Episode 168: Where’s the Beef

In this episode we discuss prostitution, honesty, and being a doctor.

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let’s get started this episode got incredibly real Jones very realistic at
certain points I really do think you will like it would you say CIA or CH O W
these are delicious
thought that was did he call you a pussy Jake is a pussy hound and amir is smart
oh you’re fine with pussy hound yeah yeah as long as you’re not a policy
that’s yeah yeah because I am I out how how how was your heart hurts lol yeah
you’re howling at the moon by yourself howling at the moon by self should go
this guy was Marcus Denmon from Sweden wall American rap from Sweden he’s new
to the whole music-making thing but if you’ll give it a try so that is pretty
good at it yeah that’s your you little asshole that’s your first try not bad
just this jazzy basie cool little city slam dunks haven’t tried by school
before but it seems pretty chill man I wonder how many people in america can
can dunk but have never done what a waste through what a waste that would be
true do you think it’s a million it doesn’t really matter I guess we’ll
never know what is this show it’s an advice podcast if I were you show and
people will email us to FIU show @ gmail.com there in sticky situations
they’re in need of our advice and Jake is a policy hound and smart true feeling
that what do you think is more true me as a pussy how Andreu as smart what do
you mean that they get like in this song that says Jacobs of pussy handed him
you’re smart right but if you had to flip those which one do you think it’s
more are you some more smart than I am see how and leaving on a policy and I
guess the question I will I also think I’m smart right I’m a genius the
question on the borderline genius do which ones more me I think I don’t think
you’re you’re very much at all so you think I’m just like a casual pound my
pussy casual like I’ll take it if I can get it but I’m not having it out very
rare that I see new hound for it like is how necessarily like a negative thing
like you’re obsessed with it and not in the good way I don’t how can you be
obsessed with it with policy in a very healthy normal way yeah you can be that
like you can be like more active socially trying to go on more dates
trying to get more numbers yeah you look at it but I think any time you’re pretty
and it’s a pretty negative connotation
all you care about is pussy right and the city that you’re from ya
I am gonna drink until I feel that I am done you know what I’ve been trying to
do it it started quite describe it I’ll see if I can do it you know that line in
back-to-back where Drake says back-to-back like I’m on the cover of
lethal weapon back-to-back like I’m Jordan 96 97 he that rhyme is is sort of
wedged in there in a very Lake hard to pronounce way like I made it seem very
casual right now but I practiced a lot so can you say those two lines and see
how difficult it is or maybe it’s not difficult for you
back-to-back like I’m on the cover of lethal weapon back-to-back like a
Michael Jordan 96 97 Jordan 96 97 thing where you like tries to cram it in he
says like I’m Jordan 96 97 so you can say Jordan in 96 and 97 Jordan 9690 yeah
it’s almost like Jordan ninety-six is like one word like I’m Jordan 96 97 on
the cover of the weapon Jordan and yeah but that’s one of the group that’s one
of the subtle things about rap that you know really think about right the
cadence that they that he runs with like it has to be the same amount of
syllables or and I guess whoever wrote that for Drake cuz I I heard your dating
back to back I think whoever wrote back was fucking great I don’t think it was
Drake I really don’t think I could you know what Drake is this podcast he
doesn’t distract you my god amazing also when do you do a diss track like you
have to that’s giving someone respect it’s almost like he shouldn’t have done
and that’s why he said I’m probably gonna regret this later
since so it’s almost like giving someone a district is actually giving them props
the real district has no track at all and if you go back to back to diss
tracks that’s like that’s that’s a huge get for me yes also what was the first
day back charged up charged up with
I mean charged up wasn’t that great back-to-back is like a song that they’ll
play yet they played on the radio they actually did play back-to-back it’s such
a smart like marketing think it’s like it has a built-in thing where people
want to play twice in a row because that’s what it’s about
yeah they asked me about to hit the ship back-to-back it’s about back-to-back is
that he released 22 districts back-to-back right but then they asked
the songs and then some radio stations do really really great i think im part
of the ovo crew for sure I would love so much for director added to be called
Drake didn’t tweet meek Millz album Rated help promote the album so that’s a
drag doing this is likely it’s promoting Meek Mill 22 exponentially
