Episode 162: Anti Drug

In this episode we discuss investing, marijuana, and the best cities in America.

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Lee done got another new sponsor today

how do you do there hello had a new dad

headed who do that I mean like you need
them to say who dat who is it

okay great question its my all I

cue dot com that smile

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blooms the

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ticket to the man but how do you log all
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lol thats really yep that’s right hand
in paper bitch

very archaic very difficult hard to
store it’s easy to keep track %uh by


shuffle a receipt into my pocket with
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free if you like burning money then
please go ahead at the legal by the way

ok I will burn US currency okay not very

him my like you taken a mere two 89 800

let’s get started this episode was quite
a thrill ride a rollercoaster things

ended up dipping into reality and then
back into a fantasy land that we call

well you’ll figure it out I’ve gotten

in my life %uh sticky situation moral
quandary deal and I streets so I strive

%uh but if i cant this I am

2012 on

type on topic email address still their

I were you the

tell me my path damp and less


mafia vision was blurry now it is do you
hear me

but now this time they can

the car with Marc but now it’s

here was are mark the day brought me


thanks Jake enemy

it’s Jake and Amir

let that pop punk Voice

and that is all do you like me

own we’re talking about scaring are you

you are you’re constantly talking about
something else and you cut they want us

to be talking about you

or like whether it’s you talking about
me or i’m talking about. also I

complimented something and you got mad

the every compliment to something else
as in to track a review

track it’s right it is racks for me know
exactly right if I told somebody else

that they had a nice shirt

you think that means you have at shirt

I if you’re not saying night by the way
you do have a bad sure

I the stay and its yellow its

then more that as fuck you you fucking

I lowers the shirt can be is

then I disagree I think that the
insurance premium

little bit like so them like you can’t
expect to see the skin

you know where you at it’s like shearer
yeah as the ceremony

but not sure all the way around like
it’s then ng I owe you like it as sheer

spa that’s can I said that to me that
connotes a very very comfortable shirt

I would I think a picture is worth like
a real in a pic came the BBC yeah I like

a really ally Kay guild and there have
been a few while others in Zara blurry

letters if you’re reading this you’re
standing too close to it

at and then at the bottom is just my
social security number

and its cutoff hired to bare midriff
their canes BPT

well with a swear word you’d say that
would be the worst shirt

at brother worth the shirt could be I

is the guy who sing that song you can
find him

on YouTube under Russ wall for the or on

under rough rusk wolf music for


i know im I will how you think sir other
goal go up on Facebook later today

yeah I think I’ll remember to do that
Russ wall rest wolf

yeah I actually might because you’re Eve
said it twice the address wolf

Russ wall if you repeat it it will get
up yeah getting grained more

mmm and were in a new home

yeah holy shit this I know you guys are
your second fed up hearing it because

literally every four episodes where in a
new how you move

yeah I we often are were transient yes

we move aligned every couple weeks will
move we are a nomadic

crew not in a convenient way you know
any convenient

like it’s your socks to move so much we
have no roots

imagine a plant starting to grow and
unlike the roots grow in the human rip

it up and every time and every time you
acquire something all you’re thinking

about is which bag will it go and ask
two weeks does it fit into that

yeah of but no more no longer

we r doing a normal thing which is
staying in a place for one

calendar year 12 months we signed a

52 weeks it is not Ravens nests of
course it is not Raven’s nest nor do you

think I don’t think you should bring up
Raven’s nest

yes ATF we don’t we can’t we shouldn’t

and we arent I don’t have to I don’t
have to speak up her because I’m always

thinking up

exactly is your my heart and mind in my

I am NOT in her but she is in me Raven
nest as a contact lens

upon which we all see the world it is
all filtered through Raven’s nest

because Ravens nest is the world athlete
is more than the world it is

the seventh wonder of the world it is
the universe

it is also the first and sixth wonder
the world it is the wonder that is the


it is the film by which we see the
universe and everything you see is

Ravens now you’ve never seen Raven’s
nest you can’t picture reagan’s that’s

because you can’t picture utopia because
it’s not real

it is only real to intv who have seen
her but cannot speak up her and that is

our own private hell

neck as we will never be able to
accurately describe her beauty

at to anyone and if you close your eyes
guess what you are staring directly

into Ravens now he says that pure black
this that is your soul is your sole

reflected awful her soul which is
crystal the name clear

and perfect and you are nothing I

we have a nice little Spanish procedure

what we have is Raven as to get dumped
one day

and we scurried along put it into a
plastic bag and moved into it

there’s no pool here but it is nice it’s

its its by it is it home by it is a home

luckily we have a room dedicated to
podcasting nah

so the US I’m sitting on a couch not I’m
not holding a microphone cuz about Mike


