Episode 163: Ugly Hot

In this episode we discuss inner beauty, outer beauty, and long distance relationships.

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all right let’s get started this was a
crazy fucking up a certain

I know you blue cocaine idle did I had a
coke blows session amid a love it

but things got really enjoyed me and

I’m you


and he learns to



means more


and so

I shoes

just below





some movement






the I


to the air and don’t I

on appeal to think that your your hours
prior to the song

it was it was that was like a whole I
and chilled lives sorta

calypso well as actor john is an meets
John Mayer me John Lennon meet slanted

par on me

I Thomas Lennon meets Thomas the Tank
Engine Bahamas little bit

a me everything all rolled into one

calypso re need to meet home

meets the deals a movie that came out
1997 that was written in

now not the movie the song was written
and performed by Tom Reed Doughty

Tommy dowdy and you are doubting that he
can saying

you’d be wrong nice thank you he is from

which explains a a lot

cool because he said sorry Abidjan and
yeah he was apologetic a lot

thanks to me for writing that theme song
slogan a lot of the incisors episode 163

Wow Sirleaf prolly at over 300 theme
songs at this point pretty chill

each one better than the last which is
pretty exciting said alan is the best

one we’ve received so far that the last
one we heard exactly

can you remember themes on like another
theme song

yeah the Carly Rae Jepsen parody

comes to mind I the Eminem pair Tina

that comes to mind right any array exit

a my little sisters only adds to my I

a lot of things come to mind actually
more than anything they’ve come to my


my marriage lives on my purse themes are
those that one

if I were you with the how are you I

starts now our contribution I but

yeah honestly wasn’t needed I

nor was it deserved nor should you have
done it

all in all you shouldn’t have done that
you are unearned

irv unwarranted and unwanted I but if
you have your own p.m. Sun please keep

sending a man

I we actually get more than we can use
we are we have an embarrassment of

riches I’m embarrassed I’m ashamed at
how many songs and I’m a proud at how

rich I am

I leave my daddy I ally I don’t have a
lot of money but my dad has

so why are you I have other buys me
everything I need mother fucker

Larry I it’s not standing for tolerance
say that I’m a little proud

the a pic you year to year a lot proud
you’re a little too proud I guess I’m a

little too proud but I don’t think
there’s anything wrong with that

I’m happy that my father provides for
yeah I guess it’s by

be grateful don’t be happy not much to
get great about

I absolutely there is now that would
only be if I didn’t deserve the money

I I was born to a rich man

but does that make me a bad person I
don’t think so

it with so many things you say are
shrivel up a

it he/she can only be grateful for the
things you don’t deserve

yeah I like a sunny day oh oh I’m so
grateful it’s sunny out

it could have gone either way yeah but
my dad has money and I better get it

I I’m not really grateful I B actually

appears to be didn’t give me money Irish
another rom

idea and I’m a little mad thinking about

Hamid 10 venmo requested I

every once in a while I know I’ll call
my mom is the house going but I keep in

touch with my dad through venmo request
so like what happens with a call request


I a thousand dollars and it’ll be and it
we know the little like for what

for you could write in a kale salad
earlier like a

memo a cable bill or something I

just right in a little bag of money with
the way happy

you save for me because i’d have I for
money it

for a little burger for my love your buy

asserted I whenever you say something
bad youth set-up really tall and stare

at the ceiling

together I and now I’m telling

a at least tell the microphone up
towards the a.m

yeah it they as my head in your mouth
processor tried to

make my mouth release all yep a little

you you’re trying to become a little
angel by daddy’s little angel

her a cell what is this this is if I
were you the only advice podcast on the

internet hosted by Osama mere

I’m Jake we will email us there their
questions they need our advice

and we do our best to offer on this here
program sometimes you’re just as do and


it is will cope is here as always Kobe

mister bryant have a/c at least sit down

def def do show them down things that’s

program in the corner a I N good what
good on year

i right lets the let’s or answer

again a pretty interesting one from

a teenage boy okay

who I’d also think is from Canada but
can add Ian teenage boy

Canadian shall we call on someone who is
famous in Canada

Mike Myers rights hey guys I’m a teenage
boy who just found out their dad has

been reading all the messages have been
sending my girlfriend as well as all the

ones she sent to me

she was a couple hours away so our main
mode of communication is by text

normally a texter on a crappy Samsung
phone so there’s no real issue but since

we’ve been out of the country for a
couple weeks I’ve had to use I message

on my ipod apparently

my dad hooked up with iPad to my ipod
overly I clouded

and he’s been seeing and reading them
all as I found to my horror when I was


to plug mine into the charger he doesn’t
know that I

know yet so how should I confront him
about it I mean I’m still pretty young

so we’ve never even talked about
relationships although my girlfriend has

visited before

since what I’ve been sending is our
private property I think what he’s doing

is wrong

what should I do thanks Mike Myers

what should I do I followed up with this

real I asked him how old he was oca good
I think there’s a difference if you’re a

