Episode 159: Best of Australia

In this episode we share our best questions and answers from our shows in Australia! We also talk about Matt Damon.

the mall with the mutual

G the name even mind the mall

you learned

the milwaukee managed to

she knew

jerk in a queer what the hell was that a

he didn’t say that you’d is here that
track all who is here and it’s

that was Billy COO

came to Adelaide show yeah that’s right
we’re back baby how does it feel

I’m still jet lag so I fell asleep last
night at 2 p.m. and woke up at nine use

the hound 2 p.m. 89

big that I had a breakfast at 10 p.m.

and I went to the park for I’m living my
life I’m not even jet lag i’m just still

living my life on Australian diet
Vegemite for Brighton

and then at four AM I took my midday nap

bung threatened be prepared Devin have
we learned a lot about Australia agar

group Shane Lindsay Australia listeners
they’re losing it right now I don’t love

the ledger I really like you natalie
they like but

rid of birth they like their dad baloney
for those the UN in four

idiot he actually did like Vegemite I
did like that Smith

Asia enough to actually buy a jamais I
have about you but you made america i

no 9 a.m. I’ve got on the airport on the
way out I’ll really yeah

lead to make for those you don’t know
it’s not I learned this

then Australia it’s not like a type of
food it’s all it’s like a

marshmallow fluff like it’s excreted
only by one brand craft

right makes this one proudly holding on
to you via like held in Zaria a.m. I

really attracts expect to any

but yeah its it’s just this product that
craft makes called Vegemite

that is beloved in Australia and hated
everywhere else

your we tried it not very good

and I those I like that you’re supposed
I guess put it on a very very little

like a flavoring with a lot of butter
which I guess would make anything


still not that good for me yellow pad
did not enjoy it you tell at the close

of people but they would appreciate it
if you did

I services at best love Australiana

and we had the best time in Australia
nice to you did

well we should say that this is a fire
you and advice podcast hosted by us

rate Jake and Amir now we went to us
really we did a whole tour shows

Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Sydney Perth
but instead releasing five

