Episode 158: Matt Damon

In this episode we discuss eating habits, group sex, and Matt Damon.

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all right let’s get started

where in Australia the tour is over

it was amazing it was so fun thanks to
everyone who listen

this episode recorded before he left for
Australia things got real

do enjoy goodbye and

do the global energy to one getting a
better W good dead

you get to do the network get up by the
momentum and a member and not let him

know where maybe have to do with my dad
I get ok

North maybe don’t like he did on him
again murdering his lab has brought to

the think you like debate I would give
me a job to do but they had issued

just warning you my problem than 10 do

give up

do you meet

eBay place to do yeah



do the

do PA and

I A tonight and yet the with a sublime

it was a reggae it was sublime a

our sublime to listen to you know it was
actually sublime the bay and I’ll

I think Bradley be well homes rose from
the dead

I what’s under that what sublime signed
it sound like

I am mucho gusto mi Alma Bradley yeah

I am i back at bat around area me I but
I could Tehran carribean

yeah that I didn’t know he had the GI

come thru grip you know he had the GI do
that the part about

somebody the jerking him off what I
didn’t know she had the GI Joe

con grab caress me down

and I say mmm for that im getting J dole

he I um he said

we hadn’t heard appear the guy who wrote
this on said he hadn’t heard

ASX play reggae song so you wrote one
for us very cool

pounded guy I think they get on pitner
just reggae

reggae daughter I

that’s a reggae with an air horn I got

I am I just 8 with a scarf down food
really quickly

made me think yet again about what a bad

either I am you were like hunched over
the death yeah

boredom shoveling food in tier writes
like doesn’t happen to other people like

I some sandwiches like antique because
they’re the

the bread is too hard in the ingredients
like soft I think that on the bite

like my my teeth don’t look at it yeah

so I can I’ll bite down on something and
pull the sandwich away and I’m like a

piece of chicken will just slide out

outs from in between the biaxin just a
nightly thing I think I just don’t have

sharp teeth

it’s hard for them to cut through that
the meat and bread

than we were made to eat have a

we should be dead like IM’s

I mean like the bottom 5 percent up
eating normally like if it’s

a burrito I can’t he did like it’ll just
come apart

food will fall over my lap I have to eat
pizza with a fork and knife

the really yeah I a medallion do like

taking big bites yes I think that spread
the passion

I shovel food into like I’m just so that
I didn’t like that you don’t know how

it’s because like I will

I the same way just one a ton of food

I want to take goodbye to the sandwich
and then I’m not gonna put it down to

two I’m writing one by

and then a second by great and I’m still
chewing while I’m putting another buy

into my mouth I have the same way

yet bad its lead etiquette bad for I
wouldn’t blame the bike

I a if they’ve really bored attitude
thing have you ever not

ordered something at a restaurant is
here with somebody wanted to impress in

like I can’t keep that like a normal

yeah I think it’s more I wanna like have
the guys are being like slightly

healthier than I am bright

by is like I wouldn’t notably it was a
good day able to get a burger because I


oh that’s a sloppy festival right there
you have %uh thick juicy burger it’s

going to be like dripping on my

Chan dripping on the play I’ve bad
posture when I eating it you can even

like engage in a normal conversation

has your shoulders come to you year a

quasimodo do 230 being a foul into my
open the whole

I was at my friends told be like that up

to abide by the pointed out to me that I
eat sandwiches

like up doing that chicken make me up

arms are just like my elbows are
straight out to the side

yeah like looking this is how you can

said there’s no reason for the opposite
lol right like tellows and BIOS it by

but the sandwich down I was like I
needed to be coming at me

a from like above but hip hop

your elbows are out your they’re fully a
camber I would say

their credit absolutely a Kimbo um

and I’ll a toot chair

a also when I’m like China you with
somebody I’m impressed I’m trying to

impress whether it be a lady or

adults or be likely alright when the
food come ladies you did on adult no

Muslim a little little girl this a
unlike when the food comes down

eat spasticity like when I’m alone

mom with the way I eat it looks like I
have to eat over a garbage can

in 10 minutes or less like a technology
lead over yeah

you got together think yeah cuz it’ll
just drop in farm eliminating the


so unlike alright food comes act cool
eat slowly

be chill chew with your mouth closed on

can you do that no because then the food
comes and I

awake in it happen hour later like what
happened I detected high

yeah I don’t know when I don’t remember
eating politely I can look

I’m only imagine looking at my food for
half an hour straight might look up

and the meal is over legal shit I did
everything I would said I would do guys

just saw was a the

I what’s I you left here

and I went somewhere else and the the
slob that you start before you

was is oMG I was loving above the table
looking down

judge it is angry animal at a pig at the

here’s a sad the story from my life

that I can talk about because that just
triggered a

I thing every single one of my ex
girlfriend has told me that

I chewed my mouth open there they find
it disgusting

really yeah really unique grossly and

I mean it’s true I did I do I but one

I was at a cafe not even a restaurant a
cafe with an ex

a actually a I was a current girlfriend
at the time

rate my ex girlfriend now the I have to
specify that nafta

but did so don’t back track am at a cafe
racer copy the officers sandwiches and


