Episode 148: Master


In this episode we discuss Instagram, accidents, and elders.

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a this episode is brought to you by you
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me on covered up both sorry this has
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I will looked at the party it starts
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and weird

in its gonna skip it it’s gonna start
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yeah ignored school I was in one that’s
why I was so rude to you

a thing about being in a better mood
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the alright let’s get started fun

we end up giving a BIOS the refrain what
else do we learn your f ing

toward little a we’re early reserved

we miffed and you won’t be the

to I have to go things got really

has our

CAS far and

hell on this their day

series smooching

the new

and some

10-year Bernie Taupin girl

scenes she and I’m 29

hi care


panic yeah I like that

that was a laugh riot quickly a

yeah with up you’re making me

well yeah I you’ve listened to the song
in nineteen times today

the catchy little did a here you have it
with you shit yourself don’t want to

to to this mobile haven’t added the good
morning dew said anything do said he

didn’t change

ago that a quiet rural Wendy reduce

that person as to be

anonymous United like I was gonna

yeah that I think he without eternally
that was the first time he ever made a


tell me that as an insult because I
think he’s got a lot of talent

at the like it was almost like oh I was
gonna tried my hand at this to see how

it goes any like

killed it play here and a guy that’s as
good a everything maybe

a but he’s a little uncertain yeah he’s
at our record he did you have a lot of

potential you should serve as saying
that and said well I’m not gonna miss

a fifteen-year-old if you’re listening
and you do eighteen-year

if you want us to give you credit after
all let us know

and keep it updated I’m here we are

and their new home yet we r in your

master bedroom her yes it is it could

the better the the master because I and
we are the switching

a rooms at the halfway point of the

he and I and II quite that way by which

you the Masters speak I relinquish

the bedroom I do not relinquish the

yeah I will always be the math you will
want to exit the master

now which I think when this episode
comes out which will be on April 28th

I will officially if you listen to the
train now you’re hearing the voice of


know the master you will be in the
master you’re not really hearing on the


Qatar’s I get toppers agate know about
you but the year with the net the master

does not allow

I don’t tell me what to do appear

for now you happen to be the master I am
the master

it and then I’ll always be that bastard
let if

let if I’m living in the master I think
that you will be here

you will be a little bitch and I’ll be
the pastor

a you are we’ll be in a little bit room
you’re going to see which rooms the

rooms gonna have

I don’t even wanna call that anime sweet
he had

yet is a non sour that you would do that
room as an on the sour not allowed sweet

