Episode 147: Strangling (w/ Jon Wolf!)


Jon “Global” Wolf joins us to discuss heights, bites, and fights.

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if I where you that is an exciting
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the man the myth the legend how poll
only like John little

you know things got real cuz Global’s in
the house enjoy

value combining see the G is the day

Burnham all your problems the dilution


I and

old short time short and not sweet he
called me abuse

I that was to their theme

or parity up the Adventure Time theme
song cash

I’m sure that everybody here knew about
that the right to reiterate it

I thank you Luis for writing that
recording it

John wolf do you watch adventure time

but ladies and gentlemen leaders are

John global globe at all I see for the
first time on camera

howdy I rosenberg

a so for those %uh view who don’t
remember don’t know or have at least our

podcast before

we’ve regale people with stories a about

you John you found out how did you find
out that we’re top

because we didn’t know that it was going
to happen until it happened and it just

came out

and it felt right and then we started
telling stories about you

and then stories just came out of the
woodwork about you right now you have a

long reach

yeah has guided John Wall guy on

how did I find out about the John Wall
had a John will find out about you story


well I was minding my own business RA
sounds like a live I

a jack shit the whole eating

conjecture alright see reminding you I
was my own business

I get all these tweets from people I

I hey John what you’re such a colleague

I you an asshole how did you do that
right now believe you could do that I

think they’re

an unlikely ally we have a very vague
vague tweets

i’ma and I was like oh diva Roach that
some checking your language right there

yet it’s true

let me a see what’s up I on now

their podcast her that Monday episode

Wow my mouth the wall i guess i website
know that all because

it was john what there is nothing else
is yeah I wasn’t

it was like we’re talking about people
that aren’t as good guys

and they were like we had about people
that are bad guys yeah and then

he said some very nice things about
George basil I completely agree with

yeah I

guy and then we’re like we hey analyst
II Oct

talked about John yeah in all the ninety
legal very subtle

dick lately did you know that I did you
know that I’d listen to the podcast

or are you just wake gonna talk shit
about me I

regardless we thought let me you’re the
one that that it

yesterday for the first time yeah I
think al is I was hoping

I guess I was looking for a name in our
actual lives instead of making one up

share and then I’d actually heard all
these evil things about you so the

though that they all came out it felt so

yeah so you hurt you I’m sorry you heard

he heard you’re being honest for a
second yeah I like the idea what you

just said it wanted to stay the name

up somebody that was pretty nice yeah in

can that seemingly night right out
seemingly nice

and then I’d rather than say like woody
tiger he’s a nice guy I just jumped on

it was like yes he is a dick cuz I heard
these things as well

hey but it was sort of like from whom I
fell I

like I was at all David Lee and I i talk
about Iran a bake sale yeah the proceeds

to the KKK

who’s that girl is I with saying those
things besides you guys

cuz you one of them I gotta know there’s
a couple my last I have a list the

really short


stories that i’ve heard about you can
use a true and false through our fault

the summit is

sure I you bring fast food on an
airplane but never eat it

popular slick when you apply coming up
and they know by like

two whoppers and fries so 30 smells that
for other people here are like it smells

good you never asked or religiously a
bad thing they have an app like to see

the light you like this milieu which had

reported dislike the smell a fast-food a
treadmill your whole entire plane right

but you never actually

you never actually did is sorta keeping
and years as a really good one yet now

i’d I’m

I don’t do that we usually do on an
airplane I

analog yeah I think about people on
airplane I

I usually say in I’ll see an
impertinence leaves I

her that I think it out yet and video it
depends on what she has to be by gerry

has a window here

Shug water after I’m down if he does
have the ps2

econ the legally I LD this item that I

I likely take the red eye for no
apparent reason

will then take the next flight back
agree with their other comps

or who or the opposite like you’re
saying you just use it in I’ll see your

head to be asleep with a do not

I I yeah you don’t wake up so now I’m a
do not disturb

yeah and nobody can get out and you only
fly when you’re congested so that you

snore loudly

yeah yeah I heard that skill I

on you should at Starbucks but don’t
lock the door

so people walk in on you I

and then there you know they feel bad I
think I did I quickly that I haven’t

heard it globally at that it had local

cuz its its you’re not doing anything
value disorder making

putting people interact with nation
acknowledged a way yeah

well the doors closed but a unlock it
that’s better and it would not let me

say that

I loses by I want you to listen in you
have just like they had better not

listening to music

is that true now %uh that’s all that if
there’s also past 90

hey bathrooms panetta I got I got a
black I

I got a large realist other things like
you know it at the end of the day this

is an advice podcast

rights I think we should do our best to
advise these people Israel people at

their sticky situations

people email us at a fiery show at gmail
dot com

and they’re in a difficult place and
mean Jake

you know will offer our guidance son has
just us and sometimes John wolf joins us

