Episode 144: Heart to Heart (w/Thomas Middleditch!)


Comedian/Friend Thomas Middleditch is back to discuss friendship, art, and video games!

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still I this is the episode we recorded
in Austin with

at Thomas Middleton shall mean this a so
that’s gonna be fun

you guys are going to enjoy it before we
get started want to say one more time

that we’re going to Australia

Bruno Mars era when we’re going yes June

I know that we leave yeah in second yet
a Dr when the shows I don’t know when

the shows are now

all courses on the a yeah lay

is that true or this the ninth

the night I was my other guess the night
at the Gulf

in Adelaide yet then we’re going to need
to dent in Melbourne

June 11th in Sydney June 12 in Brisbane
June 14th in Perth

please tickets are still available so
come on out

and will meet you Damen and it

him in a minute to start the it was
alright let’s get started


if I were you I did a buncha pale Berlin
a ball and put it in my pants

pay I’ve just keep my own do but it
previously was your own pillow

if I were you get OJ yeah um

yellow if I were you I’d your

p you’re not me why would you eat P

can I had p why can’t you see lead 3p

thomas’ p now is in mir’s through pop

if I were you don’t eat anything don’t
go to the mall with Scooby Doo

don’t solve some mysteries with a mister
pero mister T

I pity the fool who doesn’t go to school
so stay in school

and that’s our wrap stay in school thank
you very much show

I a little explanation if you’re
listening at harm

we’re going to explain any okay let’s
get started

that made sense to everybody here I
we’re recording this at South by South

by Southwest in Austin

a few people to thank Thomas for this is
ideas for things you’re here you’re

outta here we are at coming at you live
yeah I thank you

tell you to introduce any premium pie
has allowed to say what I dove in the

ohio just

so let’s target study I’m so happy thank
you tom is he’s a Yahoo Daily here where