it is they have got a Inc

we have 2004 four-bedroom

four bathroom and a home in Santa Monica

sure I had the master you have done the
silent on me usurped the matter

private balcony I got to walk in closet
and I’ve got a Jacuzzi and I’ll have


and ever end up by the time you and i
three data that I am the master

he he you know marty room he’s got he’s
got a balcony as well yeah he’s got a

non sweet

Tuesday here the other night walk in
closet but he had other healers and on

38 stand up shower

and then I my sister Yahaira the in the
third bedroom

that does not have in on sweetie
borderline has been on three she does

not have known as a little nice bath a
communal bathroom doesn’t actually apply

here because it sir it sir Pratt their

nobody else is that bad but you are
allowed to use it have that is a


it does not have adored is not a private
bathroom that as per se

it is not a private bathroom %uh
continue about a shower I walk a red is

my bedroom she takes a shower she walks
out into a hallway

now but she can close of she can close
up homie

used on access to it I you your bedroom

has assure the full size bed well

wherever they operate Tyler absolutely
that race Kobe

you got in on sweet I don’t have it I’ll
you have an odds with that out now that

I have shown that you have been on FB

it you do you have an odd sweet and you

n you got a dual-clutch you have a very
nice the closet

you also have a private balcony with its
own private entrance

608 I with I would argue that you have
the third

were strewn not that the weirdest dream
I have course

have the master I butler’s am the man I
hate for be able to listen to this I

April 20th and assume that you have the
master that’s simply not the case I

walked in have a tie the record I know
what do I enter the house before I got


you you be laid claim to the master

come and say it new usurped the master

added usurp the mass names that end unit
you will

you serve the master yaaay

and I am the master you know what do I
would I lived in the cabin for six

months and I was the master then the two

but so you don’t need the master idoney
the master to be the matter but it does

feel right when I occupy the master

a hmm baby you’re listening to fiery the
only advise podcast on the internet

hosted by %uh Simon the master and I’m
the master

big every pic appeal i den next neck
with us right now to read it I

let us know who is the master next a I

next place we get we just share a

and there’s two open bedrooms we’re
actually both the masseter

the yeah pete has brought two girls I’m
in there like I’m not gonna have a force

that with us

well I know it did tell you I can on
occupies said master as the masters as

soon as they don’t sleepy real takeover
editors know it

hmm and then we finger blaster well and
the master

faith saying she had been a so how does
this work this is an advice podcast

people write us

to a fiery show a gmail dot com and they
need our guidance

and here we are providing it and

should we jump right into is anything
else that we should put we should talk

about right off the bat

is there anything like we were supposed
to talk about the the master other than


master I’ll I dot

I will should be taught we can talk we
can save it and talk about the


mmm-hmm later on in the year we give a
new study at the Sydney

Perth Melbourne and Brisbane Atalanta

there on the show we also have an LA
show which may or may not be announced

by the tennis Canada

if you’re Los Angeles for doing a show
at the Hollywood Improv on May 8th

a.m. but for now let’s get the questions

perfect Perth if it

nice a.m. we need ideally

the name love the a master

I Jacob er with the eso

let’s do our let’s do street names in
Los Angeles to promote are

live show a hollywood rock may 8th
really get

okay so the first I name

is going to be Hollywood Hollywood

a guy named Hollywood rights I got
myself into a sticky situation

please give me some advice a few weeks
ago i met this pine 22 year old lady

I’m nineteen at a party and long story

we met the day after at her place and
had quite the fun

even though she was still a virgin as
she told me the night before during a

drinking game

as I turned around to get a good glimpse
over behind at some doggy style action I

