Episode 154: Truth or Dare


In this episode we discuss drinking alone, double dating, and our TV pilot!

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a this was a fun when we I

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a recording this on a Sunday afternoon
online in just a few short hours let’s

just get started

enjoy things got real hmm things go

if you have a crash on a Huber restin

and he wanna know what to do to me her

him the accidentally kill your name and

I the wanna know how to pick up chicks

on bad job

like if I where you

10 a.m. painted high demand these to you

my funny do hi We’re here

for you in I were you

the new year

sometimes mom the Louis

and his roommates Sarah well yeah I was
gonna say that wasn’t Louis

yeah were such big fans Avars that they
they crocheted us for their you to web


lot only what yeah and then they made a
video an animated background song to use

as an intro song so that we would talk
about it and height while it is so


yeah I had them send us the crocheted
not here yet

our little fun but if you wanna see the
video that we’re talking that will put

it on our website if I really showed a
comp so thanks to Louis

and the Sierra a roommates male female
roommate doing cute things together

yes you get mayor he had at Alice’s
that’s not what I meant

as the really cute if they did I say
mission 16 ani:

yeah sure that leads to marriage how it
works is that your bill I don’t know


idea of course they are works it’s like
you’re sucking your own dick

no huh her cuz year

its it’s kinda like you’re using
somebody else’s body

as a proxy so take oh I get today

go down on a girl while she’s blowing me
said how’s that likes sucking your own

dick head

Christian kids think about it know
you’re basically

your your retirement as a puppet no
you’re not yeah you are

your your control Lake you’re basically
saying to this her human

you do what I’m doing and I did have its
two guys sucking each others dicks then

you’d like your site on your own dick
okay I’m taking

one degree to the right one degree to
the right is removing a penis

noun and that is a huge any it replaced
by and if I am

licking a vagina that’s pretty much the
opposite have

sucking a penis it’s the %uh but if the
opposite way that it’s also very similar

it’s kinda like how a its or less a tank
with any guy a gram do not overlap

they overlap there on top of each other
to circle yes they don’t overly 69

actually that there is a zero and as the
there’s a 20 is in 69

I was gonna say when you said it’s the
opposite its not the same it’s kinda


the what a good let me think that a good

it’s like a you like L baseball’s the
opposite a basketball

its okay they’re two different sports
but there and they are still sports

so the fact that something is here
opposite means it’s also very related

a unity yet yet so it’s like baseball
the idea that the mall at like shit

basketball the opposite

love dignity where pixie

there is so far that’s truly the
opposite or if you and talk about

opposite opposites are things that
aren’t necessarily the exact different

they’re still part of the same universe
hey this is if I were you

houston we have be that lucky guy and I
was like sucking dick

yes I really think is evaluating today
if it

I Zarate both

aural sects the bad

it yes that’s it as it happens a

sending can’t it something is the
opposite is something there actually

very similar

that that’s the cool thing that i’d said
so far

and so far you haven’t said something
cool I

calling you yeah it was pretty cool a I

this is if I were you the only advice
podcast on the entire

internet hosted by me and me

and miami is a mere my name’s Josh & Spa

as our I meh we just

just to show you how quick this
turnaround is the Clippers have been

eliminated from the NBA Playoffs

yes this show will be on line for hours
after that

that is correct we procrastinated but
still it’s kinda cool fresh feeling

right what you’re listening to happened
so quickly

so so soon yet this is us on Sunday

and you’re listening to you know you
this is maybe you on monday morning %uh

beloit to some people are listening to
in two years from now

yet then people will hear this after one
of us dies really yetta

yeah probably why is that

your what’s soon but for before her

what’s soon but for before picked

I don’t think I stay

still don’t get it what’s the words soon

for stuff that happened previous no as

like late earlier up just now now

it’s not really early years anytime
before Hannah

as Island like you know like will shoot
will record this and I’ll be online soon

for that right before we recorded it we
recorded it not soon

but the soon but in a different
direction I somewhere to god I’m not


ABC’s I though not and

was soon book for mobile soon means
quickly in the future

I wanna know what it means I

like recently yeah yes we require this