young teenager and all teenager if your
dad is reading your text messages

I would say if he’s 14 it’s fine it it
is 16 it’s not

I’ll let about 15 fifteens the cutoff

15 borderline he’s 16 not OK

really and okay I boom

I there’s another way to think about it
that if you’re not an adult yet

eighteen-years-old your your parents

you saw entitled to privacy true but

it let I guess what he’s doing is not
illegal but it would you say it’s

its its mmm a moral it bad parenting

you think cell I would say it’s bad
parenting to violate your kids trust

like that

reading your skids text message at age
14 you can I guess I imagine I would

probably do it too

I I would do it in like an in/out much
more wholesome like it be if they left

it out I’d scroll a little bit right
couldn’t help it

yeah I wouldn’t a go to the length to
spy on my child but maybe he’s I got

their legs adjust a popping up and as I

their others world where that just

because i buy message a I think that is
with these I message I don’t know where

the hell my messages are going anymore

right like they pop up an iPad they pop
up on computers they pop up on my phone

right there’s a chance that your dad
didn’t a

didn’t do this justice by and you

and that it’s just like linked to be I
iPad and now is this reading is like

linking all the accounts but maybe not
even ready

maybe there is coming in I don’t think a

that much willpower that he’s like who
these I messages are coming in

with me in my my son and his girlfriend
and I’m not gonna read them

let’s say he is spying on them would you

you can confront your father at age 16 I

I really really hard I feel like I would
probably just disconnect them from the

iPad or something right

and just like you know you don’t really
ever mention what happened Brad would

probably feel like he got shot

yeah the damage was done you don’t
confront it anymore

right I think what you shouldn’t do it’s
like freak out because when you’re


your parents don’t respect your opinions
yet you’re just a teenager to them

so I think you have to like if you want
to bring it up you have to like

try to be as mature as possible like sit
down with your father black

hey Dad listen man I know you’ve been
reading my IRS’s

that’s not cool and it’s like this dad
for the people that like our meals like

no we’re for your

medical guidelines rely on from the
nature and that is like what the fuck

are you doing

dad then it’s like he could dismissal
had apparently had a skin acts all the


if you like it really bothers images act
the opposite

above what he usually doesn’t like it is
usually cool maturing com

yeah that he should freak out because
they’ll be like wow I’ve never seen my


Kelly right or be freaks out all the
time then it should happen I somber

I’m disappointed in you daddy yeah but

I don’t know I think there’s a huge
chance that the dad is just like

yeah i buy your iPod I bought the iPad

your minor so I can really pretty much
to do what I want with you

I you’re a nice son to me but there’s
also a world where is like

yeah I don’t care about the double
messages you’re sending your you’re like

fifteen-year-old long-distance
girlfriend I think they’re like

down and funny year I

thing they’re dumb and funny the saddest
thing you could say the seller that a

good there through

first serious relationship rape but I
feel like there isn’t there a

possibility that the dad

now that this means as much to the dad
