Episode 166: HeadGum

In this episode we discuss cocaine and our new podcast network!

This episode is brought to you by NatureBox.com, BespokePost.com andMeUndies.com!

the this is the head cam podcast

what the fuck was that

y’all know soon enough but first we have somebody to think

a company really a company built on principles

accompany filled with employees and people that we really respect

we admire and we appreciate and that is enough

now let’s start there I legacies Italy say who they are and let it air nature

box major box dot com

we talk about him so much because we love them so much the idea is simple:

you don’t have to go to the store and buy

snacks that are bad for you anymore I hate going to the store and I hate being


hmm can I interest you in nutritionist approve delicious snacks that are

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for free

and they arrive like clockwork every month I’m listening

I by that but the you would know is done talking

snacks Lake parmesan garlic pop Pop’s

snacks like Italian bistro pretzels mango almond bites copycat all popcorn

check out their snack and I are the names day for the taste

you will I don’t know if they have a guarantee but I will guarantee that

there’s something for everybody

check out their snack catalog a gonna nature box icon slash

if I were you to look at all their snacks and perhaps

you know sign up for right nature back to yourself a

and if you do if you do sign up for nature box

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thank you

next time we endorse the backs the backs

wanna buy tax I don’t know about what in the box with a player who got the box

Melissa are I’ll lehrer are

I will apply related larach now that all their big deal that is both are so I

think I’ll mailers there’s so many

so many and what to me last names are Arup

and are group Jacob L okay so their distant cousin and get

it though if you have a different lies there tho your cousin yeah

the other thing less in easily relate all brothers and sisters and cousins W

me and Gavin P Thomas W Michael

/url Steve W Steve d to Steve’s

to season 2 W’s so this is all some big incestuous

Sep topless group right here they’re not necessarily related

related but we do appreciate them in the last a

check about some love you have yet to at least checking out

nature box dot com slash if I were you you can enjoy your first box

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so once again major back to accomplish if I where you

right now to unbox the world to taste and possibility

you really have an excuse to not get it for free it is

it is an ass it is a smart idea

checking out testamentary to cover the office is good for home it’s good as a


he had a loved one in your life was got a birthday anniversary coming up

you can I get major bucks for them not a good idea a

senator Boxer come thank you so much thanks for you guys for supporting the

trucks one of our original sponsors we love GS

one of the original sponsors a the had gum network which will get

into right now as we start the show my

you I’m I mom

are on every single name you said that mean with doom

I you and I’m you me

died be Datz then easy

news the the best in cases mean to you

me you 98 change and near


how was that very soothing that’s correct

it was soothing that year you you got you nailed it you know whether it was


it shouldn’t have been a tad he said as a soothing theme song and you nailed it

well really now I made that up courses Justin Krzyzewski

coat sis key and has a SoundCloud said he’s heard SoundCloud accomplice Justin

hi pinko SYSKEY

he’ll have to spell that for people its

K OS Isky now

colder than I thought sis key

thank you Justin big episode huge

this is we don’t usually have shit to announce yeah

this is an announcement its announcement up a search it’s something we’ve been

working on for how long would you say

and I mean yes

we’ve been talking about it for a year more

I think more I think more than a year I think we’re living in New York

when we came up with it Wow yeah no shit because I remember could now was there

visiting us

and like we went to the whiskey and you’re coming up with names

remember thats through so we’re at least in New York we kill

look at when we registered the domain I think it was two years ago in September

holy shit a anyway

it’s a pretty cool thing say let me follow through I

the sometimes it only takes two years the desert Dec 25 month

the you might have heard at the top of the show this is now

ahead gun podcast that is correct had gotten this it had complied care that’s

read those rose

up on tax she has shut out a rose for lending her voice

about what is ahead gum pockets where they had gum

what is had gum that as though there are questions we asked ourselves when we

register the domain that we’d be got the dough named domain a person right what’s

