Episode 155: Carpets (w/Rose McIver!)

Actress/Friend Rose McIver joins us to discuss dating down under and dangerous fish!

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or realtor Iron Man remember

Mel you locate I

there the famous character from an old
movie I actually never got around to

seeing Wizard of Oz

soon but its it in my queue so you do
know its members are volume is it that


and member yeah I remembered as that
they live

share a great yeah he needs oil and his
stated with the

at finds mention you don’t have to go
through I know I don’t have to but I’d


Anna Atlanta and I’d like you to not
okay absolutely

let’s bear to erect sure let their
desired without order

is better because we want to go to be
happy about the oil can

rose week I ever McIver or alternate

is back on this episode

we had so much fun things got really
just getting to it let’s get started

the gathering little


bank yeah thank you

the just gold



does yeah

do me


so yeah





the time the supermarket Cotto brothers

that’s a good that’s a good band name
their two brothers named Carlin will

brutal man

rose what did you think at that ivan was
great as distracted by

I don’t know what Jake doing you sitting
in like a weed yoga position on the


yeah yeah you’re sitting like a like a
three year old would like he doesn’t

know how to use his legs yet

I’m ones number one stretching out my
right leg

a high chechen hammy start to make out
schorr are so that’s good

for me okay and then party you BAE I
would ideally like to be

lying back on the couch that would be a
very comfortable position but it’s too

far from the

zoom recorder your Michael yank it out

I love you myself in a way where I don’t
have to hold

the mic an example that Henry you’re
comfortable sitting on the floor here

because the entire houses capital
including the

both bathrooms and get all too well how
shag carpeting

in the bathroom at every time I’ve got
the guys in the last three months to


a bit different headed low it could
going slowly were so you know I would

say that one before this is the worst

were trending slightly you see our place
in Santa Monica I

dodged a bullet it was a it was an empty
shell of an extended stay motel

I think I’d rather an empty shell than
this we’d rather I felt my special

sounds pretty nice considered it now

and our our bathrooms are shag carpet

that in LA my serotonin levels just
plummet as I walked in your house

this this place is if it was a color
would be a dark grey

bank is a scholar and a dark brown I

if you can imagine black carpet in the
bathrooms her dark brown


Supermercado brothers thank you for a
reading that the imus on

their video game music composers and
podcasters and you can check out more if

you go to Super

and a arse the a to: Bros

dot com Supermercado Bros dot com very

rose McIver my god you look more
beautiful every time I see you I’m

latch-key that you

rights how do you know why did he get
the CIT

more graceful can I say the latter with

I got more comfortable on the capital
net I at last it down here

him hitting the think the house is soft

which is good when did a hard would
become better

1984 just easy wipe down

yeah why is your to clean hygienic
carpets holds set

percent which is my primary problem with
it being in the bathroom

yeah here’s the here’s a problem in the
bathroom you know like those um

winners Little both are they called
silverfish I don’t know

and like the little ones like roll up
your fellow

no pubic lice don’t I what bugs crawl

up your file I

I did about the examiner isn’t really
any less when it that he swim in a bad


if you threaten in a bad River the words
River April crawl

3like up your fallacy mean like from
ball’s the temper for through your

wreath really into your body

mistaken option 3 arether it here by

I is now you’re talking about is that
the silverfish you’re talking about in

the bathroom

no I I

yes silverfish there um

it’s like a author ol are a year ago

it so if the small wingless insect okay

okay they look like this sure the
litanies it sorta like

when something’s gonna dingy glance over
into places like depressing in kind in a

ginger bug

know if they’re not quite like the
germans I think I you would imagine

fining them if you had a really old
library sorted like living on top in the

papers that the books


had anyway there was one in the bathroom

on the wall and I tried to kill a and
it’s worth fell

into the carpeting and I couldn’t find
it it’s a home so there might be just to

millions and billions that then inside
that carpet remember

guys the and the thing is called the
dreaded Kandy Road the terrifying

with pic fish than our just tired at
times about the plaza the places that

me in rose are private after Connecticut
where I fears silverfish

small wingless insects that do nothing

and Rose comes from New Zealand where
the entire country once inside the

parasite inches its way up the year he
threw her

dear god mad at them the easier to go in
an hour at that point

look of yours of course it is it swims
upstream so as you urinate actually uses

the reverse current to help

generate forward momentum into the

did you did look it up because that was
on the seven myths debunked by love it

hotels near what is it that they can’t
swim up your yeah apparently

acrylic her you know not picking up its
microscopic salmon

I once they get into that the keyhole
that’s the worst kind

River yeah I know it now the bad River
yeah worse River ever is standing in

your debt yeah

and then there’s reversed Phoenix which
it’s not our efforts in Austin

it sorry I’m thinking about Austin
Rivers right sheer riverine

the the Miller them beloved actor who
passed away

Rivers Cuomo which is totally different
from the

instead insects were talking about when
we you were on our show last rose

you were at the start the television
shows and nobody

and now you still aren’t but you’re rich
for it unclear nobody but I’m

gainfully employed but now year on
billboards which has some cool

hmm not every bill but we’re all these
guys are needed now by every billboard

in america

that would be too much about not and
cannot and season the gym did your

a month’s only some global yeah

a choirs even one percent Its a really
really weekly deflection

I and Corey you over acquired a

is the season completed let’s say this
episode comes out on Monday May

the twenty-fifth we finished shooting a
few months ago as you should note know

yet but I meant airing

but I it know it fair I think the finale
is mid-june

okay so there’s still time is still time
to catch you guys didn’t

the show is called eyes on the and it’s
about a lady

unnamed don’t tell me live little more

but I’m did net old iight

a %um if this outlet on when is it on TV

it’s on on Tuesday night’s and 9 p.m.