and know that this is that from this
that first time and mechanised say up


thank you guys so much for having me on
another chorus I’m

more than honored I’ll good more than
honored gathered

yeah I nice I feel like

I feel like we’re talking to this is
like my version to the drinks right now

like to be able to sit across it leaking
a lot

aware that our can see what he’s is
blinking a lot

him his eyes are black the whether I
really close with a makeover jerry can

hear it

um yeah thank you get this is really a
huge fan podcast

no problem second thing I want to say a
real quick sure mom

just turn it of I’ll de la masa licence
she learned your lesson

was alive hands-on they’re very
supportive the Follow Me

on Twitter and tumbler and all that
stuff hold a

mom will talk about this but I’ll let
you know how it went

yeah have been out why it went yeah or
where I

he does it yeah I’m time right now mom I
love you but

yeah now wanna be listening on my love
is for my mom

yet she listens as well %uh you the best
mom in the world I’m

better than any other mothers had that
have been mentioned so far have no it’s

not a competition as early as I

think that’s what he meant by no it’s
not a coveted because my mother’s


but not who did know that if you get a
lot done user I’m 0

you have two mothers you know your mom
got first place and have to yell saying

all that much of the

if its first place then it is a
competition it’s not a competition with

other counsel is among one ever took

condition is over asked if there was
another gotta it was a competition but

nockard the competition

tonight is read this question actually

I not until you admit to me all right we
need a girls name

global Lydia I am

maybe so in your life good I iris West

wohl with that she’s a character on the
flash CWM

it ha Conte said I’ll yep like that yeah

i right here’s my problem right

iris West a nineteen year old girl from
New Zealand and I don’t think I’m

particularly unattractive but there’s
one thing that is letting me down

I’m 6-foot-1 and while that’s not
ridiculously tall

I feel like it’s the first thing guys
notice and I worry it turns them off

I’ve had crushes on shorter guys but
they’ve never really been interested in


and when they are interested it feels
we’re going on dates with them and I

feel like people are staring at us

and I just being paranoid even guys the
same height as me tend to bring it up

does a girl have to be shorter than her
boyfriend and would

either a view to date

a girl thats taller than you my dad says
short guys will get short man syndrome

getting secure and beat me up but is it
rude to eliminate an entire group with

the population from my dating pool just
because at their height

thanks Irish West that mirus West to
emancipate yourself from your father

Bruce saying that I’m sure he was just
joking is this

and bearded some taller than you um

problem it you probably but I’m 620 so

someone taller than is like an inch
taller than me maybe you dated a

6-foot-3 and its deadly path regard to

i think is this is New Zealand selection
is actually the shortest girl there

right yet everywhere you never 64 plus
last messages yet no

everyone else in New Zealander Hobbit
yeah for that much I and dash youth

a jar and a half feet tall and everybody
else through she’s a key role in OCR

have you dated someone taller than you
Jake I

will I do believe buxom be a solid to
make for sure how’s that

great I would day I don’t I mean I never
really dated

was dating you her light not really what
is it

well as you can oh my god like more than
never even heard only I’ve had sex with


I was examining word I’m I MEDLINE with
a guy at like yeah I’m a boring night

yeah never i’d have never done a like
hanging out with a girl when the Sun is


yeah I’ll lleno we’re not drunk a truck

I’ll let morty I just like thinking
you’re caring about someone that

you see on a regular basis yet beyond
just the physical attraction great


I’m but do that I sound like global now

and i’ve been i’ve certainly been
attracted to girls that are taller than


have been and still am that’s great I
mean it’s yeah

as well it I think I mean if they don’t
awesome that are amazonian

got a goddess yeah I think it’s almost
up to the guys if there will at like if

she doesn’t care that it’s up to the guy

right but she does care she’s right here
believe it or not as you know that’s a


and enough you can not care how can you
tell us thought not to

be happening while it’s happening will
because you quell her fear by saying

there are it there are plenty of guys
short guys in tall guys who like

talk girls are attracted to grow yelling
you’re not among the late freak

and then when you date someone is
smaller than you it doesn’t look like


ventriloquist in this guy’s sister
dummy-half a koala he planning on that

before she’s landed on a handful that is

freakish frame I mean my god 6-foot-1

you you you up on an A or C it now

I really he not a bitch

a there is a thing that girls talk about
a lot I feel like the two things

are what are the things girls talk about
the most is like I would never date


shorter than me right with that ad
that’s a regular sized girl thing yeah

not giant s right that’s like girls who
are 56 or 54

right great Yahoo that’s just like I
wouldn’t want to

development is that right but that’s a
personal choice right like those girls