the business

planned this year you’ve got something a

I guess the idea was to make a Podcast Network

because we’re apart at %uh Podcast Network last year wooden

and it was our podcast in a bunch of other podcasts right

but you what you don’t want to work for the guy you wanna be the guy I don’t

wanna I yeah I do want to be the middleman I wanna

no sorry I don’t wanna pay the middle man I wanna be the middleman

rights I am and we thought instead of

being on a podcast our with some people that we don’t know what if we just got

all of our friends

that’s part to you because we don’t want to be out there we don’t start a huge

Podcast Network with much it nameless faces that we don’t know on what you

know we’re just

willy nilly picking up podcast yeah we want friends and family

we approach the only our friends and our family so

for example rosenberg twins

are Dave in Jeff all we love them

we have on our show as much as we can but our whole

are show can’t always be Jeff and Dave room

but their show can be yeah and my car now

that’s right so they have a show on our network right my three friends that I’ve

known since I was like 13 or 14 they now have a

basically almost a spinoff but not quite really right

it just let the absurd with Dave Rosenberg on iPad cash

like the other third Jeff Rosenberg on our bike at night tell you what you’re

gonna love my car now

unfiltered car these are three friends that know each other so well

they have no they they’ve known each other for more than half their lives

a when I’m there for that was attacked by cats I was crying and

lapping I could not contain myself as one of the funniest

insults that they throw the I won’t spoil it but just listen and you’ll know

the insult that I’m talking to their podcast is 20 nations

and the ideas visit with asians are to revision

20 vision either way is Dave in Jeff coming up with business ideas

and Carnell sort of moderating the two kind other than

that into right a that’s an example a friend that wouldn’t necessarily

have a podcast on a network if he didn’t know us and we didn’t love them and now

you guys can enjoy it too

rate a

another example Julia Nunes

all the Nooner a very

funny friendly talented the musician

that we’re friends with mmm a she has such a distinct voice

and we say you know what it’s time we didn’t just hear

songs of hers yeah time we hear words have hers

right-hander opinions that are opines so she had this idea

for a podcast called that was us where

people bring in an old example if they’re writing actually

your episode Jake might be online right now I am

and things got real right off the bat in a talking about birth control

exactly a previously brought in like an old email that you wrote

yeah I read an email to Planned Parenthood when I was at. right

and I i think I’m on Episode two that podcast

every episode every new podcast we have is

available now on had come dot com

so goals usually people have a set schedule like ours would be every Monday

I think David jessel be every

Thursday or Friday julie is will be every Wednesday but we made sure that

there’s at least one episode online

other every podcast for you to enjoy right now

lose to have the I think we’re launching with 10 or 11

yeah your mom is a podcast my mother’s doing well

if you’re fuckin the horse people approach me yeah

she came crawling out the woodwork years depend on the internet when you grilled


you you said I wanna see fifty ideas and then you

and then you can even read the list the year like let’s see fifty more never

treat my mothers who

had never treat my mother this way unlike

the normal type a podcast which is a

30-year-old yelling at each other your moms is a very

a soothing I year old woman

an arduous with their age earlier others go back to the agency’s to tell me to

tell our friends we were an intern at the mall

that is 35 okay thieving 35-year-old woman diana real trouble

time a you like soon as soldiers at $35 a year: 37 I

mom your 37 she its own

love your your you look at their 25

letterman’s podcast it’s called the easy chair

the idea is that its at the hsi

her intro just like I welcome to be the chair

at so let me tell you a story and that she just did

week to week she’s a my mom is a young adult fiction writer which are you

anybody would know that cuz

she purnell promoter dunno novel on our show

that’s true at the week two weeks you just gonna be reading a story

and and every episode is part that short story that you read

yeah a also very enjoyable I am

quite soothing not unlike the interest on then there are some podcasts that

have been gone for a while that we incorporated

or brought back like streeters podcast yeah talk to shame

pastor had a podcast last year that took a hiatus but we’re basically baby name

baghdad to bring it back a where he has

comedian slash friends on to discuss

the most embarrassing stories a

with streeter were both on that person that’s true that Packers as well

yes also true Josh Rubin a

as another podcast the mind house podcast just rude to me that you

should love already he was on our show

is really funny yeah I is just a really funny guy in general

see my college you’re everywhere here’s an episode you guys would love is he at

Thomas middle ditch on

and it’s like this one unbroken bit pretty much the entire time

it is so unfiltered middle ditch in Josh Rubin

almost too much but not enough an NES

interviews with other artists and

actors and comedians trying to discuss their craft how they became what they


a new they became I there’s other podcasts from

some of our friends that you may not know yet podcast that you should

probably get into

for example at Gilmore guys

really really good guys that’s another podcast that that’s been around for a


and right there are already there like in the season

for love dissecting the show yeah they are twice a week

and they discuss episode by episode Gilmore Girls

severe Gilmore Girls fan hi honey suggested recommendation even if you’re

not it’s pretty fun to watch the hood dissect a show like that yeah

a but if you are it’s especially good so

they are looking for something watchin TV should start the Gilmore Girls

and starter Hector they also said we would be on their show soon so hopefully

that will happen as well

ok my friends Laura lame and Angeles Pira

they have a podcast called this is why you’re single

through its comes from there I’m they do it sold out comedy show

by the same name in New York the reading a book by the same name

and I think they’re their perfect

female podcast for you know being single and dating

yeah anybody can listen to us where it’s just two dudes waxing philosophical

about how dudes dudes dudes yeah and I do know what I’m talking about and I can

speak for every gendered facto listen to their podcast

lengthened hours buddy on a different opinion a different angle it every


is where single also on the head gun network a

was an iPod gadgets for their jingle is so good upon

also black men can’t jump in a hollywood

talk about a different viewpoint from the NARS at a.m.