on the CW remember how you got that role

yes Amir actually helped me read

the lines so do you wanna cap have my
pay-what-you-want the billboards

you want a billboard is that just resign
like would you have gotten the role

without me maybe

other day back healthy do bothered to
connecting with you

was placing a hacer hacer i right

yeah yell for sure and we appreciate it

and thank you for that we appreciate you
staying in touch with the mir

been the

the wish to climb together with Andrew
let’s do we still hang

even though your celebrity and we’re not
name her husband we live in a place with

carpeted bathroom here

yeah you guys has steadily gone down I’m
I’m curious about what’s next

yeah we would live under the carpet

we r silverfish ourselves up in a hurry
through a

I rose you’ve been on the show before
suddenly to explain things to you but

just for anybody who hasn’t heard it

this is an advice podcast it’s called if
I were you effects only it’s the only

advice podcast on the internet hosted by
me and Jake

and sometimes it’s just us two and
sometimes we have our friends with us

today we have rose to remember the night
we tried to do a six-person

yes just omitted. we talk another
apartment and when is the best episode


you know is that’s why we buy it with
him after three it was

us three ban Sarah

and make yeah and we all sat down of
successful I kinda buzzer like I we’re


pocket six-person I guess is gonna be
crazy and then out to the Holy Grail


yeah then the next day about new
microphone clears

I was so angry the fact that one of them
didn’t work abuse these new make your

funds with the fear

I head I have you’ve been on two
episodes already written a regular

holy shit the regular up so I don’t eat
when we get started when I start reading

some of these questions and we can start

offering our device a as you know

we give these real emails from real
people fake names to preserve their

anonymity and I was wondering rose if
you have

the name up a man who

is from New Zealand you should use
people from your show

to keep on promoting I it’s a much
better idea than yours me apparently to

promote you Zealand

have anything I

you guys think less than nothing I and

I yeah okay we’ll use names a people in
the shower in

doctor Rabie shot her body world

rights very good memory yesterday
something happened to me that has almost

never happened before and will most

never happen again I shake gave me her

the trouble is I’m already in a
relationship obviously this girl

wouldn’t have known that

when she came into my work place a
Subway restaurant in New Zealand

so it seems cruel to let such baldness
and bravery downright brashness go


I gave her a text and told her that I’m
taken but I’d be down to meet up for a

beer sometime to which she replied that
she would also be keen

now I’ve talked to my girlfriend about

other girl and she’s made it clear that
she doesn’t want me going on dates with

other girls

fair enough but on one but I don’t see
this going out for a beer as a date

I can’t help but feel like I’m about to
get myself tangled up in some sort of

bad business so what should I do if you
were me

should I cut the non-existent eyes they
have with this new girl

or disregard my girlfriends wishes and
meet new people

thanks in advance doctor what he says
then shop yeah the shower body shop

Ravi Shankar buddy mmm um you’re from
New Zealand

deals they came a lot yeah here they

i den is an americanism and I believe it
made its way here but like I would still