very cool again where we’re inching
closer towards adulthood

yeah the but let’s what is this

what are you listening to it and advice
podcast it’s called if I were you when

it’s the only advice podcast on the

hosted by me and me

Amir I’m Josh Josh are

will get emails from people to a fiery
shy gmail dot com

and they’re basically confused a lot of
these people are scared

some of them are alone many of them are

your point by the fact that they don’t
know what to do they are seeking


who are they come to of course the two
smartest people they know me

and secret Clark Kent but

while it he is busy saving the world

so I fill in for that a so

we are going to be reading real emails
right now from real people

but given fake names just merserve the
anonymity I don’t like their shit

getting out

d oeuvres a name for this first person
who were

let’s say he was

he’s a talking about drugs and we’d

all rosy rosy rights

hey guys I got caught in an awkward
situation last night as one anything on

the app

last night I was texting back and forth
with my best friend a five years when

she casually mentioned to me that she
likes to smoke weed a

now it’s something you should know about
me is that I’m really anti-drug I’m one

of those few people that was brainwashed
in the fifth grade by

DARE program and I have been shaken my
opinion since

it’s to the point where I have extreme
disrespect towards people who do drugs

even if they’re otherwise great people
so even though I’m a hundred percent

in the wrong and literally all my
friends think my stance on this is crazy

I can’t help but feel nothing but

towards my friend I haven’t spoken to my
friend since that fateful taxed

so how do I casually dropped the hint

that I’m disgusted by her we’d have it
without making her mad

I feel like she should know how I feel
since you know we’re best friends thanks

love Rosie

mmm then he’s some sort of weed big it

yeah he’s awake yet I think this is

I think at this point it’s kind it’s
safe to say that if you are like

extremely anti weed you’re gonna come
out on the wrong side of history

allow their states like legalizing it
one by one

its gonna end up being like the a it
there’s a

it’s there is an issue and there’s
people on either side a bit show right


I personally think it’s fine you think
society is trending towards acceptance

for Wii DS I do which seems like it’s RT

I mean it’s aight happening in some like
you said Rd legal but yet if something

is legal you can say that he doesn’t
like it

right that’s true like the driving a 180
miles per hour that not legal back bad

example I am

hurting someone like murder ill

of course illegal I’m struck I’m

racking my brain birder you said what’s
her little league also took a shot at


okay lead shot other leading well
cigarettes read exactly a shop with no

one other than his legal one of them

I and it’s impossible to say which one
threat to yes cigarettes is a good


legal but you can be against it you can
be disgusted by it

yeah so this guy have to be disgusted by
Mara Alana

I’ll but he seems to know that is ron is
very self-aware the fact that he’s like

oh yeah I know that I a hundred percent
in the wrong and all my friends think my

stance on this is crazy also

goes as far as to say that he was a
brainwashed yeah

he’s only as sort of an abhorrent view i
loveeee anti-drug people

how can you be brainwashed in know that
you’ve been brainwashed

does not mean you happened been
brainwashed Yap so has been fully

brainwashed yeah

as a light so yeah it’s a it’s been
brain rinsed

Luna a I’m high right now

are you yes a but have never done a
podcast hi

yeah I’m requests have come in I don’t
know if we’d be get the latest

them to try it it’ll definitely be

I would be more self-conscious
firestone’s right I’ll probably be a


I would be more quiet right or like I
and then like trying to act normal but

then like you start to think and I just
acting or right coming across as normal

I always you do is it do one without
telling anyone where high

oh and then we like pump promoters yeah
like the you guys realize that the song

was a little weird and that like we can
record the at afterwards and yes the fun

when things got real

we are high Hannah and the sponsor will
appreciate her

I a so what should this guy do

a I feel his question is flawed how do I
casually drop a hint that I’m disgusted

by her we’d have it without making her

yes she should be mad at you for being
disgusted by her

a woman she shouldn’t you know it like
if this girl like he said with

cigarettes this girl smokes cigarettes

any saying how I job and that I’m
disgusted without making her mad but you

wouldn’t even if

somebody smoke cigarettes a friend if
your smoke cigarettes you would

tell them that you didn’t care for it

but I have to say I’m disgusted by it is
a little

it very much just a little too much so

I think that thing to do is maybe use
like you know do nothing

or I voice your displeasure but don’t
try to

let it all your taxes and the like you
know I don’t agree with it but that’s

your choice

yeah if you really want her to know
which it doesn’t really matter because

what do you like what’s the hope that he
wants to

8 make her uncomfortable with them or

and probably does in doing so be maker

change and not smoke weed anymore but
that would at scored a.m. that would be

a hundred percent in the wrong

so to he’s basically asking if he can
take this girl

into the wrong with her with him rights
you shouldn’t if you think you’re wrong

don’t try to prove people wrong

because you are a rock you knw

after that’s not a right to wrongs don’t
make a that is this thing that I just

came up with Lola tear

to Ron don’t make a right so what does
