Episode 139: Get Weird (w/ George Basil!)


Friend/Actor/Comedian George Basil joins us to discuss attraction and parenting.

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hey before we get started today to set a
get something

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this is a

fun episode cuz we had our friend on G

George basil the editorial he is a
unique character

and you guys are going to learn to love
them real quick a

but we have to start the upset in order
for you to do that yet

another leptin get real by do

do the


are james earl Ray Eames

the gathered up wrapping the Afghan to
gather here don’t know he’s been

sleeping soon

the newly released in dog and assistants

do leases were now until we thought I
will you

ackerly Luverne ako on a lawyer in

is said like this zone is you well if we

abernathy since then maybe not that last
one you always do this

do here I am trying to give advice and
saying lesson I really don’t care

fine whatever maybe not Bell

this bar it’s only me

do you I’ll are

it was a wrap sketch in the middle yeah
has a clear

how’d you like that toward I like that a
lot it was there

that moved freely flowed greatly


I like it a lot get we’re outside Turkey
excuse any helicopter noise is he


right at the start yeah yeah just to let
you know the line helicopter that we

started out with my god music

it acknowledges hovering above it
there’s a I wear underneath the Helio


thanks for coming are really a bad yeah
thanks for having me I’m on the run go

here on the lam

uranium I George basil

let me to DC for people downtown go
ahead beauty it

shot you do your best you’re putting on
a blindfold right now

yeah my last cigarette I

how would our fans know you you’re in
college humor videos yeah

yeah the enemy from every everywhere
well as the

everything they’ve done is pretty much
army I

yeah but you know they’ve been larger

I I’m the aberration and that’s why we
hate you

yeah I Ackley with the mother had a

yeah you’ve met me I after Freddy
Krueger it back yet

him sleep world’s a what’s your most
popular video that you’ve been

ever home I goodness probably I’ll

well-known ride the Google as a guy
early air

here at the white guy and a Google is a
guy right mommy and me

I’m a businessman in angola has a guy

but yeah you just always think he’s the
creepy guy and everything I didn’t

I don’t know

I’ve known mermaid girl the guy I can
remember there’s like three up

are so that’s a new engineer remembers
that he did three to her

yeah but don’t be reprisal or
alternative at knows i three different

CEOs like first times a creepy guy

same time clergy businessman her time
like a creepy athlete

I so dollars that could be so happy it’s
just what every play bring agreed to it

use it like a Halloween card george was
in a video that I wrote

the war of 1812 that was the first video
I’ve ever been

the you know the truth and the life yet
because we met at a bar afterwards

yeah and I was really excited as you
really get not yet and I know what you

were talking about

II you a really cool your waist that
you’re on the floor everybody was like


the CPR as that you’re really good in a
video now your greens or turnip

the it peace bit would you say you’re an
actor comedian

I think I’m an actor now is to be a
comedian but I don’t laugh anymore

it but the laughter via comediennes you
have to have a laughter in your heart

math on gone ok you said pads are I

I you like the opposite a motivational
speaker yeah

bureau de motivational I’ll FBI Mueller

Ste in her hair that I yeah I’m pretty
much I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna be

prolific San

I’m honest our crime I and they start

you know me up to like awards you’re
like Eddie Murphy the more you actually

less funny you become

until you’re just a good actor who never
smiles anyway

your the way that a Murphy gotta hate
him I

we’ve had say that the opening theme
songs written by Mike Skrill of

pronounced like Skrillex except like
less cool unless he said in a Russian


than 110 percent more cool and thanks
Mex grill of

reblogged I have you ever heard the show
before now

let me explain things to you you this
isn’t it this is an advice book

are you don’t want to

I just got nothing matters it is all

I all explain it to them and you can
listen okay

so if you’ve never heard the show before
a listen at home

this is an advice podcast people write
us their questions

there in seek guidance and the right as
emails to a fiery show a gmail dot com

and then Jake and I offer our advice not

and sometimes just us and sometimes we
have I really

close a quite a stir yeah way that
america you guys that

d you guys take I who

there was a question nice goin’ and
Ariadne SMS going to

a hacer in addition to me I got it

a with it cut together accept calls
they’re gonna sing are no known had an

intimate wise but then

I think I started spelling the word in
my head track every a

sign the where those advance all-time I

by wearing headphones trick is not and
then you can if you want on

now I’m just making sure that nothing
gets cut in and stuff like that okay to

monitor your

yeah I am like the monitor yeah yeah I
am okay

I won’t remember my question up well
let’s get started with a question these

are real emails from real people

we’re gonna given fake names ideally
you’re gonna given fake names to

preserve the anonymity can you give me

up fake name the other lady tell

huh talc good last name

im talc Italian tout act-up

I love that ducked out where she from

I’m so not that far away earlier I did
that little

delays with the town 80 miles east of

happy a alright hey guys I’m talc talc
and 18-year-old in my first year at


there’s this guy in our friend group who
told me he wants to sleep with me

he’s a dime and a smoke show a ten are
the ten

the only problem is i think is a
douchebag his personality is so

repulsive that it almost turns me off

i really wanna sleep with them but I’m
having a hard time getting over this

personality factor

is it normal to not wanna have a one
night stand or fuckbuddy

because of someone’s terrible

thanks for the help love talc talc

when are you know via what jumps out at

George well I don’t know how can you be
a dime if you’re a dick

again really nice that the George is

can you be a dime if you’re it us you’re
saying at least reserve some others

points for a personality

couple points selectman the most
attractive you can be isn’t

8 and then the two with lows personality
point yet you can be in a physically but