Jonathan Bray lock James the third and Ron milligan talking about

african-americans and their place in movie

a the film industry currently and in movie history in general

these guys are three black comedians from the UC be there super funny dude

and I really love their podcast specifically because

they’ll go on these rants that are just so funny but then

also there’s like I’d by two times with a break it down into like

really poignant social commentary and a label at back in but we like to actually


a so it’s like there there’s not a lot a cop up

comedy podcasts out there that are like funny and make a point and this is one

of them

and I think the last the last we haven’t spoken about it was couple a questions

a with Danielle Joanna and Claire

also friends of ours and they interview couples who have been together for at

least two years

the minimum requirements so there’s no there’s nobody that nobody the half

Assin in here

about just them and their relationship and that one gets very in-depth and very

cool and very interesting we did that one to me like right off the bat we’re

asking is the most intimate personal questions we’ve ever been asked in any


yeah I like dodging makin jokes in like %ah really if there was a lot of time

you two were mad at each other I relating world

like do you remember your first intense conversation together

there when did you know you guys were really really good

lastly be together yeah and

what is Jake provide that you can’t get anywhere else in what is a mere do that

Jake doesn’t do

another episode is going to be first but our episode is coming up from that

they’re all basically all these podcasts

are we try to choose the most interesting also the most entertaining

not necessarily humorous but sometimes very much so

and the I represent different slices of life there should be something for


so if our podcast doesn’t give you enough or especially if you like our

podcast then you know what

that you had the same taste as us and we like all the podcast we picked up and

they’re all on

your different emission John Davis holy shit

I and there’s there’s too many yes

that is to look at the last time we haven’t talked about yet as the one that

we’ve actually been the most involved in tears

oh hell raiser for us to forget had you is over literally an hour ago

recording in our studio yeah that’s a slip by John gave us one of the funniest

guys we know

who has been in our podcast before we specifically seek him out like

do you have a podcast he says so funny he was like making me laugh

doing major body had by a cell a he was great on a show

but he doesn’t have a podcast because he doesn’t know how to start a podcast

three-dollar will take care of everything else you just provide the


and we’ll we’ll hook you up so gay persons show a

his pilot episode is us me and Jake

on his show discussing what the show will be began fight it out

we don’t really we didn’t really know other than just like John gave is being

John gave us

yeah like you he didn’t need to have an idea for us to wanted to do a podcast

with us yeah his

is by catholic all high and mighty a it you know gay press

you’ll understand how funny it is and if you don’t know gave us now is a great


to figure it out somebody’s the shows have us on an already which is sort of a

good gateway like a person’s first episode

and then Jackson julie is first episode Jake and I have been streeters podcast

we’re going to Josh’s podcast we’re gonna try to

make an appearance on it a somebody’s podcast but

give them all a try room at the very least are the ones that are most

interesting and you can

hear them all hopefully if everything goes well on the technological side


on head gun dot com that’s H eat aideed she you and dot com

and all these people are gonna be like very active I and

they’re like respective social media so let him know if they’d let him know

the you’re enjoying and yes an email check it out to be very excited

were all as excited as hopefully they are as hopefully you guys are

so everyone sort of this is an exciting day as it were

remember that part love every episode where real akes click on our links get

us advertisers it helps us

I’d make the podcast better yeah that’s BS right for had a really happened

at now like you guys did enough that our podcast was successful and we’re using

it to make more podcasts

a it does sound like word is hammering home the way I really do think our fans

will like a lot of these shows

I don’t know if you like every single one obviously there’s something for I

know like everything like really

I like to do sort of a foolhardy confident the air

where I really love them all the sorry

you will love them all but guaranteed for that that that your money back

this is the official launch we haven’t promote it we haven’t tweeted about it

we haven’t facebooked about it so this

episode at this podcast Monday August 3rd is the official thrust

there should be the first episode if everything goes well for

every single one of these podcasts to check him out is an exciting moment

a how you feel about it I’m pumped at first we were like let’s start with 45

you know let’s take it slow

we I think we did we first say let’s start with 10

and then we only got like bites from three or four separate

and then by the time Garrett boatmen

very talented guy built the website by the time we got everybody else on board

we started thinking

hole he should help I can so they should have a pike a little push this person

this person right where at

11 amazing 11 for the launch we chose a very busy time in our lives lower

wrecking our TV show that do this

that something I hope this is online I hope everything’s going well

cuz I think I may be too busy to fix anything if it breaks it yet so in a

