Episode 143: Spelling Bee


In this episode we discuss tidy rooms, burner phones, and maneuverability.

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episode was so fun to record

because I like having a podcast enjoy
things got real

if filing

bottler you Island tional

starts now

I holiday /url AL

our hey there hot try to break up that
is I’ll

I’ll all I

is now a good you’ll see signs straight
up Brega holder miss the London

miss the lover has the love Poor’s

good how are you

I’ll would growl I would clean up to a
half hour yukio

I hote hote hote ho ya you gotta earn is
the big hug

polyethylene how are you

colony huh

damn that was by us

a I did the remix when we made that one

doesn’t count as I recall the used our
voices its rarity Turk all these like

really quick the seemingly

bad music things that we did and put
them together into something really bad

I live too bad things coming together

a big ups from London says the National
made that

things the nurse I did they were so bad
I thought I was actually pretty chill

what he did was he made a salad at the
vegetables we grew

right we had brian vegetable yes and he
made a somewhat

palatable salad yeah how do I edit food

you know however did address the deficit
you did that that that the beats are

I’ll beats

we have to go had left my

I’ll ever hungry agree to the mic rape i
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good luck beating that that was eighties

it was eighty you see that was like a
the beginning to look at BHS

Lake weird found was a little sloppy
base salary back

about pamper ballot compound bow rail

and and and I’d rather have the three
other did that

we should do one episode that’s just us

saying rhymes doing music that way like

it’ll give them enough stuff to go for
it nablus that offers the Nets yeah

it’ll be called episode an upright 1,080

is in ashes at and you they will get abs
or 2000

how big will die before a

her go ahead have

I don’t know the your premise and I have

a a movie like in five years if any
other calcium i 38th birthday

now not be greater interesting I called

as a her is it the way we see

Louise saved it was also bad it Sinai
great interesting now third that

offensive whose trades say

know you did the yeah other all the year

year year

synonyms are just also neutral to good

you wanna is say it was the author
Elizabeth will I did solve my only sue

to recover data plan

see recovery rather jam band this is a
fire you the only buys podcast on the

internet that we host

I’m logic I I’m chaos

I you

to welcome to the future and welcome to
the never knew what this sector

Apple Logic and I’m chaos are gay
wrestling and its

up lie that the b-day

because no one is dead kids every time
we play

hits are like the peoples elbow except
when I R

drop over your body I hope all doubt it
is that it hurt you I kiss you

yeah other people’s lips here it goes

oh they care its the

I’m so how does this podcast work we
answer emails from people

a who are in difficult places in their
lives they send us an email to if I were

you show at gmail dot com

and then we’ll read these questions
record our answers

uploaded to the Internet and then people
downloaded either be a iTunes obras glad

that you’re

over you can also stream it Logitech I

do are you guys are picking up a table
this is crazy

chaos lithium I’ll write you want to get
to the first

a.m. first question yeah let’s do it

numero uno you guys name crocodile

I all very good at play here we should
say we are going to Australia

yes the to the tickets are now
officially on sale

right you can purchase them that we will
be in Sydney

up courtly will be in Melbourne will be
in Adelaide and all I got that a


husband him


but the people over screamin war

like if there’s bullets are you ever
like for bowling

da 0 yeah I can’t work for me

Saving Private Ryan yeah I’m that
everybody is this over row like

just cuz you’re a soldier doesn’t mean
you’re not scared of bullets yet will I

think it

I think it does your hero at that point
%uh see you on your fear death in the

world i do.

