Episode 150: Prom


In this episode we discuss weddings, anniversaries, and high school dances.

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number one

50 can you go here it appears that time
girl we had a lot of fun recording with

a let’s get started things got real bad

the from demand


tonight Iran



the Asia




song and you

pop-punk the way to my heart holy shit

now is a legit song that was legit I

it was written by to Corey fans from

by the names or marks enough and you’ll

there in a death metal band called
winter blind Wow

if you want to search them on Facebook
ban camper Sam Club winter blind and

they went soft core for our theme song

yeah did I wanna go super hardcore der I
think I should do it with triad try

death metal one

that if I’m the when turbine is a great
name for

band yeah easy to say easy to spell easy
to pronounce to intervene I’ll

yeah winter and bloggers print liar and

are now Bleier earned having a stroke a
black man

thanks guys for all the way from Belgium
for reading

aside it makes you wonder what other
shitty countries

are listening to harsh belgium-based

to I actually am Belgian excuse me

I’m a waffle might better you our

I might be actually you just think that
wanna be here

grand great-grandparents are from
Belgium I think you’re a Belgian I think


isn’t flemish I don’t know enough about

I I’m just obviously I’m kidding about
Belgium I was just so I’m still sour I

that the World Cup shit

0 that that loss really hit close to
home sour to about the yeah

you don’t be to set up at a sport now
soccer otherwise Belgium

Vincent company with a K you’re in bad

with meet with big with a seat because
that’s how you spell it with my left in

my right

debts these palate with your fish
apparent whatever China say is that I’m

mad about the soccer

and I’m gonna punch someone ballad xx
Obama who like him

a pic yeah as the buyer you the only
guys podcast on the internet I am

who has to buy us a mere object home I

almost call that the only 150 episodes

without making that blunder and I
couldn’t go the distance

250 episode young this podcast is today

the we’re gonna do something special for
it what’s that

we’re gonna make it like every other
apps Oct

unserious that the most %uh senator is
that a good way there are 13

yeah I think to my wife on a 10-year
anniversary in a late let baby let’s


do it like any other day exactly every
day I was married to you

was the anniversary exactly and that’s
not always a loving day I really think

for today’s special night this is what I
want my special night to be

I 18 hop on a seamless ap mmm

and the in a dark room as the sun is
setting were eliminated by my iPhone and

we’re just debating which tied

a dishes toward earlier and I’ll be like
should do I always get

I don’t know you had no bill I want to
get it finally decide because you’re

each gonna get

do dishes you want and splitting
headache exactly and then isn’t it a

little bit special occasion okay can get
like a curry puff

suffering horrible that’s nice and then
used a you know what we’re gonna watch

we’re gonna watch two episodes in a row
our favorite show creditors one and then

going to bed one in the desert now we’re
much too

her step late and then I wanna sit on
the floor answer to scoot the

Cup the coffee table up to our chests

night and then after that I want you to
sit on my face that’s right I like your

curry ass in my head a curry faith

appear or like you after the type who
did are you water is set on you

yeah I think after the Titanic dear I
think we’ll pass each other salad

I may go duck salad validly

and that’ll be the 10-year anniversary
and it’ll be special because it’s like

all the other special day

all the other day yeah everyday I can’t

I can’t wait to tell that to my wife
okay years

a so how does the podcast work week

emails from people who are in difficult

in need guidance and since we’re

advice givers at this point doctors now
hmm were both PhD

a license psycho physicians the HD legal

yeah what does that mean that we say
we’re not using illegal

%uh because we’re not yeah haha who can
prescribe medicine

we’re not overqualified were actually
very much so

under qualified to lead early in town as
a qualification there’s not that we

don’t we are nothing

we are just us we would let people know
what we would do in their situation

take the advice or leave it honestly
don’t care

as long as it mixers cash at the end of
the day hashes

kaelin impact on our listeners our
president them

speaking at King we are recording this
from my master

this is not your math spirited is still
very much sitting in what will soon be

my master rule Mel

this is for the next two weeks this room
will be this

the domain over master and the master

is talking right now it is my I am
talking and I am him as to your correct

when you say that

value will not interrupt the master
again William

I don’t think so yeah it was asleep when
you’re done I didn’t wanna interrupt you

