Episode 146: End of an Era


In this episode we discuss emotional cheating, physical cheating, and the future.

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it was unique it we’ll reach rarefied

air we did and we discuss things we

ordinarily want to discuss an we went

it back her things got real please enjoy
the show




my you



has work to do


guys are out there

means you


I’ll stay diesel engine was shown

is gone

German you


got some need more


don’t mean



someone is module

hands in the knee maiden

in Josh’s room


and then you are hope you and and

the usual home and she demanded that car

that was soothing I

all we are is dust in the

actually pretty fitting house lol we are
dust in the game dev ourselves today

yeah how the hell workers were

yeah we’re dead to the world that the
society that my parents

your parents said that you were dead to
them dead to rights

a bit but the battery is dead on arrival
the LA

death becomes me that was I their band

aired I do well named de Jamaal Jer

or John Malta of but a bad name

I I’m so I like how did anybody find

yeah it’s tough it’s d apostrophe JM

oh you LJH let’s ins change your name

I I love the Harley it think that’s

you you could use a nice guy being
creative when you come up with your name

iced I stopped I don’t even know it I
had to say it now

yeah do more journal it’s over and the
Plain White T’s have the perfect name

because it is strokes yeah Jack White

that’s the perfect male Drake can I
recommend just their first names like

if it’s like Adam and Sarah that would
be a good name

adams there’s a really nice thought
about like another another name that’s

not just that

plow you know I have a I have a good
band name for a while now and I’ll give

it to these guys

okay hot hands say so

yeah I’m giving up on you I has a great

yet easy to say and it’s like a fun game
it does kinda sexy

tell your hot hands seller Jamal Juma

you’re welcome I formerly the artist
formerly known as Jamal Julia

now hot hands thanks for reading that
song and performing it means

and recording and sending it to us
definitely I appreciate it looks like

I’m israeli your names on it but it just
happens to be not a good name I

this is good like to Chris’s will tell
you like it has a

we really well worth the Randy Jackson’s
a podcast

I gonna give it to you straight dog

can teach yeah this is a fire you the
only advice podcast on the internet

hosted by

us al Amir I’m Jake we’re done with our
web series this is now our job full-time

Wow yeah it will be doing it for an hour

yeah and then we can just sorta chill
her yea Cleburne debt

I guess we’ve done we’ve done eight
years at episodes

and now that’s not gonna happen anymore
yeah well

so any ideas you got any funny jokes
that you think Oh

throw them away there’s no there’s no

outlet for talking to me now i’m talking
myself in a mirror

we I at know this isn’t the

and you guys that’s crazy we’re still
gonna make stuff we still live together

think a bit as the a the first

it the like a musical artist and

after you listen to their album their
first album are you like

alright they’re done now that they’re
dead Knoll

day then make a second album and it’s
usually not as good as the first

exactly and I didn’t want another album
gat as usual even worse than second like

what happened here they totally changed
what I loved about the first out in the

break up for a while


and the whole they do a reunion tour
they played a greater share

its said that’s our next web series will

not as good as the first Lynn third one
will just be like it

a two hour dramatic moves so kinda weird
experimental shit they have no one will

reject yeah

and then well we’ll just go on tours

a who do like Jake and Amir stuffy and

perfect so you guys have all that to
look forward to

and thankfully you guys are still
listening to their so they’re still

they’re still content being made update
on the podcast right

we left our Podcast Network till well we
live in chambers

yeah week we left college humor and
podcast 1 at the same

basically the same week else left their
house that week oh wow

so we became unemployed we joined a
different are we left our podcast that


and we a change houses all in the same
like four days

would you say the these are upgrades or

I love them are doubt way way way down
way a down I feel stressed

I’ll yes rest is better over anything
about this repair decide I thought

a saying that the other day this is
perfect for my weird al cover band

that now I’m not joining because I don’t
have a job I I’m wearing a

underdressed health so it’s like we are
now walking around

her sorry me her right walking around
and I’m like at a black-tie gala

and I’m wearing like I’m just like a
rapper so

baggy tee hee in some jeans with black
boots hit

I am yeah and where

and their address what all the verses a
the whole had a secure token girl

whose look at my life man thats lessons
on lessons are lessened

a so what lot rhymes with less health

I guess like use Bilotta but Obrien

a salad dressings and since they find it
under your shirt say look at my time and