that mean it’s like

just because you’re doing something
wrong I if you get me to do something

wrong with you

lab it doesn’t it’s not and it’s not
like that but if not making

a lug a right thing I okay sorta like a
way to look at it

can I tell you a phrase that I just came
up with a ser

a bird in the hand is worth two inside a
book a let’s say

up by Shira obstruct a fish a bird in
hand but I hear at that I have a bird in

my hand that’s worth two birds inside a
pub why’s that

cuz I can say lets it is bird is worth a
hundred bucks her

and the birds in the bush or what $50
each and

I’ll I as sweet as a that about right

at the lib directory does bird you’re at
the meeting were going to a lot there

have a better than I have a bird in hand

yet 100 bucks I is John Burns Night up
in a strange way

an average Bush bird is fifty why do I

you’re like telling me about us but I
don’t know that for you

so a bird in the hand is worth two in
yessir to like later if they were saying


your horse thing a lot of information
and to make this a

make that I don’t think so leaving about
this phrase

time flies but it only sell when you’re
having a good

are having fun having a good time for
fun so what time flies when you’re

having fun

it was that mean that means like ok and
having a great time

but I keep looking at my clock yeah and
I don’t know what the fucks cock would

not have a look at KP rip Khalil idle
hands on that too

the big hands on it 59 other way it
could make sense is if you’re saying

like you know you don’t look at the
lodge in your having fun and times these

to go a little quicker

because other time does quicker when
you’re having a good time yet another

to rate that has a mic yes at the same
of his lifetime is a constant yeah but

it’s late years is like having a broken
silly watched on another I think about

it I think that the speed of light is
constant in time is

their like relative and I that sort of a
theory that I came up with

I think I can sort of quantified in this
equation so energy

wouldn’t be yeah and China do the math
in my head

equals would equal something yeah mass
the weight of an object M

and then a had sis at the speed of light

is why it is constancy that’s the about
not just

equals MC it would be like see Tennessee

equals MC squared let the amazing images
came up with that love just like China

think I you know if a new year

I’m doing a yeah I think that works 250

I try to figure it out ideas for new
doubt my fuckin face just now but yeah

equal equals MC squared

so don’t tell your get friend not to
smoke pot me more

ice to be like this make friends smoke
pot start to smoke pot the end of high


and I never did and I was like oh shit
this is bad like I’m in a bad mood

life rather smoke pot because like their
start to become druggie

and light brown on the outside looking
in and they’re having the shared

experience that I’m not part of

I don’t wanna smoke right site all my
friends are becoming cool without me

in a user is that that you’re like oh
you guys are being like this is gross

this is disgusting

yeah yes it to be doing this at or I
would just be a bad mood and they were

asking what’s wrong love you like I just

I don’t I don’t understand why we’re
getting high now that’s like a bat like

to me it was the equivalent up

if all my friends now started doing
heroin held at what are you guys doing

like you’re throwing your life away

yeah fine I’m not gonna do it that makes
sense cuz like

that is that he that is like a hearst
like these steps that you take

and I think when your friend start
drinking when you’re younger you like oh

I don’t know like this is bad you guys

yeah kinda right but then eventually yo
everyone like gets a little although

they start drinking I think they have is
with weed

yeah and then it like maybe is happening
with like Molly arco yeah

like those drugs alike yet though that’s
a pretty much on the cusp like the

maybe we should not hearing that right
and then

for sure heroin rack layer is a point
where the person saying like guys this

is too much

is right but I think it’s not it we but
how do you know early how do you know

what’s the

point where it actually did like we’re
too cool people also say no to that

yeah I had the exact same experience
with them

drugs when I was growing up right leg
hey this is not cool

the next hardest drug is always
seemingly the hardest drug

rate like 02 we’d is the same as we need
to whatever I don’t know what to think

like the one above we’d

cocaine is it does not only mean we
didn’t cocaine bust

that using a big mushrooms I’ll other
missions are pretty intense to

Yeah what about adderall but the uphill

yeah that’s true I think world

maybe the differences with cocaine and
adderall you can

this is another example of when I don’t
entirely know what I’m talking about but

this is like me working through it right

I you can get addicted to you

cocaine an adderall a pretty easily I

I don’t think there’s like as much

to say that you can get addicted to
mushrooms and

we’d the people do have it him

I there are there like studies that say
the US that you don’t really get

addicted you don’t have like the same
type of Reliance

as you do and we’d as you are and we did
you would like alcohol

right like there’s no chemical addiction
you can be chemically addicted

I feel like you can find a study that
says everything well you should really

do is consult an expert at the very
least a Google search your I can only

assume an expert has written an

article yet but you can find articles on
everything I

boris has a million different opinions
they a they get paid by fires are they

and I the the governmental
multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical

a funded this study mollen the red all
the way to the top in follow the money


any yet giving up the lead to as a
holler when I had to tug o war

and you look up into oh what’s that the
road going straight into

uncle sam’s ass I was gonna say Obama’s

year ol buried this yep

I think you don’t have to lie tell your
friend that you’re disgusted by her

she probably feels your judgment must be
real a

yes massacres you already told her and
you haven’t texted her since

in sela how about lightening up

yen many get a little bit more chill on
the matter it’s really weird but we talk

about on

like on this podcast Philippe you’ll be
in cooler with drugs yeah it seems like

pretty bad advice

right but we’re giving more realistic
advice then like quote-unquote good


yes that’s true like you don’t have to
smoke weed but as long as you doing it

semi respond like as responsibly as he
can do a drug yeah I don’t think it’s

really your place to be like

you’re disgusting right I mean you can
always tell on her tell her mommy or


iraq had to do with all your friends I
got the ball in prison guards that you

called the cops

I set up a sting operation

you were a liar a gallery that who is
the thick black wire

my finisher a start right away those

a alright less answer

another clairy nice and this one’s a
little different

and this guy’s asking a question about
what he should do not that he just

graduated from college

aka the other name form I am

Micah Micah rights

I just graduated from college and me and
a buddy are looking to get out at the

same state we’ve lived in

all our lives in the mid-atlantic area

what are some great cities for young
people to move to within a

recent grad budget you’ll do a lot of
traveling so maybe can lend some


second question I have some money i’m
looking to invest

I’m thinking about putting some in the
Berkshire Class B shares but if you guys

have any other suggestions about some
stock picks

I’d love to hear something new I really
enjoy the show thanks love Micah

Luna so this guy wants to know where to
live and how to invest his money wisely

love how much is trusting us

yeah and we’ve got advice for this guy

right at the very least where more of an
expert on the way to live situation bill

I think we can %ah both of us have money
in the market we are playing the field

obviously you do need wall will get you
an answer that question for so that list


let’s do city’s first to get his ID line
yes we love romanticizing cities are do

I want to every single city we visit I
wanna move to

you wanna live yeah it let’s let’s go
back and forth

ok I think we’re gonna have very similar
favorite cities Jr

in america okay okay what would you say
is your number one

at are wanted your number one options

a guys like I got no responsibility no
family just me and my friend in a move

to a city where should I Austin Texas

Austin Texas great example weather is

I i really I put a premium on whether

yeah a lot of people don’t give a shit
this guy’s from the mid-atlantic area I

assume that’s

probably one of the worst weather is you
can be n really really hot in the summer

freezing cold in the winter Austin very
temperate mild

hot in the summer but not like humid hot

right read read read read on it

yeah it’s cheaper there than it and most
big cities

cool we go to Austin we’re saving money
Austin is very hip very cool

and the people they’re great yeah a
Austin might be on like the decline you

know like it used to be cool ten years

right now every know me too many people
are known about alright maybe the

secrets out yet but now you gotta go to

Saint Paul or something I but I are
actually now rather we don’t know what

other cool

what another course it is Portland
portland’s really cool I love Portland

yet whether it’s also

its a little iffy it’s wet yeah if you
don’t mind the rain we highly

mandate right sale have beautiful the
area for the victim of West

Seattle also yeah a dick Seattle

ritzy adl’s nice you’re in the pacific
northwest still a little Rainier than

poor little or are offensive but a
bigger city

definitely if you love that city by if
you like the city bud

now what about Los Angeles the city that
we live in

fuck it now attack to bother I Orlando

very I

other I’m may open new york above LA New
York City

the Actors Guild is graduate right I
know it’s hard like to imagine New York

on a budget but like it does its a big
this you could live in Brooklyn or

Queens and Mike

be and do fine yeah like it’s so it’s

prohibitively expensive portia live in
New York all over the place yet my

theory on New York

having lived there and delays that New
York I is great if you’re really really

broke or really really rich yeah because
if you’re broke you just live in a shady