didn’t pay enough attention

and pop goes the weasel into whole
numero does

I noticed right away by the even greater
tightness and the smell

but I didn’t want to admit my mistakes I
just kept going

it was quite nice actually the problem

I now have lost all respect for her

she didn’t say anything in just let me
do this to her bare in mind

it was her first time she’s now in a two
week vacation afterwards I don’t know

what to do

I just don’t think I get acres seriously
anymore Tommy what to do

love Hollywood excuse you Hollywood

excuse you either delay I can’t acres
here is that really matter

a you’re the one that slipped into the
wrong the whole

yeah aspirin and you were is that cuz
you weren’t paying attention

literally US so we’re a

has that ever happened to you I
definitely slipped into the wrong hole

but i think you must have it

microscopically small penis rather not

disparate light when that happens

everyone’s horrified you like pop into
the wrong hole like it hurts

they scream Anthony aka they scream

you better did you get the last third of

think you’re creating turnout by Kazama

everybody gets her its night it like
that even the guy

I we act as your penis is going up

I really do hope you turn off but I
can’t be more clear about why I’m going

to talk in detail about them think that
I’ve never done

but a you wearing now

okay so I definitely don’t yeah

hand I so yeah like yeah it’s painful

well UK I think it depends because a
couple times you come now and you just


you go again dinosaur egg just the whole
but like just

going again something that your dick
tonight easily gonna fit into you

jam it’s likely a tight squeeze Italy

this it’s not like you are going in now
and then

who’s wrong holy In N Out easily know
you there’s also no lubrication right

we like the Regina lubricate itself but
does the

amis now but like dryer added to the
Middlesex that maybe it’s like

sweating your dick is also truffle
butter dick

is lubricated because you been have
exact day

I so leather-like its it I get a barren
desert when you slip it but yet it’s


if you’re going to have anal sex you
should be using like lube there’s more

exercising the aim is to make like know
is ready for it

it that process

I so the fact he’d

things I it may be he’d didn’t really
sleep into her but he just

body did meaning that happen to me unit

lies that into the breeze but yeah like
well I hope this isn’t

her be people and then I’ll feel to be

%uh that’s okay so I’m not went how and
why did that

well I don’t know what an actual
butthole feels like who did that happen


I obviously Kenneth L but I’m just
saying like when I’m when it’s happening

and behind and its dark

then you don’t I can’t tell exactly what
whole I’m hitting

you’d can always know that it’s the
vagina because if it was

the girls ass eat what it would be like
going against the wall

yeah do it late I also have nothing to
compare it against because I’ve never

actually done the the 801

if feels a million times better

I mean tight I tighter is better

I that’s where the phrase tight comes
from oh that’s real K

yet I mean like I guess

the everybody’s got different bottles
that’s been my experience

that’s your children’s book everyone’s
got a good group ever get the

my supporters at in my experience going
into someone’s butt is not something


anyone take slightly you kid to slip
your dick in go to town in its fine

great you need to you have a lot a loop

have I’ll and you need to like

go very easy like just a little bit just
the tip

just halfway and don’t go back and forth
too much and just it’s like a

I mean it it’s a it’s a victory when you
get your check all the way here

a cannot there’s not like I’ll

full disclosure I have a huge dick well
I see I

12 inches bully soft I so it like a

everybody’s Dixit different everybody’s
bowls different so maybe if she has

a very wide but hole and he has a really
small penis baby

it’s lifted by Blake very much doubt it

yeah so and that also this quite as this
doesn’t doesn’t even answer his question

