Episode 140: Australia


In this episode we discuss terrible girlfriends and our tour down under!

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our show please enter this episode and

things got real by and let’s try to show
you please

managing an American

think I got a problem

becoming greener on a burn you arianna

musalo on Monday Mondays know him real
than on

many the beach in the meantime yeah
you’re done


I would use oh you know your mom

and are you sure ground they will only

are you sure singin’ appears yes

I’m this mmm

Hannah I like that it was raw

real me the energy was true you’d be a
good music executive

I now what else you got so

we don’t think it has the sound I
there’s a certain sound were looking for

inexplicable to be sure and yet on have

I have a taxiway and it goes a

likes music is just like you’re about to
cry rate has had like I said I

years ago the route to cry and acting
like you’re about to fart I think under

the two things

user to like you’re really the it you
could say I love the

the earth I got a little bit about to
cry I love you

0 goes wild with your a dishonor saying

lowly I’m about to be among the press
the Bears lose my shit

I can only express it in a saw


doing yeah

at all after the city the car is a

over love song but despite Israel and
I’m whaling

well love songs is sometimes happy it’s
either Saturn happy

rate that’s when you write a song you
like I sad song her happy Sun

sad I’ll about to cry happy some others
that do

happiness never last but that

have his eyes are the saddest ones
because they’re people deluding myself

thinking that something’s good I’ve SEO

yeah I think happy songs are sad

I think sad songs are true people
finding joy breaks my heart

very often I that songs written by

I’ll they said at Sooyoung soo Young

and at norm the storm I arianna know
that you’re going to use this song

he does like the grounding hines yeah

he does any new you call that anybody
would call the shot

adhered very funny babe call the shot
got like a triple

take still pretty good I call that

now you call the home run I called that
I’d headed

and I called it in that direction at
about that the birds just like I

attended the

noon and I’m gonna call an intentional

you actually an interesting babe ruth
backed and I

he called several shots

lawyer and get one yeah he grounded out

his last night it that every single time

calling it for deep left yet and the one
time we did it

there’s also no video that just a
picture well as though it were any


he actually only called his shot 13 a

I I definitely made my part I

so what is this is a fire you delivered
I and II to

how did I relight the air right play
this is if I really only buys podcast on

the internet hosted by

us unamir and I’m babe ruth holy shit

but we’re coming to Australia for real
this time

don’t believe me I have I have dates

I specific got hard facts right now I
you want to pull him up

I and I done that already the shore of

course we should’ve year ago want I’m

yeah they loaded yet yeah now or should
I scrolling researching got it

got it okay here it is a drum roll

mean no of course Tuesday

the 9th June at the Gulf in Adelaide

the 10th June at the corner hotel in
Melbourne Melbourne

not born no brain now been now than

the 11th June Metro Theatre in CD in
theater nay

I hope there’s a deal that are 100 every
step aside

their credit cards are out ready to buy
tickets Friday

june thirteenth at the hi-fi in but is

is been Bryce Bainbridge Island Press

and Sunday Aug Bain gotta breasts really
and you

in there is bad The Dark Knight Returns
yelled at his son male was born

and name Sydney up Scopus joke yeah
Italy and rewind

Sunday the 14th have June at the Capitol
Theatre in Perth

five cities if you don’t live close to
anyone other citizen you’re so last year

I don’t know to tell you yeah I can
happily game 25 cities on

all like in all over the place and EJ
Norma circle around the entire continent

in a different hemisphere there’s a
great chance we will never go back to


yeah so don’t be like oh maybe I’ll go
next time

were flying 11,000 miles people Adelaide
Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth

links two tickets that are available on
sale right now

on our website a fiery show dot com that

those are gonna be fun yet as any a big

all ye the year we should say that
street is also coming yes

Isaiah doing stand-up and everything is
a live podcast

I love streeter yeah

ap three years best I’ll ran

also be there who I will also perform
with you

and then I’ll get to hang out with
streeter yeah

Marty fantasizing about well we’ll talk
about it do

working you when you’re gonna talk about
was treated at like movies and shows

that we’ve both seen

or maybe even things that have it by hey
have you seen the jinx and soon you’ll

say no idea you should check out

you fantasize about that i’d daydream
about it and then what about performing

doing a live podcast

with me it’ll be amazing to to purported
for Mr

Australian fans the company I haven’t
stage is irrelevant I

I love match its all imagine your
streeter al magid every person the

audience’s streeter in his underwear

well with that that really puts me at

and we’re gonna be hanging out a in
Melbourne before our tour in city after

which say that yet you wanna chill with
us yes I hit me up so even if you live

in the

States her if you live in Europe for
whatever come at least hang with us in


that the big ask already that’s a big

yet you know that it’ll be fun that’s
across if someone does it forward me the

play Tekkit

I’ll take you around with me a good for
you burned it

the a I take that back by the way and I
have no idea

are presented that’s a please do check
us out we’re coming to do with a live


five dates in Australia will pry talk
about it a lot more but this is the

official reveal

min i right should get started yeah the

well people are in sticky situation and

right as emails and ask for help and
here we offer

shower get started I we shall get
started I

bad %uh kohut iraq

we need a guy’s name streeter


hey guys I’ve been going out with my
girlfriend for four months now

refreshment in college and before me she
dated this guy in high school on and off