had just been issues that its

just know that necktie tie I will
interrupt you as I don’t

the lead on a drug about you I’m
interrupting you know how it happened to

be the best I was diverted I did after

and the master iraq

I am but because you didn’t enter a plea
a.m. yeah

I’m interrupting you right now I
finished almost ended his bid for his

turn as another phone

i’d now that got into the white but

alright we need a a

the the guy’s name why we name

we I name everybody after

a master so this one name is Jake
Hurwitz now will be the only name

billion born a Muslim so I have known

yep I have four names Jacob 10

Cooper her with and that’s why I and the

hmm and you are a mere shuru a do you
are a huge issue well

your meaning

maybe you are a plea and cricket you I
nothing nada you are sick Qaeda you are

a bug you on our roads you are right

pic trying to borrow under my skin but I
squashed you

leach at yeah

are it find

so Gary this question are not gonna move
into your room

I a lonely over here heavy is the head
that wears the master

and i right Jacob rights

mmm these are really miss real people
giving a fake names to preserve the

anonymity here we go

I’m a 23 year old guy from the UK called

shake-up and I’m writing to you because
I need your Sage opinions

cell about two weeks before Christmas
have 2014 I broke up with my girlfriend

of two years after sleeping with a girl
from work

which she doesn’t know so the inevitable
breakup happened which I blamed

completely on my gf saying she should
have treated me better

and there are lots of tears and me
asking her to leave my house cuz I was


so the girl from work came back to visit
her parents again we went out made a

made out in a few clubs and ran into my
ex who gave me 20 missed calls by the

time I was balls deep in the work girl
that night

flash forward to the morning where I’m
trying it on with the work girl

who is feeling guilty and has given me
blue balls with my

X shows up and wants to talk in my
lounge while the work girls sitting bolt

operate my bed like a star ok meerkat
again I ask my ex to leave

yeah because it was early and
miraculously I got away with it


now after things went pear-shaped with
the girl from work

and after I ate a few sessions with the
acts that were followed by tears

I’m starting to think that I’m evil I’m
going to uni in September and I don’t

know whether I should get back together
with my ex who is getting a nose job

or just try to play the field I recently
made out with

and had a sexting snap chat session with
my best friend’s girlfriend have nine


who he broke up with a month ago sup
here’s my questions

should I get back together with my ex
who may go from a seven or 8

to a nine or 10 after this nose job is
it against bro code

to fuck my best friends ex-fiance have
nine years

is it bad to tell the girl from work
boyfriend about us

purely because I’m leaving and I don’t
want them to be happy

how am I getting away with all this shit
and how can I ensure that no matter who

I fuck

that I’m tripping in bitches when I get
to uni

thanks for your help love Jake up

up I take my name back from help

my this we can spend the entire podcast
on this question

he it’s very interesting cuz he just
keeps adding like

quit adding details like at like as if
we had mentioned that border the work

girl has a boyfriend he’s

like that was that came in at the last
second you those that was the third of

five questions he has the edge

um this is the most important question
how am I getting away with so much shit

yeah you shouldn’t be I think the answer
to that question is that your mind is so