episodes a often different lectures

we had the great idea

did make one best I’ve yeah a smattering
of our best questions and answers

from across the whole tour this first
clip is from our first show

in Adelaide people are very excited to
for us to be there because it’s a

smaller town

yeah they’re like a lot of people come
to Melbourne and Sydney but they don’t

come down to lay it was the smallest

the smallest town that we went to I
think yeah it’s more than

per threat yeah I think so I so this is
our first show their

and very exciting that’s where we met
Billy who did

the opening theme song for the show a

alright let’s I don’t forget about a
Pippi Babcock

okay a young Ben Walter gray well well
this is the clip made us laugh a lot

because Phelps

I don’t know if we should even give it
away or what but

little it’s the name suggestion really
got us this time

all right let’s listen to this Adelaide
clip we need another guy’s name

draw the train huh

me that

I don’t call you out sir

how old are you 14

14 staring you dead in the eyes say baby

fucking him Babcock mother fucker you
heard me

now read the question that I the alright

this guy has the confidence over
million-year-old Wally in Australia

could a 14-year-old a shootout at me

a so me

Babcock tonight when you’re done

really wanted to give me your phone



ok maybe Babcock I 50 babcock writes

you hope so but imagine this
fourteen-year-old beating this Italian

the black guy it talk to you

you why me mister

I can flirt same you’re begging for his

what’s your name you rule

Walter cool when I was 14

I was a loser and a chill neier
thirty-two and still below

yeah but I’m 32 so I’m all the bell

I overall the

me to you with them

lyonnais right

maybe Babcock

I I the

my favorite I

the bad guy

he said its own surely you

other for months and months you

do d did you know that you you’re gonna
say that when we asked for name

Walter yesterday at Walter when he said
grant is were you yelling pp Babcock

you were did you think a bit over two
weeks ago

over two weeks ago it’s a tongue twister

so much overtime twister but

now your tongue twisted the II

movie Babcock rights part 1

about eight months ago I started seeing
a girl from work

there was a lot of built up tension in
the head of fast we agree to an open

relationship as long as the

other people we CEO our people we don’t
know or have to C including a coworker’s

cousin Lucy parts it’s great

we are both all time workers at uni so
we haven’t even been seeing each other

or other people all that much and in
fact she forbade me to see anyone if

that matters

I’ve met her family a few times and
she’s met mine and we hang out heaps

it’s going great part 2 I get Instagram
for the first time ever slow part 1 I’m

not going great

she had sex with someone it doesn’t
allow him to three anybody

part 2 K I get Instagram for the first

I had a few friends including her and
look through your photos and find work


cousin has like to you over photos no
big deal right

nah the I snoop

further click on him in she’s like the

this photos but more notably the topless

if your blood isn’t boiling yet

the it’s not

if your blood is into boiling yet

please note that this occurrence
occurred why OLS

we have been seeing each other she liked
one topless photo in the same week

we’re at a beach house introducing her
to my friends and others

and she liked the same week I introduced
her to my family

art 3 what should I do


today broach the topic whether should I
forget it

should I escalate the relationship so I
believe her

I have no clue what this means

could be I am also new to Instagram so
maybe this callous sultry behaviors

I am it doesn’t seem far I am

to be honest is probably slightly better
looking than anybody

not face the but I know she can’t

talk to or treat girls the way I do so I
think it’s just sexual slash

emotional still sucks though thanks love

baby Babcock

great name for a great question

sexual slash emotional

it’s just that till things that can be
put it still hurts

so not but or still

well as the part where C for baby’s
birth Inc it’s called an open

relationship that’s only open one way

sort of like a push poll door type thing

right in it opiates a revolving door
that doesn’t revolve in every direction

escalator is what it is

yeah I know the weed brownies are
hitting us right now

I so let’s say you’re dating someone she
likes about a topless photos from a dude