make the premier ever said it

I would make fun of them yeah I’m and
I’d be keen to make fun at you too

Yahoo your at the most impressive thing
about that whole

scenarios that a girl game a subway
worker her final but that’s all I and

national fair share em

should not above it though because she’s
in the subway eating there yet

yeah it’s unlikely he did a show where
he got it worthwhile venture

hoagie made it matters cuz system in New
Zealand do it

little millennium so deep I like a sick

no we dont and that would be a miniture
7300 w

at the Ritz cracker I but the people
from the safe Europe crime

with a footlong yeah we still use that
and we still use

and feet and inches for height weirdly a

the lead after sandwich like yeah feed
indigent that is some

a I’m Rask actually he has a problem

abound as generous remember trying to
figure out how often they say

keenan if they introduce subways I do i
think is really impressive the goal just

kind of

went and gave her number across a
sammich counter thats

old that’s bright although I heard that
in maybe it’s just Australia

but is in israel into and you can verify
this that girls

approach guys more than the other way
round in america it’s guys approaching

girls mostly

yeah that’s possibly true but also guys
and girls don’t really approach

each other the same way like to ask
somebody out it’s really different home

I feel like you kinda have you meet
three friends and that’s how you get


that you would never really walk across
the bad I decided a view like

girl or guy because it would kinda be
thought of as may be sleazy

well and so it’s like you can ask me out
you just met me you don’t know me you


we have to have friends in common for
this to work out yet yeah meeting at

like five times about accuse

and then suddenly you like governor
boyfriend 25 Bob he is

in the EU is no dating kind of culture
the same way

how is that why is that not and then
when you come to America and someone hit

on you you’re like what the hell’s going
on we’re not even at about a year got a

restraining order

I we don’t have a key people and even at
a Baba ki it

ily stand by me 25 bad accused a you
guys excited to come to Australia

yesterday great great segue rose we are
going Australia

dinner tickets still available for shows

me it’s crazy Adelaide Brisbane Perth

little doubt the time they promote the
show and I’m not even promoting up to

say that did you know that we have

I’ll available feeling really sorry for
the girlfriend love the guy who worked

at Subway

whose it’s been completely got a bit
like in terms that like sadness right

am police that is working at Subway

cuz you know with obviously minimum-wage
jobs migrating but you’re making an

honest go at it

yeah heard you’re working your tail off
at Subway good for him

Stardust is someone eating at Subway

because that’s the worst place in the
world to get food it tastes bad

and it’s bad for you Emily about his
good feel free to send us all your

alleged to have subway I we have lost
them as a sponsor for ever but continue

most sad

good I wouldn’t take their money if they
try to get what it was like 20 grand

I’ll fuck yeah I’m rupture and Jared

I how is not that bad I

alright so third the most out of all is
just being the girlfriend

whose I have played friend is working at

fight me people that eat at Subway now
are you giving a hideous yeah he did

nothing untoward yet

yet less even told her he even ran it by
his girlfriend can I have a beer

is it a New Zealand thing where it’s
like %uh this you probably didn’t hit on

me we’re just friends within a minute at
a barbecue know that he had not he said

it was she was so bold and brash that I
rewarded her behavior

which is a pretty pretty way to look at
it but I kinda but up

I feel like I’ve been there too so

this girlfriend equally about the
solution as these islamic at the head

I go for long what there’s no world
where the bill for his life oh yes sir

I’ll come with you on the day

now we’re all gonna meet a friend police
car meet a friend made me to read

you’re there she’s there your mission
share and invited you out

right I’ll come along with you will have
a nice be together and

you know you’re on to the right track
here’s why would add

make it a double date he says I’m takin

but I’ve got another friend who single
what he wants to integrate

is trying to set the ski actually wants
to become friends with this girl well

the share I’ll its other he probably
just once or a little bit so maybe

should be honest with himself and

breakup with his girlfriend or whatever
but I for one day

world not for one day but it is like may
be Jobe Watson

some kinda emotional growth before he’s
ready for a relationship very possible

but if you’re in a relationship

you can’t go on any dates with other

great I 101 but as they say this is that
like it’s not a date

I just want to get here this getting a
brew we thought we re the last and think

I don’t view

going out for a beer as a date that

a I can a backyard not realize his
girlfriend like a queen in like take

said a

revolving restaurant somethings if
appears in a date

101 his identification with the day to
him I hope its revolving restaurant like

you mentioned because those are the best

I can’t help but feel like I’m about to
get myself tangled in some kinda bad


is what is that yes closer question I
feel like there’s something else I

really wanna make fun of Portuguese is
wholly rap

nice cat just like the Olympic only

because it carpeted didn’t know risk
Norris Columbus I

you know River Olympic events are risky
cuz it’s not on a curl this is the

problem is the brother it’s funny

should I cut the non-existent eyes I
have with this new girl

or disregard my girlfriends wishes and
meet new people

I that sounds like it so wholesome again
just wanna meet new friends

yeah with just one girl who gave you her
number is like bed so flirty and then do

what you said I have a girlfriend but we
can get a drink

yeah I know it’s also very telling that
he said this never happens to me all

this the first time this has happened
it’s like

you need to remember you being sitive
lured by justice idea so much more

it’s not it’s not like it’s actually
that bright

he about

what he does he want to put he doesn’t
wanna he doesn’t view this is cheating

but he does wanna put in apps

himself in a position where he’s getting
closer cheating his cheating is like the

end of a football field

and he’s like I only want to go to the
10-yard line and I may be sold

keep pick me up and carry me know the
20-yard line armored suddenly and as a


noting that this is my GED O’Connell
hard for it a lot

the broken apart minutes or I’ll be
weird boy release Italy

and you don’t notice it happening yes
suddenly wild

but as you can get in trouble like if
you’re in a relationship you could be in

trouble for getting into the pot in the
first place we even if its lukewarm

like why did you take the subway yeah I

where you at all yet to be bone dry for
a relationship

I until we get married only become cross
the old dry

cracker men I bet you grab your man does
your view on relationships all teens

getting married

in the Sun array0 I have religious
rubbing salt of Egypt Tunisia and made a


Hassan I worry saying about

the thing about cheating ok just that

cheating is a house so you’re like if
you enter the four-year

in any way like that’s already pretty
bad a even though you were

you have been like Anna you it’s

it’s like a courtroom where like I
technically did not go on a date

I did not cheat on you but it’s like if
you’re putting yourself in that


and if you’re making you’re doing things
that make your significant other


then you didn’t even if it’s not
technically cheating whatever it is is

bad business like and share

backbone he want it bad business so if
you’re in a relationship you can’t have


a new friends you can but think about
the context you meet them in if somebody

asks you out

across when telly a

a complete stranger give you her number
and you say I can’t go out with you on a

date but

let’s go out one on one to get drunk
black RAM I

bed not friendship that’s not what it is

playing with fire the editor is playing
with fire

and you know what happens when you play
with fire roads you’re gonna get

burned hmm I’m serious I just made that

no data actually if you play with fire
gonna get burned

that’s a pretty cool thing I do what I
gotta if you can’t take the heat stared

at the kitchen

that even better in there is that arose
original niagara the remodel holy shit

when he got Jake I’m the cooking with

very very nice is this I

hours ago lol you a that when I have
heard but

minute done ATM’s cookbook that a red

i right don’t go on a beer meeting with
this lady

nope and cut people in New Zealand are
so done

i right a your family especially her

I part to you next question moving

I hate your mom okay frankly upward

how are your parents the great actually

me doing really well they very excited
that I’m coming home to visit body watch

your show in

ended yeah they watch it and they get
the day after I S

so your little behind but they watch it
but they’re so far ahead it’s probably a

ring at the same time it’s a time what

yeah it’s kinda like how we leave

at Newnan land at 8 a.m. the same day me
back to our shows are they see it as a

good image that’s good point along are
not on the hell yah

was just remembering this one boy
primary school which is elementary

school who

went to Disneyland for his birthday
which was such a cool like dream

fantasy thing for kids New Zealand but
and they flew

on his birthday one direction happened
which way

they lost his birthday about how it’s
lighter that yet

you run your life back when we leave
June 2nd land June 4th June 3rd just

excesses ago 11-hour flight yeah exactly
so I guess they flew over there the day

before his but then it just

that was the day that didn’t age that
you is Benjamin Button

BPD age that you if you stopped aging

how many years before you realize it
because honestly you look just as

glamorous as he did when I’m

the first dates your grace personified
the real world you glow

pretty low

what can only be described as a fourteen
year old little girl I mean might be at

risk you are incredible

who a it up Hindu me

gross-out why you live me you’ll
described her

as of 14 you realize that you’re on a

the use the forty if he goes back an
easy on right now is turning more to you

aside a I have backed and doesn’t work

24-year-old see it alright

they can argue with that um

did I ask did i cut you off or are you
just said amo

something that my parents knew good and
their I go back in a couple weeks

right for two weeks and then you go back
to Vancouver to shoot season 2 I’ve eyes

