Episode 160: Memory

In this episode we discuss Instagram, marijuana, and obviously Matt Damon.

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and let’s start this episode things got
so fucking real in this one

it was is kinda cool to witness to be
there for it

with you was I’ll a bus

us together with them to you with us for

for that has Wow when now

here we go





it you can hear always glad to be here

never had and here

likely miss a when might go to conquer
the largest dildo

the solemn yeah baby make money but not
but it’s better to britain lot

to make rap sure the get you put the
chain maybe but you mom black being lame

good it’s all fun and games think about
the payment lot

the time he cannot look gum feel good
that you pick your email

and you’re not in jail to correct my
flat bit of it have fun remember the

backpack yeah


bad for you you know

here hier do you think that sounded like

no really I thought it sounded like me
if I wrapped

in I play 30 second TV right now %um

website say topic you’re not in jail so
take your advice

bahir are you Justin Gonzalez

I am just in gun collar they’re gone
Kyle there Gong Marley

are you did you sample a beat from
YouTube called new school bangor party

beat hip-hop a rap free instrumental

mine was 2014 so that couldn’t be me
fine I am just think on cod

India and I did sample a a free

be from you to DL yeah well as I called

II upbeat now ready kid now 2050

after the one thing that you said was
different you said the in paraguay

new school bangor party BET hip-hop free

missiles party be hip hop free

I miss let that was twice they gave it
to you let’s three ties ready

okay new school bang your party beat
hip-hop rap free instrumental 2015

that the playtime oh there’s no way

to start new school banger hip hop out

rock mitiska & gonna get the report that

new school being your party beat hip-hop
rap free instrumental 25th taking

the new school bag here party

yes be yes hip hop


but I think I’ll

no Google that the third or fourth time

the fourth as the the fifth I already
forgot the first port

new school being your party beat hip-hop
rap free instrumental 2015

new school holiday

new school be methods I

this cool about they are ohio school bag

hip-hop now I’m gonna say hardly be

hip hop welcome like God here this for a
sixth time

oca new school being your party beat
hip-hop rap free instrumental 2015

new school today here partied be hip hop

Excel then

party be a

freestyle Obama up that even a word in

6 seventh time a beep new school bangor

party beat hip-hop rap free instrumental

Chris Cook yet he got a nice blog here
got news no banho de your killed it

just don’t even live already yes but by
about us

10 down hip hop rap

re instrumental

20 15 yes

now let’s hear one more time that matter

but I used to be an actor I used to be a
lil I used to be good at memorizing

I think about it looked at it once if I
read it I could is that it back right


yeah I always when I grew up when I was
growing up I’d a really good memory

like I would always like I memorize the
president’s and like I would like

memorize the states and capitals my dad
always said I’d the best memory

now I feel like my memories going away
and when we do

said a sketches skits

you memorize the lines better than I do.
do you get that transition to or is it

just you always think the other person’s
memorizing a better

I no I usually wear I take a little bit
of pride in being able to but I mean it


it’s such a unique skill seconds
basically good for our videos yeah

I remember good at remembering three
pages of dialogue and then forgetting

them for ever

like when people say hey like when
people play like doing lines with me

right now like from our old videos I
care even remembered I can remember

tales mostly but when we’re doing that
when we were shooting and you usually

need lines better than I did

I guess you but that’s why I that’s
because I’m

I’m good at like reading remembering
like traditions it takes me awhile to

memorize the lines

and as I usually do it quickly auditions

I don’t know if I memorize lines very
quickly because I’m nervous in addition

slimy in just like even just preparing
for them at you like you memorized like

you read it a couple times I I basically
know it

rate but maybe like my short term memory
is better cuz you still know the

president signs

ray lower than a song but yeah I did
know the present say it’s the Capitals

won its assignment

oh yeah there’s Alabama at

yeah Albuquerque men reach louisiana
Indianapolis Indiana and Columbus is the

capital love Ohio there’s Montgomery

that’s that murder direct Animaniacs
taught me everything

the thing you can say that YouTube video
again a

I can even see the first word really and