has jettisoned suggestions I just since
this is great

I was so glad without the make Internet
videos anywhere we can focus on the real


Road the so are describing our second
worst project yeah

away a under chest a

so what does it mean to leave podcast 1

if you’re listening to the show I don’t
think it should change anything unless

you were listening specifically on a
podcast 1 after the podcast once a

we’re now hosting all OVR the episode on

dot com thank you to Spreaker dot com
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intonation homeless

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much I am unfurled I need health

good oh I actually agree that but

lead real every little bit helps alright
so how does this show work

people are in difficult places in their
lives much like us

yeah and the they’re needed advice and
I’ll email us

to a fiery show at gmail dot com and
then we read these emails and try to

advise these people

sometimes it’s just us and today that’s
the case to you

a kobe is always there yeah it does
hasn’t said anything yet

are I alright do you have

the name for a healthy for the guy

who is a girl a female name these are
real emails from real people were gonna

give them fake names to preserve

anonymity right the how about

the names like a deaths occur

or for man to oh so that’s like
traditional names that you sort of

tweak a little bit okay um rationally

I you at an aryan just change the a

but I do like a rationally thank you did
you actually come up with it

I yes all right here we go ready big fan
of the show

and the podcast and comity roaches for
some legit advice

I’m a young girl and my friend is the
same age

he regularly reblogged pictures of girls
butts and tips

and what not on his tumbler I had
recently taken a more than

hope picture of my own ass in underwear
if it matters

and after several filters and cropping
it thought it looked quite decent

I wanted to get his opinion before I
sent it to this guy I have a thing with

obviously this was a dumb choice looking
back but I would generally

but I genuinely wanted to see if he
could tell it was me

well he’s a teenage boy so of course his
natural response

was to let me send me sum up his own
nudes being the gentleman he is

he asked if you if I would critique his

I immediately rejected that but he kept
insisting that I give him a device on

his nudes

whatever the hell that means I then got
a snapchat notification and

not believing that he really did it I
opened it I was face to face with his

kids were me dick

I have absolutely no idea what to do now
because the icing on this

turd cake is that he has a girlfriend I
know I have to tell her all this shit

he’s been messaging me about wanting to

and now this snapchat but I don’t know
how to approach it

I wanna make an anonymous but how if I
show her the message is she might show

it to him and that our friendship is

he keeps saying he wants to break up
with her so should I just wait a bit

any advice is much needed from you could

thanks a lot love rationally rationally

don’t do anything rationally yeah nights

cell what do you think she should do

well she said this guy a picture ever
but so she can exactly

tell on him right because she’s a little
bit she is involved in the illicit


whether she wanted to or not she sort of
started it

right she should have sent a picture
wake that’s a flirtatious mood by fear