who are 56

saying they don’t date anyone shorter
than them they’ve decided

what they like yes sounds like iris is

everyone else decide when he likes let
her dad /url I call these people who are

what’s your angle here in public I’m
trying to rape the willing to do

anything to help better tell

p.m. right dudette with the long con is
probably her flying to America and I was

going out

I how cold it is a healer sixty a

old perfect I believe the luck on his
John is really good at this podcast the

heart is owned by spy

I is Emilie gives great thoughtful

kind advice for does years at least

years and then once just once

is wedged into yeah just be negative 21
yeah here’s the

lallera desire to gain the respect that
the you now have less alluring


anybody at that point right because he’s
earned it this is like Hitler level

I as a deeper level up

commitment yes just like the John Wall
the years talk about

is has a funny limited time and
unlimited resources yellow to fly back

and forth on red eyes

yeah it’s kinda like that character we
rate for me

I’m just infinitely wealthy when I need
to be right here yeah

we don’t live in our imagination by
things like time and money Shao he can’t

I so what you said the

this cross a date guys that are shorter

for I think this girl said date guys

that she likes that like her and don’t
make her feel bad about all she is

yeah I agree more I solved it

yeah assault next but Austin is the
years over and over again that it’s fine

to be tall

but what if the guy has an issue with it
that she should date back yeah

sushi as to not be she has to be cool
with it and shell says the date someone

that’s cool with it yet because it’s
allergies not

I mean its gonna be hartford be cool
with it so she really needs to date

somebody that’s very cool with it to
help her be cool with them

and if you which whether that whatever
questions would you date someone that’s

taller than you

yes your dates on a 65

I’m that would make his theme I would
definitely think about it’s hard not to

think about

I mean a special like how to meet this
person may be at a bar through

a WNBA game w/a your waiting out back

waiting for an autograph I would
generate anybody ok

yeah so yes I would consider dating
somebody who is

a any height but that’s really offensive
I wanted say why but what about you

the next what you don’t know who’s
fucking way I just got to be 578

by having a 59 flathead how much you

a great question exactly 129

not a pound before less are

not a bad lesser more so I weigh her
every day

she’s is like a wrestler yeah hallway
and to my bed

whose I’ve seen girls like spit out four
pounds a saliva just like hook up with


%uh seem like a big erasers derail yet
they weigh in at two

it too much and to ask you another

true/false -ism about you Journal share
just going to get to the bottom of a lot

of the store where you got a laundry
list to get there

wooden yeah and in crowded areas he’ll
text yourself

just so it makes the noise and everyone
thinks they’re getting a texting you

never take your time

I no I don’t do that

be the thing that’s funny I thought so
baby like it I bet that they’ve had

jerry levitoff

only gets funny I had a

prank idea Lake six months ago or

where you a you you get your friends

and you record it and you had it put the
best summed up by a flake in their

apartment that is randomly clay is

yet as a ringtone every once in a while
editor very softly

yeah that’s very subtle and very I
completely not a legal yeah

don’t want to be I just saw you II don’t
interrupt the podcast by side done with

turn is

phone on loud and taken off airplanes a
so his enemies doing that to everyone

I mean I just ahead on the world a
little babies expecting a focus on the

Middle love the podcast that has made
the release of thing is I’m not

yeah I’m not even my fault he just left
but being with you use the

really elaborate right that’s a you buy
me that I’d let them

so incepted in your area when John
produces music videos he

put police sirens and I’m so that when
people listen to them in the car now I

think that’s fucked up

yes song should not be allowed to have
police are as high as

yeah experience that should be a lot
when we figure out the rest the society

that should be the first law that they
try to pass

when everything else is going good right
there’s been a decade he thank you

now we can finally tackle a hard guitar

song award explains the radio edits

yeah the very least hmm i right

carried another question sir this one’s
from another girl if you can believe it

alright is no good night ladies night
let’s go with

Kate wants now

that another comic book because I’m a
huge fan in a flash

well you release your inner yeah a
really good show I highly recommend

I alright say that again kit lense now
he wants now

so she’s a doctor doctor kinsmen sorry I
apologize this fictional character that

I think givers a reference for that

fictional lot doctorate degree that she

Apollo because I made you a super bill
in person who likes booked into

let her holy shit I

ready killers there right so couple days
ago my best friend a five years

strangled me over a banana

like I took urban and of a table in a
real childish way which I totally didn’t

think would cause any harm

and she totally over reacted by saying I
will strangle you until you give it back