worked it is a black lead box that you
don’t even allow yourself to feel guilty

or sad

for any of these transgressions right
but also like that

the dangerous thing that you think is
like how to get away with it is this is


you never you never all the way get away
with it

yeah are you robbed a bank in like I you

this isn’t a victimless crime all this
stuff could still come out

any point also your girlfriend is crying
and mad at you

yet so that your nice getting nowhere
you’re not emotionally

you re yeah there is a God you’ve left

i’d a disturbed disastrous

a robot yeah and you think you got away
with it they have a guess at who are


it happen but also like there isn’t more
things can go wrong here

%uh it’s a house of cards and he thinks
that it’s like everything’s

hey man I gotta wait like a good gentle
gust of wind

all this comes crumbling down yeah he’s
like a

your best friends beating the shit outta
view the work girls boyfriends beating

the shit outta view your ex-girlfriend
read eggs on the nose job with veggies

like you know what this one spot I’m

he’s like he blew up a building and
there’s video footage of him if they had

a getaway

and it’s like me you haven’t quite got
away they know who you are you’re gonna

present under and they’re coming to get

so are hmm

should I get back together with my ex
course not click but she might be a 10

after the nose job

sounds like it when it is other
questions is how do I make sure that I’m

dripping in post I get to you so you
can’t get back together with your ex and


also be dripping with pussy at uni well
you can if he’s cheating on a sec the

hint yet but you’ll never beat

you’ll never be dripping if you’re
cheating I love you you’re getting


really see how the V dripping with it
said the best way to

get a lot of poonanny is by not treat
you have to be single you get is like

cuz I mean let’s face it if you’re the

not the were the best part that like
getting laid a lot as being able to talk

about it with your friends and Mike

to think you can brag about it because
it’s chill with the father just like

shamefully bucking girls and never and

hiding it from to me all the time
asserts kinda like a weird paradox like

be more fun

a good to be dripping with possibly be a
pimp I mean I don’t think this guy


anything right deserves he’s a bad yeah
I think he deserves to be

be struck by lightning but here’s a
question for you based on your little

statement earlier would you rather have
sex with anybody you want

and not be able to tell a soul or

have sex with let’s say wanted two girls

a that you want and you can tell anybody

in the world

I’d rather have sex with

anybody I want not tell anyone
whatever’s but I’m a little

deviant but also that like a magical I’m
like putting

into this context like his reputation
school like it’s not going to be easy

for him to get laid with the comes out
that he’s

I’m not even talking about this guy just
talk about this habitat right understand

but I i just want you to know that I
mention my statement

made directed him now you’re asking yet
would you rather

RAM fitness trainer and the answer is
you’d rather

sleep with to girl on another sleep with
anybody and then to people you just

openly have to admit that you’re a
virgin no interesting yeah that’s fine

I you hello everyone you you’ve never
had sex

that sorry this is so I could I cannot
text like many beautiful people that’s

right of course I would do that

yes but if it’s like it’s if a tree
falls in the woods if you actually had

sex with these girls and nobody knows it
is it still

good for OPA bill tell everybody

under their nobody will now built they
will be able to keep a secret

if they fuck Jake brake inner lip yeah
Jessica Alba great about we hang up

getting out you’re gonna be like the
edleman girl I just plugged Jake Hurwitz

no lie

a would you be the

excited or sad if unit the story is

some girl had sex in New York a New
England Patriot

the Montclair and she likes snapchat it
or put it on a toddler

Twitter tender tender profile picture
her with sleeping

Julian element and the text was I just
but Julian edleman no lie

and it was a huge story gossip story

a would you be excited or mortified if
that happened to you

maybe not you I would be excited would
be like this is dope your

so cool brother be like on my cover
letter for

close be like fuck you you idiot by judy
that grabs but like if the side on like


Gawker website I guess as long as I was

single and the girl was a consenting age

yeah I would be like Morelia barest

and if she was super attractive yeah
sure another plus

I wouldn’t care that much she was
tracked for amtrak’s the

UN be matter a super matter super happy
I would be annoyed at the

at the girl and I’ll probably be pretty
dismissive of many respects

at yeah cuz I I read this article that
Julian Edelman says he just laughs it


yes like up whenever yeah he slept with
the fan

what would you do a

you’d probably be modified I would be
mortified I think you would be

a E at think it would be like one other
things like

embarrassing on the face but like has
the slick

area coolness cult-like one your

cool enough for somebody to brag about
you yeah and then to its like

a big of a deal that people would blog
about it

so like it would be embarrassing on the
surface but like

if you you can sort of talk yourself in
the fact that it’s like a cool story

right you’re a little miffed every time
a girl us

bucks you and does it promote it under
tumbler right live that the

gift card thing a click a good for 2 10
3 tweets:

right if she tweets I love you ask a guy
fuck to mir and then it’s like

that way she gets like she can catch
those in for like I’ll give her like

number credit

or like wow or like a 10 percent off
like a left her

something like that when percent awful
I’ll sell a bunch of like veggies mall

Menchie’s frozen yogurt

cards like that our library and all the
way a battery failure

I think I there shouldn’t be an
incentive but I guess there has to be

or do you think about this guy this guys
are not on

he must be really hot because he’s just
really bad to people and they just keep

blocking him he also like you only
beginning this story he only had sex

with two people

ray ap the girl from work who must like
him and he slept with their

broke up with his girlfriend I the or
the order was an ideal

yeah any probably should have been a
little more straightforward with his

girlfriend not

I told her it was her fault moving right
so that mistake number one

I don’t think it’s unforgivable I think

your young your sounds like you’re on
your way to uni

yeah I haven’t learned your lesson about

who need you need now shut the fuck up I

you need to get a slap in the face yeah

you need it you need a new me

without busting need you know actually
it the picture him it is pretty cut

the evan is needed yeah actually has to
really make a sneeze I was gonna say

the caps are yeah he really had the
great Patel over here

okay then the Patel your knees gotta get
a nice fella

the girl tried the about the other than
not having it not having it that’s okay

to not get back together with somebody

I should be nice to have it does like
they had some sessions with crying and

that’s good that you like her to route
met with their not multiple times me

hopefully you guys are having healthy
break up and it’s all fine boy

to be like hidden his girl from work I
mean we have gotten into the fact that

you’re the best friend yeah

but like so far this is all fine where
does it take a turn for the shower

will now he says he says waters
questions and I’ll

I’ll go from there to go back to get at
max no because you broke up with their

you cheated on her and you intend to get
a lot healthier college

is it not is it against bro code to try
to fuck my best friend ex-fiance I

forgot that even did this area of course

yes its it’s absolutely not broken

a the bro code at all we have a

I is it bad to tell the girl from works
boyfriend about us

purely because I’m leaving and I don’t
want them to be happy that sounds like

you are

and one has to say you’re evil but I
don’t think you really wanna do that

because your a moron

okay how am I getting away with so much
shit you’re not you’re a moron

I how can I ensure no matter who I fuck
that I’m dripping in bitches when I go

back to uni

you can never make sure no matter what
no matter who you

but that you’re dripping in bitches you
have to you

realize that I love your decisions have

me so stay single yesterday single for
China to hurt anybody’s feelings

always been nice kinda positive urine

your reputation will get out personally

but don’t you think bad reputations are
good this is where out this way I’m


on a level with everybody

owner I’m in it thought about myself a
little bit for a change

her a II had a

or I have a bad reputation for being a
man slut

yeah a whore a player PS int I will tell

that that is never ever although it’s
come up

as a speed bump it is never ever maybe
once or twice but never ever really

prevented me from getting laid it that I
haven’t Asian

also is that I’m friendly positive kind
and I don’t

hurt people’s feelings even if we fuck
as you’re saying you have a bad and also

a good reputation

yeah so I Lulu a

with isn’t Lulu tell yet that the man

app where girls rate guys yeah I look to
my Lou one yeah

had a Lulu had a loop and out I had
legally I don’t know what it is now but

I had a great

score because girls at the very least
that you’re being honest to them

yet will cuz I mean I sometimes live but
I’ve never met ever meet

right you’re never mean you’re always in
a positive way and I care a lot about

people’s feelings

but not like really a

I so as like you’ll do stuff behind
peoples back but as far as they know

they’re happy

pattern I Carol half this is where you
get a little better for me

but because I’m also a little evil not
as outright evil is this guy i care

about. I care a lot about people’s

also very selfish a and then when you’re

you care less about people’s feelings
and more about being selfish yes

right exactly you also love being drunk
that’s one that mean probs

I I because it’s like I get one with Kim
and Mike

over now with me time 33 more with me so
I really only think about my SL


a so I really done with this guy I don’t
know what else to tell ’em

I be good yeah at least actively trial
the time to be good you not that

you know this is a it’s a really lovely
Mary Oliver poem

well you do not have to be good but not
have to crawl through the desert for

free at this part up she says you only
have to let the soft animal love your

body love what it loves

the only let the soft animal love your
body love what it loves

what if it loves two people at once

then at the then you have to be open
with those I

is to say hey I love you and I also love

just so we know rock people can’t get
that mad at you for being

honest right like as long as you tell
them your intentions

honesty is like a full suit made out of
gold yeah

undisputable you are you are a nobleman

yeah even if you are being honest about
some like awful atrocity

PS love honesty thats eat even down to
like the court system like

if you plead guilty if you say that you
are guilty right now and just

we just think that you’re an honest guy
you’ll get less

a jail time yeah if the sale if you lie
to us now and then we go then we go and

I check I talk to people for a month and
then we find out they’re guilty you

really fucked the little like being
levied is be honest

yep I’m good i right we’re gonna start
at BOA

we’re gonna doctor is be at least do you
say otherwise you’ll see that they’re on