and I me eating a sandwich talking to

presumably I have food in their mouths I
don’t care to talk I don’t care by it

with my

ahead talk and some guy I was like 22

I was like a full like now in adults
talk to me down to me I have like sort

of like

behave I’m also an adult you can do that
actually and I’m like sniveling back

but when I was 22 as a yes sir I’m sorry

and he I was eating talking a to

a lady and the guys sitting next to me
that I’m sorry

can you eat with your map can you chew
with your mouth closed the sound is


and he said I’m sorry house like I’ll

I probably did say I’m sorry but I was
ready others so mortified

and my a girlfriend at the time I had to

stand up for me even though she agreed
with him

and it felt like extra said cousins that
have serbian like see I told you so

she’s like

hey Lake leave him alone and i’d like I
love both the you don’t like the way I

do it and now the

my girlfriend is standing up for me they
actually did that day

but if they left together his it’s a

actually you know I do can we get coffee
sometime there’s a lot of shit I’d like

to talk to you about

a yet I was a sad moment in my life

ten years later still haven’t learned my
lesson world is now simply said

to with your mouth was a disgusting you
would tell them to fuck off but dumas

yeah I would maybe likes answer

or be like you know I can do whatever I
want to do or like

oh I’m re: in like scaling to use a bit
but I would

I but

do I eat very differently when I’m alone

at like when I’m alone even more so I’m
just like no holds barred

like you saw me what I was doing the
essay much like I V shit was spilling

out there was food

all over my hands I don’t even like
wanna but yeah I like iven

I more than once I eat dinner so fast

in the privacy of my own home then I
threw up I’ve had more than one type

you that is the new level the EU

if he hates ok bastard so much that I

vomited who you are is sheep I was like
you are a lamb you are a yield

level your own devices you leave until
you Obama tell you my problem is that I


I don’t snack I only eat meals

a it does you’re hungry throughout the
day summer like

but I doesn’t like come in little ways
it’s like economy in when tidal wave

well yeah dinnertime so like I’ll can’t
work like I would’ve

I haven’t eaten since lunch than others
that it’s like bpm

or later yet light and fuck I need

i needy yeah and I would do this thing I
would like

make pasta the and then I would like

put as I put like past dead now

have you boiled egg noodles so I would
make like macaroni and cheese label

that’s not good enough to get to that
macaroni and cheese

and I would like others like I a budget
turkey here cya later

put deli meat turkey Indiana cover the
entire thing in Suraj

yes had just like adding any like a
6-year-old chef

rest like this tastes good all I was
issued this case Hollywood

yeah and it just so much garbage and
then I would scarpe it needed some

quickly and then I woulda more than what
they threw up

today way to way way way too much when I
imagine you eating this is like this

when you’re when you long after you die
and i’m just still around thinking about

you still

long enough and I a imagine you eating
the images view that’s most

burned in my mind is you putting 324
potato chips in your mouth at the same


yeah which are hard to do like potato
chips are malleable

like you have to really open your mouth
wide yet tried a couple

and then I like by ringel too big yeah
they’re not Pringles where they easily

stacked it just like

forward ruffles basic yen-dollar rage
them to the point where yes

guy right now this is a stack of fried
potato headed by cock

%ah left but the I don’t care I’ve ever
had a go for be like the way you he is

discussed it but they are all impressed
by this has a bit byte

yeah that’s them being discussed it had
when I know their address

a with in a depressed they’re impressed
I do you ever had anybody tell me did


I declare chew with my mouth closed
writers he really really fast

buddy do that in the presence of ladies
our democratic congress of down

if it did if its only other country with
Ali Molly

it be interesting to go but I guess like
going out to dinner with like somebody’s

parents or something

and bf to be very self-conscious I
really hard or like Al gets out if I can

if I eat it with a fork in that back in
like ration it a little bit you left it


with yourself last year it I you like up
in a race altogether

contest the area around me when I like
with I like

have paced like when you’re doing how a
beloved paste

yeah when I you to have a ball okay

as my Suraj American cheese race yet but
I will like I’ll still

be everybody was do that quickly

you eager it is through the line graph
love your hunger is like

I’m starving starving starving so full I
can puke

yeah starving starving as their eggs so
full I can bother

starving state you at the I have been
eating disorder well yeah i cud purpose


act as bad i’d it’s in a bad order

whereas I just like snacks throughout
the day I never allow myself to get to

a I there are hungry estar en why don’t
yet players and I have been hungry in a


really min nothing to your yesterday
yellow star

here ok but not hungry no not hungry I
wanna actually really extreme

a alright group served as a fiery otra
vez podcast on the you know the show to

help company and we still have an hour

and I what else to say I’m a disgusting

we do eat the same but different week we
eat the same way

but not the same food I think that your

you are slightly sloppier like more
stuff will fall off your plate

yeah I like on your on your face and I

over you border right and when I get
food on my fingers

IQ I’d it grosses me out to lick my own

yet never so I’m just like I just deal
with this like

right now I had a chicken pesto sandwich
where the bread is really good but again

