I like the fact that you don’t
know the entire group with and

don’t worry about how to slow dance that
what a court like

but I’m cool with you being stressed out
about this

you having anxiety is good but you are
being down

it is scare you worried about like I

sure do or don’t bring a toothbrush
that’s all

everything’s going to work out I guess

appear is a cool is it and go to bring a

if you’re bringing a bag in general

which I guess you probably would because
you don’t want to be sitting in your

tuxedo all night through the Yahoo
stuffs a media briefing journalists


packed the toothbrush in the bathroom
and it’s an opportunity arises to brush

your teeth

that’s fine and if not your toothbrush
will stay in the bag I wouldn’t just go


party waving the toothbrush it is a lot
happening at PaleyFest

the our partake in the fighting games
but Thursday

I need to I need to paste mighty

I’m Paisley’s I’m pays Liz

Tesla’s death but done you’ll either
have make it I’ll

I not me I am fully clothed

to a leg up boots down this from

I remember being Lake every

I was I went to you my senior year I
went to

maybe like seven or eight problems how
because I had a lot of friends at

different schools

and I was like some people’s back
updating kid

asked latest friends in mind that like
wet dog all schools are simply

see you what you read a taxi does I
think I actually ended up

that your buying a tuxedo yeah

cheaper of course a pic or size

but the there were a lot of like

it was sometimes really funny that
sometimes a little stressful because

you don’t know anybody’s friend group

yeah like if I went to probably somebody
who is like

will call at promenade we have to be so
like cycle creating it

vowing to probably not by promenade a

they had their own group of friends they
were like ignoring me even for a little

bit it mean if

even if thirty seconds followed by
another death rate Mike Hailwood

I we rise the eyes are brushing my teeth
and with little at the dance floor

I didn’t know what else to do you I
don’t know how else to get their

attention they’re probably not a mighty
their fuckin dirty as hell so my advice

to you is

early on as you kn start making some
friends because

inevitably your gotta 01 spend time with
her friend perjure this

this lady’s my go away from you and you
don’t want to be like

some weird oddball not talking to
anybody yeah

so find some like dude friends the as
soon as you can

that’s my advice that you didn’t ask for
but olive your you down

but which is embracing it is nailing it

actually I would and I wouldn’t say that

a singing is failing wow but

it if you’re not facing it yeah

then you just bailed on it that’s good

but like it

know how to do it apple or getting

yeah I we had this is like are

and epic question multi-part are for
sure rate so it took a straight to the

brakes let’s take a few more add

some real ones not the ones they just
make up hopefully thank you slide year

date to get detailed 80/20 genetics a
wild school lol it

a alright we’ll be right back in it he
said it was pretty

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the show welcome back

welcome back harlem’s back

I know you love that worries saying
about a terrible prom

event know your yeah I before what are
the problems that I wanted to you

I with a saving with a car

real razor and I’m ICT I

like the top like right where my

meet my lip a and I wrote the I don’t
know what the fuck but

it didn’t stop bleeding for two hours

i puree with the electorate and I was

it would not stop bleeding and

for whatever reason your blood which is
not coagulate no

yeah I did not and my date for that
problem was so

bad I occurs like you’re taking pictures

it with I didn’t really know any these
people they were like literally

for like at least 30 couples

mistakes so many people and and we took
pictures that I two different location

does another hugely

even bigger than prom as all the
pictures yet yeah a lot of butters

with and I was just like I had ok

paper shall acts like in between every
picture dislike

trying to davidoff to the point where
you like it wouldn’t show up in these

photos blue

would have it those murders never again
do you ever see and I never saw one of


but I’m sure it was bleeding in them

if they’re at the the part where they
eating their free dinner

enough really is the papers eating
dinner at at problem then you would

still be

a you still bleeding I’m still bleeding
to his dad’s crazy isn’t that

I think it the legal it yeah its its

a break the law I our

by having a cut how bloody you are and

what else we shot our last Jake and Amir
episode ever

on Friday yeah that’s cool

and then art let’s get to the next
question her I

at 0250 emotional effect

I am has it hit you that we’re never
gonna shoot another take the mir absurd


I not presently he hit me a couple times

during the shoot yet throughout the week
I would have liked moments away

holy shit you know but right now I don’t
feel anything

