Episode 136: Male Stripper


In this episode we discuss how to change your lover and dating Nicki Minaj.

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this episode I love if I know where you

is Brad seeing bands playing your space
Squarespace with you that was real

not yet out there a Lynn

that so fucking crazy I and I is due to
let you know I’m nuts today

your as you’re a Bob Dylan up myself a
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BOM a alright cool let’s get started
this episode was fun to record

at one point we mated yeah I mean you
have to listen to it

so by I just smiled then at I

things got real job I

Jan army gumbo Newman your own

are mere is gone and math NJ close
texting girls

men may sound reasoning

my you should try

she now

email your needs some good

advised ll tell you what to do and

so listen honey


Darius Rucker is self centered on thank

we’ve been who teed but witness you got
who read by the Blowfish

hmm that’s funny if year twenty years
old and under you don’t realize that

hoodie was the biggest thing

now is the only song the at one at what
the heck a wildly popular

is yeah he’s like a big country singer
Darius Rucker Darius Rucker not Hootie

and the Blowfish

barriers rockers the big time country
star that guy who wrote the songs name

is CJ mom

and he said if you like it please shut
out my

internet radio station pop stores radio
dot com

alright we like that we share data a Pew

we’re even CJ let them know that we owe
you nothing wars

and you and me we come from different

cjd done here in anesthesia and

a hootie I grid

I love it who I am if you have your own
thing salinger’s

ass form right now you can a it doesn’t
have to be parity can be in a rage

a you can send that to a fire you show
gmail dot com

got us I has a gun fine

I sorry

let’s stick to the script for I never
got that every one of these events that


thoroughly with specifically scripted
that’s why we only do 10 we could take

the six days

yeah to write rehearse and sound casual
of book

are really I’m on book right now I’m off
book I’m of book yeah

well look at that and say in is say
that’s correct it really looks like a

love reading the whole release a good at

sheath as you’re good to know

might my talent is being able to talk as
if I’m not reading

yeah like right now it sounds like I am

I don’t know making up words on the spot
well yeah I definitely have

we’re actually really I I can read along
with you are you okay

a alright alright here we go

let’s get started this is the buyer you

the only by his podcasts on the internet
hosted by us are mere

and I’m Jake well yeah I like

do peer through the looking glass I has
your mom’s book-selling

I don’t know there where I can tell you
this much

when I first logged onto Amazon it that
they were 10 left in stock

yeah and now on then there were seven
weapons like last night this morning

there’s four left in stock

so where were so it’s moving we’re
moving units I don’t know how many books

they printed initially like how much is
in the first row in right field box or

so and pander the suspect that just
those 10

a third be really funny if we could sell
out the 10 copies they printed never

really scramble to make more

I don’t think they have the next Harry
Potter on their hands I started reading

it last night you did

yeah how you like it get on page 12 were

I just realized I don’t really read
fiction yeah

it’s like it feels like at I know this
is a wrong thing to think it’s like

should I read non-fiction should I learn
real stuff like if I’m going to be

spending time reading I should be

yet entered is reading a story I think
you learnt that from fiction though

I mean that’s where they have you read a
Catcher in the Rye with your

younger yeah it’s more like flies like
real life lessons and sorted being

apathetic inhumane and yeah

following a story about it like it’s
cool that you got a history class and

they don’t like sent as it’s like okay
I’m just gonna tell you a fictional


yeah that’s how I view reading as thick
ally after I have to cut if I’m gonna be


reading I’m gonna be learned something
real yeah I while it really non-fiction

because like

every you read something you like holy
shit that’s crazy in the check in years


ended really happy yeah 0 don’t get me
wrong I think an incorrect

it is good to read fiction I think it’s
good to read both me

yeah and I guess this is a good way to
if you are like me are

on the reading non-fiction it’s a fun
way because I know that your mom wrote


yet I’ll never know the Arthur that’s

like in a deal yeah my little mother

it a little money so proud a you linger

few are that I love my mother happen now

I really do I know see the saint and the

and your mother she is the author a
topic that all

a and yes that’s true my mom’s accolades

do nothing but diminish other mother and
now I don’t Big Sur

I wielded if I think my mom’s the best
rate okay

so that means there’s got to be a mom
that’s in the middle there’s gotta be a

man that’s the worst

are you on the engine management
theories will I think there’s three

there’s word a middle-of-the-road moms

you that alright yeah last month mine

yeah the number one mine and then like
the bottom

the bottom half the worst yeah I think
your mom is

Spanish league’s it I do anything your
tiptoeing around 100

what he does your mother lies scum of
the earth

button a bottom feeder the Mariana
Trench she

it on the serious she is she’s up flat I
listen to let it go