crispy outside

the inside was so wet tough that I just
take one bite and everything slide added

underside then I start like picking it
up in China for my own sandwiches in

like half the piece a bread in like the
way the way


and I’m like unlike holding it with two
fingers and I’d bite into it and sauce

comes out at the side then like a tomato
slides out

my hit my hands and fingers are like
covered in hot addresses are live


very very little late but we r around
the sold out there in Melbourne

Devin a deafening silence dodi’s so

Wiley hah though I I don’t know where I
was and I’m its best

it it’s disgusting had strange not only

nice to realize that Rangers tell me I
was about leader of course

then they should have and I still
haven’t quite learned maybe all actually

make a conscious effort to change

maybe that’s why I have never cared
enough to change otherwise I would have

changed with it

that’s like a sigil last thing for me
like I bet so

much more to figure out yeah you have so
many problems in life

not probable a guy making myself a
better person a return email down like

almost everything and then

I can’t imagine having my life so
perfectly together

yeah like alright this week Amanda by

a soap dish to learn how to eat

other three and then I can finally kill

right perfected human I’ve checked
everything a bot

bill I can’t you imagine like Matt Damon
when he eats a wrap it doesn’t spill it


yeah I wonder what like Google what does
Matt Damon eat for lunch yet when you

see Matt Damon eating a burrito I don’t
see it getting everywhere

because he played as an overfill it and
no I think he just has a great buy

and a lot of patience what a nice girl
what does that mean the pair lot


he just an NL there’s a letter to
Twitter campaign

we gotta show we got our pilot shot a

I want to know what that day but it’s
for lunch is that crazy I said what does

David meet for lunch

what it does actually we should have met
up there with the Damon

I don’t wanna see you eat a sandwich but
there’s lotsa stuff that unlike

I’m carrying three bags in it spilling
over I have a battle a battle

Matt Damon wouldn’t have this third bag
right with Matt net Damon is never like

a on hit like trying to grab something
at the back of his car any like he can’t

reach for it

right do you think that David’s ever
like gotten out of his car then realize

he for got a cell phone in the car they
went back in to get the cell phone and


shut the door and realize ok but Mikey
yet no Matt Damon wouldn’t do that yet

who got it so together giving Matt
Damon’s ever like drop the chapstick

below the seat like in between the seat
in the door and you I can’t reach 40 s

to open the back seat like but

his his standing in traffic yet his
doors open cars are running out on great

and he also like has to pee really
really bad one at all happening and

he like squirts just a little bit in his
pants now it’s like he’s got

he’s got like just sweat pants right to
the data wouldn’t happen when it

happened to Matt

or like how do you think Matt Damon like
what sometimes I travel and I have a a

roller but also a suit and also a bag
filled with a food for the plane

rates on like holding the suit and
holding the carry-on and unlike the this

that plastic bag is starting to rip and
I look like gotta my shit together

but well with Matt Damon do what does he
do to make that not happen

dizzy not have food on the plane maybe
he doesn’t have to carry food are you

probably read first class is like a load

will give me yes he doesn’t have to
carry a plastic bag that’s

relief then with Sabra hummus and
pretzels chips a fruit salad and a

bottle of water

yeah that’s true that’s true a poop well
thats Matt Damon not do

what else do you doing led the league
has Matt Damon do

0 when I brush my teeth there’s like
lots over

a toothpaste that trip that a man
outside to do it over the sink

kinda going in line with the to the red
those who do not pay to keep your mouth


that read it is that’s what is Matt
Damon sleep with his mouth open

does Matt Damon snorter Matt Damon’s the
kinda guy that brushes

teeth with %uh regular toothbrush any
just spit into the second he’s done

yet but I have to wash out I agree with
that in it could be like

what walking around in his kitchen get
the iPod akashi yes brushing his teeth

yeah quick into the batter yet like

yeah and then it all like spit once and
all the toothpaste is that

the year you have the Reds more than one
yeah exactly so would have dampened with