I guess no I think they

will I can only speak with some
authority collided

a single tour in Vietnam absolutely deny
her dad

you know you did you did a the student
or yeah I did a biking to order pizza

and beer 30 min city

yes I didn’t go there well as a slut
with the

Vietnamese War the also far high at all
once or twice

so I feel like I had a lot of pretty big
Vietnam experience

like when I like the day they did
trainee where they hear bullets

adds up a lot so you’re not like I don’t
be have these measures as

I don’t think you can ever really don’t
know but I think it’s that late

it’s not like just all the sudden guns
blazing here in the backyard yeah baby


with you scream in a high pitched voice
if a gun if somebody there is just like

guns going off rare

had no idea like law I

I a good loser

I really really bad Yairi yeah down

get down dude let me talk India to you
do you go i to live

and it is for that I would die yeah I
want you to die before the thousandth

episode but not

this early the I

so like in which we’ll try to get out
there has I want major box money intel

has stirred $8.99

at growth with traffic a

i right this question cousin crocodile

hey Jake and Amir love the show I would
love for you guys to get your own show


I know you don’t usually answer
questions from nice guys but I’m really

hoping I’ll make an exception

my girlfriend them over a year and a
half broke up with me this Valentine’s

Day because I become emotionally

a family friend recently

to an apparently me being sad was too
much for my ex to handle

I later found out that my ex girlfriend
had been cheating on me with one of my

supervisors at work

anyways onto my question I recently got
tender and began swiping right

eventually I met this really great girl
named Holly and we’ve been on a few

dates since we began talking

things are going great but I want to
lock her down would it be weird to ask

her to be exclusive

but not boyfriend and girlfriend quite
yet I feel like things are going great

but I’m not quite sure how to act end

after being reamed by my axe to make
labor bit shady right now I have to see

my axe and supervisor every day at work

also if you have time my supervisor is
now giving me especially dangerous

positions in jobs to do at work

besides quitting what can I do about
this I work security at metal and raves


thanks crocodile dundee

E East if our where Perth you gonna need
a not a haha nice of the of the RD

you only %uh the RV RV only high quality

I V I quit I said fuck

now I’ve gotta go on and the seller’s

those old gold occur if it’s your do it
back I V

it other number use scare it years ago

trance but I think I’ll see all the

only I and they have a soccer chant

at the very least it’s a pro Australia
check the very most it’s from the man


yeah lead ziggy sake oil a

and cell seems like this guy’s not quite
over his ex yet ya

will also were be is a the bus even
dangerous jobs

yeah all its not focus on that likely at
prime about the Spurs question would it

be weird to ask you to be exclusive but
not boyfriend and girlfriend quite yet

no that’s fine

is it days as they I are you sleep with
other people

images that as yes or no and then

Kasab you are in the newsday I I E

am NOT and then I know you these leaders
but I do wanna

do when your boyfriend/girlfriend I mean
basically I don’t but I don’t think that

