Episode 157: Tile and Ring

In this episode we discuss new friends and old flames.

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episode started right now things got
real but do



stewardship line


nearly reason




stand names

down in godliness


the mansion



cassini mines






not mine

thanks dreams

mingling knob


being in need







email pro



do you have it good while Al

I love that I denote that was a perot DF

I me itself really right now

you better shape up I O WoW

because I need a man I really love that
start to finish I loved up

but what do you think that over the bell
appeared nuthin preoccupy away

preoccupied right now

I im pouring on earth too little glass
is the worst

up here I it sorry I’ve never seen you
happy before

happy to hear you when you when you’re a
whole the the whiskey in your hand yet


I’m up I I love to drink I absolutely

I like the way it tastes and I like the
way it makes sleepy bucket chairs

alright I mean I get around to have an
effect is quite yet we’ll have yours

I I don’t want you to have mine pi do I

drug in the body area I said hey we
should require he said let’s have one

were drinking like I don’t know I feel
weird slates two in the afternoon in the

early AM RT a bit bothersome

yeah then I also didn’t upper and downer
swine even keel

is said watch me do a medium air right

not just joking and Saturday it saturday

so this is sorta bar like her this is
how nerds get ready to go out

they they they drinkin and the record
and then

hey they hit the town I actually might
go out alone

alright that’s all right to hell I don’t
even know below to the bars will let me


I don’t have my ID I do not have my

what I do has my Israeli passport and it
has expired and it just says shrew at

the train and it says it in hebrew

big block Hebrew letters a but thats

that’s what I’m gonna go for it and I I
like the way with tea tastes

in addition to how it makes the trunk
yet like to be drug

cool in a drug I feel confident yeah

oh and you can feel that way without yet
will sometimes it’s like

if I’m in a bad mood and I drink then
I’ll feel better and they never been

happy mood and I drink to celebrate that
I also feel even better

so it always makes me feel better yeah
there’s really

no downside I got that tomorrow

and a picture view her when I say

what they could get example how hungover
you can cause I have a mental image

right now

I with it II

hidden Silverlake throwing up on the

and now that’s good too I was imagining

you in the bathtub with

a damp towel over your head and like the
shower coming down on you would like

lukewarm water

yeah with that the the same night oh was
it could that was the day the your money