you always had the first three

I think it was no I genuinely done it
this way that’s cool

I had no idea what the first word was
yearly good medium term memory but not

you like set you can you can hold food
in your mouth and spit it out

I’m not good at listening to people
maybe I could like what was I i

its new school over the new school yeah
new school

hold on new school banger yeah

hip hop rap party

be 3e

I Sri music 2013

close new school being your party be
hip-hop rap free instrumental 2050

implies closely either way thanks Justin
gone Crowther

I we’re at a time ever I reading that is
the fourth

theme song is made for us well you
wanted us to thank his

a not only himself but his the is

YouTube channel sketch films for life
films with the

for the four and life with the life well
out how many people go to that

I just casually mention sketch films for

spot like that I guess between 0 and two
into people will

maybe not now that we’re talking about
them more now

we’re now that you mention it this is
like the art of persuasion

if we casually mention something 0
people go to but them

the more convincing where the more
people go right just like our ads

we can make our at worse but I wonder if
we can make them better

if we really really hate will we could
make the ads better but the show would

be worse

well I mean like there’s a way let’s say
we spent two minutes at the top

promoting a product there’s a

if we do that a million times there’s
one that will get the most people to

sign up

mom but I wonder how that how the one
that we actually use tax up against

those other million

rear we’ll never know ibex

that’s the beauty of having only one
dimension to live in

you think when Matt Damon eat spaghetti
he like hunch over his plate and put a

lot of noodles in his mouth

and he’s afraid to slurp it up because
when he does it like splatters all over

his shirt

so he like push the spaghetti into the
bottom it is for

top teeth to like sort of kind of like a
guillotine with this time

man and like the spaghetti drops but
some haven’t severed yet

see is like a buncha noodles fall back
onto the play and then like a bunch in

it was that are still coiled onto the
play and then he and that does

he doesn’t open up and italy wins does
fall down the ones that false or a splat

the sauce and Yahtzee thing he’s ever
gotten sauce onto his shirt

do you think Matt Damon’s by the way no
it you think Matt Damon’s

ever had to take a left and just gave up

and a political right and then a left
and he turned around in the parking lot

when he mean I’ll and like so is a I
need say a left

like a fuck this the nose right get over
the left lane

he takes a left is your left when you
take the left into a parking lot

does a loop and it takes a right at the
park like he he was an able to switch

over in time

yeah he couldn’t we could meet a
collapses like fuck I at the

a guy got a turn right yeah turn left to

yeah knee and you think he’s ever Park
parallel parked in God now

and look to see if he was too much in
the red yeah is like a

I don’t know my tires are not in it but
my love and then I turn to somebody is


at like even a passer by hey what do you
think he is fine

is this and that they’re like I wouldn’t
risk it yet Damon right andy is like

yeah i right

know what about straightening out like
he got into a parking spot at a parking


a parking lot from and he’s like a
little bit over the line is a good I

guess a constraint now

I’m sure it’s fine actually made all
state now BI and India exhorted Knox

mir’s with somebody and I

damaged reactors like feels like an
idiot has he ever part too close to

some too close to a wall have any at all
scales get out early ever just yet

in chest against a wall as I should I
can actually get out I can get out early

like purses the wall like

pressure that his door against the wall
any thanks or dove as outside way and

then drops his phone but

here bend down to get it so we ask that
same police order ticket along the side

in the pair

that Intel he gets the to place we can
bend oh yeah I don’t think he’s ever

done that now do you think you’ve ever
dropped his chapstick while driving

yet they were like place in the car we
can’t reach it

it’s like he sorta reaching down but
like he can’t get he can grab the hell

yes and market let out this

I i hack that I after just getting new
chapstick yeah by the new chapstick and

then he realizes like

oh I just can adjust the CTA and their

messy and then he has to walk around
with two chaps yeah and there’s like

a couple pennies down where the
chapstick was writings they gotta pick

these up to you

read what to do with change was not a
man do with change at all

video we like if something goes ten
dollars into sense

