Episode 137: Shower Sex (w/Lil Dicky!)


Rapper Lil Dicky joins us to discuss masturbation, basketball, and getting older.

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but let’s get started the subs that was
fun our boy I think he’s our boy now

I think we’re boys will dick you got
their jewish flow yeah the

me and that is it little Dicky a rap
Smith in his own right was on our


to give advice let’s get started

seeing you I you

means on com

transit your down


Ron R

now on iTunes




down you

turned down the on your mom

time hardens

trying on some


lets you run lines

on are ever back pretty well have back
we’re here for the first time here

latter back since Monday sir little
Dicky right will the key

yeah that a candidate I think eighty the
lil you know I R jus dickey

what should a half an hour I don’t know
I you know now I would say

lied when I wrapped it really will
depend on my the amount of syllables I

need her for my son is Laura little

okay air out they’ll know there he began
as polite LD

I’ll who is the NLDS lariat highlight

I which is the best thing that the law
is good luck to you

you never called himself little waned as
a me if the rhyme scheme

like presenters of their way I think he
might have to 111 you think that that

the ride on the other hand is nothing
about that there is not enough cash

like that a sore throat and runny yeah
which I had and I would bet I’m not my


I would err on the side an outcast sell
that year

professional rapper your files true
that’s our profession at the matter how

old are you and wish

yeah do not wish to your a funny rapper

I guess every fine we are kinda hier and
then I’m now is fine if they’re

exactly have to do share to slings it’s
fun to say that your profession that is

great in on Monday year

oh yeah is that what you do. 10 Ohio
national rapidly a

and they’re like hi Hannah seriously and
they’re like do you have anything like

the shower Mayor Mike

I Asher and other Sanomat lead-free can
elect wall of the legislature but I love

it let me freak

view counts ex-boyfriend account the
first thing I put out to

so I was your wood pregame to that song
in Iceland love you can I am right you

free and then I

reader I at awesome but several as he
had listened to don’t know a little

Dickie is

a a white Jewish rapper

yeah but how it’s done and how did you
know what do you think you’re just

waiting jewish I

have a tooth that the view I no I don’t
know I i think is that a comedy rapper

regular rapper like

your sandra is so fucking impressive but
they’re also funny thank you

yeah and I think I think because I might
now like

going into have like songs that aren’t
funny to now you’re you’re starting to

play and Darnell I take myself kinda

ahead of them have an idea but I’m never
I’m not comin not

like that nah nah little reappoint were
like I release a project were like at

least happen it’s not funny

is that the M&M things they have yeah
I’m gonna have a deadly right and i’m

having a look at my

I can tell you match crack there’s no

is now yet only they could have and how
it is for me to I at the other day like

it’s just different I’m not

I like camping Moses no not yet I

girls by rats aren’t that funny now I
feel like you’re different you’re funny

with their funny that like

I think I’m and I was like a a rapper
who’s also funny right whereas I can’t

but just like a funny guy who also
rapped on out and returning

I don’t know it’s like more like a
rapper whose

funny to an hour I who’s the second if
you’re the funniest rapper are

let’s say without you including yourself
who’s the funniest rapper

rapper to some some rappers are pretty

yeah they’re not necessarily down
Lover’s a straight up comedian yeah but

his round draft right now i cant i funny
and yeah

handle this I mean like the darkest
place yeah he knows pretty funny is


we’re talking I’m on a dick he’s got
like a good sense of humor it seems

I think Lil Wayne can be pretty funny
will always be funny I’m perplexed at

he’s just so insane that any i’m

shatters credit for being funny my life
but I think it he’s like to add funny

he’s like making judge like oh my god
it’s funny that jack is doing that

I don’t think he’s actually funny I’m
not I don’t know if I can agree

I you back shaggy at the jack is their
comedic like a mitten impressive human

being number I

iron but no I funny as rapper I don’t
know that

recross to me as funny as hell yea reply
I think he had no that is being funny

yeah who asked that her son Kyle that

your cameras kinda funny I there someone
other than I like sarees in the hours


he’s gotta see at the way over now
saying I like like be like you know my

crazy self aware it’s right there in
like as like

the act %uh now on the icon alright cool

play allergist get there you know the
answers and advice podcast

even one podcast before yeah but is your
first by spa castle yeah

I guess it’s called fire you and people
will email us and they’re like

I need some advice they need some help
and Jake and I will do our best to buy


so has a just as I have an urge us to
any the ADA and your honor to buy a

house Ackley as if we were that could be
better I feel like

and that’s when my business track that
we don’t always have a guest we’d always

have a guess this is a very special

okay what happened out there away we had
a rapper once

there but not a comedian you know Hoodie
Allen I don’t know him personally but I

know who he is

yeah so that how is that is good is

are you get a free standing there that’s
a totally different skill tolerance go

out as a man better than make the

he you know American male but not I
don’t I don’t take pride in Iraq

again wifi i buy


and wanted to say yes it down the freeze
Diana is Jake’s really good so it’s fun

to have people battle each other back
and forth

and I mean an inlet yeah I was really
good in a good I don’t have really

yeah you’re better than me basement I
don’t have a super good some entered the


you had strapped to my pussy like I just
wish I just gotta be at a time

you just can’t they perceive it as a
hacer we’re gonna bleed the first lady


yeah I just maybe it you know the moment
went sometimes like

the songs are for advice at the NFIB
funny like try to do a freestyle

oh yeah and a shirt like will give
advice and then maybe like a freestyle

version ovett occur

I get a writer traveler first one
co-worker it could be harmful that that


yeah a horrible yeah that I both America
slogan yeah I could be horrible but


and the City yeah I find out let’s get
to the first question so

the LD these are real emails from real
people but we’re gonna give them fake

names to preserve anonymity with we
don’t want them getting out now

yep so as a guest can you give us a fake
female’s name

the house missus

Sandra Bullock I got a real real well

but it’s definitely not from senator
believes I think that preserves our

anonymity in a shame that that’s what I
can gather you are getting freestyle

yeah tsunami 30 minutes and Sandra I

I right-center book even Julia Robert 8
Sandra Bullock

and you think that they’re on each
other’s radar aa re karma

fun and I don’t even think about you at
all yeah are averaging

hey guys I have always been a pretty