on be

I which was picked up for another
Saturday ok that’s great thanks

thanks I’m really excited a love the
people I work with so much and we gonna


we don’t know how many episodes yet am
how many were season 1 was true with 13

and wanna see more yet it may be more

shed yeah but so much could be yet how
much money to get prep asserted

I cannot YX can we remind

get better not I want to be a resident

a good and that’s what I but you better
have a teacher at work but

money bribes a money per episode with
the Bakken

number a point on the bright I haha

its you’re on out here also like an
almost every seems like when issued

twenty episodes or something that’s like

a lot of shooting for you it is you have
to memorize and wake up but likely cause

I have

let’s spare time I just decided this
morning on a whim that i’m gonna run a


old you know that no putney

me up because am we East run together
when we live together and

I a seed I’ve done a half marathon a new
world choroid about it like

hurts nighty I run to 10 that you had

marathon yeah has like my car decide idk

yeah how’s exhorted cool and messy
ansohn meeting cool

yet how did this come ahead

am and finished okay

but dick shaggy shapeless

shaggy on the front business in the back

alright can we answer one more question
well if you are but at least one

a a we need another guy’s name if you
have it blamed de beers

holy shit your fast good names on this

thank you lame two beers writes hey guys
through a series of unfortunate events

and some mutual horniness

I started sleeping with a friend
recently mutual your name is the courts

I started sleeping with a friend
recently neither of us feel really

anything for each other and can still
hang out like we used to without being


it’s a true friends with benefits
situation this is probably working

because I’m leaving town in the next few
weeks for an extended job in a remote

town in northern Canada as a pro athlete

and she moves from the town to town a
lot so she likely won’t be here when I

get back

because at this there’s no pressure or
expectation for it to turn into a real


which is great because she’s kind of
just one of the guys despite being a

total dime she prefers the company of
dudes and can outpace most the bus that

drinking in sports

and bold garrity unfortunately this
masculine mentality also extends to her

grooming habits

she’s fine with not showering or
changing clothes for days at a time

if it is inconvenient and often it is as
she lives between couches

and the mattress in her van I love this
I don’t mind in fact

I find the lack of folks givin’ kinda
refreshing the one thing I do have a

problem with

is the smell her ass hole hmm

most the time it’s fine but if I’m
eating her out over doing it doggy style

her favorite position it just reeks

how should I broach this do a teller to
clean her asshole before we fuck

stop sleeping with her altogether or
just tough it out for the next few weeks

not many girls up north on trying to get
it in

as fit as I can right now toda love

what was his name blame to be inflamed
the beers

so Blaine is hooking up with the lady
that he finds cool and casual one of the

guys but one of the things that he
doesn’t like that or bottle smells like

poo poo

dizzy after this I hated my bad bows to
the time its fine unless I’m near it

I could be a real problem it wasn’t
buying just like when she was in a

in her room had a bottle smells so bad I

and no one second chances is this a
dream friends with benefits and

yeah I guess the fact that he still gets
to have sex AP

no strings attached she’s really hot and
she just has a smelly but he

maybe all bottles just smell a little
bit yet you have bad hygiene and still I

guess did not showering is the thing
that really smells

read it if you don’t shower then there’s
never soap in the crib ass

been I is there a with

approve my happen a fisherman

your brand I all clambered over let me
sniff your butt all

Halladay I is what no if they also let’s
all go online personal question I

although the 14-year-old girl and then
at the smell or ass

you so I’m gonna I’m going to host the
podcast down

to resume I’ll figure it out a can we
believe 3y

you’re wrong I but where you’re going to

we rounded we’re out too much I

a all but holes might smell

true but this girls but all smiles even
worse than most I think it’s

to if they’re actually going away and
not seeing each other

it is too late this is not a long-term
thing get it while you can

break in most relationships when I fear
the beard roses life’s a cure three

years ago his report this alignment tool
for her sake if she’s a real friend to

keep going up Raindance up

been tell her that she just like in a
polite way say

you know it’s really likeI love it’s
casual thing but just

how do you feel about shower how do you
feel like do you think it’s important

you know just rub some really big

this is going to ruin her life how do
you feel about showering question mark

how do you think about your bottle you I

one I sort of agree with that

but lost like it’s so weird to think
death somebody else shower

diffuse if they’re not in a serious
relationship with just friends with


if you breathe through your mouth and we

through this before can you not smell
cayugas Bri three little words though

because the smell something like I’ll be
through my mouth and you feel like

you’re inhaling it hier

it does I just think that like well

I mean bowls are great so I I really I
have a hard time imagining that that bad

the iPad app to say something even a
stinky one

acted you like a stinky butthole I don’t
like it is

it’s like I said even a stinking will
use it oh yeah I don’t mean I

yet not especially at but yeah there’s
nothing that could really deter me from

it I guess

even the food horrifying if there was
poop on it

then I would probably not that’s kinda
different though if you’d like smells

because now that’s because there was
poop on it she’s like but not showered

since the last a good time why didn’t
they just didn’t he because the

I Weatherly its letter I’m

it done as soon as cracks sweat and the
everything there’s just like

nobody’s smell some time so there’s is
it could be a be 0 issue up dried sweat

on the ca va bien it could be a million
about the replace part about what I but

that’s like what intimate you know like
you’re just bells

is nothing hart use applications there’s
nothing hot about

disgusting smells I I guess the I think
I great like I don’t like when people

drown themselves and colognes and

yeah I think like as long as you are
hygienic in clean a human smells vote so


