Episode 138: Sitcoms


In this episode we discuss hairy legs, double dates, and Jake’s perfect porn.

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thank you so much JK things carry on joy

do you


taken me and I am yeah

downtime me he

gun skies this



thoughts their Australian but they
showed their handle

at the last second went to third show at

the note that the parity I love no

there’s a song called I believe

i denotes call but its believe it or not
I’m walkin on air

I never thought I would be in a
cell-free million and I thought I N LA

on a wing and a prayer when Clearwater

I get it and then in Seinfeld George
wanted to have a catchy

0 answering reliever do not do it is
then that Holmes the lever message is

dead as I don’t know that song I just

move I and II yeah you know you only
know the pop culture reference well

feels like it’s basically like this
trillion the

do i’m looking up and enough they said
and clear recorded this

among out yeah please come to Australia
soon it

the hell did a the we have been
announced yet but they’re coming us

choice in

more info on that as it develops the

booth like the the oh my god Mos Def
lady way to make that announcement

politically a little okay a

we know that there’s no deed it there’s
this country details on it

well we have another 30 yeah gap damnit

with you the with as soon as

the all the info that will be very very
vocal about it I was the knowingly sell

yes am but for now we can I say anything

we don’t we don’t know exactly yet
details are being finalized

a here’s a weird well actually what was
the joke you told me right before we

0 we started rolling ok unchecked

an interesting story that I read well
there was the

this there’s the fraternity in the south


you know with Greek like is very big

upper and there was a pledge you really
wanted to this frat you know

I did mine hazing wanted the Brotherhood
his name was the

touch nighter a.m. is not really
important but

as they’re debating you know we’re
brothers to let in

yeah this this one brother I guess is
near with that Chad

the okay is that over this chatter and
he said

wire tarde well as 10

the earth gotta

real image me lap

if Todd had unnamed

lowered is the leg and Lindsay Lohan
with Tay

a yeah

yeah yeah I’ll what if Tara

well as a one yr by

%ah a letter pearls like 10


us you could still see a slob like 10
but that would still work

did you like we’re teller is that not
your thing growing up ol shit

the weird up Danielle like the general

in general that really did feel like I
don’t remember you saying you like


I yeah at mean I think I liked him

just like all over comedy stuff it’s
like I liked it

then you’re obsessed with it you’re just
really a way to simpson’s I thought it

was funny at those really get my watched
it but then you like

did I like him or do I just say that I
liked it more will

I don’t I don’t I couldn’t do the
simpson’s and we are references that

you’d like I don’t think it was such a
big part of my life

did you have something that you are
obsessed with um

I again not that the I had like I had
the Weird Al CDs I really liked

’em gangsters paradise I had that tape
and I really about is great

you mean Amish paradise site yet I was I
R you know it forget it

I use you to show your hand I was
obsessed with

Adam Sandler make but Little Nicky

I did really well i mean up until little
naked because last movie that I’d

so they didn’t like away including
Little Nicky I like to Little Nicky

ok cited by little then when the site
you thought it was great

I wasn’t like this is best yeah

it is in my favorite but it was still an
OK movie that the soul was still the

that like a thirteen year old movie
critic yeah it was in his best ever

this is his third movie ever it it did
actually harken back to happy gilmore

days if you think about it

yeah be used ok I was obsessed with
Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison

which one do you like more those two
Billy Madison classic

that says it all doesn’t it yes the but

this is a fire you the only buys podcast
on the Internet hosted by us

unamir I’m tired untied now if I was 10

it’s actually pretty convenient that a

the opening theme song well we did we
say was wrong

now the back in Bedworth so you are
Becky and Ben thank you for that

they expected thanks Ben and if you have
your own team site you can send it over

to a fiery show a gmail dot com

I was saying it’s very convenient that
it’s a Seinfeld parity

because all the questions that I rounded
up today sound like sitcom

plots I’ll very nice yeah they’re not
like the traditional relationship

questions we’ve been answering but

we can really get into what you would do
if you were in that situation

great I so let’s start with the first
one called the hair shorts

sorta the name that episode a we get a
guy’s name

George Georgia rates hey guys

a love the show I’m a 20 year old guy
from England a few weeks ago I went on a

pub crawl with the society at

uni when I found out it was a James Bond
and Bond Girls theme

I hadn’t I had the idea that I should go
as a Bond girl

my girlfriend I thought to be funny so
we went out shopping in got me and

outfit that went to mid-thigh

after this I found out that she went ish
had sorry after this I found out that

you wanted to shave my legs for the full

I thought hell in for a penny in for a

and let her shave my legs but Goddard
only shave

where it could be seen surpassed the
bottom address but not above the hem of

the dress

for a while I had silky smooth legs and
what looked like shorts made at a hair

on my thighs

now the bottom has started to grow in
but it’s super fine and it looks weird

in comparison to the hair up top

I’m worried that it won’t grow in the
same as the rest of the hair

shorts so what should I do should I
shave my whole leg so that it grows back

all the same or should I just wait and
let it grow in on its own

thank you love George you should never
been in for a penny per

calendar you only go in for a penny in
not too

wearing the dress you didn’t have to
shave your legs and then if you’re

really in for the pound shape the entire

yeah he basically shaved up until this
day i

say it a hairy thighs and smooth calves
and the thick cum situation is then like

the person’s going to

get laid after a really long dry spell
but there are barest about their hair

yeah hairy legs

so then they shave their whole eggs and
then it’s likely way up with her legs

will leave so what would you do have you
ever she likes

who I yeah you know when I was in 7th

I think a shave my legs to in the winter
because they wanted my legs to be here

every year

and I wanted my armpit to be hearsay
shave my legs and my armpits Glade heard

day grows back thicker an interesting
had that work as kitty I was an Olympic


so we had to do it abuse bills baby leg

it in this live on any drag I

a up so

this guy’s shaved only below the knee
right have you now if you like never

I I do think leahy

it would its gonna grow back it’s just
gonna take some time there’s no need to

reshape the everything

because you just know that he was going
to keep on shaving rightly like the way

it’s good is just gonna look weird
growing in for a little bit but you

might as well do it now because it’s
cold out

but wear pants said it over so what
would you do

if you are him aside from not saving in
the first place and not having a

girlfriend who makes me shave my legs
the effort cost him what did extreme way

to go to a car still yeah use it

the changing your actual body is like
the last level up costing

right like getting a haircut are getting
a mustache a growing up years the that

he just gets so you go to park I

already but if it were dressed in
military enough money where you have to

shave your legs

unless a just a matching people love
Karstens me like no that’s the way to do

it you gotta do it

if you love cartoons are weird to me

I those people appear that should be for
them is weird

um oh those people in general yeah

a no I think I didn’t understand that

rigidity when it comes to like no

we have to go all out to be a real
goatee yeah it’s got to be a

by you really have to shake you’re not a
Bond girl unless you shape your X

a sleeker than the net you’re not a bond
rocks you have a penis yet did

let’s like skin of a I really think we
should slays your deck I’ll really

come %uh yep take estrogen pills I we’re
gonna do that

we’re not gonna do the binder this year
cuz you can pull it off but

I’m afraid that if he’s there going
through the hormone treatment I won’t

actually kick in until after

the Society’s pub crawl or for pub
crawls from now it will have grown out

your hair

will take in the ass engine got your
penis tucked into your body to be a


too so you can play the character of
them bond yes %uh that we could like

addition for by you

he’s going further than actual actors do

late when they’re get you hear about
like gaining sixty pounds for a role

yet that’s exactly what his role is
drunk guy just as a weapon

on a pub crawl yeah it’s like such as

it the joke that last for five seconds
when you leave the body like a a cool

now you have to wonder around and
address all day

in for a penny in for a pound it you
know you’re weirding everybody Aisha to

save the 99 pence

wish it was nineteen and pants the yeah
it’s already do

UID at this point you’re in this Tweet I
would just not ship

you’ve already made a mistake by shaving
no more shaving just let it grow back in

let it grow /url dealers who ruled did
two runs don’t make a rate you’re saying


I think I wouldn’t shave at all either I
think this guy thinks that his hair


more different than it is like can
people actually tell that he is fine

here up until as me and then

thicker hair above the knee will maybe
it is growing in

it’s growing in slow it’s going in late
spring and stubbly

like it’s not gonna grow back and be the
exact same here that you had before

why not should not be the case a big at

/url mean when you shave your head can
grow back thicker

didn’t grow back thicker right up but

I don’t think he I think it takes a lot
of time for it to just

be the way it was yeah it’s got only
when you’re painting a house

a pain half the house and then you
decide to a change the house

really yday UAE he thinks you have to
then paint everything white

and then paid everything again and we’re
just saying just chill out for a bit and