which I thought was a joke or something
but then she K but she came from behind

and cut up my air supply for several

when she led girl after I gave her back
their prize been energy totally acted

like nothing had happened

and you have the opportunity to take a
bite out a bit after she realized how

badly I been affected by this she seemed
really remorseful and kept apologizing

saying she just flipped her something

she’s had serious mood swings throughout
time at

throughout the time I’ve known her and
she can get pretty mean but this is the

first I D

it is physically attacked me I don’t
want to ruin her school life which I

feel like I would do by reporting what
she did to a teacher but at the same


at the moment I feel like I really don’t
want her to get away with what she did

to me without

any form a consequence is this about the

is there more than just the banana

she’s strangled me I thanks for the help
they hash tag dealt love kate wenzel

archaeon I’m really lost I went through

I had a change of heart in the middle
with that

all were you thinking before and then
was change our was thinking like don’t

be present this girl yeah

more like this girl strangle the that’s
bad and then that’s cool

is also my camera tell the teacher but
I’ll don’t do that yeah

combined unit does it has a strict no
snitching policy around here yet

you can’t nets yes trailing is so real

I’ve never been choked for real that was
the fastest

after looking he like all she had to do
was let go the banana ANZ day

it’s her fault blame the victim I

a I mean there here’s a question for you
kaelin if you’re listening

%uh okay haven’t I got out there anyway

a have you talk to your friend seriously
about this Lake

if there was ever if this important to
you and it’s affecting you this much

were you don’t wanna be partnered in
school with your best friend the five


and the many should talk to her about it
but this is a one-time thing she

strangled is on my butt and she dangled
her one but she had elections

the three a mood swings I I’d fuckin
hate the area but I agree with him

go local again really yeah I think media
me that we’re gonna start a podcast to

get a hundred weinstein I

if not a little girl you don’t want to
advise and assist on earlier work we

just get along better be real prize

way to start our own food I’m telling
you shouldn’t start up five yellow the

you know you know he’s still here and my

the nice guy actually said you’d be
Thailand talk yeah

to I hmm a has anybody choke people who

her um mmm I

not in that context here yeah it was a
great fruit would like in bed share

I’ll yeah but for real church I just
grabbed this is war that you’re still

listening we turn it off I told you this
is ready get to see you

your son is it is the illicit behavior a

you choke someone are you got I got
choked well by Yahoo

well I mean diameter than either you I
don’t know what they do and I and II can

hang out

Obama I was just once there was like yes

with a knife is OK synthetic I wanna

I want to choke you yes you like and I
choke you

huh she wanted to choke yeah and it’s
like it’s fine when it’s like

I’m squeezing your neck muscle but like
was she like squeezing down on you like


like actually cutting off oxygen that’s
the part where I wasn’t really into it

you like oh that’s what she did she
actually like my for the actual


yeah it was and i was just like a
playful squeeze on the neck

it was the actually cutting air of deer
braid she’s very dedicated

I would say oh yeah she’s still a girl I
mean she let you know they’ve got a

struggle broke

yeah a little earlier there you’d like a

Anna there have been a lot of
transmission greeting for anything on

the coffee table

he’s my light vigil at the hearing and
with that the murder and I

it was a really really long concave had
the fingerprints on my neck I

and I went to the police station I said
this was not consensual

yeah your during a prosthetic Mac that
actually a held indentation longer than


now she was cool I but it but it was
like but it now 0

ultimately now but I told her and she
didn’t do it so that’s what my advice

for k on may I doesn’t seem like your
friend is gonna strangle you again

right cuz you learned your lesson not to
take her bananas he said

you know issue should have done what I
show is given her your banana

eyes hi as ago

neighborhood your dick is curved

I did see you urinate earlier yes yeah

that is not as legal at all to their
names on it or not alter

yeah I adore borderline a boomerang

sure pick up a brown spots here I goods
only that time in the library gets a

little less right

yeah a I I think he added as get over it
right away what do you have a talk with

her a donor strangle me anymore

she danced it was a one time thing she’s
apologizing I don’t have like a

heavy-handed talk with them be like hey
that wasn’t cool

on a Wednesday Russia that as a result
is there a little bit like

I do I yes we don’t know what the school
said when the NFL apologized

say the other girl apologized edge that
nano it’s fine it’s fine artist

and it’s like think I may go to help
teachers and was in fine them like

she I think you have to explicitly say I
appreciate you apologizing that was a

cool I didn’t like it

never lay a finger on me again it is
weird when things get super real

like amongst friends like yeah I feel
like because they have gotten is like


somebody called shotgun in the other
person two steals it and then it’s like

an actual physical

altercation to get that a real person at
a ver si

yeah at the end of the day you’re both
going jewish a better player they’re

both going to the movies man

a healthy eats by yeah I its

I like to back better here’s like tax
the dead I D Adam as trial

you get text in shotgun yeah not it’s
not too late

I shot in the back seat I at the bitch

yeah I don’t do that job a shoddy bitch

and it is spread his legs out really
well as a

very long 62 legs totally legal I relay

totally feel totally subtle I i think

I that happens more with guys I think
where you like getting to like a playful

by an attorney general yeah growth don’t
have added you and Dave

yeah all the time and happy with me Jeff
to you happens with me my brother

Lake but was over there yet will cause

play why is this is exactly that was
your your playfully biting but then you

actually want to assert your dominance
like I wanna win

writing this joke by the unit really
seriously it bad to me like

elbows you face by accident actually
hurt in these are right on check right

across that threshold becomes real but
there’s a I think that happens to do

that I don’t

I’ve never heard of a I rarely hear like

getting into a physical fight better
says the strip equipping

I yeah David definitely spangled the
user now wrangling me

it’s so funny when things get to really
like that perhaps %uh I’m sure if the

it really can’t breed is the

her I would never say that it but I feel
that all the time

a fight I up in the neck once a really
has very funny

and did he say stuff that actually hurt
yeah I mean I was the media legal isn’t

done that stop it that actually her

what are you doing that he’d did you
take your banner he was like

the he was they saying he was like
taking me out like come at me like they

sure do anything

whatever and then I message is tackling
but I sort is like putting them through

as I was coming to Europe

a so to bring it up

as they don’t bring it up I say leased
opening up to the teachers yeah if he

apologizes again with no names yet leave
the holiday have these

when a friend that’s so funny to imagine
her locked in the classic I told our

science teacher that you straight lyndon
have anything to go

I can’t help but I felt like she had the
right to now I’m sorry I know telling

everyone in the business

altogether I don’t think a teacher
really does anything in this situation


it a cassette both for them down and say
hey don’t do that can do that and that’s

really weird between the two

yeah it’s rare that now where the age of
teachers like

people what looked at two fifteen year
old kid like she strangled me

like I O is sorry I don’t know it is say
it doesn’t matter

I life is so fucking we’re still good

you good now if you’re fine now i’d and
I’m gonna lock at the classroom I’m done


a are the teachers hurts must just like
their are as they’re just like

on tender trap but people yeah the act
like deal with little kids problems I

wonder if

like I mean definitely but I wonder when
like my teachers have come to work


and like I just didn’t know I had lent
yeah like my elementary school teacher

is back on every time you ever watched a
movie unexpectedly

I had a hangover day here I had teachers
in high school that were 22 or 23

now I C 22 years twenty years like oh my
gosh you’re so young like how can you


high schoolers yeah a.m. but thats

the nature education in America now
let’s talk about this is why many by

John other not yet because we were not
allowed to tag

actually live the idea going to
gradually speaking with you

see ourselves moving not only a macro
gonna grow colombell

I alright but take a break

John will often say we have to think
local I

that which is what I faked I let’s take
a break the bank one more sponsor and

then we’ll be back

with more John wall hey Jake baseball is

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dollar shake the dot com slash