her right so what can she do now do you

at its lead you held tell I don’t feel
it at all

I don’t be Inc it’s necessarily

hurt like why did she won a title why
did she want to tell

cuz this guy shit but is not friends
with the girl she’s friends with the guy

a yes his friends are the guys don’t
even know the girl

it seems like the allegiance should be
with her friend right what’s it like

there should have been no allegiance

you art some kinda vigilante superhero
they get to like

break up their relationship that’s I
recognize that his behavior is bad

but you’re also she was involved in it
and at

show how shout you possibly do it

it’s like oh I got the picture verdict
that you sent to rationally

but I got an anonymous yes the UK game
at it rationally

I guess the thing to do is a Pew she
says she’s friends with this guy likes

to the point where she doesn’t want to
mess up their friendship so she should

tell this guy that he should break up
just buy it talk to him answer the


if you like the advice should always be
like don’t tell the person who’s gonna

angrily dub dub somebody and Lake

you would buy the person the Chi di did

not deter over yet with the cheater is
the person that did the cheating

yeah so you would buy the cheater not
the Chi T so you tell the cheater and

what you’ve done as bad yeah about it
and now

what do you think is the best course of
action and maybe are the ones that

should break up

at so you don’t go behind this guys back

and say to this girl hey this guy sent
me photos

the anger that causes the war and there
doesn’t need to be a war there’s need to

be a calm discussion

the need to be there needs to be a
breakup but then like maybe the person

a there should be some I don’t know it
seems weird to

too late the fire off an explosive and
walk away

right is this cheating sending someone a

I don’t think so this is not less than

yes definitely so but these thing like I
wanna fuck you and

sup like that and I want to break up
with the girlfriend the shit

I don’t think that the dick pic alone is
like too much

but I think that that combined with
they’re talking about fucking

and him saying he wants to break up with
this girl did that

may should break up but is there like
maybe there’s a trip

maybe there’s a woman code like oh this
guy tried to cheat on his girl

with me I’m a girl I gotta let this
other girl no

like we’re girls in this together we got
to alert girls

other terrible guys I guess I understand
that but then it that we won’t you just

tell the guy like

I’m gonna tell your girlfriend that uge

that you tried G on unless you’d that I
don’t like that either

that’s really get to keep you don’t tell
her I will but that’s like blackmail I

feel like somebody

gets murdered I so as to get murdered
for that

theirs is the real real tough what I
would say

because then she also Center the butt
pictures I like

I set your plate you won’t believe this
girl to I sent your boyfriend

a picture of my ass just tell you now
see if

he like they did with my house in and he
sent me a picture of his dick back

can you believe that ass yes you would
get mad at you for sending the but pay

right I don’t think this guy

I don’t think his transgressions were so
deplorable that you need to tell

his girlfriend but I think I think that
she was involved in this situation

and she’s already did take the same heat
like she’s trying to do this anonymously