went to the hotel and I was gonna cover
the nightly actually rattled

second I you guys it was like standing
at the front of the house as I was

puking over

I’ll the balcony

so yeah there is a negative there’s an
equal but opposite reaction

right how else do you get confidence if
not three drinking

a.m. new haircut so that’s right yeah

we got to we got matching hair cut today
yeah we can do that

but the we were trying to say Kerr sells
up before we got it

as to like how short we would allow the
sides to be

he we’re just like I think I’m gonna go
three I think we can go shorter than

that like a while really sure the

the really scary it is scary even though
it’s it the differences

eighth submillimeter so there you can’t
really tell

I ended up getting a one-and-a-half and
I got a0

for the whole I P got you look like
mister clean up

but you look so you look a lot better
now than you did I mean

that before and after pictures are
startling at my hair was too long and it

was very ugly yeah I was like

Radeon dry towards the ends a bit
because they’re Dallas hair that’s been


since a not like February

yeah we filmed it was pre we’re fill the
last episode to take a leap year

right so basically the Vatican watcher
early video when I got a haircut now is

less than it was

it look like Woody Allen a holler like
any hall woody allen Erica

words like a little bit on top and then
balloon but also off to the side

yeah why did it take you so long the Air
ca a

I really don’t I think it because I like

I like where my beer it’s really really
long and I like will say that with a

straight razor a

I just like big transformations yeah
that’s prolly parted it

but I also I wanted to see how long I
could grow my hair

I like doing many things at once like
I’m not gonna shape or cut my hair in

till I feel healthy

played by Emma Kohl I’m gonna let myself
get ugly in bad

yeah and then once I’m feeling good
again I like trim and get a haircut

and hire new shirt I love that yeah
Verizon has %uh like

by a pair shorts or something and I’ll
be like

I’ll wear it remember actually I bought
a shirt

and I didn’t wear it and tell I E I was

I’m not gonna wear the shirt I get a six
pack I

you still it still hanging in your
closet I thought it took

at big six years and I only had a six
pack for a

I two months a do is that a six pack if
the flexor it has to be like

a non flexing six pack I don’t know
ideas that are not

I feel like I feel like if you can flex
Abbas expect that the pretty good that

the six pack I say what I have and you
could tell me if you think that six pack

yeah today understandable within a week
from oh my god you’re covered in Boyle’s

yet I have pursued I certainly called a
six pack so I can say I have a six pack

and I have one you

finally have a back I the TV working out
a lot

I’ve been working at the scene and now
they’re usually do dieting

a yeah you know my diet is like a cases
so the

been I mean you had that

fro a while yeah I basically don’t

I a try not to eat a lotta love bread I
usually get the healthy

that most delicious healthy option rate
so like all have like a veggie burger

instead of a cheeseburger

business and I’ll have sweet potato
fries instead a regular fashion hack I

don’t want to get drunk with your ebook

track today later ever this is a fire
you the only advice by guest on the

internet hosted by us on a mere

I’m Jake as well hello use gonna take I

I think that might be a record the

I don’t mind it I have a six pack

on alright so what does this show really

a real by the way and as the advice
podcast people

are in desperate need a our advice

will you need to work out now that your
six pack is finished like what’s my next

thing that I should expect this goal the
big question

I think the I think I still have like

chubb that I can get rid if like I’m not

I’m only willing to go ninety percent
health rack

I will get a wrap and like

mash potatoes but I’m not willing to
like eat a salad for every single meal

rate and that’s it what it takes to get
like legit or workout twice as hard as

you do

yeah take a three mile run and you could
take a6 I’ll

our or you could be like interval
training with Sprint and stuff from

that which is it’s like which which
directory trying to a

ray or like sometimes I’ll do push-ups
and sometimes I wall

sometimes I’ll do it a6 minute add

and sometimes I want yet if I did
something like literally every day and

then did meet any bread at all

I feel like the change would be marginal
but the change in effort would be so

a monumental that it wouldn’t be worth
the map the marginal change

you but like it that’s the difference
between had a like I don’t know

I feel like you would baby would look
marginal but you would feel

a lot better well yet I don’t know that
I would after

legally only a fucking lot better if I
didn’t eat

cookies I think I’d be in french fries I
think I’d be sadder

then the happiness I would gain by
looking slightly better

yeah so it’s like a give-and-take I’m
not trying to like

I don’t want to deprive myself
everything because then I wouldn’t be

happy enough

when I do achieve those things that I
want to achieve

hair and what else is there to say

a working out a

fitness goal running happiness

sweet potato fries see a whole is as
they can of soup data from I’m able come

to me

aka I let’s try to answer question these
are real people

seeking our advice for whatever reason
so here we go

and do you have a fake name to give this