with Damon operating does he do it

he’s a Scientologist a that years and is
only here

a good and that’s the point at this show
or China tell you guys

you can also attain this level at Damon
your the payers money

a I we start our own religion called
david is a

Damon -ism I like 07 worshipers they

they pay to demons will be paid at David
I so W W Matt Damon do

yeah and then like we were chatting just
but how do you know how does Matt Damon


how does Matt Damon do I bet Matt Damon
as a watch

you here’s a while yeah I don’t think
he’s ever like fumbling for his phone to

check the time

you think his phone is ever at like 2
percent any as to ask a friend

like or ask a restaurant like a can you
charge iPhone me and never

never had that he never has that is
effective as well as 60 percent

yeah hey buddy a fresh air

David are you kidding me on dealing
Damon ever like put her socks on but

like not really well

so like that the heel part that the
different colors like at the top

and you can sort of see it or his socks
are always like perfectly aligned like


the apt the priority perfect yet do you
think Damon on laces issues before it

puts a mentor dizzy to slide into them
like this

like you like pounds down until is
feeder and

I bet he sits down unties out the
anti-slavery very efficient as a great

game unlike the easy today down

unties issues in the tightly yes to
Rogers is Matt Damon Casey Damon like

lacing up

I like that up tough boot like one one
for me Inc Anne’s Lace doubt that’s

pretty true

yeah apparently didn’t think of that

and im thinkin im lacing it up like with
one firm or

well I did they go boots Duke it course
damn it’s got boots man leaving Damon

just as Birkenstock Cirque rocks I
thought maybe they have like a sleek

pair in eighties

dispersion happen I can see that too
stories like in a boot up

yeah or you’re just like the Laker game
you like put on some Nikes and Celtics


yeah of course it’s got a salesman yes
out the Texas from Boston

nice that’s another thing I loved him
and would do hitting Damon burps Matt


I that he does like very very quietly
and it’s like just

you no doubt a public like belt for just
like I ojeda

are most likely to go up you know like
that has a new Bourbon you feel really

really really great after work here

a bit like that it’s just like he does
like a little burp to himself over to

the side nothing

and then it just like well my chest
feels light I think he does there have

hiccup burp so he’ll be finishing it may
only be like sorry

like that as per 0 needs to apologize
yeah has nothing to be ready exact but

of course it out to apologize Matt Damon
internet David please

the politics be yourself I encourage you
to ask you here because I wanna be your

kids would learn how you do things

actually in addition to you being
yourself but also like to be yourself

to a big you could start a religion
where everyone tries to be yourself

don’t be yourself be Matt Damon’s self
that the Burg Berzon

always AB de always be David of it is

always be Damon do you think

David lives in Raven AZT debt mad damn

but that’s a great question but appear
Raven nest is Matt Damon’s

weekend home me that’s like when he’s
out he doesn’t want to deal with traffic

kill sort of like chill out

I Suttles Gardner pleaded he’ll it by
Peter Taylor agree

you’ll spend a weekend or or a two-week

in Raven’s nest while it’s right very
professional and he deserves to be in


a sleek and we do not deserve to be in
Raven esta can’t stress enough how

how we weren’t even cow I’ll given a