he’ll I was getting actually a warm
under the ocean

can you imagine that not I’ll the
Mariana Trench

in stand at the bottom below that their
words they have even been discovered yet

yeah that’s your mother my mother in 11
books yeah

and they were all fucking great I that’s
what I’m jealous

I just thinking yesterday about like

I think like my mind it’s such a great

a being apparently I liked being raised
her I

gonna happen everybody yeah did you ever
rear never a shame if your mom

do you ever go to the teenage period
we’re embarrassed by your mom I was

never best my my my

you never hated her I only I’ve grown
loving her

more and more even today and if we had
when we had our

a spats and fights and stuff you yelled
at her angrily

yeah button never in like there was ever
a period of time right but she sucked

and now as an adult

do you have any a like critiques like

I wish you would have done this
differently I nell

you think she XIV she aced she threw a
perfect year

at child child revolution in the 100

perfect yes I who she can do dinner on

fishy killed it nailed it and she had
six children so she had to juggle a lot

why I think she focused on me for
instance michael is a problem child

yeah absolutely is a little piece a shit
I think it’s because he was neglected it

is a Dirt Devil

I the is a bottom feeder Israel the worm

they don’t know I’ll read i right

let’s get started what is this this is
an advice podcast people

email us if I ratio gmail dot com in
there in a sticky situation a difficult


a impasse in their lives and their
wondering if we have any advice for the

sticky situation

difficult dilemma yeah with them

alliteration that’s really a sticky
situation a difficult dilemma

a rough Road yep a rubber hood a rough

a impractical impasse

and they’re seeking advice they’re
seeking solace

there as I is after advice and

a our offer any

is to tell I

them up we’ve started a batter that I
don’t like how we can help

I poop a let’s look at Lys Leu

as lower low heavy embed hmm

the slant rhyme

I’m I had this is a real email from a
real person

gonna give them a fake name to preserve
his anonymity

nice I wish it and then after characters
in your moms book

the two lovely idea disappear home
available on Amazon right now

for college guy Adam nice hi

my name is Adam I’m 16 years old and a
new fan of the show

to give some background information I
got my first real

I got into my first real relationship
four months ago and which I’ve had

everything for my first kiss all the way

to my first below job but the added

here’s the issue I’m a pretty
self-conscious guy and she doesn’t often

give me compliments on my looks unless I
tell her that I don’t think that I’m


I wouldn’t have a problem with this if
it weren’t for the fact

that she often says how attractive other
guys are

for example one time I was looking
through her pictures

her looking through them with me when I
find a picture of a male model and she

tells me to click away

as she gets shippers I don’t it doesn’t
end there

it’ll be people we know she’ll say that
so-and-so is so hot

or as once said about a friend of mine

sexy as fuck and I over exaggerated

should I tell her that this is really
discouraging for me or should I just

suck it up

I am known to often over think any
feedback would be greatly appreciated

thanks love Adam

Wow does a real rollercoaster a question
for me

yeah because at first didn’t know what
to think I will at first

that wouldn’t really be so that would be
a roller coaster well

at first I didn’t know what to think but
then you start and I think

again I would be so I like an hour of
terror we’re just arts high and then it

just falls but this is like as started
with Blake

this guy sucks is like my own to share
the me compliments and what they insult


yeah that so insecure and you’re just
like beating for compliments

but then it sounds like she real she’s

I she sounds awful now your day

the went from being on her side to be on
his side ready n

I think will yeah I don’t know I feel
bad for that least

right but is it is this hardik worth

blowjobs yeah

blowjobs are pretty cool buddy yeah

you said is that the only girl that will
ever blow UBS Bo

I let’s stick it out I you well as he is
16 who knows when the next blowjob

all.com I’ll

I really by like staying in a
relationship for sex is good

that’s like doesn’t it seem like you
would buy that well cuz this

sex is good all the time anywhere but if
someone is horrible and has

gives the amazing sex I don’t think that

one person is so good at sex that it
would ever be worth me feeling bad

any other way I like that sex

is good all the time if you find
somebody else who’s like

this person is really great they make me
feel amazing and the sex is bad

then Mike a you got a little closer but
you still haven’t nailed it so like

let’s keep on looking

a as a matter your priorities are why
does think that there is

enough people in the world that you can
always find something that satisfies


like if not all of your needs but

a bunch of that lot the check mark
that’s very optimistic appear

it’s very true well that man and Matt
but that but at net debt that at any any

idea yet it that’s all

both next question the story was kept a

who that’s not true for everybody the

some people have to the take the blows
with the blows

that’s not true you know what I mean
night ok so some people

you think some people are lying lifeless
to be unhappy in get good blowjob that’s