perfect world everything’s online available for you guys the

bite into as soon as possible and yeah I guess

we hope you like it and thank you for checking out you will like it

you will check it out with no hope do you know the

this makes me feel kinda like the first time we record a podcast remember the

very first podcast that we recorded


in my old apartment in Williamsburg yeah where

we didn’t are you saying theme song goes on at my age in Table

and like the way it but like the way I fell we’re doing it’s like I think we’re

having fun but they have no idea at this will ever

attorneys do anything yeah leader meryl we had no idea

if our podcast would be like apparently

hand later right if you’re going to be like we only like the videos Jake and

Amir don’t talk

yeah say anything don’t do a podcast it’s true it’s

people only knew it says these characters where they have to wait

the you know week to watch three minutes of us get chips and yeah like sometimes

we do out except as we do like

meet greet sir a you know live streams or whatever but

podcasting was those that was a scary one

yeah will I’m what podcast does that no other medium does like

not only can you hang out in a seemingly very intimate environment to see you

listening to us to do but it also weakened

come out with 45 minutes a contatto week like

right it even if you have a great TV show that 22 minutes or an hour

a week for like seven weeks a 20 weeks a year this is like 45 minutes

maybe once maybe twice a week for three years straight

it’s insane and now that we have all these other podcast with us

how much content are we helping to put out into the ether

let’s do and all you guys listen the pocket this is the hard part is getting

people listen you guys are you listening

if you’re hearing this you’re listening to a podcast you know how it works

and hopefully you guys have a little bit more time on your schedule

to enjoy somebody’s other podcasts I’m

well something to say yet the name had gone

area um doesn’t mean anything

kind of it does not have any real meaning

I’d well we we’ve got different first about you want to tell everyone who came

up with the


I prepare I think you just did that

the other a I think it was Marty ray

like that a can correct you can I’m not supposed to know

where a who do what it do you know Kim

I actually carry on with the I think maybe it was like one of those groups

think things like right I can every search my email had corn and they are

you stupid as great as it had corn outlook that’s pretty close better

yeah records actually better a had gum

I know said it but I liked it the most I actually I did say

and then I lobbied against it right I

all I love because it’s fun to say and its

easy to say and its easy to spell and it’s quick to write and the domain name

was available yet and their two real words

yet headin gum yet at the reason

i like it is because it

feels like fresh breath for your brain

means like you hate 2011 to our podcast alike

it’s candy for your mind yet without the other way to look at it

we could like gun can be like minty fresh refreshing

your bread late you know your breath is bad and

the and the gum fixes it it’s like cure its like you imagine a red

eighty red throat at and then like the lozenge cousin everything turns to green

p.m. that’s what I matches like a messy orange brainless

podcasts and then all the circuits freshness is the nice green

nice green healthy-looking brain is it too late to change the name to mind

fresher fresh mind because that you’re saying that either the other lost their

podcast or

that be great but then the other alternative

is it is it’s like a bubble like bubble gum

he’s a a gumball for your brain a little more playful

yeah fun like that kinda yep

which one do you think it is I think it’s the first one the one where its

fresh because it’s like sort of light

entertainment your lesson alexi disc like you’re on a commute you’re sitting

in traffic

it’s not a fun situation one wants to be doing or you’re at the gym you’re

pumping weights here on an elliptical

and I know you want to be doing that cuz you ain’t going to the gym a vehicle on

a demo

work the Huntsman so they are you doing dishes are you doing laundry it’s a way

to fill up space in your day in a more entertaining way

holy shit it’s a way to fill up space in your day in a more entertaining way

dont holiday at the a

that at least that’s how I thought a bit a.m. somebody

life gotta a.m. we should read the old

email thread with some other ones that you came up with home and do we have

I’ll that we’re just like us brainstorming yeah got it so long ago

what is it that the first email Google had gonna go to your very first one that

says that

here there’s a 147 emails in my account

that they had gone home now be way more yeah and that’s just the beginning it

hodie year there’s a way to go to last really and I here we go

337 the

I to me

oh my lord and 84 I

eyeball here this is an email

the from Jake

to me September 4th 2013

I’ll so there seem to be two years ago here’s a bunch of I just searched for I

bowled the ones I’m super into including some before

I feel like let’s make a move once we got this choice out of the way we can

get into the real shit

like ordering business cards and doodling a logo


classic me pizza thief good game team

6 quad really solid quilt

Fort dope force take tell

head gum Wow global that one nah they’re all balled

down bone backyard mob backyard squad

tree fort trust in fort built fort built

I and then the I

a you said I still think trust fall is perfect

the trust well with the domain that we weren’t allowed to get

and then I said I really like had gum my sister-in-law said its quirky and sounds