counteroffer to Raven est

yes the guys that would entail that we
we were negotiating for a contest

the owner didn’t even want to speak to
us that’s right

we approach the rolls-royce dealership
and said I will take one

I’ll give you a leaf or your head in the
everyone entertained the idea of

exacting but was person bad

speaking that’s what we’re at the heels
Abreva nest

so to to to wrap

to wrap up this little intro we eat

we are homeless we are not Damon and we
have not yet

received Raveonettes we will be on Damon

we will be Damon level how can you be
Matt Damon

who can be met David but Matt Damon and
can we pick

achieve savon the is you talking to

a two and three thousand people it is
super tired rally

now how can you be Matt Damon

the I to take a break

I the time

a just about one week I will take a

take one spot three and then will
actually give people advice

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soda the

this episode comes out after our
Australia tour but we’re recording it


so who knows what will have happened we
are leaving

tonight in on a red eye that right we
both made guy from in ambien overdose

I’m I decided not to take ambien coward
I’m afraid to take ambien

okay so I them so yeah I

i’ma and quantity the actually are aghh

well I’m afraid to take this medicine
that I’ve never taken

on an airplane what a dangerous
situation through the sleeping pill

yeah but wonderful one time at a hundred
some shit goes wrong

that’s not a risk I’m willing to take

I think I could sleep well with just
some make gonna pop some nights

don’t try to make nyquil sound cool Papa
Nike I’m sweating

when you think leaving Damon takes of
course damon does need help

is always well rested he and closes his
eyes and a

falls asleep peacefully how do you think
he sleeps on an airplane arms folded

mouth closed chin down yeah but he

laura is obviously in

first-class have to remember that it’s
so light

your rade he’s not dealing with the same
problems that you necessarily but let’s

adding a layer your coach

yesteryear you have a limited recline of

by David got a full I got a 30 degree
that pitch

in a flatbed but not necessarily on a
domestic flight

wear it with the LA to New York doesn’t
necessarily have 100 originated agree


on all the Delta flight they do the jet
I think this guy’s

apparently that’s enough you better
believe it was the

if you’re taking our bread I would I’d
you know he’s a good table you’re not

annoying the hell did I across the
country now

that yeah and if he does that he’ll be a
story as a flatbed were I’m sure enough

by a bucket private

you’re actually doing so the the very
essence that is Matt Damon when you say

how do you sleep on your droid on your
domestic flight when your client

American Airlines in your layovers in

you know how do you sleep like what the
fuck you even talking about

who are you mad because you insulted him

Puma its your lipids

Derby doesn’t deserve your clinton’s
either the

to hear your girl is but a it’s Kati
it’s tacky

it snack that book it is it scary

elisa they had anything in sleeves on

id you is

field a lot I would be arriving here is
your thing I make an asset to yourself

an NCAA Men’s do you assume at
determining the

and when you assume at Damen you make it
as a review

but never met debut party is

a ok arms folded

over the years that I the sleeves just
fine he did I

you have to worry about K you know he
snores definitely not

no it’s very peaceful sleeper I

you for you as just the sweetest dreams

a a.m.