if I were you shaped at cheap money
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if II were you let’s get back to the

lower back or back let’s talk about this
this is pretty big deal I ask local a

peep losses every day he doesn’t know
where we’re going

but we have a feeling you’re just
wrapping negligence leading

I a weapon I can get him in a corner

I don’t think he’s almost wrapped a rag
kore essay

I I will get a bit to admit every
wrongdoing I

them very very very delicate whereby you

with loss if your dentist that you had
shallow girl you know that he’s

ok I guess yep your guns are supposed to
travel down in between every T

and when they donate to sign a gums like
not supporting the teeth

I’ll well enough yeah and sell one way
to do it that

health supports gun gum diseases by
flossing the bacteria way

absolutely is that was my understanding
too I’m not I didn’t go to some people

never be lost or

but I live every day goad done did go to
dentistry school yeah I know that I am

NOT just as you would for

the back alley pazuto there’s not a
dentist that are like

upset because like most other education
was spent a really smelly ass because I

would go

what yeah no bath John Wall a graduated
dentistry school became

addenda worked his way up a just so

he good it’s so weird saying he had no
idea after

I want to dedicate I want a dentist with
just two be that dentist who like start

working in your mountain in talks to you

oh yeah

like a caliphate Yahoo once just once

yeah can you imagine I don’t know if
there’s an occupational want to do less


dentist to that the higher grade big
butt I just

now to I would totally rather be a
podiatrist I can’t get into feet

but like jus askin raping dirt at
people’s teeth and mouth as I Jenna’s

identity yeah

the dentist has rolls up looks and like
cool place but Friday I mean they aren’t

the only played the big game like a root

play but are they still drilling into
may like get under the cap a beefy law

are the worst here the most painful a

alright I’ll we are thought real quickly
that we go to Australia ever been


I wish yeah her you wish you had to you
wish you would come with us

both I’m I wish I could go with you

experience Austria for the first time
with you guys a great

you bring that writer with a local
realtor a big local tour

iight we touring globally how many

oh and a week so if they got work a to
it looks like but where the user to live


hell we were now and/or only wealthy

I we have impeded money and time array

a technically we will Australia’s work

moshe sir you’re nothing at work so
chill with the accusation of its

dollars while yeah a beer JUnit that the
government Adelaide

June 10th at the corner and Melbourne
we’ve got a lot of emails and tweets

that word pronounce and spell born

sure it as land on that about the belt
Mel Bourne and Mel been how you say it

in their accent

art I still pronouncing it correctly
when I say Mel Bourne

I don’t know about you that I probably
not this is be on stage at Melbourne

like noel is a bell will help with
Melbourne member has been

a yet Brisbane I’ll June 11th at the
Metro Theatre Sydney

that shows almost sold out and we just
got an email

that said they’re making it all ages
oshit the Sydney shows all eight yeah

said honored by that I mean 16 15 14

don’t come if you’re thirteen twelve
eleven skip knifings

the college’s all is that every night at

that they’re doing is at like we skip
that age finished almost sold out but it


now all ages a June 12 at the early
Middle Ages

for now we’re working on it I worked
well I’m not doing anything

yeah but people are right now cool June
12 at the TripIt in Brisbane

and june fourteenth at the Astor in path
see like

when I say Perth and ice their people
come with anyone know you know they Peth

path path like are they telling me to
stay in an Access

or is that heat and no I don’t know
enough about languages either way we’re

gonna be in Australia we can talk about
it in person if you come to the show was

Brisbane melanin now than Sydney

it’ll notes or delayed we Late Late Late
we made it

I nice you can’t go there anymore

all really how you just might have to I
had to specifically apologize for that

in custom I

like Bart Simpson on the border about
Australian America

i right do you have anything you want to
plug you aren’t you on msn

where you going make animations brochure
yeah I

that was awesome you want to talk about
it shower yeah

I am in my first tell people where they
can find

I feel like yeah ago before we talk
about it let’s say where it is

so be sure to the pond hours and then
watch it watch it

are the only positive watch the
all-party omaha’s watch like share in


I II describe reblogged big

an REIT we both on StumbleUpon a

work and we should put it on a fiery
show dot com

Otto dairy but I thought I I guess we
have the eyes meet Facebook in

reach with me which was SoCal okay so
put it on a fiery should I come but also

what’s here so

I am every Saturday for a year I

a couple friends and I made a video 15
seconds or less

we did that for full-year are you can
find those

at UT dot com slash Jay Wolfe Saturday

Saturday shorts was taken I’ll look up
to the

and then on Sunday by you you up there
was just a hablado babe yes got it on a

domain importers showers uploaded one
video and now

job I can do it so we did that for a
year and then I was like

so party summers videos were animations
I was like

at these are getting a great response
and I really like animation so I think

I am beaten for the quote like second

up Saturday short I’m going to do last
but I’m going to do longer

animations less quantity more less all
RT exactly so the first one that I did

came out a couple weeks ago and it was

an adaptation 3 John war stories from
this very podcast to use

are ideal for you animated it with your

I did by said all the audio US which is
very cool

and very cloak love you I was very
helpful I wanna thank


a redditor bows are key and four love