is that a red flag

its maybe it’s not great

yeah its weird cuz I would say this guy
is definitely over think Ian

but then also he’s right

I yeah which you like sexy photos from
the same girl

like would you be a little more discreet
about that if you’re if you’re a crush

on someone

yeah but you do that all the time like
you like a couple Instagram pictures but

you know which ones you like

really liking right am I the only one
that does that I’ll like you like one

and then you hide it by liking a few

now it’s like Jake like 4 photos not
just one photo the trial your life you

like three innocuous photos and then
wonders like you I want you to know I

like that

I liking photos is the most passive way

but still flirtatious way to get
someone’s little attention

someone’s little attention yeah just
like a little

well you know facelift use them up OK
okay thank you but your

it’s just like a old

this person likes you refer to but maybe
he likes a little bit more

so the fact that she’s doing it to
everything ok topless photo

would you bring it up if you’re with a

and a girl did that her know have I ever
told the story about the guy that I A


the the Instagram fight is on the
sidewalk I think you told me but I don’t

know if these people in Adelaide I’ve
ever heard it

I did I

episode 59 the

see him that’s fucking crazy you
remember what I said better than I

remember what I said

yeah there’s like three 250 hours of our
lives just catalogs for people here

yet sorta like stream of consciousness
for me who was that they remember me say


don’t be afraid to speak up now men

are you the same girl whose boyfriend

I shoes just everything tonight she’s
also Kathy Babcock


so will for everybody here besides you

I saw a couple having a by on the 31

and I only saw two lines a bit but

the girl said to the guy I want you to
stop following her on

to gramm I and the guy said to her I’m
not going to do that


the smaller and eyes remember thinking
that’s like their entire night is

this now this with you want to follow
someone for someone

how probably cuz like it’s easy

everybody’s in the wrong there right if
you ask someone to

unpolished someone you’re kinda like
that’s lame don’t do that don’t be that


but then if you’re the guy that’s like
no way why didn’t you do that

wanted to do some by them why does
everybody have I

the interim in a working relationship
two people can have strong opinions

I there’s got to be an event of lonely
at times like air sometimes you care

most the time I don’t care sometimes you
care and I don’t care whatever I don’t

know but like

but Sears saying up to people care at
the same time that’s when

fights happen yeah when two people care
a lot at the same time that the problem

if somebody’s blood is boiling in a
relationship that’s not good yet have to

people’s bloods are boiling that’s even

of course

that we agree ASL

is with the likely lies what was the
question what to do about the city

broach the topic Julie

escalate the collision center because it
had enough

I I think I like he escalated their
relationship to the point he wanted

I will propose

that on it do it right the season with
games did to me

now you say something then you ruin no
you can’t say anything

when he said there was like every photo
as well I have a calm mood


a little hard for me to go yeah

my girl and me like your topless photos
broth are you gonna bring it up

because it’s fucking shameful the
relevance their shit I R L

so what is this guy gonna do it you
start posting topless photos are

themselves as some sorta like kinda
statistic experiment

and only he likes it own he likes it
before his girl does

I don’t think you can ever say anything
ever you can never say anything of

course not usually

here’s what I think okay firstly Iran

Schur he can bring it up

but only going forward I don’t think he
can se oye

does you would say to someone that
you’re dating hey I noticed you like the

try that on me I’m your girlfriend

and I and we just had have-nots xx but I
just like

blue UN it was ridiculous and and I

get that unlike bit like nah I just suck
your big bro

cake on your day it gay cognac i’m gay

so this is me on the phone looking at at
the photos

okay for well you like this photo

white you like this photo what are you
doing right now

I was looking on Instagram and I notice
that you like this photo this shirtless


your a fucking loser I

now will you just blew me I the so
you’re a loser will you marry me

or should I leave here till the Xserve
in three weeks after I

email to Jewish lawyers dddd dddd bbbb

Pippi fucking Babcock

say it but you I miss Walter

to do you ended up partying with walter
i goin on Instagram did you can look at

it I

but i’m following his ass on Instagram
by 10 arcsec a grow up

happened right in front of my very eyes


and after adlai we went back to
Melbourne which is where we lived

basically for the first four days

even before the towers this is our
homecoming show yet it had a really good

to be back in the air

because we had spent the first three or
four days there Detroit

ended up being my bitch boy are you
really think so yeah he did tell


add to outsiders booyaa as rhythm

Melbourne itself was kind of like the
coolest part up

Australia was like the hipster an entire
city yell

not even the new york like williamsburg
specifically right next to retired in

meatball shops in the whiskey bars and
everybody has a cool haircut

yeah like we went to a haircut place
really got us here can every single


got a cool haircut like the delay saying
a word clearly I

day label day laborers threat they were
like they were the kind if they were

like I

computer programmers are people you’d
expect have yeah I’m cool haircuts

just got over the place train conductors
and the bed

they’d their default is are coolest yes
like in america we want to be the train

conductors in Melbourne

exact cause they’re like they’re good
with their hands and they have hair

I and the modern show was crazy because
it was our first standing room only show

were used like the others were everybody
sitting down we get to Melbourne

like know there’s no room for seats
everybody’s is densely packed I think

that’s where I got the idea to stage
dive for that and you


written that Michelle used in that is
jumping off the stage

it to everyone else failed you it was
sad because I think I

I think I’d failed because I was scared
and I was so weird because I would fail

some like I’m gonna have to do I’m gonna
jump in sort of sit down

yet you can sit down on the issue is
that if they want persons appearing all