straight-laced sex I’ve always been

pretty straight-laced

sex wise and no I’ve been here with
quite a few guys I generally stick to

the basics

vaginal sex almost always in the
missionary position

a guy have been with for about two
months said he wanted to broaden my

sexual horizons and convince me to do

anal she was very he was sorry he was
very gentle at first but then it started

to get too rough for me and i squeaked

and pulled my body forward as I did so
the worst happened and I gave my

boyfriend a light spray and shit

on his dick ranging from a droplet a
brown water to what Amir would refer to

as a tad both

tadpole size chart

the my boyfriend quickly left my house
after having a shower and aside from a

few tax has not been in contact with me
since that terrible night

I was thinking about getting him
something to apologize like a gift

do you have any suggestions on what it
could be or is there something else I

can do to make up for the situation

thanks Sandra Bullock Christ our timing
and just China’s time in

I think Sandra your whole POV is like
really out of whack on this whole thing

it sounds like you borderline got raped

while ads the handbrake because we
didn’t go to it all

this is exactly what I’m thinking tanned
and for some reason you’re on the

impression that you did

buy him a gift to analogize for being
raped in the hell I can not so glamorous


the Berkeley by the way her advice the
advice you seeking is

what shit what would you rather crazy
we’re gonna disdain for

rather than give you the completely
different via yet I’ll and then

as as you guys are talking and putting
away my answer which is just like a

baseball hat

icon Michael

her USB hard drive it like big on a long

broadcast yeah gonna chrome cast get a

yeah no words get and the most disliked
the corporate gifts that companies give

to their employers he is gonna get a
perfect fit for a movie on

I bet bet I Starbucks Gift Guide

probably have plan all along gonna fuck
you so are you owe me a Fitbit the end

so a lot of my questions are like this
are girls are just getting emotionally

and borderline physically sexually
abused by guys and then the guys make

them feel so bad the chief I don’t know
this is so sad like Anna

feels the need to a park personal he
wanted to do the anal

right he’s the one that hurt her she
tried and bike

her body reacted in a way and then he
got so upset that he took a shower left

in is ignoring her calls you can’t go
too hard

you never had a love you ever had anal
sex now I actually don’t see that but as

a sexual thing

that’s you too the whole interesting a
little I wonder if it’s there

Jewish dude thing could be I’m Jewish he
have a year like

you not sexually do it

sees it yet the sexual proclivities oven
on to you

a well miss daly he the starts pounding
too hard on your ass the first time

you’re having anal sex

that’s very that dangerous like a horse

I don’t think it was the word like I’ve
heard a story about Netflix slightly

worse than that we’re at Lake

there was like give Europe like the pink
sock kelley et al are you let it roll

out at all tonight inside out rowdy let
workers and

course they’ll be wearing a red outfit
cutter she had a pro lives yeah he was

mad at her for it

be fine if that’s your advice all is
like it could be worse you could have a

prolapsed rectum

anyway what else is having a
relationship issue with my dad could be


yeah your anus could be in sight yeah

actually a good so arbiter advice

don’t give a gift yeah it never speak to
this guy again he recovers

yeah move forward and be the stronger as
a human

yeah I know it not only gaspar his
forgiveness he should be asking for your

forgiveness know that I don’t think you
should give him your forgiveness now

I think this is an ex you think this is
grounds for termination i think is best

for determine

determination I determined as grounds
for termination

every b0 dy get a free throw there’s a
real 0 10 Easter that

okay a.m. Lydia else be boxing year
that’s right now everything I think side

then realizes over

a ham Kennedy ahead of I love it

ever done that dean at a given be G yeah

going to be true your also Jake ok

crap okay here we go

yep year ok

sixth and attacked ok

I yeah let’s sit down there be

you and me don’t put it in your beast
this lean forward

lean Alan the relationship this guy with
shooting dead guy has a shitty

the acting is I definitely deserves you
know that you’ve been served with

divorce papers this is

termination ground for determination
this is the situation

pattern omg omg girlz rigor other the

a school died rifle for everything that
just happened

yeah I did never did rather

harap cap that I so

you air I i think that I think I think
that that your

I’m the rapper I can I have your YouTube
followers yes sir

a nationally tractor Julie do alternate

quite how I feel like it’s more for
competition if you guys do

like I you it’s your turn now okay

so you can so that you want to get maybe
yeah are so all it will go around here

as and I’ll give you a pic this
assassination a

we can edit biz right yeah the rules

you’re actually give me a pen to paper
be like a double-elimination bracket

that from book

hubbell I

like iPod calling I

dead its up know it oh yeah I i

yeah it is but

Catholic priest I really can’t do that
for the result would be

I will you be okay ok bolick

Sandra this is your mantra don’t give a
guy what he doesn’t

me don’t give him what he wants and what
he can’t appreciate he’s got

big kid okay let therapy to give
yourself the word appreciate it yeah

%uh Dallas get yeah I can actually
wrapping now yes

I you have like a whole flow I swag
really cuz I thought it was bad

geez like yeah certainly gave bother
telling a bedtime story

yeah I did is not the White Rabbit that
have already started

had the bombing in a hip hop

yeah the bunny went into is all I on
track and I love you

I’ll give you one really yeah it’s
Sandra that the asshole

aka badly-needed yeah much

and Spain which church

how mean lacquer arch trying but its
hard hardness

dad keep lists all demeaning

hungrily understand remaining proud

saddens church is madness such you
shouldn’t give him a second chance

he doesn’t deserve missed forced

touchdown go swim in a pool

yes I’m not a complete now’s good oh
average now

title like like I’m so I gotta be so
much better yeah

both moreover performance you really got
into it yeah I

yeah you you match to have emotionally
one summer of the ok so it’s like

telling like a it’s like dragging a
movie writer on stage like

Arago dude five minutes have jokes
rising tonight what

that’s totally invalid. lightly wetter
than someone else who didn’t do a

professional when I need to

I need to write and figure shit out
right here at still you out year that is

correct slightly better than average

here I iraq

get to the next question I was so
focused on getting a be that I i

couldn’t hear you are and I did not in
about a month and

I acts I can’t do it its

we don’t have any rhythm yet that my
problem no rhythm

yeah teach me a dancer I’m a good dancer
actually %uh

what he’s hearing it yeah you can move
to it read but I can’t you guys really

know each other