hole in the wall

any like two-dollar slide right people
here to go to all those fun bars and

clubs and it’s just like he does it used

everyone is poor with yeah it was hard
to have money in new york is it so


that’s true and it’s also more fun when
you’re younger like I would recommend

thirty-somethings moving to New York for
the first time a little more difficult

yeah physically taxing mmm New York City
great example

a if you’re looking for some budget
options Austin

Portland any others any other ones come
to mind

arm I think I mean those are my top ones

a yeah

there’s anything that anything that
comes to mind the the Midwest has some


Cool Cities call college towns yeah but
it’s so fucking cold there in the winter

right that hurts my bones yeah that’s

like we had a lot of fun in Ann Arbor
and Madison and

to lesser Xperia bigger city extension

right we were never let their throughout
an entire yeah I never picture I never

looked up

I looked up real estate in Seattle yeah

Portland and Austin right I like legit
wanted to the

move there a problem is we’re tied to
this industry we can’t let that there

was a time when we could religion poet
that it passed now

but remember we almost oh no it I try to
committee to live in Austin

rate for like a couple months yeah we
almost did it seems like that’s feasible

I think we could get worried now it’s
pretty dumb because we have a year-long

lease I just bought the South

alright second question he has some
money he’s looking to invest

and he has it in Berkshire Class B

you recently started putting your money
in the stock market

yes so what have you learned in the last
six months I

well I always like to qualify everything
I say with the

the fact that I’m pretty dumb right but
I did get advice

to you by what I like hmm so I just
divers the vide

to get at a good that’s a good tip that
you’ll find everywhere

raised of what they all love my honey
yet you don’t

I you don’t buy like all love the Tesla
stock but you

rav4 hate you just by a little bit of
all those I bought a little bit Ubuntu

stock that I like so what

still with an example the stock that you
purchase that I but Tesla

a Starbucks Home Depot Kentucky a

stuff like that stuff that I served like

places that i go to North Face REI are

you those but like things like that
product I where

and use and store that I shot that and

I all other made money a that’s another
thing like you kinda just wanna have

money in the market because you

either all going up for all going down
where it

tends to if you leave it in line at the
dense to go up the just splashed around

it’s like playing roulette if you put
money on all 36 numbers

its gonna head yeah we’re gonna win some
you’re gonna lose some

but ideally you’re spreading around so
thin that the only money I lost was in

IA city

I picked up a beer you used to work for
yeah did you also invest in

Ali Baba which is some I Chinese Amazon
oh yeah I did invest in I love

I pile as many there to actually alright
here’s some here’s to good tips and one

bad one for me

one like you said diversified splashing
money around

to there’s something called robo
investing now wealth

front better meant yeah a I’ll show up
as a robo investor at so we have our

money and yet you sort of true I trust

computers more than humans so they’re
like the computer programs written by

smart humans to invest your money in a
specific way

you just give it all to that and then
the computer does the rest in

that this should be a part a podcast
sponsor I feel about be a good podcast

that’s true

and then here’s one bad bit of advice
invest in stocks that are

that are at a hundred dollars right now
because it’ll be very easy to quantify

your gains and losses girl that is bad advice
but yeah

I the I remember I but all the stock
that a hundred

this one’s at 85 maybe like this one
that now 10 we’ll have to do the math in

your head that but I like that you know
that’s what tells me how much money a

made lost in Abbottabad at about this
one a house

about this when a truck out but this one

about that i think is a about this one a
purse I but this one a truck about this

one a car about this one amal

I feel bad for the girl that just got a

at a Drake did you I love my airman is

I let me just start by saying that did

cited you by did you buy someone a Westfield Shopping
Center in Toronto

yeah that’s right I got your prayers for
her at all

you but I’ll take that Schrock I mean

block letter was that you buy one person
at a Cadillac Escalade in the other

person a Prius C

and then another girl

on 81 stores shopping center a complete
with a hot dog on a standard somebody

else got a polo bags for $88 dollars

I yeah I feel like he’s playing

Drake is clearly play favorites but

yes let the friends and he’s got lotta
enemies gotta lotta enemies

in every time he sees another something
wrong with their memory

why’s that I don’t others try to take
away from a drink

I we don’t believe it out I

alright let’s take a break a and come
back with the

less up well how do you say that a
question what’s

practical yeah let’s practical question
new people are interested in that type

thing but surely like to switch it up
just like just like our portfolio have

to diversify


thank you to bowl and branch for
sponsoring this

episode as well gracias and a not a a
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a and DB are ANC H what are we talking
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and I really truly do you know what it
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wrapping up my body ruler really counts
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my face against the pillows how those
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happen great way to support the shell
support our sponsors make yourself a