the tile that’s a good fake name

thank you so quite a while ago I was
tending bar and a girl gave me her

number we texted for a while and all was
going quite well

we made plans to meet up one weekend but
my mom asked me to go to a concert with


and I couldn’t say no so I told the girl
who had given me her number that the

situation had come up

and I had to cancel we haven’t talked

meanwhile I started dating someone else
but that ship

has docked is there any hope for
rekindling the interest up the

enthusiastic bar patron who thought that
I was attractive enough to engage with

or has that ship set sail

for ever love tile basically is there a
statute of limitations someone give me

their number and if you don’t do
anything about it in

but say this relationship last six
months is that too late

I don’t think it ever too late ever ever
because it’s so fun and flirtatious to

be a here’s my number use if you want

and then Mike that’s you know that’s her
like a microburst the

energy like old fuck yeah like I got a
number yeah

so that’s one instanceof fine excitement
added nowhere

this is cool unexpected wasn’t planning
for this

a reggae and then fizzles whatever but
as a fizzled out as

0 is the ending was kinda just as I
think it does

course there’s about 20 but it’s not
like he

blue it’s so hard that its the door can
be opened I feel you can always Pekin if

it that casual light-hearted initially

me he could of course just be like

hey its me again is the spark still
there by any chance

right except not that fucking lame but
now yeah up bars

are you with a is the spark their perch
and it’s %uh

thats haha what do you text someone that
you haven’t spoken to in a year they

give you their number a year ago

I put proudest day hey explanation point

what about that Drake question mark and
they’ll be like who is this

get at the wrist the right but like the
stakes are so low it

if she says you with that I think that
the real question like if

if you do something like that is they
who is this do you even respond I

sincerely yet total you can go for it
it’s only been a year

if they say who is this I think I’m gone
for ever again

maybe a year break I say hey let’s get a
drink they say who is this and i block

their number

it better is there to slap in the face
the jitters stonewall

then I’m not even willing to entertain
the new sales of my labor is no birth

fun and flirty like I there’s no fun
flirty way to explain your name to


like hey heyyy let’s

have a drink after all if they kinda
funny to say that after their

who is a who is this and another user be
like Amir shrew element

dozier thing I can say my name

because my neo don’t like my daughter I
with if I said hey let’s get that Drake

she says who is this I’m I guess I’ll
probably stay like

oh no monkey covering his eyes and I

my name I or I would say

a who’s tough

I would say i three my name and then
like another message that said

I should have known you give you have
given up on me by now

a like make it sound overly dramatic

yeah and like that you don’t blame her
for deleting your number whatever

I snoozed and I lose ice now as then I

and I deserve to be like that on this
list something that’s funny to me even

if he said

good girls tonight that the bad

the ever just go for it like this is
crazy and

kinda weird but a if you don’t get this
then maybe we’re not meant to be

is are you always err on the side of

I probably mostly runs at a cost
sometimes I go

I’ll take a lake all these are real very
sarcastic and hope that they get it

but I think also sarcasm is something
that you would have to like

see me in person and know that sarcastic
writes like to translate over text yet

at least initially

II it’s not that I wouldn’t trust
anybody did not get my sense of humor

I would just be like you have to build
toward so it’s like a slower ramp-up

a so with this guy you can rekindle hey
how about that drink

are the other the last text messages
between the two would be like a

track and hey sorry I have to cancel

a Manipur will at but you can’t go of
that because

if she doesn’t have that threat anymore
than it would make no sense at all

me the day sometimes like to a

reference the thread like a something

let’s say hey sorry I can’t make it
tonight I’m going to a concert with my

mom she says no worries and then six
months later

is that sometimes funny to be like hey
the concert just ended yet

hey loggers concert every anyone yeah

like make a joke about that I do I guess
if it’s something that memorable like

hey i cant

seal going to a concert with my I think
it only if it’s memorable

I think if you’re going solely on the
last message

it’s a little dangerous could not agree
says the tax doesn’t doesn’t always

saving automatically

it does it automatically but I sometimes
a little cell

basically he can text I S yeah there is
no statute of limitations

um alright we need

yet another name I love

a man you come up with it and has to be
a fake name

yeah ring be big nipple ring get

ripping tile entering that third game
tonight we go out like God hey whats up


we do need games to make me more
self-aware and self-conscious around


I already feel weird when I go out you
don’t have to say

/url were so high and hand them that
like let’s do this thing where you have

to introduce is up as a weird thing like
let’s make this game a little more


is already hard enough for me allan park
fun to do that

it’s not fun to say hey my name is a
Rainier re-introduce United rail