an irate alright honest and

all other people alive for weeks later

I you’re guilty leave maximum jail time
poor and I feel

and I do plead insanity when I did it
but I was crazy

you enter into free yes throughout the

alright let’s get to another question
about a guy who’s a little more

a genuine a little more nice a little
more honest in a little bit more

open he’s a likable dude let’s call a

I’m I am the master know I am the master

that’s why I got to name him that
alright Hey Dude Love the show I’m a

high school senior approaching Prahran

and as exciting as that sounds and is
supposed to be I can’t seem to get over

the monetary cost at the event

I’m currently working and taking
full-time community college classes to

help save money for transfer into
university next year

to dropping five hundred dollars on 18
is not something I’m interested in

especially if it’s just to hang out with
and look good for people I merely don’t

care about

I would just say fuck it and not go but
I have a girlfriend who is a year

younger than me

who refers to this prom as a dream of

also unlike me her night is a hundred
percent paid in full

as her parents are buying her dress and
I would be buying her ticket

dinner and hotel room I’d love to do
something special for her but it seems

like I could do something as or more
special without spending almost two

months salary

I also know that it’s important to her
but it is my senior prom

and the year not hers does this make any

is probably worth it should I just suck
it up and go

and I obligated to suck it up and go if

how do I go about getting my girlfriend
on board with the idea of not

attending thanks guys any help on the
matter would be greatly appreciated

sincerely Amir

I feel like I know which whose side

your but his side yes I’m you think he
should just go for her

yet ready to go why he can afford it

yes you can he thank you it would cost
it would be a huge

it two months of work to go to this
problem that he doesn’t want to go

I P you do it on the cheap I’m at the
very least share your concerns with your

girlfriend and maybe her rich parents
will help out

a tell your parents tell everybody’s
parents all your friends

I don’t know I think you can hustle its
ground first the money but I think

you gotta go to prom possible

like he’s got a bad attitude about it
its never really liked that fun but it’s

like can be really fun if you go on your

but is it must look funny that happened
after the problem or before the problem

but I think this is like but you
remember your actual prom not really

will idea that they is I E yeah and I
remember the I remember prom

it was fun and I like just like all my
friends we like bodin hardware like

we’re gonna have a great time at prom

we’re gonna do this it’s going to be fun
and then it was fun but if you go into

it with his attitude

like this is too expensive is it really
worth it I don’t know then you’re gonna

go in like product impress you

gray like going in there not ready to be

see either have to dive head first
full-on into this prom thing or just not

get into it at all because

primer for you probably not be that
great but like your girlfriend being mad

at you about not letting it rip you guys
got a proud like that’s gonna be way

more miserable and last way longer

well if he’s completely honest with her
and says stuff like hey I don’t know if

I can afford this

I maybe we could do something of that
gina lynn meet up with you he’s got a

job I

letters Stucky situation well as

point well if I were you you you would

you would just say I have to do this I
would even suck it up I would change my

attitude be i you know i probs gonna be

add at the Islanders danna having any
money but like

I think their ways to get money maybe
talk to your girlfriend about splitting

some these Costco’s

if you want to go really bad it is fair
that she would split yeah

got the you shouldn’t have to buy per
ticket and her portion the hotel room is

like she really really wants to do this
abyss that dream of hers

the work something out but I do think

you gotta have a good attitude

in go yep I would say tell your
girlfriend your concerns and see how she

starts taking it

whether she’s like oh my god totally no
way I wouldn’t want to do that

I don’t like put you out like that I
guess is not gonna do this because prom

is a dream of hers

but it is his problem not hers yeah

that is the thing I feel like this is
like in-line with though

your stance on like tipping or something
which is what

it’s not if they it’s not

illegal to not tip yeah do people know

yeah yeah I’ve heard there at certain

institutions that URL your sword against

for example accurate I can’t they have
any right now I don’t want the word to

be that I don’t tip

we do tip by I’m not saying that yeah I
only step a good tip

but you’re like sort over a miserly
little G

I do okay so that they get three leaders

yeah I will not the tip there but I had
her now that though there are things


inherently cost money that you don’t
like doing big red lights I don’t buy

until today costlier

got only a wedding idea like you know
this is like a super small scale version

at the wedding

rate most guys don’t really give a shit
about the size the wedding sometimes

girls do

and then guys have to be like alright
listen this

this is not for me it’s for her and

you have to sort of like let yourself go
a little what up being a guest to

wedding if you had a girlfriend

this is similar to something like that