right because we’re not missing it yet
yeah and and i wish i did. episodes and

then we just

take few weeks of intense in will be
able to read more but we’re doing is

they’re gonna read those work to be done

like I’m thinking about oh how to look
in editing them

posting them and all that stuff and how
they’ll turn out yet

sub still thinking about the Jacob your

right but I guess what that’s gone and
then it may be too late will hit me

maybe we’ll never hit me that the ideal
that’s when you’re like

when you break up with someone you like
yeah maybe we’ll stay friends it’s like

that where I have to deal with the loss

the extreme lost friend then you just
don’t become friends Yemeni think back

later on in the

I’ll if if everything good

but if you knew then when you broke up
it’s like oh we will never see each


can we stay friends probably not I think
we’ve got each other’s lives

well I’m sure I’ll still get to like
tight your parents sometimes

I okay good yeah I I do I’d like I’m
close with your family so I wanna keep

guy I like Noel I ever again of course I
wonder in the world the psychology of

that slick

as a a understood and defined

coping mechanism that people do they
must be where it’s like you did you say


don’t worry we’ll do this soon maybe yet
and that is softens the blow I’ll be

right back. Rossi

use that a goodbye forever after a like
nano or something in a season don’t

worry yeah let’s hang out let’s keep in

is that how you feel about taking you
and yeah I was like

I’ll its World War no I’m not done yet
as a man after

edit it and then it’s like when it on
when I’m edema it’s not done yet a slut

to post it online so maybe like

when we post to the last episode but it
seems like all the

all the fanfare like the last shot

and saying that’s a wrap a new year it
was cool because the last thing we shot

is the last

part up the last episode yeah that was
very thoughtful love our producer

yeah it worked out like that and
purposes shout out to Julian gesture out

to Jillians ask but that was really nice

and are coping mechanism is the has to
green-light Jake and Amir campaign

with they are we still have a TV show
where we can say goodbye forever yeah

JK tyres on life support but not dead
yet exactly

tweet still coming in we we still
appreciate at enough TBS is seeing any a


world the these recently stopped
responding to

but with the recovery and just getting
there never is number 21 up

to begin with you don’t want to do is a
the wall

do you know that you to personality I
just teen yes

so she follows us on Twitter and she
tweeted something

and TBS responded to her

just like at the blue she was like does
anyone have a playlist for something

and then TBS responders I like they
don’t have a happy playlist for Sons or

something like that

and TBS responded to her and just at the
Blue because like she’s like this huge

you to personality and said it’s made
singers like no but we have a set list

or something to that effect it

and i thought id be creative she
responded all right now that I have your

attention has degree and I J clear

so maybe that’s the way to get it to TBS
they we

we don’t like the called tweets are
coming in at a great rate

we’ve gone probably close to 10,000 of
those if we can get someone that they’ve

held over at him for people to lose a

partner natural I need people who TBS

RT is responding to right so they’re
like hey

like a I’ll great at of back to back
family guys I love it

thanks TBS and then they respond and
then it’s like TBSS like

glad you love it and then you respond to
that it’s almost like gotcha journalism

I the brownies hours to

like I don’t want I don’t wanna go there
I don’t wanna lay ask this

i Justi maybe for a favor right that she
does in theory no

we are actually follow us on Twitter
yeah we should ask her Bethel

all soldiers as tweeting at TBS which I
know we have they technically done

livery treated people

yeah and we’ll I want your plagued next
step could just be us

tweeting hey at TBS very funny wondering
if you saw

you know that is even if the they are
seeing in they are discussing it like

they can’t possibly tweet anything about
it rightly what can you do

like a we’re still making it like this
social media editor is not in charge of

making the decision

yet Kevin Reilly still reviewing script

I’ve been inter- the city a tweeting at

hey your inundating my feed but at the
very least

its people at TBS are aware of how loyal
and passionate awesome our fans are

yes we do appreciate it nonetheless
really sweet regardless of what happens

we are very flattered

yeah actually honored I would like I was
thinking recently like

I wonder if anything will come of it and
then I realized that like this is the

this is like the best thing this is the
resolve it millions like them

this look you’ve it’s great yeah it’s
already happened at RT good

we already feel great realism and
everyone yeah are clearly go on a TV

show anymore

well if it happens that’ll be an even
bigger boner honestly I think it be