it entrapment the I another illegal

cell you would say talk to that dude

are not even entered my advice is to
remove yourself from the situation

yeah it’s nuts I don’t think anything so
bad happened

she needs did like a be a whistleblower

but I’ll at like if anything if you
really feel it you

the it’s your moral obligation to be

talk to the guy like advise him you know

in a warm way if you can’t like get out
of this relationship that he’s not

a.m. that is not invested in it is not

fairly rate her legions should be with
that dude cuz that’s her friend

if she was friends with the girl and the
guy sent

him her a dick pic you think she should

tell her friend yeah if the if if she
was friends with the girl and this dude

Center dictation one I could see her
things have been girl but then

I mean not necessarily if she said the
aspect is that your

having to tell your friend that you sent
be as boyfriend the picture but %uh

that’s where saying it’s a trap met she

she like got him riled up and horny he

yeah he put some horny dude he’s not
accountable for what happened you don’t

realize my ass was an aphrodisiac

I would never I mean also send me a dick
pic this is not something that would

like turn me on

as a girl or a guy the guy I would like
he’s like I please let me send you a

picture of my dick

that’s so intense but I think he wanted
to like escalated

like I mean you send me a picture view
but I’ll send you a picture ID

and then maybe you send me more photos
back Road

he was hoping for more back what she
said to the picture for but

she said she wanted to is the

if he knew that it was him her if he
knew that it was her the thing that’s

actually how naive she was about it

to know she wrote the email to Lake it
seems likes

if she was not naive she would tell us
in the email

razor-thin very very naive but she was

who hoops at I I guess I shouldn’t have
done that because then he i think he

took that the wrong way

pray mmm but I also don’t blame her

for getting a DP a dick pic

rate concede I mean she will she also
didn’t specifically say

arm the rest to their conversation

Mike he said can I send you a D a dick

and she said no and then he said many
like pressed further like please let me

and that she didn’t say which is that
back and many centuries snapchat

you know it she says so she’s almost
like a a female John Wall

should this is kinda like Jan wolf GN
yeah Jan wolf actually sends

a but pictures to guys in relationships

and for the few that respond with dick
pictures she then turns around and tells

her growth

their girlfriends about it well the that
the classic

John in Jamnagar brother-sister duo out
there also may read

I they don’t care about rules or laws

so if I were you what would you do not
do anything about it

remove myself from the situation just go
away prison no need for her to be it


why did anybody want to be in the middle
of another couple

breakup yeah breakups are the worst part
in relation yeah I wanted

be have that on your conscience and
they’re not even be in a relationship

your be I don’t know it’s I keep trying
to be a baby equipment

she’s like in the she’s in a smoking
house yeah and she’s like oh

up by the fire you don’t need to you’re
not a firefighter

just get out of the house she also
brought out and brought Magister this


yeah she had one around looking for the
fire with the carrier gas

I like attached to a care be entered her
back pocket

she’s a dangling around the cantina I’m
all here

and all go away if she’ll

sure you a that’s it

thank you Jamwal operating in but are no
watercolor Ashley

an X question we need a guy’s name

okay not a problem

CZ actually alright you do it

nan heap like Ben ninja mid

man writes I’m an 18-year-old college
student from England

so I started to date is bitch from my
school and things have been going

perfect she’s funny but doesn’t try to
steal my friends address the church is a

God and ten pence piece

the only problem is her dad ever since I
turned 18 he keeps inviting me to go

partying with him

this wouldn’t usually be an issue
because I like to party and I don’t mean

to brag to people usually think I’m
pretty cool cuz I do we need and I like

to wrap

however I want to impress this guy cuz I
can’t afford to and my stay in Boulder


the only way I can think to do this is
by showing him I’m not afraid of drugs

and stuff

and then I can bring home hot girls
obviously this isn’t an option because

his daughter

right I don’t look like a complete pussy
in front of them cuz I had to be taken

home the last two times we party
together so you think that I had a drink

should I do we need with their dad so
you respect me order the judge there’s

be in sees that fishy cheese elsewhere

men me hmm

God men suck since so many I


the he’s a cool party readers we did
likes to wrap

he can’t bring all my income call Colo
do we even had a rat

he can’t bring home a check to prove to
hers daughters father that he’s a pimp

because his daughter right question left
out that up also the last two times the

party and I

the also selected as the party yet to be
taken home so the dead already thinks

he’s a pussy you can drink

right so the only way to save this
because you’re currently lightweight

is did you eat is to be I ally

a lightweight who cheats on his daughter

offers them illegal drugs and wraps you
wanna make your still slightly better

that would be making yourself like

ten times worse yeah its parting with
their girlfriends dad is a weird


you don’t wanna get go down that rabbit

whatever happened to the good old days