I allan duke myself is Jake and those
that is my bread

rink the neighbouring yeah will say what

yeah that’s right his parents liked

ring rights been a long time listener

who sorry Ving Rhames his name is being
you know

I every is legal name is raining

vamos nos yeah he adds a spoonerisms

okay here we go being sorry arena bikes

no Eve night no rain right

you had once it occurs a tired and I
love it

I need to go out I’m already there

hmm ring right basically me and my
friends have been lacking some female

affection recently don’t get me wrong we
are too ugly or anything it’s just that

we’ve taken a back seat from the lady is
seen as a

late anyway tryin to create some kind a
bridge with another group of girls I

started messaging this girl Easter know
from back in the day

she’s chill a solid 8.5 outta 10 but
here’s where the problem begins

she’s part of a relatively attractive
group of girls a couple dimes among them

one of whom is her best friend so I’ve
been messaging this

8.5 for weeks now and I’m starting to
really like ur

I’ve invited her and her friends to a
party that’s coming up

so that my friends and her friends
commingle but about a week ago bear in

mind this is

two weeks before the party the 8.5

best friend one of the diams started
messaging me

she’s been very flirtatious and even
send the pics of her looking hot in a

bikini asking me what I think I her

I haven’t even met the girls get numb
torn between the two of them so please

guys I need your help do I carry on
trying to progress things with the eight

and a half

or to embrace the tens flirting or

a third option do I wait till I meet
them both at a party in let

that had let things sort out themselves

lumbering I like that he needed to say
don’t get me wrong she art ugly

I get in the United no he wasn’t have-we

beverages made fun of somebody at this
podcast we thought they were ugly

yeah probably on the and the outlet

I yep only on the inside

make me feel all the time for being ugly
on the inside you also you don’t have to

tell us that you’ve been lacking in some
female affection recently your neuroses

speak so

so many volumes that we know we know
that this is a very precious an exciting


30 as you invited someone to a party
three weeks in advance

and you’re freaking out two weeks in
advance as the which hot girl you should


I NJ company in five

815 I don’t know things are looking
really good but there is a $10 at

attended so mathematical literacy and
also when I

i cud do with the girls and I knew the
other one to 9.25 an unsorted

unknown unable to differentiate the halo
my friend is fucking all live with that


yet I was too busy raking them ma

YouTube is the rating everyone at up ten

euros the role loser

who Buffalo sorry I’m I was looking in a
mirror when I said that

it I feel like this is that a read a
passage on most for like

its own not an actual problem but you
get so hung up on it when you’re

single and you’re a dude in your like
politically late after girls

it’s exciting to make it a problem rate
because it you’re thinking about it all

the time in the only way to war it’s

the amount of a space in your brain that

is to make it sorta like a conundrum
that you have to solve yeah but like

really what you want what your question
is is like two girls like me

two girls like me this what’s hot this
was hotter this what’s hot

they’re gonna come to a party two girls
like sure ed I

who does that you don’t actually need to
decide anything

yet of course not it’s fine

a but I D I don’t think that like ice to
do this all the time

as well just be like to like this girl
to like this go but it was only that I

like thinking about girls rather like

I actually needed to decide who to who I
liked you ever have that thing where you


there’s these two attractive friends
that are both

equally into me and I have to choose one
and the other will be alienated forever

that doesn’t exist be known as I don’t
think exist I don’t think

anybody ever sits down in ways all the
options and makes an educated decision

about which person they’re gonna be more
attracted to

I think you just like to think about it
so it just comes up

you just are you’ll find yourself being

you can like talk yourself into or outta
being attracted to someone

sophie is like I like this a .5 a 10
likes me and I love it when I like we

should I decide

with these are the pros these are the
car near all is really enjoying is that


right and then when the party’s taking

that’s when you’ll know who you’re
attracted to you could be like our talk

to this girl

i mean is is good I mean it is a fun
prom perhaps I was joking colin is here


mean this guy sort like me in a way he’s
just super

a neurotic an analytical about any any
specific problem that you like every


ever every every guy I’ve ever met right
just so like

alright in two weeks I’m gonna have a
party and one of them is a

is that this and the other one is that
that and how do I make sure that there

are three options are right there are
three options that I have to choose

which one

want to know that having a party you a
planning for it which

act which completely means nothing why
don’t you just go to the party without

anything in your mind and see what
happens projects at like

when the advice someone I think it was
Milan on our churches like

the best thing you can do on a date is
not think about how it’s gonna and just

enjoy the moment

is everything about the end it’s like to
shake his head a hug Shahan check should