the last two bonus point

extra credit says not is like the mean
how many times have you guys been in a

in a environment where to go you know a
bar full of beautiful women you’re

looking around you like and they’re all

balance beautiful that one beautiful
flowers beautiful thing that ever

happened here

I but then you gotta monrovia but yeah

but you’re not attracted to them because
they’re so like unobtainable a different

and now down at her I

now I within my reach but

you are the coolest low baths like where

it as early voting this scenario 1 I’ve
never been to a cool bar

add to Amirs attitude is but the problem
is that they’ll never like you okay

and the right now I’m hot enough to get
them it’s not that bad now I’m in a

it with four on the back gobbling a

a now but like units and my baby they do
something say something or act a certain

way we recycle Mike

goodness that’s your dick just ripples
to nothing my dick is born trickling

our to raise and the address never
directed at me

I could but whoever and then just like
90 more if I don’t like their

personality how ish

packet I will at one time for body and
stuff that’s great

as your default Year Zero is one yeah
other girls of a lonely fucker want them


she’s a specially applied to like and
what a fucker lat a

it so is inversely proportional to worse
you are the more you wanna

sex about yeah well there’s like some
sorta threshold we like if they’re just

pretty bad that I

would only one but the once if they’re
really bad I wanna fuck ’em all the time

yeah and then be for you there can be
something with a personality so bad

you don’t even you don’t even begin to
be interested not even close

yeah I am yet the physical stuff like

everyone has physical flaws even a dime

whatever this dude each is considered
like a dime rare

there’s a physical flaw somewhere his
ass holes classed

how yeah I got hillary okay

the other clubs at Ole Miss bashed to
them as I look down I see your smashed

her then I’m

eighty percent certain the other cleft
at all a valid I’m

baby happen runaways the

her gloved yes all there’s no way to be

you know that that takin physically

maybe I’m wrong maybe there is like a
perfect human specimen I’m

missing but everyone’s gonna have that
one physical flaws are there isn’t

something I backing up man like her

like something say something witty one
thing one one thing say we thank you

order a drink in a funny way

yeah fuck yeah like that too a on old
fashion where you say where

me old-fashioned please other good he
said in an old-fashioned idea oh yeah

it’s simple

but dummies don’t know that but Demi
diane’s don’t know that

see you then but good personality is
sorta sense of humor

are the only an example yet now that was

it for me personally a see can’t date
someone that’s not funny

yeah or interesting or weird I think
there’s a there’s a high weird factor

that I need

yeah it i cum weird all right can they
be too weird

no I that’s me you know

I’m the deal we yet have you remembered
more normal one in a relationship no


and that’s why i like ’em two-week a I

it sounds like they’re not too weird now
the Year to you

in Atlanta and to allow I I’ve never had

the weirder than me yeah here and

I is too easy I

a mile so emotionally unavailable UN the
hell yeah

herbal wacky Beutel be luper you
overlook in louisiana

a good alone in a bar in Monrovia Calif

so is urs the subway deeper someone
named talc to come afternoon

will you let me know ahead is his
present normal

to not want to have a one night stand
her fuck but on my situation and say

yeah but what about you guys

and I think it’s normal to not have a
relationship with this guy but if she’s

physically attracted to and then a

I mean the book you might as well fuck
im know if there’s anything wrong with


right they’re both single they’re both
learn he wants to fuck her she kinda

wants to fuck ’em

so yes sir yeah or you could just like

make out with them and see if there’s
any sparks and you don’t have to fuck

you just like

earlier you can go to second or third
right you don’t need to go zero to 100

real quick yeah

like she can touch he can touch her
breasts that’s for stress ekeus

I’ll be back in braces course that thang
breathing for

for you take the lead 0 is not heard

your first base without kissing and yet
breast touching her

I joke I meant like a for spaces like

the above the waist with second baseman
the second base

is now fingering yeah alright five min
with third

or all set help rather than

only first aces kissing second base is
boobs doubt third base is below the

paint stuff

you have to specify if you go down on
the person

that a new game yet oh that’s like a at
like a ground-rule double isn’t there a


yet but at the church it’s a
inside-the-park home run but its role

the triple with an air a fielder’s air

listed at last but it’s perfect yeah
editor because it is always an air when

it happens for the good Barry Bonds
thing where it’s like a home run with an

asterisk around all yak we talk about
that back I was using the cream and

clear I saw where ladida he is he really
what the BCS forehead

he’s a cura magnate but so the Restless
have that is about fantasy baseball good

yeah I have Sammy Sosa

I grow magnate number two up

the a real say all agree with Jake

really well I mean it is normal to not
want to be you might as well go for

what’s the worst that can happen yeah I
think I have a guy physical block

yeah but that’s fine too I think I’m
either way it’s gone because I

I think most dudes would just fuck

I mean I think I’m not special that I
would fuck anybody

I think that’s like most guys here and
then they’re like good guys who it’s a

I wanna be attracted to the person
mentally and physically

yeah for me I don’t care I don’t even
need to be attracted to them physically

I’ll be depicted your he/she

all they need to do is to be a girl and
I wanna fuck them

our relays yeah just to see what it’s
like to sex for you as an attraction

thing it’s just a it’s the Atlanta

passing the ball around yeah no cuz they
have fun doing it

will is it still fun if they’re
unattractive yes

and the for fun yeah is more fun

UAE now you’re against me only for

I you like the earlier yeah Harrington
ago weird ones too

where do I don’t drag them leading
weirder than being ugly

Iberian attract adage as I have ever
been attracted

to an unattractive person yeah tone you
just enter

that other shit the air yeah I mean

dude laughing as the best housing I

who’s to say was attractive and not if
you are attracted to her than she is