you have to be like

I’m not going to sleep with somebody
else so I’m definitely not your


personally i think thats really dumb

it seems like that’s what boyfriend and
girlfriend mean

like drugs you define the relationship
you can sleep with other people

it is likely that you can sleep with
other people rate I’m not your boyfriend


so like why I don’t understand what he
wants yeah

I think it is does it isit’s he got
reamed real hard he doesn’t wanna be

like moving too fast is one day I have a

that I feel responsible for and I feel
like I have to

support emotionally and physically that
I think if you don’t want that you can


be exclusive yeah cuz then you’re then
you’re not giving a person a boyfriend

or the opportunity to meet

other boyfriend s can I put you wanna
yellow I don’t really like it

you are asking to keep somebody in limbo
and you doing that browser think that

you could say like hey I wanna have like
an exclusive relationship

and like move towards becoming I are

I nice healthy couple I’ve got trust
issues that work out but I think you’re

really great

but I don’t understand others like
labeling thing like 20 you become a

boyfriend and girlfriend purses

people who were dating verses exclusive
versus not like the up to define it Rd

just have

d just see someone until you naturally
one day be like oh yeah

here’s my girlfriend I was like
negotiating a contract there’s like

how does this person to deal with that
rights alike you might be dating any

girl and she’s like

I want to be exclusive but i wanna be
like boyfriend girlfriend cuz I want to

introduce you to my friends

this set this early on introducing my
family attorney I do with boyfriend but

like you know we’re on this path and its
other people might feel

closer to use like if we’re gonna say
we’re exclusive ensure were boyfriend

girlfriend doesn’t really

right but I think that like people exist
on the spectrum and when you’re in a

relationship yet to dislike

talk and see where you guys can

where where the middle ground is do you
ever have talks like that

I and my girlfriend officially I think

as I’ve gotten older those talks have
just like

dissipated and Lake if I get closer to
somebody that I

pretty much know she’s sleeping with
other people are not because you see

them almost every death suddenly I’m
seeing you all the time in like

were texting so I know when you’re like
not and now

I at this point I would never want to
have a talk that was like

were boyfriend and girlfriend now that’s
for exclusivity

I think I’ll probably say like are you
sleeping with any but by what i don’t

wanna sleep with anybody I only want to
be with you

and to me saying something like that to
somebody is saying I want you to be my

girlfriend right

it seems like it’s the same thing to me
but I also think just to go to our next

section of this question

doesn’t seem like he’s over his last
girlfriend quite so much

considering as the email about this
current girlfriend

is mostly about it ex-girlfriend Yahoo
just begins with a paragraph about her

and then it goes back to her also I keep
on seeing my ex in this supervisor also

is making my life shitty

seems like he’s not I don’t know yet up
legal that you need to have a girlfriend

at all right now

you might as well just keep dating this
girl also stuff under freeman

you don’t have to lock her down locker
down also seems like a negative thing

definitely a big it look at listen to
that Lakewood Lockard

down I don’t to be there in this got you
are though cuz you that he does sound


kinda nice yes her well a

he’s her dessert is there he might even
I don’t wanna go so far as to their body

might be butthurt

think you got butt hurt by his by
exactly yeah

soul just be single for a while

chill a stop worrying about your act
stop worrying about the soups

and if they do want to be exclusive then
you are boyfriend and girlfriend


and if you’re not comfortable with the
dangers positions you ever worked on

your supervisor’s supervisor

what is the dangers position Adam
security at the tech security at a medal

and rave show always

already seems danger the middle love the
marsh pit you make me than I i

with an eye for the March storm so
basically those guys will this revolves

around you

and if anyone hits you are stabs the oh
yeah decided yet at

good the nurse or ever done and we know
that bad is rockin out harbored

so let us know if you break a red that
way they’re not breaking each other’s


you’re more or less a scarecrow tonight

who were who wants to work the door a

alright but that the ant good

will never think about this guy ever
again is alright

number two it is credit

dark yeah dark a true bleak

a which city in Australia do you think
will be the most fun

hmm through the question I don’t wanna
alienate anybody of course

I’ll where would bite you first know

and yet but I think are for shows not in

are for shows in Adelaide how is it yeah
and actually

I do believe that Adelaide

was on the fifty two places to visit and

the New York Times list this year oshit
it was either

at a later Mel Bourne we’re gonna find
out yeah and will let you know New York


I miss at the Olive my guess I’m really
excited for the places that we have the

longest amount of time in

yes our Melbourne and Sydney

ray then like there’s a lot more success
because I don’t know anything about


right now there’s a lot of people
listening in Perth yeah I heard out

there is a slight town that’s like an
hour outside of Perth

like 40 minutes out there yes Sydney
know that you go there he’s like said

the six hours away oo IC iraq back it
was a remember the name

there that but it’s like they called it
the Brooklyn of Perth

/url that’s cool pro-clinton I wanna go
to every

every City’s Brooklyn yet that Rocklin I
love I wanna go on our the Brooklyn Nov

Los Angeles right and used to live in
the Brooklyn have New York yeah how ok


Brooklyn just be here come like the spot
where people riffle

