Episode 145: Stage Kiss


In this episode we discuss rebound relationships and masturbating in public.

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indeed and a.m. let’s get started

cheers to that poor start but shout out
to clamp

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if I were you walking to Starbucks look
another round picking up but you gotta

see on the ground see a guy in the
corner look a lot like a cue was like a

right to know what a fucking a mistake

look at the left and I think it’s the
appear got 10 to the table will put it

in the rear

the given their fight to some party
estate about you show now you gotta

descended and have it in a weather girl
was lookin kinda sad

everyone was gone and even armistead
John Wall fuck it was dirty little trick

stealing candy from a baby it is
probably on its list

if you walk in outside to be careful
about the bird what she got off work

something to help her get so many yes
something I really love Jake and Amir

dough into pieces up Kyle Moore his

theory tight flow he had a good flow the
beat was from our boy Hoodie Allen but

overall yet a tight flow

yeah most follows the type flow his name
that he goes by on social media and

service Kyla a.m.

all are are Kyla Morr so if you’re
looking for him on Facebook SoundCloud

Instagram and/or Twitter it’s Kyle Moore
right how does it work when people just

take the beats two songs

like that those are available are there
is on the low as long as you’re not

making any money

I mean like actually like let’s say I
want to be to an Eminem song

these somebody has extrapolated lol
posted online are you have to recreate


her I guess I bet you have that people
have to recreate it right

so that people have done that its online
or dislike when Eminem up with us on you