where you land on man musk I am less is

hmm W

I I don’t

like yea you wanna smell you from Mike
six feet away yet

if you’re you know if you were shaking
somebody’s hand and you can smell that

still quite strong

great where it needs to be like it a hug

you can encounter you have any friends
that have certain smells whether good or

bad you’re like oh you smell a good

I like certain people that like when I
smell them like poets

instantly to have a small and enough you
have a smell

thanks thank you but I France’s smell

in a very specific way %uh its
indescribable but like you get I can

smell them into snow that I feel like
they’re about people’s houses

and it’s not like it’s not that they
have to light candles or whatever but it


a space mail server which is probably
why it’s so weird

catching up to you guys always different
places rate in and smell like your home

like this doesn’t sound like a home

middle train it’s not like your home
yeah did as like dusty would

guys im going on nostalgic and yeah
that’s the ticket and they remember no

we don’t we ordered pizza and watch the
Olympics year

near now you order hamburgers and watch
Game of Thrones by myself and yet very

fun I

a share ground I Christ

here’s at the a greater issue that I
realized when I read this question

a things that you don’t like about a
significant others

usually stem from things that you do

see you kind of have to take the good
with the bad so he likes that this girl

doesn’t give a fuck about hygiene and
that she sort of cool and casual one of

the guys

and ninety-nine times at a hundred that
lends to pretty cool things that he

likes about her and then that last time

that last thing is like 00 also because
of all that other stuff she also doesn’t

wash her butthole

and take okay I have to take that if I
like everything else about somebody

so be there something that bothers you
about your lady friend or boyfriend

just think about what that pat that is
tied to a

into thinking that matters like it don’t
see it but can dance

interrupt great a week now you is all
your greatest Street

I’ll I was actually pretty good greatest
reconsider its

as a first nap the greatest weakness in
her butthole is her greatest strength

adjust things that you don’t like about
someone often stem from two diff already

said it

I we have to drop because I

saying it over and over and over again
you agree your decision

what are your thoughts on it how much do
you remember it is owed

how much do i own earn own it was a
throwback to when you get that TV

commentator and I A

a yeah it’s easy and New Zealand acting
got in the way I

this is the simple solution to how

he fix the problem he showers

a lot the end it every time she sees

this guy for the next few weeks he’s
pressuring showered eventually still

wanna matches be a few without showering
together that’s what I was gonna say

if he says that my pain I yet come on
mean he he gets in like all

maybe let me put this new popular actor
haha yeah

get off to green colin’s developmental
other endeavors baby

I a has was romantic thing anyone to the

hooters candle lit dinner all these two
tubes UHV like

Colin being glanced slow-motion click
the corn

all but you good before you that cord
there is corn chowder in a bread

so deal would you like something that
can make it now i get some

0 Sam snap snap snap that’s getting she
makes the best chicken schnitzel I know

there is chicken tikka do haha thanks
rifkin that’s a smile that can bring you


yeah that was me who loves Mikkel
trainer a just mental

let’s take a

a quick break and we’ll be right back

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and company and we’re back

the how are you doing rose I’m really
happy to see you guys

yeah Yahoo did you miss more and in both

s the same I know but if you had to
choose one had to choose

at the very least flip a coin in your
eventually and I i kno

and she ended up making a decision man
had love to hear your sis

Inc a.m. est me more well now that

really don’t answer right away that
kinda hurt two-year

I’m I really like Jake only because I’m
you really inspired my

exercise regime a set the very least I
was I was good for you in a way

yet where that I do need new dealer poor
KK and you inspire people to eat worse

PPP year you’re never here

alrosa nine every badly I know drink
whiskey yeah

that noise and that anyways I haven’t I
haven’t touched and drop it was good

mother’s ruin the up with you do not
believe night

I just have been drinking wine my I

you grown up the fire there does but

seriously cut since the day I met you
ravishing absolutely Glasgow miss you

is still miss him more I could take
everything back /url

how much money doin a that’s changed

dddddd what is this guys look at like
I’m playing the flute


my for a bigger

I fuck so it was like who

you know it’s weird everybody listening
will be able to see what you doing throw

it to the committee you making a weird

does the sale and playing the No the mic
stand as the piccolo

I am where dimension Rs really adore
we’ve never been down under

well what can we expect how many

crazy things are going to happen
couldn’t go mike l

another to dig deep go to us like with
the relationship between New Zealand and

Australia as in like USA and Canada is
it like Canada and Mexico

is it like Kuwait and Iraq mmm is it
like Iran and Turkey letter answer the

question I am

you pose and I’m going did only to giver

eggs so I had a no-hitter amples Sudan

this thing on danticat Rhode Island I am

it’s like US and Canada and which ones
which and

weekend at New Zealand is Canada so
that’s why you like shooting in Canada

it makes you feel like you’re at home

yeah now there is something a little bit
sibling like about it which I think it’s

the same about

the state in Canada when their home the
only real rivalry is sports

like was the only Australian rugby team
le patron

weaver where way like I gravitate toward
love their Ozzie’s

in LA it’s just like such a similar
culture and instability in

it did dryer the Naz like I we’ve our

like made a bush is like very dark green
and rich

and there’s a little bored easily I
reckon I needed

so you’re kinda like the Pacific
Northwest rail ush

and wet yes so wet and which

6 I definitely take back that I miss you

him I miss you the most ahead and
australia’s Michael alpaca dry dry

it cracked going feet sorry I’ve been

I I am did you go to a lot

growing up both the and %um from New
Zealand simply how do you cook

from your ok hopefully

so the about the pervert to know now but
I I’m interested when your child did you