I do this they do that to the other

why don’t you just enjoy what’s
happening currently in and see what


if wanna the opportunities said present

whether it’s with one girl or the other
I say go for it because the hardest

thing to do

actually yeah I mean you are you wrote
for its a figure it out like

let’s say I wouldn’t I wouldn’t turn
getting a girl turned down for what

yeah I wouldn’t turn down for whom a her
getting you

a lady or a guy is a very difficult
thing to do it doesn’t happen often in

your life

even if you do it a lot it’s a small
percentage of your life

that through like let’s say yes sleep
with a 100 girls which is a ton

or a hundred guys that’s still like

5 percent love a given decade

course I haven’t done any of that math
at all cited earlier

yeah I couldn’t understand I mean a
hundred at a three thousand what’s at

three thousand days

is sleep with a hundred girls that seems
like a lot but it’s only like one in


30 300 one in every three hundred up

from see the 11th manager strip

it’s a small percentage of the day it’s
a special you know what I find out the

have any day than a decade like got
alright I’m gonna do the math right here

this is why my number is lower than a
hundred I

suits that their editor’s 65 you’re
doing you’re doing the math for

my number yeah so there’s 3600

fifty days in a decade let’s say you
have sex

200 of those days which is a lot I don’t
even know if it’s likely have a


you have sex many okay about ready to go
for it

so they’re not your hundred-acre I don’t
know how to write the number a hundred

times you have I

all the recount once the hell wants a
hundred times you have sex

with the for a draw for the first time
yet that’s what we’re talking about are

having sex for the first time is very
excited happens once

every a the let’s say it there’s 365

and you do it a hundred times so that

every is it was this is a hundred people
in a year

a hundred people in a decade how a
decade yeah

it happens once every month in a week
five weeks

so it’s a special thing it’s not like
food where you have it every day and

it’s not like this weekend which happens
once a week it happens

every five weeks if you’re if you’re
doing it very very well

a sell what I’m trying to say is that
way it’s a special when it’s happening

that I would be like

I’ll pass on this one and see if
something else develops I would say just

go for it

how interesting because I mean a and a
hundred as you did

a lot of work to make it not interesting
with all the calculated fun pppppp

in a perfect world I coulda gotten to
that number in my head

yeah this this calculator that you see
has to be in my

in my brain this can’t be here spend the
computer on the computer absolutely this

computer shapely

between my eyes of initiative for you
I’m okay loud ep

I’m here without a I headed over

girl like oh I A abating and

a the advice is to relax and go for it

I don’t know what else to say other than

at the at the perfect relax and go for
it let’s see what happens

can you let us know what happened yeah a
will reply to this email to let you know

we talked about and then you can let us
know what happened

alright let’s take a break will be back
with more after this

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now all let’s go back to the ship
recording is absurd on a Saturday in May