right I as you know what that’s better
than being

unhappy and getting no it is only
because out there there’s a guy who is

confident and secure it doesn’t mind
hearing his girlfriend say that other

guys are hot but also likes blowjobs

so this cool sounds like a good fit for
that guy and not this guy and I think

so this so this guy’s necessarily good
for this I think there’s like

we all let everybody right now stop
whoever we’re hooking up with the move

one to the left

whirl you they are you think everyone’s
just I give my all

all shipped that will beat me there
purveying made a

good and by the left what do you mean by
that be utterly

to the left to the left everything new
mom only in it but still there

in classes that math done yes

it but Barney please don’t is that the
actual you must not know about me

you must not know about me is that all
through the

everything you own in a box to the left
yes but as I mean

it is a matter I guess yeah I think it
just means that’s where the boxes

gotcha a so what would you suggest to
this guy

I think well

initially perhaps a conversation cuz it
kinda weird like break up with her out

at the Blue Angel be pretty confused
yeah so you might say

a I don’t really like hearing about

you finding other extractive I

maybe wait until she does it and many
say uses

have to stop you right there what just
happened I don’t like that

maybe like a slap on the wrist there
like are you hit a cat on the nose

yeah like drug on rubber know that like
if she’s so she’s like looking at a at

your friend saying he sexy here

rub rub her nose in it I

a now maybe a spray bottle

yeah it’s just as they like your
training someone I think you say

excuse me that made me feel bad for the
following reasons:

and then we see if the

behavior changes or corrects itself or
if she

resists or you know whatever whatever

your voice your concerns you see how
your partner reacts

and if it’s positively great the
relationship is growing

and strengthening and it’s becoming
better and you can stay in it get

blowjobs in here

lesser lethargy find other men
attractive which you know

we’re always gonna find other people
attractive but yeah you just tell her

I don’t like to hear it yeah and that’s

yeah and then we see if she adapts

and change RJR the corner if she a fight
back with a coherent argument and you


but whatever there’s a

the two options are the real a person
ship strengthening where the


weakening and

we’ll see what happened actor that’s

you speak to your mind to here’s my

okay two things why is why I’m getting

because I don’t like to be disagrees
with Cooper not disagreeing I had no

clue that is all

another a a perm alright just

chill I’m just I’m voicing my opinion is
everything your

I’m not saying years is Ron why is it so
mine sucks a result the bath now I July

had broaching in new contracts are you
make me feel like shit

I know God a here when you ask someone
in a relationship to start doing


it’s almost like that to lose lose cuz
when they start doing it

it just feels like it’s a week thing
because they’re only doing it and this

is not because they want to

this is something we’ve had
disagreements about

a in the past as well because you say

sir ugg say a woman is upset with her
boyfriend because

he never post pictures of her on
Instagram yet is everything that’s


in our a I think it happened to us beef

that not my real good let me know listen
and you say

if the guy starts put the pictures are
on Instagram it’s like

you’re only doing that because I told
you, yeah but I say

yes he is doing that big like it was
that certainly was an important to him

yeah he found out it was important to
you so he’s changed his behavior in

isn’t that a beautiful thing

but if you’re the girl would you rather
have that Rioja rather just sit in

silence a rain delay does it naturally

he’ll never do it naturally so you have
to just

her if it’s something that bothers you

you have to accept that it bothers you
and it’s not bothering

your girlfriend right yeah the fact that
she says other guys are hot

bothers you you it doesn’t bother her
well here’s why I think that part is

okay because you’re asking her to stop
doing something

to ask you to stop doing something feels
like it’s at least you’re gaining sup


that that’s a good thing like she’ll
sure no longer

complement other guys like at that way

it doesn’t feel like she’s doing
something for you she’s not doing

the understand the subtle difference
between those two things right like I

don’t want you to start doing something
I want you to stop doing something

and if I ask somebody to stop doing
something and they do stop doing it

tonight on changing behavior

hey it’s all you’re trying to alter
behavior I get what youre saying

that started to do something more is a
little tougher

yeah to start doing something less yet
to stop like to ask them to stop smoking

I think that’s fine

to ask them to start doing something
else and I feel like that’s

and might be asking too much and then
when it does happen it just doesn’t it

doesn’t seem worth it

well here’s what I would say this is
where the pure heart rule comes in

it PHR good this

he went over to be a tough as they could
and bathing okay it

patent pending pending pending okay the
pat was paint

I really well it if that did it been

it’s been copyrighted I am the proud
owner ove PHR

dot car now dot gov slash K through 12
dodd taker with .eu dot toddler dot com

a gay

you can log on on Monday or its gonna be
a 404 error

good as by good that’s what I program
the page to be

dat okay um so what you need to do is

tell your girlfriend that you don’t like
this and

oh wait sorry this is not about that guy
so the pure heart rule

is you’d you tell your partner

something that you want to change their
behavior without any expectation

without saying like without going too
far down the rabbit hole

love being like I what you want to talk
about other guys let’s write what you

want to post these Instagram pictures

could lead then you’re getting your
injecting yourself

too much into the life yes other person

but if you say this makes me feel a
certain way

and all you’re talking about is that one
little instanceof

behavior rate then you let your partner

adjust and you bind the way they do it

to be unique to them so you say

it bothers me that you don’t post
Instagram pictures

%uh me

rate yeah see you don’t say I want you
to Percy is a bothers me that you do it

right and then this upsets me and I at I
am sorry

but it does I’m just sharing with you my
feelings and I don’t

what you like you know you don’t have to
change anything but this is how I feel

right and then it’s them reacting to how
you feel

and how does that person make you feel
better has he synthesize that knowledge

in become a different person that’s more
to your liking

but have expectations to say like it
that Tuesday

I want you to post Instagram pictures
less and I want you to post a lot that

they love me

and I want to be a contract if the
filter yeah I want you to do it multiple

times a week and that’s not good that’s
no good nobody’s going to be happy with

that situation

but pure heart rule hey I wish you
posted more is to be a picture that mere


I’m unhappy because they never show up
in your Instagram feed ’em unhappy cuz

you talk about other guys so much and
you don’t really

tell me that I’m attractive well I okay
so here’s my official bit of advice

after talking it out I would start with

telling her what you’d a what you’d
ideally like curt and not do

rather than what you’d ideally like her
to do so his problems are

one that’s a compliment to the guys into
that she doesn’t compliment him

I think you should just start with
saying I don’t like that you talk about

a you complement other guys at pranna me
that makes me feel

sad %uh myself it and then see

that now that she doesn’t compliment
everybody’s maybe she’ll start

complimenting you are at the very least
the playing field is even between you

and everybody else is not complimenting

rate maybe that’ll make you feel better
before you go on to the second

blair witch is I want you to compliment
me more

good how do you say that without ever
seeming like an empty gesture

I mean that’s pretty lame had but I also
get it like you want but here’s what I

would say

and I think my eye both gonna be pretty
similar on this

you do have to say something say

and I would say you wait till the
behavior that upsets you workers

in the newsday what just happened makes
me a little upset

your and I think

the you can’t I just broke my own brain

oh my god I nose is bleeding IIIi

ok also his wealth you can we break up
with somebody because right now

she is like blissfully ignorant that the
all these things are adding up in

Wayanad you like the lack of the
compliment and then the government to

the other guys and it’s building and
building a growing and finally you’re

gonna break could be like fuck man well

poll all I said was that a guy who is

yet widely she has no idea see you need
to stay

at least the first time this bothers me

and that way it happens more and more

you like this is really bothering me and
if it never stops

then you say you know what it bothers me
to the point where I’m done I’m gonna

find a blow job somewhere else

right so at least you’re not going from

02 breakup real quick and biking quick

her its arm so I would start is by that
little nugget

this bothered me a little bit and then
see how the behavior changes

tug on that thread it first before you
destroy because there’s hope for the

human it’s gonna make you my decisions
based on your feelings

yeah and if she makes decisions based on
your feelings the continue to hurt your


the method that’s better relationship
but if he makes decisions

that make you feel better based on you
expressing how you feel

that the nice relationship communication

is key I actually invented that phrase
Yahweh your communications father the

