Episode 153: Mint (Live at the Improv!)


In this episode we discuss cool kids, calling cards, and guns. Recorded live at the Improv in Hollywood, CA!
Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld offer up advice in areas they’re qualified to talk about. Also in areas they’re not qualified to talk about.


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things did get real so let’s get started
put together bro

JK the




RI the which one to buy

a co-op

say it I can take it as long as it’s not
the second one

a your you want to be the ampersand

I I wanna be the amp percent

I deserve it I guys welcome for mall

guys hey I’m gonna go back out related
that part out I thank you so much for

coming let’s give it up for you guys

%uh the

yeah and let’s give it up

for us Drake a queer %uh

the thomas de namaste then turn up other

why was this a good idea

for you know Diallo who did it

for that either the listing at home I E

stop poster I I took it on stage

I read it I flipped it around in large

it reads Drake and a queer

a why was this good to you

where did you go out and buy poster
board specific URLs

up Garcia got a thorough rinse to you by
poster board just make my friend

I well we don’t know which was which

so tread lightly a

all I do we ask the artist himself it
was funny at the time yeah

I think it’s funny now the time is now

evidently I’ll your okay so I know the
origin story said

or was it like you’re falling asleep
when I feel like I got it

I you know it I had a run-in I had a I
have an idea

%uh me and S to write take

and a queer on a poster and and bring it
to the show

me when we walked in did you have this
on you and did they say what does it say

no a they’re just like posters by

get on air yeah i gather make yeah

they can I feel like the more you hate
this the more than a shell will yeah

what do you mean you should just forget
that ever I am for gotten about

I just barely got up remembering held

will put face-down it’s still president

base doubts the like that you’re putting
on the stage there’s like three things

on stage merely here is absolutely

a oh my god is that a year to

a it’s more than a year didn’t

is that %uh dick here did close to a
dick I heard it

she is it even the mustache sport really

cod wanna move in with the a

this sick beard we have appeared with us

no touching in any year over a year not
even a not even to wash it

a F definitely to wash it

definitely I have forced to wash it yeah

you know you go up

will come back to you but nobody else
doing a the

RI okay back to you

I’m I I was hired you have a lot on our
quest during yeah

go on I decision to make it was it like

I’m gonna shave and then not touch it
bridges the same questions we had for

the artists yeah

to get in your head 3 decision you woke
up and you said

a year update a beard

right a dick year I think here to yeah
you had shaved her head

and your face your bare a blank canvas

I don’t have anybody cannot see this
gentleman but here’s what would pass

it’s a foot write a foot long you can
stand up and show the IRS


the battling reference to the beard

to the pic eared for New Years bearded

and you are not oh mike got can I touch

I hate that I don’t now

good I would

a this hand is anointed

yeah it’s also wet for some reason a

to be fair it was wet before I touched
yeah and it’s drier now

let’s make sense gracias it is a dry dry

I actually sat down I’m ready a


guys thanks so much for coming out this
is our

fourth part live podcast here fifty live
podcast in

like will here has been to a live
podcast before

in solid who hears not ever been to lie

even solider who here doesn’t even know
who the fuck we r


this girl says the guy who are drunk
then she is

see the bout have such a bad name

his all inside jokes watch this happen

sees the cheese %uh

right over ahhhh to be honest it’s a
little bit over my head to

Syria I whirl hey let’s

let’s slow down a little bit part hurts
a long night

and it’s only a 20 p.m. is there were
times that we have time check 22

it went to get a cooper score check
actually same thing 8 to 22

really amazing right also how worked as
we get questions from people who are in

sticky situation difficult places in
their lives and they’re seeking our

advice for some odd reason

I J can I do our best to offer it
sometimes it’s just us

hang out checks possibly shirtless

definitely touching himself I often do

yeah with this hand mister beard man
perfect yeah

how you can hire these on my roommate

you can have a right hand man who will
take care of that for each ears and

towed out to you

if anybody else drinking out there
please raise them up

for I rick is in love yeah

posters accurate I

I am like Drake I I

so we a is there anything I haven’t
mentioned yet I he was listening to you

talk you know

it you have to just woke up thirty
seconds ago

CNN’s lot of people here I yeah we

oh you that i touch myself yes you don’t
you’re a squeezer I would say

I am is it like that the close as you
can get away with masturbating in front

of people

mean Wow interesting I i don’t feel like
it’s erotic when i touch myself

I it’s just that’s worry it’s like you
can’t control it

I think my penis is where my power comes
from I so I’m up in just sorta right

like a genie lamp

yeah except that’s not a GD coming out

a is it not other I thought I did he
Robin Williams in a sock you through and

a half earlier today

accuse Ronnie got it I

r.i.p and

so she gets very issue 3 answers some
questions we do have a lot of people we

need to help out today

yeah are you guys ready to start answers
a question %uh

your style

in my phone is a note file with the real
questions for real people were gonna

given big names to preserve anonymity if
you guys can help us out by shouting out