the color will change will that the
painting at you do need

the primer so you’d have to bribe the
whole house oshit

so but shaving your eyes

yeah pay your entire leg way a then
shave your house

I really pay I done moving onward

you a yeah I also wouldn’t shave again

this way waiting is the best way and I
already have hair

rate at the thought of me having slick
hair are no hair

in my leg seems kinda weird yeah does
that mean I’m a homophobe

yes alright left the I also think gays
shouldn’t get married

oh you’re fine the bouquet hilo dental

I what are you saying you’re holding
your leg you’re saying I’m areas

yeah my leg is in very hairy so it’s
pretty hairy

thanks I a loser

who use building that’s cool up I am

I’ll iraq another said Connie an event

question and DM another guy’s name

kramer Cosmo cosmos

howdy so the neighbor bit half

many ways distorted howdy so the
neighbor bitches hit my car last night

woke up this morning to find parts of my
back bumper scattered on the ground and

one other cars was missing paid from its
front bumper

putting two and two together I walked up
to their door /url

like some kind of a hero or whatever and
asked them if they knew what happened

I the unsurprisingly they said they
hadn’t been home the night before

here’s the thing we live in a side by
side duplex or house share a wall

shortly after I talk to them I could
hear them clearly talking about how in


they did hit my car and didn’t know what
to do

they decided that their best option was
to take their car to the carwash and get

any of my cars paid off a bit

and then continue to deny that they knew
what had happened

damage to my car is mainly cosmetic but

would take about a thousand dollars to
repair and prevent future damage

what should I do my instinct would be to
burn their house down

but as we share a house that seems like
a bad option

love kramer who

just cut catching someone in the clear
live and then going back to your house

and then hearing through the walls

shit she her ghost she heard

as the overlie I like I walked up to
them like some kind of hero

and asked them if they knew what

so passive so who the

the Superman flies into the middle a
bank robbery is like

bong is everything chill here
perennially whether it would have been

did anyone see okay I’m not gonna point
fingers here jokester but you are

holding two bags of cash with the dollar
sign on the outer and the big Taylor has