case that kinda cool

yeah Mike communication is key spelled
with a C

take communication is key yeah but
something is the lock

he really is held at the KLC a

at the key it and the lock is

the Loch Ness monster Wow yeah hotness

a bottle with the Loch Ness monster I
death monster man

that I’ll the Loch Ness monster is a las
adroitly esta

a its is why people get take you
seriously dole

this is why we can’t have nice and by

areas the water in scotland is whose it
really is

and the Loch Ness monster is a hot mess

Munster it a

our next question again you will be here

blowing his nose Hocking a loogie their

he runs thus think any blows his nose in
the thinking what do you think

that’s just what he was wearing its me
Nick it’s a mink coat

for his sore throat sit down buddy

careful careful here comes the

their own honest years here goes Jake
but it took a few beers yo

here we go you already checked the few
beers I am drunk

up a that we read this question it’s
from a lady

yeah I will collar shirt Shana you
really are reading the book

yeah an appreciated that have retained
to character names at that

hey guys help a girl out three weeks ago

it was a friends bachelorette for
various reasons this girl

see the concert ever sure hey guys

public girl out three weeks ago it was a
friend’s bachelorette

for various reason this girl getting
married worse

well we’re still in undergrad fuck means
a hey guys help a girl out three weeks


I you can edit outside of with always
really went through

maybe you do you think that you do that
to you

beard I hey guys help a girl out three
weeks ago

was a friend’s bachelorette for various
reasons this girl is getting married

well we’re still in our undergrad

course this means group of 20 g20 two
year old girls went out to a strip club

to go see some wieners

been to a female strip club with my male
friends in the past but this male strip

club with a whole new world

my friends jokingly got me a lap dance
and after venturing up to a private area

i got quite a lot for twenty dollars
without actually leading this male

stripper hit a home run

who that being said he was intent upon

and asked for my number with the promise
of meeting up later

I don’t know how to say no obviously so
I gave it to him

never met up with them because my
drunken quest for food was far more

important so here’s my issue

I now have a male stripper 10 years my
senior calling me and texting me on the


even though I never responded
accidentally answered the phone want

immediately regretted it

he seems really polite they don’t want
to be mean but would tell the stripper

that I don’t wanna sleep with him

thanks shush on I’m

so what happens the other way male
strippers hit on

female so she like hopes up with this
male stripper

in the that’s pretty bad years I

where’d you get hooker I’ll he did
everything we go home run or something

she like almost fucked im

and she paid twenty dollars if you
desperately tried like this is so

backwards in the streets

I think I’m gonna be a male stripper
you’re not the posted

do that do they have male stripper

a like clubs for people that don’t look
like strippers

like if I was just a normal latin guy
and I wanted to strip at a strip club

with a let me

I bet you would just have to be able to
like dance them email

strippers evolve difference the male
strippers have all different shapes and

what’s the equivalent of me

as a female stripper do you have a very

normal body if you had made female
strippers for whatever reason male


are you imagine Lake Magic Mike yes it’s
super buff

you imagine like magic mike. yeah I so
yea and I

think they have to be right you have to
be really but by I’m sure you you’re


I wanna be like a stripper that comes
out like a card again and a short sleeve


then you take off the card again and
then you undo my like

khakis I think the fun in with your dick
is really small

after I the hour I shipping

yeah Rai

way leave talking about a blue polo Big
doesn’t mean you in a room

nothing out talking we could on dramas

yet did how r anybody then I’ll happily

I they wandered

there they blocked iight Yahoo

them does listening to this upgraded
Hugh Freeze it is doesn’t make any sense

to really break and promises I have

I really don’t think she should have
hooked up with the stripper in the room

well she hooked up with a stripper in
the room that’s not normal behavior to


Ibiza you talk to Niger has a decade

sheep bro did so casually like that’s
what’s supposed to happen at the strip


I have you ever gotten to a private room
and almost had sex with a stripper

and I mean I don’t I’ve never been to a
private room with a stripper

and also do you like and I only had to
pay twenty dollars and i got quite a lot

for twenty dollars

without actually leading this male
stripper hit a homerun

what do you imagine happened in that
what does that mean I feel like any

went down on her I think the 69th

you think they 16 that’s the furthest
even know that sex right

yet I mean its weird cuz that definitely

I think that’s more intimate than sex

course so here that that not as far as

that’s it that’s an inside-the-park home
run yet the two its book is way more


yeah acts an unassisted triple play you
can imagine

a so what who is in it easy did not

tell Dad I tell this to bed I wanna
sleep with them I really

I do think that you ignoring the texts

will tell him that she doesn’t have to

specifically say no I I probably

I would probably just Arctic if sheer
she’s going to believe knowing the tax

I think they’ll stop coming eventually
and if they don’t

you just say hey I’m seeing somebody

side it was nice meeting you it’s easy

it I mean this is like it sound it’s
sort of an interesting problem because

it’s like

coming from a male stripper

yet just like anybody you have like some
sort of weird

18 hook up with you don’t more than
anything you don’t even know them

kindness or politeness

CRT actually already paid on yeah

you or didn’t you can’t pay them twenty
dollars you fulfilled the sea

your service and i actually I think I
wish to retract the you don’t you owe

everybody kind of completeness that okay

but I do think ignoring the text is

fine and if it when it heats up then you
can like just expect the case I am NOT

I’m not I’m not interested I don’t wanna
I your arm

your a male prostitute but yeah I
wouldn’t say that cuz any other Idalou

that the right and i don’t realize the

I would just say like hey I don’t see
Blake it was really anything out but I

don’t see this going anywhere

have a good one yeah as getting out but
I have a boyfriend

let’s get it up forever as a good at sat

left but at night is Norway’s if you
don’t like a get on at the thought

though I’m

CLA that hit the road Jack don’t come
back normal little more than a year

to commercial check but then I’ll come
back and I’ll still be seen from the air

to I it will be back on the other side
as commercial break

thank you as well to Dollar Shave Club
dot com meh

for sponsoring this episode you ever
wonder why razors are so expensive Jake

I yeah all the time yeah

I’ll tell you like it’s because they’re
loaded up with unnecessary she Eve


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compass thermometer backs Reggie you

don’t need

any %uh vet the your you’re a there has
a dildo

I everything I own a a bug and dildo
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you lay on my bed it’s the there’s a
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I was believed in the mail yeah how is
that legal actually

blades yeah what if someone in prison
gets it world and they just why dignity

as changes

someone apples that bear i guess its
fine kazi when you’re in prison anything


at your shit prison there are no rules

except well there are a lot actually
even more extra room yeah

do not even allowed to leave I book
earth even allow that way the mirror

when all his yet many bingo lights like
the out earlier it

abigail is so sad Regence

to kill as stringent

so a great deal smarter share for those
%uh view out of jail

and you can get an even bigger discount
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taxes you gotta do her you dick