kinda cool

didn’t yeah sellers like the the

movie will like the guy you like the
shot will floats up

yeah I know basketball I know that I’ll
let you know the shot floats up pray as

so the ball the spherical ball

happening or at all the orange orb

and and it doesn’t go with it does is
often you think you know they lost but

then you realize know they’ve come so

letter which support the at the gym
their journey that was the door

the at the ends the answer more
important than the means

yeah the destination was not important
is the journey

the journey likes about the journey not
the destination little I say

so we’re winning the destination I think
so I am

but far could be so cool to have a shell

okay that’s fair I at the same time

gonna be on TV I just want to be on TV
in let loose

but i cant and yet it’s cool if Tom
Green humps a dead moose

my buttons on your lips the bombers on
your lips and if

you’re lucky I may just give it a little
kiss and that’s the message we delivered

a little kids

do you want to answer one last question
before we run out I’m completely

what a ridiculous ever really answered
one question I know but oh so in depth

and we stand we rotor had a half
aversive a rap which took up a budget as


yeah a.m. let me try to find a good one
for the last one

here we go I need a guy’s name

another confused gentlemen Mike

Mike rights

so I downloaded tender about two weeks
ago based on your suggestion I swipe

every day for half an hour

if not more my prom is that so five had
a grand total is seven matches

one was a bot and two were immediately

and the other for ever respond to a
single one of my message I even liked

what have their moments

should I give up I really doubt others
after boost my self esteem but it’s not


I need checks expert tender opinion 10
is not for everybody but you must


and ago Fargo Laurel a loser so I do

usually yeah but trading your iPhone for
a CrackBerry

her opened the letter that too I

you good downgraded well I change the

Road at the Uni the CrackBerry I really
did they give you the CrackBerry

yourself up they’re like crack

area might tell see that the job we can
every zina video now

rate yep I think that 0 it happen that
we were shooting late you

we’re doing some other bit as they cut
we should do this in the episode owed no

oppose yet wherever another episode

the here’s my suggestion to scare yeah

the shuffle your pictures change it up

I’ve had more success with some pictures
than others yet and I have gone through

two weeks where at matched with seven
people %um less

so for sure change a few pictures

find girlfriend appears and ask her to
choose laundry helpful

lady friends know what pictures are most
attractive so like

half hour every day in my prime I would
take her close to three hours

all right all the time in my head a

every waking moment if you’re

if you’re Bowl isn’t

swiping so if you’re out swiping so
often that you’re getting

legit glass shards in your fingers like
a lot like a splinter

I’m talking about your screen should be
splintering into your fingers that so

hard you need to be slightly


oh you think that the hardness service
life as I just mean like

wearing it down the Quincy yet don’t

a trip like that your your the track on
your phone I want anyway

into the Guardians circuit board yet how
much do you need to be swiping the

friction should create heat

that’ll melt the glass yeah so much so
that your fingers started to penetrate

the phone itself do not stop

do not slow down keep on swiping keep on

do not pass go yeah can I recommand

a one I recommend it take pictures
surgeon at the photos

that makes a huge difference to okay
recommend a different app

yes there’s a there’s another app called

with jay-z people that Rd in your friend

I it limits to how much you can sleep
per day but it’s at least

it’s a higher quality I feel like in
terms thereof

the richness love the people present to
you it’s not complete strangers

its friends are friends so maybe we can
give hinge a little we’ve

we shouted tender out for you know close
to two years now

I think we can start promoting summer

a competition yeah because

that’s how abt get better but also like
it it’s not like you delete tender to

download hinge you know just

you should just act like if you’re
single I think people use

have all these yeah I was thinking about
the change

OK Cupid the league or be

there’s this new app I’ve found the

called the league where it’s Lake tender
but you have to be accepted into it

because I like only accepts
quote-unquote high quality at Ivy League

tinder yeah

and so I can maybe I would get into the

so I downloaded it and ask for your
LinkedIn page

as the reference hell there that you’re
so successful the

me deleted I alleged to be my friend on

you should write them and just be like a

I don’t have a LinkedIn but I’m a famous
comedian I got elected I got a Wikipedia


hello it’s hell but doubt out that could
be a great episode it a career that will