can like download in like remove his
track and I just hope that they be

probably try to make it so you can’t do

Butera a really know anything about
music yeah should google it just see if

you can get

Eminem just the be yeah bill’s Slim
Shady I V can for sure

yeah and then we can wrap over it
because that’s the bad part about us we

don’t know how to make beats

will also will personally I wouldn’t be
able to wrap on the B

that the bad part about me well let’s
try to make a beer and haven’t see what

happens okay if you want to do that do
for do

do for the melody part that goes over it
as you do do stiff do

alright said just like give me like the
basic from

do do do do

gimme do teeny to same billion

beaten do been do dean emeritus

million to demanding didn’t been

is good I is it felt right

you that actually massive something mag
local did

what the getting that I imagine stealing
candy from a baby which as you know

actually would be

illegal yeah but I have seen him devise
a way

john wong et can be without a baby’s

has that so he’ll go up to a baby with a

I held a baby as a lollipop yeah like a
baby in a stroller with a lollipop

player Tyler John will fear

the global to local channels forced to
in Hill say to the mother or the father

whoever’s walking at like

I am blocking it like they thought they
could walk on a stroll

catcher I’ll say I’m so sorry I’m

I am I need a sugar fix I would never do
this but really I don’t have

any money I can you please tell me you
know and the mother

fathers looks around helpless because
he’s like sort of well put together but

it’s getting really likes a little
sweaty is like I’m

other release I would never do this in a
could see as I car keys and phone so

they don’t think he’s like a crazy
homeless person right

yeah so he so they’ll say and they’re
far from the store

of course make sure to do this part Mike
a7 11 so the kids games the money and

they go find a store us a hit like that

help rounded to the nearest to your pics
now and

they they don’t have any choice they
take the candy from the baby which

they’re allowed to do because

they bought the game in the first place
their apparent yeah they handed to John

what the kid cries he says I can’t
believe I’m doing this I never thought

I’d still can’t even yeah

and sometimes John’s like this is so
bizarre but can actually take the candy

at the baby’s hands

the it like he he really gets after that
little the races that little all the


the road he walks away sorrel late
almost like a like a super hit Lakers

like I Jason Bourne walking away from
xbox bloating building a liability act

never looking back idk rightly headed

trying to comfort this kid to no avail

any type of us is the candy in a garbage
can subtle

holy share sun-up

this is the fiery year ago the only
advice podcast on the internet hosted by

us Amir I’m Jake a.m. it’s an advice
podcast people

email us there questions to if I really
show at gmail dot com

and we do our best to offer advice an

sometimes we tell stories about John
wolf this brazen

social vigilante it the plan anti-euro
false alert

who a jacket 6 trades and a Master r4

but a d ever

name for this first-person these are

emails from real people we’re gonna
given fake names to preserve

their anonymity let’s name all these
people after

cities that we’re going to you in of the
Rayleigh I

that’s right we’re coming to us really
to do the real live on state no hacer

white boy lol thea down on the

up I yes

then it’s just really I did not as a
Down Under in Australia

a Down Under is down under Australian
you in Spanish

white I from

a alright so this is the lady let’s call

Adelaide Alajuela attraction nice name
for a girl

really is Adelaide rights needing some
hypothetical advice here two months ago

I ended a two-year relationship with my
boyfriend because things had gotten a

little rocky and I had sorta fallen for
someone else

basically a week later I was seeing the
other guy and was stoked unhappy

fast forward to now I realize that I
just moved on way too fast for my axe

and have just broken up with guy number
two and considering making things work

again with my original boyfriend
sometime in the future

my question is this: if I wanted to

if I wanted to remain friends with guy
number two with my original bf be

justified in being extremely jealous are
pissed off I just got along really well

guy number two but in more a friendship
way than a romantic way and I can see my

axe being extremely jealous if we were
to remain friends

is all hypothetical but I know my were
Axwell enough to know that he would

almost be definitely upset

may be understandably so question mark
thank you for potential help with my

potential problem love Adelaide I’ll

Adelaide just right not having a

I you you do you get this is why we
can’t have nice things

that she had one boyfriend broke up with
him and started dating another guy and

now she wants to have recovered later
weaker to


immediately and then she wants to go
back to the first guy but is afraid that

she’ll be

that could first guy will be jealous if
she stays Friendswood guy number two

well that’ll definitely happened but i
100 I wanna in for a little bit here

%uh so let’s see let’s look let’s zoom

I it she broke up with guy number one

yeah to date guide number two yeah

big mistake right off the bat live when

are breaking up with someone because you
think you’ve fallen for someone at Lake

because things out rocky and you fall in
personal wealth and

you didn’t really fall for anybody lol
you help for the idea

a better relationship outside if your
relationship interesting that’s a good


at the severe claim you’re making

yes but know if you are resolute I am

I am definite I’m adamant your Adelaide

and and admit for Adelaide this is the
point that I

that must be made and so you broke up
with your boyfriend

great decision you were unhappy after
two years

it was rocky you were looking elsewhere
for a lovely guy number one with

yet with general were she was you
looking for your number two yes she was

it was definitely trying to break up
with your number one a she immediately

started a bigger number two

Anna that’s where good decisions and

you should not have gotten immediately
into another relationship

for a band-aid this is it to I mean

I’m not the first person to comment like
this is what they call a rebound

which is why should a what is it like
that psychology behind the rebound

I don’t know what psychology and is but
I think it’s just like you

you’re single you feel like you need
somebody you feel like

but you think that person is usually a

a fake a phony a shell a red herring
because you’re like oh my god this

person is in my boyfriend he was such a
position I am gonna go

all in on this dude a

this girl like this is perfect this is
what my last relationship was missing

and everything different yeah but every
you don’t

it’s not as they really good it’s just
not the same that was exciting to you

an interesting panache is realizing
she’s realizing here let’s go blitz

give up all I miss Anna realizing here

that she doesn’t want to be with this
guy so time to break up

that’s a good decision but to get back
with your ex that would be another bad


right there’s a reason you broke up so
every time you considered breaking up

I applaud you and every time you
consider jumping into another


I love you

I really do love you I cheers you for
the break up in a

jeers you really they gave be getting
back together it’s kinda like a dog or a

baby with a short term memory to give it
a blue balled like

are I blew by a half and then like kinda
border that you give them a red light

now rebel even better than they get
bored with it

and then you like well what about this
book was a couple that’s new that’s

different lol

yeah I don’t like wait a minute you’re
hanging out with a rib lube all before

the rabbis I don’t know I don’t know
about that I can only think about a

little girl blue ballers human being
with feelings and emotions

well that the pro and you’re just biting
them in swing them around in your mouth

and tossed them into the dirt in the

what you should do is add a third person
to this rotation that way at all I we’re