media actually a good a little bit too

a alright we got the

a guy’s name now the he had a guy’s name
for us

Alexandre Bolduc figured but you’re not
a liar

script was going to head booker I like

said you just giving us knows that we
can drive to you later well

I I West said Booker rights up Bros I
got this problem as of now and listen to

the podcast multiple times a day so I
figured out you guys could help

me and my gf just moved out of our
townhouse we had together due to space

issues living alone is expensive so I
was forced to move in with the roommates

I found an awesome place and a great
location for the perfect price

the problem is it’s a three bedroom two
bath and I shared a bathroom with a girl

except she’s 17 and I’m 24 which isn’t a

the problem is that my gf is having a
fucking heart attack and Rd is accusing


and say I’m gonna take showers with her
and cheat on her with the 17-year-old

which is fucking retarded what do I do

help love said Booker from

I these are the problems america’s you

yeah you only win first and I’ll defend
anything pop out to you

nightmare that question I don’t the

have an apartment I a young girl must be

yes must be high she’s lived in exile
out a video like the drama like super

high and I fear that I am attracted to
look younger with the younger you left

the more attractive anti

you can’t get young enough I think like
honestly I’d like

occur alright commander highest is Lake
and 18-year-old who looks like a really

hot 16 year

so I I what about a nine year old that
will have a really hot sex rather

which the with your aunt indirect I
what’s your age range you good and 18

buyer oh yeah I as well how I

either to be honest I think that I think
I was just at made a frat party a


and I i felt the age difference yeah

this is about as hell do you 26 yeah
that’s when it started anything we’ve

I go to a we go to cult-like two
cultures in time we got party and yeah

I still feel like I’m in college in
Tennessee college kids like all I

thought you guys were in seventh grade

yeah like you guys early yeah we’re and
I start I love the

like I i the actual partying back to
college right is the most fun for a

party in for me that I wish I could get
like my 26-year-old by friends together

he had well times we can’t if China
would be around n/a others ago that I

supposed to do

yeah color wire college party so much
better than every other party I think

every kid that at that party goes into
that night with a

the sole mission about how can this may
be the best night of my life holy shit

lol you’re out anywhere else there’s
just like people are since such

different places

like ok I’m to have one drink can go
home I drove here some like

I’m gonna just take it easy tonight
right in college as a matter a year you

aren’t your thing and I don’t have this
is like a very temporary time my life I


X amount of his last like this needs to
be the most fun version other tonight to


letters that’s like a forward-thinking
way like when you’re 26 that are you

should tell college kids to think but I
don’t know if college kids actually

think that this

time is temporary they just are measure
by default living in this

you told going hard all the time i’d
like where their parents are everybody

just on that even if

you know like whatever the mentality
behind it is like everybody

is on the same page campaigners like
sexually getting wasted in 1825

yeah and that okay like showed run to
overcome ok an axe XNA

I kinda like what everybody’s
like-minded its gonna likewise some

people prefer college sports to
professional right

it like I don’t know just kids havin fun
it’s so exciting and the crowd is so

into it

the anything that’s their where’d you go
to school University a rich man

was a a band when you’re in college was
it like that are like yeah

only at only the cup by going back there
now as like a rapper so different than

being there’s a guy nobody really cares
about everything go back and perform a

year old school

not yet that the bill it would if I had
there’s no like not I

there’s no one there that was there when
I want at this point not I S two leaders

right like

an hour but be two shows at colleges

and they come out they know you are yeah
like that might that damn I think my

sweet I and the castle et al

ok I love it they I it’s just like

it’s just weird her I wish I did find I
don’t know how these guys like you know

these rappers are fucking 18 year old

like the whole lot right and I hope that
I can evolved emotionally to the point

where I can become that guy

i doing right now with my right now at
the hard stuff did you go out to the

shows are you

is it just you afterwards he had a buddy
I have like a small crew

and the crew as they kinda like its Lake
like his neck response to help you like

a rat muscle-bound

is the house okay you is the crew with
fucking 18 year olds

they’re pretty liberal that the problem
is that accrue it doesn’t like answers

for the most part I like my leg jewish
high school friends at Kansas have like

like this super urban dude from South
Central LA

is like my height man who knows said his
guy Nick true but britain dreads okay

I think we just like see the floor
differently right I

do you have any problems hooking up with
fans well

problems emotionally like I had to get
very little pussy other sewed problems

like in terms upon of sure yet

a but like ima like if I F I’ve never
had like

a smoking hot girl come up to me after a
shower and be like and had a big fan of


and I’m awesome like single and like
this hot right I don’t know what Mike I

think my preferences are not to be a fan

but I’d don’t I’m in no position to turn
down like an enter above the

I it is ok and the Dr about all this

that unfortunate you had as I know if
you’re a rapper you go to this

you go to the school you perform you
fucking destroy probably I mean your

legs are very impressive your

and then these crowds going while then
you go out after the new meet

there can you not anyone attractive girl
who sought there so many

there’s if you’re really that interested
as i cud lot of factors that go into it

are than you think antoinette really
rate down yeah imagine you too strapped

right and I

your shocking with sweat the area it’s
also like

let’s say 1145 right and your drenched
in sweat happen you’re at a point now it

like wading axe

yes may there’s not even an option that
exists when I go out

that sweaty I have to do it you can’t I
have no self confidence like

I caught speeding these kids I kinda
like think I’m like

rush hour Korea assigned the shower
needs to happen ever

is now the venue which it most the time
is not go figure out a place to shower

on time despite how they end up like
showering at like these frat houses or

something knowing what I’m

never I I then I’m at the point where
I’m out if it’s a bar situation

like its I’m always there so late might
lead to more like 130 everywhere but New


Greg thrash I yes and yes times ish a
massive issue I don’t say like 10

right and like I’m not even drunk like I
don’t drink before shit I like a lot of

catching up to do from Canada like net
nanny now

ninety million so that I go and unlike I
don’t know that I’m not able to have sex