I let’s go back to the up and we’re back

welcome and we have show a show

we have show we have a shoal the house

a march thirtieth at Duke University

let’s do it Coach K yes X their

is so little information online we just
have assurances from the university that

we are doing a show there

and Coach K is going to be there no so
is JJ Reddick

Jess Shane Battier is actually coming
that is correct

it’s a crazy am so excited thrill

yeah has so honored that bobby hurley
himself it’s gonna be emceeing the

entire that

at the Reynolds theater believe reynolds

either way it’s a big space and they say

tickets are free and they say it’s for
students only what

do you believe them in my experience

if the if you really wanna go to the

it the pier hurl I really think think
you belong there

I think we can get you into the cell
yeah cuz I don’t know if we can get 600

students from duke to go

right and I really hate to see if we can
in many are yeah

I’ll well maybe we can get 600 people
from North Carolina to go

yeah there’s a whole there’s a whole
mess a school’s their UNC

Chapel Hill’s rate there the Research
Triangle is absolutely the Research

Triangle Tobacco Road

the oldest rivalry in sports only expect
everybody to come out I don’t care if

you’re a Tar Heel

a detective bureau what member the wolf
backer a blue devil you know

I don’t care if you’re a coach KR coach

I Pete’s yeah I don’t care if you
received Wallace sir Elton Brand

I will say Tyler Hansbrough can suck my

objects a good I don’t want you there

I a new code go you got better but

shabazz the deductible

right thurr ok but I guess Hilton
Armstrong I’m

and sliders I leave bill a Nueva what a

Jake by high school I really know you
can ask is a 1998 to 2002

America locavore at it good APPSC

I that’s the closer the you got to
actually cheering for a team right

a basketball team I we know I was

super into you can when I was in high
school college right

that’s why I know those players yeah I
mean for the plan since then I’m

passively I like when they went yeah but

hence the ship baz heads shabazz for

irate Duke University do your own
research and try to find out whether

shows because I can’t find any
information if you do find out let us


please because all we have is sorta
poorly written

contract hand scribbled on a napkin but
that’ll be fun we can just like

Austin you tried a hang out in Chapel
Hill raleigh-durham


the big three there will be fine we
should get tickets

ramp either way I am wall

bind ourselves there yeah for the we
have tickets to get on a plane or not I

think we’ll just

end up I think I’ll wake up on the
twenty Harborough that we can do is be


and wanted if I wanted enough that’ll
happen I am

had did I wanna talk about a.m.