the latter and it’s just her legs in the
air as my back and my neck

and my may head were were up bright so
nobody can grab onto it Melbourne is not

to blame

yeah but a at least a made for a funny
or video

tree I let’s get to the this first

question and answer i right

these are really not that i’m gonna be
for real people we need

big names to preserve their hand and
anybody house 21

please don’t be scientists Raymond
honestly right now is per

this night the less I can hear you the

keep it going slow

outward work a compromise on the

I service well please

to you don’t see yeah he’s

given to him mageary Diddy using its
happening it’s

now my life is worthless at this point
this movie that actually is pretty good


look cool with it meter just

one does thanks man

other I remember you’re leaning towards

it now and I do appreciate it alright

to that all the best the %uh

now 20

rights hey guys on the 21-year-old
college student have been dating a

29-year-old woman for about a year

County they’re both named County

things were going

fucking amazing but she had her
paralegal job and drove her insane so

she ended up planning a trip to Europe
and quit her job

she went to Europe two months ago and
just got back yesterday

before she left we talked about being in
an open relationship while she was a


I but that was fine and that I was being
cool and open but as soon as she left

I was getting sadly jealous

and I had nightmares thats

yeah I had never heard that she would
end up fucking two dudes on and DNA

here’s some

the says he got back yesterday in

today we talked and guess what that’s
exactly what the fuck happened

the she had a threesome with two

fucking news and I’m and I was not one
of them

of course within as

you work and I love this girl more than
anything and I want the relationship to

keep going and it sounds like she had a
good time but I’m feeling really fucked

up my question for you too

is just like how the fuck do I stop
thinking about the instruments

in is there a trick but moving on

third trigger a pill

runnin for like this I want to be cool
with it but I have an insane

beer then I’ll never be able to satisfy
later again

I feel like in all the pilot shit a home

I feel impotent and sexually useless

in sorry this is that is said

even the love County


but he had a nightmare

that can be a construção I

I’m really into it this thought I’d make
that nightmare real today

my be a wizard myself without a mile
warlock fruitless

also the relationship was going great
but she was miserable at work it drove

me crazy hmm

done as they really great she needed to
take a vacation

everything was going to her because he
wasn’t talking to other guys that were

me at the same time yeah and guess what
happened the promise he won’t he agreed

to be in an open relationship which he
thought was really call him

but then he came sadly jealous which is
the worst kind of journalists also may

be the only kind yeah

he could have you was madly in sadly
jealous yeah

and now it came true I’m so how do you
is there a trick

good thing I didn’t look hard while I

in to lead a razor thing yeah

who that’s really and committee in his
head on the underside of the table

really hard that worked in television

02 get amnesia exactly

if he had amnesia is looking be an issue
maybe the two guys that fuck his

girlfriend goodbye to him so hard

home the hobbits lol table yeah

harder still I still remember it now I
need to forget ben is also

a we need two more guys for ever

he also said that they were fucking

I always believe you thought it but
didn’t know

or maybe sees that bigger the d-bag
inches like I’m sorry but they were

fucking really really hot

like a really hot girl uses like in his
own head like they were beautiful their

dicks was super long and they also
lasted for hours they were on MDMA so

they actually are still fucking here

its tantric sex and it’s still going on
how do I get it to stop

I’m like forget that ever happen it love
is weird like that

an exam care about shit that you
wouldn’t care about three months earlier

this guy just met this girl

now three months later the idea that her
phone to God as jazz really breaks his


only he didn’t know her it own he never
loved and lost

this is beautiful keep going for what is

to know true love and have it slip away
which never knew to look at all

I would say this man should kill himself

no wall I lost myself

yet again in the poetry that all

a how I think the only way to get over

jealousy yet sadness

is I’m in time you will start to care
less about the fact that to really hot

dudes fuck your girlfriend

as the longer version time heals all
wounds yes

yes that’s correct is there any way to
get over it quicker

you force yourself not to care

Jack Daniels out drinking

oh yeah yeah it’s a good idea and
Schrenker’s I often drink to forget

yeah Traci a

you don’t even remember how you got here
who are you

de beers those men who look hot yeah and
is that word

so what do you guys think I am other
than I’m

someone just said

rupees which I certainly solves nothing

but 20

that’s what he said metzner I wasn’t
like him that is so much easier said

than done

I I think it would be the easiest thing
in the world for any girl to get real

doubt by as many guys as he feels like

and for me is it do you well I could
probably do it but somebody else the

yeah the yeah cut the fucking both

love you %um and

hey i’d text here

what they like themselves think Matt
Damon as ever unsuccessfully stage


oo interesting yeah Italy probably not
now I don’t think he’s on successfully

done anything his successful all year

worry saying at a restaurant that a.m.
oh yeah I do you think Matt Damon is

ever been in the group the people at a
restaurant and he

he ordered and everybody else orders
anyway like okay

at they said anything 0 actually at
night I do you want a surprise is that a

salad yeah

changes I was there is order at the last
second is no shamefully in front of

every breath we not

Dame is also the guy that’s like all
order while you take your time

he’s never the Gothic I I don’t really
know what I want I want to order and

then I think I collapse yes they can I
go Latvia in anything

yeah that someone else’s Michael at the
data no actually can I go last yeah I

after last when Matt Damon enters a pool

do you think he’s hesitant do you think
he steps on the size of the NBA

like put is a clinical I’ll loud call
that I thought I it’s fine it’s

violating a ways down the stat yeah

Isaac easy sorta bodies on his tippy
toes because it is one even go to

natalie is kid jumps it is I don’t