that’s good I I do feel i

I I did have one

edible and then had area

and ago what soon I was at an

8 hey to that but this is an advice

people and blow you with the park it the
did you get that it’s an avatar

better a ventriloquist a view like if
it’s like it’s likely

a if year virtual-reality

let’s say I have this prosthetic dummy

and whatever I do too it it does to me
this is like the

that 70’s show K I just keep lending an

a few I’m playing I’m playing spin the
bottle and

only lands on me a let’s say you have
this puppet

like in the future really hard for me
did you have a lot to take

it you have a long distance girlfriend
lets in the future

the years 2038 her right richard nixon
junior junior your eyes resurrect

button but instead of being in the same
room with someone

a you are in the room as a with a like

giant plastic female figure man your
girlfriend is controlling it in a


I C so when she moves the Avatar moves

got a show like blowing as a year and
that figure is blowing you

69ing as bad and the chair both with its

Imran’s my girlfriend cheated on me with
a dildo

I exactly if the dildo is being remotely
controlled by a guy

is that cheating would be an example the
question we would answer on this advice

podcast people

email us to a fiery show a gmail dot com
and we do our best to read his emails

offer our advice

we are experts in what following fields:


chemistry from jake has a PhD JD MBA

a the NBA from the NBA see the doctor
lawyer businessmen

have I’m a doc revision myself and I am
a cap Walker

which is a new profession that I
invented some an inventor

on that wordsmith and I’m a more alleged
cats had a cap

II you teach Catherine

has a catwalk have Arctic Cat block

have a caps lock we are at higher it you
can muster up to

a so let’s start reading these emails
and giving

Lynn giving our advice giving our two
cents without a been a good

alternate name for the website your are
two-thirds our two cents welcome to our

to sense

on a mess as my two sons and I’m Josh

a alright let’s start with a good one

we need a guy and a means name

let’s do r.i.p Clippers like Griffin

rights cell I was having a little party
at my house and me and my girlfriend and

two other people were sitting in a room
while another group of friends were

another room playing truth or dare

I was unaware they were playing truth or
dare so I was weirded out when a girl

from the other room barged into my room

n licked my girlfriend from her forehead
to her chin

and my girlfriend’s brother watched the
whole thing

should I be mad at her I’m a jealous to

clearly I the

the first thing that popped out to me
about this question it licking

like I can see looking from chin to
forehead how do you look from for


and yet these the bottom can’t up

you you have to use the bottom with
maybe I was like sitting down

and this girl was standing out such
stern upside down

yeah it’s all things we are happy little
more likely that he rode

wrote it poorly %uh he accidentally
grammer’s iraq has also not 100 percent

sure who is mad at

well you want to know if he should be
mad at the girl or the girlfriend

I guess not really go for under 100
don’t think should I be mad at the girl

that did it

should I be met should I be mad at
someone yeah for

licking like if a guy did it you be mad
if a guy walked into a room and let your


yeah but if a girl did it less mad it

yeah I with wifey League a girl

there still would it be that bad had be
actually hot by

happy they’re gonna actually he extra

I ility me it who would turn me on fire

okay when you’re out there what do you
feel I feel a warm EE

than a cold cool the other orange sphere
that pulsates right from Florida DJ and

you are a sex symbol

Blumenfeld as cell you’re a Madonna over

up group a would you be jealous to
figure out there had to be angry

if a girl do that to your girl how they
sell I I don’t and like sex would even

be involved it’s just like sort of

yeah I guess cuz like I would know that
my girlfriend I know that he she

would is that heterosexual so if she was
licked by a woman

it wouldn’t necessarily be like a threat
to our relationship in any way

whereas if a guy lichter and

that’s kinda like an assault a little
bit yeah then I think you have to be


I well like this before I don’t like
really really had a strong opinion I

check in with my girlfriend and say

how do you feel about that yeah do you
feel violated

was that really fucked up or was it just
like they deserve hey we’re all drunk at

a party at that was weird

is an entirely related to her like if
she’s fine with it

then you’re fine with it hers their
situation where something happens to

your girlfriend she’s fine with it
you’re not

I mean there probably is cuz I

I’m a we’re all human beings float

crazy huh crazies sunflowers I’ll

you know they were on a rock yet here we
are the shootings that we are issued and