where a guy we just take your hunting

it I would hug me though with my
girlfriends old man

it right you actually shot your
daughter-in-law they haven’t leg body

with a bison

you challenge him to a duel I a

we both lost as ever have been a dual or
boat people just died

a better probably right because once you
get shot you don’t dislike

you can still shoot yeah and I bet

I’m sure happened a lot though be so sad
they challenge each other to a duel and

they both just get afshar beheaded

both in the brain a it as the resell

believe you’re watching like the one
good quality like gas and the terry Lee

of at computer to work like five years
irritated area the respected as the

tools ray

the I hope so yet that you’re saying I
could be worse to be in that till you

shot at yes and he looked at the whole
your chat the Lego

god damnit now live dead till this dual
wasn’t worth it

actually read aloud or ended in draws
because people would shoot at the sky

that was like started like your way
bailing out the be fine if one guy did

that the flu and didn’t

I thought we had a deal happen to or one
guy just turns around shooters owns

head Raza suicide to hook your way

has there ever been O’Toole’s what I do
all your day turn around and then they

will shoot each other in the head

interesting there’s gotta be the most
Mike some cowardly tools as they’re like

taking the pace is alleged

two hundred suits I now why does the
truth so high I would she did a dual

lead with the words they’re gonna happen
was revived I will

at you’ll probably get I don’t like the
old vigilante laws but I bet you would

get hanged yeah

had he not also have you not rush it
like it when you’re in the do like

alright but take five normal steps don’t
do it a little bit baskets then you’ll

kill me

by there has to be the like us um

a referee is there a millionaire well it

to there certainly I got a 1-2-3

turn or we turn on iraq papers that they
have it

your lead to other three I could do
little alright so you shut up you what’s

what’s a

back to what who couldn’t do Olga be a

alright but with is it too late is
little or no they

5 II Abegail hit cop in blood

a soldier this guy being a dual

about how we got here well I think it
might like

his I feel he’s wrong he just feels lame
but the dad probably

he get the cake out like sending this
kid owns a girl whose 18-year-old

candles flicker that like why he wants
to take you out

ray maybe he’s China protect Matt try to
be called for interview

yes you’re the youngster and you so like
I think you leave the you can really do

to get them to like you is not a legal

up im no dad wants to be one-upped
you’re down to just weed and rapidly

you’re not here to you’re too strong
suit you too young to be

equals is what up like just don’t do we
don’t do rap don’t do that cheating on


a I was daughter all your options are
bad and trying to get him to have an

affair with the

it but young girl I wanna prove to him
that his daughters dating a pimp so I

feel like I have to take down a chicken

major fear is that his daughter is
dating a few you love that his daughter

is dating a late wave who does not agree

right you’re doing it right accidentally
so far so just be respectful and nice

continue to be sent home in a car
because he can handle your alcohol how

was that be yourself but definitely
don’t do that yeah because

with the way you r isn’t good be better

be a better you starting today

your stay in border town is undeserved
yeah but yeah as long as you’re there

they won’t kick you out. lessee

but don’t fuck up so we have they
recommend not fucking up I am

ditch this early I don’t ditch this be
and sees that fishy cheese elsewhere


the appreciate what you have I’m

right let’s take a break will be there
yeah and we’ll be right back

with more a this thank you to trunk club
for sponsoring this episode as well

truck club helping

idiots look good sense 20 now 2012 2011
other actual slogan now that I’m glad I

B I don’t know

yeah I think living that knowing when
they’re were founded

trunk club basically offers US stylist

and you don’t favor the stylistic just
have to pay for the clothes that they

send you in your keep

it’s a free stylist as long as you
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they will send you close to try it at
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and closer to just like

Parfitt our fans never ever have to
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get food

dollar with subscription services a so

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guide will have to tell you you use
their survey at what do I know how to

dress myself now I know

what looks good and what does it mean
it’s all thanks to trunk locks up you

got a trunk club dot com slash

if I were you answer a few simple
questions about your style

no assigned a real person who helps
style you that’s trunk

club dot com slash if I were you you
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it’s completely free to sign up there’s
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if I were you checking out at the very
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I am last month to think really quick

and that’s prospered account let’s face
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I up I was all I worked with connects
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I’m sorry is the lowdown I don’t
understand what you’re saying is that

you note the rack up more debt on your
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the holiday season is a