splash daddy

had really really cold club I’d now is
never has it at

yeah he’s always the one that dies in
head first and then it comes out at the

pool and yeah

like is that a you shiver an Italian now
o’clock at the shoulders got you as I

was driving his drive down the leg

like good to go I’m ready as a nice tot
he has a topknot I at the money

ties around is it ties around is here he
walks to the lawn chair nothing that

sellecca yeah can you imagine Damon
tying Italian 20 min taking a couple

steps and it slides down

way and any picks up the town put it
over his shoulder panel guy like Matt

Damon Everett

and when he does but it over so did you
think they were asymmetrical

it’s really lot in the back but we like
a double into the over-the-shoulder no

no and no

has a absolutely affect have it having
to have its mad mad it’s perfect tits

day man and you’re not gay

I yet but I add him on that David here’s
another clip from a motrin show

Osborne yes %uh bird image appeared

really I okay this number %uh burgers
independently love force

osborne’s right so I have a girl who has
been my best friend since I was 10

I’m 24 and so is she she’s been a pretty
serious relationships and college the

guy sucks but she like seven that’s all
that’s ever really matter to me

or lose their biology like them hmm

on thought you meant to go she made me
over to watch the hangover because her

boyfriend was back home she wanted to
hear how

I thought nothing of it we always watch
movies together and I love the hangover

I’m selloff as foreign through the
normal old movie you watching routine

until we reach the scene where Heather
Graham’s did is out what is breast


yeah my friend turns to me and as

if I thought it was hot not to hear that
I said no not really it lasted a second

she’s breastfeeding

then she wrote once the frame where
Heather Graham’s

it is out and POS is the movie in asks
why I don’t think it’s hot since she

knows I love Heather Graham

at this point I’m a little confused and
say something don’t like

just because and that my friend my ass
and she says that she things online then

out of nowhere she puts her hand on my

to the love I have a boner we’re really
close but nothing like this has ever


I wasn’t really hard but as you can as
one senator that so it doesn’t take much

for a dick to get hard

I remember that part insurance all it
needs is some attention and rubbing with


strangely getting you know that that is
the king and the gardening podcast to

listen to


yeah he’s like how do I grew turnouts
and all they need is a little bit of

attention and rubbing got that makes you

obviously I got a boner and she laughed
and said I knew you were lying

butt cheek after him there through my
athletic shorts east of its sorrow and

giving me a ride the job

and I quickly realized that this was
escalating extremely fast

I let it go on for longer even to the
point where she gave me a little ahead

in yeah

but I started her

but I starter because my thoughts were
all over the place

my head felt like it might explode not
talking about to cum explosion he says

I love my best friend she’s one of the
most gorgeous people I’ve ever met in

probably one of the people I care the
most about the world but I’d be lying if

I said I wasn’t at least

floored by this whole experience that
makes them confused you’re happy concern


only to be honest with you as I was
hoping you might know

any ideas on what I should do do you
think everything is okay with her and

her boyfriend


don’t worry she might be going through a
rough time that this

this thing was her way of expressing

I just want what’s best for her and if
that means going forward in seeing she

was the date all happily do it

and that’s not just for mercy but if you
guys think maybe she needs a friend more

than whatever I was a few nights ago
I’ll do that too

thence limbaugh’s good in Japan

on don’t want to get your pressured like
you guys are in a million

lovebird UN months

the this is like the best thing that
ever happened to me.

30 friend that had a crush on his best
friend had a boyfriend

right yeah and she was hot according to
him right she

also you accidentally let her blow you

and he stopped because he was confused

yeah could use that he might

jizzed everywhere on series

yeah nothing right own bill hoping to
get a valid

design we got a hot story yeah weekend
stories about sex and just feels

anonymous but the ideal a friend
touching a friends did for the first

time is so

specifically arousing in sleepy athletic

and yeah really Israel then met shoot

got me I would like

yeah that order right

aggressively a border is another sexual

yet yeah yeah yeah I’m well you’ve got
was long enough %uh

why I don’t yeah I yeah

eyes the the this guy clearly so I love
is growing that

I’ll do it if she if it’s good for her
do you think everything’s okay with her


sees such my for aa CD Baby a little

and I don’t design you lotta love you
ever did 3

just the tip it with or to book would be
a good time to look it up

looking for done good time to write a

to by Yuri Kageyama just like a pro it

yeah elderly and his doctor can I was
confounded yeah its own emotions

so this guy clearly love this girl this
girl gorgeous friend who is known

14 usually bloom a little surprising its
I think it’s down to have a gauntlet

with him

like her breathless do on display this
entire to this is fantasy

with you I love Heather Graham and hurt
it while my gorgeous hot friend Michael

for fourteen years is giving me a little
bit is everything

close with the murder group just imagine
driving a smiley face on a marble that’s

all we’ll go ahead she gave you

since UPI in

she yeah pp yeah I think he’s right to
have a conversation with the

and I think it is that when I’ll so you
blew me

and their and after Melbourne

we went to Sydney for the first time it
is we spent the first half the trip in

Melbourne and the

second happen said meets these are like
the big two cities magical

beautiful city on the on at bay a harbor

up itself a nurse initial was our
biggest show

maybe ever I think it was we were

the show it basically says they open the
doors at seven the show we were

like about to go on it 8:30 or nine or
something and they were still letting

people in yeah I did was hugely said it
was over 1000 people

and they were also no seats souls like
another densely

packed rock star as crowd yeah but
instead have

having them all the way up to the stage
it was that thing where there’s like a


because they’re used to like having rock
n roll concerts yes %uh there was like a