the southern a.m. is it’s crazy and
thank you

there’s no in another world is round
here I’m

sitting on men standing on the ground am
i right side

I’ll or upside down that’s why he
doesn’t know

dave has know me upside down that’s why
she he’s licking her from

chin Tufo read his rights air that is I
don’t songs about

this this this that is an articulate a
move that the third party

happening with Dave Matthews is
formative party that he was that

if you have to ask if you should be mad
then you’re not mad

rape you can say should I be mad I and
our deliver then he also already is mad

because he’s like I’m kinda jealous dude

I’m realizing because I’m very pissed
off their

he lake also it seems like it’s it

if the truth or dare game mom nano

I would be mad weirdest part is it came
after a truth

really yeah so she said truth or dare
and then

the guys said truth or a girl you wanna
live in any one another we hang

and she said oh oh hell yeah watch their
you in real time

yeah i do so bad that this is about to
happen yes how honest I am

we should play truth or dare more and
play to know the enemy who played yeah

I it seems like a good party game book

you never played as an adult do you ever
played truth or dare you never play spin

the bottle

yeah I’ll have like a teenager party
other to be that team for a party

right said it would play seven minutes
in heaven we know we can play it when my

parents go outta town we can have it at
my parents house

room now it’s like we’re having a
teenager party that I never threw

because I was so anti-social and the
pretty one idea

a and and my parents house is cool it
has a pool

yeah so I just happen will only invite
teenagers over

exactly so like 14 15 16 year old woman

and then we’ll play games there yeah it
felt like 10 the Gaels

hiring an outside past a that was so bad
that you’re alive by game played mailbox

baseball earlier

a really air

I i thought id share a bomb and it was a
lie a little early

yeah rental the route buckingham us that
cop Musa

she had to slash the tires on the Prince
Mustang and

I the Dean did you ever play spin the

I don’t know if I ever did yeah that and
work see this get to guess

yeah the little serious than the bile
making out

I played spin the bottle where like
elevated to

I basically that the United had which is

69ing linen closet appeared within seven
at that he got no clothes and change


seven it is in heaven is just like you
go into a closet

and they shut the door he had stayed
there for seven minute then add you


know whenever I talk about what happened
girls like

you can sit there and talk you can make
out you can’t do it every

yes at Marriott even hearing the rules
gets me like be anxious again really

what I do in a closet with a girl are

cute like you when you hear the rules as
the service and having you’re like oh my