the cool alters snowless the Brooklyn a
Boston yeah

how because it has a name you can feel
like oh this is the East Austin at New


it’s called Brooklyn why is it always
the east side that’s cool

that another question but East LA is
cool East Austin is cool

Brooklyn is East does for the article I
think yeah

maybe because West is where the water is
not the most expensive property

props and as you get further away I
don’t know I’m not a demographer

so I am I’m not anti-social usually
auger for

some authority on this because I am a

after that to actually study populations

yeah doing well my tours in vietnam I

a dog if I Z affairs the the entire

place yeah the demography we need a
second name for this e-mail

another guy’s name perhaps another
famous Australian

Liam Hemsworth very nice

I’m a 16-year-old high school student
with a crush on a girl in my class

I’m pretty bad at talking to girls I
likes I don’t really know what to flat

out tell her

I feel like I’ll just screw myself over

the other day came up with an idea what
I just use a burner number and pretend

that I’m a friend of mine detector and
tell you that I like ur

should I do this and I overthinking it

cheers Chris Hemsworth your

under thinking and really yeah he needs
to burners easy to Berber you need to

clone your phone

whitish you need a phone clutter and a
burger churning the unique loaner phone

text yourself then respond from her
phone so she thinks that she sent a

couple the tax and she read them
overseas though I guess I do like

Liam Hemsworth and then then you’re in

you think a a phone cloner will would
lead to a boner

I really I really do think so

order guerrilla it I guess you should
use sonar

sonar it is a dolphins communique for
the loaner

witnesses plan he doesn’t wanna be

even wanna ask his own friends to text
her to say I like you

right he doesn’t trust them okay so
instead he’s gonna attack you want to be

in control the situation

so he is gonna text her a

a a haaa

check on the lineup today that has
brought to you by FAA

group is gonna send her a message from
his phone saying her from a burner phone

would like a phone that is gonna get hey
this is

Chris Hemsworth okay I all

I’m with him right off the way you think
I love my friend Liam

he apparently likes you Anna and then
the problem with the your

theory is that she’s going to be I

more honest Billy she would be if he was
talking to you directly

I’ll so I think it’s a little dangerous
because it

you run the risk a first-day oh yeh no I
don’t like him he’s not my type is an


a and then you’re like oh I wanna kill
myself uproot so it’s better to approach

the girl gets letter daily daily here
you go out with me then she will be like

you’re ugly to me it should become busy
and that

that’s how you know that you’re ugly to
her asserts almost better detector

directly to that racial at the very
least be polite yeah and maybe even give

you a chance

that’s another option maybe she’ll be
into the fact that you’re

straightforward author

yeah by mean the fact that you’re even
considering this weird plant makes me

question everything about you

a mmm delivered Uganda silly links to

text a girl though haven’t you yes

mum I the

yeah I have like a texter for me a guy
to text a girl for you

home attend thick we did something like

yeah but that was like it was for you

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything
like that there was a girl that I didn’t


red was like 00 tried to set me up Hey
Dude number one tried to set me up with

girl he’s ok what should I say

and then I had a conversation with you
Jake on my phone

and you changed your name to George on
my phone

on so that I can like send you fine tax

as if I’m sending it to george then we
screencap debt sent it to george

and George sent it to a girl right so it
was as if you like

so we construct I had two phones yeah I
was texting

me from your phone and responding but I

in your phone as George so like so it
looks when we took the screenshot there

was a conversation between you and
george then I sent that to george was

like the perfect conversation like so

the super beautiful they tell me
everything about whatever really nice

and a good responses from Georgian get
responses from me because we were just

scripting it outright

exactly and then add that to George
right there with them that a girl

and as she read it it’s like oh wow this
is like a real this guy appears that the

beautiful things about me

yes all seems off the cuff my pretty
innocent right but I guess like

at that point will you’re doing was very
thoughtful even more so that you could

have ever thought

be it because I didn’t steal her number
as George for her number

yeah I mean I think there’s a there’s a
the difference is that

it’s like playful and fun that we
constructed bills

thing to try and if you end date: this
guy is like

wants to get a secret phone so we can
manipulate I it’s all

have it all it is all the same I well to
be fair that my are ploy didn’t work

right so maybe that’s a good heads up to
this guy I think at the very least don’t

take it all upon yourself you need

like I would ask one of her friends The
Dark Tower her what her friends his warm

towards you

I’ll say hey I like your friend and then
she could give you a better sell them

like some random friend of yours asking

right you need an in read a foot in the
door yeah

and gonna say a to

oh this what am i dis going up to
friends here saying

can you go up to her it feels like it
very young person thing is a net

like isn’t that like a

high school type the like I’ll this
person like me

I feel like this that that doesn’t
happen at our age Bray

no it doesn’t is there ever being only
high school in like going on yeah I am

in pretending I was another person yep

jake has a crush on you think I did that
but maybe I did

sent from big 85 Jake now

I llama screen name and actually I’m not
gonna tell you my screen because I think