with the girl

that I don’t mentally respect a
interesting like if I like at like

shows that how talkin funny every single
everything a problem like 10 seconds if

this girl is like

on the level mentally the chance to be
have set up their lower and that’s why

the white it’s not even that hot like
I’ve 11 yeah I was talking about

aides earlier intellectually she’s just
got to be a to I just added a line and I

don’t I just got to be a little like

impressed me in like the smallest I’ve
ways that i need ur if I don’t respect

you know them having sex with it feels
like it’s like i’m taking advantage of


house and I just a really weird that
night that mature

yeah I’m overly im I think I’m over be
with them over the mature Memaw select

overly like

soft about it you mean like I’m a pussy
about it but

let’s say that more mature yeah I am
impressed by that right at

but I don’t think it’s because maybe it
is because I feel that I don’t know it

its at a selfish

maturity right now because I’m
necessarily care about these poor girls

I it because I care about how I feel
about this poor girl

right but fortunately because you care
about how you feel alike it away with

the win when you have good for them to
lose those at the same time yes

for not having anything I how much as
more and more companies that and I wanna

be there you’ll hear like

that girl but this is interesting cuz
like amina mucho about a lot of people

watch your videos here: consular

gonna go into the crowd grab with
somebody by their arrest them

dragon back and that everyone perception
MI shows are literally

literally like eighty-eight percent guys
12 percent

and the that whole percent at like six
percent were dragged by the boy

I somewhere in like a six percent that
usually like Michael weird 6 percent

it’s not it’s not like my wife just like
in tiananmen

right so like that’s a factor to be
aware I had something else to say

well you just said a dragon girl back

are the public yeah in the public
perception and then I think the

perception also is like

these drugs like only because you cover
the rapper and unlike what I actually

like I think it was like okay let What’s
Your Number like let’s text with a

different answer like I’ve been talking
to a girl

think it’s going great she’s in college
I’m a rapper to her

and she simply won’t respond to my text
later that night record like that I’m

I’m really I’m te sol

I don’t know I don’t just at like a huge
with words like I have his number

he texted me I don’t we go I don’t know
it may be that is I think it’s

her being like are this is like reality
like this isn’t like this is really like

how many guises girl how many causes got
fucked like Ray

right now and I only have one examines
random guy like I feel uncomfy alex says

the idea that when you have to be John

I go after all the girls I don’t go
after like the slut like the slats that

they present themselves like I like I’m
really is interested in iight on at

the party out unless the guys I say like
now listen I don’t know who those the

school I don’t know who’s rep is white
but this is when I’m interested in and

they just didn’t make

the girl that every guy hears like that
girls amazing and I wanna marry that


well after and they’d rather like what
she’s never have sex your

am I don’t let me worry about that I
yeah I wanna lick me my wife

eyes every month right I’m ready army

I got you have you ever had a girl from
all your app at the same time yes

not a not a good not a great combo now

yeah his side work in San Francisco they
had moved the seventies go after school

and I had a girl from a very serious
girlfriend and

actually necessarily sign up today to
rapper yeah I’m just be turned on like

we couldn’t really do anything without

make backing out how effective rap like
it was a are you even after for me to

let me just like they could perhaps
election musically array

and make she she didn’t wanna be put
second behind anything had happened


first before the threat legislating rap

would you say prefer a rapid in Napa

dollars daily yeah /li Li okay I kappa
is like pretty dull

yeah it’s nicer but I ask because like
there’s inherent jealousy

which brings back to this question that
not describe how to park cash right I

latest I he holds the zoo better

and and you just know it is a mess yeah
are only gonna write a 17-year-old like

okay I think

you have to me to something is a very
mature relationship if like

you can be like now trust me I’m not
gonna have sex with a 17-year-old girl

just because we share a shower a

that to me is like this is almost a
non-issue it’s funny that embedded

I mean it behind us and we are all I had
any I mean these people are

insane when it comes to jealous rage
you’re like the lead the cheese makers


your both doors open into the shower
miss the Magic Jack and Jill battery at

its mars alike

you guys walking at the same time you’re
definitely gonna

but eddie Van I ok sees me as the entire
life the letters that ever how it

actually word I know that you’re not
like this isn’t

like how it works rails I believe
jealous people should always think like

you know why I bet her boyfriend would
fuck big 17-year-old that

but like with the 17-year-old wanna fuck
her boyfriend its cuz people don’t

be or she’ll she loves him sell in her
mind yet everybody wants the water

wearing that put in everybody else’s

her boyfriend just like some dude with
the 2003 air

to me it sounds you just gonna break
down why

you have no reason to be jealous and if
the girl can’t really understand it I

don’t think she’s worthy a

I love yeah your time unanimous uniquely

value that writing like earn trust you
have to be like I’m not gonna have sex

with her it’s like negotiating


its negotiating with terrorists
interview like you’re right I should

live there

and then just like okay great live
somewhere else and then you’d find

another apartment

and I’ll turns out your landlord is a
woman even though she’s

56 another family ever on their
girlfriends like well you’re gonna just

fucker every time she needs your rent my
favorite thing to say to a girl

I don’t negotiate a tear I really at all
the time at the fair like if they like

really like if they say something in the
sense that it has to happen that way

yeah I’m always down have a conversation
how things would happen but left

if you talk to me as a terrorist attack
to make right now

I think in any relationship you just
present your feelings yeah that’s like

those are facts and you never like

them like you cannot live with this girl
because you’re fucker

you don’t say that yeah I feared you
living with this girl because I’m afraid

something will happen you’ll cheat on me
I and then you say I understand you feel