ironed gate being guarded by two
security guards right and then

onto the stage walks these two guys like
who wants to hear a podcast and its

security guys are very confuzzled people
to get rowdy nexrad they did

and using it a yes this is the clip I
think this is the clip

you basically we got a little too drunk
during the show

yeah we learned about sculling hmm you
there is a chant

there’s a drinks colin is basically
chugging yeah they

we were we were peer pressured right we
were pressured by Ramires as we were

told that we were pissed but the bad

I it’s all it’s all in the clip because
know that at the end of that

like if jake would you say you were at
drunken lies

at the start a clip and then at the end
at meant by the I probably

with a five in the beginning

casual then I went I wanna actress coli

hit it big with and there’s no looking
back at that was not

I let’s get the Sydney

at the first questions from a guy will
use it great but we need a lady’s

and does anybody have the guys anyway




I’ll someone depression

good 77 settlement

then what any couldn’t think of it yeah

someone gave it to him

so thank you is right got you may be
able to life member long time

be a beloved what’s your favorite food

come on boy think you you three

like like you had something to say
what’s this

his brain and then it went to sleep

you guys are great

in democrats

lOL jk near I am a Casanova from Canada

whose travel to London Paris and Berlin
in the past two weeks

and here’s a problem the girls here

are so fucking hot there literally

all over us happen mine girlfriends

been my girlfriend is around the

eat I have a girlfriend who I really
like before this trip

but now since I’ve been around Europe
may not seem like girls there

I want to move ahead up shit up on the
red a

and here’s here’s the thing that’s the

I’ve bought her a purse that was four
hundred and fifty dollars from Paris

but no I’m not sure I want to give it to
her what

should I deluxe sandwich was gonna
present much


to favorites knows what the problem is
the problem is you many hot

shucks the problem is the well he said
the problem is that he bought her an

expensive purse

that’s right that not the issue correct

what’s the issue according to you I
think that he’s an asshole

Kwame you

just it’s like he just found out there
were other attractive girls in the

in the world had he not ever like seen a
TV show or read a magazine Irvine


where he saw someone was more attractive
than what you raped his girlfriend

as an eighty yeah he’s ever seen ur
niner attention she have been the 10

wouldn’t that be there against other
technologically speaking he doesn’t have


me I’d rather you did especially down
here but he doesn’t know the skills

between one and 10 correct

absolutely thought you know you know
everybody’s in a

he also thinks everyone being really hot
is a7

yeah I don’t know if he gets man

this is only a real problem here like
the hottest guy

0 right so you think like I came I don’t
know by comparison

oxen up with like we’re not totally
positive you can

yeah what if you cannot fuck shit up

there’s a very real possibility that
what was the things that which that’s


sandwich get that there is a delay hey I

orbit the glaubers the Brawley all

slight were good and many

doesn’t get to fuck anybody’s alike
going to be

8 if I’m aids pretty great did he say I

I really like my girlfriend and tell I
found out about now

until I found out about other women I
really liked her

yet when she was literally the only
woman on earth I would when I was down


hang out with her but other day I met
other women at the very least I wouldn’t

give her an expensive purse

his art about purrs I’m saying he’s
ordered an investment for somebody else

down the line

so he should get his lady give the
person but maybe we can you no longer

attracted to his lady which it sounds
like the

is nine and thats is already got there
too pretty to see where you but it’s


an honest opinion that he has so he does
have to break up with his girlfriend

keepers there’s no reason to give it to

he didn’t hear is seeking where the

impress people problem I hurt you

what I love her yeah it’s pretzel all

enjoy the murders that’s a male prayers

film so you say what break up with your

I hang on to the first a

answered by is always break up with her
girlfriend and by

peace i win i win at and is nice but
they’re sorta like an echo whenever I

say hey

so let’s try it and solo

got it comes right back I like they’re
all saying it to a microphone to you

yeah but their maker fun as the other
people here

poetic it’s not the thinkin

well this is something that’s gonna
punish them for it seems that you have

when you’re in a relationship

I think Thomas that is that it seems
like you can have any other girl you

want and no one thing holding you back

you’re currently and the Utes

break up in the air like away I can’t
get these ladies just because it’s

it’s kind of difficult to do that it
wasn’t because I heard

its being single does it mean that you
can fuck anybody

yeah like you know morally speaking you

but other people have to wanna fuck you

now that’s that’s a huge market right I
would say that’s

almost as important as the part where
you wanna fuck that

I would say or the babe agree

we actually don’t think there is that
different things I’m sorry I am kinda

wasted right now

you would oh you didn’t pick up your
trade %uh

someone the desired skull I we learned
about Scotland the other day



with Santa song others

thought you guys have a song about
selling the

a the national anthem free I think this
girl in summertime in






though I went to a party match does not
remember that’s it now

oh what the fuck happened

that was the coolest thing you’ve ever
done I

you can sell relevant doesn’t be willing
to drive

you had a really school your well

the Muslim Brotherhood like they have
events repeated


and then the most impressive acting job
with him acting like that was a nice

small miracle that he injected

cell like now is that is well

then you sit down on a stool the cool is
that chair

and use their if the crowd

mike got man can I blow you


but blew it would get up and leave some
love you would probably have to write

what a weird thing that would be I was
the show it was good ol

Amir Blue Jay in

yeah the UK capsule

that he got

blown who is awesome



is there something about sipping was
team I like to hear that

some sayre always yeah






as the most important got no chance even
in moderation

we’re real quick we did have to think

one sponsor this episode didn’t think
that you we can just get away with an

entire un-sponsored episode

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true as heck bus production sounds like
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cool pray tell I was done that’s it I’m
not telling an A grade tell