it still active

I it still logged into a public library
in New Haven Connecticut near

I yeah I don’t know its

I just think that late to do everything
on your own in this sort of creepy way

is like worse it becomes out

year though they always got a burner
verses like

you even just like borrowing would have
your friends phones and sending the

taxes like slightly less creepy

I just get your friend to do it yeah
actually doing just like bring people

and I don’t know

maybe he doesn’t have any friends it’s

those girls who love them I got 0
friends a burner phone in a good

attitude I think

be nice to her a lot and maybe she’ll
start to

had feelings for you either French
shipper otherwise then you talk to

whenever frenzies they had like
so-and-so and then they’ll give you the

lowdown because they know her better
than your friends

the and I don’t know how that works on a
nice cool bra

I you are hooking up with a high school
is that fair to say

yeah but the care about talking about
that walkouts its

the Essure South its its its its its

sheet sheet sheet sheet sheet sheet
sheet she told

she’s all enough she 17 enough

enough about it

up will hear this she’s texting you

now we communicate on Qik I

kike she says snapchat sprawled

fogies this a good a

crashed in the three who we need a girls
name is Naomi Watts an Australian woman

I do believe so I do

a really want to believe that I do
believe she is

yeah she’s actually pretty hot it for

for a hot for an actor yeah actress

like a lot of actors hazardous get
acting but for her to be hot to

again Mischa Barton is another one who
is live on an act actually

she wasn’t as good as acting as nyomi
lot yeah I know that I owe me Campbell

Nash campbell is I think just mostly a
model says he’s hot about Campbell Soup

Campbell Soup is at take a snack so let
the yuan a super something

you get a can of Campbell’s Soup what
about 900 media generous

who is a girl I went to high school with

I was now that’s totally different
issues not hot hatches Natsu be there

should I’ll give you one more question
is what about JJ Watt

okay that have to do what male football
player okay

i right cool you got it so which one is
the soup

JJ now when than anything you don’t
gotta why

I couldn’t say no because he didn’t say

when you clear by the final answer I I’m

and I was hoping it wasn’t i right
Campbell Soup rights

now now me what rights I’ll

hey all I’m 22 and I live at home but
commute to school

I’m naturally any person but like
everyone else my room and closet get

messy when things get crazy

since before I graduated high school
have been smoking weed

my arm was totally cool with that i’ve
even smoked with my mom a handful at


after a lotta parties have chilled
people at my house well

suddenly last night my mom decided that
I can’t smoke in my room anymore and


in and she and says that I keep my room
clean because apparently I have changed

and i’m not the best daughter she raised
she kept saying that I’m acting like a

child because my room is an up to her

how do I have her go back to the way
things were before she got fed up with

the way I live my life

she says that if i dont clean up
actually clean out my room and keep

smoking weed

she’s gonna charge me render kick me out
this is all so sudden

sheesh thanks now me lots

doesn’t sound like this is labor those
things where you’re getting at

extra five hundred dollars in your
paycheck and

then you find out about been like the
bus find out and they just cut it off

like outwardly bacteria pitcher yeah
then the and then you were like

how do I go I to getting another since
early good situation I didn’t deserve

well this is a little different cuz it’s
like a you were you got demoted

it’s like you had a job that paid you 60
grand and you weren’t doing good and

then after four years have not doing
that they finally said listen we can’t

afford to pay that much

and the like can I go back to the old
one I

what the South Korean idol other is my
handle a right now you had that

and you take advantage of it and now
after four years

I’m sorta fed up it’s fine to do things
in your 17 n kinda like a vital

meet your standards I other you’re five
years older from when the

standards were established that your 22
now the idea is not quite the same to

still be having sex

the party’s smoking weed in your room
and hanging out with seventeen-year-olds

she still hang out a high schoolers
Calagione your high school girlfriend of

about that

Karen it quite kayi RI

there’s a single young girl named Karen