going back and forth

a and I guess just to also answer your

of course her boyfriend would be Jason
court to have good reason to

yeah you would be close with the person
you broke up with him for

I you can’t do that if area may be a bit
like a

friend that like actions they may be a
bit like III

boyfriends are cool should be cool with
like oh this guy was my friend before

you and we’re just friends now

okay that’s fine are I met this guy and

he’s cool but in a friend way it’s like
alright that’s a little bit

fish year but that’s fine but it’s like
I wanna hang out with the guy that I

dumped you

for again in like thats I think I have
to draw the line

I don’t know if I can hang out with you
if you do that yeah

at least that’s what I would do if I was
a boyfriend and if you have an including

me he’s going to be extremely jealous

then he’s gonna be twice that that deal
if the Air and

well as an essay I’ll have ever gotten
back together

after breaking a I yeah

up a long time ago and I don’t think it
was like

I aid it definitely was a healthy thing
to do

yeah it seems like there’s that the low
I guess all relationships have a lower

rate of survival but like

the getting back together with somebody
seems especially lower

yeah I think that the hard feat to pull
off not say it can’t be done know I know

I know someone who did that got married
to that person rate well that’s great

but I think at the very least this girl
needs to spend some time being single

because it sounds like you just had too
bad relationships and your

you think those are the only two options
where well I hate a guy never was I well

guy never too but I like him that much

saw go back to guide number one I

three billion guys in the world yeah

sewed try any you you struck out with

yeah let’s try a third fourth fifth
sixth will just keep on going down the

line but not going back to anyone until
you’ve had

at least the higher sampling then just
the next guy

sure I’m alright answer

we need another girls name luv gotta be

yeah it will be thicker


so here’s the deal my boyfriends
roommate Brian recently started dating

when I really close friends

Emily and they’re very much into each
other I was super excited for her

until last week when I found out
something very weird

and very gross about Brian a couple
months ago 10 the female roommates in my

apartment cut Brian masturbating with
his door open and he made eye contact

with her

come on dude about a week later one of

other roommates in the apartment cop
Brian masturbating with the door open

again they had a talk with them about it
and were like hey close the door please

and then a week later it happened again
the roommates all had a meeting about it

the other day and decided it was best to
kick him out

Bryant claimed he had some sort of
impulse control problem and it’s a

product of his depression

but I’m pretty sure he just likes
masturbating in front of people and

wants to be caught

right also I should mention even though
his door is wide open he keeps sitting

in a very specific position on his bed

so you can see him through the crack
between the wall and the hinges

how do I tell my friend Emily about this
they have been dating that long but

she’s super into him

do I give Brian a chance to tell her
before I teller are

is he a murder what would you do thanks
love sydney

see a murderer

the I he didn’t kill anyone yet all
rights let’s

let’s what’s on one under that it’s only
he’s a sexual deviant

yeah ever an if you will masturbating
with the door open ones could be a

mistake but three times is a is a

trend right and this guy is just doing
what a shame on you shame on me

arrest yells at her like a yeah so

I guess this guy likes be get up to the
fact that he might be cut

it’s rare that he says that it’s the
result of his depression Brianna know

enough about

any of that stuff to comment on it but
at the very least

if it was my friend David that person I
would bring her up to speed for sure

yeah at the very least you can tell the
whole story including the depression

part that way it’s not like you accusing

is well aware

including brian’s point or at least what
Brian presented as his point

yeah because I bet he tells your
roommate hurt your friend the story

he’ll leave a lotta stuff out yeah love
the major depression prior

right and maybe not the masturbating
three times in the house meetings

it’s hard to ignore it when someone has
depression like 1i like

be like %uh this we should help them as
much as possible what appears to

pressure in and then also like to
something bad

like you can’t use it as a get out of
jail free card

we had taken pleading the insanity
defense yeah a court perm

ibmers them here but also like just

he a BF yet depression and impulse
control problems then maybe does deserve

somebody’s help but he doesn’t
necessarily deserve this girlfriend

right doesn’t want to deal with idea
that stuff the early in a relationship

yet that just explains why he did it
doesn’t make sense doesn’t absolve him

up the fact that it did happen

yeah okay we understand the reasons that
you masturbated three times the doors

opened yet

that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna live
with you there was like I have something