throat slit your the bloody knife

is no died in with your okay then
supermen starts to leave in there like

hotels close

okay so I did hear that I did hear the
fiery said that was close is there


okay god damnit I think

if it’s me well that’s not very sitcom
have what I do but i’d call the police

I Huntsville

you would just straight up the would
even give them a chance that he will

like these girls lied to me and now I
think the cops have to come

I am when they just lie to the police

Aggie the committed a crime so you have
you I would call the police

you know what I would do. irate after I

a walk I lock up their house and knock
on the door

and I said did you guys see would happen
like now we don’t know

and the crazy okay so

you don’t confess to at night now I
don’t know what happened

and then I know that their plan is to go
get a carwash so I power lock

up to their car and I lay down it

behind their back we’ll it so that my
forehead is flush with the grand in

there we’ll

and I just don’t I refuse to move and
then they can’t move the car without

killing me

better but I feel yeah they’re back
we’ll let so we’ll they came back at the

car the

garage or they reject our way over the

I spirit leave planted

David I laid down in the back we’ll do
you have to run me a lot where you will

have more how the eggs

oath the blood thinner I did not cover
your mailbox on the way up

better than creating a I would be
calling them the neighbor bitches do if

they did that

who loss of unimagined Superman doing
that laying down next to a guys car and

its I

his face flush against the back tires
purging him to kill ’em

a you could just lie in the

in between the two tires than that need

need to be yours that the author because
they can back up what

would’ve yeah he is you take a pillow
and you start lying underneath their car

but but I I guess I’d like initially

if you saw that the paint was of their

innately their front bumper and your
back bumper you should have been like

you guys hit my car would you guys wanna
do and yeah

like rat you gave them some kinda weird


didn’t see what happened like no the

so now that you cut her like overheard

go back it’s a well now I over heard you
got the talking about it so I know you

did it

I am not only let us

and Ben if these stills that like
refused to do anything button

then I would call the police because the
crime ever happen

I Italy goal what they did

I is really good yes

it really got ahead 4-1 it no it’s
illegal to hit someone and run

they didn’t run they’re denying the
legal to do that

is that the run that the run and I get
the John Wall taking this case

and debating it until it’s to cost

costly to actually pay I didn’t or
anyway do with the

now it’s his word against mine

I am so what would you do you call the

you here I was talking anything I can
for them one more time and say I heard


you want to deal with this I through our

I gave you the benefit of the doubt
twice now right and then if this

again try to avoid the issue been a call
the police

cut the crap Italy what they’ve done is
breaking the law

a yeah I guess I would do that you’d you
don’t you don’t call the cops he

threatened to call the cops first

and then they start freaking out
bulletin annoying thing to have to do in

your neighbor you’re just always see

yeah but I guess you didn’t do anything

no they would get good humored the
neighbor bitches like her

Piazzale skulk out with ratings guard
tonight and

is a shit you a good thing I go there
fucking loser

but what were called the cops who we had
his car and told them we didn’t let


that they are that they did that is
parked their cars across

that was close but very clearly dangling

their cars really fight that liberals
look wait what of all humans to be like

they hit a car and they’re just

not gonna deal with the the very rare
hittin stay you and you never see that


hints that they always return to the
scene of the crime especially if they

their apparently always live at the
scene of the crime

all rights are threatened to call the
police and then actually do it

your snitch I P

I got over the outage but users snakes
the game

the snitches and it is an area that
accounts the Jazz then cream

a okay here’s another you good one

another dude’s name Jerry

Jerome rights hey guys

so I’m 17 years old and I live with my
older brother

and dad I tend to watch porn on the rag

at least once a day and I use the family
computer but I’m extremely careful not

to leave a trace

out of curiosity I lately checked if
there was any porn on the family

computer and lo and behold there was

I’d checked in on it but I found that it
wasn’t me who did first gone it

therefore its either my dad’s or my

here’s where it gets tricky my brother
is the type of person to check the

browser history and leave the poor there
to try to catch me out

therefore if it’s my dads and i deleted
he might think I was covering up my


and if it’s my dads and I don’t delete
it my brother might find it in assume

it’s mine and I’m just getting sloppy

if it is my brothers porn my dad might
find it in assume it’s me

width more porn keeps appearing every
week and time is running out

we have to help

is is like an MC Escher logic problem I
don’t know what the fuck is hitting

trying to hold the baby

already at that time a research request
be a bed to rise in

a critical math what do I do this

triangle keeps looping in on itself so
if he deletes that

can you understand the logic there he
deletes it

the brother will think that he deleted
his own porn

when I was actually his dads be doesn’t
delete it then the deadline day 0 the

brothers already seen it

and is like a/c what a

if you delete that the brother will
assume that that porn all along with his


is the riddle a it with my dad and I

he might think I was covering up my
tracks and if it’s my dad and I don’t

believe it my brother might find it and
assume it’s mine and I’m just getting


if it is my brothers porn my dad might
find in assume it’s mine

just deleted I

is there any their salary love that
words good to leave it

oh yeah arnelle I mean there’s a it’s
like it there’s pros and cons to each

is like the farmer than at the lake
moved three animals across the river

the fuck the chicken in the fly reel
can’t leave the park said the check it


given up on sleep per ticket and then
you can’t leave the check in with the


you take too and we won yeah then come

okay so this is what you do you buy a
new computer leave the porn then you

take the old computer back across the

a min you can ride with the computer

I think it’s so funny because everybody
well at what is if you zoom out for a

bit and figure out there is no secret

everybody’s looking at porn bright to
let house with

3 dudes it’s just

it should always be fine right so at
this point

I would say don’t do anything you can’t
do you can’t get in trouble if you don’t

do anything

also it’s okay if somebody thinks you
look at porn because you are looking at


so it’s not like he’s catching you doing
something you’re not doing

yeah I guess I would just not really

look at the table porn my dad and
brother were looking yet so maybe I


start using a different browser the air
made it sound like they were downloading

it Lakewood maybe they’re just

on Firefox unlikely in history so make
out get chrome

I the chrome at the

just yeah I just get a different browser
used at a

overly the entire scenario about your

you think other people out there are
still without internet on their phone

yeah but you don’t look at porn on your
phone you really do but you know

will work better than a family computer
it’s a key on private little station

year but so like takes a leap into world

find see your like an old-school old
generation guy

like I can look at pop porn on my phone
in the future everyone’s going to be

looking at porn on there for

how I think will I guess that’s
definitely possible but think how are

you at like to read newspapers and not

right but yeah I mean I like the idea
sitting down opening up

55k but and like

at I don’t think that’ll ever get all
new multi tab are they all going on at

the same time

i’d none are you like a DJ going back up
like now you know you’re like a producer