and it’s like a destination wedding

you would be I’m not really am to go I
don’t wanna pay I kinda wanna go

spend all this money just go to somebody
else’s way

pray that’s how you feel you know how
deep the opposite

bill which is what you have to go you
have a guy who is a good is an Avengers

gonna be really fun let’s

I get a groove suite hotel room in lets
on dress up and go to a wedding

well luckily all my friends got married
after I E had a job for many many years

so I was never like broke

going to letting I it’s hard it’s hard
to be broke it’s nice that we’re rich

yeah I’m so glad that I have the master
you don’t

let me refresh this page 2.1 million
dollars in assets

how that’s really good liquid there with
crazy what are you rolling on I have

like 400 bucks invested

it in I A in very volatile stock Saiz
that penny stocks

Bollywood is that through our TCM wanna
buy stocks is just die

its gambling isn’t have worsened as you
have a thousand dollars on red it’s gone

yeah you’re playing online roulette with
your feet while the

but doesn’t remind you the wedding thing
I mean there are some ladies who like I

don’t want to get married in a big

lavish way we should just spend that
money on a house like some people spend

a a hundred thousand dollars on a
wedding in some people would rather

spend that on an awesome vacation in a
down payment on a house

I guess but sometimes the right
actualize is just like in a couple

some people are like down to spend money
on certain things and some people are

sure this is we’re experiencing it now
with the apartment hunting

right like your you what you look for in

abode yes some people are allow I’ll pay
more to

live in a shitty our place in a better
location or no I wanna pay for the house

and I don’t care with a lucky day I
guess it’s deplorable friends it easier

cuz we don’t really

care about disappoint each other and we
when we are disappointed doesn’t last

very long

couples are like very different cuz
every decision has some kind of like

weird sexual thing in limbo like I’m not
gonna stop blowing you

he didn’t want to live in thank God I
wanted and guided dude you have a light

that’s good cuz I got you give me road
old are you

I and I was driving so how is that fair

a so what you with our fire you you it
suck it up and go

I will even would you tell her I would
let I would like

really did i guess i I we have a change
my attitude but not suck it up being


by of I can do it but I would be like
trip make a list of all the

things that will be good about prom
starting with how happy it will make

the person you love would you do would
you too

would you

to you tell your girl from your concerns

about the money yet if I don’t really
couldn’t afford it

can afford to go to prom and college I
would say I really want to go to prom

I’m with you i’d Le Coq said you are
cute dress is gorgeous let’s

make this work that being said i cant

afford it on my own we’ve got beer
something out okay

and I would just I not necessarily go to
prom cuz it’s not that exciting ever

event anyway have another is looking
back on it now because you’re

buttoned forty-years-old yeah well I

yeah this exciting then it’s only when
you’re a senior in high school

I guess I mean I never got that the
biggest but that the biggest thing

I never got too into prom we get any
pussy in high school

exactly I can get laid al sitting drink
after the prominent have the classic

high school prom experience

%uh who you like have a drinking hotel
after priority

a to I think we had it where there’s a
party afterwards

Yahoo is it was in a hotel awesomenesstv
you got high

are drunk get high and drunk the you get

or sex I did get hey

that’s awesome and then how was it did

a Jackie Lee it this part I don’t pick

oh yeah I don’t act with aku

very cool yeah I don’t want to deprive
on the head and you ever had sex

I have you ever gotten head I

never did not element well I ideal 30
just below me

a good cuz I know I don’t reciprocate

I was sucked you off for hours on end
and you

your dick never really gets our it is a
Hebrew National Hot Dog is a soft

frankfurter does limping gonna be like

like a balmy llegada just unfrozen to

still cold in the middle yeah its but
it’s dying from the outside as it

nothing warmers ever

slut loader does been AC

I see arether I have a alright

that’s our two cents posting a break and
welcome back

with one more question

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PJ fan 3434

Henry Henry Henry enron inward three
people we’d like to thank for leaving


iTunes reviews this week to users with a

gracias a crisp and banca I

other LED bulbs jamar 0031

and JC 399 not the best names

but positive review 39 I at a chalet

I we appreciate it nonetheless maybe
that was based on like

an old a Apple a name that looks like it
was auto given to you

fair enough

but these reviews and the subscriptions
really help if you have iTunes subscribe

and rate

it goes a long way for whatever reason

iTunes really weights reviews and
subscriptions highly

like fifty people later were already in
the top 10 in comedy podcasts that

awesome colonels neither stay there

a in iTunes your hands up understated

owner is the and lol eventually drop
down as the

momentum good decreases well everything

a us down and your cell dinner

a still some tickets left for artist
really in shells

the gonna be in Adelaide Perth Brisbane
Melbourne and Sydney

and paddling

well in Brisbane Perth Sydney well