was that Nicki Minaj sign that we’re
talking up for the break

that I was really into so that with the
the Drapers

yeah gonna float Nikki but when it’s had
never fucked Nikica she got a man but

when that

over understand I’m and yet there’s a
song called

only and it’s Nicki Minaj and Drake

and kyliyah I’ll head Chris Brown I
don’t like talking about him

because he is a is a woman beater yeah

and China pull up the lyrics good the
highly entertaining San

its 11 rap songs are also kinda funny
that really a

so this is drakes verse I never fucked
Nikica she got a man but when that’s

over I’m first in line

the other day and her may back I thought
god damn it was a perfect time

we just came from that video you know LA
traffic at the city’s low she was

sitting down on that big but

but I was still staring at her titties
though but still

and edit any the then even better that’s
why I like my girls bbw

which is the beautiful women though the
type that wanna suck you dry than eat

some lunch with you

its really funny and then so thick that

everyone else in the room was so
uncomfortable I

ass on Houston Texas but the face looks
like Claire Huxtable

he likes girls so thick that

they will drink your CV and then still
wanna eat with you

right itself at that he will agree with

service I is she to fap

I just afraid that jerry cans with this

morbidly obese woman I’m so

it the lady who looks like Big Planet I

think that not OK job Idaho do sitting
down israel’s jerks off to be poor

pictures on The Biggest Loser

yeah it’s so uncomfortable

he wants ok girl months ago that make
everybody else in the room

literally I’m comfortable that not the
like he got his new mixtape year the

line that says

so they wake a site about a girl that is
where things like ASO being that it’s

almost embarrassing

I it’s the day is just pushing it
further and further

is next I was going to be like her ass
is so big that I

that I just shook my head measured Knoll
this won’t do

her nutritionist and physician is just
literally begging me to do something

about what do the globe with my new
girlfriend we were we were a


absolutely she was literally seven
hundred pounds

could not lock but is Drake

is Jake dating anybody famous did he
actually really like a larger woman

I I think I mean I don’t know who is
dating who has do

I thought is dating I thought he did we
honor something she’s not big

now she’s a liar she’s not bbw

I bet like bill big ass things really
are necessary who is there is just who

is fucking

can is a great song highly recommend it
does remain

I really thought that was is worse than
trumpeter it what

is in trouble but really almost the
exact same thing just various on legal

matters in this song

I never fight we never fucked arena that
is the sign letters and other

the Sun yeah okay so we we you just

we’ve never been talking about truffle
butter a lil Wayne is in trouble butter

rate is not in this work we have to
travel but it has trouble but is also

really for the Sun

up it’s a funny like collaborate with
your other

so maybe for this song I talk about how
I really wanna fuck you

and how when you’re done with your girl
boyfriend I will fuck you

Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend just hey like

I heard a new song who but

it was catchy but I like deedrick to me
the Drake mean the shit about how he’s

first in line

you had mickey’s vers is I never fucked
way never fucked Drake

I’m the if I did I’d have a min I was
with them and let them eat my ass like a

cupcake yeah

as an older boyfriend the man that Drake

a is talking about like I can fuck nikki
has your boyfriend and she staying

I A haven’t fuck them cuz I have a
boyfriend but

if I didn’t I would put them both and
let them eat out my butthole together

yeah like it’s chocolate frosting

this dude is just like okay I fuck this
Nikki its bid to make an emergency at

this is for the 16-year-old who doesn’t
like when

his girlfriend talks about other guys
being cute imagine your girlfriend was

Nicki Minaj and you talking about how
she’s going let other guides

biker but everybody Nicki Minaj’s
boyfriend does like her account and go


it Tuesday’s 33-year-old normal guy who
went to like

I don’t know a air Zonk

for his state and the like got a CPA the
Met Nicki Minaj at the club another

going out

I guess I don’t really feel all that
comfortable Nikki

mark Wright’s Nikki this

a new verse is annoying without

I was saying like if you’re dating Nicki
Minaj you don’t get to say anything

rage you just get to date Nicki Minaj

and then you just be quiet and that’s
busy the two things you get to do

so he when he is whenever you the that
Nicki Minaj should just be like

okay then I’ll break up with no outs now
down only

he it’s five in obviously a just

I would like alright you would like work

to break up no I just know that I’ll
keep on doing whatever I want

I P as in you’ll get to date Nicki Minaj
that’s right that’s a good deal mickey I