got over one question now

maybe now we got time for more a.m.

a snap chatting now that the thing
that’s happening

yeah so if you have snapchat famine not
give if I hadn’t given up on snapchat

my name is Amir bloom Bloo am

and he is looking for dick pics a book
but yeah

the more the hairier I we just gave out
my snapchat as well

take them an 85 I was gonna say but you
can hear it lets you subscribe to the

newsletter ira

it but yeah acknowledged leavitt can
always get you hugs I want the dick pics


alright a we need a guy’s name


with borns name Jason Bourne Jason born

who’s cooler met de mettre Jason Bourne
by Matt Damon because he is a fucking

writing Oscar I awesome

ag’s important as the fucking ninja and
by the way

he’s not real who Jason Bourne

of course here so i’m saying that
they’ve been israel-p_l_o_ he has that

going get your day go by them

plus Damon’s richer the history I think
James how do you think how much do you

think Jason born get if you’re like a

assassinated we had like actually
unlimited money could use or like a

secret like a

government up included habla how does
that work you have a bank account yet

yet the ATM’s

Jason born yet will we analyze it really
is a different names but he had made by

the cash money in Mali the county owes

actually pretty cool does have a 401 K
I’m just worried that Jason Bourne isn’t

worrying about the future he’s not
thinking about longevity

yeah I re let’s say at 865 when he can’t

kick butt anymore does he have a nest
egg Monroe is investing

question he doesn’t live off the grid
that’s true alright so this is what

Jason born rights

through some careless right swiping I
have matched with my ex girlfriend on


we broke up three years ago after dating
for two years

we were in high school and we dated and
are in college now

so we started chatting and she told me
that she staying in the city where her

colleges for most the summer which is
about an hour from where I live

she told me I should come visit sometime
this summer and that she’d show me


in the city I can only imagine that
she’s thinking about

Hocking up but maybe that’s only because
I am

so my first question is do you think she
has that on her mind

my second question is should I do it I
don’t really have anyone to date or hook

up with my hometown so odds are it’ll be
kinda dry summer

our breakup was pretty clean and I doubt
she has any serious feelings for me and

I don’t have any for her

just good memories and after the summer
I’ll be back at school and have next to

no chance of running into her

as you can tell I’ve pretty much made up
my mind commit myself I should do it but