more that they’re all older

the unfortunately seems like

were on Teen Mom yeah

you’ve been smokin for five years let me
tell you to stop smoking in general she

is a knot in your room

and also urges like that little doubt it
like this is all reasonable Bob things

jus being really really cool for a while


and now like your there’s not much not
asking a lot of view

to keep your room Brittany as long as
things don’t get too crazy

yeah that even mean until it gets so out
of hand that your room becomes a pigsty

I got a bother

other bother I hmm I mean you’re
incredibly neat really like that high

school to

and I don’t I was never like

yeah I think so I but I i’ve never had

a much neater now the owners as well as
isolated think about i think i just meet

in general you like put clothes away on
the floor

yet ok know I’ve put them away in the
drawers it but unfolded

Co rifle them I’ll but like

a I mean that the know I was

has very a so this isn’t a new thing you
can grow up and become clean but I did

I think I get with little after I left
my house that I realized I was knee

and then I embrace that about myself I
guess yet when I was an

was as close as like I am like
everything’s fine at you are you human I

was like a pizza dough

nothing I and I went to college and have
like messy roommates

and I was like I don’t like that yeah I
don’t I

I’d choose to reject this next I’ll I

it myself cleaner yeah at fifty-six like
the worst roommate ever if if does

standing in the living you walk into the
living will all your friends are playing

video games and eating pizza standing
with your feet so close together the


I’d choose to reject this lifestyle I
and I’ll embrace

another yeah go fuck yourself are right
I’d choose to reject Iran’s I’ll

and choose to embrace another I’ll keep
my area KD

I know you do loser throwing a remote a

al exit setup

a a I G is to reject that a remote beach

the date hereof I very well

I at least I know where my band aids are
I keep me in a covered under the sink

I like y’all the so

change right yeah I’ve

inches not ask you for a huge change I I
think you could use this opportunity

as an

a time to become slightly better your
older you’re in college

you should maybe try to keep a clean
your room and make your mom happy

because she’s your mother

she’s also housing listen to your mother
damn act cut they’re selling with Dad


the senior mother listen to your mom how
do you how do you say that your kids

a USA like listen to your mother hair

lesson I’ll come on this animal is an
imam let my mom mom her

listen to mom I would listen to your
mother yeah that’s why I miss couplings

I’m not gonna hate you know what addis a
teacher at six great mister state mister

as if you’re out there are you listening

you know you’re not but he is to it
there is it

22 that yelled at everyone and mister
state was really close

not going to yell at you to critically
resets home that guided at I wanna

I so mister T is screamin and everybody

so you learn how to be a father from
your eighth grade teacher six were not

from your old man

mild-mannered mile my head my my dad’s

he’s you know the backpack is a pumpkin

he is is absolutely Ajax a washer and

yeah jack of all trades my dad actually
a jack-o-lantern %uh

no trades I juggle a tard with no trates

yeah I’m very good you will in a candle
and his face will eliminate

that is is Halloween who I just scared
me a cuz I realized on the person and

that looks up to you

I don’t think so a it ok boo I am

yeah I wanna you treat this a

ultimatum as their a turning point %uh

stuck in the road you know what I mean
that time dad to bother wrist directs

you to wear two

girl lower what is their heads so make

yeah up this test don’t ask why

this is amazing it’s not question but a
lesson learned in terror

I’ll package you take it from there and
I will come next

a honest I don’t don’t quote me on this

right about just right off the top my

I would be like girls to do the dead
girl to do a lingerie girls then in the

bathroom girl said to clean up my room

girls girls interrogated Jack in my key
to my dismay

bound bound bow about but I could see
where they apologize for that song

there’s a lot of them yeah because part
of it just says girls to do the dishes

girls to do the laundry

a fan said absolutely not OK at a rock

the plaza near mother I all right let’s
take a break

know we are back with more shit right
after the news

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get back to you the program and we’re