miss the boat

it is that it was a hop skip and a jump
urs that kinda an adventure to get us

really it’s a three hour flight so you
guys definitely made the effort to get

to New Zealand lie about

right I


know where you got to Auckland but why
did you book

we price our churches the pic
christchurch air

its honestly an insult to me a personal
insult you didn’t bother

week you know the problem is we have
work to do after we get back so we we at

at what he does

I not telling %um that that I have a

a nineteen I now we’re shooting a pilot
did you hear shooting a pilot

a actually yeah now a tbsp with two TV
they picked up our

at Sandwich imagination that night yeah
it’s so Colin did you eat maybe had

written that role for me in the original

money you don’t know me you how are you
and where your personal mission I met

with eyes on be

I know that right when he gets there is
your you see because I had to be back

for its a must be shooting in journ

an eagle eye I L because they can’t get
that perfect

at why it’s a conflict of interest no
it’s not

now because we don’t like you to have
you been our show

the complicated our interest in your I

you’re interested in doing this on the
character Haley there as

I wouldn’t get that much when does the
tread lightly okay

but there is a lazy million at Andheri
sorry we do still be a bill how does it

work can you be on everyone else what
happened to love a and

the collide is that I throw into the mix
for Haley you not as developed a

character but you

we might not be so excited to get what
youre not youre not allowed to be in it

are you

I can I do I want I love that attitude
she has to be a zombie in it but she can

be in it

will genuinely I’ll RP the park right
yeah I’m not in charge but a

you are an examiner pressure I am an
executive wet so

fucking crazy I other guys like you have
company P actually

in all seriousness that’s really really
exciting Everett said to finally be able

to shoot it

and and hang on we will be shooting and
you’re in

actually we don’t know the exact
schedule but they want to do it

this summer after we get back from
Austria in LA yet Los Angeles great

and you get ready to negotiate new

like relocate up with a girl yet I guess
cuz it’s an office setting and those are

more plentiful out here my love to
relocate for a month

but they want to get picked up the new
relocate permanently

to be called yeah I’d like to spend more
time in has killed my time and thank you

that’s just lucky that Vancouver summary

like hey what if it was a in a baddie
with them a baddie

it big years trying to make

is trying to had at least I

incompatible I’m still reeling from
LeapPad that’s coming up

yeah a dry dry he a see spec they are
you a Canadian citizen now more than any

US one

no what it is but use this one in the
world are cheaply and

I’m kinda cosmopolitan up to let go fuck
is that supposed to me sigh

my question was your status another
world are you in you said can I see your

ass here you know he’s

you are leading there was a boring class
10 wow she can answer that

yeah I guess I have another letter
answer it it I

I’m not adjusted for the invite up than
anything you know I

a.m. on I like not have I feel like I’ve
lived away from using on for a long time

a differently still feel very strongly
New Zealand citizen

that’s not changing things last time I
had a magnificent

not a pic have been invited to be with
you well how can you not be

I if to be here while how many been here
it be great to have dual citizenship

that would be wonderful but I don’t even
want to relinquish my new zealand


you mean jewell citizenship between
jewel in whatever country your bro

you’re doing it yeah she’s from alaska

so adjuster King I

I his service Joe year I have a songs

yeah hands and that’s the national and a

then diana is yeah time

the band is back together only shared

fully with its okay

a.m. start Aaron me the Tehran me

the tearing me apart %uh and the band is
broken up old fair-haired

bitch betta have my money it we are a
cover band

Without a Cause said or a direction

the alright we’re running a little late
but when I want to get one more question

if you’ll have it

fire that means no in

good what language isolation wishing you

here’s a he read my mind here’s a
question that saddam

ready is that what how introduces itself
no no no I’m gonna ask you a question

is the language that they speak in New

still called English for a bilingual

country and New Zealand and Marty
setting Goshen Rd

but it’s a cold New Zealand English or
just English it English

so they say do you speak mardi I learned
a university

but I’m not very good but I can
understand I didn’t realize how much

marty is padded like al common discourse
until going to other places where

like place names at home place and all
like largely mardian

like kinda like Hawaiian style where

there’s a lot of other cities yet
article and we all learnt at primary

school and elementary school economic
and and you like learn

lot two songs it’s a really musical
language so and it’s called todo which


the town it means because it’s a spoken
language tradition it’s always been our


and so it likely will it like lot to
have mahdi music

as kids I guess yeah the target to do
that in every country since nice

and something came up while you’re
talking I was thinking about a month

interest rates and thinking about
something completely different

pain yeah so sweet almost are miles

zoned out oli a we’ve been called out
for theirselves wonder how you pronounce

the city

Melb /url you are any min now been

mmm-hmm you said Melbourne yes rocky

the I I avoided saying it for a Latin

Melbourne Melbourne and then somehow
they met fidel cannot be in Melbourne

like really cool Americans even drop
their accent to say it so they turn into

a Melbourne

they’d like now than yeah I A N some
people told us to do that and we start

doing that numbers that don’t say it
like that say el

and IL PU white I never pronounced
anything else particularly accurately in

other languages except one time it right
thing Barcelona

oh yeah and my brother still teases the
bad news like

just by if you were consistent about it
great but just perfect he trying to

sound so

only do but their own yeah so well
travel I’m gonna get a case India

it attack all I all

and it’s really quite the paper could
hidden in part a lot built up

your tactics all right sir so once again

is not a bad idea go bell in LA I picked

and the whole large and I’ll hold and

I’ll it’s exciting to be here but

and Barcelona okay

suggest the talk go in the case India
while so on a diet go

I at all and the

I’ll let me stop on by I’m it is
pleasant to be in this

lovely city owned by their line that’s
great you are not in Barcelona

and even if you where you don’t have to
say and love the gorgeous area

did you know that we can talk about this
I want to talk about this on the show

at Jake did something recently that made
me him a lot

hit him yeah like I snap it your

yet can you not imagine that I still
have poet are my bruise just want to add

a bruise on my arm he did

it can you guess what you’re not be able
to be there Sunday that he did that made