yeah so I’ve never been attracted to an
attractive person to my by definition

I because the larger attract deer see
becomes attractive become the dragnet

now let’s discuss the semantics love

you how would you do ok getting a phone
call are you

hello hella who’s that person hunt

check sister can I have a year which he
doing in there just being an angel

yes it’s just washing the dishes she
went shopping and now she’s here

it was he doing here he’s moving to Los

to hear you should do it is right here
in the cabin

with you her brother no I haven’t
downstairs on a couch

I yeah a you can get a homer

yes she does need a home wes is great

next question I she’s 26 and single and
it would be my absolute honor

you with fokker I on the show

my unattractive sister come out

we hear I you like a weirdo trash yep

just washing dishes have the sexiest
thing anyone could issues as normal as

they come draw okay

so back no problem I and robert rey
we’re talking about the sports again


Laurita I at the semantics of love now

a governor were semantics have it the
same as the logistics

yeah min it let’s talk about that it’s
all the same

how many pieces of advice to you is
given a typical pot

its capacity at like three or 4n yeah

questions but were questions school but
who’s to say how much advice within 30

him an email your job about an hour well

good the bad and the rather you’re
holding us hostage

where you wanted more or less I

it’s like that you’re hearing over
records for the first time out

more lies I light that a question

I lights agree with this to you

to question through hella a

alright howdy ol no okay sticky
situation right here we need a guy’s


miss your sunglasses mountain mmm no

BBQ as a really nice I these vintage

now those are left over from a

really so maybe their vintage but she’s
gone so yeah their vent

her but to me to me do they represent a
will go on air

I wish I could social with cooler in
somebody that does make you

not work call I it was her bad on you

they were the head it’s tough to say
that they’re bad idea but their bad on


you think a yeah I think you do better
with rectangular classy as a problem is

my nose is crooked

would you do to it actually my sister
down there broke my nose we were kids

so happened that normal love with me now

as a sister delivered her brothers and
other the as I broke my sisters

did you yet really each yet I got math

beat you either older sister younger and
I wanted a brother

so as he punched her in the face yeah
should owner to look more like my

brothers when you guys were in your

yeah she is pregnant I was angry

I had a few drinks and I hear I

because you wanted a brother wanted a
brother better arm a weird

I think now yeah judie drinking like I
am a big area legal

more than weird I I am guy’s name

Martin Scott normal to tell tell you
then martin

Martin writes I’m a 20-year-old
sophomore in college companies

mccur been but I’m pretty happy on the
20-year-old sophomore in college but I’m

very shy

my mother goes as far as to call me

I don’t have very many experiences in
the lady Department I’ve never had a


in fact have only had my first kiss a
month ago but that didn’t end well

anyway I got my school’s rec center and
work out pretty much every day and i

think is really cute girl practically

every time I go I just can’t make myself
try to talk

reflector her in any way do you guys
have any advice on what to say

specifically how to gather up the balls
and in general to talk to a girl

or just girls in general thanks I think
you can be really good at this chick

I don’t know I don’t know I’m very am I
don’t have a lot to contact I don’t have

that like

go up you have that I have craziness

is really bad I have an embassy if I see
a girl have revealed a

I would be so mortified I would be able
to go be like

tried to dismiss up on Jake a sea of
time butter and like

that’s what you should say read it so
easy but you won’t do it I think this is

what I personally would do

I would it’s really simple you just
think a

you hear all the time smile say hey and
then contact

accused if you see her every single day
just make that first hey

and then two weeks later graduate to
how’s it going

the it’s just slow bit slowly Chevrolet
yeah chip away

I think that’s what I would do because
I’m too I mean what George is gonna stay

as what he should do

the chairs you go up to her you hit her
in the face with a barbell

exactly or no yeah any better throw

and yellow have been check out our which
had a brother favor

yet and save your life how are you

you go up with nitrogen attractively
horrible really into it yeah I make fun

of them to their face and then I walk

but we’re rejection but you make your
you can make friends really easily

yeah let’s say you could walk up to a
stranger and

by the end the conversation they would
think you’re great yes but very

is seldom is that’s stranger a hot girl

you need somebody else to break the ice

yeah is that true maybe so what is it
that you were there who are the type of

people that can walk up to anybody and
say whatever

are those people are true asl yeah the
the dye I’ve got a lot of charm and

charisma dormant inside me and I need

any permission for it to come out to any
person all I can try and meet you to

take pay

this is my friend so-and-so and then I
go in

and then I’m good like it going to be
like I deserve to talk to you when I’m


here we go yeah the title I don’t have
the magic 22

I need someone else to say impressed me
and then I can rise to the occasion

yet again go up to someone who doesn’t
seem really want me to talk to them

so not not to get too a therapy

warranted but hit the first thing that
then martin mentioned

in this question is his mom una

right a little any mention that his mom
is like kinda

fucking con nice says that she doesn’t
but about to get you there be operation


yeah but he did let you know I he has
had like these it up my mind yet

rationing out here

another human being cut down an Olathe

punch yes it is said that she’s
antisocial yeah so

fuck hurt and all mods yeah fuck all
months that’s a shitty thing to say to

your son cuz

if he is well then you’re partly
responsible for that yet

any response like if u took any and for
those me as others named George doesn’t

have any

write a comment like this he is a he’s a
mother me and my mom

I am my mom George has a daughter yeah

the real fact are your parents that you
don’t like this is we’re talking about

actually raising kids

absolutely you have to give them

all the tools they need to build that
self-confidence and stuff like that