fake names


in way way way way way everybody be
totally silent

a not really like to do that

bloody hope what did you say

honey highly Hadi

is that your name got it

he’s such a big band that you can come
in Wow home Wow

I don’t wanna put them on a black bass
in a hospital in San Francisco

called he’s actually

funeral participants is good oh my god
US all

what Hitler died no no done after that I
just ahead for that

you can never have to follow up question
to you that a

you know I before they close a

they were she raises on me what has he
been sick for a while

you the upside in dynamic but where they
look left to get better with probably

nice a positive it was cut to my funeral
please a

what the well yeah he said that I heard
your yeah it’s

item is here you that’s what he said

ice is coming from Heidi’s straight from
his out funeral in separate Cisco

heidi writes hottie with a built-in body

I’ve backed myself into someone at the

when I have a one night stand I usually
try to wake up and speak out

unnoticed while I’m at the girls place
if it goes according to plan and

a if it goes according to plan and it’s
some random girl my calling card is

making a huge mess

in her kitchen and bouncing

a I

this particular time I cut a slit

in a bag but flower and threw it in the

getting it just everywhere

then I left cut to one night later

my house gets acted then again the next

it’s happened five nights in a row and I

it’s this girl getting revenge and my
girlfriend wants to call the police

a I need some advice

out how to get his then fate el to stop
taking my fucking house like a child

a love a hottie let’s go everybody


what are your thoughts on his calling
card yeah interesting that he has a

calling its amazing is and never got a
business card

are as though in a business card used to
be called well its or is simply because

you want to be remembered when you had
somebody your business card Yahoo

you want to be remembered as the guy who
destroyed the kitchen up core so he’ll

split a bag of flour and just sort of
brotherhood and we’ll email him and I

couldn’t do it like the kitchen
corporate yeah bad example but

with 2k also had with the pantry but
then I can think another P word okay why

does there have to be three then

workers like pussy is when he got
pantries where he was I look kinda guy

is he that he did it starts with AP

pansy it’s not really a PU

he’s got a cool head oh yes or to the
pussy but he’s also kinda

like an an anti-hero Patrick

phantom prick is but made three breck
but the pantry prick

help her is good but higher

helper it is fun no idea yeah

I no idea bad except for his when he
destroyed somebody’s kitchen

phantom but its rattle literate like
bedroom sure yet actually I A

10-15 we really have to go tonight yeah

looking at it you have a white board huh
300 cries I heard back up the

to rake in a crear a prankster we are
you you glorious human being II

what did you say prankster well she also
the huge beard

well a everybody here that’s why it has

a you retroactively called him why I’m
you are is staged channel

I to be sure wait so where were we

he achieved on his girlfriend it with
some buddies kitchen and he wants to

know how to get them to stop begging his

how would you get someone to stop
begging your house keep in mind is

already damaged for kitchen so we can go
back in time to do that

interest what will eggs and flour make

hey it’s you have to pancake her

oh my god it’s the only way what is that
being curled

to be pet yeah I did I keep leaders like

his girlfriend wants to call the police
news like nine hours probably nothing

a let’s give it the five more day

a because on the bright side reacts

that is too using a spatula getting a
ride into a pan

to make pancakes he’s gonna raise an
optimist themselves cell

what do you suggest he does to stop this

who a woman who recalls offend fate how
from childishly a king is housed

after he left her kitchen dust covered
in flour

which is the hardest thing to clean out
yes maybe ke le backup key to our seems


I think flowers harder I don’t know I’ve
ever had a guy who are right

would you like when you get lower wages
gets like kinda sticky right that’s true

but he was very small

yet I can’t stress how little it is I
feel like everybody here seem keen was

so you don’t have to I just don’t know
I’d be I fear you guys are thinking