I’m like so in my head like really when
I know your family law

but the outfoxed a udev you would do
that not that as a youngster

I’ll yeah I guess not unlike a
13-year-old but Ray

now yeah I would probably be like to go
to research not but I don’t think

anybody was like having sex but yeah
we’re I like finger somebody

Chi Spain want it where did I go

wrong unloaded now you’re peaking now

yeah but I really wanna be a cool
teenage your

is that you would rather get handjobs
they met at have a nice house and have

said yeah I think so

I think I’m gonna head out again gimme
that leather jacket I’m gonna go back to

my high school

pick up a bag guys I not what you think

officers I just to try to get a hand job
I get beat up by a 16-year-old bully

you jerk him off Baylor act

it finally where

had that’s the melting so I should I be

money you see if your girlfriend is mad
if your girlfriend is bad then you could

be met this one is sort of a gray area

where be a little weird for a girl
friend laughed it off it too little guys

like and slammed him into my hair do it

no I’m not mad at her I met everybody in
this room who dare you

I guess I dared her life I’ll ligatt

dairy KK thats a

back that’s it on I’m a jealous dude

if you just you to its is AP he can’t

it’s a great thing is that I about
yourself try to change here

I’m a gel it like I am he’s dissing like
I’m six feet I like I can’t do anything

about it I’ll a jealous

I’m mad I get mad a

easily oftentimes I am greedy an angry

so should I be mad in this case is
putting off

yeah I’m ility youths and often
uncomfortable in a negative way

so should I hit him I find myself having
stress and anxiety

I you more often than not

related to things I can’t control for
example a licking

for had to Chan I and let us know if
that actually happened before at the gym


find that hard to believe a

alright oval speaking of cool teens this
actually blends

right perfectly into our next question

we need another boys names

Chris Paul Chris Paul cp3 himself writes

my neighbors are paying me to pet sit
for them while they go watch their son

get married but the weird part is they
told me I have to sleep at their house

while they’re gone because their dogs
aren’t used to being alone at night

they understand that this is weird and
compensated me for such a strange

request by telling me that if I so
choose I can invite

some people over that’s right vacant
house hormonal teen

it seems like the primers for a really
bad a raunchy comedy I feel like I have

to take advantage of the situation

but I’m not that kind of person know my
friends nor myself have

ever been drunk before or smoke pot or
even have access to those

kinds of things if I would ask them to
get some alcohol and meet me at my

neighbors house

they’d likely make fun of me I have no
intentions of trash in this house or

anything I’m just curious as to what
being intoxicated feels like

and I think that this is the most
perfect and safe environment to do so

so what do I do get drug alone or get
some friends

please I need to know PS I’m 17 going on

18 cell to the ice rink

not allowed illegal tell me that I

that being said you’re such a loser

I bet your friends think it’s cool to
not drink oh my god

yeah it up problem given me a loser had
friends that to rank

I mean who are you hanging out with your
door Davis bunny

like 10 weird reverse problem life

is get his live in a universe I have no
lighthouse at a house party but everyone

will make fun of me if I suggest

outcall to rake it is funny to imagine

drinking alone but that doesn’t seem
like a save opportunity right

if you want to know it be intoxicated
feels like I don’t think that like

getting drunk by yourself is that great
of an indicator

the air I don’t even know I’ve ever done
that ever been drunk alone

I’ve definitely been like besides at the
end of the night when you go home you’re

alone in your truck right yep course

um I think I’d like done things like

I members that at home alone got

maybe I have once or twice got delayed
fucked up that late call-up

say at I have a whiskey at the end to
the night

yeah are I this but you sort of been
there when I do that and is drinking by

myself and you’re ready

attributes that is thing I’ve ever seen
a guy fall down had this label have a

with DMBA

has pretty good here there but on the

on I actually whenever I get drunk lol

the banana by Billy always lie myself
because nobody else can be here

are never connected with the scene let
me be

if I am I still not alone if there’s a
group of people I don’t give a shit

about constantly around me while I’m
getting drunk

who imagine the first time you’ve ever
got drunk he did it by yourself

in a strange house at a at a bad way to
do it now because I think part iv:

that will party in a drunken generals to
do it with people so you’re all like on

the same pain level

same level earlier on the same level I
remember the first time I got drunk was

in college

I never drink in high school while and I
got drunk at my friend’s party and he

got drunk too and it felt great could
suck on my god I’m here are keeping


but we I was getting drunk for the first
time did every was he aware that like

this yeah yeah

yells for yeah exactly were you like I’m
not gonna drink and then suddenly a card