it takes to be here

radio while coming out later you can say
that and so we tell you to say

okay I thank you to the media for
housing as this whole studio is their

creation they’re paying for we’re not
paying anything

yeah thank you to the mayor’s money yeah


I Alex extend who brought the

and camera to help record this all
things I thank you out you wanna give

media shout out to his dog

his dog back manner yeah Jackman and

that not that bad and I would make any
sense it was back manuel you know

abductions have a back troubles is your

well if you was maybe add back troubles
the car back today

yeah also thank you to

Bethany and remind me the website well
more time

lost in reviews we tweeted that we need
to cameras and microphones and Bethany

was the first one to get back to
something called ethnic thank you

Wareham alright what is this what are we
doing here

this is just a classic a fiery a yeah
said in the premium Plattner me oh hi

married so yeah west later on we gotta
reggie lathered up dad and yellowing

London at share

when I fear you’re over promising

around an hour later as we deliver I
this is an advice podcast


so we ate get emails to a very shy gmail
dot com people are

and in need of our advice and sometimes
J can I give in sometimes we have a


yes sometimes that friend is team it’ll
be. squiggles near

I can’t wait to do you think well
there’s no think

EA going to sink my teeth into a good
helping at

abide by you get you like you like you
like the advice by the shop I do

yeah because I like it was just us girls
and guys cheat

having IMG and I am having chilling

chilling maxing yeah relaxing all cool
we’re recording this

on video to serve if you wanna look
watch it later in this week we’re gonna

put it on our YouTube channel are we
going to be able to watch the whole

thing or just little bits and behold

thing new new new new new new nasty that

away the puppy of the

I it’s very it’s funny when it cuts off

then can you take in the view that going
haha all right let’s get started I

as long as they already made it over
there yeah I know is that I could try

pressing other buttons


speaking KS

of your browser I getting filled
reevaluating Pru

yeah I could not even get bill people
like sexual it but yeah I don’t be

roll-up pooping peeing

yeah I’m and get nasty it’s really gross
that ain’t nobody got time for dat


here at me it’s just a bit I’m tisch
okay it’s just about time to get here we


see no says it doesn’t work if I do a
joke I gotta get it you know

here we go what looked just wait for the
joke for okay

at and

a and it’s way too early okay

any Mb it’s not just but I’m test

now that his sis boom boom church I

the lot a decision AAA okok we goin on a

an alligator walk into a bar out check
you can’t wait for that

I I did I don’t hire the ironed out
which i think is the punchline oh okay

unknown at present alligator walk into a
bar outreach

yeah I love the job

yeah yes are you want to know whether I

yeah has to write an I mean really what
it was yeah

answer questions no I think I did that
agate a business episode four hundred

this is officially episode 458 320 yeah

i right we need a guy’s name Thomas

can you give us a guy’s name all bomb
more live in

the should shoulder wits

your lawyer motherhood CPA I

hey guys here’s the problem I’m a 21
year old welsh lad

and I have been best friends with my
brother from another mother for several

years we grew up as kids together and to
be honest I love that some other bitch

however I live in Wales he moved to
London a while ago and every time he

visits Wales

I go to London we always meet up and go
for a pint or a bite

to eat but recently he’s got a

now don’t get me wrong she’s a lovely
girl but dat bitch is still in my best


the last two times he’s been down to
Wales I’ve barely seen ’em

the most recent a witchy didn’t even
text me to say he was down here

we made plans to do stuff like two weeks
before he headed down

but when he came it was nothing but
radio silence

how me out guys what am I supposed to do

Solomon sure school its I’ll Marvin

she always is

yes know the burgee adjustment is Josh

absolutely I’ll have you ever
encountered such a thing

I’ve been econoline which guy murders
friend Marvin where it’s likely we’ll

11 from where are we now yeah and then
again I’ve also been the other guy right

and when you the other guy you like all
the up up marvin is being a weiner I I

like a girl

that was where I just went Martin’s a
little bit of a weiner oh I wanna tell

him to relax the

my own Greenwell you would want to an UN
you’re OK in saying that

appreciate that byrds you know you gotta
take care marvin’s feelings because

Marvin missus your

missus oh I quote arkansas be there I’ll
be Marvin

alright I’ll be a Welsh yeah this is
where I went well

so and Wales yeah 3

own every theory of yeah I heard

lol big wells me mergers cavemen from

I guess were the guys hibernate when you
have girlfriends is not a

a common thing like when you’re in a
relationship that I everything I feel

better now you hunker down for just a
little bit you in a way for any girl in

yeah just for six months we get to know
you everybody in alienate oliver et

yet in a one-person alienate all your
friends and come out of

your hibernation because he’s also got