that way

I will not do that and do you accept
these terms ag’s there’s no

and then I mean it’s just like any offer
you just have to be a coke a

some people are like uncomfortable about
putting their actual feelings out there


anything like I i its crazy how often
people get weirded out

just by having like the debate right
like they’re just reality around trying

to impress when I view the realities are

would love to hear what you think the
realities are and then in the middle is

like kind of like where

like our mutual reality is this and my
people I can’t get to that place then

diagram because employers that like

they’d mask insecurity and fear

and like sadness and loneliness as anger
so she’s coming to the situation

like you can’t live with this girl
you’re gonna fucker which is like

really feeling in her heart is I’m
scared and lonely and service then

you’re gonna hurt me

yeah so like if somebody said some he
said their argument like that

like I’m afraid you’re gonna hurt me
would you say

you’re crazy you’d say I won’t hurt you
and thank you again it’s all positive

and nice

now that’s a good that’s good but a
place for anyone feeling that that with

the girlfriend espy I’m which is this

writers might be open with your take
months that iraq zoom out one

and look at the root of the issue and
see why am i angry why am i acting like

an asshole

now it’s because I think I’m a piece of
shit right lie so why do you think this

goes afraid that her boyfriend of like a

should she must be has had their own I
just feel like the Super had

seventeen-year at the NASCAR at the
Super seventy

super hot 17-year-old that is just like
it comes back to this we’ll have been

let off steam

so she needs a tell her boyfriend like
will you build up my self-esteem

tell me I’m beautiful your and you might
have to dislike maybe as the boy from


the school’s ugly the seventy they just
aren’t vacating ur like are the

17-year-old so fucking annoying

and left yet annoying because she might
be like objectively pray

I you know and my sense is that they
will only worsen the situation

yeah she lied meringue Jacob E a lower
dose oh yeah

I okay I got one goes rhymin and I’m
gonna go off

spreading pay you boy tried fake alien

don’t ride vacating don’t leave the
house don’t leave the house with a mouse

got a mouse mat house don’t raise that

you gotta I thought you did you have
that big inning in years though clearly

proud years ago

if you looked at the halo headlight
didn’t give you much yeah

big yachts now manage the vacating in
vacated yeah

that was read read explain to me like
the meaning the vacating like don’t

vacate the house

trade vacating this mouse okay I get

I getting at is the best reaction I can
possibly a bad thing anyway

Icona I let me give you a bit now

I it its big deal about it

as you’d like a stamp and is just like
to teach to

mentions 22 church a to to shifted

said Booker each don’t make a mistake

is only seven change that would be range

statutorily I’m sayin jar your draw

is to involve with to your day to day
activities you need to talk to her and

get a run in same page make sure that
you plan is to delight the same way

to school have a nice day

had as good you’re so meek when you free
stuff yeah I get turned its kinda funny

kids like that the upset about freestyle
you and I didn’t

I your friend like a turtle how to show
I just yeah

you are green and slimy it down your
spine yes I

now you give Jacob even are committed to
the I from Atlas

a circle I could be yes I

crunch there are some the

/url her

huh okay her

/url locker in the shower

rocker sound like you’re not but that
17-year-old for an

our she’s got that tight pussy got those
perfect lips

not talking about the pussy I was
talking about it

yo just 17 your 24 this is a match made
in heaven

close the bathroom door I

you’re like yeah let’s get it cuz like
your fans are respecting you might as

well do something yellow hair

I and I wanted to a bad place at on
actually the support the seventy-nine

wrapping freestyle you take is different
than real like a

that was like big you going to us but I
do you guys feel about a sex in the

shower in general has a much

very anti a the absolute worst yeah it’s
harder than it seems

I don’t yeah at the item if they however
I put myself in a position

where my lack of a large penis

like in any way like it like impact the
section we have to like really think

about things because I don’t have a big
enough to act like

do what we had thought we could read I
can never wanted to come down to call

well I guess you’re def not big enough
to let pull this off like two weeks

I like avoid that like ever potentially
happen I

so like lifting a girl up around your
waist yeah I have ever I honestly it’s a

combination of my a girl

they had to do things that like even
like normal like or things like

doggystyle my daughter’s

Harley I do not occur that is what did I
stop by sorting other on is a bit more

flexible than like an inflatable girl

but I know how extreme flexibility I
can’t do like wanna

guy with a six inch dick might be a I

whatever girls like kinda like modern
flexibility little Dicky not upon its

just like

it had to give I as a lot right now the
Hurley based on like it I have a finance


I but at the girth is totally

the current rawr initially realize like

I make I’m in business the early like
here like 10 percent less than average

yeah and make exactly and make no
average like what five-and-a-half yeah

that we have a half-inch different yeah
honestly I’m very improbable

and like there there’s been times were
like I ike for example from the side

and no sex from aside a a ride gonna
side like my boner

I can’t forever to get a pass your mind
I like Dec

like is connected to my balls in such a
way and when I lean on the side level

left today

i have a web the scrotum yet the call it
made up about 1 p.m.

it’s hard to explain with my boss like
well like almost borderline slide at my

shaft to some extent plan a slight left
with a two inches have boner


they’re like here like an even higher
level has ever wanted to get a chance so

bad the air like a squirrel

using my there where the flap starts at
your rest if your hands are extended nap

yeah etna and therefore it that way I

and I can’t stop thinking about it that
way a gonna take a break and thanks to

more sponsors but I will come back with

LD sweet that in the shower you with one

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yeah I’d you’d on Rodeo Drive also I go

rich yeah client I’ll name the other
name in mind yet dude I do actually

a que its it’s called the some

its at poets actually pretty funny at
the double entendre

shopper credibility doubleheader store I

it’s called pussy maybe well a

live there it neither 9 the hog dodger

nor a double-edged you’re done for the
valuable a double the both the twin

double the fun you had to pay twice as
much as any other

a league-low at the okay let’s get back
to the episode

are ever back and were you talking about

sex in the shower have you read the
Commissioner and not a while

there was a an a college thing like a

younger person thing right I’m not into
it anymore I think there was like a time

when having sex in strange places was
like really awesome

yeah I mean like sex in general was
awesome now the best place to have sex

is a better

couch because that’s when it feels
yesterday that’s when my dick can be in

you the most yes kinda like how we used
to do drugs are

actions say we because I didn’t but kids
used to do drugs even if it they didn’t

like it

and then like talked like some later
twenty-year-olds and I I don’t like

smoking weed is a dozen

it’s not fun and then click when did it
stop being funny I guess I never like

that I just always did it cuz it was
cool and that’s what

20-year-old still like that the
equivalent of having sex in their place

like dad he wasn’t fun but it was cool

now that you’re an adult you like I
don’t need to do that anymore have fun

yeah i guess im girls porn I i’ve

said doing drugs and having sex is

not good young people well the you get
higher morale booster

I okay I mean I still get drunk and made

eat Mali and the cocaine I

it so that’s a new decided at but you
definitely get high less than used to be

a thug like

I i jus realized I don’t like doing it I
was just doing it could yeah I lied in


I guess they didn’t like the way they
getting high made me feel but I still

like the way other drugs make me feel

it is replaced with other drugs yeah and
you’re a place in shower sex with other

types at saks.com

break I guess rather 8 Philip

rather than shower sex like different
people having sex

excites me more before I like is that
allows you don’t have like a fuck buddy

we would do a lot of places

and now the most exciting thing would be
to you have

sex with lots and lots a different
people in my bed the at the same time

Kayleigh a rotating cast Lido

a.m. what’s your origin how do you
become a how do you go from nothing to


I thought your ass be about like my my
cat and ethnic origin II when im outta

right much inside one being jewish yeah

I think there’s like russians have
gorgeous any much up russia

my world is like so uneventful it’s like
I have one class con high score

%ah and like I’ve always like everybody
that I’ve met and I was close with their

eyes like

your like really funny sure and sell so
I don’t want so what

you but rattling around in it I

yeah so my whole goal I thought they had

at my whole life was like I was in
graduate how to make some sort a big

move to let become like

Jonah Hill South Road I’ll you want to
be an actor yeah

more like yeah for sure that I wanna be
like the front-facing then I also a ride

in the car when it gets more like Larry

aka arm no interest in being a rapper

I was like logically I think about how
like you’re gonna pull this off okay

in terms of like a comedy like the
barriers to entry they’re like super


might hike high barriers to entry
charter there’s a lot of people do a lot

of people doing it but also that the way
in which town is found

maybe I guess Britain I like I guess I’m
vision like I could go to

25 minutes standups unlike hope that
somebody course numbers and see that or

I can write a screenplay which I did do
in college and have nobody to entity


is through what happened yes that like I
hate you you like will write the best

screenplay yeah

who’d you give it to him with a diverse
probably they can even get

I or I kid take this one so I had the
trapping an hour

had had this is like a skill and like a
solid Lonely Island

yeah I see these guys be sold famous

for being so average it rather and so
average at being that funny and his rat

in my mind truthfully

that I was like this is so doable I I
know for it for a fact

I can be lonely on my sleeve allow so
that let yeah at

either beef I never what yeah I am I
pretty like

like and I’ve never met him I’m sure
he’s a great guy with a deep down my

very I root against Andy Samberg I

yeah like I’m sure he’s the man to
combat the eye thing ever to get them

cuz under so jealous red

yeah I kinda looks like I

but I saw that I was like there’s no
reason you can’t do this in there and it

does everything he can to the cheaply
and yourself right now

her so I spent all my bar mitzvah money
love it on his music videos

and what about how do you how do you
make the beats I don’t even

the that my first mixtape which is like
the only party that I have out

house me something online and just
downloading other Drake’s beats

think it’s like other concerts like
borderline illegal art not it illegal I

borderline now there’s nothing bored and
went out for a cease and desist but it’s