for three years

their friends now but over winter break
when he was drunk he told her he still

had feelings for her and that she should
dump me

she told him no I’ll and that they would
either be friends are yet to stop

speaking to her

so far not a problem but then since then

she’s been calling him kind often
usually whenever she’s upset

when I was drunk last week I confessed
how much it bother me she said that I

was being ridiculous

but she would tone it down then

today the first day of his site then
today the first day of spring break he

invited her to stay in his apartment for
a couple days so that she could quote

get outta the house a little

and she asked me if a and she asked me
if she could go

should I be concerned I don’t trust this
guy and I want to trust my girlfriend

but the whole thing just seems

of what should I do think streeter mmm

name is is in when this first
relationships this is where

we’ve talked about it before he’s giving
if you’re there to give her too much

Lakme usually talk about like a guy
being too jealous

like relax you can talk to other guys
let the tears of

uydess when your your first relationship
you don’t necessarily know the dorms

you know the rules I think its sometimes
dangerous to trust your instincts

because we’re instinctual

officially a little jealous right by
your things in this case you’re very


I think this is an absurd ask I think
this is

as its it’s strange its own cool with

has a grounds for termination I E

if I had a girlfriend and she asked me
if she could go stay with her


just to get away is to get I would say
of course you can

sure go and you can do whatever you want
because we are no longer together

yeah it’s going well you can literally
your free agent now

you can get a there you don’t even have
to come back with Malu Act provisions

you cheer that have to do

like that use you can do it but what are
the consequences that you

will that you offer a click OK have
course you

you could do that and one other thing

that I’ve I’ll do if you do that is that
I will be with you anymore you can

disallow things be you can just say

quite frankly if you do that I don’t
want to be here on the other end

you can make your rules yes so if she
sleeps over her ex’s house

that’s a no no that the yeah that a3

right yeah I also like I don’t trust
this guy of course you’re just like I

would just be girl

this I she calls which is upset jim
that’s not okay you don’t have to leap

over South

an ex-boyfriend confidante yeah I just
can’t talk to you about it up though

you talk to me when you’re upset and you

sleep over my place if you need to get
out your house no I really trust

Harvin hmm she does have a sick day I’m

what it could should he say that he she
can do it as long as she puts her ass

and do it

a you could do it put your ass into it
what do you mean

I could do a picture know it she said
you could do a picture back into it

I could do a project ass into it yet the

anyway we’re breaking out alright year I
LL Cool J

felt like he couldn’t really do it
unless she put her ass into and I

wholeheartedly agree a beautiful song
sex the sex is sort of like a mutual

it then it you need both peoples energy
working towards one goal

other simultaneous orgasm I think that’s
what lol as saying

well so yeah I’m not just gonna like
ruble pounded

like you’re not into it like you gotta
be like growing up images like well I’m

a grown up on you but you gotta like

go out and he’s like I may do that for
us analyzing really regretted the

like you can just lay there your

and neither can the lady I guess you

well yeah you could be there with a very
enjoyable experience and I think that’s

what lol is really getting at

oh and it’s about the duopoly a man if
if if if a

we’re really bad music execs

ok is this song about the duopoly

it I guess is mostly about grinding
against my dick

sure um so

breakup yeah breakup not

a I don’t I don’t approve I think

I don’t know I’m also I’m a little this
will drive me so the wrong way

yeah I had to stay if I had as they I
would want my

girlfriend to you on her own accord

reject the offer upscale Better Boy
contracts without the head feels like an

empty gesture

like I don’t know I don’t think that
like I just but I mind that you even

want to

i buy but you think it’s a good alright
I won’t do it then

because I said that well just I feel
like he sorta

I’ll have that hanging over me the whole
time when I’m at his house so the one

reason that you don’t wanna sleep over
your boy tonight I’ll be at I think you

right now because you don’t have
feelings for every think it’s a good

idea I just wanna get out

i jus wanna get out I don’t I called
when I was upset the other day and he

let you are just get out get away

yea this is over real over

she can’t like another guy this much and
you at the same time right let’s keep

with the theme of

kinda bad girl friends it’s rare
gradually guys are bad but for that was


a we need another name can I suggest
crocodile dundee

a shower I was gonna suggest John which
is traders mill name but

organ renee is really quickly if we do
that Snell’s

streetart John mister side sorry t-bird

okay so John there you go I

John right back about the Dededo his

got it right the business to that will
save for the next one

hey guys so my girlfriend came and went

I’m 23 now and my girlfriend and I
dating for a year and a half

have had made plans to go out and have
dinner right after I finished work which

was at 6:30 p.m.