movies are clearly downloaded everything

or here she downloaded everything and
cut all the stories up is very easy for


oh that’s great yes %uh you know your
you have your own subreddit John love


indeed is it can offer general story
thing is John Wall John ours last john

wants courageous possibility their own
john wants

stories is a very interesting life we
did start saying some others on the

shell we should and then you can animate

getting a bit more so where can people
see it your intended to YouTube dot com


J wall Saturday shorts J woll

F my name contrary to popular belief
does not have an age does not have any

I O N Wilf which is kind of

in a weird subtle way messed up but I
don’t know why you

just because the Bible miss bill is
named I he likes but it’s only like to

correct a

this is there’s by the way 350 people
have signed up for this subreddit which

is not

a small amount and the two things are
you can either globalize a link

org localized store I has a to upload
out Sony

and will also put the animation on our
website if I really show dot com

its it’s fun a I’m very happy with how
it turned out hand they are as well

are now we loved it it’s great and I

like how did you enter enemy mmm to felt
good night

I and II yep had you animated um

I drew all the assets in Photoshop so
over the course of the year making

the other 52 videos a Michael learned
what worked and what didn’t work so I

start out dry like making everything

melodrama ocean yeah and I cut out paper
and photographed and moved and

photographed in the original South Park

yeah then I’ll it I really like how that
feels but

and takes so long right Obama

so I E atop my self flash

animation so I draw our all the assets
and Photoshop

and then I import them into flash and

the puppets from media after work yessir

do that instead a look at Port Rd also
do the play also do porn

so what do you do cycle with Jake China
understand a lot like this

if you want to learn flash what a crazy
getting it very it’s

in Woodland Hills when you lose your
some sleep probably

know you do we should be sleeping I me
to sleep 12 hours a night

yeah lot I know I because almost an
unhealthy amount of sleep especially

with so much

yeah especially cuz its 14 yeah I said
12 that I said at least

1212 usually in sporty and a bike at the
time I’ll text in a lot of the time

24 I’m liya aur only on the full
distance baby

I went to bed last night at 8:30 p.m. at
work a bit

APS the I know that fair I can’t wait
three and a half hours

stir our I am alright dear time to
answer one more question would love to


global court which have anymore is

osha yeah I’ve got a story a really

though you guys affect you guys have the
incepted your way into my life

okay let 02 bureaucratese I I can’t see

a Lake what the name wolf

without thinking out John Wall I like
not myself but

a rare so Creek I I got I got like a

for this play this is called mister wolf
I’ll call warehouses like

fuck china doll are like and

my apartment building to get into the
garage there’s a gay and lately there’s

been a push by management to close the

yeah I people he killed in gates for
some reason yeah

apparently there’s been some robberies
in the area and in my car is weird India

are so yea I guess I can be made on did
you know I get why would I be John his

own car is broken the energizer bunny

people think people that think another
management here are yeah I think signs

like close the gate yeah

is like messes with the yeah very subtle

the block doesn’t look as nice as have
killers I get again a home in Robert E

Lee is closed

often it’s not locked it’s just like
latched shock

but it’s just I I’ve driven home

I’m tired from a long day of work yeah
and I have to get

out of my car and open this gate and
every time I do it now

I think man this is such a John Wall
thing to do like its

sometimes it’s the middle of the day and
I come home and at school closed

and I’m like some fuckin John Wall
global gigolos

I because he knew that I would have to
get out of my car

ok and it’s so subtle because its
protecting me right it’s protecting my


it so you think you can really quite
late complain about it

yeah I really want to that is the john
walters as a very general

some here’s another John of -ism Tom if
this is true you jump

over the subway turnstile leaving the
station are you not speaking in your

speaking out with sort of just put
people on high alert in like two it

starts played a cop car like yes

hesitate towards your for realizing that
kinda give them away

you’re a bad liar actually i cud I am

guy I wish I was at all enough to jump
over as always there’s a i

air I see you tonight alan is that
science you going on record as denying

everything which is bright

not true but am fair last one K a

you go to open houses so I can sunday
there’s a bunch of open houses around

Los Angeles or whatever sorry 11

buyers market up some okay I

and we’ll just walk around with the air
you’re holding your

armed like holding your hands behind
your back see you seem very like Spartan


and the ladies I know how to do we
actually a little guys tell me he’ll

step on

floor smitten feels a lil slanted you
talk to yourself that anyone else from

but like people over here and then be
like touching nabi like

cheese is why not to spring for the good
stuff like stuff like that I cannot

remember any idea about the like people

fear it like this a start to realize
like maybe they should put in

up from the south on my way to loud
enough for either a people

but not the realtor yeah but it’s loud
enough for yet for other people to come

here and then like the

the like apples and cookies you know
things out like they put the open house

fragile take that one by a chick of

yeah it then ask for trashing I’ll put
it back

a yeah it is not illegal not very subtle

and then like if he you walk up to the
broker at one point like this they’re

typed on the asking price

seem so high and then like now and thats
what we’re hoping to get we probably