common in the rap industry is Lisa
rappers as you think yet

and I didn’t sell Anthony right is
putting on my yeah

but being ushered businessman I am i
it’s certainly with the Kickstarter of

an admiring

money in so now what not now you’re like

these videos have 45 million but also
did you grow up wrapping totally site in

the OL

cuz I tried and I didn’t think that back
Rashard like that I was acquired the

best rappers alive

and I like started doing I got better
and better and I fell in love with like

the sport wrapping

and I now have you but I now feel like
I’m one of the

best rappers alive but from a technical

right and I have no doubt that the
police out like a wrap every rapper has

to believe that there that every good
rapper believes that yet there’s not a

rapper in that is the best rapper alive
there some rappers who I kinda like have

their own schtick

right and it’s like they’re awesome at
their STEC but like they’re not like I

always compared to basketball

but they’re like 10 rappers out there
who think they’re Jordan yeah

and like 5 them or even worth talking

so at to other people listening out
there like who the fuck is this guy

why does he think he’s the best the
event example not like I’m a mess are

like just like

I’ll go here new to this our look at my
song the car Russell Westbrook on a farm

I owner that 1i love the premise about
when I just talked about how like I had

no I

Tim at to me I I stumbled that if I
didn’t make this leap

unlike decided jus rap as the stamina

I wouldn’t have had any idea how they
never ever had could have easily gone

unnoticed loudest latent in years so the
exact as a whole line is about 10

Russell Westbrook grew up on a farm in
the air like that he was on a basketball

is a contractor or death other areas
like that because there’s no fight

there’s no jokes in the Sun I heard a
bit like the best writers are writing

the best actors on acting

like all that whole theory why I can I i

there are a lot of people out there who
are cable doing it and it’s like I love

that percentage of like the plant are
two percent of people there cable do it

.0 2 percent of that

poor doesn’t even a bike on the correct
in every the trial

another 1020 4.98 dark right shoppers

I everything that they suffer logic and
if the psychologically

that a maybe minor like a good men to do
it an arm and a leg work hard enough to

do it in one attempt it so it’s like

let’s find out if I could logically this
makes that I made one attempt and it

works swimmingly

rush not a leper lines to try I really
think that my logic I’m not using that

logic apply it to everything

so what’s next the TV make britain at
bringing my TV show

I love letters A Wrap base for the
wrapping and you have an album out

bialik if they think it’s like her
buttons that are being a 75-year-old

cope former co creator Simon has 26 year
old rapper who can’t get any pussy

also you rapping in the show now all
shits you like okay rap is the hunt I’m

gonna read a comedy travelers none
whatsoever that the show is about Dave


the guy who they he’s low they’re here
gotcha but may be in the show like

the I’m sitting on a podcast with that
maybe someone will love it more

attractive yeah

ISA I gonna leave in jail he doesn’t
have a large number yeah

yeah it’s like or yet is my life is like
the Super on

it’s like so comically unglamorous it
like that everybody thinks that I can go

fight is going to be a really I can yet
and if I ever can

I’m sure that’ll be interesting to well
what’s next wrapping lies when Alan out


April osha but soon yeah and those are
the songs done

I think any one more song for like
internal satisfaction but they’re not


how many songs there’s like 13 on their
party like it’s your best work

definitely or any other money to bring a
yeah let me freakin white kreimer

both hell yeah album yes I’ll it yet as
a mother really funny

thank you I he’s right I

was gonna say yet what about the beach
for that you can to steal right now

announce our proper pipeline to work
with producers like it actually it looks

like professional now

are you paying for this album like that
like the Kickstarter I did get a

kickstart not how much money the race
113 thousand-dollar

holy shit dude you raise the 130 how
much to ask for

shown it really a backend ok to get a
seven-year like now everyone’s I here’s

another chapter 43

to be transparent my personal goal was a
hundred it’s just you can’t

if you get the idea of service i sat at
9am happened but seventy cuz it’s like

relate that would be like

what I probably really need to do this
on but actually cost far more than a

hundred outlets call really

yet super expensive but I likened me I
do shows no it’s not it’s not just for

the team to survive yeah I have a job

yeah he need to make money then left and
then also yeah

harsh or ref I letter thing now a

so her license hey cock its cool

a hundred 100 I’ll are you now the
question i’d are you making music videos

for all the songs

not all of them but I Ted the heart I
already have to online I imagine our

make at least three more

that’s the publicity right like if you
don’t make these muse music videos are


basically ads for the songs by hunting
Sasha I would say that I hadn’t

music videos for me rar what like the
radio as for like a

mainstream rappers right records because
your music videos are funny so they’re

reading a lot more than like only the
meantime try to Bihar cm

it right at the ad to me as a guy was
checking two boxes and one

by having it be people like this music
women are also on you

show this it’s like at a comedy sketch
yeah raped

a you’d you don’t have to say yes and
I’ll leave not even include this

question F

you don’t do it okay buddy up like a
rapid that you can deflect 30 to 60

seconds that’s like very impressive that
you want to do right now

like is that a thing you can do I think
sa I said one

on of but at the very least try I’ll try
yeah money there to be

where I al know the definition fuck is
average at the same watchin waiting so

impatiently his baggage claim about to
be the greatest naked pictures a much at

his other rappers fuckin lazy word a
bangin in Hemet majali never hang here

yelling in a run emblem fuckin up the
track like the young man in the running

on a letter with the fire I wanna match

he be like nom bada bro how you get a
dad like these bitches try rap down get

the time Rabon uncommon like I’m fuckin
they Underwood and to be frank I a

friend where the Kevin Spacey I’m on
another level debated the crazy and shit

they play beside the point you plan

at a matinee in Devon that I’m getting
checks but I care that much whether or


okay I care a little bit other rhythm
isn’t doing its job I’m assuming it’s

flooded probably not believe in the haps
the white boy been ballin

white boy been a damn King’s Cup pollard
gotta tell my mom stop calling the dog

she’s confused about my destiny

making me repeat myself like I was judge
in spelling bees but I’m just tryna

smoke we grab a case a retail

got his or by spanish chick my benito or

that my Vita keep the wrapping paper
both ways dextrous where morita

I wanna see all this a nice sound when
this may it be like everybody paid down

not a background player part how

Chex Mix cropping up a Wells Fargo had