from the morning to the time I got off
work she said she was going to spend the

day with her grandmother and sister
watching a movie in going shopping for a

gift for me

then meet me just as I got off work this
was fine and all but

what came after was the real problem as
soon as I got off work she called me to

tell me that her grandmother her sister
and herself

are getting a tattoo together she then
tells me to meet up with them but I

declined because I don’t wanna spend my
time my birthday time at a tattoo shop

plus hanging out with her grandmother
and sister isn’t exactly the most fun

thing to do

she apologizes she apologizes and says
that she will be at home as soon as


and that we can just watch a movie at
home and spend the remainder the night


even though I was still pissed about her
completely abandoning our plans

I agreed to do that I go home in hours
go by and i still havent heard from her

at all

11:30 p.m. rolls around and it’s been
five hours from when she said she would

be home soon

tired from work and tired of waiting and
decide to give up and go to bed

soon after that she shows up drunk which
pushed me over board

if she would have said something sorry
if she would have said she was going to

pull this stunt

I could have had spent I could have
spent time with my friends but instead I

was left to spend my birthday alone

would you don’t find this to be a major
problem moving forward in the


of course there will be several more
birthdays to celebrate but to me just

felt like

shouldn’t care one bit to follow through
with our plans

fans is a something worth breaking up
over or is it honestly not that big a


thanks love John mean johnnie boulet

what do you think its it’s interesting
’cause like

I like their pride myself on not caring
like if

a girlfriend and give me a gift it would
break my heart red

but then like the next up is like she
wants to take me out for my birthday

instead she got drunk with her
grandmother got at 20 it

I at I think the hard thing I’m
grappling with like

a tad too with your grandma’s if the guy
I would really support that activity

yeah it’s too bad that it happened on
his birthday when she was like actively

promising im

they were gonna hang out and add I mean
how cool you interviewed by a media

how cool can you be really like that
doesn’t bother me

that doesn’t bother me all right that
doesn’t others like and now I spent home

alone while you got drug your
grandmother getting a tattoo under my


yeah and on my dime I think I would
break up with that

I they should be very very uncaring we
need a break up gone

their delight and survey says with it
error with the

would we ever not during the break up
going well I think this might have for

me acting like this is

in between not caring and breaking up
like you can just say

hey that’s not a good thing year I feel
like I’ve giving you a very lenient

leash and you’ve taken advantage of it
right and now like

I hate to like say that you have to
spend time with me

but it was bad that you didn’t on my
birthday and you let me

high and dry and I fell asleep alone on
my birthday be as you get out your


and then let’s see what if she’s like oh
my god I’m so sorry right or if she’s


I don’t think that’s a big deal yeah all
you can ever do

is tell the person how it how something
made you feel

yeah and the way they do with the
information yeah

and then Mike based on her reaction I
guess that’s when you decide to break up

so you say I felt very abandoned and sad

and hurt by what you did schorr and she
there’s there’s

I’m so sorry it’ll never happen again or
she says

your we talking about

way out got drunk with my gram Gramp

are you really gonna be like this I’ll
get you a gift later it’s just a


he was a good guy only been together for
a year and a half isn’t

this then your first birthday there’s a
50 percent chance

second II did the probability my head
while you’re talking

yeah because there’s a chance you know
that within the first six months the

relationship the birthday was happening
in that happier

gear take a leap year if it’s a year and
a half

so let’s say the birth is between
January in the end of June

and made got together in January now to
the end of June so there’s a 50 percent

chance that birthday

what happened in the first half of the
year you and this will be the second

with me just got

but we just got the email service this
happened like a couple weeks the other

is that the

the day well according to the email
they’ve been together for a year and a


rate so if the indeed exactly 18 months

and there’s a 50 percent chance that
this is the second birthday I literally

I still look at it and about it close
understanding so when’s your birthday

august fifth okay I definitely started
dating someone January 1st

and now it’s the end of June you love

only celebrate your birthday once right
I in for birthdays

their my birthday is January 18th I’ll
we would have celebrated it twice

and what’s the difference between my
birthing years in terms are celebrating


is that mine occurred in the first half
the year and what’s the probability of

my birthday happening in the first take
a look at it

I this is because the tutoring

ever really don’t get it but here’s my

his didn’t this birthday just happen

so we can all use when his birthday it’s
sir let their birthday at let’s say that