not necessarily like not specifically
for stuff like

going up to a girl pigments that you’re
gonna have a hurdles with that no matter


pay but the foundation of confidence is
gonna come from your parents if the only

place I can come from kinda

yeah they’re the ones that are even if
it comes from other

people other relatives are other friends
and family family group

that that family member your most
immediate family member is the one

that’s like

introducing you to right taking you into
those situations you guys but your


yet your daughter is awesome she’s great
right gender confidence

but his company and she’s competent
around people that

shemale only met a few times because

developed that she’s like friendly with
other kids rec

bought about kids that are introverted
are they wrong

no I think it’s like I was a shy kid is
that the same as being upset a confident

are not confident Jack

I think introversion fine I think being

shy is cool so long as like when someone
does try to

encounter are like you know activate you

socially you can’t do it ready yet

leveled by individual can be confident
like it yeah i wanna talk to people but

if somebody talks to it

to me then yeah I can like the
articulate and

and charming and yeah I’d way so your
side to just be confident

like you know what I’m an introvert not
okay I’m sorry that’s fine I’m


even now you guys think that I’m like a
crazy fuck face that like rolls around I

do you know her

I their move yeah

like you seem like you’re confident like
you’re always a little bit tipsy

yeah I’m always a little messed up I but
their parties or events or whatever

where I’m standing there and it’s like

I’m gonna stand right here my feet are
gonna move

and I will not work at anywhere

and I’ll stared down and everything just
goes gray and I smoked a cigarette

and I drink a lot until it’s just like

now I gotta go home to be on the lookout
for that preadolescent

yep would you go out and I I couldn’t
even after the table read I don’t know

George I wanna go out with said George

I you J you mean gorge

Gordon the word liquor consort

would you say to you Martin a well

your sister just said this is very
apropos I think you could say this but

she was hit on on a run

in this order the same thing like if I
see a cute girl on a run I never what

notice after a tackle her

had a happy kid I

thank you so much goodnight citizens
arrest whole no

it I and she’s like

yeah just came at me as I talk a lot but
it is a what it what can you say you

and she said at he really does that yet
we’ll see said something

I remember the exact thing that he said
yet which is but he pursed about their

crossed paths on this run reasons I i
kno first day that he’s our

like up I think I don’t they he would be
into some dude who like

as he was running to stop turn was like
mothers guys seen this cottage in

multiple times right

so he said is it weird if I A introduced
myself that

I think that’s perfect liquors has its
it self-aware

yeah but it also comes with it up is it
weird like and I know there’s none here

every day

yeah it’s a little weird but not yet
well hopefully you’re handsome dude

right busy and sanded he’s at least jack
tidbits to go to the gym every day

really your time and money on the
talking are talking about you know that

my sister here I ate yet she said he
wasn’t a matter now

I’m a kick his ass I nobody can have her
to be protective brother it to my

fifties and sixties

to the BlackBerry is beating up for
loving husband yeah I’m

that my brother-in-law I could be a
bucket they’ve had three be three kids

tell me they’re fuckin adopt our app

generally there five or more kid comes
outta my sister in our dog on dude

on No although you bro NTE and boom

tried to break in Boone do you know your
under honey Burnett I

the do no sex and Bret Boone or Aaron
Boone dune

I swear walk-off homer bottom of the
11th you got a hit me with that dude

yeah it would be an honor a boon boon my
boon boon

that the house is there any your problem
yeah hmm

boon boon pin I like you in my room I

a selected that’s my advice is to say
that I exactly

I like that allows tired the refineries
missile defense dismissal

I think that’s perfect I wonder he if
this guy so call it came up with that on

the spot

her if she’s been using that line
because that I’m that’s my line now

yeah I came up with that I think me I
also develop that like

yeah your profit it we all have that
line that was there like going out to

people and ask if they’re married

how you mary is that weird if I ask you
if you’re married

you’re married right and all the good
ones are 900

I’m not is it weird if I think you’re

air you also married I

this where’s a gathering do I know my

I that’s a good line too you are going
to help you wanna know my name back


funny I give you something my name

%ah derided can you just watch my name
but if you got a buyer

and uses the Google will buy me a drink

we buy me a drink slyly when it’s it’s
also kinda like the game

yeah walk up to a girl demanded to rake
stupid class like I like a chubby Paris

Hilton backed by mutinous

I back and a job when I love it it’s big
game did

you gotta do it all clear and I

the way I am by wearing the a peacock is

but iMac pocket watch and a boa

but and the MEG who’d you re neg on a
promise that wage so they don’t give a

shit about her

what’s another good example a thing to
say up to a girl in public

I am what is there something as good as
is a weird if I introduce myself

let that stop deprecating still like it
there’s a girl who wants confidence like

sullied you may just wanna be gotten

hey MJ East for a I hey I’m at peace hey
I’m beached

the whole that the other day I you could
totally do that

I higher is the sole I’m you do look
like a lion

I beast you be at all

browser I Libya and a terminator you’re
turning at like seven characters

yeah animal lover real I who have been
wrestling with my range right off the

bat had you done that are not a comedian
hey don’t laugh

dude when you’re on TV hook if you’re on
TV like you are

you don’t pick any desi ship brown
netted cock

you hi I am on MTV’s pray other factor

that was my show not yours are you are
you okay I was praying

yeah ship that still on

No No Nanette now had yeah it’s over

five seasons as on treaty reporter buses
in a flurry

and I think it was that ball really did

you’re gonna yeah I hosted a prank show
its reader

in a string yeah here and elastic am

yeah about the different one as well
picture you that pumped

game he was up on that with a few the

adam said lost the you’re listening to