double duty with

with the johnnie awesome going to London
10 well here’s the problem how to clean

them cheer mix

you have shoddy awesome going to London
yeah the immunity

doubled their lead Goddard cool yeah

Mattituck a trip to go to speak to you

you have the problem is you have a new
girlfriend in an old best friend who’d

you rather let down probably the old
best friend cuz he’s like I’m committed

on invest in land I have I’ve like a
history with this friendship

so you can let down your old friend and
he’ll still be there you can’t let down

your new girlfriend yeah

that’s a good very fragile it’s like an
injured bird yeh and ash

yuri purely he did you are here to visit
the Orica

leaders attitude to have to be I can let
down my old friend because he’ll always

be there no sir and I am Prescott
understand right that’s what i’m saying

i’m ok more along with lines like

this guy needs to shape up and be like
supportive up his friend in the

relationship because he doesn’t have a
china and the girl to

I’ll you major difference between him
and the girl how’s that

well human yes

who does not act that now and Google
vagina on your phone

what is that vage Google vagina there

Siri hath no fury Google to

serious show me your vagina but oh my
god I

new place Siri she is done soft-core

sees be useless I well

also I feel like Marvin might have been
interesting new perspective should he

finally made a Dame

or alas healthy my teeth said he had no
idea you know

I been sad for four months borrowers

god I’m so sorry to hear that

good you really sorry he meets olasky
shortly he is like

or now I’m intertwined in the lady yeah

so ill just making yeah it down

and then he might he might gain some
perspective because it’s nice to farm

life especially the pre pre nadie with
attacks as an ATT its heart is an editor

I think we’ve all been in love with
ladies witty teason

I fasho Agatha been in love with greater
TD’s in tatters

but it’s hard about that new
relationship with old friendships do you

just ignore you I do not have to be like

you know what I accept what you’re going
through and you take that back you like

my friends gonna disappear for a couple
months to a year

and then our nine years yeah maybe I got

was 53 per lease is there any way the
only nine whales

they should have broken up months and
years now the only thing each other

couple times a year in Wales

fired for gathered and they’re not your
friend anymore thanks though

so what’s your advice to this guy get
over to have a talk with your friend you

have to have a talk law for such a weird
thing for a guy to have a talk with me

about a friendship like the

pay or and I don’t see enough

another vigil I’ve had that are given to
me and it is awkward

I think if you ever have that talk you
should bring it up at like

the as if you were a construction worker
like a bro what

do you know how little you think that is
inherent from in tight you but yeah

no I’m the view that only slightly more

non-pc I Knoll no no police that also

no I only believe that’s Malaysian see

just tell and just tell your friend that
in a joking way

rather than actually setting out

again I don’t think you don’t even need
to do a joke you can do a real but just

don’t be like

hey man we need to talk that’s no bueno
mission trip and suddenly he’s in

another relationship

with of male friend but ironically

near not worth it well it’s worth it

you can impart arts you have heart to
hearts with your male friends I leave it


so to heart arrhythmia going now

prairie I don’t 60 well let me check

yeah I’m sure that I would not have a
heart to heart with a friend you never

have a hard time

I think I definitely deflected you host
a show

or its advice about potential personal
problems Rd been affected and you’ll

never have a heart to heart your area
yet I come every treatment offers a

I I mean I’m I’m to

I’m like kinda I incapable of being
emotionally intelligent enough to have a

very serious heart to heart with the
male counterpart

you guys that’s actually could be back

heart to heart with the male counterpart

we spent too much time apart be my male
counterpart agree have a heart to heart

this crevice turned into like flamboyant

allowed to take really good at I can’t
do anything to be

yeah he can go fast enough slam poetry
is like for rappers you have to be ready

to go faster Punahou

allow I’m here at school etc internet
question burning years ago led to a


I get him over yeah


up you it’s you would say get over it
model of your emotions inside in just

you’ll see your friend year

yeah I think everything’s gonna work out
fine I do great net steel mill we’ve

been talking about

of Bolton I I can you tell as an insult
to you guys out but

you that’s not i5 getting down I go join
the baseball team or get outta my more

I get outta my la dama anything close

I think I’m gonna leave this up to the
Sun thing don t give me and closes

there’ll be another I’m bad here

you know i party has joined the not a
valid as a write-in guys I am i

water on collar characters I love you

her ok but I’m hedge that solid

absolutely and I will for the next one I
well I don’t know I think

I all have a feeling really even ya if
you re if I really fire you what would

you do