about cook

keen while and Henrik Vanger this dry

even smaller keen why would you say

I think he’s got to you and live this
life that he has

he lives the life he deserves that’s
true stressed

he is

I yes so he has to just accept that his
house is gonna eggs for a little while

and meet like what joy to get outta by
destroying kitchens

good maybe he needs to explore that and
change may be getting a new calling card

like being really really nice to someone
had cleaning someone’s kitchen

or my calling card would be not cheating
on my girlfriend are that’s a great rate

gonna look at being that I’m known

yeah or just destroy your own kitchen

yeah but you know that old right the

and I’ll stop a doll house yeah

you would do that to your own kitchen a
hot shower and you say I thought I was

being nice

I like lower because that’s soft yeah

and I wanted you to to walk into the
kitchen and not have your feet hurt


why you giggling

this is perfect fear fear not

lawmen I don’t know this guy sucks yeah
will you have to basically decide what’s

worse the eggs are the the conmen

committing convincing no kinda what is
it called when you confess

the confession what is a call when you
can you now the word and then asked what

it was

I feel stressed

well I A down alright I that that we
don’t have anything else said this guy

he’s a meanie there with your life X is
probably the the least amount of your

concerns right you know you deserve to
be at

thrown in jail have you read the house
have ever eg

house now yeah

at a good way to align yeah I really
didn’t it’s really me take a house it’s

hard to clean up

is it I think okay erode the paint right

I a once again heart is at a funeral

ride this is her friend who all apps
shall hear those guys going live

yeah in i right 3e

help out another person we need a rather
guy’s name in

in I can’t hear anything

sup budget when it would use that

you search yeah but the plaid you have
ever met you’re handcuffed over your

mouth you’re yelling

huh camped in

I at anything Hampton Hampton recanted

your thought you were screaming at the
top your lines and now you want to tell


what is it Hampton now

cannot I I was gonna have perfect and

its Hampton help its are you telling me
what my child will be named

haven’t perfected Hampton why did you
ask a random house lol

II the Hampton yeah right at them right

for the past month I’ve been talking to
this girl pretty heavily

we’ve met once in person but we text
everyday we face time each other all the


I’m in love with her I million not gonna

and she feels the same way about me but
we’re not exactly dating yet

the problem is she doesn’t really open
up to me like ever and she gets mad over

little things we have useless arguments
with each other over the stupid as shit

and will ignore each other for a little

the relationship is ultimately
destructive but we have I


many years in love the religious

ultimately destructive but we love each
other and we keep it going

I it recently berle

I started talking to this other girl I
met on Instagram

yeah and we started talking when I
tweeted a song lyric up an artist we

both like and she favored it

then we went from there we started
talking and she is amazing

she’s basically everything that my girl
now isn’t

we listen to the same music watch the
same shows like the office and I think

we’re a perfect match for each other the
other problem is she is moving away in

August the California and I live in New

solved yeah solved fairly and I was hurt

so I’ll barely ever get to see her

I’m not sure if I should end things with
my girl now

or go for the girl I just started
talking to who could possibly be the one

or should I just stay with my current

again I will barely get to see her

but I’m Way better off with her then
with who I am right now

a help me navigate

after outta there is a Bermuda love

yeah thanks love Hampton

II one more time for Hampton given up

you sky

is a sticky love triangle indeed yes

not necessarily a triangle it’s more

a parenthesis there’s there’s three

but the last one doesn’t connect what is
the one that the prank on that the ice

fell asleep for a sec club followed me
here are there there’s a is it a carrot

what is it called when a parentheses as
in a sharp angle at the tape a bit

a bracket know that a little rectangular
correctness is greater than or less than