me so mad that I hit him

over was a domestic or out in public he
was out in Pike

that’s a great question cuz it it
actually happened twice once

domestically and then the other one

out and about and I lost did he say
something bigoted

no it was not anything that he said it
was something that needed to be done

felt that that that that that set this
shock waves throughout my entire system

and I felt like I had to hit him a lot
need to tell you

he it was close to tickling me that but
the really like a big brother thing

yeah are you newbie close close to
getting really closer

am he but its fingers in you know it’s

you’re in the face you getting closer at
pinches bump

I’ll even your your your inches away at
this and a little hut

I might come up and watch to the hassle
he he pants to me

Dina do they have that New Zealand yep
it’s cool down drought yeah he downed


the other thing and it was a wedgie wat
I admit that I like you know the context

were you downtown into open

he worked well we’re at a friends house
and I was wearing gym shorts

sell you know loose drawstring shorts
any polled yanked it down to my ankles

in one fell swoop

and i was just a hairy leg

in his in this my friends living in with
my underwear and will really saw those

with them

and know that one person’s yet he did
that like sort of a little Dennis the

Menace declaring and we laughed I look
at the

definitely the best instance now is the
first since then hour later we’re


around LA in West Hollywood

walking to get frozen yogurt I

and Jake then he while I was walking
away from him

pulled down my pants again all the way
down to my ankles as

in the street my underwear don’t think I
would take you to task about Jake is

that it was just be close to the first

yeah while he was just going to human I
did I think what are the things that

that triggered to me was like I have to
do something else is gonna keep doing it

like he’s going to jail okay damp

and I did I didn’t know I couldn’t pants
in backs like

imagine a someone yanked off your pants
on the street laugh like how well what

are you supposed to do

II was that a lot of reasons yeah I was
at a Las

I’m proud to use that as your Skype
little upset and

and oh so weird cuz like I i who I kept
hitting him but I didn’t like what I


punch him in the face so I would just
like continually

hitting his shoulder love that even
occur due to punch him in the face

licking your thighs with your question a
phase I think we would be in a very

different situation

beginning in separate seats on the
flight data you

yeah he’ll be going I know with that we
I would have to go but we wouldn’t you

like couples therapy I think it might
punch you in the face

for that yeah it’s kinda weird because
you like

I think the punishment a punching you in
the face for painting me

is not as desperate different as

panting me from doing nothing at all you
went from zero to pan Singh me which is

a huge step and I went from painting you
to hitting you in the face when I think

it will then get better look at an
immediate reaction you could also have

just like pulled up your pants

and Mike contemplated some other form of
embarrassment for later later

red yeah

been really calculated yeah I didn’t see
it up like one of those draw

those strings with like a bag of flour
yeah Obama chapter

an old-fashioned prank festival on your
but I i just

I couldn’t I didn’t even think it was
like I’ve never like the first thing you

did with you kick me and that was like I
think that was a real guy with a gut

reaction I picked as hard as I should

this is amazing this is out the street
to the air

so people saw these two did and did you
laugh at all while visiting did you have

any that like how well you know

you’re both smiling but I don’t think he
a I definitely didn’t think the issue

with Jay leave it with a nervous smile
xoxo share what’s going to happen yeah

yeah that’s that’s terrible I just have

I’m so sorry in good luck to you thank
you so much said

alright next question we need a female’s

Peyton childbirth

Peyton Charles rates hey Jake in Sri

many men rose pay tinged pitiless

man is Peyton Charles and I’ve been
having in security problem ever since I

can remember thinking I’m

too big I’m not overweight but I’ve
always had a little more child on my

tummy and bigger arms and thighs

it doesn’t help that I’m 4-foot-11
either so my question is

thick girls or skinny girls what does

cross the line a just being fat when
this grainy

skinny cross the line and just being too
bony I’d love to hear your opinions and


on the subject love Peyton Charles

she’s focusing on the wrong things she’s
a midget

up for whatever I did not admit I

411 you minute others are you chose that
clearly miniature little many lawman

be a hundred thousand be four hundred
years still a small

the best things come in small packages
and so do I

yes I’ll your skin is better no no no
this I

i doin that often a ISS which pic women
and I agree exactly I think now more

than ever

curvaceous is kinda but surpassing

skinny NIS yeah I mean I had this
conversation with somebody recently

we were driving along looking at just
the brady I feel like

in New Zealand is a lot of and just

it’s not really like then that this is a
huge denies Asian but just

like if you looked across like a high
school I think this seems to be the

this or the very middling size which
seems kinda healthy

yeah I feel like I have definitely been
shocked at how much people seem to go

wanna eat into the spectrum in the
States and I just think

it’s interesting because I absolutely
Kirby should be celebrated

like be any kind healthy body type
should be celebrated

right if she is like fit and is

eating relatively well that’s what made
its like that’s their heart health net’s

can make a competent in yeah XD but like
if she is

clinically overweight and it’s like
gonna be compromising in block booking

at a Reese

that’s not sexy that’s oil so it’s more
about health and fitness than specific


feel like we’re Billy Beane with their
feeling good

Lee doesn’t said she doesn’t feel good
or at the very least she feels insecure

Right One In at that seven actually like
feeling healthy

yen so like you don’t feel healthy right
now now

and I would but I’ll do you don’t enjoy
overweight I feel to them

not guilty fat really yeah but like I

raise a I feel it I can’t deal with our
check I wake up and I’m like tired

and I would rather be like waking up
feeling like I could do stir

so it’s let seems like this shape up
your body is a genetic thing they can’t

control what you can control how healthy
you are

whether you’re eating right and
exercising again if you like glow and