PRI well I know you are

get up and go out he’s not

love the most popular radio show yeah
practicum you come by right now is a

live radio

somebody once asked me a yeah I guess
they won’t listen

and maybe love them let’s take a break
handouts I got this person said during

the break

and I’ll come back with more George
basil thank you as well two dollar she

used the club for sponsoring this
episode for you guys

at ever wonder why razors are so
expensive Jake

I A literally had stopped ordering it
ever it’s because the more

they charge the more money they make so
if they sell raises for a thousand

dollars a razor and they sell just as

then I’ll make more money while oh yeah
thanks send yeah

in a capitalist environment you want to
maximize profit sure

at a certain point Raiders become too
expensive and people start buying less

this is sort of a macroeconomic lesson
that we don’t have to get into I’m just

talking right now about Dollar Shave
Club dot com

a Dollar Shave Club gets rid of all the
unnecessary parts buying razors

vibrating handle 19 played laser
pointers all that shit you don’t need

so if you go to Dollar Shave Club dot
com build the liver

amazing raisers in grooming supplies for
just a couple bucks so bad

that’s about it all everybody grows
facial hair ladies including

and separate II does you know you do you
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leading global peach fuzz

it simple and it smart and upset the way
it works is Dollar Shave Club dot com

has your free handle

and then they send you replacement
blades for just a few bucks you can get

blades delivered every month where every
other month

you’re late arrival a clockwork you
don’t think about it anymore life is

hard hard have all your shit together

thus the need to worry about is the
reason yes I just stop thinking about

this one thing

like I love your plate gonna dollar
shape up dot com slash

if I were you at the Dollar Shave Club
dot com slash

if II were you let’s go back to the end

ever bad guy

yeah no kidding I addis not assess where
in the world but you were on the phone

with the doctor and i jus ya ever bag
knitting a bottom

about to give you results I really about
how are you doing in general

I get mayors mom yeah as long no beard

no beard my daughter had Jonathan today
at her art school so into that nice

gave them money Hamas I’d let like I’m
rich but you’re not know

a bit from uses catch ex as

bike can check their own dollars it
doesn’t matter I am a hundred dollars

cash I today cash and cash the crazy
thing about jordan

thing is that you hire you have a very
adult life

you own a house so much I’ll several
cars yes

you have a daughter yep you up a classic

I mean let’s like you like that you have
a flying well have like fatherly late

but I also think that like

you’re basically the same as us all
worse worst

I where were you are seeing you guys
handle the quiet


I can handle a quieter the dark for the
loan or the lower down the ladder

bad loud as the last darkness is of low
brightness that like that I was worse

than that have a hard time with this

I but I do have three cars driving

wanna I and a daughter I’m sorry bout is
authorized by

she’s one of the cars by me and I like
the Toyota

I I do like that backing pick a have

I think overall well rings busy these
are cool he

I am busy in our businesses like never

never stabler promised

when I he shot a pilot over TV show I
did yeah I our business we get busy for

like three weeks or a month and then the

then we wait for a long time and we’re
scared per year and they say

you’re gonna be busy for several years
or nevermind back to the drawing board

yet there’s nothing we’re never gonna
see you

my daughter’s relationship that you like
the writers you like the right now I’ll

they don’t buy for aa

and they’re on to the next one a new who
are on to nothing but

I 30 you have to get so many miracles
died just to get it

the active yet there by conditioning is
hard and then getting the parties even

harder and then you have to be on the
pilot and then that has to go and then

that has to do with plus when you’re
after on the tile

pilot even for the pally girls they’ll
focus test then ever ever like this by

little honey we don’t like George

yeah like alright by actors John I can
you hear about that it’s like others

this show went but the lead was changed
at the last second after a table read

a whole beds devastating GE’s

her she did you read it well at the

and now she’s unemployed instead we have
her now

she let you know their job any luck be
rich from the shell

if you review your lucky and then you

when you don’t succeed you just read a
blog about every one that did in

exactly their place in that you can get
the part but look at everyone

congratulating this person

he got it and now is rich and famous and
your dad

the app but the cool thing is that he
still miserable

a whole right everyone still set and a
really sad

near nobody’s actually happy now would
have always been judged a

was happy like me on your IPA is

yeah they’re really happy one other
thing I’m most happy

when I yeah let’s go to the next
question okay I

I’m most happy pop a fake name here

Taylor the but that was great I happy

do you like you’re happy and sad
throughout the day like pretty have good

days and bad days

year both they’re they’re good evidence
%ah last days and just lay down down

down down down down down down down

the 11th so much a hacer

so tired

a hacer nada cry wanna kill myself had
made some days are good at something is


then suddenly there was a whether the
vitriol get lower than at lower

I yet will you have enjoyed of right

up yeah after I have to you you know
what their peers about getting yourself

to enjoy it more

yeah therapies watershed I but

that but it’s fun you should do it that
he did not should do their peak mami

on a bike they recovered in my at noon
on health insurance life

I yeah Obama just call he’ll actually

barry yeah take calls mister mister

I’ll do Kaiser Permanente de a ser
alright on the popular above all

I’ll take one Kaiser mister mister Obama
is a good way to insult the president


well mister Obama had I well

I S Barack how you do I

folks yeah and

what do you answer on your happiest I
now and I think I did

I’m trying there’s there’s anything yeah
it’s probably doing something with

the little on the homegirl for the first
time that is

complete like I went to a museum which
we’ve done

a million times and even this one
specifically we been too I think

unite we doing on at Natural History yes
I was at.