like I guess I’ll try it yet what is

when what was your mindset my mindset a

feels like I don’t wanna have it was
like weed and drinking

where the two things that I didn’t do in
high school great cells I don’t want to


the Wii because that seems like more
extreme like

you can even do that legally after your
21 right but I can see myself drinking

alcohol that seems easy

cell I’ll I told my friend that as a
freshman year

yeah fresh coming weeks into school yeah
october thirtieth real 2001 Halloween


a close 0 1st birthday party nice a

dude he was like I real would do it will
get drunk we going to my friend his

friends co-op in like they had like
vodka orange juice

for us now that the first rank ahead and
I was like drinking at like you know I

don’t feel anything and I remember once
I started feeling drug like good

it’s happening and I called my brother
left him a voicemail they had become

drug to the bridge that

anodes pretty fun is getting really all
there bob

imagine like getting intriguing out over
the first time like what your tolerance

if you’ve never ever had that point and
performance 0

rights crazy like your blood must be
confuse you never even like touched a

drop of alcohol

I maybe had like a sip of wine as a
child but like I never had a beer

your dad used to take you out for one a
lot as a kid yeah

us a like have you really see holidays I

yeah my dad I can count on a million
hands the amount of time as he got me

wine John

but before school I

100 on the latest does exclaim slap the

well on at the bar I will ya rather
early carpal was all 66 they feel like I

hold it

so how do you think I can like I had to
get to the bus

at 705 us so early and night there are
so many times were had missed it

disliked by a little bit like fuck miss
the bus and I go back inside my mom or

dad just drive needed

school fuck you you little you don’t
have carpal your purse

the at a bus II was 3 carpools alike

older because they drive me last night
or like mmm

kids moms that we have a schedule right
selected like harkin and you have to

come out

that’s great yeah I had the bus thing so
I knew if I miss the bus and I could

spike stay in house for an extra 20
minutes how much they behave well

a site where the bus on purpose and then
my mom or dad have to drive you to

school like a real fucking hassle

a do sorry mama so

where was the first time you got drunk
um I do prefer something a drunk word is

like in the summer it’s like

eighth-graders something you were 14
yeah he was before I was 13 the summer

before in a way

God so young yeah I was like playing
video games and not doing anything right

for the next

well actually it was probably around
this time no owner you were it

when you’re thirty know was 2000 her

you got drunk three years before me when
I’m hours later it was

I was 13 it was a summer 1999 yeah and
adding a truck for another two years

and two-and-a-half years old any
interesting and

obviate used to get like

me my friends with me can I packed like

RP everyone’s parents like liquor
cabinets and just

take maybe inch or two images

offer every single liquor and replace a

house leo is like take just take
assorted unnoticeable

injure to lapore all that all

into wine bar all bottle so it up like
rum vodka gin

yes I really all and I know and it
becomes it was like a loon just like

her group everything and I drano it
didn’t matter

not as they’re probably just taking
margarita mix cool liquid dish soap with


brew a good FHP are

you with an umlaut than E a really
spelled it out

shipper that’s what it was other makes
and then we’ll pass that around 20 we

were drunk and then just like wind
around the neighborhood is that like

3 p.m. at all really holy shit

you’re getting day drunk yeah I did it
was de Jersey you have to a Dave

that was the best time of my fucking
life I you know it’s like to peak when

you’re thirteen

she was amazed I would get anything to
be thirteen and a hammered it three

now at three year just eating a salad

that not OK through but a

where did we get to you oh yeah should
he get drunk at this persons house

is that the safest opportunity to do so
I think if you’re worried about save

opportunities to get drunk you are
already doing it wrong right

rewrite I guess it’s not safe to do it
at another person’s house why’s that

safe our CEO will want to be the person
to commit is your friend see a truck I

which is like

keep on like it sounds like you’re may
be ready to experiment and everybody

should be safe and you shouldn’t do it
cuz you not 21

hacker I

thanks economy amid the fight but I

but it seems like at the very least you
want you want everybody to be on board

you want like all of your friends it
needs to be a communal

yeah that’s how it’s gonna be the most
fun i’m suppose they’re going out your

friends who are the most weak willed

is that it like going to the group of
friends behavior she had right knee

like now you know you to eat right you
find that one person is like

and he’d be down in a little here the
two of us why do it may be with other

third parties

just slowly recruit everybody but also
don’t do it for you 21

both roots are advisers not to do it now
or ever in till your 21 unless you want

to do in college in which case you

until you turn 21 a alright let’s take a

and we’ll come back with more questions

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this was it it was really it

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you and they’ll start you on your way
you want to pay anything for the service

checking out your curious I can tell
someone you’re like maybe be a good idea

number I would do that computer can look
at the good me this

or I’m a lady who once might do to dress
better might get more ideas to try and


clothing I wanted to look pretty good I

I I’ll

what’s causing up against

you check out trunk club that trun K

CL you be dot com slash if

I were you that way they know we sent
you don’t just go there and like laffer

get to help me out here

occur here’s a couple hundred now
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early I’m not sold on the river

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a trunk club for a battle max to