the email came today

and its march 9th today okay there

used still a 50 percent chance that they
were together

aka over fifty year and a half all
you’re saying since the birth is

happening right now

then it’s probably then they would be
the second

time they celebrate the birthday it
would be the second yet have to be the

second time

a good call the you’re correct and let’s
not be mad that is when a

BA at this has to be the second half but
I i will

that happen

could I was they will look at this
birthday now in the bike doesn’t have to

be that there was only one

but I i hear I stupidly got you too

by the mark thing because they didn’t
sit right with me rights let’s go

if it’s your birthday now and you have
the over 18 months then this has to be

our second birthday

alright I told the press point they
needed to make from that

but I think it was just that like I is
like if it suffered first birthday

and cheese she said a up a pretty bad
precedent right but it’s the second one

maybe she’s

just be like oh they’re like less
important we’d I mean

a year had a long time like past the
high but you know to be funny

is I’m sorry done I just thought oh
honey fair

do you guys still going at home right
fucking watching The Daily Show getting


really no.i the girls not texting back
knock on the door

she smashed and he’s like are my cup I’m
so fucking frustrated

and then the girls like Graham sister

check this out revealed had to use happy
birthday John

I he cared he started feeling like oh my
god I was so mad but

wow what a gesture and be like
everything is good now

would you rather be pretty value-free
book blogger

you well if she was at least late doing
something really really know is that was

her gift yeah

so the gramm I got happy she got
birthday and the sister got John are

clear enough

why yeah for its like grandma got
birthday he ask us even a dicey for

everything that is going to be happy

I John is anything but happy about what
is happening it’s an ironic that to be


a so go for the honesty

and say that didn’t sit well with me and
see how she reacts she’s like patton

thats you’re overreacting right I got a
child can’t add to it my grandma

chill I could you do that any day this
was at my birthday

I who’s who to wade decision that you
made but at the same time she does wanna

let her grandmother down

yeah I don’t know I don’t know what I
would do in that situation she did

invite him to the tattoo parlor

I’ll holy shit were on her

we’re on to Grandma now

lie I think I think she fucked up but I
don’t I get is not grounds for immediate

term at its ground for an immediate
discussion yeah for sure

and then based on the discussion we can
take things accordingly a follow-up up

please help others now

needless revision let us know that the
tab to says

yeah also check your mouth on 50 percent

I’d love to get someone even smarter
than me to figure it out

a.m. I think we got to the bottom a bit

good at obliges the second birthday
together I wanted to a coma

guaranteed a unless he was born on a
leap year now February I

but okay the

I don’t know 0 shit another a girlfriend

great this is this illegal for desert
Bowman is silly shitty

but not so I don’t be afraid to go but
the big city we not to be diplomatic all

the time but this one out in up this one

okay well let’s find out name

mister side I mmm

nice I think that they can follow a
surprise says that thing went down the

other day with my gf

we’ve been going out for nearly three
months and things have been amazing

she’s a perfect match for me and I’ve
never been happier other because we

don’t see each other much

out at the Uni we haven’t had the chance
to be real with each other

and connect on an emotional level which
is something I’m really looking forward


regardless we get along great when we’re
together and text all the time

however my problem is this we were
studying and joking around the other day

and I said that she reminded me of a
combination Alison Brie and Zoe de


this was just meant to be a bit of
harmless fun and a very prestigious

compliment from my point of view but I
think she took it the wrong way

she looked at me in a strange way wasn’t
very talkative after

what did I do wrong do girls not like to
be compared to other girls especially


has this ever happened to you guys how
can I make it right thanks mister Sidell

mmm yeah this is a she’s naturally now

she’s not I mean I’d is that like
there’s something I know something weird

happened but when she’s upset about I
think she’s upset about that that’s not

the case

you think that she’s upset the back by
the couplet I think certainly something

else may be going on

well the way to show a lot about when in
my experience when

I a girl gets upset and I think I know

you’re wrong almost all the time donato
never you never read literally like they


so differently right I think the really
not know why I’m mad

add I A do yet

i’d it its like a cop said you know I
pulled you over you don’t want to admit

like some other

like yeah after fit if you have a pretty
a share your tail lights out for you

were speaking to you

damnit back double the tech energy tell
me why you’re mad at me police officer

is a collaborative unpaid tickets you
know the wire should be right in the car

you look like Robert Patrick haha a but
let’s just say this is true

entered this girl got mad because is
probably from compared to other


I can commiserate with this to some
extent I don’t know if this is a good

thing but I constantly see look-alikes
that people know will or will not agree


rally others that person looks like this
that person’s a bizarre this

I do that a lot true or false you did
all the time yeah

actors regular people whatever so when I
see a girl

Mike 00 she looks like a she kinda looks

um I’ll say like alone you kinda look