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absolutely so

let’s go back to shut up hind Overman

axe dark stone and big tuner

are the last three people that left us
good reviews on our iTunes Store

hunk kind of a man is a pretty good
username yeah

it’s like very self-deprecating and was
the other would but

axe dark stone at also really cool yeah
and and big

underscore tonight which is fine so if
you do subscribe in the office reference

yeah which is good helms shoutout and

if you to subscribe to leave a review
will thank you so thank you to their

latest there You have done that

a.m. how are you feeling now that you
don’t have to do any G clear stuff


9 fine right yeah feels fine yet cuz we
released an episode yesterday

min the weird thing will be next Tuesday
when we go

I don’t know they’ll be weird either
about the Tuesday after that

I don’t know the two the third Tuesday
from that little hell yeah and then the

port 1 I’ll be backed up by

doesn’t feel like it ended a while ago
because we are you finish your English

medium so yes been it’s been two months

yeah so I don’t know

it’s already hit me it need that day

i right that day that we wrap that was
the now is the time where hit you the


I think that was where he be the worst
and also when we’re adding that


right hit me like watching old outtakes
and stuff and i was just like picky

about the old officers

right those really it was fine yesterday
we the

were watching old videos on periscope

oh yeah both fun periscope yes you get
into that

or at the very least watch it when we do
it it’s a live video stream

gyro used to live stream play we will do
everything we had like a big announced

yet would you like to use tree and it
was so

it was such like an intense project we
would like

announce it the day love them promoted
all day and I would start it wouldn’t



has really ruined I had little be
reading Twitter and refreshing

I don’t know is always like freezing in
breaking now

we didn’t we just like pull it up in
larger in a second pool

the tweets show up on the screen yet
pretty convenient

that’s really nice and we tweet when we
do it so if you follow us on Twitter

that Twitter dot com slash taken a mere
and I think it saves it for a day

see can watch it for the next day too it
was just us live streaming

on our phone watching all videos that
I’d completely forgotten about that

we’re just like this

people were suggesting videos press to
watch yeah water to give

kinda give comment at all sinners like
laughter JK forgot that we made little

or roll our eyes a joke that we didn’t
like anymore yeah

likes at me always blow by blow postal
in Rome yelling

that the I go into the room and i lo
blowing up blowing up

those really funny and I was really out
about it you answer the phone you’re

you’re like

you never played you never a you

instantly start crying the first time
the second time you saw it screaming and

that their child is really a different

a made-up language and you every single
time you and the

book almost daily call you back I’ll be

I it are you going out the bone

I why does he have to call you back
you’re already talking to you

also when do you ever pick up the phone
and the first thing you yell as

no I

what could have been happening it’s
almost like a only call me a bizarre

whole thing is happening like if my if
your parent doesn’t make it through

surgery call me heavily over everything
it by and I’ll call but

you a weird deal to make with the devil
doctor a

how are you feeling by I we go to
Australia has crashed

I and that’s why I didn’t realize

it was fun to read all there

a commentary about how like when the
last episode was released

percent for whatever reason I thought
it’d be like met with the same Amanda


feedback as anywhere other final
episodes are when we were saying we’re

gonna show

but we got like a lot of tweets and
Facebook messages in person our sub read


about have people who either watch back
in the day and not me more watch now

been up back in there

author at seven years we’re like
personally affected lead

eight years oh yeah almost exactly eight

its crazy in April 2007 was when we did

trust for the quick characters 10 well
and is nuts

a says great to read all the feedback

people who have been watching this for
eight long years a

I wanted like more celebrities to chime
in actually

click there was a lot as a lot of the
plaid how you feel

a lot of good a lot of the people that
like we like this is great

the they ended up being a normal
normalcy I would click on the Twitter

can their tablet whatever the fuck 400
Twitter followers

does not happen a lot that’s fine but
like a lot it like it’s hot the

like I wanted like I don’t know is this

it it I feel like this is shallow to say
what I wanted to go

a millionaire to say this is good see
this showcase a

it’s good that you feel like that you
should sometime be like that so much

that you don’t set

I what online and rich and like famous

to say like I want you on musk I really
wanted us to me

Ilan Musker Eli Manning to like chime in
and be like

every they change for Ellie Goulding
yeah just