empty calories for your brain to chew on no my brother says it sounds like

getting gun stuck in your hair

which is bad so that that was the pros got there had gum at an early age

the then read I found some web-sites that a

weren’t available we could buy like the recess dot com for eleven hundred

dollars in

a I’m happy with I’m happy with had gum

I really am special because the other ones we’re considering as Braille casten

dude Lee

been to let let a that a stiff milk pod stiff stiff pad

Howell Fort but I’ll tell for it was good

ira that was my vote yeah I like I said I liked how for but I like had gum or

easy to say and spell towel for promised how for its like I say that to my

parents and they can’t they don’t instantly understand

you’re not as good as had gum had guns nice at the more you stay at the

like if you’re in israel responded with the right now to keep on saying it

occurred I did buy with it either and now I love it it has gone it’s dirty

it’s like thicken you just you your like saying it may tell you what happened a

little bit a free promotion right now

from from you to us turn to the person who later left it’s a

pay I’m listening to a head gun podcasts they just so you know

I’m listening to a head gum podcast died getting beat up on a bus

that’ll leave me alone who learning randy erwin to your door left out the

window and say I’m had gum as hell

and I just can’t take it anymore I am

yeah I don’t know we should take a rash it we could argue for

25 minutes solid door so we had a lot to say we have to get this offer just this

has been inside of us

for two years with an exciting day for us to the

to finally expose it to the world most people don’t work this long on anything

and I guess for a long time we’re we were not necessarily actively working

but for the last couple months

we’ve been getting these people together getting them recorded getting them


they had to start the people at speaker for helping us out for real

they’re giving us hosting they’re making we’re using their awesome player

a so we really appreciate speaker really appreciate gear

boatman for building the website that looks so good and everyone else the top

us along the lane dollar our podcasters and I love our listeners let’s take a

quick break and we’ll come back and answer some fucking questions for crying

out loud as than a bite

I cat finally

grassy ass yeah

Spanish do biz spoke post dot com for sponsoring this episode yet again be

spoke pose to be.

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hey we’re back totally forgot to mention the mysterious 12 podcast

that homeless guy that just takes shits on a microphone for you minutes a week

and I started this and we tried it gets what he eats are guess what he had that

day for lunch

and the way I did leaders guess it is also brought to you by scary

a the alright

had come to copper that’s if I were you the one answer some questions on the


yeah I’m down to talk about the show been answered this one’s for the fans

they get it yet

they understand they know a I felt they know

they know they know they know

here’s a fake name rain D

raining the rainy rights is a real email from a real person

fake name preserve anonymity real people really emails year ago it is currently

Tue 09 a.m.

and I’m sitting in my car outside a dingy gas station tapping out this

message to you

we all get to the present in a minute but first some background

two days ago my girlfriend and I broke up we had been dating around

eight months the breakup with Sourav amicable because we’re going to college

in a month and she didn’t want to go out with me anymore

a huh I also have another ex-girlfriend they dated for a year in high school she

went to college and we had a nasty breakup that was no good for anyone

fast forward to now two days after my more recent break up at about 12:30 a.m.