we’ve talked about ninety minute change
yeah what I think we don’t know is that


I wanted I why I do wanna know I want to
know what he’s you for lunch

I want to help what he does with his
change here

and i want to know if he’s ever carried
more than one chap stick in a pocket

those are my top three things that late
in that when we get to interview Matt

Damon on the show

remember those questions but what is
this show actually in a nice podcast

who idid Fulton

call the fiery it’s actually the only
advice podcast on the internet hosted by

us and with good reason al Amir

object and people email us they’re

quandaries questions they’re concerned
about life and they’re seeking our

guidance so the email

if I really show at gmail dot com we are
hundreds of emails a day

we can’t respond to everyone but we do
try to read them all

we’re not doing a very good job but here
three to four questions that

we did find and enjoy let’s give this
first guy

a fake name just to preserve his
anonymity course

and DM a name for this first emailer

Jason born need and I think we did that
the last time we talked about that the

appellate ruling allowing

see this is hi this is a problem I see
that as your memory

and Will Hunting mmm that’s good

track will hunting rates

hey Jake G and amish my name is Will
Hunting and I’m 18 years old living in


recently I got high for the first time

I tried smoking weed I went with two
good friends who already smoke

and they tricked me into getting so hi

I mean first time smoking and I smoked a
whole joint

3 bong hits and I was gone I have two
problems one

a video of me being super fucking high
sitting in a bush eating donuts for five

minutes and head banging to music is
beginning to spread at my school

how do I convince everyone that I’m not
a fucking loser stoner and I just like

to smoke sometimes

to my momma started to suspect something
since I got home stoned the other day

and she was home when I did not expect
it she commented on me looking exhausted

and having very large pupils

how do I convince my mom that I don’t
smoke if that’s what she suspecting

good thanks lover Will Hunting

the first thing you do is you say mom
look I know what you’re thinking

and I’m not high nor was I ever Atlantic

how do I convince all the kids at school
that I’m not a stoner I just smoke


also how do I convince my mama don’t
smoke sometimes I smoke never

he’s always trying to move one one notch
below 80 actually is

right a when a video about you

at school is spreading circulating you
can’t get mad

is that just fucking feed into the
finals the plane

that people’s ballerina and we never had
to deal with the I get you have viral


videos takin up like I did so much

is there is like videos but it wasn’t
like you could

it would be on everybody’s France right
you know like there was a video it was

maybe on someone’s computer with a on a

right yeah that’s like it’s such a new
thing like even dealing with cell phones

in high school and I think

we had thought funds and I was in high
school and we did

at the end my high school yeah it’s like
weird it’s like middle school

now it’s like I can take a video and
share it to an entire class during class

and everyone will get it

in between classes yeah be now we should
talk to a teacher that’s been a teacher

for like forty years

allowed of park has happened in your

yeah what was the problem what were the
biggest problems in 1982

verses right now oh my god they had a
how do you how did you get

kids to focus in the early eighties
verses like in 2015 when they’re

constantly on there for and I wonder if
the got better

or worse could you imagine if they no
actually kids in the eighties word

the worse the airship is the shit they
didn’t have phone so they hate each

other with slingshot yeah baby heroin

the so this guy’s problem is that I’ll

that get it is kinda funny video to have
them sitting in a bush eating donuts for

five minutes

and head being a dick that sounds like
you’re very very high

but there’s nothing wrong with being
really hot like that’s another kinda

weird thing like

yes it I would be a little bears that
there is a video be being super drunk

but like

your I would do such stupid shit like

you were on drugs yet at the coolest
thing that either you or more like

that’s what happens when you do the drug

yes kinda cool I is mostly is like not
fair at his friends to take a video

like the you get high and then

like okay all he’s gonna act like it ET
and yeah course

that matters up to the point you to rate
can you do drugs and you act dominates

and its communal for everybody doing
it’s not like for some kinda weird

public forum

and likely he was being a safe it didn’t
seem like he was doing anything that was