I’m praying to you to tell today at the
city shows the

discs the successful stage dive yeah
that’s the one where I i

there was a little attempted it was fun
to watch but more fun to do

exactly the film videos are better me

but the successful videos field bright I
learned basically for my mistake with

the Melbourne Show

and said he felt like a the big closer

it was so big and we went out after in
got crazy town

yeah and then we just had to more shows
after we had to keep going

is that within that could do it. nice
age 82 that was when

I stress fault and hours later on the
show asserted

is the not make the cut Genna though
this is

this is earlier on the gym a pic I today

yes the ad in these that within these
that question answer

that was the funniest crap her ice

I are but we should say that we did get
videographers to come with us to

Melbourne oh yes I meals

know you’ll see it our boys basil and
Dylan yet

as Dell a jail they took video of us

before during and after the show to make
a cool many feature at

documentary type thing about the show’s
so that’s really exciting

a then after Sydney we’re off to do more
shows including

the one in Perth which is insanely

I guess the second most remote city in
the world yes

it’s like america if america was just
Boston New York

DC and then on the other side the
country was Los Angeles

in the middle is just a blank ni yeah
the Outback

right oh yeah brush a bush that’ll kill
you he a snake that will

kill you right basically different
things that will kill us. in the outback

with that the us it’s so empty that they
have like two names for their nothing in

the middle %uh the

really added layer that yeah you want
when you go you’re in the city then you

and I think if the bush not the brush at
the bush

that’s like another layer yeah that’s
like nature just around the city then

you get in 10

the outback that’s the real that that’s
where you’ll stats where you don’t mind

I a lot in the

in the bush to you almost died in Perth
actually I did it.