why would he tweet about did other rappers Meek Mill part of Jax posse I
don’t think we’ll joke was on me feel that I think I think they’re part of the
same policy because now I don’t know but Drake like funded meek Millz first album
is that the $75,000 to like a product like a production studio being built in
meeting those old high school or some shit like that you’re making stuff up
but it sounds so specifically did you actually know that are you just go I
read like a complex article about what the band Complex magazine is the complex
it was really hard to understand I read an article that stem from yeah it was
because directed and promote the album there should be a blogger and article
series called where’s the beef and then it just explains where the beef comes
but the phrase where the beef is actually a kind of funny little
marketing slang slogan from the early nineteen eighties right column is called
where’s the blood we all got it immediately and you’re over explaining
but they are not about it was a great idea we’re going to my god really are
you looking it up now actually shame lost getting back to the house but
what’s going to happen are you know what I can look it up
look up with the Beavers about I guess we’ve already discussed it may be for
the next episode we can do some research and get back to you guess that’s alright
let’s get to some questions these are people who are in need of our help real
emails from real people let’s give him some fake names to preserve their
anonymity anonymity got a lot of Manatee did in it and many DDD tibi tibi tibi
how about a female name Nicki Minaj that’s good hey guys I’m an 18 year old
lady and I have a situation
recently on a chat forum called tagged similar for tender but I’m using it for
friendship as I’m engaged but on a break I got to normal seeming guy I’ve been
craving Chinese food in naturally I was complaining about it but to my surprise
this guy offered to buy me Chinese takeaway obviously I begrudgingly
rejected but he didn’t let it lie and twenty minutes later he had my email and
was PayPal me ten British pounds it’s what happened in those twenty minutes
which is the problem I sent nudes for 10 british Pounds and Maya prostitute now
should I try and sell more photos to this guy also he lives in the city not
too far away and suggested I come over do you think he’s planning on paying me
should I go anyway
PSC attach the conversation that led to you that led to it so you can understand
price mehdi is it prostitution to send someone nude photos of yourself for 15
USC American dollars not prostitutes to clearly it’s not prostitution because
she is there’s no sex and good behavior I wouldn’t reward that type of behavior
from a man but is it worse behavior has never left the problem remember what
happened here this guy wanted to like treat this girl well right you should
never feel like you owe somebody something if they’re being if they’re
like doing some kinda creepy thing giving you get I’ve heard so many girls
you like they took me out to dinner any I got me drinks til I kissed him at the
end of the night so we had to make out as a true nobody like nobody’s asking
for anything in return or at least they shouldn’t be if you like giving you
money and saying like well what are you gonna do for me you gotta be like I
don’t want your money it’s 10 fucking pounds is a lot of money
15 bucks that’s what you’re naked pictures being on his phone forever I
read this conversation and it seems like he wanted to buy a Chinese who’d you
felt uncomfortable it’s like I have to give you my address and then she brought
up the fact that he could PayPal her as like a joke but a kind of a joke that’s
not a joke don’t have to leave I don’t think that’s very fun let you clearly
wanted the money then she gave him his him her email and he did do it and then
he said do I get a reward and she said you got my number and time of day what
else do you want more and he said plenty more everything you can imagine and then
she says
am I gonna end up essentially whoring myself for spring rolls and he said you
could it’s getting late when does your Chinese restaurant closed and she says
I could be a very lovely person and let you see my new piercings so maybe they
were booby piercings I want to see the venues $1,000 let me see your Tatas
though it didn’t seem like this it’s already PayPal her and then was like you
know what I get return that like if you do this I’ll give you this but either
way it’s not prostitution not present but its porn he led you into a trap i
dont know cuz she’s the one who saying can I have money it’s not like he’s like
a send you money for pictures it’s great to be sure I will say she is a
prostitute to show that’s completely unrelated to this day I was just her
profession she said psi a prostitute no yes i five is a fine I will I don’t
think that people should be sending nude pics to strangers they meet on tender
well isn’t this a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black eye my photos