yet so we went maybe a month ago

and she’s been fascinated by with

pompeii your diary yeah your daughter
the daughter yeah

the FBI has only mine I didn’t take
anybody else’s daughter

concern that now but I’ll it’ll have and
to hang in there really any girls

I they and she’s fascinated by it the
CVS in Pompeii and shit which is crazy

guses six right so cool to be like

cut he was just like pop your best bet
yes dollars in Islam

the actors like minor a doubt the Aquino
she let out that

ideology I tried again and she and she
has a cat cool soccer


okay here but this year I talk to
yourself is this we like I think we

watched a couple videos

issues in a monies for a while I like a
long time and she just kept going to

watch like

mommy documentaries you and be like
weirded out by it

and I am and then this pompeii

a story I didn’t even really elaborate
too much I didn’t sell it I was just

like yeah I was the staying in it

killed everybody in this village in
there are preserved because the ash

and because all the other stuff neighbor
actually can even see where the city was

cuz it’s completely covered all this
other shit that

I guess to a kids brains just like

walk why I and

so we went to I an exhibit

at the Space Museum forget that the
aeronautics or something

is not but not the one that we went on
exposition yeah it’s right next to that

natural history

ok gotcha Science Center some shit gay
other icon at the complex yeah

and I that

was cool sheer

like seeing her gorriak of really a she
wasn’t even there

yeah the housing be as myself

like this is cool all setting up to your
dollars I can you come pick me up at


I so I i’m in an IMAX issue before does
he text you

now nyack show how do you get in touch
with you will call the house lighting in

touch with the kids yeah

there always is wherever you left on I
bet they literally can’t go fucking


on their October if it is a story well
as and I’ll you curse

yes great apple and pear from the job I

silo is so cool it’s okay just watching
your watching the experience

a that sort of

fascinated learning in a way that I I
don’t now if that happens in school I

remember having that much in school

I am my family never really getting
kinda shit like that ignorant campaign

stuff and so

everything that I try to do with her is
a brand new thing for me to

and I’m still the air like a child with
her kinda


you like actively giving her a much
different childhood then you have a

hundred bike

whiny Wow on the complete other side the
spectrum yeah like that what is that


I remember learning that like abusive
parents are

create abusive parents but I was hours
when I learned that election to be the

opposite like if you’re abused as a kid
shouldn’t you then be really nice to

your kids because you know how bad it is

yeah but the to speak at as an abusive

I you actually testing that theory out

but see what happens in 20 years its

ed I you see well that goes hand in hand
with the whole

from my experience goes hand in hand
with you

grow up to be your dad do you grow up to
be your mom a key be calm them as a

parent and that

is that has that abusive not in it

because shit that I had to go through

when you know somebody would ya large
slabs that the hair like he would

class and in you know would grind it
into grisham

cleft ass have weird pledge class ass

a starkly told that then you don’t want
to be that your daughter

know what you do are you do I

you know I did but it’s gonna have been
attacks or other with outta my contract


touch we got ’em I got a mind david
mattingly a for the would you do

you do because that’s where that was
learned that’s the grain at all you know

your grain

yeah but when you open your own spin on
the green thats that so the

the attempt at like doing completely

different shit cuz we know people you
guys might be on that

whose parents actively tried to get you

to other things like now let’s go to the
museum yeah let’s go camping yeah let’s


right to a beach together and just
surfin like hang out like we’re buddies

and shit and smoked weed together just

which is it likely with 8.0 pure hi its

as trying to convince outlets

aol ideologically the they get here at
you the party is cool now

I imagine if you’re high

like I do you think about this as it’s
coming down I had a

ollie her with you get high with your

child yeah I will about what age do you
think that’s appropriate one or two

all know or cold o.o blues

100 that one or two

a whole has once or twice of court and
that to remarry

203 a and then have them however Islands

it but there was a build-your-own
bombard you know you have your a build a

bond in my idea

here a I will definitely do it for you

I don’t think so I was bored because I’m
I’m the opposite I was going to fail a

drugs are bad

just as a blanket near her that and then
like I didn’t get high

Purdue or drink even in throughout high
school and I got to college I guess I’m

a little more independent I could try
the stuff

the day never did they never like set
you up

with the expectation and like look this
is going to come up

you might know I wanna lives on I had
some friends that their parents really

you kids got a feel for yourself and
learn and their potentially

you’re not gonna fail trust us don’t go
there don’t go there don’t go there

don’t go there

just like hitting me in like being
bumpers in a bowling alley

that early setting get a gutter ball but
that I don’t even know what that’s like

yet my parents are constantly like
shielding me from everything bad

yeah well thats that’s one way to know
whether he needed

smoking weed isn’t necessarily bad and i
got really matter striking another lane

roswell a here many nyse: do nasira

he get that but like I guess that

that will lead me to a path right on to
get high with my children rule right

because at the same mistakes that your
parents made exactly that abuse

I but not yep I can imagine getting high
with your parents nell

had my dad is a murderer I can i buy
there’s a mammogram I’m other than as to

not ever have others on space

it she’s already high yeah yeah I could
it would be

ridiculous because I it would be like me
coming in as a professional

I don’t know it seems like if you get
high with your kids those kids are gonna

do harder drugs one day

like they never just do pot if they
smoke pot with their parents me and now

the gateway drug is alcohol an aspirin

and as spread to leave and Shari

popsicle yeah FB would you get high with
your child

I really gonna have one well I won’t
have as many as I can and yes I

but hero it feels like I wouldn’t
necessarily because I don’t look like a

week now so I can imagine like

smoking a if not really part in my life
experience where like

I would want to you but who else would
you rather