okay you got a friend great friend he
added a lady friend and he just didn’t

see it

didn’t call you when you visit l.a if it
was if it was but really she lied about

it and put yourself in

play if I had a friend I prayed and they
were like hey we all

are we parked if I had a friend and he
had a girlfriend and they didn’t see me

an empty

anymore I was backed by I’m that okay
yourself really happy with going make

another friend but you say that now

will you be my friend sir I lost my
friend may be in your area

being done well now look you’re a
handsome charming man with it was the

noodles accomplished its at appreciate
that Amir what he had to say about me

and were just okay you’re also older a
little wiser this man’s 21

No %uh the other site icon

yeah where little better than ever and
the edges said oh yeah

27 82nd birthday

not allow you to lead keenest better and
this guy and then a question after 11


mark he is an he’s a little bit younger
and maybe this is is

this is his one true boy DJ Toledo
attacks when should know

I’m old don’t say I’m fucking scared
Ramon I’m not

I that’s it that’s perfect hired on LSD
I don’t understand a heads

so the thing is years old i restore yeah

pay a lil coner and people are gonna be
coming in an hour

it’s fine it’s casual it’s friendly to
all make sure that never happens again


I can happen at the South by Southwest
plant reliability

sure it never does I rather ashey

yeah time before we let’s move on after
we take a vote cuz theres

there’s bad like boot known you know
let’s move on are okay

number two now let’s take a vote has
taken would you have a car with you have

a time I think you can bring it up just
don’t do just if you fifty feel like

it’s gonna start off with a came and we
need to tackle endured a question unless

you live in New York

find a new free live in New York in your
all your lives in LA

and and he has a girl from New York any
visits the girl

I got more than okay it you can’t give
me know your address

bed this I can never be fine job is OK

we fear gotta get your attention you
can’t ok

tell him though to sort of be like I
need to see more time

with I need to have more time with you
that’s weird you can just sort of

express it and say hey man

I miss you you I miss you ball it’s made

and I thanks i ka Kia

because I’m kenyans feenin Dame Jimmy

were dog share I down I’m

I a comment see him and I don’t tell you
my own plate so what’s the vote

no I’m have a conversation verses find a

I had to have a conversation raise your
hand to him and

for women only later all of camera so
one to

3 for I’m a new friend well

while for his let’s play it back I want
the first group

it was all ladies in a tender man I
think it’s safe to say he’s a tender men

will yeah bright and the reading came
from a dude about a dude it’s all the


they voted no conversation by a
different look west to the podcast is

what would you do if you are you if I

see your comment perhaps I am running
answer so there’s no answer to god I’m

gonna let you know what I gather the
veterinarian about my glam better

well you would have a talk you would not
I would probably not

I think it’s okay to expressive leaders
can be like hey you I wanna

I needed permits from a time when you’re
dead attackers then that’s just like

that’s intense yes and it makes them
feel bad for having a lady friend yeah

and he shouldn’t you should be happy
that is found love for something

it’s just a little background I know

I understand ok and I’ll get it next
time okay and after Joe great

yet new question for the punch now
question let’s get a round of applause

it’s fine to have lost that I’ll

I had drank return ask for whatever

I you know it’s weird as close yet
justices of this is that weird

like we’re chatting like are having a

the weed round what it is they are yeah

like The Bachelor but on an analyzed
evidence gathered for love easier for

the wrong reason there’s no

that right reasons yeah disease in okay

know there are others like I

he was down too many I love it

there’s okay so we’re having a
conversation long

a malcolm well can then but then it’s in
two minutes about advice in this

and the NL every time you glance over
there’s people watching yeah yeah

cuz usually when record this a lot of
people here but we don’t actually see

them here now it’s in a room assistance
in your solarium of course

i right we’re gonna ask our site answer
to the questions

I am


I this one is from a college dude can
you give us in and read the question

like a college dude

I’ll rally cry listen yeah

Riley rights yeah Riley rights headed
sits up

this past fall I moved into college
apartment with my two bros

yeah from back home in brackets and a
random fourth roommate whose

never hear our yeah since it is

college apartment we don’t have much
room to make the space our own

I just need to do an apostrophe after
doin in the 40 Thanks

we have a couple posters up

some lights pre typical college star

the somewhat I hope that I hope that had
nothing to do with the rest he just

wants you to know that I don’t worry and
travel on their own has some light

throwing on clothes

have flashlights or whatever piece it’s
like a doubt attended

she um originally after we got back from
winter break we had the idea to decorate