by the time you hear it oh we are in

will be there will be there will be in
Melbourne on the way to Adelaide for our

first show this episode comes out on
Monday June 8

our first show is Tuesday June 19

a well so there’s still time to promote
does Redditch

this is it the Adelaide shows tomorrow
if you’re listening to this on Monday

June it will have already taken the
15-hour flight

yeah and I look forward to that that’s
the worst part about traveling is the

actual traveling

the I don’t I mean it’s not like I love

break but I don’t find it so a poor that
it would

a that they get like I’m not even
thinking about I’m thinking about it and

it’s not a scary thing and realize that
boredom thing

15 hours on a on a threat to your right
so you’re like actively I’m dreading

this plate

I’m like I don’t know what I’m doing it
I’m gonna download Mad Men episodes and

watch it I don’t know if I can bring a
sleeping pill I don’t know if I should

do this

the about let I’m a day I’m in a

ride on a plane yeah I are gonna

we work under script other hey little
bit till midnight every night and I’ll

pop a pill

her sleep until you know whenever I

of course his time is sorted weird when
you’re flying across the International


probably sleep for at least six hours

well as a solid and then I wake up the
weather’s like then a

a user to wake up early like okay now
this is like a trip to LA to New York to

read like 60 if I can handle that

right all you have to do is work a
little sleep a little lake up and then

apply tonight our trip

yeah yeah I guess that’s good that’s
good you’re right alright I’ll go to


of they got our shows tomorrow Natalie I

tomorrow Tuesday in Adelaide a sh
together still available as of now


our side the day after in Melbourne that
shows sold out side Davies

and in Melbourne’s gonna be pop pop
enough to those are all people that got

tickets before the entire show sold out
eight hundred people

a Sydney on Wednesday June 11th Brisbane
on Thursday June 12

and then a a so Friday June 12 and then
the last

show is Perth on Sunday June

14th tickets still available streeters
gonna be there too

a Parekh said I don’t know about you
guys but I’m just excited to hang out

street again

yeah on America thing about the show
something about like

after the show’s and asking people to
take us to

whatever place people rage at in Perth
on a Tuesday

%uh to be nice yes and they were never
show as its it’s happy show and a half a


yet we’re relying on people to take this

that’s right so we basically we need you
to come

exam yeah if you’re on the fence near
like I actually know some cool places we

actually need you to arrive here

way present laughter show we appreciate
the money less than honest though we

really actually mostly appreciate your

of course we need friend and I know you
guys are thinking the

I wouldn’t wanna hang out with those two
guys ever gotten a haircut recently like