to make a new account didn’t want the

Chex Mix other trying to fit in I’m no
one playing Tetris this is the beginning

my day is only breakfast

ya to many bars now got many bars my
girl estate last-minute are


I yeah that’s what I wanted

that’s what I L your I love a when
rappers are like me because I get all

the references

checksum estate rest Scot Pollard
specifically a.m. really appreciate that


I just kept going after I i I

the more nineties NBA basketball writer
lab where I

are you where you’re from Philly area
citrus and yeah

so like the anything about AI stepping
over Tyron Liam

I have a sweatshirt up that moment there

hahaa that moment my favorite moment in
history of sports allowed

like that with our that as the one game
Lakers lost that playoffs I now

I I was there were like we might win

this whole thing and it’s all a I in the
last four straight this amid a

but they were competing for action and
break his ankle and then

sounds like some a sea Shepherd like
album in my time I

I was like happening like for like she
was like Miley elbowing him in the air


but it’s whatever the I we’re not
thinking about that while I’m here

that’s great awesome a if you are more

little Dicky on YouTube yeah loaded here

YouTube channel cool don’t answer one
more question for our

yeah I’m in or a little I’m gonna for
people like it on

we need when you look at what we need a
guy or girl name

what other but other NBA players the
reference II got the pic to the Scot

Pollard and now wanna

not in general and I have a horse I have
a song called sports

I shed that was for me haa Waverly I can
I can analyze the blow your mind like

its every lever it’s like shot in the
club like Plaxico

I in the corner hot my plaster does my
fucking flown as pistachios on my shelf

and I had a Mac to Hawai’i sell a matter
of rhetoric you doing so now I and II

girls in my pain as well as the mean is
not bill burr but I’m selling out arenas

doing all day a Peterson because I’m
trying to get paid like

reversed it

a French bitch big lips and she got a
body total badass arm while like Mandy

but file iraqi white like roddy Hoosier
daddy are night like Bobby have bus ride

I can barely see you knock him a
Carmelite Anthony

I got bigger blast in the Garretts
morning at a Taurus put Markieff in a

Philly like Morris

anybody better than me could try and the
best light job it but I’m not lion

not even a Thai son no hereby demand
pockets fat were green cell Rex Ryan

leaves on the Jets gore’s

I Paul II offered a bust like glue crush
our time bomb blew table I’m a fuckin

superstar and if they ask

LD way wanna live in a time where mark a
key is like Nick

I lower that I love the job at best

self I can obscure had to do it he had
my not an expert like any

he hate me rats more to go are we going
to accept sellers everywhere holy shit

I there’s no way Shelvin Mack doesn’t
learn about that

the ad from as Boyd Gordon Hayward even
got here has

your appear good actually that Russell
was personally I’m a huge NBA fan with

yeah but like I’m in the weirdest level
if a more like

some people care about me a lot and like
everyone else has no idea yeah

but like that Russell Westbrook’s on a
farm Kevin Durant tweeted Instagram I

promoted he was like the songs great

at huge the house so happy it’s a share
like one NDP

I you are the real and Kevin Durant’s is
a Harman listens to my rap music that’s

insane bridal

he’s actually pretty famous his the act

even more so the shop in mackinaw
promotion for

a way to every lead from facebook
Instagram jurors minds so much as you

like how can I go out of my way to let
allow people to see that I fuck with

this song

have yeah that’s fucking awesome yeah
viewers Pocono I

month while he followed me on Twitter
and then like you know there’s like a

law like

direct message back and forth by hope
and he think tax in a girl is difficult

to imagine like oh my god him you have
never really liked think about it for

like three hours

yeah is it other than just me and Kevin
being mean K

price I Katie here Kate easy easy money

exactly all right we need a

%uh do think last last one company name

II 1mo

ok Jimbo Fisher you home mars

not a omar’s I the third more 0 let
nyse: like

cousins Bruno Mars us like the
literature bomber terry Lee s

is delayed long time listener second
time caller currently I am a sophomore

in high school and I fear that I’m

to masturbating part on a weekday I’ll
rub one out twice

maybe three times a day the weekends are
even worse but I have nothing to do in

my jacket 6

27 times a day at like I enjoyed either
I mostly do when I’m bored

and other drugs or drink any advice on
how to masturbate less would be awesome

awesome also I’m in a group chat with my
hockey team there’s one key to send dick

pics to the whole group

I find it weird and get I

but my teammates praise about his nine
inch deck

and I the one being weird rm18 it is
fucked up any advice would be great

the two for that is so funny I

and is first half when he says in
college and sophomore

in high school I’ll near you nothing’s
wrong with you’re not pestering enough

yeah I was like

I went through a dude I I if is your if
you’re addicted and I was edited

like I used to come home first off I
came home and I saw my mom’s car there

just the that her car there how to me
that get this dark cloud over me a PM


ruined the day at my house you open the
door like be so nice and loving like I’m

here like I’m home

and I’ll just be miserable than UConn
like masturbating like the TV like the

cruisers want big computer that back
then wrapped up Saturday

I have but yeah i i don’t now to me I’d

when I was a sophomore in high school I
was jerking off twice a day at least

per share and the start today intended a
that was the at a minimum and I i had I

jerked off in his

in class no you didn’t yeah I know

guys like I put my arms and my teacher
like I was called in when you’re talking


yeah you behave in class appears left
early days but I like I like water and

are there because I would be really
works he has lied no matter what

illegal as a larger dog alcoholic by I
had like upon a rotor with my parents

like be stopped in like they went and
got like

out like a bottled water and i’d like
ten-second the pull this off

Anders because I had like like the
hardest boner ever I’m not talking about

that the entire episode

did I like and I like they were like
it’s waterproof it is stylish driving to

Boston front of it than a six hour drive

I had other the hardest boner for three
hours the horses like really like


so they left it was like 12 an artist
are coming to

past yeah literally a two-part enough to
deal with it yeah

it’s not like he said Craig make a video
called in Mission Impossible where it’s

like this guy try to masturbate very
difficult place at the Pine

yeah I got the fire fine I haha I have

third what the fuck it like there’s no
way it just a little too early for that

yeah there is a high-risk operation by
the room were as a teacher and a student

teacher who is likes much in a 24

Olalla and like they’d actually the
actual teacher was like 42 in like good

looking but like yeah I was just like

so they have again I was not a trois arm
has been used where does dr.