you’ve gotten nude photos before never have I ever solicited nude photos what
they come to me on her own and I wouldn’t say hey don’t send complete
when girls nude photos
it was just out of the blue is just at the beginning of a kind of my life
asked for a nude photo and get your phone to see old nude photos and I read
the messages before then it’s never ever EU egging them on it even in a polite
slate fashion I’ll respond with positive like that was like this is making me so
whatever yeah I’ve never said send me a photo of you naked but have you implied
or requested in nineteen the specific explicit way I mean you’ve got newt I
have not done it and I have not gotten nude photos so I can’t imagine that just
your you don’t go after the same types of it
I’m trying to think really hard and like like think of ok for years ago you
receive a nude picture does this sound about right I don’t even know who I’m
talking about just think about
2012 sure and then what happened before then he was like hey can I send you a
nude photo know it would be like it always slowly gears up that late they’re
sending pictures of their face or like they’re about to go out and they look
really attract and I’ll be like that yeah that’s really great yeah I love
that you look so good and then it’s like send me another picture
Demi Moore don’t stop sending these something like that and then i think
thats usually like a green light to start removing clothing and then it just
then it just happens I’ve never ever said this picture is awesome can I see
one where you’re naked I don’t think you said it that runs smoothly but I think
that you at least hinted at like can I see a little more or a little less winky
face and shit like that I don’t I don’t think I had another you’ve ever done it
with a random girl like this year and never met before usually it’s ladies
that you have seen naked before correct correct so it’s never rec’d 3 text this
guy sort of going one step beyond that kind of like a little
entrapment he already gave her the money and you know he’s a lot and now he’s
saying now I want to reward he would be for you is doing it out of the goodness
of his heart then once he’s she’s got the funds in her account he says what do
I get my reward like whoa you I wouldn’t donate money to a soup kitchen and then
be like in now what do I get a homeless guy shows you so I don’t think that is I
don’t think that you should have ever done the photos as beyond the point
you’re not a prostitute she shouldn’t send it was one of the options sent him
he doesn’t think you’re a prostitute he’s not like this isn’t his move now
he’s just gonna keep on giving you money for a nude photos and perspex like
that’s not what’s happening what happened was this is happening a lot on
to do you see all these articles about like guys ordering girls pizza and
tender how I have seen that it’s like a thing that is happening girls are just
sort of taking advantage of horniness yeah they’re like oh my god I’m doing
this what’s your address like that’s happening so that’s what this dude was
he was he was flirting with you use like if I buy a Chinese food that’s the way
the lake get her to meet up with me he’s doesn’t think that he didn’t find out
that you take money is going to have you over his apartment and pay you $1,000
for one night or something
well what if these ok so it that prostitution what if somebody sends you
money and then you send him photos not have your boobs is that bad bad in the
first place to take money from this guy that’s pretty rude ladies in the wrong
she shouldn’t have like asked him for money that’s a little fucked up so when
the pie chart of the blame
how big is her slice it it’s it’s 50 50 50 I think so I think she should have
not asked him for cash
and I think once you sent I think he should have sent me cash but once he did
send a cashiers shouldn’t have expected nudes in return and then when he got the
nudes then we’ll then that then everyone’s in the wrong but now I can
stop you don’t take any more of his money you guys are at least even don’t
send him any more news
would you say would happen in a vacuum is wrong if nothing else happens after
this I think what happened is fine she got food he got boobs yeah of money and
goods leading at the illegal what he did
Anoka that he didn’t say I am giving you this money for these new which also that
might not even be legal I don’t know I don’t understand yeah but he also it’s
sort of like an unspoken rule barter things like I’m gifting you this $10 and
you are gifting me these nude photos and they’re not related in anyway right
clearly they are I mean I don’t think there’s there’s no world were like if
everyone’s doing this that’s a good thing right now but if they’re doing it
I would say yeah yeah in the grand scheme of the universe you’re fine
yes it’s like you killed and we don’t do it anymore yeah you didn’t murder a lion
or anything like that
pasa just you know I’m team dentist team Meek Mill team dentists that killed the