better human

let’s also say thank you to another
sponsor boom

cooler we to stand here and not think
blue apron dot com as belgians

since they paid us to do absolutely
after this one is free

Wow yeah love that mmm works for me I

blue apron dot com what do they do how
does it work

I’ll tell you for just $9.99 a meal
they’ll send you the ingredients in the

exact right proportions with simple
recipe instructions right to your door

Wow I did this another example %uh but
added that I actually a product that I

used before we even had a podcast

let me tell you if you live with someone
like a lover or a friend or lover friend

this is a fun way to spend the night
they tell you what to make

they give you the exact got home at your
lover yeah

lover but they they they tell you what
to do and she tells it like it is

I it’s just an easy way to cook I don’t
know how to cook she at

right they send you everything you need
in the exact amounts yeah

like down to just you don’t need a
teaspoon because they send you a

teaspoon dried I love

up that ingredient whatever it is yeah
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and the meals are up pretty awesome they
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meals a before and we made some short
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kung pao chicken tacos they have meat
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checking out it’s a fun way to get into
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love gradually II was a kinda guy
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I get to the supermarket i buy a quart
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frozen chicken breast in a question mark
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have on the roads

I get your hair little interested and
I’ll help us out just to check them out

that blue apron dot com slash if I were

just like the name at the show that were
about to get back to you thanks again to

blue apron

I ate a dove where must’ve been

while you’re in Iceland you it does six
yes six days ago

what restaurant serves develops a no

ways you could at home I boiled the

house you capture the tough I purchased
it on Craigslist

was alive dove it was alive to and

then how did you murder and cutter up
but them

i strangled the Dove and then I put it
into a pot of boiling water

these strangled i strangled the in front
of the

the person you bought it from my
Craigslist threadbare Ireland is

you gave them seventy-five dollars that
is that alright take care

you know how to take care of it yeah
that’s usually

he said there’s been money exchanged
here and i own the Dove

there’s a bird in my hand it’s going to
be worth to

very quickly a sure grip II posted:

some at Damon stuff on our Facebook page
and people

left some pretty funny comments in
addition the one that post

really yeah so I here’s a few from our
Facebook fanpage Facebook dot com slash

Jake and Amir if you’re interested

a do you think Matt Damon ever presses a
button to cross the street then looks at

his phone for too long missus is turned
to walk for a couple seconds

then ends up having to have jog across a
3-2 lead as I wanna piss off traffic

the balance from Kyle R that’s really

I don’t think he’s ever done that when
this and was one of my favorites Warren


when Matt Damon opens the newspaper does
he ever open it a little too far so that

it folds towards you and nothing is
ruined but it’s just that the slate

inconvenience for the correct way when
you’re done with the paper

I’ll it

yeah I’d like to believe that the man is
really tight for here like that

that like you can like cut like very
nice crease

folds that page in half maybe does the
oh yeah I get a pic business-like

effortlessly making it sorted into a
third a in all day with one hand

well coffee oh yeah and then like when
it’s time to turn the page you like

knows exactly how to get like

story continued i dnt he he doesn’t have
to put pieces that the paper down on the