as it does to the kid yet the

possibility that is what it is

right that’s what’s happening right so
like your dad probably just

he’s got this like sort of curiosity
about it but I he’s like

oh my god

i really wanna know I like how intense
this relationship is right he’s not like


the back to the matter is though the he
did violate your privacy

sure go you just a I don’t like that
this happened

that seems like a hard level and parents
on doing that how do you decide when to

stop snooping on yours

child because there’s a lovely lady is
always want to continue doing it

right he said at age 14 do it and at age
15 stop it

I had no %ah I don’t think I guess I

think it’s always relatively you know
give them some semblance of

privacy and space but I think it’s like
I get this kid was like

organ up to be a actually sexting with
his girlfriend than anything actually

fucked up brighter than the dad like

is a big question for your mom like when
did she stop snooping on you

right I mean I’m ship she must’ve

snoop to I do like there was never a
time when Mike

she would find things in my draw or

but every once in a while there would be
something like oh the cleaning lady

said she found this and I B Day oh no

%ah on our cleaning lady is like a
catcher me out on all the like sheep and

a condom

and now I think about it might know
actually maybe that was just my mom yeah

I did they commit we didn’t have a
cleaning lady

yeah now the firs clue a

yeah so what would you do you it just

not mention it I think so yes I would do

I guess old all say the same just just
taken away

and see if he says anything and he can’t
say anything cuz then he’s going to


reading them that’s the thing retook the
way the thing that he snooping here be


I was snooping how did you body do that
yet at the you know how to disconnect

that stuff like

your messages come to your phone air to
your computer still do that

I yeah but I turn them on to do that I
do you like just going to the

preferences and

I message her so Apple System
Preferences the

earth I am not the large the shatter all

I message as you are traveling ray says

at a cowboy sure is an active I messages

and then click on enable this a cow oh
and you’re getting here techno

wetlands boswell iight cool

some real technical advice a.m.

do I need another question share name

near I’ll are you too bangui years I and
i doing well

and tell you word I’ll it do

if only I eyler you showed that go



oval this one’s fine it from a lady
let’s let’s give her another

%uh this is a lady from England 0 with
the famous British

lady Bemis I really I did Jamie

like a a dame to judy n I or a dame Edna

I every night yeah or or or Dame

a is all in the air and threw a Helen
Mirren yeah

Helen Mirren rights hey guys I found
myself and

in somewhat of a pickle a conundrum if
you will I’m 19 and in my first


until now I pretty much refused anything
more than a casual one night stand with

anyone because I’m shit scared

and I’m definitely punching above my
weight with this gorgeous man specimen

the only problem is he’s really good
friends with this girl I cannot stand

he’s made comments about her body is
saying things like she has these ideal

body type

and saying that I could exercise a bit
more to look like her

on top of this both my friends and his
come up to me and ask me how I’m okay

with him being that close to her

especially since she makes it pretty
obvious that she’s super 8 a.m.