lion I’ll say it I don’t care get lambasted on social media I’m gonna lose
in the court of public opinion
let’s read another question this one’s from the dude Drake rights to the park
as before I think yeah hey guys big fan of the show congrats on the podcast
network that’s actually a good point we did lunch on Podcast Network called head
gun yeah listen to our podcast go ahead
had shown no dot com for a bunch of new shows and episodes rolling out on a
daily basis
had gum dot com get back to the question my girlfriend and I broke up a month ago
after two years of being together it was mutual but I was the one who did the
breaking up and now I’m hanging out with a few different girls trying to get back
out there again because because doing the dating game for two years I’m not
sure how casual I can keep things mainly my question is if I’m seeing and hanging
out with multiple girls and I expected to give full disclosure on being casual
or can i just sell it like they’re the only person I’m hooking up with I don’t
want to lie but if I’m not in anything serious with a girl and we haven’t
defined what we are is it alright to just fool around best regards
that is probably that this is a problem that drink actually has yeah I like it
when he takes a girl out for like a date she says there is one of his
I made every woman feel like she was mine and no one elses allow
at the very least he’s making her feel like she’s she’s the only one is there
need to be fully disclosed like by the way I’m seeing somebody else this week
don’t mention it at all like that like by the lake full disclosure I am seeing
several other people I’ve slept with one of you don’t like full disclosures
little too much disclose medium disclosures so you’re not like you don’t
want ever be a liar
this is the white lie yeah so you say oh I’m not seeing or not seeing anybody
let’s not even talk about it you just sit well you just avoid saying I’m
you’re the only one that’s an easy thing you just don’t tell somebody get there
the only one and then you CNN if they say are you
seeing anybody else I just don’t like two years keep this going anywhere else
it’s like you just say no every time you do you just say I’ve never ever ever
gotten that question one time one time my whole life somebody was like am I the
only person you’re sleeping with no twice and I the only person I actually
three but everything that you don’t you don’t you’re not a repeat customer
that’s why you cut people off after 10 one-and-done did I ask this once of the
percentage of girls that you slept with a piece left with only once and what you
say it’s over $50 do you do that how do I see how can I see it in school and
what happens with the spoon at the end of the night yeah
it’s like an old paper of toothpicks with other dirty spill is there’s a
handwritten note that said use spoons deposit here and then you’re like
actually use my spoon full of ice cream even know I sometimes do get sick a
little salad and I just wanna know I know I’m a lonely because so many people
how can I be lonely that the different person every night she’s just a labor we
you’re a foam cone away for cone the kind that doesn’t taste like I’m away
for men have been little man where where we are right we have to take the after
it disclosed I think she asked point-blank you have to say yes that
that’s when the white line becomes a black lie that’s a discrete distinct by
the way I’m staring at you you ask me a question are you seeing other people
know that’s the life you can’t say that so she says he’s seeing other people and
you say you can get a good so you you don’t say yes or no
you say this is a great conversation that we have totally agree that’s
excuse me one moment what happened to use the restroom okay and then you go to
the back door are you live here say very hard like you get down on your lips in
the bathroom now she has to take you to the hospital and I don’t think this
whole are we exclusive things going to come up again anytime soon
dodged a bullet there develop but had first straight into straight into a
porcelain bowl
or you can turn it into a joke everything any people I don’t have seen
people but I’m seeing hopeful about a potpourri of people I have been allowed
to vary every flavor and a lot of people have a Napoleon complex I have a
Neapolitan looks yeah I’m going 3 for 3 with a cup man was small single single
cup single cone single scoop the little ketchup packet of frozen yogurt
little little paper paper a little paper ramekin ramekin I know it’s like a small
little cup but I don’t know if they like what they put like mayo and ketchup it
actually on twin invasions I was listen to their episode today and 30 to the
Cornell talks about greasing the guy who works at a frozen yogurt place for it
like a stack of paper ramekins that they just do you make $10 an hour give you
give me a stack of them for $5 you saying no to that
whatever else came as I get rich quick scheme was just like how to fly drugs