a blue waters so to say

lover get a tight man I thought like 30
girls like skin 10

I’ll to decorate a blank wall with
pictures we draw

drew for the job

it as we drive fidel Evans on attack

Gregory only after we got back from
winter break we had the idea to decorate

a blank wall

with pictures we drop okay show your it
fucks me up

any extra yeah Drew Carey

see nonsense continue gotta know if
you’d rather

with an i/o I thought it was pretty cool
I thought it was a pretty cool idea and

a look cool

first but now our walls almost
completely completely full with our

we are master artist each still each
piece looks cool by itself but looking

at the whole all it just looks like
crazy people scribbling taping art to


my roommate thinks it’s pretty dope
still I’ve grown to dislike

I her this is the bath

I got all weird about inviting people
over especially girls I’m interested in

an not having them see a whole wall of

art I think a couple pictures would be
all right but it’s come to the point

where were overlapping and just looks
tacky slash lame to mir

I wish reads I wish we take down most to

and leaving only a few the really cool
ones up is there any way I can bring

this up to my room it so that get them
getting mad at me

these guys have been my best friend
since grade school

yeah except for the fourth guy and

and there is still room and they are
still really into putting pictures up in

a spirit terms a time doing so

so I feel like a jerk a pledge is
straight up ask them to take it down

so I don’t Riley Crile urs

RI a great job thank you I only had and
don’t want you to be anybody but that

guy for the rather

did later on you can get this pretty
sick fatty burrito

really yeah man they mashed arris up so
it’s college career like to chew your

ice has

than that grilled zucchini is an onion

from rapid no I’m serious escalators
douche like nutritional yeast like new

charge in there yeah

bring cooler diet she is completely the

earlier been frat boy dead deer but I
still sloper

repairs in at meat yeah ascetic I guess
I am a carnivore

gotta go bloom to absolutely

alright I browner I

now ordinance what an incense in small
stakes high safe rather he’s like

I thought to be chill be put are not
been out a card is art actually not


let’s take ’em all that except for the
chill is the ones with her my the ones

he drew

okay I could see it that being a good
idea and then went like in height when

it’s all up you like look at all them

crazy and gravel that makes there was a
time when how is

in high school I had the basement was
kinda chilly yeah and

my parents and he’s paid this room in
the basement I thought it would be

really cool to like

put I’m pay on my hands but handprints
all over the wall

who and I and II is going to cause an
RTS yeah

and I did that and then like every time
I was downstairs in basement alone

it’s like handprint has friends
everywhere public house in a gated like


yeah I was really scary it’s that really
then threw me the house

yeah but it’s like that only your
friends did the handprints and you are

the paint over them

I feel like what I can say is like it
all gonna be fine

I think you cannot believe this place
since so short of a time

yeah I also think you can bring it up
but you gotta respect democracy like if

you bring up like dudes

we sure we want is a list I don’t love
listen and learn to markets like

I like you’ve gotta be unanimous maybe

but what if he devoted his what he does
in the water normally like this anymore

and including the fourth weirdo they’re
all like what are you talking about are

trying to reach

lesser you have to go to every single
conversation with a very open mind

him look so he’s gonna he he could talk
to his remains with no expectation abyss

she is coming down I have a good idea
but okay go ahead

you talk to one that’s the most on the
fence and you start to tip the scales in

your favor

so when I have very little I like get 10
UTI dancing army army in World we were

talking about and we don’t really like
it anymore suddenly its 2012

one on threes a little intimidating
brody and I’ll already

yeah brody Riley who are the other two
roommates oh there’s brody there’s Riley

there’s Taylor and then there’s stream I

renamed ever see that did had stream

stream are you sure you live alone
billions on new year’s history have you

ever seen on

that Nana that’s nonsense what he’s
saying mass exactly what I’m saying have

you ever seen em

now and he is your roommate yeah the
pair at

yeah how does it arrive the rent

now I know now it’s just on the kitchen
table is dead the guarantor

yeah 10 dead then corner nah


pays her screams your aunt you’ve never
seen the stream and there’s for

stag do once a month units caller it’s
like we have

three people living in a four-person
spot man

sure how are you guys bested allows you
is jelly did suits Joe

for john doe put a light up because you
could be the job over a

blood to the gel I took two minutes
later oh crap

I you guys really take it to Hollywood

I’ll I was in theater but what up man

the large deployed Buckeyes tech week
was hell