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if I for you let’s get back to the show

that was our ad now we’re back hi on the

are coming at you like your way Jayme

I’ll laugh like James button up world
because you need

yeah companies be extra I and Jane

there’s just one but because that’s the
there’s always one OJ Simpson

Minister James A better I

I’m Jayme there’s just one up me jam

j’aime he’ll call me the idea leverage
to me Jakes actually occurs only one

a Jayme I we should talk about

we have refuting the pilot finally it
happening thanks

to you you the the hash tag re like Jake
and Amir movement

was so on ignore a plea large

that another network heard about it and
said will

won’t give you money to ship this thing
yeah it’s another network in the Turner

family as turnarounds TNT TBS treaty
being a bunch of other channels

so Tru TV we are back from the dead

thank you to at Tru TV

if you guys wanna pass on a thank you to

that’ll make us late really is if you
think about I isn’t I don’t know

how much anybody knows but making a
pilot for TV is very very hard to do

BS next to impossible yeah they get
pitches all the time they don’t use very


and Emily choosy soft yet every single
step is hard like even getting into the

room there’s hard sell your ideas hard
writing the pilot which we got to do

that was like a huge

I it was rare that that happened it was
a very fortunate

is are long shots and wanted the longer
shot the ball

is to basically have your script be not
considered anymore

but and then another network is like you
know what will do it you know is because

our fans were so

seaports Ackley because it’s hard to
predict TV success

and one of the few things you can go by
Zifa if a people already have a built-in

fan base

because a lot of shows come from

relatively unknown people mean and they
can be just as funny as our show but the

fact that nobody knows about that
certain person

puts them at a disadvantage we’re
already famous

that’s where show will call the already
famous it’s all been famous

this appeared that means you’re not
there is any more

yeah well let every man worldviews a

a with although I’m not naming the the
numbers are people that have tweeted in


just support us on our subreddit night
face but Chan on Twitter and all that


it is a huge selling point for us right
so we have a script that’s just as funny

as everyone else’s hopefully

but then we also have this extra
advantage than that pushes us there it’s

basically a corrupt a rugby Scott

scrum yeah were in the middle and then
we have these

hundreds of thousands of and that sort
of force us you just in a word you did

as a real solid

obviously you haven’t done enough yet we
don’t have a TV show yeah

well what little we should the pilot how
actually it’s our we’ve

I think we’re passing the ball back and
forth okay

book now so our fans who helped get us
there pilot

now we have to do a good job with the
pilot we have to shoot it good

yeah with shoot a good we have to act it
did we have to edit it has to be good

left to be a good thing and then and
then we asked for help one more time


convince JTV to reunited two series

that’s right so that we ask for help
again by

then we will this side that we do work
again then we make it which would be

amazing yeah

and then we have a couple more time
their fans to watch it yet so

we can only get things up to a 50-50
decision for people we can only get us

back on the status

we’d we’re gonna do a job that’ll get us
on the fence get somebody considered

that is why we are splitting

the revenue or with I love our alone and
we should

we can now we should do this is not a
publicly everyone should you can i buy

it around a in me is a yet Arriba he can
I get a rebate

already a coupon for me on the dot com I

a but yes every little bit is so helpful
so thanks guys for

have a lot of you guys have tweeted a at
Tru TV already

and they’ve already taken notice and
unlike TBS they’ve left already started

tweeting back at us being like how they
feel the love tonight it feels like a


more fun positive experience and we
haven’t even started yet

I think we’re gonna start shooting are
working on this thing

when we get back from Australia amazing
first we have to cast it

we have people in it that aren’t us with
a queen right now

were recording this ok yeah now we have
to shoot it

by the park we recording this lady had
to cast a truck capture

and with edit with the fuck we’re
waiting that he didn’t have a thing for


with but but landfill let this get here
a ser yet this

with listen tonight is to give us an
outlet I don’t retire right right

it helps to be able to talk now upload
and people are listening to enjoy it

while they’re waiting for greater

happen Hunter said corrected is then we
have a final product that you TBS

deliberate and if you guys can just help
us sell one last time by borderline

forcing yelling at them

not a today we’ll have a meet up for the
yeah it’ll be a tweetup you guys will be

very well aware

thank you that’s or to the time when
we’re thinking about right now

and thank you guys again for helping us
get to this point we couldn’t have done


laid out here and speaking last really a

min shows are getting close to sold out
Melbourne’s already sold out

Sydney has less than a hundred tickets
up at the nine hundred-person show

at the maze they’ll be our biggest
podcast show ever yeah

was in London around 900 as well linda
was like 800 police

love it official escobar’s from a bigger
and in their tickets still available for