ground is a good deal one-handed flip to
the other you know the one hand I think

it with the cops down unfolds

for the talks factor the coffee and then
like he’ll keep

maybe article that elections back pocket
oh that’s cool

I than daddy does their’s

way too many articles that he liked the
track closes

because there’s this bill is a very own
car lovers Panamera

Lite khakis has Matt Damon Ben rates has
Matt Damon ever been hanging a picture

and then he thinks its level bony steps
back in he looks at its crooked

and you have to keep adjusting and
stepping back to look at it and he can’t

get it quite straight ever

no a garcinia year’s a-level

yeah emails that a do you think Matt
Damon is ever done the stair thing when

he think there’s another step but there
isn’t and then he stood at the foot of

the stairs feeling confused and

that Scalia Anthony sorry he’s walking
with the money has to smile and say to


her thought there was another still
stare their a I

have any studies just like I did there’s
a there’s another still there


at yeah I mean there’s a lot of funny
ones do you think Matt Damon as ever

mind giving Matt Damon is there a walk
into a room for gotti was looking for

they just had to leave the room

Yahoo needed like you stand there for a
second to live like no I think about it

o’clock at night cant the 1i thought it

has ever put his arm through the Ron
sleeve a jacket and unlike

reached for the other arm but it’s not
there a oh yeah

I don’t think Damon’s ever I don’t think
he’s ever done that and yet you think

you’ve ever like met up with somebody is
wearing a jacket and they have to like

untuk the collar from overhead act like

act like he put it on in a in a haze
yeah like

the collars just like tucked under into
a shoulder yeah or maybe wanna

his collar and at shirt what are the
colors but in the other one isn’t

though his wife has to like fix that for
we got a lot about tweets and posts

about him having a ponytail

yeah it does a big deal we sorta we’re
we’re hot on Damon before that hot Damon

news came out

yeah of course he can pull off the pony
yeah he’s kinda the one guy that can


if I like that he didn’t try to do that
like if you do in the man bun thing I

think everybody would have no respect
like Isaac is gonna do it

he’s committed it’s a pony yeah it’s not
a man but

if he’s not China catch on to a trend no

is like this is a classic look and of
course that’s for a role

you have to know it’s for a bit a he’s
the red long hair like that the rate

I had no what they sell like Tom Cruise
I can imagine having longer hair

practice had long hair

but Damon with long hair all watch that

you know there’s a matt Damon movie
coming hours X stuck on mars I’ll really


that’s not an interstellar nah

is in a star about them being stuck on
mars I he’s the 19 on mars but he’s on

is that on another planet an
interstellar did you ever years


now oh my god great Matt Davey cameo
lawyers in interstellar

yeah I’ll while now you know I said
don’t you I’m definitely gonna see that


i right anything we have to promote are
shown Montreal

which i think is sold out but I think
you can get in with the ass

by a Festival Pass because then you
could the every show not just our show

and there’s a lotta

like Chapelle is going to be there so
it’s worth getting a task not ever

but yeah yeah Roger Chapelle his it his

unrelated twin brother a thirty is
really that still lingers ears

and then we’re also hosting to stand up
shares circulates their colony were

gonna be hosting two shows

yes another pass lookin mighty worth
that you can be like 30 Varsha

right called JF lol next to on Thursday
to on Friday and then we about podcast

on Saturday

wheeling hosting two into yeah and I
love I wanna do that last time I said

that you’re also this

taken aback when you’re not processing
then from 800 INR long-term

et who is a memento I don’t wanna do

a I think it’s the 23rd 24th 25th

three days fish earth sorry we have to

they they’re bringing us to Montreal the
host comedy show yeah

I is kinda wanted to do one show and
then rage for three days year

apartment 208 Hannah I a

and we’re also come to Toronto in
October yeah

there’s a Just for Laughs there now is
out so that and I think the show itself

so that but again you can get in with a
Festival Pass

so check us hoot her sorry check out

I I am I am

starting to feel like cuz the Dove is
not sitting well and Ray

you ate the beak yeah I only ate the I

the dog didn’t have to die I

who had such a peaceful bird one last
question is when the classic

relationship question

love it a got a name for this did Dave

you know I’m realizing and as we give
desperate people names but the in

day we never comes up there through it’s
like we don’t have till

but it’s like it’s good like we were
giving advice you think like i

listen here David Ray but I don’t even
know if we do that we don’t

hey guys big fan my name is Dave Michael

came up there that night for student
let’s my girlfriend of two years and I

are both seniors in high school and one

and will move to college in two months
we both know better than to try long

distance so we’re living with her own

although suddenly we’ve hit a roadblock
I soon we were dating till the end of

summer then go our separate ways but she
said that would be too painful

instead she would rather break up today
I really don’t wanna do this because

then my summer will be ruined

I wanna spend it with her is there a
compromise here like

what should we do I also suggest the
doing another month but she said she can

handle knowing when our last time
together will be

this is one of the hardest things I’ve
ever gone through with it

through being a white male grown up in
the suburbs and it would be amazing to

get your guys’s advice

good luck on the TV show and such thanks
Dave appreciated Dave

I think your girlfriend doesn’t want to
be with you I

that much is clear it’ll be too hard for
me to break up with UN

you as a lawyer is gonna be the worst
community me one last hug I don’t wanna

know that I’m never gonna give you a
last night let’s just assume we

remembered what the last had was

that way I don’t have to give you a
final Hargis or dove I love you baby

a hot their I loved you yet she’s done

if you’re thinking so rational the about
the breakup you can’t schedule a breakup