I but I was out at it intermission I
know that bad

I people are talking for I

for any errors 0 thers thing that we
like yeah I’m laugh and I and added the


I’ll unites call a.m. I think it’s a

you just provide is bringing out my hey
do we want this I want to bring your own

original 1981

down a couple things that in like no one
at a time when you go into the

other shit that I do not know and I know
that’s bad news

is tricky yes dart fires Lobatse

because excite another and I like that
one I know you care if you don’t lose my

favorite what appeared to you up you
could have got you took

yeah I think you will join you

I scary downstream goes in secret in the
middle of the night leave a jacket

bigger picture down who together

I almost missed you I

you know sry I don’t know

owner not everybody okay now I’m these
aren’t like these are these are really

cool string8 some yeah

stream blame it on the 4th weird ass so
what would you do if I were you

if I realized just I just feel like I’m

dudes pros I love you and this is to

I’m kinda losing interest news in the in
this that looks like a crazy person I

wanna bring perseverance layer

yeah imagine a college girl saying that
being turned off layer

I think all agree others are you still
like it this way Jose absolute squalor I

had a hard time like that really

reliever find taster something using
collars I just figuring out for the

first time that he doesn’t like random

he is bringing over like I’m a
38-year-old museum dosent

to their house he’s a shame to that
Shannon from the Met is gonna spit

no no dudes how do you can meet his
38-year-old intelligent highly

intelligent does that you’re 21

incentives like no no no I get it i cant
you can hear


tell me I want you all to come up with

bad are yellow right shoots

don’t care I you a

does that do you bring it up no one item
in the million don’t bottle it and boys

out bulletin this is a second bomb on an
ad by

that’s true I i would tell you function
I’d start painting man I would just be


thinking about my new place outside like
no more like no three roommates in just

just me turning into having a Pinterest
moodboard get you heard peter is this

guy’s 21 in college he’s not going solo
for awhile

2012 I was so low as 21 pa2

to would much rather illegal what

yeah but you say you had a tunnel art
you drew on the wall

you now not everyone’s top shelf premium
dollar bills cream that’s fat stacks

mister yate

excuses I I was broke my father paper
mache partly

a yeah exactly and now I’m well

they studied I but im tesh

yet I was just another a boom how sorry

K thanks and again punchline way for

at down identified a wet mouth movement
rounds dented

attempts measure attack with 20

the let’s take a break and then do one
more question we’ll be right back with

%ah there

earth thank you as well to Dollar Shave
Club dot com for sponsoring this episode

you ever wonder why razors are so

I think about it almost all the time i
remember i walked in on you

a was a masturbating you’re shitting
either way you’re sitting on the toilet


yet and I was like what’s wrong and you
remember what you said to me

i said i masturbating I’m shaking and on

on endlessly curious as to why razors
are so expensive

let me explain to you why they add use
this technology to the actual raisers

in order to provide a mark-up that you
then have to pay for

so they’ll be like yeah this one comes
in five plate this one is vibrating

technology it’s all this shit you don’t

it’s a marketing gimmick in a ploy they
charge more dollars per unit

and they try to maximize revenue that
like other victim other gimmick

it’s like a well geez Louise man while
there’s an alternative Dollar Shave Club

dot com it’s simple

its market takes two minutes to get
going and you never have to worry about

raisers again

they deliver amazing razors and grooming
supplies for just a couple

love books they send you a free handle

a free handle and then they send you
replacement blades for just a few bucks

you can get blades delivered every month
or every other month your blades arrive

like clockwork and you know the clocks

right otherwise how can we tell time

clocks work reliable just like Dollar
Shave Club

reliable a so good at Dollar Shave Club
dot com slash

if I were you to shave time in shave


that the Dollar Shave Club the dot com

if I were you now I have a little bit of
a rap

do iight clockwork tick-tock

jerk I alright let’s get back to you

a it ever magnetometer

Clowers fine but you think the
commercial break

man I can lead to buy whatever that was
I absolutely

yeah as a lonely it appeared I I

write a review you are to plug I’m go
here to help to us for me that’s that

there’s a bunch

okay you got Silicon Valley coming out
April 12 a 10-year

unclear yeah

patriarch right after game across

you got a few if you have Disney XD or
even if you just wanna buy it on iTunes

there’s Penn 0 part time you’re a great
for kids but me as an adult

I’ll other and the voice a pan I’m a
hard time your eyes ep in an added


I as playing something that you kinda
like tonight

it’s a cartoon it’s real fun Allsup