yeah yeah yeah that’s what is that he’s
in a greater than

although it sounds like you then a left
then and what he should do it yeah

and what he should do is make it a less
than or equal to 0

right now which is when you stand next
to another couple that doesn’t know you

a I’m surprised that many people are
able to visualize

a I I didn’t know that

so he is in love with this girl who
makes him miserable

two-star that is met once that is not
one time

and that’s good to him that’s that’s
clever for himself he feels like that’s

a win that the positive in his life
thanks in advance they don’t get along

they are mad at each other it’s
ultimately destructive but he’s seen her


when you’re lucky you know and when you
know you know

well the other thing is that he met
somebody on Instagram through Tweedy at


I yeah now what’s up with that Hampton
it sounds like he doesn’t

he wants to know what love is

wanted he wants somebody to show him

I don’t want to know what love is

I wish I knew the rest let’s try so live
it is a lesson in that it’s Phil Collins


a course is not bill Carrothers

hitting a when you think courses now
when he used to be with getting

I Alana now learned is

it’s definitely a woman I want to use
this so me

who coroner now use deadly American
maybe it was her columns

I’m Kaia

know what to tell this guy doe he how do
you meet someone on Instagram

because I have an Instagram and I have
never met I could be the one on

Instagram but I’m not always

did %uh of

I did liqueur handed

to I I guess you can meet someone on
anything can you meet someone on Yelp

you fuck to Rupert

on the way where do I know every right

road dome from him I was driving that’s
right in saying

yeah I and worst part is I given three

lab yeah in

three stars is that really the least
given a rating rate

three-star yeah it’s either great or bad
but not how often they like you know

those pretty alright

yeah grade average yeah I’ll give them a

period see period

see period run right period but

police shit ape

be see if it

the key at in G it the Italian club

bet don’t get too wet please stay dry as

recycle but letters to your eyes it
meant in a clear

in the the

I want people who

miss that part in the beginning to be
like holy shit why was that a pin

when DJ yeah little issue

I know that you’re my room at home I in

I’m knocking on the door versicolor it
all in do you have to a bottom marker

you had to a bar a poster that you don’t
have to start the picket at a sharp

you’ll have a sharp you bought

there’s a tag on the I wanna know how
much the paper that bill

that poster can you see that I

it’s actually really worth that the real
good right I don’t begrudge the price

%uh so this guy’s not actually in love
with anybody recognise their I’m in love

with this girl so I can’t break up with
her but this other girl might be the

ones sold

you pick somebody else is the one you’re
not in love with the first girl in also

do you think that somebody is the one
that you just

found that she’s not the one so you’re
not in love with anybody

the end cheers in

Polish Air that was absurd love to have

the end yeah debris but let’s go

I on to the next a hard time for Hampton
meet a way

chill dude 3i somewhere to go we need
all whites

side because I got your hats show some

oh my god your fault respect the master


her kiss my regrets

a let their pinky ass old

the master has the request

but here’s the Masters rain his ring
finger the real your pinky which by the

way is pretty weird that you have one

a a

there too because I do didn’t do it
didn’t do it iraq


I am II with you guys think barney




way way way way way way way enough hard

the hey you had your hand up that’s nice
and polite

a what is it what do you say

what bender is that somebody’s name that
you know

really also at a Funeral I

same dude hotties friend Dan Hardy both

had someone die in their life here in
Kansas City

it doesn’t look like just as depressing
as being at a Funeral I’d rather go to a


I guys if you’re listening at home from
Kansas City obviously I’m choking

we’ve gotta show it can to see you
Connie Moore will be making fun of Los


a then directs I’m a senior in high
school in a few months

I will be going to college straight up I
absolutely loathe them