while out with friends i get a text from my ex

ex-girlfriend saying she’s in town we talk for a while and eventually arrive

at the conclusion that we should meet up

the problem is if I meet up with this girl

I know we’ll hook up she knows and I know it and if god was real he would

know it

I’m a very weak willed person when it comes to making out whether it’s

possible leakage

even escalate farther than that hence the convenience store and buying an

emergency box of condoms and some sour patch kids

well on my way up to meet with this this this this this vixen

so what I need from you to you is to please record in upload a podcast

in the next say twenty minutes that talks me out of this

my at that time I hope the big question is

what are the ramifications are hooking up with someone soon after getting out

of a relationship

I don’t want to hurt the girl I just broke up with

and she will definitely be heard if she finds out I went straight to my axe

after a break up with her

thank you very much love the show love

Rang De go bring the Rangi Rangi

I am think

is there a moratorium is there a break period if you break up with somebody

especially the only they break up with you yeah I think that’s the not

that the colonel right if you break up with someone I think it is kinda Padilla

mellow a dick move my a dike como

mmm to hock up with someone let’s say

in the next three days

okay cuz that’s like

hey review clearly wanted to hook up with her right when we are breaking up

right that but I mean like what

you’re there are no laws no laws there are no rules

it’s not a rule it’s not a lot resistor like unspoken thing that I ate like can

you live with that guilt

you liked or 10 you live with keeping that secret because

obviously you know you’re going ok up at the racks and you don’t want your

you’re gonna hook up with your ex axial iraq’s in outright

how will they find out yeah it’s probably gonna be fine you’re not

cheating on anybody you’re just going to hook up with someone

right everyone is free unencumbered

untethered stars in the universe right now yeah hook up with whoever you want

and it might hurt somebody but you know what you

you cut yourself off from that person

right I and then definitely that applies if that person breaks up with you

right then you can then you should yeah

you are assured the countdown is on yet then

I mean like for sure going like hook up with whoever you can

but it’s a complicated it there’s so many like different shades at this gray


who broke up with who was that an epic break up were you guys together for a

long time this year xx now you’re axed as you are you gonna hook up with

someone that but I was both have year there’s been lots of great

tell me something cuz I my opinion on this has changed as I’ve gotten older

and I’m wiser yeah right now almost thirty two days away from being 30 as a

practice to continue this epic day

so so there is a time in my life were like

if I broke up with someone: found out they hooked up with their ex boyfriend I

would have been lifted

I didn’t sell her yeah but now with the hated that

if I broke up with somebody and they went up with their ex I would be like

that’s understandable yeah you wanted to go back

and sleep with that like that’s a good whatever really value being single

could like you wanna sleep with somebody else that’s not your

boyfriend or girlfriend right but you don’t want to sleep with a complete

stranger you want to go back to sleep with somebody that

thats familiar need like testing the water

right it’s very its new but old yeah it’s exciting but also come for a would

be fine with me if that happened

I would be like yeah good at you for getting over each other

if I broke up with somebody and I heard that they

Oct up with somebody else I guess I would feel

a little awkward cuz then it’s like I was just hooking up with this girl

action to hooking up with no I was the only one to be intimate with this lady


however long 6 12 18 24 months and now the thought of her

since that being physical and sexual naked and Swiss somebody else

a little buddy it makes that that person like an alien to you all over again

yeah but I guess I just feel like that’s healthy

i remember i the back in the day

a I E broke up with somebody

and I was like it’s good it’s over we shouldn’t be together at this is healthy

but then like somebody showed me a picture them making out with somebody

else I like are the still it feels bad I will show you a picture

I think we’re just like Hannah it was like look at this is just like a look at

it like out-and-out

it wasn’t until nature does dislike it felt weird like I really wanna see that

right as they wouldn’t wanna see it either

right but like knowing that happened does not make you feel a little

I was the at no I was there is like thing about my parents at

at xx

like I don’t want to hear about it I don’t wanna I E but unlike

and some level I sure I’ll like hope they have a healthy happy

sex life like I want that for them s

and the same thing with an axe like I don’t what

heard a go into a hole and be celibate not have any fun

yeah wondered at get lied to you but I don’t

wanna know about it you don’t wanna know your ex wife’s sex lives

exactly you didn’t have that make life PLO

you made it not Ron ex-wife sex life

my ex-wife sex life ex-wife

could like you cuz that cuz i hot under fwy yeah I have a cup but because the

as sex assorted only to make the lights plot

ex wife sex life a my ex wife sex life

it sounds yet yeah then we agree unless

yeah yeah the but its I’ll

did this guy ask I’ll ya gotta go and hook up with his

xx yes it’s okay I we don’t have to talk you out of it

I’m kinda wondering why you but some sour patch kids in addition to the

emerged about

condoms and as a man I hope you’re using the condoms correctly I hope you’re not

stopping them sour patch kids out the sour patch kids were just a little

preview videos her badge

kids to plug up in the entry for a I a

though you do you know you gotta do you and you’re right there are no rules once

a broken up

is just like a polite thing right up there that there’s the unwritten

etiquette year and I think that usually goes to

because toward like did that X

acts like negatively affect your relationship

you know I it’s it’s a I was going out with somebody and

this girls ex-boyfriend was always hitting on our

always saying like hey let’s get a drink I just wanna be your friend right like

that a guy

then that would really bother me yeah I don’t always like that like I

if he was it was just like a wedge that drove us apart yeah