Jesus Christ you’re busy cashier

we do just this yeah there’s a new show
on MTV chill

Polito now also on Saturday zombie
trolling for D on Hollywood Boulevard

dressed as a lady

I what else what else

I just as tired as I just started to

I account me about that now what do you

guidera said


his address I’m I want one of these now
this is me now I think

that so you can whenever you take a lot
out of you often tonight

I is there a world where I can put this
in my mouth absolutely if not all of my


Anderson been people in I

been many making cricket and NC BB guns
won’t blink lani

that may make the LA how out of touch I
am with him

I silently which which train if you
don’t know tritch .tv

its essentially YouTube for video games
yup by mean

pretty much you watch you log on a
summer’s channel watch them play video

games or talk about the inter whatever

it’s a game play with maybe a little in
the oven you know a webcam footage or


some people have fallen productions it
would just be me a party

done a session of total war a Tele well
as yeah it was a game this is deep cuts


only people here like into PC gaming on
anybody know what this means

wow and we’re on Yahoo bought a computer
programmers like hell no I would not do

that area is he doing with your email

loser from the baths

well as the pound white beard here’s the
cool thing

is like how how to which functions as
you like subscribe to someone’s channel

and thats

money that gets you know split between
traits and

and user come home it has got to
subscribe to your channel I think

I don’t know that that’s the serbia
first time a student work that out with

the original you cannot you figure it
out I think with I don’t really know I’m

learning about cattle what’s what’s
called what up dis what I’ve

what I’ve 1 I’m more excited about his
the majority of anything that gets a

scratch me I’m going into nato

charities environmental charities which
happens to be a passion of mine

so watch out Sierra Club you’re getting
two hundred dollars I but I have to

watch out watch out

letter make way in the bank account how
you think there’s a maximum yeah you

better shut some old gold coins a size

do you hire no is a cool a space and
they’re gonna run out of the room maybe

yeah absolutely not a dream you don’t
want to help the charity maybe

you years it’s now the 200 so a higher

one hand

that even less likely to fill up their
bank account he is a no-go

his and so that’s what I am as I made
mine at which way

twitch I’ll it’s the same as my armed
Twitter handle is

middle ditch so you just gonna twitching
you look at these me middle ditch

after I made that but many many many
users rely kisses on military channels

like yeah should’ve

I’m an idiot I but now it’s nice is
implemented as for for all

yeah middle the trial yes that’s my
policy it was it was but the first time

immediately it like no one knows what

total war is analogous to I’d like you
know Likert what

1200 people watching Jesus Christ they
put on the main page got linked to

contact could talk to if you don’t have
an agent

contact who could not few

yeah there’s over 100 night I very
popular video game blog

and I weekend it’s coming out tonight

I and and you know I theater show it
like you see beer or whatever that’s you

know me a hundred 200 is something I
only managed to reach and connect with


a bunch bebe I was really fun every was
like praising the dirtiness and I liked


adopted home so did they watch you while
you play early to see our screen

they just some ice cream cuz I didn’t
have a webcam at that point I just

hockey game

gameplay and me chat and Gavin talking
it’s stupid boys

holy shit I watch that yes but you have
to play a video game I just what you

chat to mir

if I called you had an OK chat to me

hey man Mar hair nets for

yeah yeah the other that that was the
big closer they go on sale in a

p.m. a alright cool thank you you are
here to answer one last question your


yeah I’m here in Austin brown yet do you
hear the people at nearly artery yeah

blanche yeah hit by

me three her and she lost

space a few DJ building up a guy would
never ever ever count

your a

them nice hey man

nice you can the boys have a god damn
aint hatin

an angel who can sort of thing are a
hand when you guys name

three years in a row three kinds the
army this question

I’m to me this question his name I’ll

is Jake Hurwitz all my do you see it

okay home

hi guys I’m he said the show am excited

I finally have a problem to get fixed by
you guys to get some context I’m in my

second year of college

I had pretty low self-esteem through
high school in my first year college but

this past semester I started working out
taking some pretty chill


mom Anne maybe and now I realize all the
freaking pair

old crystallization happened pretty late
last masters so I hooked up with

two girls what contenders so thanks for
the heads up Jake

hanger now I just started and that he
wrote that

now just turn into this relationship my
first real one ever

we met in one of my classes about three
weeks ago I really like this girl