Adelaide Brisbane

and Perth those tickets are still going
fast we’re gonna be there

in or I think three weeks is insane very
close if you’re still considering it

make it so are the dates and all the
ticket stubs

other links to what you need are on our

website if I really showed a calm
correct and anything else we should talk

about our newsletter you can sign up for
weekly updates from us

are the Montreal shows already sold out
so you can’t buy tickets to that yes I

your a yeah on a now I think guess
that’s it

I’ll EU a.m.

you shot yourself yesterday oh yeah

was no time let the newsletter I was

EA it wasn’t even a little bit either E

you thought you’re on the toilet your a
chair i sat down

Indian style on a chair I said how do
you do to

and I yeah i tooted an awful log

a 21-inch log insane it was a real

but its right that’s the country guys

unless it is and you didn’t tell me
about it I didn’t do that I it let’s get

to one last question for a run at a time


here we go one last guy’s name

JJ Reddick your boy who had a tough go
of it today

the he didn’t do his best when they
needed them to

me know that this is their second
straight game 7 it’s it’s very tiring

they played 14 games that’s like
borderline three-and-a-half series in

just two weeks

yeah for weeks they had a good run JJ
Reddick rights I’m a 22 year old kid in

me and my buddy are going on a trip to
Denver next month and I think he kinda

party seward me

we plan this trip so that we fly in
Thursday so that there are three nights

and he talked about going out

every single night he’s been there
before any even met a Broncos

cheerleaders she is a some ok

so he suggested maybe we do a double
date 19

so I jokingly said yes thinking the it
would be another cheerleader friend

so today he text me up a pick up a dime

and a nickel I’m pretty self aware I
don’t think they’d set me up with an

ugly friend but I don’t know what to do
because if we find another friend it’ll

come off like I look like the asshole

and I can’t really tell them what to do
on his vacation can I

could I don’t know how big does go out
by myself that night

so do I have to just battle with the
Husky one

thanks y’all rock loyal goals

it is picket at it in she wanted a a

and 18 isn’t like everyone else saying
is correct but he’s like at and

right yeah i kidded ditched his friend

can I up would it be fined

as I have low I’m going to you and
desist order the problem with getting

set up

yet never good its how often the the

the huge major issue I don’t even know
what this person looks like

a any of these people look like but I
think most humans are unattractive

right the I i think they’re yeah you
think there’s no one Hotton

all no idea I think it’s as rare I think
its it’s not like

I’ll you know there’s a 50 percent mark
in half the people are not have the

people are ugly now

I think eighty percent to ninety percent
of people are not good-looking

the you most evolved

I may be ugly as to what I

and then there are ten percent of
attractive people 10 percent people are

average in eighty to ninety percent are

are poor where unfortunately it is not a
non-normal distribution your you reached

a point where

you yeah I say I want to set you up with
someone and it sounds very exciting but

nine times out of 10 they won’t be
attractive for the problem is that


expectations when they’re gonna get set
up our like basically never ever met


cuz you immediately think your future

I am a teacher has been and then and
then you see somebody that’s not that

and you’re like

I’ll now but like that doesn’t matter
this is only one night

in yeah this doesn’t have a cation night

it’s more dangerous to get that look in
your hometown

like it somebody who here if your mom
was like hey I want to set you up with

my friends daughter

right at a little dangerous but out
where they going

Denver he do Denver just enjoy it

a whole pound the fuck that and maybe
it’s a cool maybe she’s a cool chick you

don’t know that yet you don’t know until
you meet her and you haven’t met her yet