and I was like eight we’re breaking up and then shipped over them then are the


but if it’s like if it doesn’t like this relationship came to natural

and and it was fine right so

so I think it’s okay but then my god what’s the amount of time that like

actually if the other person found out wouldn’t feel that mad like you’re

always gonna be mad

early on at a time you know it just has to happen it just like but it’s

to go now only waited three days only only waited a week early can wait a

month or you can wait two months it’s only been three months

it doesn’t matter it but it’s always gonna feel weird so you might as well

late now over think that party that rape

a alright who a question

from a ladyy mmm-hmm the lady’s name

delaying delaying ger

terrain delaying a rights I am a lady

emailing you about a problem with the guy I am quote exclusively dating

background I met this guy and tender he turned out to not be a murderer we get

along great we’ve been dating for two months now

though I was abroad for three weeks so that and we sexed often

a couple weeks ago I had a real life for real good sex with him

now we don’t text as now we don’t text as much but he’ll still sex to me a lot

also he stopped taking me on dates though before they were very impromptu

involved around food

now when we hang out we end up in his bedroom hooking up in watching Netflix

don’t get me Ron hooking up is great and is not always the instigator

but I just I don’t just wanna bang this guy

I honestly feel like that he really likes you but is making me feel like a

fuck buddy

so much so that yesterday I texted him saying hey

take me on a real date I’m not your fuck buddy

and he thought I was joking the crux of the issue is how do I make and treat me

like a soon to be GF

and not a fuck buddy without looking like a crazy bitch

give me advice please thanks delaying

well different to linger the lingo I

that’s really hard but the really hard question here’s what I think

okay I think early on guys sorta choose one way or another with a lady

us are they courting or are the fucking

yeah I think s some

guys are like well I don’t necessarily wanna

date this lady in a traditional way

I’d rather just bonam right and sometimes they’re like

oh I wanna really treat this lady like a gf

and not like it FB less more formal s cadre

unless you’re young and then he is wanted on anybody with this matter

yeah and it doesn’t that happens both ways but the fact that he is

trending you towards fuck buddy makes me think that he just wants you is that

it is no bueno I will say that to they’ve

been together for they’ve been doing this for two months and they did go on

like the dates that revolves around food

there’s a chance that he is just moving off

faster towards relationship than you are

he like cuz going over any and bed watching movies and biking sounds like

oh that’s like I’m not leavin yeah they’ve been together for a year

right %uh me he’s like maybe he’s acting really sped up the courtship process

for a he’s so far ahead of the game instead it behind

but if you to specifically asked them hey take me on a real date

a still doesn’t do it right I would say that text was a little aggressive

yeah soul maybe there’s a more positive way to say like a light

or you know you say I want to take you on a date

like to invite him I crew you create a date you don’t have to say

I demand to be taken on a date I’m not just your fuck buddy

right bike show him with your actions that you’re not a fuck buddy

like it he says come over my house tonight you say

at not tonight but tomorrow let’s get dinner

and he’ll say I’m okay with the dinner I really dislike to have sex with me up

i think is a mere are a buddy to me you a buddy in Europe body of fun huber et

you’re a buddy fucker your pal fuck

it you’re a friendship fuck fest a sex friend

if you will the so you’re leading it’s too late for her

I don’t think it’s too late but I think that there needs to be

idoney I am manager there needs to be discussion

I do think that at something needs to change if that’s the way you feel

and and I the eight do you truly think

you can be the instigator you do not have to wait around for him

to you treat you the way that you want to be treated you

suggest and make moves towards

in treating you yeah and then if the dates are fine he’ll want to start

planning them

Gregorio plan the next 10 date anybody Haley what’s going on here on the only

one planning dates

yet any if he keeps on I think I think with the move to do is am

rather than getting mad and Mike the and asking for what you want

you sort of do what you want and if he’s not on board if he’s not like

embracing it then you’re like then utilizing the AM

tryna like injects Emma

some romance into this thing and you kinda just wanna watch

TV and pork his up

and then he’s like what some say that’s what I that’s what I want its

relationship many say I

brother peace out what if he’s like all go on dates with you but

every half hour I’m lying on the ground and planking

and planking face up any better I’d me you better ride my dick

will I think the then and then you like alright we’ll let’s go to TGI Friday’s


I will do that I’ll go to TJ presence now 30 minutes

on the dot I will make my body stiff so stiff that I will slide

out of my there let him deny land up under the table

or on to the table or on to the app’s I’ll be on top over

on top of that a dusk in basket not topple Holopainen yo popper

with the medium deck because it’s not gonna get fully Art in Los you

well as you ride me I

and then when he does that you just take I you add it to your snap story

a and save this night as well a you can circulate that video around

I’m lines to shame him the way that he deserves the

you might be getting ahead of ourselves but

but if that option is a.m. dairy answer one more question

while I said let’s do it could who’s been a long episode about that

mention the podcast you guys deserve it you guys have earned it

but before we do that is much more tightly I got my car was in our podcast


yes if you guys leave this podcast wanting more

wanting more entertainment from not only ourselves but from

our friends and our our loved ones and are

and I and my mother better I and my mother

at gum dot com enjoy third question

from a dude will call him rise

but together we Rai

is I just graduated from college in the spring and have been working full-time

for about two months now I work for a start up in philadelphia and i genuinely

like it

the people are great the work keeps me busy without being overbearing and