introduce them to this psychotropic plan

you want to be the third any how about
we to me know your I would definitely


I think I had when I was growing up my
parents were like

we’re gonna smoke with you but I was
made aware the when I got caught smoking

was in Lake

I it was like I came home late from
curfew they weren’t like

you can’t do this it’s really bad like
dusty idiot like

don’t do that donated to the house to
let me find that in your pants

towers that was what it was their mark
lower I would probably be

ir a whole body is slightly cooler than
them just to be like

yes walking with that that that you can
do that don’t come home

hi to dinner when you’re going to be
area have I don’t know exactly identical

it but I probably would be like pretty

but not necessarily want not
introductory them yeah I wouldn’t be the

one that was I would be like gave me the
first time

I’m not talking about giving them we’d
sending them off to Lake Hallie I got

also don’t think

I I had a warrior for it lol he did you
also have friends whose parents were


at your gonna drink I want you to do it
in our house and those parents in May

weirdoes yearly

I know I wanna see all yeah I want to

clearly my head got I want some I wanted
have but

friends were those parents I can like
send my kid to a safe place Derek

but I definitely don’t want to be the
parent that like I I got beer for

everyone as long as everyone stays in my

I man there’s 31 drug teenage

I know but they’re in my baseball not
all of them some of them got out yeah

well now I how did they now a

okay well that was a mile away found a
couple in a root cellar that it looks

like you tied up ira

hand I give me one minute

i jus gotta have my car you are an hour

it up a lot of us slow-going although
there’s hair

lag he did back in relax well what if
your daughter learned

she goes to school at age 12 is that
date yet Tommy that drugs are bad

marijuana is bad

are your be like set her straight they
came to go above the school

fuck yeah I got cops fucks

that’s all I’m sayin dude you know I’m
really is but

blahhh yeah book outdoor signs

sunshine bust on Windows yet

everybody like the Senators gonna be
like just pay attention in math

everything out like I don’t know the
math part so you can learn that there

but like the whole social issue 13

I like I know all about that other shit
all day how

yeah everything out but not in science
you got decade don’t eat their food

operate their food I’m did I supersede

stupid ass likes public sale or private

either sandals cool did any school
benefiting you teaching that many kids

that much information make that she is
bound to be

all standardized engrossment now I’m not
false but

generally lowest-common-denominator

like a lil Rick in the back gotta
understand it so now we’re gonna dumb it


lula does not care how a fuck Ricky
that’s what I’m saying

get that mother fucker ask what we’re
glad they’re like super liberal schools

that you’d be down with

she’s in one well that is in a super

is her tight rope walking school happy

Columbus Day is called murders day shit
like that yeah

it’s got invader day again successful
invasion day

that she goes around accusing other kids
have supporting this

mass murder and then in high school and
stuff you discuss

continue sending to the liberal schools
yes as a as a teenager going to like

elementary school

classes no one is black keep it real but

keep it basic appearance then your
fifteen-year-old the first grade

I Billy Madison yeah i Lu you do
everything go great in two weeks

do mother fucker a your doctor is a
social experience

a scattered because they remember that
we’re getting that

I was trying to get a dog I as China
like foster died and had to call them

like emailed a mere

where they had a column to like
interview with him as a normal dude and

you’re like

Arctic yeah Yelp getting a dog is gonna
be so for a hacer is that like what it

is like to Georgia

babbitt kid I George you have a kid

solidly tell you a funny think about it
sure like to leave dewrani relied your

kid just for fun

now we have heard yeah Nike lighter
about all kinds to

he doesn’t mean all Navratri yeah but
about Santa

I yeah I like about senator are you
still i about that

yeah I mean those things right that I
mean I’d like normal paralyzed when I

like saying I later live as long as

yeah right when she got the first the
first time she comes to me I will never

argue the case

for sale distance the first two nice
just like someone sits and does not

really there right now share

I are really years have been Wow I

happy birthday a Louis Dee at her
birthday is Christmas I for gathered

this issue it is then assist

I could take this of course a

bank gases emitted by the others are
just as he presents right

yeah that’s why it’s like a little
easier on the ALA believed that are

18 that it is so sweet like I always
like saying like I my kids are gonna

believe in that shit and then like

I you locked in on my niece
six-years-old writing a letter to the

Tooth Fairy

my girl whom I to take that away but I
did I said you had the Tooth Fairy is

not real how would that hurt

so they are ready I mean like you
believe in berries in general

think I don’t know I had planned to come
to an end him

so you think that every time you lose a
tooth she gives you cash

and and how does that were there I would
really like a fairy have any other

being justice Rajiv I just a winged lady
that likes tea

our little local area above all the boys
little boys and girls

can you imagine a creepier powers would
be I

that tooth paths at its managed
imagining the 23 at home just like

at the end of the day throwing a bag a
loose baby teeth lead living

actually it’s not too very good you the
paper of the disease yeah but I’ll get a

back in the long run

you please also the iceman’s oh no the
National Futures

a you can trade that you could train

a we’re at a time on a note to tell you
do him I’ll a there no other letters

from strangers rapid-fire

I’ll quit rapid-fire let’s grab your
would just try to do is quick

by getting at here and I will let you
know the back okay right now

yeah then in effect minutes and we gonna
run BSB yeah

a I

rapid-fire takes a while then it the a

there’s a funny question but will do it
short a Guinean ministers de Re Mi

dude counterterrorist and third relax

to start a fuckin cool enough my humor
danger is my cell

had from out here the perhaps a

I hear from my daughter to introduce me
more min

up that you had that little everything

hit on somebody I had never hit on
anybody how can she sees that he had

never had a good thing is that would be
the santa clause that would be the Tooth


yes he does not believe in that which
does not exist i right the just a funny


polluting answer quickly in a guy’s name