to another podcast I think

and oh as Pete Holmes show and he’s like
I understand the reasons why you’re

doing it but I still want you to stop

so a lot of people like no I was only
doing this cuz at this but I I don’t

care why you did it

I just don’t want you to do it that’s
the issue here

that %uh their happening yeah so

that’s what you do you go up to your
friend in with their medicine for it


for depression and I don’t know anything
about impulse control and how all of


is linked up together but sounds like if
you are masturbating with even if you’re

under the new you’re masturbating with
the door open then

unity a different medicines be having a
bad reaction to it that the

there’s been you think there could be
medicine for import like up

a willpower pill yeah definitely there
is you take that

0 no I want to I

I was about to buy it and then my and
Paul said a doubt

I I do have that impulse control but I’m
not so bad that I can

a Anna felt like he’d

is missing something else yeah

a screw is loose way impulse control is
one thing but then like a

does and a add

was over them trying to think a
masturbating with the door open yeah

the Dutch have one word for it really

shot on Friday at actually taught there

to: tht to: T-eighty

yeah so to to that that

cool talked up want that to that took

they a a

say I think we’re done we just felt her

this tell your friend yeah better
friends bingeing

with the door open there done that
definitely not

it seems like the go love masturbating
is to be as alone as possible

a I pee with the door open and that’s
about the maximal

I amount that you’ll share your day

clear jiang own public

at a different level me I don’t think he
really get hard public

what’s right I ok follow me to a park

that it watch this on an airplane and

right next question

yup let’s get to a guy

let’s finally talked to a guy about time

and actually this one’s about texting

great could what that ethics

walked right into it guy’s name Perth I

white i’m pat eat alright

let’s get down to business yeah I can’t
do the whole thing an accent but

I recently matched with a really cute
redhead on tender and we hit it off

nearly instantaneously

we chatted for a while exchange snapchat
and numbers and arrange to meet up at a

local coffee joint

going into this I was nervous as all
hell mainly because it’s difficult to

tell a person’s height 13 their pics

and tall women intimidate me luckily all
is well

as she was slightly shorter than me only
got copy

split a lawful and after about an hour
and a half she decided yet to head out

I gave her a ride back to her dorm where
she said that she would quote do this


and she would quote text me I center as
snapchat two days later which she opened

but never responded to you

now it’s been three whole days since
I’ve heard anything from her

my question to you guys is when a girl
says I’ll text you

how long should it usually take to hear
from her one day

to 3 a week

would you message her at this point over
that seem too desperate

to my understanding we both had a fun
time so I don’t understand the radio

silence any help would be rad

go down below is love Perth Harpeth

I think in my world hip I think we live
in the day and age where she liked you

and she said she’ll text you should have
done it

that afternoon they would have happened
by now

now yeah and then a snapchat and on
responded snapchat

responded septet i think is fine I
personally think if you want to steer

you should have been tech you

there’s still time texter now be laying
odds are low

other low but you might as well text her
because she said

yeah I want to do this again I’ll text
you and that she didn’t text you but

maybe just a reminder is they

hey has your week been that’s that but I
think a venir

that’ll opening a real and communication
snapchat she has even know that that’s

not just went to her

that could have been sent to twenty
different people ray

so she doesn’t feel the need to respond
to it I think right now she’s not

entirely interested but she might also
not be in the point where

if like she could be neutral chick is be

yet I’m he doesn’t text me on what
extent if you text me maybe I’ll give

him another shot

rate like the best you can hope for is
neutral right now Yesudas

sheet Athlon II not agree and you there