she’s amazing talented sweet funny the
problem is

I don’t know if I’m actually ready to be
in a relationship right now

I still want to experience different
girls and if I was in a relationship

I have at least the real girl that I
could look up with within the week

nasty and no smells like Paula Abdul

I data data data data 10 up

mutiny been media a

she has had horrible experiences with
guys in the past

and I don’t wanna herder easy but all
Carlisle on his new exciting experiences

are passing me by plus

it might be pretty awkward seen her in
Class three times a week if I broke up

with her

what should I do sincerely chair with

let’s go to project earlier today I yeah
I J K com

saw this guy used to be depressed

I sell at now to press Send bothered

now he’s graduations on taking life by
the horns in getting outta that wouldn’t

that stinky world for some form

yeah yeah billionaire man it’s good to
get out at three year about your

beautiful but if I now and no more
caterpillar day 3*a

so great chap that being said I am

a selfish a don’t know what he’s being
selfish she wants to

have its cake and eat it too he wants to
break hearts and slam tarts and now now


I if your gonna the other in your baking
you’re staying in the kitchen you not

gonna run around and go to restaurants

all I don’t understand he wants he wants
to Iran cell

fall in love and hit included with all
the other dams and unless she’s

call that I mean come on was not cool
with that but yeah I will she won’t

because she’s been burned she’s a gender

she’s a tender flower here’s the
sentence that I think is the most



I still want to experience different
girls and if I wasn’t in a relationship

ida I would have had at least three
girls like a hook up with within the


a man seems like he’s just thinking
about the three girls he could hug tell

so if you could hook up with three girls
within a week you that fully invested in

his relationship now yeah

that means that takes work yeah party is
currently in the relationship is a

relationship with Carly and yeah

for anything about three girls within
seven days

anything that you’re like not paying
enough attention your girlfriend they

also say little bit at this

its total grass is greener when you get
into relationships suddenly you have the

confidence you wish you had when you
were single

I had always Sep x-mas you certainly
have your relationship you like ok good

and then like

EU you suddenly feel that like that’s
the only barrier for you having like

eighth reasons all the time which is
like not really the case

its clusters closer to 630 a non halal

I’m your man he years in college

he’s going to run as a present for the
first time should lock himself up I

groan I agree I I think you should

break up with this go but not heard or
just in a nice polite way to say I

you think you’re great and you deserve
somebody who can be fully invest in this

relationship and I’m not so

I’m to go away and a month I have sex
with well he wouldn’t say this last part

but yes sex with three goals in seven
days are you

girls are you

portia first

good eats I show could be wonderful for
more than one day

dude you never know I don’t be fucking
all day every day

so low that look like lahat ng you’re
not letting you know

oh yeah lol your check it out I

think you can totally explain why he
said in the email yo I just cooker don’t

I have like I i’ve been I’ve been in the
dark world

and now it’s a renaissance in I’ll

I like you a lap but I can’t you know I
gotta go learned the enlightened what is


way say essentially is I’m a butterfly
for the first time should I not like


I was on 101 yeah what ya got 4 slice
layhee other guys like because

real lol porno fuck bureau peacock
lovely couple we will do that then with

the big feathers and I course is that
the position show the big

he’s burning bright baby let the Moscone
to the flame

and I do you mean cam hit this is our

garage and is about how are you point I
was called a halo

wake you naa singer take me out to

okay yeah a diverse a song I just get

yeah I’m the

dang hugh thank you

are less any you welcome

in to your own years we’ve come in and
we brought Spears

we want your head stop at nothing

someone do my laundry yeah

sure gonna murder everybody in this
house dollars thanks so much for coming

by legendary okay I it’s not just the
headaches the videotape the Bethany and

Alex extend I’ll

I will be back soon good night everybody

the info our top okay

alright great thank you %ah

a guy you know that you wanna be the guy

that all your buds wanna be Armando a
party with him yeah that guy

well then here’s how you do it just
listen to these two showers every week

the art of charm we talk about how to
create confidence how to get people I

can trust your productivity

time management by lacking and more and
the chai never know who’s gonna drop by

the studio

and we certainly never know what we’re
going to say to him download new

episodes of the child and the art of

every week a podcast one dot com it’s a
guy thing alright

be that guy

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