like that’s not how it works right like

if if they were actually so into each
other they would do the damn thing I’ve

staying together

long distance they seem to I think it’s
logical and smart to not want to do that

right experience college to once in a
lifetime thing yesterday

you’re not tethered to anybody
emotionally retarded really agreed

a and then there’s like this weird great
gray period weird sexual should be back

up now to break at the end of the summer

it’s all their relationship is over yeah
but like if you like each other you


kinda keep on dating and tell you we’re
leaving and then like

that’s the that’s when you break up it’s
so sad and funny that is like how about

a compromise

July 28 that’ll give me something I
really really it will be too painful

as being so polite it’ll be too painful
to break up with you later lead at now

my summers gonna be ruined

because I want you thinking her summers
gonna be ruined if you stay together I

because occurred to her summers gonna be
awesome yeah

I the you should embrace being single
for the summer yeah

till you boys have you yet a look at the
positive the situation I mean it is

sucky to be broken up with

a I think she’s do it try to do it in
like a very polite way

which is like I’ll maybe we should just
like it I think

I was her idea not to stay together
through college ray

and now it’s like going out as a break
up now which is kinda actually quite so

if you are gonna break up the breakup
there are no

there’s no reason to be in a
relationship that’s going to be like


and like you can’t progress it that much
and there’s is there’s going to be weird

thing looming

yeah it’s like this Sunday there was a
little relationship that seriously


it’s like a baby that the each other
they’re like I guess I’ll

do that but like why does it matter
right because we’re breaking up

like if you’re married or something you
find out your

wife or husband is gonna die break up

now that’s a little different lie I’m
like to lever

the heater bad press I cousin years in
your scenario you’re the one that’s

gonna lift right out callers

overly per ever I had the pocket duh I

have a moral do that’s why you it does
little early I’m a peaceful immortal

soul right now

but there’s than fackler they an essay
about it to you

and I can remember

was that a song that reminded you love
and I think it was more like

about if you are in our relationship

that and I have really I’ll never know
I’ll never know

I and that’s the sad beautiful truth a

will this could sorted be takin into any
context threats like

if I’m gonna FIA have decided to break
up with someone

there’s no reason to do it later even
though it’s come up before a mix and

I’ll with this is where this is

I this is what i was gonna say and its
related to that it’s also like

you guys theoretically had a good

all through senior year and you don’t
want to deal with like this

painful two-month break up that’s going
to lead into college cuz thats Minnesota

color the relationship in a bad way

you might as well be like we had a good
run let’s go out on a high note

were broken up now yeah and it might not
deal with the pain of growing apart for

two months saying goodbye

right yeah so you should let you should
want to break up to

hmm an IRT

I i’m I’d I don’t want people to think
that I flip-flopped on my position up

breaking up

after that girls exams I know that was a

a hotly debated this issue very much
what I do sometimes think it is worth

delaying a little bit

in general get it over with get it done

get it the make sure that it’s happening
immediately once you’ve decided to break

up with somebody

rate I any last notes for this guy

like but the you die before right next

that’s a stay strong you’re the man

it I to my family I love you all very

am split up my estate evenly amongst you

I’ll see your dad in your mom and then
all your siblings get the same

equal we should all we should end every
episode with their living will and

testament just in case the last verbal
recording Marcel yeah that’s true

I I’d like to leave all of my money to
one relative

to be determined with a wheel what

I wanna learn to spin a wheel that’s up
from turning into a game of sorties you

see at the source file it relative in
like you immediately family or is there

like a second or third cousin that might
be a and upon the

they should be on the wheel but in a
very very small lost land %uh

so that like a your okay it’s others
when all the all the roulette

me it’s kinda like the NBA lottery this
one or the other the NBA lottery

ping-pong balls with a four digit

all right some people have twenty-five
percent at the permutation some people

have 10 percent five all the way down to
one and a half one-and-a-half

is a random fan that I’ll choose at the
end podcast that’s fine yeah

and then they’ll get in the room and not
the balls like spin-off and it’ll come

down to

946 and then you look okay who s that

who had the permutation exactly and I’ll
be like oh my my

are my daddy a my brother the my other
brother ahead or on and I’ll be like

cousin unless niece a

sister-in-law we always get I don’t have
to down to

friend maybe could be on their I’d like
that I

is what I really I’ll take the solace
liver but I really what appeared to be a

just sad moment like everybody sort
wants to be chosen rather like that

so fucking game align gonna turn it into
a game

I want that to happen at the funeral
rate I cool

so let that be known I if you have your
own questions

please email us to if I were you show at

G male dot com p.m. your own theme song
submission we started and every episode

with alive

not alive with the record at the imus I
made by whenever fans that opening one

was by Russ

wolf and is closing one is by
fourteen-year-old named Vincent

in Austria cool imagine that the I think

a I’m describing beethoven after that
scored his first symphony

we also want thumbnail submissions this
than those two a

Facebook art for us if I reach a deal to
cover everything

thanks to everybody who’s listen to this
will be back next week

the news package

dies down



she didn’t lands

case yeah emailed now do gmail dress



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