are my boyfriend and I do together is
sleep and fuck

which was great until this girl came
along and now I’m starting to wonder if

he’s not as happy with me as he is with

so should I just backed down and get at
the way of what would probably be a

great relationship between them

because when I really want to do is tell
that bitch to back the F off

but I don’t want to look like a paranoid
jealous girlfriend that I really am


lotsa love from England Helen Moran

mmm I

I as I would break up with him because
he told you that exercise

I bed set

an exercise quite an exercise common you
like this is over

I think he if is being gross a
manipulative see at night

dump a right whenever you’re dating

who was super hot a super attractive

and the trade-off was alright so far and
a half at the trade-up was that she was

very mean to you always

so all she was during the day mean to

but then you would basically sleep with
her and there

and a sleep I guess sleep with their
both in them

metaphorical way and then a regular way
I wouldn’t date that person

would you try to sleep with them as much
as possible before you broke up

night is that the sleeper the one
similar good a it would

you’ve defeated that level is like to
see what it’s like that if the sex is so


s is can sex be so great that it
outweighs her being mean to you

why do I have to make you my girlfriend
and I couldn’t just have sex with her


cuz she’s like a lonely only sleep with
somebody that I’m in a relationship with

right I guess like the sex could be so
good that it would be better than sex

I would have with other people who might
like me so I probably still yeah

Sun it’s never worth it and now

I but I i mean I have sex with people I
dislike all the time

means though I’m not like above that but
I just wouldn’t like really commit to a

relationship with somebody I didn’t like

righted like me that’s yeah you you can
commit to a relationship with someone

you don’t like

just as I do that all the time yeah I
had just the proper placement

when they don’t like you yeah yeah
that’s when you can have that anymore

now such because they don’t like you
anymore right what they’re mean to you

yeah a so why don’t they lady

why don’t you I get out now although

she’s is that just leading this other
girl when well

the skin if not like the only thing
standing in the way of this relationship

it we don’t know how that other girl
feels about the dude

right but it seems like she’s is she
said that it seems like she’s super into


I I think make your own decision to you
don’t think about their relationship

make your own decision based on how you
feel about this guy

not how him he might feel about this
girl how she might feel about him

I if you are unhappy with this dude then

you you can break up with him if you’re

only because you are secretly jealous of
this girl

then maybe you just mention that to him
say hey that girl makes me feel jealous


you know I do it in a tactful nice way
that doesnt make me sound like

you’re paranoid distance she have a
gripe with the girl

hi I guess I don’t think it should be
mad at the girl

can you be mad at a guy that’s going
after your lady

its all kinda irrational isn’t it you
that grow the necessarily do anything

but jealousy doesn’t matter like
jealousy just makes you hate that person

right you should probably recognize that
those feelings that you have are genuine