the taste have meant she everyone shut
the fuck up this important

not sure why maybe it’s because I don’t
have a sense of smell but have something

even kind of minty

happens it burns my mouth and makes me
gag in want to puke

the toothpaste I currently uses is a
very mild meant

way we read up people are fucking
lapping shut up

what it’d be so they currently have very
mild meant

okay and it’s only about it is local
dentist office which he won’t have

access to when he leaves for home

when he leaves am I looked around
brother mild mint

to pace but none of them soon my two
pressing needs

is it bitch leave me to use a children’s

there are no adults buried toothpastes

it’s either harsh mentor some guy feel
weird lime shit

a I don’t wanna get put on blast in
college for having Buzz Lightyear on my

toothpaste bottle

but I don’t have to mentally pump myself
up every time any to brush my teeth


you can see the predicament on n please
help yours truly


slug do you remember everybody’s name
all the time

yeah as the first time you ever
compliment to me

act a call to the first I ever think to
me thank you very much getting treatment

gathering a master

it should be honored for you today when
Obama thing around here

he did not kill

don’t cheer but Cooper your

seasons yeah

%uh the scout the first time you ever
kissed three men

actually that’s not true a

now we have just unless more than once
alright in

yeah it’s for a video a gay video porn
video that you shot

II was never I so with

you what you had to be to say about this
question because I

I’m the same way I’m you don’t like the
taste admits so much so that I won’t

ever had a tic-tac he

rarely to use gun I never to come you
never chewed him

I never to come have you ever to go I’ve
never to go home

have used from I

yeah for whatever reason we’re so
obsessed with mentors

like the most refreshing thing you
actually can’t find

like he’s this is coming from a I’m like

yeah you can’t but not limited to

as a society we stress flavors an option
that everything serials there there’s

there’s nite nite material the only
where the hell are you already attended

one man show

a so tango II

personally I would I i think you can
order not need toothpaste on Amazon it

is all children’s

I know this because I went home the
other day

my nieces were there they had a
strawberry colgate

and it was incredible it taste like I
was brushing my teeth with fruit punch

that’s what I want to always

unfortunately the packaging is pink
there’s a giant animatronic strawberry

on it

it says good for kids: foreign up

it says you can swallow it which I would
because it tastes so good

does the cleaner cheaper same way it
doesn’t yeah

because they have I feel like you you
make toothpaste for children and their

baby teether Nepal out anyway so

borderline doesn’t matter yeah they’re
like rubbing their guns swallowing the


it is borderline glow-in-the-dark from a
dent is one time

that on I but

I heard I dentist one-time home economy

way I told you twice before bringing it
to the group its I was so on interest in

this question now like packing in bed
and i wanna solved it

I’ve this dentist told me that it really
doesn’t matter that much about the two

is more about the brushes brushing in
the and the bristles I

you there a shootout with water and
that’s you know not great but it

certainly find

a to be falling out good

I swear really good I’ll

so what would you do if you’re an real
quick I she’s Louise man I

thing I would go on Amazon in just
getting and child’s tooth paste reni

know yet Arm and Hammer like the baking
soda doesn’t taste like anything you

brush your teeth with baking soda right

he’s got big big thought I got bigger
that’s less on the ballot

I you leave them out toothpaste

up and when he says he is in love with
the cocoa is

talking about the Colgate Colgate love
that now is good

that deserve the laughed at my other
thing got I

if we can transfer the laughter can and

weekend I I

I would I would and I have just suck it
up and get used to the met you do get

used to them and

yea you use my toothpaste now as another

I did say everything I wanted to do so
30 let me cut you off right there

I was finished cease done enough

absolutely it’s over one more thing

hell with I direct a.m.