everyone for the most part has a real work hard play hard mentality which

as a 22-year-old recent grad is exactly what I’m looking for but here’s the


another guy my age was also higher to a very similar position as I

so we’re basically doing the same thing it makes it a little competitive but in

a good way

as its friendly and he pushes as both a little harder however

this guy really believes in the work hard play hard mentality

as he’s been going to the bathroom several times a day to do a little bit

of the quote

white girllll obviously I’m a little uncomfortable by this but it’s kinda

hard to ask him to stop doing here’s the thing

the bathroom visits seem to be working

because his sales have been through the roof since he started doing them

to the point that if he keeps it up I could start making it could start making

my performance look bad

so here’s my question how do I handle the situation do I tell me to stop in

the friendliest way possible

like go to my boss and tell them what’s

going on if someone is really crushing at work with the aid of something


is that a moral no no I really like this guy too so I don’t want him fired but

it’s going to be harder harder to keep this things aren’t being

under wraps if it goes on please help love

rises rise that is the real problem

it’s funny when I first read this question the first time when he said

he’s going to the bathroom

to do a little bit at the white girl I thought he meant masturbating

mmm yep that that shows how cool you are damaged up

but turns out he means cocaine

yeah he s going to the bathroom a work but he’s like a better is going about

them snorted cocaine kicking ass at his job

and these guys like %ah what do I do now rate

this is a tough sell commodities like are loath to our

shit what bad news I love we should

say a word do anything because the numbers are really really good yeah

I’m like I have a hard time buying you know what you’re selling year

I really think he might be okay well here’s like the different ways to go

back and forth like

on the surface tell on him he’s doing something bad

and then it’s a girl lets go a little deeper you know what is not necessarily

hurting anyone is doing a good job at work you don’t want to be a tattletale

and then you go even deeper than that this guy’s developing a drug problem

yes I have to help my item I have to help them on a moral level

for he’s doing a pretty hard drugs several times a day

at work I think that’s where I end up to you you

can’t do cocaine were I think like

this problem would likely sort itself out eventually because

I’d maybe like for a while the cocaine is gonna give unlike

yeah that like blue where to sell stuff and then but like him

pretty soon as does happen with cocaine your day yeah

anymore cocaine yeah alright more cocaine where the brothers the cocaine


we wanted for alleged you you don’t stay productive on it you

you there’s like more than yeah you become dependent cocaine in the

we’ll just wanna do cocaine all the time you will you really think about sales

it is funny to imagine them a hyped up on cocaine

a my craving like a Lean Cuisine

lasagna either by the make great for doing something really Monday network

right leg watching like trying to fix the copy machine her banging on in my

career like picking up

stuff from the printer but it’s not all yours yeah somebody else acted like a

return label from Zappos

yeah this you’re swell I get these to collate well

the tears it is five in one of his work station I really can ever get the fax or

scan well

a clear disconnect for the printer which I

you with the you with the router with the router via cable with the wifi

because I keep getting disconnected bow

is a business and connected to the Internet a

I up

well %uh calendars and seeking out with my phone

will its cute started the crash

at like gathered

anybody seen my favorite part will a

blue every time I every time I try to heat a liquid up in the microwave it

kinda splatters everywhere will

a but I K really wrap it in paper towel cuz that gets really wet

work because they want to get anything was ordered a

is by itself in the office a Sunday night

so I think since to have those flip flops angle toward you helping this guy

you should but do you do it to stay said you tell us gonna be a real man at the

you go to me say hey

your take you’re doing okay at work it’s clearly not OK

do you wanna it change do you want to do something

I can otherwise better for this yeah you acted

you gotta something has to happen it’s not acceptable

yea or if you want to be like a fuckin gentlemen a true man

look your boss straight in the eye any say I’m here to tattle tale

it and it’s not going to be good but I am

I’m coming to you like it I’m a young adult I’m a 22-year-old man

I’m at a college I have to take care my own bizarre I’d like to tattle on my

friend I would like to sit here that scare you in the eye and say start

I have a tattle titles aren’t for drugs

you can’t add a long trip we’d

baby yeah but if someone has a droid like a legit problem

it’s not called paddling it’s called helping

said would help to go straight to him I think the movie 30 state him because the

it gives him a chance to come out had a hit yeah and then if it doesn’t then

it’s like

her but it’s you gotta really bean

yet to really not care about confrontation to go straight to a guy

about something like this

I know if he gonna do it if you can do it more power to your

I don’t think I could do it but i think thats right thing to do yeah so if I

were you

I wouldn’t do it because I’m up I’m a weiner head

but I think you should do it but you know what I’m never gonna work in sales

it’s not really my sheila is it a mercy

yet to dial nine to get Outlook

at a alright that’s it that’s it that’s our time

fortunately you now have many other podcast do enjoy

as part of the head gum network thank you guys so much for listening if you

have your own questions your own emails your own theme song summations

Center Mall to a fire you show at gmail dot com the opening one was written by

Justin Coast SYSKEY

and this closing is by whenever favorite ladies

a allien Lizette who have done a bunch for us and this is an

am I wrong cover oh yeah a sum one last time

this is Jake near for if I were you and they had come network

were saying goodbye well

have get feared


also been home


Hellstrom call for

of overall of


I’ll have a bosnian

urging also killed only deal with it

make the bed from you this and do their operation

scatter the heat down podcast

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