we’re just talking about oh yeah we
you’re being an asshole

the answer your question will you talk
to Lake no unintended argument at their

yeah I guess big SX inadvertently
intended so not intended

know that in a unintentional I like your
anal sex


yet there is no you shouldn’t lose all
respect for her

because she didn’t say anything I cuz
you also didn’t say anything

you also did it yeah who are you
whatever you think about her you’re

worse you should feel about yourself

and also though don’t lose any the its

you it sounds like you liked anal sex he
was like

its if felt pretty good so I didn’t say

right you enjoyed the tightness up you

so why on earth would you say that you
don’t like her because she let you have

sex with her in a way that you really

right also she said she was a virgin but
then she did this

this but sex there’s a lot of questions
about the slaying really now if

somebody’s aubergine

that like maybe her vagina is really

and I know and Mike so maybe he didn’t
act leader smells during sex it does it

like if herb ass is in the air then
maybe there’s a smell

coming from there it’s not because you
stuck your dick in her ass it may be

just because you’re

looking right at it I

I the so in conclusion the conclusion
you got this one wrong and also you are


because you are being a hypocritical

piece if shit ionized now but all

no a right now trying to demand as the
bar all the beautiful thing it

though that’s it give her a second

not that’s even ruined anything or did
anything I don’t even wanna say like

don’t like got only one at respect this

question with an answer to love-ru
takers seriously it had a big

she I don’t think you should be serious
yeah you’re not as the area you’re not a


if they’re not as the area’s your area

areas for any this man did but whether
it let’s get another guy’s name

for another email question melrose

nice thank you rights hey guys i thought
id ask your thoughts on something that

I’ve been bothered with for a while

the problem is I know that this is

the amount of Instagram followers that I

I’m in high school I’m not unpopular I’m
pretty sure I’m funny though I could be

completely wrong

and I don’t think I’m bad looking so why
do I only have 90 followers

again I know this is really shallow but
people at my school do judge you based

on things that this nature and I’m
already pretty insecure as it is

I don’t post stupid pictures but just in
case I do and I’m oblivious to this

you should totally check my page out at

I don’t write stupid things in my bio
and yet I have less followers than

anyone I know can I do anything to
change this

am I just being a god damn policy for
worrying about such small things

i really appreciate your help thanks
love melrose

melrose I think it’s fine I don’t know
ninety her

I mean sure ninety is the amount of the
likes you get

the hey thank you to all who live in it
couple on our earth

I but he does

he does make a point when he thinks
maybe he’s not worry

is she should be worrying about more
significant things don’t you think

I don’t know what’s more significant
than only having double-digit Instagram

followers unfortunately

and like i guess i cant really put
myself this is

I really can’t put myself in his shoes

you’re famous because yet because

I’ve got Spain I

I do I am the master I

and I’m famous for that it up fares are
being a master I think abuser being the

master I think your fans for

the comedy internet comedy know that you
do that shit

up right exactly right rice

rate so so I’m the master

a him the Hughes

one thing we can do though we should
debate it could I don’t know if this is


he gave us his Instagram name

right so we could in theory give it out
right now

tens of thousands of people could follow
him a private account

the like is he just get all the requests

yeah I mean you just to prove it never
end like this would be

he does not have a prep ago this makes
him not anonymous now every all this

print will know that

he wrote it is lame ass question right

but it’s biking nearby complains about
it he also said that he complained do

you think

his armor I’m already pretty insecure
yeah I know we know you

emailed interlace show that how you
quote-unquote only have 19 followers on


I am mmm

so now I’m on the fence as to whether we
should what if we

no I was gonna say I don’t know what to
do other than it would be really funny

kinda trolling him away we gave it his

then under the pretense is that everyone
follow him

and then a day later on follow him are
got the tallyho get thousands of

followers and then we’ll go all the way
back down to ninety

now more to do is it there funny yeah it
so we’ll be like on cloud nine and then

I vote not on phone right away the next
post he does

r O’Gara went on follows a this is now
like the

all this is the I cake heavy-handed the
genus thing we’ve ever done a

so he says i genuinely I I’m a

I’m in securing times that that I love
it to Kampala how

like what should I do yeah your solution
is still a personal he also wrote that

thinking he’d be anonymous %uh or
delayed thinking that we can put our

solution is to you

announcer who he is I yeah

not only not helpful now her but believe

to be a cyberbully appears that I wanna
glow kalimba I think we said global did

the selling point even

to getting everyone to follow zone on
Instagram as love it there as the first


alright some evolution give it a name
will not go back

Europe’s that now wanna do it a I do
feel like I feel like I have to stand up

for this kid

I have my vote is and I don’t think we
should do that

10 we let the the gods allow it Bates

a rock-paper-scissors match well that
would be pretty go but you always know

what I mean sure

I it’s the there’s something more random

what if you think I’m a number one
through twenty I’ll have five guesses

and if I get it right then it’s like

at the very least the other 75 a going
away thing predictable like just I will

think about it but what number that
would you guess first

711 it would’ve been a I

year on I alright but it’s got to be

number I’m was two different different
number thing

a different set of 140 aka l21 through

sugar and not giving it 21 numbers dude

21 to 40 I’ll get five guesses so
there’s a 25 percent chance that we can

give this

guys Instagram account hold on to it

this is riveting yeah nobody else knows
how to do it it’s like

really I just google image search the
number that I killers what I want to be


yeah you’ve already given it all away
should I guess one at a time for just

five numbers and the flip it around

81 time the me drama yet okay

okay that

its accidentally mouthing aa a

my first guess is so obvious I can
imagine he didn’t use this number

40 no

not forty not for a a.m. magic johnson

32 my age I’ll 32 rather

I yes yes

that’s crazy man excelsior I

that is why I chose that I bet aka needs
at nine

this is a is also proves that %uh then
we talk about this once that I think I’m

a little bit psychic

two guesses and now

that’s impressive man it is a

I is the above I feel bad that is like
comparing it

I’ll give it out but don’t unfollow him
that makes me feel little bit better to

just follow him

your yeah I mean I aid

I don’t think that but I’m your partner
on this

okay so let’s help us get at it will
this help ’em out by giving up

it’s like word that we’re giving them
the wrong lesson he’s like Armin secure

about the amount followers I have and
they were like

alright here’s a lot of followers that
are being like don’t worry about it

there are more important things public
trying to get you not

it is private there’s so many people
losing their lights say my name to you

now we’re in a bid to Grandpa lowers so
should you maybe we shouldn’t

open up this floodgate will let let’s
just at least announced that this is the

only time will

ever do this yeah okay only time will
ever do this

and also to this kid it doesn’t matter
what your followers number is

and you can grill your account
organically by taking good photos are

doing whatever

right or just doesn’t matter these are
these people that ninety people as a

good amount he liking comment other
people’s photos

they will likely cut your profile and
perhaps value movement and that’s really

what it is

alright so that’s one way to do it
another way to do it

is the to rate in to our podcast and

have a say everyone follow at Elias

underscore Weiss at E

L I A S underscored WEEI

s s at Elias underscore Weiss

his 90 followers right now he doesn’t
know we’re doing this

well so it’ll be a fun little social
experiment to see all we can get a must

do follow him

buyer to by text or shows does our
computers out a

by ticket to our show at the hollywood a
problem I do you get your show in person

whether you can make your thoughts

we do they don’t move units I don’t care
for performing to an empty

fucking room is love the tickets are
sold follow Elias and then the

get the major box knack the a the big
three i right

all allies allies story about it things
will get better

let’s take a break will come back with
more questions

right after this we like these guys this
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let’s get back to our regularly
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hey we’re braque her