and now you’re there I would never just

let 10 different things stream right I’m
left you’re going back and forth

like creating your own little narrative
a little choose your own porn venture


yes which is porn that’s very fun but
there is choose your own adventure porn

a really you know her a yet still do you
think you’d be a good porn director

yes be incredible

the book appear what would you do

leg differently than what are you adjust
do what you

seeing that you like or is there
something that people aren’t doing yeah

I would do what I’ve seen that I’d liked

but also I would have a really specific
genre of porn

and a vision right for work but the pair
have you thought about this before

yeah that is that I would want to get
into the net and I really thought about

directing porn

I yes appear and with that but what year

what’s your with your goal with your
dream I’m

with your avatar would I of God I mean

I will I wouldn’t launch a I am

its it a website are you have appeared
United i gather a group or you just

talking about building a website

in a donor like this is my this would be
like my genre this would be my website

would be like a

tumbler that was updated once a week
with the different video of this

the email gotcha that you directed yeah

her The Miz we shouldn’t be doing this

me the I really like we shouldn’t be
doing this porn is that a thing already

I don’t think so if he doesn’t it is a
little bit like

your I wish you weren’t touching your
dick in my bed and I i getting so I can


upcoming I there’s like a stepbrother
and stepsister take porn

like you know that but early adverb
leather rap exactly

but I would just make it a little more

say I you’re saying like that

first idea shit you step brothers and a

right you wanna be like oh I dated your

best friend or something a little bit
more maybe it’s in like sorted like

okay fine like but we’re I’m only gonna
give you a hand job and then in like


escalate to the point like oh my god
despite me finally and you know it

30 like tease it out the fuck we finally
would be a good name for the series

let’s shoot you yet but let’s have you
always wanted to fuck and Mike

you it I think I feel it because the

I always know that it’s just gonna be

there’s gonna fuck so quickly yeah and
in some people are into things like

a jail we like jerk off encouragement

a a jerk off instruction

and it said you don’t like hand jobs so
there’s that definitely a market for

people that don’t go all the way

member just blow job porn pray but I
think be kinda cool because you

appealed everybody real if you doing the

like first there are the videos just
jail lifelike just

you could buy real joy in that jail why
do it just

interest it’s just like I am unit

it’s not actually penetration weapons
the encouragement the information then

followed by

right working up a little bit a bit like
to thank all the way and the last is

like we’re gonna go all the way

but we finally that’s what it should be

percent right but we finally porn at two
things wanna like be worried about like

actually using your like movie rating

the the gathered at yeah have you read
save that what

I and that means secondly

what about some videos since you’re
going to do this to recruit like a

recurring thing

some videos they actually decide not to
so that when they deal with extracts a

toll and threw for three weeks in a row
you’re gonna get had a five-game for a

site where they

three times in a row they didn’t flock
while it’s the roulette spin you don’t

know if it’s going to happen that way
when it does happen it’s exciting a lot

like life

very interesting very interesting dots I
yeah I wanted to do I really have to get

tattoos removed a I’ll unifying more you
want to be in it

courts I

and you think you could be is hidden if
he does get your tat is removed

the think so the has any but we can you
direct your own

they can you be a woody allen and our
tour we’re directing yourself in the

actual or at the guy in mature learner
does it Preston Parker deal with main


his he’s holding the camera to yeah he’s
the DP

LDP’s nice sakes nice

a then a see you want to be in the point
you’re directing

you think it’s only fair I there is a
separate system as in you’re sitting on

a chair

looking to lovely this is fine with this
is so fucking and fair actually

is a law-abiding Islam by idea

this guy gets fucked Kizza me basically

a I got you freakin lade and paid

I meanwhile owners get 10 the true

that snyder et up there a good

Nike JR a a

a we have one more more normal question
wat to take a break first and come back

and I will discuss sounds good who gay

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for bringing us back on a Thursday I’m

wearing them

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on your toes the real I wonder why
razors are so expensive

because the world hates me no there is
no God you are so small that is

yes know you are ok I raises are loaded
up with so much

XIV technology by bringing handles 19
played laser pointer compass the

monitored she I want nobody by

it can you imagine that much my I need a
lot a mock

a mock it maximum ma kid should mock max
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if I work you let’s get back to the show