that’s it

yet but the city’s by Sirius the still
getting emails

so getting tweets that were saying male
born it smell been

reason to vote with bid within same
element I know I just

ike I I really feel like we’re
pronouncing it with our

with our accent were not mispronouncing
it like

we’re not getting any emails for people
be like actually it’s Sydney

like s ID and each day like

I don’t know you yet you’re forcing us
to talk like you and its

its on fairy are you know hope it’s like

I teeth its wow your girl

if you weren’t there like what do you
what do you want from the way if we


air board yet an Australian accent get

99 Australian accent and then added

right will people treated us to me like
actually not airports

AI Benn right it’s like no it’s not you
just have a weird accent

a do or a different accent like if we
were they are gonna go to Paris and then

everybody from paris was like oath
pronounced put it’s pronounced Perry

oh how about this a Australian comedians
coming to america

and they go well we’re headed to you
laws injuries

and I’m like its real we get all these
would they get all the street like

actually stop announced lows angelenos
it’s pronounced

loss Angeles

stride have an ugly american action when
you’d got a new york

yes Noel its new a video like I

all I’m saying is that I’d love to have
a linguistic

expert come on the show and talk about
this for a while

will feel like weeks but will probably
100 find it may be the way it is a

linguist a really know should call in
some time you should just call it easier

for any other spoke to him in a while

yeah we had a falling out a you have a
poly over the lottery I’ve never not had

a falling out

have you ever fall back in I’ve never
fallen back in either

so you only ended relationships on a
weird sour side note only

yep everyone I know is a strange

appeared to yield to me night i jus
other yet

I’ve never known a single friend a
friend have a falling out with that


anyone but so that a friend group A ten
yeah and

I fallen out with nine of them I love
all the possible fall and they haven’t

fallen out with each other

the time to think there’s something
wrong with my friends both newt a

you should and thinking that you
shouldn’t start thinking that yeah

this is a cloud over me like today it’s
a cloud of connections hovering above

you and none of them point nobody ever
since they with the

bar is like dragging everyone’s grade
him the truth you have I

exactly you are a black hole a
friendship they’re not

the and Los Angeles new show

may at the Hollywood Improv oh yeah

come to that shell kinda short notice
the tickets are still available to that

show that the Hollywood Improv

all these tickets and all these links
well somebody hearsay hier

are these tickets and all these links
what somebody here say what other time

now it’s not day all these days and I’ll
your legs

yeah at if I were you show dot com

the sir checking out if you wanna hang
out with us

see the show live it’s a fun night it’s
always fun to be there

specially for us and then we hang out
after we get to see you and talk to you

will take photos give you a high five
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and they’ve got drinks and they got food
and we all chill


it and let’s just say I won’t drinks
influ- hey let’s just say

you come here and barely I a.m.

yell at him your comment and there we
are account there there

we are there to we will meet you can to
make it simple if you at the show that


will thea there then at there at that

at the time now the show and the survey
will be outdone

will be there ok as well I N you iraq

do you have time do you have the effort
you have the energy to muster up one

more question and answer section Amir
Blumenfeld I do not know how alright

let’s call it a day we are at the forty
three minute mark so I feel like we’ve

given them enough

a content over the week

a thank you so much for everyone
listening real like that who is that the

FAA said you want to stop

I was guide with grown to like make
everybody upset but I was a really

should do it

alright a someone a question sure your
work alright well

I was really close let me just figure
one out

shit we have one only from to you get I

future the data plan did you just do
talking tools are you to put it on me

and is a a date do you want to do well
more than I think knowing that’s where

we end it

you denied me know and I hate you know I
always have a lot of questions ready for

you try to choose which one do I think

and the podcast integrates the stink new
cool funny situation on a journey cast

herself in a positive light that’s
already trying to get the master

this is a you on an interesting one or

do you want a immature one

mmm interesting okay this one is this

from a male sophomore in college sorry
male junior in college

com Cooper Cooper rights

a I need to get this out quick

the situation is I’m a junior in college
and I like this girl who’s a freshman

and she likes me too

at least I think she does I told her I’m
open to us having a relationship but she

pointed out quite logically I might add

that we only have a few weeks of school
left then we’re gonna have to be living

far away from each other over the summer
so for to start a relationship now

she said it would be best if we wait
until next

year I had to agree but the problem is I
don’t know what to do in the meantime

I mean I know I still have free reign to
enjoy myself and be single and I plan to