there’s any other I don’t know any of
the did that there was I know that one

other guy

like who is like you know I was like the
kinda like a normal popular kid there’s

a satellite

totally weirded you got caught and
expelled and at do

oh my god that could have been you

but I’m mad as hell yeah I was really
reckless I was a really reckless like

software has quite a stir do like a lot
of stuff that I would never do now

I really like what I mean what’s even
close to masturbate in class

like I there at the mike you know that
men like I had some incompetent teachers

and I felt like I could like mine fuck
them publicly in from the class in like

European yeah like literally yes I know
their lodging with his harmonica right

now that I look at her I would if I had
footage on it which I was added as it

could be sold HB out it was like the
funniest shit ever happening again

by like and I look back and I think like
you’re horrible person making that

wasn’t funny you’re just like really
maturing a pic not like a daughter

myself I doesn’t have that much time I
wrote on the board is that mister on

with his name

he’s like an like this Asian science
teacher who like could barely speaking

that he talked like this

yeah and like I would like you to come
have to do a question at this isn’t like

a great is that was the first thing on
my metro

in huge letters to like the question at
the kum at question I wrote mister

on suck my cock and sat down yeah

crazy like there was no that I knew that
we know the guy I was so I’ve never

gotten expect to spend enter anything
like I never got in any trouble cuz I

can new

what I was doing at all times are you
smart with high school oh yeah

yeah you’re like top your class in doing
this shit the art like an idiot doing

obviously I kinda knew my progress I
knew mister on would like not do

anything about that but like the other
teachers on it but the better to get

away with it won’t happen sharpen my
pencil for forty-five seconds

over I you are you really are a little

yeah you really are a little dick was
bad back then now like I really I care

more about like pat that people for
whatever reason that the standing with

fucking his brothers like I guess this
is growing up

yeah I guess that is rather OKC is not a
you care about people your class County

cared about making people laugh

for my own self yet for all his like
still here yeah

yeah it wasn’t it wasn’t like I’m so
happy and bright difference there that I


I’m gonna like I couldn’t care less
about like they try to make the likes of

the teacher at Midlands I’m where he has
lied a little liars think I’m funny

appear but her whatever reason I feel
like that there’s like a shaded empathy

to it too late wanted to make people
laugh is like egocentric

as it

is I hope show could only look one up

outro so this guy’s you’re not you’re
not addicted to masturbating you’re so

you’re totally normal you’re in the
normal range

I to be to just sets in different light
on the tab and and and and masturbate as

much as

like nearly as much as he did right but
you may be the highlight of the whole

it was harder to think about like where
you were

you had to you had like 10 seconds to
jerk off your parents went into a store

I did my my mind when I pick up my
brother from schools I knew I’d like

five minute window when I is home

and I will take it like iced his rally
pictures like on a Mac and a common that

print out pictures yet need to use the
steam in the shower

select press them against the wall in
the shower and that lie on my back and

use the massage

like head component above the eye you
got her luxurious with to know how to

handle Janet would like to thank you
know when you’re in the shower in like

you’re lying on your back imagine that
and Yukon like just into the air with

like the water spraying everywhere

it ends up spraying like but I would
just don’t like the next four hours

later I would have liked write-up come
over like my legs

gonna 11 ish am going to come home I
like it was an issue came up from school

with dried cum all over your body then
you could shower in a you didn’t

rather than get it clear that the and I
think I missed it was only on the high

end up like the normal people like I
think they’re also at weirdos at

Roseland sale in today vigorous go

like kids now have so much opportunity
to masturbate the

all have iPhones you play like hd porn

on your phone all the time I had that
when I was like third time our team yeah

I would have to decorate

I would have gone you and let you would
you would abide older Dec I love for I

for sure I would have shaved girth of my
penis I yeah

that’s a good fear to strike in the
teenagers that master data like you know

if you keep

if you keep revving it’ll just get
smaller and smaller like a popsicle

yeah and you know that as i read your ad
early peoples they made it if you mess

with too much if not you can bend you


and if that’s true but that at least you
have you ever met right now like I’m

bank I never cause they would come here
at like I like jerk off like

twice a week and I cannot any pussy it
is like and dislike the edges your sex

drive with lower

solo like their times were like I
lowered the porn Indus like

whatever I’d rather see and I’d rather
time and effort as I just doing that I

feel like I should yeah

we also have to address the the hockey

i knw I think I love that his opinion is
just those starch

I think this is weird NK Island
everyone’s right in that like I think

you’re okay to feel it’s written and i
also think that

you’re probably little bit conservative
but they justify this I like you people

I’ll be there concerned about not one is
an arrest there but there are there’s a

community out there who is interested in
seeing everybody is the economic part of

that kinda

how that’s gonna he’s got two sides
elected using it to fit he masturbates

line many things this dick is too much

like dr. Lewis others the same no
artistic in another person’s dick every

turn the likely

now with that because this is our
company in I would be like are come on

and I would look at alternative yeah

you one CNN and others in a nine inch
deck that he had a hand in attic that

ally I something pretty much every time
I jerk off into the night how big the

decks are nine inches thats double

banana a little less the other 10 Dexia
I’m so disappointed I hey there as long

as the Ross

I can do that next to the face but other
friend let the famous persons that

that’s a porn star stick

your friends nine inch dick I without a
guy you know I have a couple friends and

you know I rather than into it and I
know anybody person I know pick you know

people on it is definitely know they are
at the podcast

that another five guys who got like
seven and a half to nine ish decks and

it’s almost too long right you don’t
want that

I think 7/2 is like I i would like that

yet another nine 9 could be problematic
your it’s kinda like gonna be to you

toria 7-footer

would be nice to be six more totally I

we gotta and on that that’s the very
genuine but Webb

I LD the MXR come back

thanks for having it was fun this is you
guys on others they work or this

in like the middle of like paradise yet
we’re outside we we rarely record

outsiders such a nice day

yes it’s a quiet a gentle breeze we had
a deal am

let’s hang out more yeah it on them
earlier before Richard

recording our interactions yeah I have
no friends will you be for every actor

and I think we get along

anyhow this is gonna be the beat like
the beginning of our friendship yeah I

have it

on there we have it on a rack up some
other I got whatever funerals yeah

bill Dickey just like in masturbate I

is there anything you wanted to
advertising for you guys that yeah I’m

going on tore

starting in March 12th goin’ around the
country for the most part come to a show

that the interesting like I start my
shows with a PowerPoint presentation

Alicia and intellectually and therefore

get fucking her really yeah right yeah a
and if you have your own questions

for the listing out there you can email
us at a fiery show at gmail dot com

also send theme song submissions and
thumbnail submissions

LD thanks for coming by thanks for
having me and the office said the offer

was from someone in Roberson thanks Rob
and his last mister someone named gory


or gorge on going on now doesn’t matter
thanks for reading it or not

and around


livor you J

and the bee


yeah I reall right


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