never raped is me desperately trying to
get it to the levy

yeah yeah a double oven areas so waited

partners and snobby I’m

you haven’t been accepted to the league
I am sorry your LinkedIn profile isn’t

cool as I wanted tender day is just

yeah niven 10 online dating for a while
I have tender

kids will be eager in the league I bed

a yeah give your phone it you get

one in reply let ago day

hath at but Louis

showered ass I was saying earlier that I
was thinking like

its it makes sense that has cast a wide

a like just have these things running in
the background of your life

right but at which point is it either
sad or

counterproductive like would you
recommend me getting all those APs

I guess is only I mean

yeah and thence ed wouldn’t recommend
you like constantly using all of them

but like I would recommend you

getting them and see which ones you like
they do use hinge

yeah he’s hinge is as the been
successfully met up with any way from

now tender you use mmm

that a little more successful yeah OK
Cupid you said

you dislike entirely yeah he’s at least

and you wish you could even lead yeah
Jas white

that’s another one with what are your
thoughts on chase white hope rydell it

just to see what’s good G

I just to see what’s what I guess my
biggest fear is someone looking at my


unspeakable I have nine milking up at up

yeah but leader I’m in the league ahead

it’s like that thing we do I’m in the
grinder time dear

yesterday sway J Lee judge OK Cupid
okays strictly you pour it

J youporn you I’m NJ the league

I but it is does nine-year-olds my mom
tries to set me up but

a you don’t think it’s a little bit
shameful to be

like the at I would think I’d have to
start getting ready some before I add

more I will I guess like I don’t think
it’s shameful for sure

aid if anything I would maybe just like
cuz i wouldnt

one all those like alert coming to
iPhone if I didn’t use certain what

aP’s and if I was having any fun with
the right to delete them ray

but I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with Blake casting a wide net

especially if you’re trying to break
into the dating scene and it does I he

is any this dude hasn’t had any success
with tenders and maybe

it’s just liked you’re not the kinda guy
bed can convey

all the great things there are about you
in a single the air

image maybe you near a profile where
people can

realize that they’re compatible with you
wrecked the trail what are these other


or aP’s or whatever’s yeah I wanted the
other whatever’s

but don’t don’t stop swiping lil will
use a keep comments like Bihar

another time

I up

you do have that poster above your bed
give garments Weipa

so that tender slogan I think the air

if you like look at their lake thing
they’re like they’re

I was on their Twitter page once and it
just like people being like a rematch

with anyone hey I’m complaining about
this they’re always like keep calm and

swipe on

so body I her when I lost all my tender
matters that I like I was at the lake

FL bad but I to complain to tender in
the year is to emerge no

they all went away well one day just
lost a mall what happened

I don’t know for whatever his account
was deleted

but I was late I emailed them was like
yeah I try logging out love you back in


how far down the in rivers and have it
all like to I replied

be like no I’m serious I didn’t really
believe you don’t have my

its the food the man who taught him fart

tinder in-laws up I ensued tender for my
matches in the area and they won

you spend a lot of money I’ll maybe a
few a pic

it going I’m in the league i right
that’s our time

thanks to everybody that certainly am
will get two more questions next time if

you have your own question or your own
theme songs a mission like Justin gone


and or the closing p.m. Sun by

simi abdi a send those teams like the
missions as well too

if I really show at gmail dot com

we also need your thumbnail submissions
loved it art coming in

ideally 600 by 3:15 but we’ll take what
we can get.

keep those coming as well a I want to
think some people who

wrote there who tweeted we’re gonna chat

keep thinking people that have has Ted
green light Jake and Amir tweeted

cool a sir thank you to

a your mom oh my mother yes yeah between
a lot area:

I Michael are Mitchell

sur Mac I and Giroux who

the urine 00 and

and the blue media hat at the blue media

which is almost should be my my twitter
name blue media

I concert in my last know yeah it’s
pretty good

things for tweeting keep the tweets come
in we really appreciate it

and I bet home yet yeah ATS in their
crack they’re gonna have to

Leah walls of Jericho another with a Wii
deputy yet the show

at that it’s definitely Twitter based we
do we know that for a fact

and no bonus Thursday absurd for the
first time in several weeks I will be

back on Monday

CSM Rios well

mom cool rules her ho

on hey old R

pom-pom that’s cool

Hall on hell old

on sure


or are show or or or

on bomb her arm









the for our








my world





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remember me from the Jersey Shore

block that new podcast it’s called get
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at exactly what we do when we getting
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it’s the jack-of-all-trades master of
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