suck it up short yeah

and srebrenica haven’t turned over this
and you look at all these guys

I’ve only looked everywhere yeah I for
got better now than it is here

dude I’ve ever seen a you look like a
model and a lumberjack

I the Cabal like really happy

yeah I like the bra you related to you

your brothers are you the older brother

but not the although there’s an older
hot other hotter brother

three brothers really it was harder than
the last one

look at all this hard for others named

all that such a cool hot all its name
but what’s your name

ragged reagan also cool and hot

lil its its Steven gray Kim

cock kremlin well-liked yeah

gremlin grab I’m sorry you said it was

Spencer a you up

do you three min and I suck I mean I
guess you would know to have a younger

hotter brother

young brothers better-looking I am
physically but

I’m taller a by like your tolerate

I and like your face is better a

norplant I or suffered bake n I

love I all plants

although the phone know it’s a
compliment to stephen was an angel and

I’m not trying to offend sponsors the
troll you are

the you call the year ago I take offense
to your offense and defense tear troll


I will regardless let’s forget about
Spencer the way every woman in the world


only talk about Stephen who is Craig who
if he is a

you the runway model meets a bridge were

something Wow yeah you look sensitive
and strong

like you could kill someone that you had
to pick one wants you

the last the lead to other Spencer thing
to do

Spencer Avenue accidentally killed a few

this group author and scar

I I look

a but we’re gonna hang out after the
show so sorry


your you’re also hired I

you don’t get to do that I’m sorry
you’re also hot anywhere

higher cure QQ I even a

him a to take a break now disorder the
half way as planned theory

let’s relax okay I want to talk about


I need to keep at during our breaks

Jake usually talks about his virginity
story which

hero as someone up I somewhat of an
urban legend

on all too our actions say new wives
tale because they happen not too long

ago but

a you guys are great by the way

thank you in the best proudly

ever had at the Hollywood & yeah the


you everything to crowd you had

but every time you’ve met its still

I hey have you been to the show before I

mysterious penser I’m callin step now
because we’re sorta close

this bill as de- phen oh my god is both
a cool way

with that be as in I’d like to lose my

to be him can’t you see

I’ll said don’t know how to sing now
actually don’t

okay I have perfect pitch call I dunno

see he

he can I find a no caught another on the
way we know to never getting a

me satellites see


they sell the lot like seeing home

Momo now is al igual a dying I don’t

a is it possible to sing something
that’s not a note

are it has taken a beautiful song is it

seeing something that’s not a no holds
is it possible to

a newly released that I have I been

the is it possible

23 too well how old ru lol

now i’m Gary E coli

I’ll put on a jacket the


p hey what the show to be over

a were what would happen now is that was
the P

a I was the crescendo

not you know music all right let’s take
a break right now for those the listing

at home

enjoy this commercial break I’m sure
it’s a great sponsor will be right back

lacquer bot in

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a yeah support them support us

Squarespace build a beautiful let’s go
back to the live show

ever back %uh in

thank you for your support I’m you that
the I’m not afraid of anything

I we do have time for one more question
can you handle it

I can handle it and everybody else they
all you’ll know it once then we leave

alright China decide which one is

sure we do the got water the speech one

gone all do gun I we need a

we’d rather just want us to make a

I need a name Joe in

gun is a good now Kyle gun

gun is the name and as the name change
Tom Egan grandest


grand as I do love you way to do it

credits writes the key to my heart let’s
do it here’s the sitch

Lynn I’m a 19 year old dude and I’m not
gonna lie I’m an alpha male

and what goes with being an alpha male
gun ownership

only problem is I’m still living with my
mom and her ran away already getting

read this in the accent that it deserves

I’m a 19 year old nude and not gonna lie
I am an alpha male

lol go to be an alpha male gun ownership

a only problem is spent

I was delivered to my mom spare room

and the press the better I can have
alone she doesn’t trust me

big a seat yeah because I crashed her

a added


in right they did it he did in

I cannot convince mock killjoy mom to
let me have it done

and when I get it now can I use it to
get a girl

a love pandas

in mmm

he’s in a sticky situation is there
anyone I mean

I did he shouldn’t have a gun a the
problem is he’s still living with his


and I can you live with your mom you
gotta do them on the rules whatever she

says girls unfortunately

not to mention that he is filled with
rage yeah like

he is hungry bitch of a mom doesn’t have
a he called her a killjoy

use the word kill. and many once a gun

I think I think you certainly give you

I’ll it yet no you don’t get a gun oh
this is viewed as you at Walmart telling

him so

I would like to be a big a gun judge I
got judge

you don’t get a gonna would you ever say
you do get a gun

no I it seems like he he can have it
both ways unfortunately you live when

you live with your parents and you can’t
afford to live by yourself you don’t get