but going back to what I was saying
about how most people are ugly

um he it’s not only that most people are
ugly which they are

it’s the also an interest iPad now most
people are more interesting than they

are attracted I wouldn’t say that

but when I hate when people hear stories
about an anonymous person

guy or girl a you fill in your head an
attractive person

some like old my friend met this girl

and they went home and had sex three
times you’re now they’re just so hot she

is probably still hot

but odds are it was probably

like I said to very ugly people having

ugly a sack that talking about Monday in

you are sitting at a cheap dining room
table with a microphone attached to a


you nerve head hater

to be clear I don’t consider myself as
part of the ten percent of course the


for said I i 20 min ugly you had to be
there you have to be ok maybe a critic

like this I

I’m not sitting on an ivory thrown I’m
in the ugly masses with home

in the mark with my people I’m in the
muck with the Meijer

a I hate have the opposite problem I
think everybody is attractive

even though people who are nuts almost a
specially them

so it’s almost like a subjective thing
it’s what do you consider attractive

there are some people like I wouldn’t go
out with that person like

you really you’re saving yourself for
like quote-unquote

the cream of the crop top 12 percent if
someone’s not

a a freak of nature model you like I’m
not interested in Hershey’s assorted

average looking

you know what a waste that yet but then
there are people whose bar so low that

how anybody can be attractive which I

that that’s better than the other way
around rank I know my bar doesn’t even


I don’t have a bar you have the floor
yeah and happier above it as in your

living and breathing come on n I want to
fuck you

the water is warm II don’t I think so
having no bar sometimes it’s your child

because there than there are people that
are like

do have the bar and the like are I wanna
like hook up with you you don’t have any


yeah he’ll hook up with anybody rightly

a news I well yeah

what do I do now up I guess

for this person the advice is the same

go for it it’s one exciting night double
dates are fine

yes they are handles do this do you know
the idea

like a grenade like taking one for the

oh yeah have you ever all what that’s
when you

you try to hook up with a friend over
person to help that your friend

I think that term is so dumb because you
never have to do that

but you can like keep someone entered he
go on a double date

talk to those girls get her to like him
do everything and unlike

everybody goes home to fuck right you
don’t have to do that part

be able to follow your like %huh yeah i
fuck this girl for you

yeah I know you did but they have you

you got in the car gotta be at got into
your house went into your room shut the

door and whatever

you could have done anything yet and i
had sex right you could have pulled the

plug it any point I environment atop his
own for now reich might as well go home

in banks and you didn’t know it falls on
a grim a view like

you you you’re holding on for to it for
longer than you need to

I think that with you you take the
grenade and you’re holding

and then you go home alone you pull the
paved road against the law yeah

it’s a suicidal as you did nothing noble

that other good and feels your pain is
so far from the Dominican ate at that

point and solo de se

I I think go for it have fun

have fun is Denver for crying out loud
and it’s only one night

who knows what the next so that’s like
four people going out anything can

happen there’s an old

reason it there’s no the things they
like you have to do

be with this girl night the scrollers is
a its

not an arranged marriage and this girl
might surprise you and you know what

JJ you might be an attractive you
probably are

sir maybe you should

said a

star you know exploring people who you
consider nichols’ again I don’t know

what this person looks like it because

you are your the during Chuck E Cheese

absolute you’re nothing you are
worthless a bit

you are a ticket you are a hero love
tickets at

and we don’t buy anything except the
really small Chris Paul

at the very least a robbers semi sphere
that you turn inside out put on your

finger in and pops

pop yeah and pop goes the weasel JJ

you are a weasel and alright that’s it
now that I’ve called ninety percent of

humans ugly I think I’ve got that off my

you finally majorly whereby we started a
pipe that’s good just to let people know


a alright if you have your own questions
or theme song submissions and I’m too if

I read your show

at gmail dot com we also need thumbnail
submissions every time we post our

a episodes on Facebook we use an
original piece of artwork made by you

guys ideally ata-600 by 3:15 resolution
we’ll take what we can get the opening

theme song was by Sarah and Lewis

maybe Louis and made a video pro-change

me and Jake very cute very nice do check
out that video

and is closing theme song is by Michael
grade A

Jake doin take us out by leading us in a

you can say now

0 R A N A all right here we go Michael
Gray actually know what Jesus

older man the

the the do


%uh in



the do

dancing a

a I do





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