will get new just laugh and walk away

I believe they opened her where okay yes
legislator who would wanna put in an

offer like this guy just said that like
this was like probably a hundred

thousand dollars too much

real sore on the way and you purposely
step in dog shit

your contractor writes the entire time I
know get to what

how many open houses can you do in like
my neighborhood in a day 812

16 I mean it depends on how see admit it
but I know

lol I i now gotta go to class I

a another legal I wanna let’s read Akuma

statement on the record Yespica I

you got you know I during the break
actually passed by the thermostat this

it did you turn it up I did not and that
it was at 98 degrees

and I think everything that you did I
never hear you like that band or

something is that your little cod

yep my huge fan oven I i’ve Nicolas de
yeah so it really does put people

awful tragedy like the you choose
Backstreet Boys are in think you had to

choose the

other option yeah what’s wrong with you
I would save you ask a lot of people in

your life

how you you make them feel it ill at
ease as yeah

a lot of them are really bad and when it
rooms are 98 degrees it’s like the same

temperatures your own body

see you start like getting light headed
like you right away your own skin

doesn’t really separate any temperature
change so just gets you a little


satrip now

you’ve already said enough estimate
bastard I

violence the third too much to happen i

we have one question left appetite did
the real estate think is that from you I

may result from the reddit

I gotta read the sub another house those
that’s when that I heard it wasn’t from

our subreddit

yet with taking everything I plan that
was just

you hear things share when you hang out
enough what do you really

people mostly confused who are you and
what you actually do like how do we even

know you

um I am a producer a for a big breakfast
College Humor

so what you make you help make the
videos the cultural remains the videos I

was lucky enough to help produce

I wanna say 8 JK mir’s

I really like to see the road trip yeah
and really pleasure which is a fucking

hard one to do because we had to shoot

on the road yeah figure out how we
retire here and there

was there that would be really fun at
the where yeah well I and II have used

for your

we you know we had Nashville lost in New

to justice just name a few me with you
to to imagine you with national it

really burns my pals Lee

I during Mardi Gras John will go around
with lot to be it’s just the way it goes

to show that their

his breath anymore either already and
this is welcome yeah that required to


yeah analyst health a shame on you

I’ll that the learner is really really
easels message rather be it’s a shame

you there are personalized

I usually get love you needs a shave
their or

they have different names on them a bit
what’s your name what’s your name

amber hold on you know that’s real and
then you see your breath and then you

say that she might you amber

yeah or the beats a their father’s name
I know you’ll do your research

so fucked up the adviser might look no
girl wants to be reminded that at that


be that they fill up the camp it can

I I’m iraq this is the guy

guy a guy talking about a woman

who just wants to love him what to get
them Barry Allen

I flash I

is LA is flashed an immature videos you
fucking nerd you love the flash so much

the FT’s Adobe Flash

as though you’ve got people today black
your yelling yeah

%um the Meijer EW you do is head I know
that it’s only 130 wants to be met

victimized on this broadcast list that

well like the end of seven a detailed
engine for me a recount a hacer

I want you to kill me I got my laugh is

final Jonathan it’s not illegal to get
going to kill you

correct hey guys I’m in high school I
have this problem where my girlfriend

keeps biting me

and I hate it I’m not talking about love
bites she tries to bite me hard enough

to make it feel like she’s eating

I told her that I didn’t like it but she
argues that

she’s just being herself now she’s
pissed at me for trying to change her

even when she makes me change all the
time my friends tell me that I should

just take the bite and be happy that
she’s in a row

acting with me at all what do II

do I love these friends can I say

the other bright API yeah trust me do
you trust you better than her

I’m imagining all his friends are single
inch like I wish someone would by Pierre

fuel to be your position the

what would you do if your girl cat
biting you in Chennai party said please

stop the edges like that’s just me take
it or leave it

guy and I was in high school I probably
take it

I so nicely with a high school he would
take it

yeah iraq has any sexy getting high
schools like such bonus wouldn’t say

that they’re having sex

biting him %uh that’s true we are not
having or not having just by the UK


yeah if you’re getting something better
than second base let’s say

yeah it’s worth the bite marks a so done
with irish is also making him

i’d like us looking past the bite that
use like she tries to change me all the

time yeah

that sounds pretty bad for a girlfriend
right tries to change yeah that was that

he said she tries to change me all the

what are you going to hard because like
when you’re in a relationship in you

let’s say

a I E with my mouth open which ideal

and a girlfriend would be like are you
should close your mouth in the

technically she’s trying to change me
but it’s for the better

right right so how do you draw the line
like oh that’s just me being me take it

or leave it

checks and balances million HIV every
time every time somebody

suggest that you do something different
you say II

are they light and do I wanna do that
like without it

improve myself yet the reviews run it by
yourself first yeah it does it make me a

better person

Rights Act hate keep your mouth closed
when you to you and

you would be like %uh that’s good guided
by its ray I will do that unless you had