like John F Kennedy

Angeles Calif like John F Kennedy will
and some and sometimes like %uh this

girl looks like Gwyneth Paltrow

and I don’t mean she’s at as attractive
as one or the other

like don’t take the good thing as a
compliment or the ugly thing as an


rate at you just you look you really do
look like that person a reasonable idea

and a girl she looks like JFK would be
pretty damn I know but now I’m not

whether john is a is you can be hot and
look like someone

ugly and you can be ugly and look like
someone hot my brother’s friend wants

that everybody has a nick nolte into
Gary beauty

there’s an ugly version celebrity of me
and then there’s an attractive celebrity

at me through the

three point and it doesn’t mean that I’m
ugly as the ugly celebrity or as hot as


attractive celebrity day and that’s

I’ve had this conversation with girls
bending upset they’re like you shouldn’t

you told me I look but what I mean yeah
I was at work who did you tell it like

to take a half day

this is an example a black bag I but I
think people look a lot like people

it I don’t know where

is there a time in your life when that
somebody got upset with you for yes

yes I can remember specific time but I’m
always like you know you look like

this person and they take it the wrong
way yeah I like I’ll I don’t think she’s


like I don’t fucking care she’s a
tractor or not I just think

if I took my glasses of you guys would
resemble each other and if they are

attractive then and that would be it

and as the other personal get mad about
that like oh I don’t think I look like

ginger from Gilligan’s Island I guess
this you should she was kinda hot also

not saying that you’re hot I’m just
saying that you wish I could have had an

argument are not even argue it just like

a weird little thing that you move right
past though like I don’t think this is

a birthday or a talkie to an axe thing

right you look like al-sabri needs only
to Chanel

to an attractive lady okay whatever in a
and then you don’t be like

hey what’s up I just like I said the
wrong thing

and that by red with his vine they’re

why are you mad at me for not bad you
just like okay

that I don’t talk about that that bad I
believe that you can do that you could

just be like

we’re not gonna talk about this IAP this
is sorta also attended but

I’d entirely people say this
relationship is perfect

everything’s great it’s been three
months that we don’t know each other and

here’s the first bad thing that happened
is not good then goodnight

rate it’s just the right thing to do it
because %uh the bad happen

not perfect you’re also not only like
you don’t know our I

it so quick to three months like

we’ve been together for three amazing
week’s and nothing that has happened so


except for those pretty big blow-up yeah
like those pitchers pitching a perfect

game but there was a reason home run

so it’s not a perfect game there’s a
little stumbling block it’s what the

pitcher pitching a perfect game but he
hit seven batters and walked in

by Brad Fittler no hitter at least at
the very least an hour down four yeah

it’s not twenty-seven up 27 down I
assure you

and here’s another thing in can you
apologize for something you don’t feel

bad about

I think you can because you are sorry
for the way

a something made to be feel

you let your nuts his twin say like I’m
sorry I realize that I shouldn’t be dry

comparisons if you think that’s fine

but you would say I’m sorry that my a

made you feel bad that wasn’t my
intended in which has a it what is it

they say you never wanna like

put billions on but that that the parade
philly cheese said that she’s

upset c-usa I’m sorry that was I did
caused you to feel

anyway and that’s not what I wanted at
all even though I don’t think that was

highest for you wouldn’t at

that and said that’s you can’t you keep
that your heart

and you know that I’d ever admitted
people like that’s good for you say

in my heart shot at the belt but you
don’t think that I’m glad I say

I did you feel this way it was wrong

I of course eyed bitch I meant to say
something that made you smile

yeah knowing that you don’t like to be
compared to people going forward

I want to that your own beautiful
amazing person and then

if it helps you can say the first part
to yourself see you mouth has little


yeah I me new part I admit no-fault

I’m sorry with how you felt I’m not
saying that I’m Ron however

under inhaled all I’m really really
sorry about

everything it and I i shouldn’t have
made you feel

inadequate I

euros is staring at him wondering why it

good idea to be in this relationship the

I think for me I might not even ever
bring it up again

there’s that there’s such in major
chance that use like

stressed out about it at her test that
you as a study for that she had a long

day that like a million things are going

on in her head and she doesn’t even
realize that she brushed off the

compliment but just that it didn’t
resonate with her so she didn’t smile

react like you thought you might

so the end is that so wrong

haha chick Steve I sware

I have one more check gets mad at me I’m
gonna be

I think upset you told the audition else
you reminded you

Alice re I told Alison Brie she reminded
me of brie cheese and she got so upset

I once told a girl she look like a
sandwich with two hours on top

and they got mad at me

why I don’t know all her face looked
like a bologna sandwich you unless you

realize that look like

JFK after he was a fast I ok can I was
fun yeah

especially when she moved her head back
into a lot

II let’s take a break and we’ll be back

with more love your requests this is

vans in the paint and then add mmm

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cuz I Drake himself says I never put
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let’s go back to the apt hollow out