not really a scheme not really just just just you know drug trafficking in theory
is a scheme I guess people do make a shitload of money doing it all rights
you say I think you just maybe you come out ahead of this conversation before
the heck are we seeing other people just like a I really like spending time with
you by the way like I just got out of a kind of serious relationship and really
just having fun and I’m doing my own thing right now I think you don’t have
to have a conversation till pretty late like usually it doesn’t come up within
like the first like three or four days
dating people on tender I feel like you’re not the only they don’t nobody
want introduces getting like one date and sticking with it released not a lot
of people are doing that what it means sticking with it I mean like when you’re
on tender you’re constantly swiping in meeting up with people in your life
dating in general you’re meeting up with lots of different people I don’t think
anybody is doing like ok I have this one I’m like totally single and dating but
I’m only dating one person at the time you did a bunch of people and then when
somebody is like really great then you slowly distance themselves from the pack
I think it’s ok that you’re one thing to always remember is late we gotta go to
break we will come back I think it always helps to encourage the other the
person you’re dating to do the same thing like oh yeah I mean like I’m
dating and having fun with dating right now I hope you are too you should be
doing the same exact thing but saying that before anything comes up seems like
you’re just like oh yeah I’m saying not if you get quote unquote called out to
get cornered yeah but I think in general just don’t tell anybody you’re the only
person there’s no need to lie to them and say I’m just stating you and you’re
just dating me and then you’re dating other people that’s
I guess you don’t have to be you know it before it comes up but if it comes up to
lie about it is a general rule yeah what do you think general rule we have a new
character on the show called general rule he sort of an old Southern General
and whenever we come up with general rules he agrees I agree generally he
rules nice let’s take a break and just kiss each other and then we’ll be right
back after this come sit on my left at AJ
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back to back I think it’s been mentioned before but we do have a lot of great
episodes on the head done this week I’m actually on Julia news podcast this week
that is correct to you are on their podcast podcast that is correct that are
you yeah I’m ok with that as being beheaded but maybe we’ll put like we did
at the end of last episode with Gabe Russel put a little sample a taste a
teaser of that episode
if you keep listening you’ll hear us and into that when I was on yeah I did yeah
I did it was ok you
is us and who are you ok so you twice your smiling about this how do you like
the haircut you got today I like it I dig its really sure we got a one on the
sides of the shortest it’s ever been on the sides shorter on the sides that you
left in your like I’m gonna go full for Marty we call it a one all the way to
the top
didn’t quite go all the way to the top aides up a little bit is what stays from
a 10 fades from one but it doesn’t go all the way to what is what is yours
mine is one at the base where yours is into a 39 is clearly obviously not a 333
me I’m i three Nini but that’s the cool here to get its short on the sides the
question is how short are you willing to go and for whatever reason I’m too
afraid to go very short three is very short but like I’m afraid to go like 0
is the ultimate I can’t do that I said it just goes to show you how far away I
am from getting a tattoo I’m unwilling to get a short haircut for having a
short haircut for that long I think the real difference is that the fade two or
three makes it look a little longer on the top right
you could you could do a 12 2012 at 2401 all the way one all the way but yeah for
whatever reason I am I always get scared to cut my hair short like it would it
grows out in like a week
yes the difference you don’t want a tattoo is literally like four to six
days not good enough
and yet I still look to it but maybe with enough prodding from our fans if
Sweden lord give me their number one
well it’s really hard because has checks already a number sign hash tag number
one would be like hashtag hashtags 12 that was hash tag a word before Twitter
like was that always a hash was inside you see it pans out but it was also
always been a tag I don’t know yet he’s bahash mark hashtag is it that attacking
the tag interesting so hashtag to Twitter invent that word these are
questions we don’t know this the Drake beef or just relaxing we don’t we don’t
understand most things we have a show in Toronto in October our podcast is sold
out but we have another show that has still tickets available plus you can