hatred they’re more like

inside you and if anything your
boyfriend is being this shit bag because

he’s the one that’s like feeding into
the jealousy

on by saying like you could look like a
review exercising right I’ll bring knows

that you’re he’s making you a little
jealous Friday

so pattern out other pretty fucked up

your boyfriend kinda sucks a you but god
damn it is a gorgeous specimen

would you say attractive dudes are worse

people then unattractive dudes now
there’s plenty of

awful ugly guys to a so you can be ugly
and also mean

right I that’s the worst you could be
yeah ugly in me

ugly inside and out is pretty bad yeah
at the

at as bad as it gets like also being hot
on the

outside in really ugly on the inside
pretty bad too because you can use your

powers for

more cool things I think riad if you’re
ugly and mean you’re just sort of sad

view yet but if you’re a hot me you can
like infiltrate and really a

down from the inside you’ll be a virus
somehow you attach yourself to people

and drag them down with you

ugly ugly is like a cold yeah hot

uglies I’ll cancer all I see

men and so ugly ugly is always good cats
like two negatives

the act like you don’t love it too ugly
ugly and you’re like get the fuck away

from me and yeah I know

taking they don’t really affected to

but hot ugly they have beer and they’re
like oh no you’re hurting me from the


I’ll no good a lot about ugly hot ugly

00 ugly on the outside hot on the inside
well that’s not anything that the nice

that’s just like it a little tougher the
ugly hot person I think that’s what a

lot of people are so ugly

ugly on the outside hot on the inside
that’s I think that’s the ideal

no idea ideal hot hot choruses hit

I but I think second-best which 1i am
mother fucker

hot ugly the one they said was the word

I douchebag I’m actually a good birthday

appeared yeah it’s well see a lot of

a here and it’s as though you’re mean to

I and so in this

this Punnett Square we’ve created don’t
be don’t be hot ugly

and don’t be uglier so let’s rank on

best hot hot second course that the guy
obviously that means you’re hot and

you’re good

second-best ugly hot your ugly hey

but at least at the end I you got I you
got a hot hard year heating what you can


if you’re ugly thats I’m sorry year year
year four-foot to and balding

like it that’s the lot your Dell you
can’t change that you can always that

way you can always exercise though

yeah you can be to you by like four to
ball but like pretty

bad like hide you can be cut in that

I’ll you can always be cut worse than
that would you say

is a what’s others worse than ours that
is ugly ugly

yep agree on the outside ugly on the
inside here you’re a bad looking

objectively bad looking humane and then
also in addition to that URL years and

you’re a meanie

you’ve let it affect you subtly meaty a


the words at all I hot ugly

which is the dichotomy I

dude at CES bcz home a router did Ruth
with the inner life

I the be candy that that is it the
poison on the inside of the Apple with

the razor blade nobody’s going to eat a

mmm is a looks dangerous mmm you wanna
that’s fine

may get actors now but you will you to a
poison strawberry whacha ride

you looks yet but 0 or are now I’ve got

yeah I’m cooked chicken yep were doesn’t
look good on the outside okay so cooked

on the outside Ron the any right and
that only you have to go

yeah GRT St Apt 32 for your jodie amana

and this girl date the Giardia man it

pumpkin you’re dating a dillweed well
and playing with their

okay too little game

actually kinda fun it so many times in a
row can I hit this top bar with it

K on to 3k

idea for every I there’s a clip on the
mic stand he is flick it up

lead of literacy at your house y’all
gotta come over and see this guy and

I could actually IBS I just yet

a alright let’s take a quick break now

only what should you do leave go away
from the hot again

how to please the worst one mmm a so

sreya by yep

I let’s take a break think a few more
sponsors then we’ll be back

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it wouldn’t be kosher a few only made

commit you’re supposed to recommend the
entire everything but like since you are

doing that and then holding in and I’ll
say that is kosher

okay and then what do you have a
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the trunks the

low you know what the trucks actually I
got a pair those in there on point in a

hand at tell you what if anybody from me
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free trial

at they also got a lotta cool patterns
patterns of the month else as solid

colors polka dots stripes trials
whatever you want

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yet 20 percent off your first order and
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what if you go to me and is that comes
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it should work out to if you want to do

yeah I mean you can also daniel is that
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I could do that underdogs unite the

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bucking website well I’m so convince you
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yeah really after listening to our
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to pull it back just a little bit does

at expects for thanks for supporting the

thank you to me and his response in this
episode let’s

get back to it today

the are releasing this nation’s it today
you can listen to it your own pace

were listeners on Monday July 20th

we’re coming to Montreal this week
Montreal Molly all week

is %um a bit on mir the a-pillar here a
little early mom there Leone

numbers are lamar CD player but all haha
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they’re all on StubHub no I gathered I

we’re gonna be hosting comedy shows on
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let’s get on well put all the
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because it’s a lot to take em but the
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Just for Laughs comedy festival see a
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not know we can announce yet yep bowlers

where local gmail.com we’re hoping to
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to the east coast yeah the beast coast
exactly the home love our very first

live podcast

low woodruff where I’ll back we’ll just
me you

six people in the crowd everyone’s
confused janitor locking up

first time I ever got drunk on stage and
now I do like and pellets a problem

howard’s initio a shout out to

lots to say our sub read it great great
community of fans over there p.m.