I dating Australia will be more like
Canada or

England Canada a whirl as we go we’re

do you think Australia will be more like

or Anglin what is England Alex survey

French Canada out thinking being

Ron damn air I did we only did the

we’ve been to Toronto invented rhino and

Montreal in trouble with the video show
much job we’ve never done a podcast in

Toronto or Montreal

okay the been there adjust everything is
similar but a little bit different

yeah I guess that’s I sorta feel like
Australia will feel more like

Britain because people have accents
they’re yes

that’s cool that’s exciting I think
it’ll be really fun I

never been just really I never thought I
would get the opportunity to go to


true nobody in my family has ever been
to Australia might be there

I mean yeah my brother did a year abroad
there and your dad is Australia’s for

show our

I but this say that he was there

would be a true so

does strike my comment from the record a

every city is going to be an insane
party me yeah

it really well do we realize we should
focus just a little

little bit and performing in making the
show’s I wanna

I wanna blackout in Perth and wake up in
Adelaide on cadets yeah

I if you guys are listening we at these
shows were also will be looking for

Molly well coke lol at all

absolutely not decided that fucked up
after the show

and I’ll be drinking and stuff during
and right you wanna go on a five-day



in which ed in the middle love which
will be recording podcast think I

deserve it

cuz I’m getting paid and I’m getting a
free vacation and I’m getting to perform

so I should also be allowed to get
fucked up

well fucking dare you okay I think

I’m gonna a

early to bed every night anything with
Australia’s everything’s little wacky

sat on the 22 hour day system over there

the line is that gap is that you our

now yeah I that’s true ir 22

no yep I don’t believe you yeah Valerio

height its month right now it’s at in LA
it’s Monday 4:43 p.m.