just a fun little way to spice things up
we are going to Australia

yes we are going in june

are later booked six murders was the air
B&B in Melbourne

there we go although it has a crackly
her way to pronounce that correctly

melton I was that like that and the

up a were six weeks away I should say in
at six months six weeks

away oh my god tonight that in Adelaide

to intent in Melbourne shows almost sold
out is a really

yeah june eleventh that with knowledge
is the right no it’s not

the only Sydney has made all ages June
11th in Sydney

we’re trying to make ’em all ages but
they might not be

a and some places are less flexible than

a June 12th in Brisbane june fourteenth
in Perth

which I decides on the whole the said
the country area

we’re basically doing like Miami North
Carolina tossing their seniority

New York and LA right right it’s just it
all the way there

and that’ll be the most intimate show
because we’ve sold out 14 taken yeah

I’ll much less I a hundred less than


and then if you’d happen did not live in
Australia just live in Los Angeles

we are doing a show at the hollywood
improper on May 8th all the information

will be on a ship our website if I were
you show dot com

if you analyze it as we are flying out
of LAX

to Sydney it but to Melbourne

nothin so that crazy to suggest

that what they come to that to the
Melbourne Show

ya a day they should go on our flight

yeah thats lot to what are you talkin to
collect money to al-qaida and

that actually 13 hours but with the time
change we’re losing a day june 3rd won’t