endangering anybody else is just sitting
in a bush

eating donuts for five minutes listening
to music you know we did great for that

reason this is proof that is cool

it’s foolproof cool proof home the

your yet why you should I

the do you think a Matt Damon ever like

when people say two words that a like

can be combined like I’ll say like a at

teacher chariot everyone so we’ll see
teach area at each area

are like a and what’s another example

I a dry I believe youre everything you
have the first example a goth

deterred shari it was a real stress pit

its weird cuz we do this all the time
and I god bless you up

I commend you for saying teacher
interior letter words aware that can be

like two words that could be pushed
together into line ’em

a see

the edit bill to make it sound like
without a featherweight searle a table

table Chicago Bull no the table table

up capable but is I just talk for long
enough you’ll find some yeah


ash I’m about shoe I

she who a shoot how are now and I think
it has to be multiple syllables

okay grave Raven

redhead Akt

boots and Howard I bottle

model now if I can come up with that it
was a real waste attack the longer I


at without an end result the more ways
to time it is

sorry I think I’ve the act like an
actual word like that that I use

yeah staircase and stare

cases well let’s all be like beating
anyone’s ever said

I’m gonna sit on the staircase and have
a case India you think he’s ever said

staircase India right after it

really good I really good

yeah I think he has been it with
instantaneously declared that think

about it

that being said I am going to have a
staircase that the right now

lately the day with the regatta W the 28
in like that

week at the given example something that
he just said that should be really

really easy

yeah as David ever started a sentence
that Parshat

I’m sorry I completely lost my train of
thought no because he’s laser-focused


he wants two things great films and

access to water I was really a I was
gonna say the same

absolutely act water and water for
everyone any

cares about his family it up family film

exercise probably yeah but he’s fit yeah

any cares about humanity health with the
water thinking about three things

fitness which is water and our way

as well as family and

years about us friends and who cares
about film hmm

and not above all yeah that you think he
has any humanity T-shirts

you delay beyond anything by haynes

I in a key as likes or loose drawl lose
plastic band hanes underwear to see


the mesh shorts ever likely plays
basketball does he wear like gold mesh


are too baggy body tighter really type
we had a really tight a long time ago so

that not is so

any I put through the wash the yeah one
at the North it’ll never come undone he

ever does

did you have a drawstring sweat pants
but like the trust thing he showed once

I too long now the other side is like
somewhere in the middle

deal they’re not out both coming out of
the holes what are the little arm

like that the plastic and shoelaces well

inlets or something it’s not I live I
literally like the

shoelace and England she might like I’ll
its readiness you

this and name shoelace and

name ad blitz outlets

do you think he has a pair of shoes at
all where the

the plastic on the end to the Agua is
just the

like it’s just lace no outlet I or the
Agua has broken

yeah even a little broken now I bet not
I bet he

he switches that up enough but does he
do it desi go shopping around for a


where it is Maddie what kinda shoes and
see where Google Matt Damon shoes

Matt Damon shoes hmm Matt Daam

I am re-air at she it shoes

Matt mean what kinda shoes does Matt
Damon choose

I am so

I’m saying a lot alike I said before
leather boots that I can see him

hunched over in just yanking partly a
tee time

in a more leather boots

a some sleep on the pier to be call Han

a man of little batty the a little and

the Emmys actually I mean these pictures
may be old but his jeans are a little


leaving is wearing skinny allow this
point he’s wearing cargo shorts

and in 2004 that is not fair I

for that was the height of fashion back
that but I’m not seeing Damon rocking

any like cool nike’s or any to like new
powers is that that is not like

cool new balances yeah the oxymoron

but a stick it likely brotherly I

a to how do I convince my mom that I
don’t smoke

appear at a high drug use to prepare its

and how do you do it I uses deny

enlai that’s really cool I

a.m. though how attack could be like
Jake how are you doing today

go them for

prayer let out when I know the

I who leads for a friend I definitely
got caught with weed more than once

a lot and I

I is everybody’s pass a different like
it sounds like it

I think everyone has the same parents
really yeah

stay with me on this one now okay could

but you well wait to your

you mean like your mom and your dad or
my mom and dad I really think we’re all

cousins up each other

it baby brothers editor exactly I

I’m my mom always like poked fun at me
the first time she thought I was i

well she didn’t feel like oh my god
you’re hot you’re in trouble

right it was like like while you were
out late

you look a little tired no you how are

how is that I was there a party is good
is going to go to bed

okay don’t ever talk to Dayton air it
was like that because I guess when you

like when europe when you’re gonna be a
daddy your kids are doing pop

you’re gonna know more than they do used
to sue their parents don’t know anything