do that but I don’t want things to
completely fizzle out with this girl who

I still like

I plan to keep hanging out with her for
the rest of the school year

but I have a slight fear that if we
spend too much time just hanging out as


then that’s all she’ll see me as so how
do we keep this spark alive with her

without just being her friend

I’m afraid that if I completely
disappear from her life that she lose


is there any way I can act when we hang
out that will make ur not see me as just

a friend

what do I do thanks Cooper

alright in what do you think I think

my thought is that if a girl

like you can’t hide or

a decide that a spark should be delayed

their is an actual spark have romance

then you do illogical shit like stay
together over the summer even though you

only met two weeks ago

and it’s like almost like beyond your
control you like I think this is a bad

idea but I don’t know I’ve

I have to do this and that she’s like
and I think I do to this is crazy but

we’re like

really really into each other and it
really doesn’t make sense

but you know what I can even choose to
do to not be with you right now

right and if there actually isn’t a
spark than you can say stuff like

maybe we should just hang out after the
necks summer

I don’t think you can have a spark and
be logical enough to say let’s delay

this for

a summer that’s fair I think I agree

as love or whatever last or the super
passionate crush

makes you do stupid things ran the fact
that she still acting logically and


means unfortunately she’s not a into it
as you are because it sound like you be

down to just

I be together for three weeks and then
quote-unquote figure it out when you

figure out you like talk to each other
all the time on your part

yeah and fly out to meet somewhere in
the middle then you like for alternating

weekends and then by the time you know

entered a while it’s early August maybe
we should go back to school early it’s

all my god this is crazy but we made it
work because we’re obsessed with each

other educators reading about being

beautiful people it’s cool you guys
break up again yeah exactly that’s a

beautiful thing that it just goes away
instantly with

s each other nothing last year x-men

what do you think I think agree with you

it sounds like if she’s willing to put
such a POS I that you have any

even a hole cut like a leading into the
summer kinda damning

but I’ll let him figure that part out

all I’ll say is that over the summer you
don’t have to worry about at this link

just like

lit do your own thing and don’t think
that they better is little

as possible doesn’t matter like I think

doing things to stay on our radar like
texter caller

trying to Skype with their like all that
does is make you need Ian too familiar


not that exciting the about study will
be like many other back at school and

you hit her up like day one

like a let’s catch up I wanna hear all
about your summer rats great jet heard

from you all summer

tears saying the distance thing might
actually be good for you absence makes

the heart grow

boulder I it

hmm absence makes the dick grow longer

actually money just use the boner thing
for the dick thing

absence makes the dick grow Boehner

yeah right but what has that rhyme with

or fonder om boaters pretty close with

longer yeah I’ll fonder

harder we need heart I’ll fart but not

yeah you know absence makes the heart
cock that close

mom we need a heart know what that does
is makes my part grocery longer

I them that’s how you write

people well as live thats what that was
was an Al you’ve got one back and forth

between two idiots for so long that the
shot clock rather than I don’t do it but

everybody was

everybody was in the locker room in the
other team won by a lot yeah and you’re


wasn’t that good of a kind and critical
layup and then you grab the front at the


really look at in super slow as you know
there’s like a weird layup thing

be used don’t think it was a dunk we go
for a flight just bob you land on my

ankle and roll it

other than that the care you the back
room their locker room with the ask me

but there’s no one there to help me
three years or dove shit outta luck

well I end up tearing an ACL because
there is an excellent way to make sure

all the regular and tore your ACL

is not good it was all worth it for the
dunk which we finally watch

I went the but I never really even touch
the rim at

you’re mad at me I met you sometime

on the way to the locker room I turn to
you and plant one on you

I kiss you for seemingly no reason that
we had five guys where %um

bloke with blood each other and we kiss

here but the master this is what happens
when we don’t have a job

a dress for the job we what

and we what a blur juror I

alright that’s it that are upset thank
you so much for listening if you have

your own questions

or your own thing sucks the mission send
’em that email address for everything is

if I were you show at gmail dot com a

we also need thumbnail submissions the
every time I post this podcast or


we is an original piece of artwork
created by our fans we’re

your helping us we provide the jokes

and then if you like they provide either
everything else yeah it’s

i think is a pretty not fifty 50 but at
the very close 98-02

mmm who

you a that opening theme song for winter

and this last one is by someone named
telegram FB

L AG are I am all the axial peace G

down of brands

know I know how government don’t answer
any questions do


don’t show the show %uh

the improbable you show



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