exist for us

that supply will take off the second
land on the 4th and then it’s a

net 13 hours at at over the the course
that time the third will just come and


that’s crazy we should do something we
should have like an anniversary on the

third that we don’t experience for my

nice I should move my birthday to 30
p.m. dear

well I can figure some shit out you
can’t figure that out though

that’d be your other shit out sure then
on the way back we

land at we take off at like noon in land
8 a.m. that same day

we’re like going back in time that’s
crazy there seventeen hours ahead but

only 13 hour flight we should order hit
on somebody

I’ll oh hey you kill Marty

yeah on June 3rd kill him then June 3rd
never even happened so marty’s

by or at the do Lola why don’t we did
not order they hit

cuz I wanna get a hit and money a

this is brilliant

it has the word thanks for your standing
me a

we also have a newsletter there are the
Amir in Jake’s newsletter

first one’s gonna come out tomorrow if
you’re listening on Monday

me April 20 at the first one is out and
April 21st Tuesday

if you sign up before that Tuesday
you’ll be

entered for a chance to win my old
glasses the ones that are lower for the

last like three hundred episodes the
amazing I and

I get my email threat whatever i win

well I’m randomly selected I was
thinking about how to do

had a randomly select because you know
you can’t come up with the random number

like Jessica as we just show 48 I its
sole random actually

990 8.3 rights on all that stuff is
coming from

old like I can actually try to figure
out shit like that

kinda like how I guess 32 I only gets
thirty two years because I

I thought that was like a the first
number that you would think Oh

did you really yeah cuz it’s like a nice
strong number its my age

in its a lol if felt right at the time

but if used a random number generator
their website and book study

Dhoni dedicated to being a random number

then your number is completely
uninhibited by any of your past

experiences memories

interesting so what i’ll do is i’ll
dowload the list

as an Excel spreadsheet let’s say five
thousand people have signed up

ray and all download it and then I’ll go
to a random number generator

and all this come up with one like 3856
or whatever

what’s wrong with me coming up with the
random numbers like I does not grant I

just explain but its

it place still its its random that it
with like you would choose a random


when it yes flow what are the odds are
the chosen one

100 percent I

do poorly I know I did it was a chance
he’s using a 1000 or 2000 they’ll try to

choose something weird an obscure

and then you’re sort of waiting it
weighing its to people who joined in


earlier I need a complete random
generator I need one that’ll give me one

just as likely as 1100 just as likely as
2150 you piece a shit

you are actually trying to sabotage this
for me

yeah yeah I think I really think you are
there is no way to talk to the master

I’m sorry like township squeezed a

no poindexter you are a master

at and I appreciate

a the fact that by the time you’re
listening to this I will be the master

so there’s hope that you have used the
yeah I really appreciate uproot you are

the master and I appreciate that I am
the master

a good deal masters where the present

the with the benefit subscribing to our

Amir that’s a good question a one
exclusive content that you won’t be able

to get otherwise

maybe we’re going to have a section
that’s just like oh here’s a video we

uploaded privately to be me own you can
watch it if you’re on the in Ulsoor

fun idea yeah and maybe I thought
another idea for sexual be called a

random picture on my phone

for that week that’s all ok they’ve
pictures on my phone to upload a random

I know you’re getting your inbox that
could be election that his letter later

another thing we do is linked all videos
and like provide

insight new insights told videos like we
can show

I’ll do you remember this random will
take mere prom

did you know that we shot that the same
day is that like in ransom I had their I

make up from

time no I didn’t even know the and
that’s a fun little anecdote is your cuz

I wasn’t able to remove that make up

well enough and then there’s also isn’t
we did and

nose job in that we shot another video
after that your nose is like Ely lorette

but that was on purpose

yeah I ran someone was just that on
accident on I

what’s another thing we could do for the
newsletter the in say two shows that we

might have not announced yet

see can be the first to find out stuff
like that I’m I don’t know we don’t know

what the newsletter is going to be but
it is going to be an easy way to keep in

touch with us

let’s say we having citing news to
announce that we’re gonna wait till

Tuesday to announce it or

over there is coming out every Tuesday
here cool see you guys get this is that

a video yeah exactly it’s it’s a way to
keep in touch with us instead of just

using our videos

and you can sign up to our newsletter if
you go to Jake and Amir dot com there’s

a link

or a fiery showed a car

or on our Facebook page we’re making a
very prominent

you’ll be able to find it if you really
search it it’s called Amiri Jake


we really should redesigned Jake and
Amir dot com I know

I know you want to do that do you know
that we should do it

the master hasn’t made his mind up yet

lipid and now I agree that we should I

that’s the one thing we don’t know how
to do I don’t I can’t design anything in

our web designer friend is very busy
designing another website yeah

we need more talented friends well who’s
the guy that made fight we finally I

Bell is good enough you’re hired re

rehired a Center in a quest

chill the

mmm with go for Lady Franklin

group Franklin franklin after the guys
name was melrose but the girls name is


that is correct gotcha Franklin rights

a.m. at 63

I am perhaps your oldest regular
listener having Islanders question which

you for real name

really and a pretty name your okay um

but not her real name now ok 830 a

at 63 years old I am perhaps your oldest

regular listener having been introduced
by both have my grandsons

I always enjoyed the show but never
imagined that I would have a problem

that you might be interested in

but now I think I do my long-term
partner and the father of my children

passed away five years ago

and I have not had a relationship with a
man since then recently though I have

found myself being attracted

to my mailman an attraction which i
think is reciprocated

he makes a point of telling me he is
single almost every time we speak

and often compliments me on the clothes
I wear I live in an apartment

and he will ring to come up to my door
even when there’s no package

there is an issue however the man is 25
years my junior

and when I spoke to my daughter about it

she said he was most probably trying to
get money out of me

up which I have little should I be bold
and try to initiate

a possibly romantic relationship with my
mailman or heed my daughter’s advice

and steer well clear thank you for what
I’m sure will be very helpful and funny


love poinsettia well at such a

eloquent email yeah because the
well-written because she’s a 63 year old


yes because she’s kind and smart and has
lived long

mmm she is why and then the other dudes

I lost respect for this girl I forgive
me I I

Exeter only borderline anal rape someone
and now I’m worried that I don’t respect


what should I do you know asap and this
girls like

month I’m having feelings for my mailman
my daughter’s warning me otherwise

what do you what do you guys think but
do you know why you think why her


a is warning her like what the game

who is this glow called mailman that’s
going to be stealing money for murder

let the could be global okay twenty-five

is a significant amount that means the
dude is 38

rate thats like six years older than me

a flirting with the 63-year-old

Blake 63 doesn’t necessarily

look like a grandma yeah because 60 is
the new 40

I degree yet I agree

yeah I like my girls 63 w


the I think the the daughters must be
trying to protect the mom cuz like the

daughters thinking like this guy’s

38 years old he’s not trying to bone you

but like daughters got blinders on you
she has no heart her mom is

right you never know you are not your
own mother is

you’re a cougar yeah at yourself Wilson

dot the well the grant a good as can a
grandma be a cougar

a cougar in that was definitely an actor

a a great cougar I don’t think so

I think you’re just an older lady order
she had to be like 40

overture to be i cum I don’t know was in
60 is the new 40 then I guess

very true this is the new cougar alright
so what would you suggest what do you

think the advice should I think you
should always be bold

I do think you should be ball if he is
tell you is single

my I want what is telling a single
because he wants to get setup with the

with her daughter mum risking I would be
a nice to them

yeah I used to be bold maker make a move

all well so she should ask mm

yeah has he asked her out do you think

know she’s ready complement ther and
mentions anything cool

so maybe there’s a movie in between
asking him out

like ask him why he’s blue attack

say you’re single to ask him if he had a
fun weekend asking like what kinda stuff