you know feeling like you’re achieving
things in life I think that

I mean it’s not even some weed spero
like Erie very thing I think

people who carry themselves at the
shoulders back in like smiling

it’s just more attractive rates which
brings me back to fucking

I to help it may sound the hottest right

Lake a little bit thick I’ll some

some cushion her like Irving and her

10 years my oh yeah bloom held without
do clearly are all I care about you know

here we go it first saw looks like a
third nipple

yeah my cum shoot in such a thin stream
it’s like there’s a a pinhole in a water


then as a chain them ice pick up to

then stream it hurts United sharpen I’ve
seen it used to cut glass

yeah is a laser I have a laser re
through a

does that answer your question not even
a teenager child but not even at the

effect is good swim upstream a bit
thicker is better

diggers harder well that’s what it’s all
subjective alright I’ll just say I blame

my personal opinion what do you think
that I would I think your personal

preference is a little bit about the
khmer to it

yes at winners to like do you think

it leads and unhealthy quite like we’re

we draw a line do you like your girl
hotness yeah like I don’t think you can

get too big

that’s not true what if your grossly

d like your girls btw yes

so that everyone else in the room is so
uncomfortable that’s a drink says what

in one of his songs

me that it was the other way says the

taxes is going to be his girl Eni’s

says her ass is so big that it’s almost

I almost but now play

but I think that my purple implement
bordering on uncomfortable

bordering on repairs everyone is like
blow she’s kinda big but it’s also quite

well lights twin-engine their ass

at hazard is the help factor in any way

seven hundred-pound woman still just
getting hotter and hotter as he gains

weight to you

I think if she couldn’t get on top of
them like

really give it to me then I wouldn’t
think it was hot but like

so like a seven hundred-pound woman she

is covered in bed sores and i couldnt
will we couldn’t

lay together really like them only the
bed sores

but did

district like as I talk about slower

ago they open well alone now that is all
knowing I’ve said right is it is the

blood disgusting

and and yet nobody confidence but just

being healthy what about her guys do you
have a preference one way or another

long and lean

but teddy bear bigger carrier cutter

thicker beefier I which how do you like
your super

the actual city like a still ready like
more but yeah everyone’s so many options

pose the question then stop talking

that’s how congress then I will you’re
absolutely right to play every colour

blue red green resort on st a model
their goals

there’s been a rainbow I saw on one’s ok

that could you see the roller good

Andrea steam roller girl I get that a

the a I think healthy again it’s like

just in shape and and somebody who
enjoys exercise this is a thing that I

was thinking about recently

how of almost to be to just not get any

at exercise me I think that people the
airline has money I gotta go to the gym

use the elliptical for 20 min at the end
worst part of my day

yeah I V every one that feels like that
should find a sport or hobby your

because there’s so many different ways
to be a great light climbing

or an I know hiking or just doing some

climbing at like a statement exit the
mall I

Aviva much flying lime will Kyle be
really changed the way I i’m

at for a while anyway climbing abilities
the way I thought about exercise because

I like climbing so much

that day I became passionate about
actually going to the gym working out

muscles like it so I could be a better

a a year but it’s true I don’t like
going to the gym just lifting weights

seems like that like the

the stripped-down version of the sport
I’d rather like the stuff like climbing

while about the I like if you like sport
enough then you find joy in training for


I imagine mean like it it

you are really if you love basketball
you can play basketball

yeah hours a week you have to like
sometimes do conditioning so you can be

a better basketball player then you get
even more joy at playing basketball

because you’re

parts like if u dance the you want two
straight you want to become more

flexible it’s like and why the world is

pulling your leg up on a chair and
stretch my hamstring have any appeal

where except the it will make your
movements more fluid and

you more can have limber to watch the

so specifically for this girl the

thick girls are skinny girls takes is

yeah with up I’ll say don’t quite have a
preference like blonde and brunette I

can find both attractive

yeah that’s true too the

the rose do you have a preference lawn
middling really

pedestrian yeah average sheep the

the perfect to comic-con anther a poop

what’s that suppose to mean I love
average nerd yeah

people with a little bit over beer gut
that kind of gets me I’ll be

I love gamers and I a minute to

can you guys write my script me the
comic-con for when you go there

you go to Comic Con Ed in happy so
awesome have never been you guys should

definitely go

surely did have a great audience here we
have been coming on yeah but it wasn’t

the same

would me know I dunno I just feel like
such shit

sometimes you are settled I know it’s
been missing you guys at South by


oh my god that was blind but it was
really nice Austin Texas

from we should all move there absolutely

both it look does not and summer

I love it but it is too hot your yeah I
love us and I miss asleep right now

and you talk about Austin evers rate
yeah yeah

I with address is there anything on
played before we have to go

and not knowing what about the
television show your idea please watch

my television channel it

and at this point I got picked up for a
second season who gives a shit people


I 0 sorry about that your Twitter

and at I’m Rose McIver nice

a anything else and thanks for having me
in your

which is home cut I you only made


if you have your own questions your own
theme song submissions that

email address for everything is if I
were you show at

gmail dot com the opening theme song was
written by the Supermercado brothers

and this closing theme song is written

joke im from Sweden no word yet on if
it’s Joe can know asap

are you okay what’s going on radio do
your bit or if I didn’t have any arms

apace that you’ve done today I thanks
for coming and I shall

thank you guys for listening thank you
will be back next week but

dogs issue

have a big heart show


bill from the

a and I

laws the mom






God yes


run that

diana’s and you know

subs yeah


I yeah

a island






oh I


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