we said we did get a haircut today

we are looking fresh to death were cut

I’m actually gonna be borrowing my
roommate’s Palmer chapel while you don’t


I think I’ll be by Lee Martin Obama to
operate if you’ll see me in a bomber


hell no I borrowed another but I owner

any wait no the dole borrow it I did
borrow it another

update in our lives is that but it ended
up that comes out we will be homeless

we did not get

we did not occur we did not acquire we
are not presented with the opportunity

to to enter Raven asked now

nor do we deserve to be entering Raven
est we made an offer

the offer was so low the owners did not

even schumer us with a counter the the

they didn’t even laugh such the blaze
started as blankley of course lapping

would be acknowledging it

we floated down onto their feet like a
leaf and they didn’t have to do anything

about it last for the Arkenstone

hand and whether we receive so here is
the nothing but ash

a coca-cola and ash for that is what we

and that is what we are and and in the
shadow up Raven est

a so that that that home sorry there
gloria any

their glory be heard absolutely praise
be to her

I will exist only in that one visit to

only in our minds I i’m not a hundred
percent sure we ever were there

explain that hi think

you and I died at death I think we’d I
did and

and I think Raven messed it was pretty
Tory I can’t imagine show was what we

have to show was what there was an
additional was what we are and who will

never be

how much good have we done on this

limited time on earth for us to have
died and and seen

the light Raven s yeah I E

feel saintly for that I for only

the a few such important special so
little hole at the sword at the


mmm-hmm although sword in the stone
though we couldn’t remove it

to have the opportunity to grasp the
handle and to yank it the blade

to touch the stone to touch the style to
see the stone considered

is an honor it was an honour to be
before her gate to listen to the siren

song and then he did try to bed

siren but she would not she would not
give urself to us course nor do we

deserve it

we offered so little for what you what
can I tell you a shit the drive project


is I sit in the driveway other way out

I swear to Jesus what I turned around
and saw that turd

it was nothing but three Cadbury eggs
uniformly placed stacked on top of each

other as the power over 18s

and ended and it is deserved and it is
so let us never ever speak a bit again

for his unspeakable

The Raveonettes up

from i right let’s get the one last
quest your own

we gotta we gotta hop aboard the sleigh

I’m a drink to issue the time that you
have not

gray quite yet half I’m you wanna read
this question while I

what you finished here like finished at

the fake name I’ll give this

person is it a lady I know good is not

and I will give this gentlemen the fake

up us smart s

hyphen sorry as apostrophe lower case as
a pastor fly and Oort

he love smores his name is more
particularly when one can be trapped yet

honestly he only had two smaller than
everyone else had one

help people lead to yep much a little

I butts anyway smart

smart amor rights work rights adak beer

me my friends all go to differ yunis but
we always meet up the holidays to catch

up and hang out

the problem is one of my friends always
brings his sister along without asking

this would be so bad except is Dame is a
stone cold bitch

she is really mean and distant at
everyone in keeps messing up the group

dynamic by getting off with their

bucking the guys in the group we talked
about it and none of us want her there

but it’s got to the point where the only
way we can avoid her is by not inviting

our friend stuff

how quick politely tell this guy that
his sisters not welcome without it being

awkward thanks for your help support

I don’t know about this chick you guys

blooped a role book Michael she fucked
David I feel like she fucked

everyone except for me at this point
she’s actually a stone-cold

its is such a busy light ok you with the
dynamic duo

Bonine it to your liking the look it up
with all our friends not me of course

but all have everybody else a raise your
hand if your foot

okay see how is everyone but me and you
don’t even freakin like Sir except for


ridi might not I don’t like ur I

I’m I’m curious is all tough lot cuz you
all did it

and you all like death so I say I for
one either caster away we never hang out

with their

or I get to have sex with her and maker
my girlfriend you guys never allowed to

touch her

ever again company shiiiii

you desire I


its mmm we went in and we don’t know

we don’t know we just don’t know a even
if everybody else

does agree with this guy like we want
our bench is packing up the group

dynamics is

hooking up with us she is not doing it
by yourself

your hookin up with their yeah its to
screw screw it up because the view

you can like hook up with her that thick
cock you thought that the I

see you may well need a medic a biz

that does not seem like a thing a girl
can do is like threatened to sleep with

all your friends

yeah like if a girl if you were dating a

and she was kinda crazy right and
they’re like I think we have to break up

an edge that if you break up with me I’m
gonna fuck all your friends if I was it

a reality like

alright grab a beer I think I would

if you like a minute if you break up
with the eminent

suck appears dick but I just me it would
be like need gave Jeff

like okay I will suck everything I

and you could be like I’m gonna tell not
to have been at odds are they wouldn’t


la tarde definitely dates doing opyat
Desert Eagle

will the actual dates buried at this
point I’ll okay so

besides Dave or Dave three years ago
especially she did in like a really

cool even-tempered way now like with
Lara patent lawyer friends but I’ll

they’re not gonna do if you see in this
unstable like and I would like france

I can con the I’ll sell them I need to
talk that I wanna

get over you and I did this when I go
out and get a drink with somebody and


will get drinking in I’ll touch their

bill think oh wait what is this and then
you know of course if I just wanna blow


the red you know your friends lappy I

would be really I could reconfigure

a live pic oh and I was scared my baby’s
care that she would do it any

have to tell you might as well and eyes
and hope for the best be like IRA do

whatever you want I can’t I can’t deal
with this

yeah it’s a completely different issue
on it even though I came a girl you know

the girls could

easily wreak havoc yeah they are on a
group of guy friends

it is girls do better

is still jealous incident horny I put so
jealous and already we can’t stress that


the 10 worst things you can be are like
I’m super horny

super jealous so I’ll be angry and also
wanna not

I want to come and yell I love the idea
of coming in under my fucking friends

get to

only i do. live is a competition we talk
about it and celebrate me because I came

hard just in the most and for the most
people it in the most people

and with the most people yeah I
borderline had sex once every thirty six

and a half days in nobody’s given me the
atta boy I know he’s got really bad who

is it felt good idea because

my friends would be oppressed a secure

rule what can you do what would you do

what would you do you move to your
sister be used up and letting a guy

isn’t it is it is still not tonight a
sister I guess the easiest thing would

be to

but tell him that is sister is hooking
up with all your friends yet you don’t

want a guy wouldn’t be like down

I don’t have a sister site to really get
that like when your sister is dating a


are you like a dad are you protected
area like okay what how does it work if

your brother I had to like

go through a transformation with my
sisters because

when I was younger it was like no was
allowed to touch them

you know I’m was a protective older
brother like I don’t one

a guy talking to my sisters and I wanna
be my friend apps

and then you like you get older and you
realize that

people like to be touched and have
orgasms and you

you want to deprive your sisters their
happiness I like to think about it

happening but I would obviously one
everybody that I love and care about to

feel good in every possible way and

add the sex is a way that you feel good
and I want them have a feeling sex lives

but headed you don’t think about when he
don’t touch my fucking sister it’s just

like hey don’t

and don’t be an asshole to her he had
%uh peanin

yet so I’m sure if you told this guy
that his sister was sleeping with

all love your friends he would want

there’s not a lot about social again I
don’t care have at it

yeah but then Mike Benson this guy the
tattle tales fucking with the dynamic

all slick what is he gonna say H Pookie
everybody he do that I

yeah she blew them fucked him made out
with him 10

I’m getting like jack shit me think
that’s fair do you think it’s cuz my

name is smart

I mean I don’t even know how to by the
National eyes they wanted to have this


a thumb or a

is there a better as the years they
don’t tell the guy that is sister is

hookin up networkers if you’re worried
that the friend endemic that’s certainly

gonna fuck with it if you’re like hey
all OVA

your friends are body your sister even I
do understand the kind of guy who’s like