yeah in Australia its next Thursday
every thirty-third

a new years 2013 the through

I can’t be amazing police yet

but go to a parallel universe

so to get that you actually do a virgin

ira Qantas airline through a wormhole
arm I got to Australia and you’ll and

upside down yeah

you land on the ceiling her and then you
get out what you put another shrimp on

the barbie

good shrimp on the barbie you can go

i hook I good no

like there’s a warrant out for your
arrest you actually can travel abroad


and your password is a giant hole
through it yeah yeah I’m just two were


a a alright should we get to that one
last question

when a man on earth

this wine is about to do not about a

potentially should a girlfriend cool can
we get one last dudes

name channel but on a per se

had no way banks but was that they were
used to call

Street Street me Street me was

what the everybody else call them
straighter Isaac are a striker

Straker striker I’ve been going to this
weird stage in my life

right Straker where I just don’t trust
anyone anymore

have had a weird string of bad things
happening to me lately car crashes

getting into fist fights getting
arrested brayton things dodgy sales and

a whole lot more the thing is none of
these things were my fault but someone


and hell happened because I put my trust
into someone I thought I can trust

now recently I’ve been going out to the
clubs and drinking and shit

China tray shooting at a club toilet not
fun at all

the crew is I really like a challenger
picking up woman so I’m always the first

to down a few shooters schooners and go
on the prowl getting fucking mortal with

a butte

Sheila and then head back to work

wall to finish the night and I used to
be really good at it

as well up until my most recent lapse
have trust

you see most the time when I’m on my
game the night ends in her bed or at


a taxi blow J but now I’m so nervous I
think that if I accidentally get a crazy


then she might actually bite my deck of
which is insane over me I know or

anyways this is seriously throwing me
off my game

not only do I want my cock still
attached to my body but i just want to

trust people some more

I need your advice on how to get over my
trust issues

or at the very least make sure that I
don’t get picked up by an ex caped crazy


please Jake and Amir you’re my only hope
by the way I am really looking for sure

Australian shown there in like 10 people

a perfect no but in Perth

I that’s why I couldn’t read a lot at
this questions

I don’t know I don’t know in Australia
this insane yeah

yes it’s funny that if I just read the
last sentence I really a trust issues

you wouldn’t assume it’s because he’s
been getting so many blowjobs but now he

doesn’t trust the blow job because he’s
been getting into fights and he is

afraid that a girl old cut by Tuesday

the body is like this in her email could

it kids a you know tightened up to one

yeah I’m afraid a girl’s gonna bite my
dick of what she blows me

thoughts that’s soul I have the exact
same pier

yeah really quick I do oh yeah it would
not be like

never to the point where it’s like

she’s I’m not gonna do it right crosses
my mind you know like it’s a pretty bold

herbal situation to be in

yeah she’s right at the time being to it
it is

always got the urge to close door

is she got the urgency want some cash be

she could pick it could take me for a
ride sheik who would go swoop

measures of cleanup video yeah I bennett
swallow it

heard swallow your load average well
which only a

oh yes will do that I’m you

but warns that who are you so no

I you no no I don’t really think they’re
all girls are gonna play by Declan of


well yeah I don’t know that much the Y Y
three hour I’ve got trust issues mostly

I don’t trust a girl with my cock in her

that’s the 0.00 no gold for me I’m

so I’ll pass on the blow job it was to
say that we’re not sleeping next to each

other should take a butter knife which I
got a job

the really old rather than 8000 true
crazy person can get screen is off no

matter where you are

alright you are you making out with a
girl the club all the sudden she got a

couple friends

hold the right up against loss yet to

the got damn dude a

in it is the heir to take it is a public

how do I got imagine a Velcro sacher
marbles to a wall there to get away

how many pounds of pressure would it
take the red brick cleaning ok I never

perverted pin ya the game I where the
prize is your blood

they’re wrapping it up in like a bag of
peanuts I

also I take issue with him saying none
if it’s been my fault if you’re getting

into fights and breaking things

you have to take some responsibility
here as I think you might be a little

bit destructive

a string a bad luck resulting only and
other people’s faults

I’ve been allies weird string a bad luck
and people keep punching me in the head

come on buddy I can’t quite tell why
yeah like

based on him saying other people have
been bringing me bad luck and there you

openly admit to miss three women at Club

some love it deserved this is a hot the
hash tag a hot person problem

this guy so good to get laid he get a
taxi blow Jay that is

that is consolation prize that he had
met him not squarely at his strikeout

the coolest thing that can happen

I think you just have to run the run the

assuming that most girls don’t wanna buy
to pee in his heart that sounds like

every bad thing

you’re somebody at like okay I wanted I
bet like also it’s really hard to do


the Act like it after really you’d
almost have to like

it can be your own Josh Trank you have

and yet like really I are in the only
are likelier

all and land and let the gravity just
push their lower John Deere

I think your like its illnesses

it somebody starts really trying to bite
your dick off just box there years

skiers you know just like apparently no
stoppin in like her and then

box their ears I think our self-defense


I look for only this guy

II my religion is that I wouldn’t worry
about it

I don’t think we’ll try to buy pizza yet
just try to be like

asleep have like a little tiny beta

I care to join with people are going
home with it they seem like

there even a slight risk for biting your
peers of doubt I bet the vast majority

of people you’ll feel like

won’t bite it off year or liked what I
tell it like to tell myself in

term and when things are long shots like
how many blowjobs happen without the

penis getting bit of

one in a million and it’s like you think
your you think you’re that big a deal

that the one in a million gonna happen
to me as I think that with a plane crash

yeah exactly how I

another thing is like Kia this beer is
completely insane

for sure but it may be kinda good
because I

a fear he could really have is getting

YUM so yeah if you’re if your penis
balling of is like sorta

rooted in the reality I love somebody
could give you

I genital herpes our committee a yeah
and that your penis wall

hurt a lot and look deformed so it’s
good to have this irrational fear

right because it sort of gives you real
fear am

and yeah I try to know the people that
are blowing you a little bit

this is Ben J curve spit you

its BN a 40-minute speech I should like
take some credit safe-sex course

yeahh I won’t let me be clear I will not

I will not take a course but at the end
of the day I should take

scores is as big a car with take moma’s

peace out i right that attack bonus
Thursday absurd is over

if you have your own questions your own
theme songs emissions we start and and

every episode

with the new original theme song written
by our fans that first one

was written by soon young J

being and this last one is written by
David ho in a to Karen ok cover

a everything send it over to a fire you

at gmail dot com will be back on Monday

Monday Monday

thanks for listening as my are




I’m J








I’ll be 29er

lie down she’ll July






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