about cool stuff like drugs right

I’m not sure how much my parents
actually knew about drugs players take

it off I was fucked up

but I bet your parents have gotten high

yet why a I think they have to ask my
dad went like it when I was in high

school I was like

have you ever smoked marijuana anyway
this is after I’ve gotten caught with

marijuana is like apps I was like just
trying out

its not a big deal outta my friends are
doing it but

I that bothers you I won’t do it more as
they tried you

and as I did you ever try marijuana

I tried pot three times in college I

and then a hundred times after that
actually when I

after our live show in New Haven I saw
your mom snorting a fat like caterpillar


she yelstin yeah I think she was like
knows deep in like a lost battle look

below horrible crash

day shippers realignments stand yet and
she looked at me ages 8 you wanna get a

fucking popular seem like they the
school the school chalkboard like the

eraser yeah already ended the day air
has like that yeah

but years ago sure the Dustbuster he
added you should just fucking going on

in town

dawn on rail don’t talk about my mother
budget up but my

kidding I’m obviously judge you’re
obviously your RSS reader joke

her mother’s Queen outcome and you’re
being me

I up

and cooler I am yet thing whether the
Queen in your being me

but and now ice are doing much harder
drugs and cocaine after that generic the

so denial I I guess yeah you

if you go you can convince your mom you
can just say I didn’t smoke

and hope to god she doesn’t actually
know that you did yeah

what would you do you never got you
never smoked weed when you’re in high

school now

your parents did your brothers I don’t
think so they ever had to deal with

discipline you guys


Hannah maybe my older like when my older
brother was in high school I was 11 so

maybe she was going on that I didn’t
know about but I don’t like drink or

smoke or anything like that for

side be like I get in trouble like if I
got like a B-plus in Cal kar something

like that my dad would like

put down a ranch in a Beltrami made me

you know it i cheapest but I felt nice
sprinted away from yeah

as fuck him that’s why he can’t fucking

chase after he did actually he ended up
finding me I was so tired

well I got to the end of the block and I
was gassed he tripped and fell

ranch weapon truth a because

fuckin that’s why if I think if but I

kids one day and they are like you in
the dislike don’t smoke or drink

I will be like this is the craziest some
things along with this model I think I

have to return to our

thank you for it as being like a good
kid with you

would you rather have it good a good kid
like that a goody two shoes are a cool


I don’t know I don’t think I’d rather x1
have like a nice kid

year whether he does drugs are not yet
regardless of what is grades are you

want it to be nice

i think is that has to be or she has to
be like this one

he wanted to be a good you know you’re
getting a dude and i’d like many today

yet I i’m getting low on my essay I had
long as of now i cuz I think I know I’m

an adult daughter

yeah I think alike that and daughter are
serious didn’t care

think like that that’s daughters yes sir
not hoping I wanna surname I gotta have

a little will serve a little it a
fucking for mother and she

PD Lindbergh baby Jordan I AAA

cameras are today as the three names you
can name your daughter but like I get

where you’re coming from I know oh yeah
I’ll call a little

a little angel now that alternate name
for a mother fucker

cuz named John and then what do you want
your son to die Sonne

and other than John Ashley I’m a column
little ashley is so

Ashley it’s a male name to Ashley Lauren

Creek Rd their column Ashley owl or
national at the home on a regular little

bowl her Bedding Company

and then what do you want to do with
your son Loren Ashley Daisy

another nickname mother fucker I think
you do wanna die wanna soon

I deserve a southern you have three sons

but the you don’t talk to them you need
one more sign you’ve already at three

if you had three kids I think you got a

all one gender they collect mean the
boys are doing this

army in are you see the picture me in
the girls what he say when you’re like

I’d sign a son and a daughter yeah I
don’t like

mean the board and the cock we had that
I wondered what is you know

I guess deputed generally what what Bane
what they knew growing up

like I want three boys cuz I had to
report the white all

if you have kids do with the mother the
boys that a question

I feel like if I had to choose and I can
say this now since I’m not in a

relationship select there’s no like


you know I’m not trying to placate
anyone I think I’d prefer to have boys

because I know them better

you have nieces yeah I have nieces but I
feel like once they turn teenagers are

gonna have a whole world problems I
don’t know anything about

right so I boys are like I can I can
relate to them on a certain level

interesting because you went through the
changes as a male right now granted if I