I’d love to hear your thoughts either
way much love Jason Bourne he’s already

fucking her

year this is way delayed where recording
is on June 1st

comes out June 15th you have you are in
a relationship with the

oh now you’re back together with her he
wouldn’t know it

this is on her mind be there until
tender and she says yes he opens it and

they say

edges as kabila’s it’s like this she
wanna hook up with me is that could that

be the case

yes I imagine it is would you ever do
that would you ever go back to the well

have you ever slept with an ex
girlfriend yet again after years

said it thanks oh maybe

good no interesting reading maybe it’s
been rare

yeah I I am bored by that but I think

it could be interesting like I think
here’s what I i

would say up your last ex girlfriend
like if you just broke up with their

don’t go back and sleep with their but
there’s like and another xr2 in between

yeah he kind of want to revisit that
it’s the old like I can only become with


can only become friends at my second
girlfriend if I’ve done with my third

I don’t know that ruled I think that’s
yours that’s right that’s a rule I made


like it when I’m on my third girlfriend
I can hang out my second I can only hang

out with my first there’s got to be a
buffer ex-girlfriend but France

I think if I was in a relationship with
you and your exercising that

me logic it not that normal for your

I think is more nor late you’re saying
for you

rate yeah I’m saying hours so much time
has passed I’ve already had

and lost another relationship now I can
revisit the one before that

yeah that’s fair you need a buffer axe

I’m saying at my ex needs to be buffer
you wish

yeah she needs to be jacked I wanted a
squat deadlift to me like Jason Bourne


I citizen born in a way ideally the

see you would not sleep with an ex know
if there was an exit between a word

like right now there are ex-girlfriend
the better cat be fine

I yeah yeah I guess so but not I
wouldn’t necessarily

mmm I know what’s the point the

sleeping with someone that you know
you’re ready you already had her you

already went through that now you’re
going back doesn’t it seem like you’re


ideas I sit in the back into
relationship with this person cuz he

also doesn’t wanna be like a long
distance relationship but even with the

union looking up

three years especially and also people
change so much that high school they may

not even a

slept together high school holy shit so
how about if you’ve never slept with

their you should

and if you have then don’t I E

that’s your advice not but that’s mine
look at my life

right that way like if you sleep with
her now one even affect your number

and at that point what do you do in it
what are you if you’re not yet

if you’re not getting that atta boy why
should a basket if the if you know it

goes in and it won’t count per

yeah I a fuckin not other bed pose I
have had two

a a hash mark for every

every every again in a bit better

Obama do fall a

the at my advice if you’ve already slept
with their you’ve already been there and

you’ve already experienced her what you
spend your time and energy in after

focusing on finding a new lady

and I don’t think that there the two are
mutually exclusive by the ego does your


your ex girlfriend and have sex with her
and you could focus on having sex with

other people

you get it while the getting is good

I a parent’s ears saying any sex is good

yes I would say that so like having sex
with some they’ve had sex before still


better than not having sex at all yeah
it won its best if you haven’t done it

for a while probably be different

yeah she’s experienced other things and
you’ve experienced other

so maybe the sexually will be even
better have no if you haven’t slept with

someone in five years and you do it

you get to add it to that number act

get results were number I really need
the adenauer also a virgin

I ugg boots though the you’re talking
about that evidence 0 nline ellijay get

is a pretty big deal

for you a alright those shorten easy

that if you can’t answer one more

a for it to go we have to catch a flight

that’s basically have to catch a flight
to Australia do it a.m.