to make up the rules

especially the rules include buying
things that murder other things

that’s like a huge no no the sad thing
is I

if he just got the gun then he would
make up the rules

way to men s you don’t think he doesn’t
have to ask is mommy for permission out

what the has the gun

said you got a good web for permission
holy shit you change

you know the permission slip oh my god
and that too much

a its frontier whiskey yeah so you the

I so that your item your search I get in


well let’s give them the support that he

bike asking me to not clear %uh where

fair clear

the I feel like I shouldn’t drink to

up mir up here

up here to lol school lol school lol not
on a


but I am the master play bath

if we know now in

now is really simple I we i do I get to
one more question if you guys are okay

with that is that alright %uh

we call this guy gun sir

iraq gone to look at the beard

but yes I worry about my house all the

I seriously you’re positive I like that

him stop talking to the beer sorry I

can you to fuck I the I did feel like
it’s Stephen in the beard

had a child that would be my the that

that the God that I would worship you
know how that works though that doesn’t

happen like that happen now

doesn’t read what is the right question
mark after that doesn’t happen like that

meant are you asking are you telling me
that my dog and I have

a genetic child can have a kid obviously

and you agree a

I feel like I don’t have to agree it is
public knowledge it is common sense at


cannot cannot make child with one
another last no

no way no chance in hell

I no matter even if you had our maybe
there’s an amount of money that you can


that’ll get shit done this goes science
can portion of the you didn’t think

possible maybe

but now right

last question this please will a guy
named gun rights I’m a senior in high


and a virgin this is most likely due to
the fact that on anti-social

yes about a few girlfriends throughout
high school but nothing too serious most


party a lot but I don’t I spent a lot of
time training

another have received my scholarship I
want to start being a part of the scene

I it partner Betsy

mean what would I give is there a way to
become part of the party scene

even though everyone has already
happened even though everyone Rd has

their squad

cool is the best and

is the best way to have sex to find a
girlfriend or a random drug

check help I love gun

called I USX in high school how does it

your OnCall

I I how does he do it is God

hello I want to know the score I hey you
guys seem like a cool to

chaps can I gotta be part of the squad I
have a resume

I’m professional Microsoft Excel not
your yeah

you’re getting a wedgie and you’re just
getting their buyers know if there’s a

very good

I my squad legal issue in high school

this where I up

I feel like you actually were cool until
you were thirty

you is that true

I’m not only bonneville I really am NOT
honestly means the world to me they

think I’m cool

a shower I’m wearing asserts

that Marty purchased for himself and I

shoes that another friend recommended
socks that yet another friend told me to


you chose the glasses on your own know
my mommy didn’t

a goody partners go out and what did not
having sex in high school become bad I

feel like now is the average then
ordered a

is not without bridge averages sex in
high school knows who you’re good sex in

high school

world okay so here it didn’t have sex in
high school

well this is rather take out there
wasn’t a heart cath yeah

had but you guys I

a so how does it work how do you have
sex in high school you can’t make

you if you say squad I think it’s too
late for you right a

that shippers squatted a try to remember
what I did and I i mean I was like

I got be cool in high school you know
what did

it was in middle school I had a card in
my wallet up Chloe news did

but my friends found out that I had a
condom and they thought maybe I had sex

so although start lying a

that’s how I’m cool now say you buy a
condom and then people like waihee use a


not this one but I shiny yes

today ever put the pieces together that
way to use the condom he wouldn’t

actually have one on him

you play havoc on die at they never go
there do their

know maybe not I don’t know

let me think about one thing

we have all the time in the world homes
can I ask Steven

I’ll he definitely got a late and high
school right a

didn’t have I haven’t turned around I
think he’s having sex right now

I yeah while a girl sitting on his lap
but it seems like they’re fucking

Wow cool I’m a turn around and look at
them right 32

his blog Spencer I I but

my advice is nerds

or on cool or virgins as they were in
high school

nerds are on cools virgins in high

okay get cooler over time

cell if you’re a loon you can only be a
cool for 10 years

if you’re a cool its sixteen

your your cup runneth over yeah

your time run it out you’re not cool
anymore by the time it when he said

you’re saying his time in the Sun is

i’m saying cool this is a normal
distribution a bell curve

Christ you’re thinking pink

you think your cool right now tied up
Melkert I think I’m two standard

deviations away from the a packed

the I

aeromar bombing of bed I fear I’m in the
95th percentile of my time I’ll call on


for you can only be cool for so long
what I’m telling this guy is it has to

get better it can’t get worse your plot
telling your starting to become like a

are cool you want to become cool in high
school I don’t think you know 1p

right now yeah I think when the when the
best time to peak

in your thirties yeah you’re right
you’re right

you’re right nobody you’re right where
would you say you are right now

I am on a minor descent I

when you have to understand that I peaks
so high you burn so bright

yeah you felt so wrong it felt sole

you went to bed

a sleepyhead work

up with a quickness where you are

up rents be comment here you come again

a your song do saying

staying cool for an upper

for ever not

no their her and have her and I was the
end of the complex our time guys


the the left give it up for a mere


for you guys

clay you so much I merely want to give
it up or whatever Stephen


and well Spencer

mansur tellin and their older brother
Greg come on

Australian great the your

great on what’s during what

he is Greg during her he is great you


every higher ap third time in

slow be

3 are


do it


yeah the


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