any I feel like a lot of the times what
people posted that were nice where

former friends

to let you is like a favor of sorts
cellophane for her

either that good night you what you want
attention for people who are

yeah I wanted I want famous fans to
chime in and be like you do with their

my this the balcony rail here to her
jump up

go job outcome of that we talking about
jump off

no way do you will die itself yeah I’ll
break main cause results by

I’m luscious I’m gonna do it land on my

asshole my legs are gonna be 500 may
have been dislocated my shoulder yet is

I ya with its I

is really gonna relive it said the
internal you also guided

like when we’re I was texting the other
day we like sorry bitch

I apologize is yeah page what was it
looks like

I was saying bitch at the end of the
sentence a lot right but I was

oh we rented a room at I really where do
I park bitch

I it will then I’m kinda but bit should

caddo up shit creek without a paddle Bay
like look at every technique better if

they all end with bits

like I’m sorry bit I really apologize at

looking back on it I don’t know how it
happened this label the

it did not mean to offend up

I’m it has sold its who

the I have feels those those are a bitch

I don’t know what I can do to make it up
to you bitch I’m

alright hair Australia sydney is now an
all ages show

but yet how’s that for progress the

shows in Melbourne Sydney almost sold
out another there another thing is all

ages battles with hair floodgates are

I get a mother not the all the

locations and dates are on our website
if I really show dot com

I we’re gonna Adelaide Sydney Brisbane
Mel been

not Milbourne you dumb American asshole

it smell been the albanian may have been

an early pit building we’re going to
five cities

in five days in June xx day that they
have a day off

thank God dors anything between

I think it in Perth we should go to the

Australian see what’s what the dead
metal will never come back

yeah I heard there’s just as the Outback
hundreds of square miles that haven’t

been touched by a human foot

it’s crazy yeah I bet there’s like a a
crazy said make the hair

yeah yearly twelve inches yeah house
where the double gardens

I linn karter I really go

I you just believe me

a the in a hopefully we’ll see in

a alright let me answer one last
question before we have to go

yeah we need we desperately need

another guy’s name %uh

llame who llame with his full name

Tom llamastes the llamas /url on the

%uh provide added le because ben thomas
also thank you

her very good so I’m 23 years old the
right Salaam

and have been dating my gf for more than
five years

we’re both legit 7 said pieces and the
relationship has been more or less great

for five years

minus the occasional minor squabble we
both seem to be pretty much in love

towed out right well not exactly

I’ve been outta town for about two
months working for a company

where I’m located is about two hours
close to some pretty cute girls I

studied abroad within Europe back in
college and have been hanging out and

staying with them on the weekends
because I don’t have any other friends

my girlfriend knows about this and is
totally cool with it

which is one of the many reasons I love
her the problem is that I’ve got some

pretty legit chemistry with one of these
particular cute study abroad girls

and that is made me unexplainable League
giggly and excited

in the way that only new relationships
can I don’t plan to teach

I don’t plan to try anything physical
and haven’t even so much as masturbated

to the thought of this new girl drowning
in my cum

I have however happily fantasized about
smaller cuter things such as

you know spending the day at the park
alone jamming to some chill tunes et


our affairs of the heart equally as bad

or even worse than affairs love the cock
should I tell my gf

archer I just quit being a pussy and
shove it under the carpet

keep in mind I’m leaving in a month so I
won’t even have to see this new girl

after that

something about this whole situation
feels wrong to me but at the same time

I really like this new feeling so I
don’t know what do you guys think

I think this guy is so much nicer then

than the weeds weed smoker rapper boy

yeah this guy wants to know if he should
tell his girlfriend that is been having

a flirtatious thoughts

about somebody the really cute ones to
which actually a pink is very is

it would be very threatening dearly baby
I been fantasizing about having a picnic

with this girl

yeah note not that it’s almost hourly

yeah cuz it’s not even just a pure raw
sexual thing

I had so for sure you’re too sweet

and you’re not going to do anything so
obviously don’t tell your girlfriend you

moron I Q

will you have to be more of an asshole
yeah yeah

a this stuff comes up when you’re in a
relationship for a while like

you start at have crushes the trick is
Wendy you crush the crush

because you know I like some people get
that crash she feeling they like playing

with fire that girl let me talk to that
a little more

alone just I’m just texting her its
totally innocuous

but just the fact that you’re texting or
give the little person micro thrill some