he does

and maybe and Mike been using then you
say I like

that stuff too then invite see then

I would just say like may battles away
and then take a step forward

you got to be so bold but be a little
bald and then a little underlined

and a slightly very slightly Italian


like bold and italic Italian

your a calculator other always like
slanted they’ve

little earlier profile month the clipper
a kitten

I am bold I have underlined it and I am

Italia in net yeah

like that that thing is the towers thats
yeah I

I hope so can I like that joke it
definitely worth

at can she may be flirt and proceed with

yeah night think cuz that way you’re
sort of heating your daughter’s advice a

little bit

rethink alright but I’ll proceed yeah

I mean he’s not stealing money from you
yet and what she actually thinks that he

is going to go into her house and legit
steal cash

yet we hours then the skillet I think I

like to see think that they’ll go on
dates maybe he doesn’t

your daughter may be nervous that like I

it his intentions are pure but I feel
like maybe she said something that would

hurt her mother’s feelings and use a
kill steal money from you

but maybe she’s really picking like I
don’t want them to rail you out and

she has a what this her her mom to do

get you know we know how men are yeah
this other dude fucked a girl on the but

without saying anything

she doesn’t she’s trying to protect her
mother from 38-year-old dudes

yeah because guys are all assholes and
she and her mother’s sweet right

but I think it you are like you know
what I’m not looking for anything


I just wanna get boned I just want to
give a bone and

this mailman Mike is not generally me
he’s maybe he’s trying to get boned to

so flirt don’t don’t ask out but just
say hey Harry doing tell the

conversation into deeper more personal
issues that way it’ll

open yourself up to potentially be asked
out by the smell mad

then when you’re out on a date with them
make sure that he’s not actually

stealing cash from you

like if you’d like a where should we go
a lot earlier that restaurant that’s

your bank account number what is that
one again

yeah when she’s like how that one is
I’ll 14 so late so

that’s when the Red Bluff yet another
in-ear I

I she actually is a grandma

yes so you call your granny is fine I

it’s good it and it is live

it is legal it is correlated bearing its

I love this lady I wanted to get I want
to get mail if that’s what you want

and at 63 issues I basically think
definitely the oldest listener the show

yeah thanks for tuning into a great day
and thanks for being smart and modern

and forward-thinking enough to listen to
podcasts at age 63

go a my parents to listen to podcasts

actually there’s no parking lot by
catholic New York it

you i deaded gobbled up cereal and every
other part comedy podcast

he’s a huge you made it weird fairly he
refuses the listener

cancer Leah you that when less than is
obviously keep it crispy

girl had gathered that the amazing I
love like that he likes p

my mom loves mark maran it a

right that’s it better time a I’ll
thanks to the following people who

a wrote has great reviews on our iTunes

nice iTunes has a Mary as a

very secret monopoly on podcast Sophie

a helpful review and you subscribe to
our show that in immensely helpful

I think we like shot up to a top 25
comedy podcast

and we’re number one in the UK and
Australia to spread like a hundred

100 you a subscribing to our show and
rating in reviewing it sir we said would

think some people by name

here’s some fun names that with people
that reviewed it carrots late

Welsh sorta like carrots Lapan not a

Jake and Amir and grant good name thank
you for leaving a 5-star review

the three of us Cloyd Eve I like his
name yeah

dat shy guy I my favorite woken at

the coconut with the W Hotel woken at
thank you

if you haven’t left a review a now’s
your chance will thank you next time

thanks for listening everybody well you

I think on Thursday this week well Laura

and with the new episode if you have
your own

the insights emissions are your own
questions than those two if I were you

show at gmail dot com are also accepting
thumbnail submissions every time we post


bike as to our Facebook page we need one
so thanks for everybody that’s been

sending those in

the opening theme song was written by an
anonymous fifteen-year-old

the who doesn’t want credit but should
it was great and thus closing one

also great certain by George thanks not
us thanks George

thanks you guys thanks woken up after
they’ve woken a this is the master

signing up for her this is a master and
a master at sale

yeah and the master and I’m actually on
signing on to you better numbers than


better signing up by now iris I’m

side and I’m






my arm and


my the






Sammy aisles

news when do you know how these guys and

0 costs aren’t you


via use energy now comes home what is
going on

tunes I’ll

you know you know the I



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