checked it out

red dot com slash are slashed taken a
mere are slashed Jake and Amir

a.m. take also has a really I think

thought-provoking Instagram account now
I really do think it provokes Todd

I mean is that can I do would be a
disservice to me to load it right now

and as you say the start but I pre have

husband yes it is Google Doc

their inflated don’t talk a lot weird

II ’em serve a hug dollar

at noon i right off the bat there’s a
picture above

your buddy Mike enough a field of

that is you say that it provokes todos

interestingly I guess I it’s I’m been

for one is there are I tired its is
relative ease in Nigeria

like I would have chosen this filter or
the framing but I would be divided

exactly happy looks a little just it is
not ideally I’d like that

now it is exactly i it’s like not even
two thirds

it sorta bohemian the lower its slow
here that was a choice

I know and I’m so I do know that there
was a choice but I think it was an


in the it was not in the crate with you
wanna do a second pair are you all feel

second you know I haven’t happened to
going to have to go there’s a wide-open


yeah you want to do happen all yous the
hoe be worth

I don’t think so yeah I do just the
better lower than a wide-open sky

into the possibilities for coffee you’re
wrong what else you got

a second picture Mike again I wouldn’t
go back to back the same subject

oh yeah you gotta have a lower now I
know that you are as if you don’t have a

muse David

at this picture way to die if we do this
upload your it is we have to get your

ass to gramm real

is wearing a hat so you can’t really see
there’s a stoplight it’s too shady I

don’t even know what he’s holding in his

be here one in his arms as let the
others not mike is an RT

da as an artiste is an art to our users
cinematographer he would never allowed

as I can see

for a fact you are not put a picture
like this up it’s completely on the

minutes completely unintentional it’s
unnecessary our live picture is a

screenshot others seamless web or hide

okay I alright %uh you’re into it before
you have

to it to picture the bureau chief a
senior last 60 home

three pictures in your last 7 after last
eight sorry

I missus it’s disgusting and deplorable

who did this to yourself with the TBT oh
well here’s one bit is what picture view

with with do pictures of your own faith
in it where

up good well as a before and after as me
at age 18 me at age 31 it shows the

transition have time I think

it’s kind of interesting to look at one
subject really why realize

interesting there’s a picture viewer the
picture view with a tad too is a picture

a view kissing

Our Lady here’s a picture viewer for
Peter be kissing a lady

yeah winner at that wedding oh yeah

yeah lemme article here I the remittance

squeeze that day I

your your sched man use it may

yeah absolutely your air Instagram’s
gone downhill Blumenfeld

I over post they’re all pictures the
bureau if they if you overpowers the new

under deliver

I’m sorry at to my

all the hon this is so

petty that caught my eye by if you can
bringing this up

I do apologize to my forty three
thousand followers

and to and I’m sure they approached him
and they appreciate that and i also

I wanna give a shout out to your 34,000

I and two that 9,000 the view that
follow me and not Jake

toda namaste eighty you I like you are
listening to follow me on instagram: it

show on the air who’s got the more
thoughtful Instagram

who spent a little more time with their
filters the new doesn’t just willy-nilly

post screenshots of their seamless web
now as a joke that I i do Ridge re:

your entire account as a joke but

good I cheeses

me map them at Jake Hurwitz and
Instagram in at a mere

if y’all are a prior to the game please
join us he noted recently I made my

account private

why I don’t know I wanted to see what it
would do

so now you have to ask request to follow

really yeah I don’t know how long the
last but a

gonna be interesting personally vetting
every single person that

tries to follow me it also keeps people
like people who are lurking

who never followed me and sort of force
them into

requesting i’ll know that’s interesting

type II opened up a public museum and
then I started charging forrest sawyer

you’re trying to stop people from Mike
the agent who just sorta like


back casually ole time to see this yen
out like girl who are you

the real game yeah the real everything I

up my arts for free I don’t do it for
the following agree it is worth nothing

it is worthless it is free sunset the
free to

I you know it’s not free

a fucking rad ask Ferrari and for me to
have that

and Megan driver drive a Mazda cysts
uptick review

a who now on can know that

that was three-year you a

alright let’s let’s get to one last
question after that

emotional catharsis a

I’ll as an is another lady that I
followed up with this lady

is from Texas how about a famous texan

dali partner he hi let’s see where da
lee Partners from

Oklahoma I

Oklahoma Tennessee shit born in

but if I can get someone who was born in
Texas Annie Oakley

neru Oakley Ohio

well I was way off this is where they
were born okay I’m

II got wind yeah and barbara Bush

world barbara Bush was born in

New York City bach

be the does a good guess thank you Laura

of course ap Midland Texas

fuck you do dat fuck you for the alley

I I was gonna say Laura Bush’s was Ron
James slam one down and then look to his

team a dope ass didn’t say

fuck you be me emotionally act kinda

a alright Laura Bush writes

hello jake in the air for staff would
like to say how much I like your show

thank you with that being said I need
some help I recently took a trip out to

LA with my cousin and his family

as luck would have it I’m

a pretty nice guy and my last day there
my last day

are anyway we met up for a couple a
drinks and talk for a few hours and

ended up having a pretty good makeout

okay very good makeout session

but eventually I had to go needing to
finish up packing and getting ready for

my trip back home when we left we kept
discussing things

and kept in touch and we’ve recently
texted a few ties back and forth since

then but the question is

is a completely delusional to think that
this could go anywhere

we only spent a few hours together and
now there are three

states between us it seems like this
type a situation doesn’t end to end well

I know you guys have discussed long
distance relationship before but any

help you can provide would be greatly
appreciated thank you

Laura Bush then I E mother back I had
some follow-up questions how old are you

how old is she

how old is he what state do you live and
how did you meet him

but i wanna know like how do you meet
someone this well you’re starting to do

Miceli people back I guess so it
happened twice in this episode

did I had some questions I

how do you meet someone when you’re in
LA as relieving and she said

I’m 27 I live in Texas he’s 30
unfortunately the way we met its pretty

boring I was standing outside a
restaurant waiting for my family

and he asked if I knew the time because
his phone had died

I let him know and he thanked me and
asked where I was from saying that he

was blown away by how nice I was being

and that I I seem very genuine so that I
couldn’t be from LA

it seem like a stretch since the only
asked me for the time but he was cute


agree to have a drink with him thanks
for responding that’s pretty cool

you got a date and a smooth operator
after asking someone for the time

though he’s a real smooth criminal up

same thing a cell

what do you think should she
entertainers are discarded of course

it’s not like nothing’s really going to
happen but maybe shots thanks for them

one day

I maybe one day if you’re lucky ya fuck

like Mitchell be back here maybe he’ll
be there like something will happen if

Usdan touch it is they like each other
but it doesn’t seem

like you always idealized people in this

this is the best deal ever be you had
one awesome

three-hour session yeah I kinda party
things that like

guys that are that good talking to
people and Mike getting a date

like you thats pretty much what is good
for I don’t think he’s gonna be would be

a good

and maybe im I and II speculate page
you’re saying he’s hot ugly

I think you may be hot ugly which is
fine school to make out them you could

even have sex love you want

but I feel like if you’re that smoooooth

if you like bet you go up to somebody
because your phone’s dead and then end

up making out with them

yeah I like I that must mean he probably

is a little bit of an ass all the other
bill at least the last flight

to see some love yourself in him is that
why you’re so sure no I never do

anything like that

but his you’re like this guy so charming
he must be bad on the inside

II I think no no I don’t see myself and
a guy like this the other day I got a


he’s a he’s sorta he is a charming kinda
scary guide he has snake oil salesman is

a con artist

a matchstick i think is that I think
that’s what it is but I also don’t wanna

judge too much I think she’s asking just
if we

if we think she’s delusional foreseeing
a future with him and yes

that some but that is a year there is no
real good future with this guy

would you say that for anybody that met
after one date that there’s no future

likewise are no future with this guy is
there anybody live in Texas this guy

a probably just hangs out outside that
restaurant with a dead phone all the


I a dead phone Sammy yeah

let me guess the ASI for the tell you I
just actually just press the little

circle by and

yet see there you go it was a ways off

it never did you notice is also wearing
a watch

hmm man that’s a good game right there
do you know what time it is

great awesome ice-breaker right a

but what about the few times that this
does end up in a loving relationship

it’s funny you’re supposed to be there a
Manteca not supposed to be the pragmatic