just know for a fact that drew I want
you to stop talking

and I’d even go fuck tricked out but i
wanna break up with me

I’m now lie on a recovery that you know
if I go I’m gonna fuck Drake anyway

Bahrain damnit Steve op

a is pleased though every year as they
get cupcake you going to do now

all she at my mom was right

as an updated a pop star should have
dated Sheila

much anaconda don’t ok um

also I just realized we should mention

the bikes we got 00 shoot I learned how
to ride a bike for the first time you


like I it crashed at the

you I do have a very artfully for review

a bike but we got free bikes from hang
ten bikes

and we told them we give them a shout
out but only

if the bikes were chill and thankfully
they are

yes they’re chill and also dope I wonder
if we can do this exchange like at the

grocery store like wilder’s by Chris
related like

we can give you cash for this or

if the food is chill will say a will

Bay on our podcast appeared and the girl
ap doubt this is me talking to

the machine that likes of scanned to the
robotic pulitzer

11 as to why the United that the you on
it or not i’d the

assert I don’t like 11 so how did get
people get the bikes

now well you go to you hang ten bikes
dot com

peru’s there’s like should check him out
they are

cool beach cruiser type vehicles very
tough very chill

they’re really well made the really cool
looking and they’re fun to write to you

yes we are we did that and I can tell
you from experience

that they’re chill their I can’t stress

that from our experience they’re chill

I I actually don’t the you can even
order them online you there like

you pick them up in real life at a bike
shop you would call your bike shop and

see if they carry the real

we had one at the you go online and see
where their dealers

are thinkin yeah and I recommend to them
that they should a ship bikes

thats yet they’re listening you guys
should ship I hope

looks like it will be well if they do
and does not saying it a

just go to their website you can find
everything out the need to hang ten


dot com

they might ship I don’t think they do
what I think they will tell you where

their bikes are found

and then you find them yeah like a
scavenger hunt where you have to pay

money for the product that the

the best kind of scavenger we really
should work with that like if people

don’t have enough money to pay us to

Park the products will do it if you just
give us a call product yeah

like so if you make something cool we’ll
talk about it if we like it

yeah I think that’s basically just the
boil down

the the show business industry in in one
sentence he may not actually contacted

us is that have you guys like

lab you guys like only a

talk about it on your show and they’d
send us a free mp3

I it I RA this

last question is from

let’s call this guy huh I only know
another female’s name in your moms book

the area there’s not a guy introduce for
the cockpit gonna I’ll

Peter Max is just a name I saw

in it so Peter Max great a

Peter Max rights hey guys i met this
girl and tender and nothing happened

between us for about 11 months

we were snapchat France I would see her
story but never messaged her until eight

weeks ago

we started talking and we got along
super well and we even had plans for a


three weeks after we started talking
again the date went well and she texted

me how she liked me and how I was the
only guy who was not into drugs or

alcohol that liked her

and that she liked how common
understanding I was

then I planned another day and she said
yes and then three hours before I was

gonna pick her up she said she couldn’t

I planned another date and the same
thing happened all over again

altogether four times in the course of
three weeks

then she would stop reply to my text but
then five hours later she says she’s

really sorry and stuff

and as she really wants to hang out it’s
a cycle of not responding and

apologizing many hours later

while she was drunk she called me and
she told me how she want to fuck me and

how she wanted

she wanted me so badly that gave me hope

that she really does want me so I kept

and today we were supposed to see a

be a movie she told me she wanted to see
with me but she cancelled again

then I check on her snapchat and I see
her friends

and her are posting pictures at the
movie that we’re going to see that night

on their stories

do you think her friends and her are
playing a sick game on me

who or should I just wait it out for a
few more weeks

please let me know and good job with
your show I listen to it all the time

thanks Peter Max the max thank you for
that detailed account

love what went wrong timelines I aboard

that actually reminds me of the did
Nicki Minaj

her boyfriend like this girl just like

meet up with me I like a or so normal
right now nevermind I can’t

army which seemingly sure let’s do it at
fuck it nevermind I can’t

robert is just like so hot and she’s
such a

famous star with the that ash away this
girl isn’t

0 yeah this role just you know what
she’s cute she

when her Nicki Minaj star power as that
one phone call the chick I wanna fuck


like a girl can do that once and that’ll
last like six months at keeping a guy

and a great read raped

exile mickey’s only I

so legit I mean this is not a good
situation for this guy he’s holding out


yes and her friends are not trolling you
they just don’t think about it doubly

everything if you’re picking

I I think this is a6 and everyone had to
get me

more likely than that this goes does the
little luv Kush is the lead

soul wacky yes that she

only hangs out with people that do drugs
and alcohol yeah

so here’s what I would say if it’s been
several weeks and she bailed on every

single day

a the phone call should only

show you for sure that she’s unstable

reso let’s have a nice cathartic moment

up just letting it go entirely let it

let it go dead at the say Atletico

and never talk to her again letter cut I

the fuckin ultimate would be if you just
really stop responding

except exterior she might start texting
you and then you don’t even text her


wow you how has the evening he has the
the willpower to be that’s random

good cuz I he went on one date with the
tender match late getting out on a date

with their

not is that he what he did go on one day
anything that went well

Diddy and he said that she texted him
after intellectual a tocar me was

I think we started to talk I A a way

yea at the day went well and she text as
you like to be a a

so they’ve been on one date in eight
months yeah so this isn’t that serious a

relationship but it’s worth pursuing in
any real way so let’s just make it a

social experiment you never talk to her
again at the hell thirsty she gets

that’s adjusted when she gets so thirsty
that that he then becomes into it again

then like see that through if she gets
so desperate that you’d like

I wanna see right now there’s a okay
I’ll come over and energy capsules

does the syriza people taking the upper
hand from the other pair yeah but like

right now he’s lose the game so bad that
I wanna just give ’em advised album

like you have to cancel her three times
as the even the playing great

unit like just for a lil little while
you need to not be interested so

literally don’t EXR detector don’t
messager and you know what

it did two options are one she’ll become
into it

and reach out to you and then your like
a responsible like get her more and more


or she will just never reach out to you
is that was probably more likely

yeah but then you’ll get over it and
it’s going to be fine

either way the law is waiting on tender
this what’s happening right now is that

no bueno

it’s no good no I mean you get this
kinda stuff on Tax Day courts like


people asking for advice but the best
advice is to not send the textile

yes that’s true taken basketball
sometimes the best rate is the one you

don’t make

rate we’re I think texting is like it’s
a giving

on this like a goal

a tiny little desert it’s pretty sweet
like he won a tournament

gonna get and it’s like a nice cute
little gesture in 20 yessir

yes thank you and she doesn’t
necessarily give you one back but you

just think thank you

and that’s like which what is it like
you’re really pretty win

he made me think that and if you give
somebody too much sweets

he gets me too many Eminem’s really
thanks argument I don’t want this and

what this from you might just heard

too much full but then lead our after

he’s better lots and let them evident
that pretty kisses

a noticed was that beer I’ll

no more dessert for me which is added
which got a little sweeter with Muncie


and that’s been it clearly touches like
pay how are you but which is only thing


DD evidence hey would you be talkin

and you that the then and I’m and

and actually a really good rabbit for
choosing deep can be a

IBM in at least a NURBS I don’t have any
intentions are giving your maps

a so there you go and then you start
feeling each other and then eventually

fuck Eminem’s fuckers because you’ll be
eating her ass with a cupcake

I understand to bring it back I love it
thank you

I all right let’s end it on that for the
where the hell that was great bad now


alright so I V F yes the hood got a YP

is who’ve you have your own questions
please email them

to a fire you show a gmail account we
start and add every

themes every absurd with %uh original
theme song written by our count

fans a if you have your own sanity that
to that same email address the opening

one from CJ mom

a pop stars radio and is closing one is

Aiden and a seven-year-old which is dope

very cute a we also need thumbnail serve
you have

a good art that would represent our
podcast well on our Facebook Page said

that as well

to a ferry showed him to come no bonus
episode Thursday this week so I’m back

in seven calendar days see a

peace of our rules


0 well wall do more Moammar

long-haul lolll

more more MORE little low

pool warm or cool

bar mom low

mom love mom always

long low


lemme Manuel

one my home the mall walking

low here all

well all want full

wealth everybody I don’t know if you’ve
heard but your favorite website

China dot com now has words and it’s
coming up for our shiny new podcast

right over podcast 1

to join us on John resident this is Bob
Vila hi

every Thursday for make some chai
culture celebrity interviews

and on the current and former you never
know who’s gonna drop by the studio

annually certainly never know what we’re
going he’s a gym so

the tripod Gaskill total your candy
there’s no snark

involved in this you can download it now
podcast 1 not content

podcast 1 dot com

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