she’s not super into it

ray otherwise shoulda texted you yes but
you might be the phase below that which


fine if you text her and she’ll meet up
again totally there’s also a chance you

might even be in the field below that
which is I’m gonna have to tell no

right but other possible to build the
very least stop waiting for a text from

her career that has not happened

a the question is why did she say I’ll
text you

room maybe it was just like a nice way
to say bye

you can also seek a third text merely
attacks but right maybe

who knows why she’s there which is that

I think my theory is at the end of the

you’ll don’t take anything

a for what it seems

like at the end of a date its slightly
uncomfortable you don’t know what’s

going to happen people just say things
like oh yeah we should do this again

I’ll text you okay yeah and my mother
thought like airline representatives as

they talk to you soon yeah

I at not through right make alright I’ll
talk to you later

yeah I know you will but the third 0
don’t actually hold anyone accountable

to anything said on that last text me

the last five minutes have a date is
just a free-for-all you just say shit


RHP later by maybe we’ll see the light
onto is like we should do this again

met at least means light let’s
communicate more now but like I could

say let’s do this again and a girl can
just get like

you don’t wanna say I’m OK at the end of
the day select yeah

we totally should that’s true it’s all

no other five minutes a day their lives
I have the first our the date is also a

lot of the shit

others although the flirtation leader
that flies

there is a first three months there’s
eight seconds in the big

in the middle up uppers day that’s pure
truth and everything to the left and

right if it is a lie

mom so you gotta really excavated at the
laser yeah have to dig deep and find out

what the truth is

a not something I’ve noticed recently
the lies at the end of the day

right gonna ever want to be polite yeah
you’re not gonna say

I iraq then and there you can’t be like
we can do this again

actually I had fun but a I don’t see
this going past

secular days so I mean I’m gonna cut it
off here

yeah all dodger next to tax and we will
never see each other again but namaste

day it was fun

to have a drink just kidding it wasn’t
that fun

I wish I didn’t drink because I don’t
feel like being hungover tomorrow this

was not worth it

take care actually or don’t I don’t care

the thing is I’m really start to
second-guess dating in general

I just feel like I’ve been a lot a lot
of these things and they’re all just


anyway don’t go on too much attention so
excited to get into my car and fart

goodbye HR the

a yep but that a don’t

read into what she said and you could
text her

yeah but don’t have a lil have a median

I we owe wouldn’t text to be let loose
over you hang up

you said we do it again you said you
text me I’m this all relations but not

alive babyy

how do you expect you to be honest with
each other oh you to raise their kids

run the same day


yeah are you gonna raise your kids there
be crazy if every time you went on a

first date yet to raise kids together

that would be a good idea for first at
the daycare

it’s a date day care a date care so you

meet people on their first date match
them with

like a two-year-old whole hour let this
go straight into it

yeah good like anybody can be cordial in
a fucking dinner setting

I wanna see if a baby is crying in front
of you and shedding and I’m like can you

do it like can you do something about it

I wanna see if you like snapple can you
get off your ass and stop watching TV in


like that’s what you have to know so
quick yeah

watching TV or whatever beer the daycare
will literally be a sad day when

yeah on a on a Sunday right now they
have a ball

yeah a new one a cold one I but the kid
also is a birthday party to go to

on a bit like your favorite team is
playing wow so in your mind you like

okay to that’s why don’t get about
parity how could you still be a dad when

the fucking game is on

hah like that there’s chicken wings

to end the Pats reply in the nude

we is what to do the caveat had that day

I wonder there’s a correlation between
sports fans and have a dr’s a father

because like sports fans have 10 hours a
week that they just wanna be watching TV