Tuesday June 9 is on ran Adelaide

tonight Wednesday June 10 Melbourne

Thursday June 11th at me that’s our
biggest show friday june twelfth

Brisbane at Brisbane her Brisbane I

let’s find out when we get there okay
that show only as

it’s a it’s a room for one they said it
was the size of a phone booth

are you kidding me are we gonna get it
I’m were on the outside and we call it

and he picks up

and this guy I guess listens to the show

yeah and Nash this you wow that took me
aback a

and then Sunday June 14 their last show
at the Astor in Perth

an I don’t know what goes on in
Australia I can only assume

Renai animals that we’ve never heard of
fact yet perhaps

I hear good things about Vegemite I
don’t know if that’s a fruit or a


other people he did know it’s very
polarizing non I think nine Australians

hate it


are self wanna wanna act like for
blending and we have to eat it and then

be like

art is actually pretty good I like it
can weigh yeah the problem is I don’t

even like ’em

like a hearty American foods like beer

yeah I think beers to better you hate
beer so what am I gonna do when I

have a Jamaican I can only imagine its
bitter salty you had

a and orange one CSS really bad as I
said I burn my eyes

gotta yeah I so you eat just Brett

your bread white bread yet you said no
yeah he’s haz

it was too rough on my tongue what do
you usually eat all have like boiled


other class a boil milk

uses and I like for dessert the CS all
the glass a boy I’m not for dinner and


desert all have like I race that’s
cooked some

mush like a race meal lows like dis
really built the

County South what about me d ever have

no meet for dinner me burns my throat

I are you everything ok good everything
I have is

boil down and then left out in room
temperature so like the same gruel left

to cool

Ibiza and I would say my diet

is predominantly cool gruel at school I
would dine on call Grohl

sounds cruel that I guess he like that a
it was a cruel

at school was cruel to have call girl
but when I was at home I would listen to

Dave Grohl

and I we didn’t get the call gruel and I
wasn’t cruel

did make you drool it did make me drool
over to do your store

I very good

I would solidify it well hard and shits

on last question let’s

do this dat dan Dan at now and

and I

that other questions tired hmm a
cacophonous series a dozen knobs and


I’ll many guys name a male

Australian Patrick rafter very good
thank you very

very good isn’t leaking he would also

common misconception

he’s a Dutch had

I have no idea at noon and I Patrick
rafter rates hey guys love this show

been a listener since day one and I find
myself in a bit of a pickle

here’s the deal a few months back this
girl started texting at a blue this has

never happened to me so I wasn’t sure
how to react but

because I wasn’t that interested in her
I use the Jake fade away

first florida and she is now going out
with one of my mates and i know i kinda

blew my chance and I still wanna stay
friends with my mate

but is there any room for

I hurt our dads in

there any room for maneuverability I
know I told this girl to go fuck urself

when I Z is day my friend but with
Buddha or policy armory you wiggle room

brother I

leaving maneuverability I was wondering
if I can maneuver bad the ability to


gimme just sorta

shuffle this whole thing up you like a
bee likes you but I like you and me

you to like me but let’s switch you like
me earlier

isn’t a maneuver we have the ability to

imagine the ruling a biology at this

like the beginning a boggle naturally a
shake shit up and see where it landed us

on a bit like a boondoggle here

you think so isn’t quite a boondoggle on
Thursday I don’t know I don’t know that

mean third time for me to commit one way
or another

the river

boondoggle is a its its it’s a mired
situation though he’s marked in a Myers

graduation montana Myers the Ovation

I don’t admire I don’t admire the mark
so what can we do what can we do to help

I don’t admire the muck so sire what the
fuck we do a nap


a is there a profession I can go into
that’s alright I’m ng base

I think you’re that close not rap to
they don’t know how to do it to a beat

I I was gonna say this is probably as
close as you can get done comedian

yeah bear that way yes still do stuff

that people consume bear whatever reason
and then you get to do the Raps

occasionally the little birth cert
crimea to slam poetry because I needed

this or a go at your own pace it only to

a I don’t think there’s wiggle room if

did that Jake fade away that means you
ignored a girl is simcha go away forever

instead she actually found some she
liked your friend

and now you want her back right what are
your reasons

also for wanting her after she started a
dear friend

are they is it like when a little