let me put my sister out with all of my
dude bradleys

you wouldn’t do that I would bring

yet no I don’t think it would all you
would you bring any girl to a guys night

urs specially not a sister how does that

female friend and I yeah I probably mean

Anais do we have like guys nights

the sometimes we hang out dudes

but I believe that they were like a
conscious decision likely 8

tonight guys that addresses that were
mostly friends with guys every game

every night have ours is guys night by D
yet every night is the hail tailor their

friends and then we know four guys

yeah I up you

that’s our guys night so would you tell
those guys to do

I to you I think he is a

way too focused on this sister it’s fine
that she’s there

yeah and if it bothers you a lot I guess
you can’t talk to him about a

politically think this is a

don’t bring your sister and I don’t like
people that are like so focused on it

like keeping a certain dynamic

you have to just there’s an ebb and flow
and evolution and like

but I can imagine you getting mad at
like a guy that you don’t like on

sleeping there like why do we hang out
with this dude

I don’t like this guy yeah but I think
every night night

but not like to not bring him so say we
hung out with this guy

a guy that we really liked every time

he was around he brought another guy
that we all realized

I don’t mmm this is actually happen ever
cuz that

that would help the a channel my
emotions a I don’t know

but sooner or later you just like you’d
you in your mind youth group those two

guys like I don’t like these two guys

so it’s like almost like it negatively
is his badness

I is contagious and it’s like he’s
infected this good guy

now think I don’t like these two guys
because it contains 50 percent that guy

just a ethic I how I don’t like
chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream thing

I don’t like chocolate

suddenly I’m not eating vanilla anymore
her I mean how big is the upper

I you did finally finish USD I cried

and it does look like truck with at this
point the glass and we did a

drug podcast like are under a little not
a live show we r

way were wasted I’m pretty drunk are you

it meant we gonna go out there had dude
are you kidding me

bottoms-up a what’s real estate advice
for this guide is a week and is absurd

here’s what I think you’re never gonna
get the same group of friends that you

have that you want back

he’s not you’re not gonna get this

restoration to the old group dynamic

right you might as well embrace that
this girls there

our site not embrace it but just ignore
that she’s there

I’ll talk to your other friends you all
maybe you’re not gonna have like

a big group guy group thing at least not
with your manipulating it you’re not

you made it happen organically is gonna
happen naturally but is trying not to be

such a little

bitch about excuse me have court said

talk to your other friends and don’t
talk to this stone

this stone cold ice queen yeah also

I do think you like a I ever being said

you i feel like im she’s slept with EU
and not your friends it wouldn’t be an


in except for that it would because then
he would be late I love this girl in all

my friends pactor

so what you should do is ask this girl
out Yahoo Liguria

kicker out her ask her out be

either way I’m blind ok

own Ono I alright

that that that are absurd come see us
and it’s really a few if you are in

Australia and you have to buy tickets

fucking crazy that we’re gonna be there
where there and out there listening to



the opening theme song was written by
Colin calling on if we ever

said thank you so thank you callin your
own questions are your own theme song

submissions good

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dot com we also need thumbnail
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upload our podcast to Facebook we as
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created by you are talented fans once
again the opening things I was written

by colin is closing one is written by

whose band a is called dead arcade and
they have Soundcloud page Sophia

SoundCloud accomplish that are Katie can
listen to more

from Heath and here’s a little bit right
now thanks for listening guys will be

back on Monday by

got some problem of help to solve our

do what would you do

got some issue for these two jus

help me get through the judges


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