and then you get border that micro
thrilling you want a little more

like I’ll let me like send her a photo
of me that’s completely innocuous and

but illegal still legal still Suttles
told local still good

and then things third that’s how it it
seems like it escalates from there

yeah I you just you gotta be careful i
dont have headed off to forget having a

crush is very dangerous but it’s also
Sui in a timeless

and you don’t need to share your like

in a sink rushes with your significant

I don’t think the year that the danger
allowed to have those those are like

pure those that like your pure form a
fun the thing that’s an indicator that

like something like when you’re in the
beginning space is a relationship

you don’t really get crushes on other
people or I should say speak for my own

self like

oh I have a crush on this person this is
yeah I i am. the savings and then that

excitement sir do begins to disobey the
I Colo

now there’s this newer person a newer
thing that even more exciting because he

represents something that I found even
more recently and she like the current

version of me

most and I think that are shiny yeah I
knew I like my black car

and I my matt black heart

a that cracked black car but

is that a is an indication that your
relationship is flawed in a where’s that

was going to happen

I didn’t always going to happen it I
don’t know I made

maybe there are some relationships that
are like as

I or it could possibly there as exciting
as like the first two months

none nothing is like that yeah I heard
there’s like

a butcher cuz I’m a moron but there’s
like actual science behind it

we like when you meet somebody and

yet chemically your um

of called your i mean your endorphins

being rude released word you’re happy

yes serotonin said you like the red it’s

being released into your head you’re
like filled with that like the same

chemicals that release when you’re on
Mali where users yeah like euphoric

unhappy connected to everything in life
is beautiful and your singularly focused

on one person

and obviously that wears off

but then there’s another chemical the
comes into your brain it’s called

nor ethnic print around a friend or
something like that

which is tylenol which I bet nora ephron

I reference Pranab friend Ben

and that’s like your attachment loyalty

and I’m a dependent on something

so that there to give you a different
road so it’s

itself that’s like it’s something that
insurers relationship last long because

even though you’re not getting the same
serotonin dubbed that you are

I’m you’re still getting in or a double
right battles

unite like getting that Russia dopamine
from somebody

you have like you formed an attachment
to that many feel loyal to Ben

the question is is is your brain the
kind of brain that prefers the

nora ephron epiphany pan road is it up
but prefer the doper

the door and have run every penny better
than or Efron pippen

a it were you a dope ami yeah

a are you a dopamine at like me

happened the I don’t know

the chemistry of cheating is an article
I want someone else to write

ideally is a a short documentary that I
could watch on YouTube to her

yeah if I can get all motion graphic
everything I want to learn

should be a documentary like I’m not
going to read an eight-page article on

Robert mothers there to be

but all fucking like six episodes that
the JS you do the research you edit it

together and I’ll sit and look at it and
I’ll steal it from my dad HBO Go account

and that’s fair I’m not gonna
centenarian words

that’ll be a waste my time away Steelers
so what should this guy do

I am is long as you can not do anything
inappropriate because having

small fancies in your head are obviously
night appropriate

as long as you can not push it too far
there’s nothing you need to tell your

girlfriend right now

ray and when you get back maybe you even
it in use under that

the some other blood that’s rushing
around your body to

injected into your relationship you know
what I want to reconnect with the

littles and some tunes let’s go to the

or you can just fuck your girlfriend to
think about this new girl

yet another option yet that way you can
come yeah

or if you really if you feel you will
never get this kill a deer head inn you

I wanna break up their girlfriend then

you should break up the Rio Ferdinand
explore new stuff cuz does lead to

yeah and then when you get bored this
new girl you can always go back to your

girlfriend who should probably be
waiting for you because you guys are

politic you back but you know what you
could just go from

a new thing to new thing to do you think
there will be always

always always something new and you will
be lonely forever

I’ll always be okay I you wanna family
but at the very least will have a new

girl every five to

I don’t know seven months kinda like how
we’re dealing with living we just air

BnB hot

yup we need an air BnB but for chicks

wow that sucks last six months sublet

I teeth scratch I that’s this is me on a
first date

I so he’s already in the bathroom
probably happened

I once you have to escape I woulda let
her leave at the front door

where this is only a bar she wanted you
to wait for you

it yeah a that’s it

thank you for listening a today and

yes gracias indeed and they wouldn’t at
thank you for all the

if you reached out to us about our web
series ending

we appreciate that as we do appreciate
that will be back on Monday with more

questions than answers

you have your own the questions for
yourself at

send it to a fiery show at gmail dot com
every episode

love this podcast starts and ends with
the new original theme song

can you believe that a new original
theme song the first one was written by

you know Jamal Jarrah and this last was
written by Kamran

we also need Lee we’ll also I should say
we appreciate

the thumbnails that we’re getting for
our Facebook page every time we post

about the podcast

kitty is a new cool photo you guys are
so talented

to keep sending those over as well will
be back on Monday

with a special guests let’s not give too
much away

but the let’s just say he’s global
system if

I’ll leave you and you me we live in

appropriate harmony %uh be so nice

new new me

%uh if I leave you

me we’ll be see as emcees she’s landless

soon that show and no


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