one beer saying don’t go for you guys to
live in the same city am I i maybe it’s

worth the risk even if it’s one in a
thousand as a net worth because the

actual potential awarded the Lifetime a

having this guy in your life who make
beer soulmate

yeah but if you’re being practical then
yours you’re telling her right off

every single guy that shield lives
closer to an could have like an actual

I action with so why don’t you pursue
this guy a wall still

pursuing other guys go for this guy but
don’t shut yourself off enough to be

exclusive with this guy

use have to like you know pretend like
it’s an open relationship

same if you can if you don’t you have
other guys in taxes don’t close of

yourself from other opportunities this
kinda thing is

always like you’re looking in at it
through rose-colored glasses

like I do whatever I got rose-colored
glasses yeah they do I look at me look

like a look like a weird flower child

I circular pink roses lenses a

it like you’re saying if you are
investing any time and energy in this

then you’re not

fully committed to idoney things up a
little bit like it just soak

it’s just like kinda pointless like what
are you going you’re gonna like

yet you’re shutting yourself out from
other things because you’re thinking

about somebody that lives in

California that you met once right
Islanders think that had been there

but not to any avail but I’ll tell you
that right now

it’s almost like if you buy a lottery
ticket in california don’t quit your job

in Texas right like

it’s cool to think about it like enjoyed
this romanticized

division 8 you have like think about a
banner size amber about him

cool totally but what about texting him
that’s fine too

I just don’t think I’ve ever you know
going to really materialized into

anything except for maybe like

a little tryst ruffling and work with
that could be fun to do

told that but then why subject yourself
to all a

flight back to LA wrandell a flight back
for him to Texas

what they just get you deeper and deeper
into this relation world be like a third

act like finally fuck not like since
been thinking about it so much and the

sex will be as good as you build up in
your head you’ll go home you say you

know what

that guy was not at all I cracked up to
be but

I’m glad that I saw him again be a is
just a guy thing that’s like a once we

had sex like

and my interest levels much lesser two
girls also got the experience

I think it depends on the Saks demands
on the gender

our demand on the sex second self the
sex is great but parties a lot more

yeah I shit like it would be nice to
actually talk to somebody who studies

this kind of thing you like

indeed the different genders but it
kinda seems like I had

if the sex is good lie even if the sex
is good the guy could still disconnect


then it’s harder for the girl to yeah I
like all the stereotypes I wonder if any

of them are true

or is it just offensive to think any of
them are real politic some other by

Eliza I thought it was like a biological

fact that like women when they have an

be really some sorta like chemical that
a makes them feel bonded to someone and

guys don’t

right but I don’t know if like that is
just some dungeon you are

I back to it cuz that’s why I’m saying
they like if the sex is really good in

my both people

have an orgasm then it’s like harder for

at the woman to you disconnect so if I
were you

what would you do textures his lady or
guy one more time

I we are probably like go hard at trying
to fuck them once and then

and then can be done with it I would

I would say I would also see it through
might be fun to have one or two more

activities with this dude

but don’t actually close yourself off
from anything that’s happening in Tejas

yeah I’m with that or you could just
move to LA form like next time you see

and you have a bag

idea that you have a packed bag right
yeah I don’t do that

a also it’s interesting that she said to
she went to LA with her cousin and his


isn’t that your family hmm I look at my
cousin and his mom

with my cousin and his on which is my
mom I

LA with my cousin in his arms but
alright thanks for reading and Laura



and thanks for reading and everybody
else that email address if you have your

own questions is if I were you show at

gmail dot com a that’s also the email
address if you have

the Sox emissions were also still
needing Facebook image thumbnails for

all you visual artists out there

ideally in a 600 by 3:15 resolution but
we will take what we can get.

and thank you for listening to this show
thank you for enjoying this program

thank you for a occasionally telling
your friends about it

and we’ll be back next Monday every week

for ever go to I I will eat shit the
closing things on

the opening one was written by Tommy
dowdy in this closer

was written by Carlson thank you carl


%uh do their problems

from him to she buchanan’s

units have bad gas show only by two cool

lose %uh yeah due to I’m the new dams

seen him do he can million

time he needs a podcast you know me by

cool tunes he keep I’m

0 he

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