have girls I will disown them

course that was the end my center what
the hell

the up it was a joke

yeah I Yap

they have a sick it was a kid who a

that’s why I call it kidding me been a
joke about your children

the would rather have boys or girls

let me guess you don’t care I did care I
want to mix

ok %uh single mix when kate is both a
hermaphrodite I want

a to I wanna I will I like to in t.o I
think a nice little number would be to

have to into

for kids do you know anybody with two
boys two girls Anna

flickered pretty quintessential omit the
take 2/3 the way to a Brady Bunch

yeah 90 now and thanks hope I probably
do I was forgetting

that’s awesome man thanks did I really I

do appreciate you thinking about that
yet even though you can come up with on

the fact that you think that you do

that’s really cool yes their case India
yeah I

staircase Libya a alright let’s take a

let’s think one sponsor and then we’ll
be back really answered one question

I know we were at the thirty-something
minute mark perot will be back

hey Jake what’s your credit score I
don’t know but it’s pretty fucking good

at the you know that good I’m afraid to
pull up I’ll

I well you don’t have to be afraid

Credit Karma is this new

website ap a website and app

that allows you to check out your credit
score and it’ll give you tips on how to

approve it

for free years the bank credit score is
one of those mysteries

I had to take a couple years ago I don’t
know how the fuck to do every website

says it’s free then they give you a free
trial that’s your credit card

information all seems so sketchy like
all numbers like putting your social

security number

here then we then we need your bank
County but like so many pop ups come out

when you’re on the website like this
feels like a scam

feels like I clicked I i’m in the email

forward I’m afraid to enter the
information well here we go this is the

way to do it remember next time you need
to check your credit score

which would probably be as soon as
possible if you don’t know your credit

score Credit Karma

we’ve used it I assure you it is safe
and it is free

that’s basically the two big things you
need right kinda like a very nice neat

organize cool web 2.0 ish way to check a

could also get like it especially right
if you’re thinking like I don’t have

anything that I need to check out my
credit score for like a min taken apart

and what the matter by house in

you should check it out now because you
don’t want to eventually find out it was


yet as I know what it is and then you
can do things to make a good learn from

Jakes mistakes

and I mistakes hurricane maybe like you
learn some stuff from your credit

current score that would have

been helpful actually I did yeah I

so how do you do it how do you get your
credit a score with Credit Karma

this is fun you text if I were you

all caps no spaces if I were you to 8

9 8 00 and I’ll send you a link to
download the free credit Karma ap

wow that is highly technologically
advanced just check it out just to see

if it works

I care that a lot that’ll show on the
truck if you can do it

definitely again please tweet us your
credit score

the highest one wins it’s a game of
sorts so yet

check it out it’s it’s very convenient
and it’s very easy and like we said

it is totally totally free you have our

a so don’t delay check your score

as soon as possible today thank you to
Credit Karma

and you just have to text if I were you
all caps no spaces

to 89 8 00 to download the app

for free do us a flavor

download the fring Eknath I had the area
with a

flavor do

me a absolute flavor and yet but that we
appreciate it thanks guys thanks Credit

Karma let’s get back to the show

I fuckers I

al-shifa I’ve been pretty sick recently

let you make your YouTube it with you at

just joking I ever gonna Canada Montreal
in July and the whole shit

Toronto you have other information about
what where the shows are

michelle’s and what we’re doing there
this world we’re going

came today you’re gonna I wanna sign I

out now on a SUN bloomfield and we’re
going to Canada


up we have a podcast in Canada that
might be sold out but we’re doing other

shows as part of the Just for Laughs

it also might not be sold out okay check
it out it may now be sold out

we’re doing we’re hosting comedy shows
as well

so if the podcast itself is sold out
there’s a URL

there’s a URL but I believe it is it is
so that they sold out

I went there today and if the tickets
available let me check

because by the time this comes out see
this is the kinda stuff we should have


before hooey parked

on the show

a yet the sold-out the podcast is sold

the podcast is sold out let me tell you
let me tell you what though cuz I got a

little bit over

inside info I got an insider tip cuz I
talk to you

re-agent I like the mayor of Montreal
shutout Andrew

yeah I picked sure

up so I called him cuz we got our show
was originally on Tuesday

I was moved to Saturday it means nothing
for the people that art Montreal

right even the people that I Montreal
only for those that already have tickets

shorter anyway

showing that the people that the show
that was moved to this Saturday they

just took everybody’s tickets in our are
honoring them on Saturday

but but he said they hold of room in the

the end but not only seats but standing
room only to well

that other there’s a decent amount case
for people that have

festival passes hmm

and I would say that a Festival Pass

is a good investment because Neil
Patrick Harris

Dave Chapelle or both could be doing
shows that week ever heard ovum

and were also hosting as you’re about to
say we’re hosting at least four other


yes just enough just not a fiery podcast
but who

hosting roles yeah but you’ll be able to
come too if you have

said pass the pad mean the whole country
festival so funny they’re sold many like