no self awareness

tonight %uh but thats that’s normal for
me spider

right for me to chew with my mouth open
yeah would also add that is like the way


says it cuz if you’re with somebody like
I think you’re great

and would you mind close your mouth when
you too because I

it crosses be a disgusting really yeah I

I revolted by you you you gross me you
are gross to me

yeah vehement your communication is also

rate if you’re saying this girl had
lately this is key they’re they’re

phrase she tries to change me all the
time is a red flag

to me yes is that the

she’s are reading in right I not helping
this guy out

this guys like how do I get my
girlfriend stop biting me and you guys

are like just let her change URL

his letter just go for it he’s truly
need advice on how to tell her to change


this is why I wanna start a podcast
Bangla you’ll hear

we are talking about W you is
criticizing you

who was it that they absolutely were no
guy sell he said you would know a guy to

see what is done they are creating a

us together yeah absolutely a schism
rails female landrieu

is alleged calling it your is staying
local wedges

anything absolutely does he was letting
my words in my mouth the web yeah I love

the way

but allege in a pinch a wedge is it the
wedge in the pits

that dopheide that is sent you’re
listening to legend bit I

you know that the employees here this
weekend I depict

on the way it I reserve manager I’d
rather fearful of it when he paid it

I don’t know it eyes slurred the same

but less than Jacob typecast I they have

multiples thing or the other then I you
know that cyclic did you think it said

that there’s a way yes your guide to
people think there’s a white lie what a


and there’s always the rave I the other
little boys twin

now I’m so grateful for blink 182 having
bad really different voices yeah

let us know so easy does not leak out a
man that the Tom powers that some are


Travis is fucking well in a way which
tight till

I is everything Travis now

I don’t think so it he tried once and it
was so bad that they had to cut him off

may be given a dummy maker phone and
Travis sings

forum her you think that that is what
the mouth

I a sees say tell her no well with about
if I tell her about it

teller everyday you the hill

is amazing that drivers I

I think I I would probably is

I don’t know I hope lies they again and
again don’t bite me and I like it yeah

at her you wouldn’t break up I probably
wouldn’t break up I don’t think biting

is enough

gonna break up with someone but I don’t
think I would like ever take the biting

I think I would continually say

out don’t every time she bit me you know
you should do I say worrying as a

he it would you do know what i do. um

yeah I i would do this so I would say
please stop fighting me I don’t like it

what bothers me about the email is her
response to him saying that she’s like

you’re trying to change me or just

this ridiculous like she’s not listening
to what he’s really saying yeah

you know which is this hurt me and I
don’t like it I want to be in a

relationship with you but

i cant you keep doing this and she’s not
hearing that

no I am so I would just be really are a
doctor Phillips yeah absolutely

I don’t know I’ve never listen to doctor
held I can only imagine you know I’m at

I completely bald guy you know actually
I think he and believe he might be


try to take that it does with an insult
I’m headed to bed

but it still true you’re good but here
text and she by T this is what you do

you cut yourself a little bit every day
and that mark in 20 becomes in fact that

the global thing and then

she’s that she’s like oh my god like my
innocuous by to chat thought we like

cute and funny are actually really badly

you out like almost loser you like fake
go to the doctor oh yeah and yeah

on that if I were global yeah that’s not
what I want to do as the air by Yahoo

where global

if Butler global a well yeah

I think if I were global I would

um I i think i would

start doing really well in biology class
I get iraq from a biology teacher to go


internet at like a veterinary hospital

a and I would get in like really good
with the staff there

and earn their trust and I i would be
like yeah I can lock up you know if you

get a lot of I

characters you play and day and if you
can do it

I I woulda yeah every week the I

I I one in every color

and and then get Lake

how now like files or something or like

some sort of like saline pill where you
could like

so she bites you I’ll and then it you

get I on your medical records like

rate be like hey babe I went to the
doctor and Mike I have rabies from you

biting me

but like up for the week up to you
telling her that what you’ve been taking

the saline tell what is that to you

by digitally or something I’m not a I’m
not a handout with saline

does is aware that sound medical things
like salt water nothing

it’s something easy like phone a look at
how to sell to allow cats in your math


and then foam at the mouth a little bit
every day should know is that its be

like I don’t know what it is and then
you go to the doctors like

always by scheming rabies right
convinced her that she’s our attitudes


yeah not I have spare a little harder
except that they better global order

which is another option

button I am alright that’s it I guess
that we gave you a lot of advice a lot

of options

John thanks for coming on the show thank
you guess somewhere happen honor and

thanks for animating those

episodes for us and hope you were to
come more to come

I am gonna do some other animations a I
am NOT

uploading every week because name try
and make them

longer and better quality but if I did
hear us was

ok thank you so much politic I am I E

logged it took about 50 hours I wanna

like you like it on because up until

a didn’t know how long it took so I
wanted to be able to scale it

to be like no this is how long it takes
me to do this type video

50 hours and I think next time so I’m
going to I

are meticulous and that happened Liang

use very detailed or everyone
disadvantaged and acceptor year old

I I ephron

where is a I was gonna say for the next
one because

I will I really want to animate I am Sam
racist or in on it

and meme Axford story X I think those
are very funny

at Andheri visually Union rescue mission
very funny

yeah drink my yellow overage I hum

said Alana probably doing it up on
trying to release one a month

so but when this podcast coming out this
Monday yeah I probably won’t be in New

animation right away I do encourage
people to

you check the chance subscriber the
probably won’t be a new emission to be


love here or the first Saturday in May
is Michael

that’s cool and ideally people subscribe
yield is never Lisa video your lease in

that that we I Y area

might or something likewise this in
Europe BV the subscriber I

if you follow me on Twitter I’ll update
when I post a video attitude and it’s

Jay Wolfe tweets

there does jail tweets thank you for
coming on the show thank you guys SO


at the email address if you have your
own questions is if I were you show at

gmail dot com

we start and and every episode with a
brand new theme song we need more theme

song to send them over

the opening line it was written by

day-lewis the glass panels by somebody
who’d said

they didn’t want to be named CA have one
last name for us I think it’s a lady

a lady who made this team is on a Miss
you’re not in the steam sauna

should I want people to know that she’d
a hell listen to this shell

I but I bet her theme song is amazing as
a lady

it two strokes cover Linda park Linda

part thanks lynn that they see as in
thanks John will be back and he soon




yeah okay











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