choose one about international travel
cool it from a lady

alright does Matt Damon ever play late
in a movie

I’m her

doesn’t a pic

with the missus doubtfire that is what I
was thinking up

your they give missus doubtfire you that
Matt Damon would I started by the rack

my brain like a plan

picturing him it in drag yeah

by the way we look to look at Matt Damon
as a woman would probably

be pretty attractive right just because
Matt Damon is a good-looking human

agreed but there’s no way he played a
woman in drag

I mean what about the closest that he
did was a doing an entire movie is Greg

Kinnear siamese twin

up there he has a sense of humor your
hand upon

that the I I yeah i know i

it doesn’t see my keys played a woman

alright what’s his name in the
adjustment bureau. I give me a great

character name on his IMDB

the beef in the True Grit where there
was good

his name is Jay it’s just lobby I

them those cone brother still got it

everybody’s news pretty funny this

whether they’re Rooster Cogburn it

love beef I lucky Ned pepper pretty cool

alright ready nope

I yeah I is watching the trailer up

he was good in this one anything true

yeah it’s great I hey guys I need your

I met these guys travelling and they
were just normal American guys from what

I can tell

I’m from England anyway long story short
we’re all sitting around as hostile in

croatia enjoying a nice big bowl of
pesto pasta

telling stories about ourselves and
getting to know each other when BAM

as if it was no big deal they started
telling me the story about how three of

them gain being some fat mother of three

Iceland it was so unexpected these guys
see moderately normal when he spoke to


we carry on talking and this was in a
one time thing they have the area’s

gangbangs all over Europe on their

i’d like the guys and found them whole
areas but

should I go and stay with them if I go
to America or do you think that’s a

terrible idea

basically can you trust a gang bangor

love on a beef the owner

I was really ready to forgive them if
they’d only done it once

yeah seems behind a sadistic in a weird

that is just like a couple friends who

have been involved in several gang bang
for the first time I read this is a red

as the

unwanted sex thing but gangbang doesn’t
necessarily mean that right

course yet they if it was the other way
around they should be

rounded up in killed Russian so these
are this is a purely consentual

situation where they’re just

group fucking a woman so I that makes me
sort of the lake

that’s not that big a deal as long as

everybody involved like you know that
you’re just

you’re judging people for their sexual

yeah which these people are a little
it’s a little

odd it’s definitely a straight a good
thing they have

sick they they have group they think a
comment left my two boys are

yeah is a lead the group sex session but
it’s only

what’s the difference in the game being
an orgy is just one woman in the rest


at I get I mean I’m sure it’s all it’s
only 10 use both but yeah

when you say game playing. I think it’s
like with one woman

and like met okay so as a single a dude
is it okay for

this girl to trust your intuition and
travel with these

who guys she says this whole are
hilarious or should she be like no I’m

not traveling

guy can’t trust these gang bangers yeah
it’s hard to say I mean

it I wonder if it was my sisters is that
they be like don’t do that

but I don’t know I’m more judgmental
protective about them

gray it it seems like this is a
situation where she should

you know go with your gut energies like

I don’t like this I don’t know if I
should go travel with them then maybe

don’t yeah great never threatened you
like they’ve never it’s really just like

a seemingly innocuous

sexual fetish that they have that it’s
not that much different then

these three guys have slept with the
same girl read all the messages you to

do anything

but why should why should it be any
different that it’s happening at the

same time

like what they like lol these three guys
left to the same rule in Iceland and

then later on they slept with the same
girl in Florence and then in Rome and

then in Paris

great and they are that’s a little weird
but I thought threatening with the fact

that they did it all at the same time
feels like kind of a big threat were gay

men also sounds violent yeah because
it’s like a little we call someone that

does nothing to do with sexy say oh that
guy’s a game bangor

that just means is in a game like bang
bang yeah

I guess shoot-em-up said yeah exactly

I we should call it grew blood yeah
these group lovers

suddenly it’s not that dangerous seeming
is as long as they’re not trying to get

you to do anything that you don’t wanna

yet what they in their normal and fun in

and also that the stories are like at
least mater

the respectful love the people I as a
Delhi they’re not out there like this

bat another Iceland but they kinda sound
like a hassle actually

I’m going back and forth I think these
guys suck

I they can you hang out with guys that
psych can you trust guys that suck

along they suck in a specific way that
doesn’t threaten you I think you can

right follow your heart folly Rd

W W Matt Damon did a

alright the cash thank you for reading
and if you have your own questions are

your own things on submissions that

email addresses if I were you show at
gmail dot com

the opening theme song was written by
Pierre a french-canadian reggae

artist and this last known as Gareth who

Matus a rather be parity very for you
think Matt Damon

ever like has a sir like it

card where he that he uses like to your
punches like it

a arnelle IEEE and I love it done K

I tight budget you get a free coffee and
then like

Hill lose the Cardinal get a new one so
is to

like eight different cars it heavy
punches on oh yeah

any adult dog kennels a hey guys like at
these out yet and they’re like now sorry

out to be the same guy right yeah cheese

take assess I’m others pay full price
for the 11 throwbacks jus

yen I don’t think that era Damon neither
that’s awesome

danube rule man alright we’ll be back

in a week thanks for listening everybody
Mike on





the saw your stand

needs %uh seems but you’ve got to love

due to her

so you’ll be girl these two


were you

when news and this

to see doors guess

and you start who an exam

this message boards and

to these question that the day

win every names being that you’re ones

its murder as a mere in

my mind on the time meeting then


and says the the


love birds sharp

listeners my


this yes mine

them I

time now its all time

films highway

line I heard gone get a room


please tell me

time to time owner


now on playing this game

on the

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