different at the shows we went to like
that new characters show last year

yet just people doing characters by
themselves on stage just like

we’re cracking up so hard there’s also a
leg straight up stand up shows that

so much we are hosting a on Thursday and
Friday were hosting two shows every day

why is that no the Thursday at 7:30
Thursday at 9:45 a.m. Friday at 7:30 and

Friday at 9:45

tickets still available for those shows
course if you had your pass

you can this go to every single show you
want for the whole weekend

which we highly recommend also pure
comedy fan they’re just every comedian

you can imagine it’s like a camp

you just walk around seeing comedians
that you like I don’t even like it

yeah it’s anything it’s kinda like the a
high school reunion of sorts

like comedians that we knew from New
York will be their communities that we

don’t necessarily see in LA late last
year I was texting people before it’s

been like here you’ll be there you’d
only be much ultimately at night have to

show I everyone is there were all there

succumb to Montreal there’s and there’s
a just relax and Toronto

trato the T dot the six yeah but we’re

kinda wish to offer Montreal you know i
mean i mean that the that rod Owens and

that’ll October

are a career that would be back will be
ready to go Toronto our most popular


a on Facebook we have more fans in
Toronto than any other city in the world


yeah well the that should be fun to

on 19 and a regular commish on the other
you can just search our names

taken and Toronto and the information
should come up our first podcast

ever in Toronto are those two that’s all
done I don’t think they are yet and how

they Nicholas

that’s gonna be the most up a city don’t
think so you

BB will be haven’t even promoted the
show yet alright Willis

I better not to promote the show to a I

what a yeah was there upcoming dates
were also

shooting our pilot this summer no real
information on that yet bluntly as a

host yet

would like to say gracias en toda up
with the hash tag relay Jake and Amir

campaign it work to the point where we
were starting to hire people to be on

the show

yeah we’ve hired human beings like a
casting director yeah

and a line producer somebody is
currently working a working professional

is creating a budget for a TV show

yeah pretty fun yeah so it’s like a real
grown up comedy stuff thanks for your

a that whole Twitter campaign because

I guess it worked here we are somebody

you ever you at least employed to people
because that two people have a job

thanks to you

so you can take the rest of the week of
guys I know it’s Monday morning but

you’ve earned it will have a premier
party don’t worry we’ll call it a six

a six-day weekend i right do you want to
get 21

last question sure since we’re here sure
you’re my hair out now that

a alright let’s get a girl’s name

I am I would do we are you look at Matt

ever dressed up as a woman for yet ends
and weed said no but

a in a somebody was tweeting at me that
he does kinda do drag

ish type stuff in behind the candelabra
the liberace story

okay he plays liberace is a

boyfriend what’s his name in that movie

I don’t Nana let’s call in Liberace then

whatever email call her with Matt
Damon’s wife

I Matt Damon’s

wife for what’s on at the girl’s name in

good will hunting that’s not that would
lose many driver play

I have his wife’s name a great luciano
borough so

alright Luciana she’s actually pretty

she’s just like this random Ugo that he
must have picked up at like a college

party a unitary and if you’re mad a me
like no nobody’s on my level

like at the human race is sorta just an
alien to the year

well I’m actually joking she is very
beautiful really yeah you know what I


11 they have to their fourth kid looks
like it

the two boys two girls it looks like in
IP for girls

at Damon they have three daughters

well at the it’s a beautiful beautiful
family the day mints

hi my name is Isabella day men

my dad I think you know him at day man

it definitely heathen your favorite
movies yeah its good will hunting the

best one there after a while I don’t
think you don’t have the Rebecca

American Girl doll now

I think you actually do have the dalai
you could have daughters

I act him nieces or to the a crash

if you have two nieces you can have one
daughter you can trade them in

a eaten

already forgot her name too many tabs

to many traps Luciana rights

on a hey guys huge fan of the show I’m
just going to get straight into this

because it requires immediate attention

so basically I came up with this really
witty Instagram bio

which took me a while to think I’ve and
which I’m very proud of

it’s been there for a while but
yesterday I got a text from one of my

more bitchy and annoying friends

who is most at the time really fun but
can be a huge pain in the anus

payments there is set for

a live now is Damon as

and to be a huge pain in the anus

asking if she can change her Instagram
biota mine

this was her text just wanted to ask
before I did it but can I change my bio