I I was born again I

pretzels were extracts a tinker’s I
guess not a lot of people come to Perth

so we’re excited to be there the this is

no or hear from our last show here’s
another question and answer

from our live show in Perth Australia
creditors rights

I said there’s a girl crevices is sort
of a

a its Briana is a pretty ambiguous name
you can do is create this works as a


I grand as an androgynous woman writes

hey guys I’m a chemical engineer at an
Ivy League universities so access to

some pretty nice plastics

and silicon arms don’t really gets

there is this thing I do to seem really
cool sexy in spontaneous where I will

invite a guy I’m dating to the lab just
to show him what I do and where I work

but really we just end up having sex

Houston yeah

usually after this to make myself and

seem even cooler all create a molded his

dick which I then used to make an exact

silicone replica essentially I end up
with a high quality

dildo made from a silicon formula I
created myself

and then he even after we break up I
still keep them


confuse garden my current boyfriend
found a couple boxes of the old bill

does been

it was furious he was mad that

my bringing him to the lab trick had
been used on other guys and he said that

using any if the deal does I made

with essentially cheating on him he also
said that if there was any hope for our

relationship I needed to get rid of them

I love him and all stopped using them
but I don’t care

but I can’t bear to part with them I

they are really nice and a lot of spent
a lot of work went into making each one

I need your advice should I just deal
with the agony up tossing them

omen what I just put them into storage
and say I got rhythm

do you think what I did was cheating

thanks lull grand is was gonna break

I guess first things first do you think
using a dildo love

replica your ex boyfriends dick is

and Billy people the road the word
cheating around its

what you what he’s won Thursday as its
really hard for me to deal with yeah

and he likes to say cheating cuz nobody
likes a cheater right like I don’t wanna

be a cheater

but like what he’s really saying is like
I’m sorta a coward here

and caused all those look pretty big

you who it was that yeah I just meet the
guy who’s dildo made that deck and was

arrested him look like

you know he was tall and handsome
Michelangelo’s David

a couple boxes lead but yeah

with a cool movie she has I bring them
to the lab but that big a dildo up to

yeah really it almost does make science

a close as you’ll get EE not actually

so what do you think that when you think
about this girl the feel bad for her do

you think she’s actually violated her
boyfriend’s trust

a course not let something like this is
the difference between like girls


guys GD like guys in be like actually

yeah girl she is just like has a big
penis that somebody else

and he doesn’t even know that she uses
then she just has the money so this is


yeah lucky if it’s not cheating it’s
just having a dildo

right how many flashlights the that made
up there the badge I know is that your

old conquest

I actually have a place like that looks
exactly like renders


you does got it down the middle hole
turn it inside out

from spying too bright but I have at it
like attempt at like you’re drinking

milk their attempt yeah

glass ornament Natalie but

those that fuckers a

remove those yeah be wankers

yeah being I’m not a hundred percent
sure this little guy likes being in the


are you getting more credit I killed me

oh we will a

should she stand her ground she stand
firm in say I’m not getting rid of those

boxes dildos I would live I mean that’s

pretty innocuous it’s fine to live it’s
a good white lie

yeah just as they had why is it so
painful to get rid of the dildos

I think it’s like kids it’s nostalgia
it’s like look at all these times I did

this cool thing it’s a souvenir

ok it will be gone here I believe
putting things into storage is practice

getting rid

good how often do you ever go to was
stories thing right

and like step 3 /url dildos yeah you
might as well just 18 limited storage

for a year and if your boyfriend says
did you get rid of them use their course

I got rather than in any year if you
haven’t even looked at them that you can

get rid

that’s a good idea that’s like what you
do with digital storage like I’m gonna

put all my pictures on an external hard

right menu just don’t ever why would you
look at me and then when they lose the

hard drive me like that’s okay I never
ever looked at it anyway

little sad to lose a hard right at the
Knights yeah especially those in the

ship with a dildo


grab your whiskey buddy Wed your with

he’s been on the grounds as the GoDaddy

it could you don’t even know you the

spearhead no no no no no no

I Obama has good that’s correct

but still are you II get

I’ll the job right thank you

I’ll her other question was

she get ready to go though know is it
cheating no

oh yeah was the cheating do they were
here think it’s cheating


play if she you think it’s cheating and
she uses the deal though do you be

achieving a guy looks at porn

you don’t your %uh

Durden an anti-feminist I

you’re a mass killers where you’re
saying it is cheating if you use that

dildo of an ex-boyfriend

that relates to the feelings you have

what did your ex just had a sick dick
yeah I did you keep in mind that it’s

possible the ex just had a sick dick

also key members with a hundred percent
not be a problem may be discovered the

box until those that

everyone had a smaller dick did what the
bill said was

MA we’re all better that my dear yeah
couldn’t they were

it if I found isn’t if might be a
radical girlfriend will ever have has

a box until those and ice found them and

my dick was better again but yeah keep
all those dildos

as a reminder a good dick is the best

but I mean if you

make a necklace love your children if

found if you’re dating someone and she’s
like I have a trophy in every guy

fucked in its misshapen their dick would
you like that’s fine I’m cool with that

until the cause and as all fuck myself
with them

with the trophy debts which is a that’s
okay too it would you also want to get

rid of them

will I can book is the answer

up a hundred that not okay with that and
the hundreds that in the wrong when I


when you say what when I say don’t you
can’t looker touch the bill those that

you made up your ex’s

as you you’re not a anyone can do
whatever the fuck they want

all allowed as they have been really
really bothers me and then you make that

thats but that’s the broader things that
you never tell someone what to do you

can say that it bothers you and hope
that they arrive at their own conclusion

which is the brother bill does or not to
throw them away but to lie about their


so every one thing I could do a lot of
humanity I say hey this makes me feel

city and she says

oh well then you don’t even have to
think about it anymore and then she’s

hiding in

I would like her to show up in the
storage or a friends house with a box

that bill does not just a block with
several boxes yeah

Brian bill does I can we bury

is I know the whole have to be much


and then I have many dildos and then she
hears it like the tell-tale heart

like yeah at vibrators dildos are

thank you everybody in

%ah than 1000

that was that was basically the lab and
have our tour

then we have to take a ninety I think
ninety-one our flight back to

yeah I was roughly 90 it was five hours
to Sydney and the 91 home

I ended up taking an Ambien you know you
actually are still

on me and be the surgery the better I am
rolling rolling are

I was afraid to take I was afraid to
take it and then I decided to say fuck


I’m gonna throw caution to the wind I
said you know what

I’m not gonna let sons silly side
effects scare me

you actually said to your dad died on
the cabinets CNN he said it’s fine you

should take

yeah he slapped me in the face vehicles
in the old boy

Louis call me a little pussy boy here
you know sort by

a happy fathers day by the way yeah be
rushed through it and that’s that’s

that’s true at the Abbey in really did

yes yeah I I was asleep City
underwriting drug for not looking for a

handout hours

obviously need a prescription so good
luck getting it but I I

I got it because I have my in I

mmm glaucoma the at me out of court
absolutely dangerous one

i right that’s it that’s our our best
questions and answers from the Australia


an amazing adventure we really did have
a great time shut out to you

a shrimpy I’ll share our tour guide yet

not to react to a manager to a manager
who brought us around could have done it

without a

yeah and the free shit man that opened
up for us in every single city

got tattoos on our faces yeah

and every single fan that came out to
the show who made it

worthwhile for us to come back hopefully
soon yeah but that may affect us to

I think those summer though the as I
wanna feel the heat yeah

to Alana I wanna feel the heat with
somebody I wanna dance with somebody.

head with somebody who loves Mandy

David I thank you

again to everybody you came out thank C
to Billy specifically who wrote

as the opening theme song and the
closing theme sour

a different theme song both from Billy
from Adelaide Australia

if you have your own questions your own
theme songs your own

Facebook thumbnail submissions please
them all to if I were you show at

gmail dot com back next week with a good

podcast known as best %uh shit anymore

the hours this clip show a class act

I will get back it



yo J yeah

show got a

kid Paul

da tempo

old when you are

all yeah



Jenny don’t

at a



at a



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