Alex rights

a bitch is I got more than a sticky
situation on my hands

actually fuck is this guy sorry go ahead

actually at my private school is going
to a tropical country next month

only a handful of kids in a couple
teachers are going mostly the female

teachers at my school are hot as
absolute heck

fresh outta college and I love them for
it every guy going on the trip has a

crush on a certain teacher who is also

I’m done with school shortly after we
come home from this vacation

all the guys at school are constantly
hitting on the teachers

the teachers are insanely flirtatious
also so it’s kinda hard not to hit on


obviously we never tried to make a move
also the student-teacher relationship at

my school is

ace weaker seen each other and flirt
with each other

for comfortable talking about any given
subject where more than for were more

like friends and students

given this knowledge what do you think I
should do when I’m on this vacation

would be really fucking stupid to try
fucking my teacher

surgical say yes but I really want y’all
to imagine being in

my shoes for this one if you were a
horny senior in high school going to a

tropical country with a high young

would you really not try to fuck her if

it if you didn’t think I should make an
attempt at this how should I go about

doing this I want to do it in such a way

even if I realize there’s no chance in
France at fucking her

it won’t damage my relationship with her
also I want to get expelled or some shit

yours truly Allah hath back

should I like Alex a look at a fucking
porn school yeah

it’s the total you’re hot only flirt and
talk and all the guys are hot too and

then we go to Whole I

I it’s not as this is a rich people
actually live

yeah your leg rich in hot business if
you’re like he is laguna beach

yeah are likely to 23 and 19 Rawal hot

already paradise and then we’re gonna
actually go to Paradise but she was a

senior last year

yeah each year this year Shay I am

kidnaper I’ve been here Islamist sect
should I do

trip you’re always trying to fuck right
you know like

yeah if i’m too if i’m talking to a girl
that I’m trying to fuck

track there is no like turning it on our
offer like I’ma be chillin them I just

is and then I’m gonna try like this
always try and then maybe you will

I or pay or don’t try

and then you will and then you
definitely well another to the lessee

tried them are tracked you are

exactly by David and I think they’re
guys I

users alright only run on the beach and
we will get it

that’s maybe true but they’re good
they’re guys that are really good at

trying an acting like they’re not trying

the keel thats yeah I’m always trying
but I’m good at hiding it

I sent a magic yet stuffed up the ball
up but that’s what I suggested that the

tightrope walk it to be sure

as a try to fuck the teachers right by
the theater but this would be a little

bit passive about it don’t like

you know they had come back to my room
then it’s gonna be really weird but yeah

traded be headed out there yeah charming
stay up late

suggest breaking on tropical island
wreckage may be 18 Jahre might be able

to you

other yeah ago you are directing another
porn hahaa

yes we shouldn’t be doing is born this
is that yeah

oh my god but he finally dot com but
somebody bout that

dick talked about his favorite idea for
a porn website series

ID just jealous dial-a-porn yeah he
finally they did you have sex and then

you kill them

I Jesus Christ yeah that’s a completely
different genre

but it would probably be just as
lucrative early and we call that fuck me

finally and then

within 12 hours somebody purchased fuck
me finally dot com

get the pathfinder put our fighters on
it yet why it’s pretty funny you guys

can check it out here lay low debt free

well fuck me finally president do it

known as URL

nada I got it was snow in not okay not

hold on I wanted a sterner show it to
you like sensor

intercambio are my killed

to you bath done amazing thats milk on
your head

now I a new god I wish

we shoot your cum for milk show me mad

at 7 a.m. ugh I think I

the Act an announcement that go for it
why not and here’s your

why not mines they get a journal man
leisure sir

is made up talking book then you are so
much that p.m. and Alex and then you can

have sex with anybody wanna

including no one it seems like their
father it is that there’s no rules at

this beach

there a temptation island: right this’ll
it is not allowed to have a journal rofl

a very hey at like no

look I never dad are gonna be with
boyfriends like eight years from now

much like the shit outta i’mma i’mma
Patel his brother yeah

later protective brother stretch its I

measured love my love a sister bug in my
eyes this Tay only because my eyes Joey

this year I

I you know I love

I I’m a protective brother

I’ve always been that and so this fall’s
hand in hand it just like I mean I’m


act until what time she went time
Michigan a date what I hope reply 4


I have a lot of shit outta hand at any
time and any time today

the worst part is the first boyfriend
she has will be the ugliest person alive

a teenage boy who

yeah there have forms weirdoes and then
they’re gonna bring one both

they held a she 6 houses like governor

yeah now but he knocked her down a
bouncy house one time and I gave him a

look like

I’ll be shit at your dad well be the
shit at your dad your dad will let

I’ll slap that for executive ass this is
like that show the slap

you’re gonna slap a kid and it’s gonna
create a a part miniseries on NBC you’re

dying to hear that show

on a serious babe let’s talk about it
and with their manana

yeah she’s cool but anything you wanna

now you ash I I was never here

I it will return and he’s got I

George basil thanks for coming on a date
you’re happy and I’m

for more question if you want us to
answer your questions go to a fiery show

email us if I reject you like Tom for
every podcast episode

listen at a fiery show dot com this is
the only known

George unfortunately so far yeah he’ll
be back

yeah will always be back

and solely CSN 08 shit

the opening beams I’m and the clothes a
piece of crap

a close opening one was certainly makes
go up in this last one

was written by Samsung thanks Sam place
an xml-based

the best tight asses so guess no get yes
all right now

bad girls is a gashed and smoke shell in
the club like Jay with Sana

showdown Colin check out on a Thursday

we will legally in perhaps glad the best
cheese the cheese

step on yo para me on GE

they’ll give you advice she there’s no
need to say please

all right now Class A swipe ISE right
she light

I when ass a slight you say

right slight when I say

dad she’s wears on

what is good about show where gmail.com

kid give bob was

show a gmail chat she p

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