by Hal the apps

we’re back bitches hey way

it’s not a nice thing to call our
listener I was kidding

dude I know but cool a bit cooler the
funny joke with

enough cool with the anti-semitic

I we’re still coming to Duke University
Monday March 30 if

yeah Coach K the patent

is their show coach curve shape skiing
because I was key

is gonna be there it’s a is not so good
but it’s a live podcast so if you like

by casting go to Duke University it

VIP like our podcasts and go to nearby

NC State UNC if you just live in Raleigh

yeah live in the information to the
Research Triangle yeah

even week if let’s go as far as UNC

Wilmington I even go so far as to say
ubar West Virginia I would go so far as

to the Yukon

really matter he Texas tak absolutely
Florida lol

known reason Miami Ohio jailbait I’m
shouldn’t be there

is for many reasons he shouldn’t a right

you like it was crushed let’s do it I
write this one is left to the sick on

questionable more real deal

a he’s drunk when he wrote it so

given a movie drinking person on
seinfeld arm

the Newman yellow

Butler party population is dead dear
Jake and Amir have you ever had a drone

question I’m sure you have ok a long
time listener first time do you guys

prefer having a date or do you prefer a
natural chat for a bit start to like

each other start dating mutually

I’ve never added 18 people say I’m
missing out is that right also I’m going

to miss a mere Jake for when it ends

it also works the other way around from
what every

name you picked for me okay

it the nice question a

should I be so they have a date is

in DS River having a date are deeper
very natural chat for a bit

start to like each other and start
dating mutually which is definitely not

an urgent question

you that ever need the he he’s not
freezing the two options rate

you guys prefer a day per to start
dating mutually

I thing ever for a date and then to
start dating mutually

I think would he the source the issue
the main question here at Lake

do you want to get setup unlike I mean
gonna meet this person one-on-one for a


were an afternoon tea to go on a date or
is it like oh I like it when groupings

turn into a flirtation turn into thing
two years

a let’s keep hanging out with a group
and then we’ll eventually hang out solo

into that I think you and I would say
why I

duo of there’s real number:

the way you prefer both I wouldn’t want
you there or

I loved a dating is really fun

dating is an enjoyable think the one on
one but don’t you prefer which one don’t

do you prefer the other way

the grouping the Haiti meet me at with
my boys

he said like you love if the rosenberg
went around I love your day

right well my dream is the um

gore today which is you

get a date in you tell your friend Dave

to find a date for that same evening an
unusually hard

you know like oh I bikes youth
everybody’s got like tinder matches that

they’ve been like you prefer double
dates triple dates

right but then you can’t go to the same
place to start ATTCEO

why don’t you and I go to this bar and
then Dave

goes wherever with his bar you know the
second by that we’re gonna meet up at

/url and do that blindly behind the
ladies backer yes a

put I can only have one drink it says a
value on a check out this other bars

around the corner

those like I was that we should go there
it’s really fun and then

you around the corner no shooters my
friend a

a Dave made my day they’re like oh I’m
on a date

bennett like seashore to it is

a super fun everybody get a drink
together and that’s good

so the year basically it’s like a little
bit of deception but not in a bad way

yet cuz you’re you’re only like
conspiring to have

a really fun time regulator could
alright dave and then we’ll

will it me to route and stealer purse
when she gets there yet meter at dude

meet her age but we couldn’t resist

but you can hear outer rim you heard
about it %uh

ago that the Brit whoever’s though that
for the first time should be raising a

gun to articulate a good

it with the him up with the job

but but there are some people who looked
legit like I have some friends

a that are like the update

girls for a long time before they
introduce them to the right as they feel

that the big deal yeah and like

you and I guess I do too is like you
might as well like starting a group a

meet everybody

and then it like start with a group and
then if it escalates it becomes one on

one time

right then you select the inverse I like
that to you but I mean it’s

it is fun to go on a date yeah I think
it now twenty like

only date night men uniting out their
friends ever but

to say like everyone so well I got a
date may take somebody had two drinks

and and then I would probably be quick
to be like income out all my friends cuz

I like

because that’s what I’m most passionate
about be and that’s when you look the


right I’ll aching out my friend so much
that if I went

what I would never gonna day on a Friday
or Saturday

that to import I we do Wednesday
Wednesday drinks

and then if it’s great say 0 me my
friends doing this big thing on Friday

should come

a select this is like the preseason
almost it’s almost like the the round of

32 you don’t know your own and later
straight to the sweet 16

edu coach K after earning hit the show

its you’ll be there brother well aren’t

South my deep compasses K

there’s now a coach Kate doesn’t die as
a REIT I can imagine him not dying is

here because there’s no the a
65-year-old man dishab jet black hair

with not a single gray

but also can imagine him like over the
sink being like IRA here we go

are you now I am are shocking you it’s
starting to leak a little bit

single who doesn’t think I’ll gray
howard’s jet black

and is like over sixty five years old at

it’s good a hmm do does a lot at the
same what’s up with the phrase question


he’s a Mario Lopez at the show it really
is an ageless wonder

did you hear about the tender think
they’re going to charge yeah

it at Buck badly but the charge not only
the charging they’re charging a pretty

solid amount also different if you’re

over 30 under 30 a just yeah it like if
you’re over thirty

it prompted me to paid twenty dollars a

and I was like twenty dollar I don’t
even know what I do pay twenty dollars a

month for that’s like

so much money yet it’s more the Netflix
is where the real

Netflix yeah it’s like five magazine

yet like HBO

so what’s the alternative there’s there
hasn’t been like one big one I guess

hinge is starting to

pop-up yeah injured hinges
functionalities is really done they’ll

try to do too much

why and I really wait hold on there’s a

mmm nice

on been

in reluctance to you hit there should
just be a tender for normal people

yeah yeah he yes but the others are you
did it

and I don’t know get into the league I
can get into the league I don’t have a


everything that hinders functionality
poet well I don’t love it

just it just like not is I’m using a
wild the body like

a used to just be like not as good as
tender the pictures were

at worst quality and then also hinge
does this thing with the likes send you

your stats

and I know that tenure has the same
amount of information could just from


and their ability to they don’t flaunt

like there was one time that I didn’t
message a girl so he injured

emailed me NC feed her /url

like put us both on the same email like
hey you guys matched and

hinge UK both like a hiking

Jessica the I’ll just go

work that this place in growth and then
it’s like Jake went to Hampton Hall High


yo chill until inge with the fuck you do
it you’re

you tell you where I went to school in
that I like my sisters music

you tell me where she works he’s like a
really passionate

the with the card person that put people
that match maker

it regularly made the match letters to
deal with it at this point will do it

for a year

and how bout you don’t dislike announce
things that you think you know about me

it I was sorry he is bi you haven’t
fucked like been there from the


edges like yo hey check this out meet
Jake he went to this high school

like that matters to anybody together
and chill out I can’t %ah

myself the library what if I want to
tell about my cell phone towers that

being the

I feel is a bill represents me in a in a
positive way

play at 10 is like a drunk at a party
that he’s doc today he went ahead and

then the girls IRA

I don’t know I’d like sorry that’s my
weird older brother here

that actually would have been a real
really hundreds but that email

but outside a hinges be a little

a let me tell you about what’s up

hoon and then tenders like a a better
matchmaker bodies is constantly asking

for cash

to see this is why we should still be
working a college humor we can come up

with viral videos like this

that’s treating aP’s at a party that
swirl jobs back

world lonely a group locally and scared

a alright that that we give this game as
I think

yeah sorta like a mix of both things
that you’re asking

your you can do some a little bit of
column a little bit of column be

my then diagram perhaps that there

i right that’s it that’s our time thanks
to you everybody for listening

on this bonus bonus Thursday if you have
your own questions

or your own thing sucks the mission’s
your own thumbnail submissions please

the email address for everything about
our podcast is if I were you show

at gmail dot com the opening theme song

was from Becky and Ben from Australia

nailed it and this last one is from
someone in Rowland

thanks Becky and then general and to
will be back on Monday


yeah past

as my snack I can have my snare

%ah there it is



Jake and Amir intrigued hot water a few

hold of everybody knows that his title
is not to be too cool bro

ones at the bottom of the page asking
for another one game and it’s the same

at all three Heidi came down hard anal
is the one they have a bit sick or have

the option to sit back listen to you
don’t have to take part of the problem

so gmail.com now

the alright someone do

and shoes

medicare you on

yes ladies job at a little bitchy job
was reading copy does it mean in English

number 12 2011 every team has the money
to take

here Ballard now complicating the Big
Lie to Me

levees that he didn’t do well now come
to show it

passing are taken

your intake every vice last could

I they know I’m I know what they’re
talking about

believe me I’m


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