to yours

I know it’s like yours but I think it’s
a good one kissy face kissy face

laughing face similar G thumbs-up emerge
E so yeah

this friend will most likely gossip
behind my back if I say no and take all

the credit if I say yes

we’re also not incredibly close just
average read so here’s my question

should I let her change her bio to mine

and if not how do I tell ur and finally

is it really worth all this worry I’m an
over thinker much love

luciano Luciana

Luciana you are an over thinker I’ll
give you that

would someone want to change their
Instagram bio to yours with your

Instagram bio

a enthusiast

so what if like I was like I’m gonna
change my Instagram by Eddie


the get tonight fine it wouldn’t bother

now are you an over thinker they’ll I

probably not I am maybe you should the

you could definitely look at this
imitation is the sincerest poor poor

form a platform for okay

is David ever stuttered notation is the
sincerest form of flattery

I like ur their taxes I know it’s like
yours but I think it’s a good one no

it’s not like yours I want is straight
up steal it

yeah I wanted to be my probably

mean I wanna know the bio is that so
good yet also liked this girl changing

her bio it’s not gonna maker a celebrity

ship just like to leave you with that
good their names gonna be in a marquee


a spinning newspaper remember the video
we made where

I came up with that screen name oh yeah
I loved it so much

that I thought people would lift me up
on there are

arms and that does happen in the end
know you and then you steal it

and it happens to year like I thought
ever really chill screen name

and I what is it today chill said the

I chill dude 22 preacher

that actually show I and then you make
yours that ever

that the basically the joke is that as a
result we put your name on the marquee

yeah like you snooze you lose unless

yet because they’re in love and chill
here and then you and then you get poise

that up on someone shoulders and they’re
chanting it and then you kick me in the

head I wake up it was all a dream

right was a fantasy a fantasy sequence

so maybe this girls living in a fantasy
world right where the her Instagram bio

is universally

adored and it it’s stolen everyone will
think that this other girl came up with

an amazing Instagram bio but it’s
actually just

you know not that big a deal is what I
would do I would say yeah you can change

you can have it and then I would think
of a better one

but that the comedy writer in me I’m
always wanting to improve things

make things better update them the

but if you come up with the perfect with
your Instagram bio right now it used to


chill dude good then

I made it a link to our Australia shows
you know link in my bio yet that’s good

now it’s so I think I can dance supply I
think I can ban

yeah it’s not bad nice you still that
and I will end you

I had it was that was the one that I the
tender bio that I had

lol my grandma just died on the man at
the house yeah

answer but be instigated by a actually a

dude permission to change judge granted
denied denied

my grandma does dad on the man in the
house the

strange thing to brag about Big Shot
were also I P align

I its its funny if you know the love his
song it even funnier

be dull I as so that’s that’s what I
would do if I really if I were you

you know like the Taylor show I would
just let her have it come up with a new


is as you’ve had it for a while is grow
the pain in the anus

it’s not worth the now with that problem
see if you can beat it


that’s the for that’s one of the first
things you learn as a writer you try to

beat your own jokes exactly

so let’s see if you got what it takes
the Luciana

other schools just based on her

email address she is an Australian

oshit we should follow on Instagram

you think so I think we i think we
should be followed that pain in the


friend for she does have the newest
chill ist

by her BIOS amazing I’d love to know the
bio is can you imagine how good it is

via the bailout a little ago they need
to steal it

I its enthusiastic I

a I the TEP that’s our show will try to
answer more questions next time

the send everything to a fiery show
gmail.com we open and close

every episode with an original theme
song written by our town

fans the first one was by Justin gone
calaveras his last one is by lysette an

alley who I believe have written

p.m. Sun stress before is a shake it up

what that’s right I could %uh cover dope

and hear something we really need is
Facebook thumbnails running dangerously

low every time we post the podcast on

Facebook we use an original art fun nail

ideally in a section about 3:15
resolution but we’ll take what we can


the so fear visual artists and those
over as well

everything same email address if I Risha
at gmail dot com

will be back next week see a please you
by technique

thank you



on the air her mere

the thank you


on the air you

hubby period

hey thank you

okay you


KK day

here okay

okay her


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