and non-sports fans don’t have that yeah
bets worth because it works decades

it like I’ll really want to watch the
Super Bowl

but if my kid as a soccer game all be

either a watching the Super Bowl RB a
resentful plot during the early AM

cool on my phone review as it is going

I can’t see because I have a fantasy
player who’s going off

or he’s not going up on pierced my kids
doing well but the reality that the

Taliban is not latest fantasy football

home said scene in the movie which is a
wide shot a pic with the

will little five-year-old injured on the
feel that everybody feels like

concerned you’re the background look
earphone you just go like this

bow their the paneer touchdown

I just I was down 17 going into the
avenues in gains in this guy just like

in when ham

is the little one okay occurs I might
win this

this box I the box below the

Roddy White for 10 126 and two scores

house should house little Mary delay

that hurt shit don’t worry dad is going
to take a review just one 80 bucks

yeah hmm a alright let’s take break

and welcome back answer one more
question I

your watching The Daily Show with Jon
Stewart other night okay well they may

be doing the ACA

a Jake the wait is finally over

thank God I was done with it but now it
is not happening and yeah

we can no longer have to wait no that’s
the best part and I was

over that share your hand you know it’s
back yeah

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program already

truth about time Australia

I cannot stress enough how much we’re
coming to you her

June 19 at alleged 10th and Melbourne
June 11th in Sydney

June 12th and Brisbane did forty that
the after in Perth

I tickets are still available going fast
Melbourne highest

fastest-selling show yeah who the fuck
that shit girls say allow

Bates antidotes now I hear

I gotta fuck for the first time and i
think is the you better goalie showed no

also who

well that’s not the only reason it
should be a fun night a comedy tells the

reader i’ll be there really is a liking
to crash I

on FB did gay and scary I wanna be I’m
gonna be

are Molly Cole I with

and we eat Hills but pills uppers

I don’t give a fuck years love them you

a single Pepto Bismol chewable yesterday
and started freaking out

I I was tripping I exactly where it

your bed by 9:45

the air but I had crazy dreams

at the jail no I good

slept right through and we will give it
to you too p

the Julian Savea a flip like to rock
from 925 a dole LAN

that I tossed and turned for a bit food
well into the bathroom

and then I went to bed from maybe three
to seven

at 5:10 you describing a fairly average
in a densely

it within 30 NY it seems so normal

at the cowards added that the whole yeah
I’ve course you’re half asleep


iraq last question

so I get off stage. right drop the mic

walk up to these hot chicks and I’m all
like sup lady my name Slim Shady

on the lead singer of deep well baby
just priest other

I did that this insane it sounded
exactly like

my band by Slim Shady really 0

I think I borrowed some motifs all K

but overall the wording and phasing is
de France lets loose limbs C vs all bad

at the very least I said it right now
and not him

so we need a guy’s name Brisbane

up a mere Jake my name is call

love you I then

who I it barry

I area and Jake my name is

Brisbane and I’m in a high school play

playing the main lead at the beginning
at the play my character begins to make

out with another character

during rehearsals we don’t actually
cares we just pretend to kiss and hug

now this girl that i’m suppose to make
out with is a diet

and I want to actually make out with her
for the play I believe it would make the