brother doesn’t wanna play a video game

to the Big Brother dozen any desperately
craves the remote many get the back in

the knees borden once the big brother to
beat the video game forum anyway

well you know that exactly because
you’re the little black I

its girl I was the boyfriend I

a he just wants what other people have

yeah I would say there’s no

but that is a funny word dispelled may
be correctly there’s a lot of valves and

that when he did let me the enterprise

and out the price but incorrectly I can
look it up

this is a a okay maneuverability right

so I would spell it pay this is like a

a.m. a spelling bee

right i’d by the way I saw the correct
they searched google and i got it right

really after after filled in when he got
to the you

I’ll go fuck yourself well there is 10
years ago yeah

right yeah I’ll tip maneuverability a
collector she is stuck

miss it so after you’re done if you
don’t hear anything you got it right

if I say being got it wrong really

yeah am a and be

you the the are

a be II L I

T why really

I you got it I you’re doing legally

the eight-day plight I

now you got it really I S can I give it
to other words that I find hard to spell

sir omelet mmm

I guess I would

think 00 and the lol

ette incorrect

is no way that’s another spelling a bit

nice red okay so that we will accept

the way it’s not here’s OM DL ET very

know yet no I think IBM’s the latest
with your menu

the the the French Way right one last
word I can never spell correctly


I’ll I’ll I

dang I think privilege

the word is privilege I’m write a

privileges spelled dree I B E L

the DG E re: privilege

I own oh I see how i met

about I’ll show myself about i right
privilege with you

I don’t have any other immediate Latin

preval which means to just getting

let the bass they’re actually a hacer
the or the origin is Middle English

right p are I the

II L I GP privilege

being very close there is it P A

are I be I L enge


damnit affect you

any it I this is why I

you know i i one my fourth-grade
spelling bee reno I

this is I won the spelling bee to get me
into the main a spelling bee in like the


in Maine you well know when the galileo
when the class Billy B and then lost the

school spelling bee

are you on your classrooms time right
there like several classrooms and then

I went on and I went on to lose the
regionals yeah

this at and I I lost on the easiest word
loss on the word original

a up the first word you notice for now

I’ll never forget 00 are a all alone

and Ashley L I oregan all I do I you
think about everything on time

as well I ir

old so would you tell this guy no go

itself had no room for maneuverability
but there’s

you know what there’s lots of other
people so a

maneuver a different direction than this
relationship lucky year or

you can maneuver alone good news yet
there’s billions of others

out there with every way maneuver yeah
and a row

and they’re not even dating one of your
mates yet people are so dumb when

there’s like others only this one person

and I have to have that one person
correct I’ll wait for that one percent

and I’ll try to destroy his or her
relationship because she’s the one

very unnecessary to everybody is

disposable like if my mom a

broke up with my dad he be fine well I
think it

scare him points there’s a lotta I’ll
history and I mean they have shoulder

and so would be hard

okay I’ll fuck me alright dan and I
entered high school till I need to on

send an e-mail har

for sure idea height I told my mom I
doubt about my dad the bear

I shouldn’t have done that it wasn’t
even real life Photoshop shit to make it

look like it was legit

alright sorry dude pass no go

and that’s it that are absurd thanks for
listening the

if you have your own questions are your
own theme Sox emissions your own

thumbnails the mission’s

please send them to if I were you show
at gmail dot com

we open and close every absurd with an
original theme song

written by our town tough and the first
wanna was written by is an ash

this last one is by Adam W Adam

W very nicely back since you guys by

scalp cell honey no key

big share house wagner himself from

enemy shared a wealth of knowledge on
the subject that as by some other

money should but i digress. on OJ in a
gold medal for the subject nafta

questions lol SiC

who’s next in making up some silly name
deployed Gina me and now Brennan heart

cath game

patch tags:

I came in SL and their heads both Bhagat
that sounds like mad new russians alaihi

the levels like so I

reduction if it wasn’t for their then I
wouldn’t know how I didn’t do nothin

that she recommends with the things to

by if it ever does the X is this dick
this true

and there’s only one thing left to do

welcome to if I were you


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