play better

also he doesn’t want to make out with
the dime so here’s my question

how do I ask and convince this girl to
make out with me

and two is it even worth it to ask
thanks in advance

Brisbane pS I’ve only kissed a girl once
it was a dare

I up actually got there not to do it
this is a Broadway play by the way I

there that immature an

thoughts yeah I don’t know

I have an idea okay go for you you can’t
do it yourself

you can be like we should kiss because
that seems like he just like a circus

she’s hot

what you can do is get the director to
tell you that kiss

that way you guys are just following
orders may an wraps her this is so

awkward as Yahoo house and really I love
you daddy i want to let alone

Bihar heard pet lovers line in the

I at the terrible lead it’s a musical

Mary once I’m olwein more

heard two day

a po


up and then they make every four hours

the so I think your best bet is to get

as a direction from somebody and then
you act cool you’re not you don’t act

excited or happy

years they are you inspired the game
whatever I’m not thrilled to be here

good the traitors those I think your
sushi you two should actually cares

the girls like are no I don’t wanna do
and he’s like yeah

growth a great kisser look be time does
your idea

was it I’ll I just buying no load

was to make the play more authentic
humid as a or a liar well

or with whom Sally side question I think
we should go out

and make out for real because this this
this director perverts try to set us up

it getting up to lodging middle
schoolers make out

not interested in dole do you think it’s
worth it is it considered a win if he

gets it

this way I I think for where he is that
it would be like

it’s a step above adair home your first
two kisses are good at both be because

you were told to

I I lately maybe Saturday you think that
your own hands but may

at I feel you could say Ino because like
you see that this also

you want to stage a coup with the
director to male

to make you kiss yeah used to say
something their herds be like

this our ID turn into a joke

well as a thank you she should add to it

the look fake if we don’t really cares

this is like I they wish I don’t know
youth said this way for doping

Wageningen or just fucking do it play
night she can freak out because it’s


things are happening right you gotta you
gotta like be you yet like be on top

your game under tell you going to make
out she can’t break out that are under


hypnosis love you got the base that is
really your scene I

and senior in but see you’re saying talk
to the girl directly

or maybe try to inception her so she can
ever come out the idea

%uh I think coming from I think it
should come from the to review

you could say does it look too fake that
were just hiking and ensures they

oh yeah maybe you’re right we should
kiss maybe she was to just two

who which you should suggest is there a
better all

I would say this is why I would produce
situation both I wish them all

to this big kiss thing all the dark
about I wanna bring it up myself to her

but I also wouldn’t want to suggest it
because that would be a little too


i three is this like authentic enough
what we’re doing is they’re

way to make it a little more realistic
and that sort of like backing you could

take a corner

I let your make you are doing the most
to make it realistic without kissing me

only thing to make it more realistic is
make it real and maybe

she arrived at that same conclusion if
you say this option is a great is there

another one

and then with the witch is dead if she
goes to length to avoid kissing you

then you know with out of the question
world depends a great lengths

are just regular lengths legacy just
goes to regular lengths you can probably

make up that distance

if she goes to great lengths to avoid
you know how you interpret regular links

in Great Lakes

a mile perfect credits agreed

by Jake says talk to her in a we’re

in and out in a weird but in a subtle
way a backhanded way trying to get a

little late today

her arrive at the conclusion that this
isn’t the best right

what would be better so it’s a
borderline amateur hypnosis yet let her

have the idea and then you say you’re
right we should give

thats Julia regardless of what she says

and I guess we can hug for longer you’re
right we should kiss

you are listening to me and I say

make a deal even a cash deal with the

unearth to be like how much cash can I
give you to say

maybe we should make out in the play
that way

that it is not like you know the better
suggestion it

like it she doesn’t have anything Blake
does this feel really feel like we could


more authentic think it she says yeah I
don’t know but I agree and you’re afraid

to say

let actually kiss suggest putting your
hands on

on her face no and your two thumbs on
her lips

like a better stage kiss and then you
make out with your and then you kiss

your sperms yeah

which is basically saying you know like
I respect your space a we don’t have to

actually kiss but I think this a look

and that he has got to be like weirdly
close at a slightly better way than


that’s pretty good fake ass that’s a
good even third technique

so you giving you three options please
let us know each is more than you paid


didn’t pay anything still I write that
is our time thank you so much to

for listening everybody if you have your
own questions

or your own been signs emissions if I
were you show at gmail dot com

we also need the mail submissions
artwork for the podcast when we post

about it to our Facebook page ideally at
600 by 3:15 resolution but we’ll take

what we can get the opening theme song
was written by Kyle Morris

and the last one was from a lady named

and a five-year-old what that’s cute

a bank black bike JK

an enemy a hit me lethargy by

bust JK

and they have playing with the like
strike land and air I’m in trouble

S&A and a mountain and

kid spray

pass i dont had any real friends

check in the mail J kim et

J intimate hike in the mail a check in
the mail

taking it is me

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