still get into both of our shows with the festival passes just relax we’re
doing two shows I think one the podcasts or that they were doing like a regular
straight comedy show me what we’re doing to shares in Toronto I like the podcast
cause we get you know scripted drink with a stand-up show ya head up that we
did stand-up comedy shows in Montreal on it was fun you did oh my god I don’t
have anybody who’s the other one
me again it’s always me you stand before him and it was us you felt like you
weren’t a part of it now
you feel like you’re not involved at all against you it was just me one set of
steps foot fuck let’s start this podcast no I don’t want to do you have to go
anywhere can you answer one more question I was going to go to the
climbing gym but yeah we can answer my question
line with me today right I’m on the fence I’m climbing on offense can you
read this one should I read it I think I forwarded it to you
question number three advised me plz you got it dude I just I could use a break
yes your permission to squeeze me while while you read permission I want your
permission so that I can squeeze myself while you read now could be denied
hey guys have been a long time who wrote this Meek Mill Meek rights hey guys have
been a longtime fan and I’m emailing you guys because I need some advice I went
to a concert with some friends
Slipknot in case you’re wondering and my friend who drove as they’re also drove
these two girls sisters hot that he knew but the rest of us didn’t one of the
girls and I talked quite a bit
regime to see you seem to be at least somewhat interested in me needless to
say I was also interested in her just gotta tell you buddy you use a lot of
parental sometimes they’re not sites sometimes they’re just part of this so I
was considering asking her for her number at the end of the night however
after the concert on our way back I didn’t get to speak to her too much
since she spent most of her time talking to her sister that thing is though we
both want to do the same thing
parentheses be doctors and she may have just heard mostly about the advice I
gave her parentheses since I’m two years older she also mentioned that she gave
some guy at the concert her number print the Seas we were seated in different
seats although when he texted her later that night she expressed regret at
giving him her number and didn’t want to talk to
from talking to her I found out we have quite a bit
I don’t know whether I should ask my friend for her number or something like
that or just forget about it I’d really appreciate it
any advice you guys have VS maybe don’t read this on the podcast great way to
get it right on the podcast deny thanks for the suggestion we will read it
there’s so much funny little things in here one of my favorite little subtle
things I don’t even know it tickles me so much as well as we both want to do
the same thing and then in parentheses be doctors just like a costume to him we
just want to you know do the same thing
be a doctor that’s a huge life I just wanna be that and also is like maybe
shouldn’t like me just mostly cared about the advice I gave her but that’s
that’s that’s a way of showing interest in something like liking someone yes
hearing their advice what do you think about her getting some guys number
during while they were flirting like if you’re flirting with a girl she gets
another guy’s number is that a way to flirt with the original guy oh yeah big
time is that you do I don’t know if I would necessarily do that but if a girl
was doing that to me I would know it was about like if you’re flirting with a
girl that she comes back she said I get this guy my number
a really great way to like four with somebody is to sort of complain about
like a date that you have to go on or somebody that is like father like that
you are it is really works out because you’re like this this girls like I
totally don’t want to do anything with her she wants me I’m wanted I’m desired
and I would rather deal with you you’re also saying look I’m so competent enough
somebody’s already given me a pass like somebody’s already into me so clearly
I’m just normal enough to go on a date you should definitely ask your friend
for you think it’s good to go
yeah this is GTG for sure and then why does not ask her directly how do you get
somebody’s number like if you too late now I mean now it’s too early because
they’re not in the car anymore
so he has to ask the friend to ask their sister to ask the sister will the friend
is friends with both sisters you don’t have to go through the extra sister just
day with this number and then this is that guy is that guy obligated to ask
the girl or he just gives the number if I ask you for a girls number do you ask
her for you just give it to me I would I i mean in order to get you the best
chance of a date i would tell her that you asked for the number so you add you
I don’t see any world where the person is like no don’t do that but yeah you’d
like to hype up the situation like hey good news guess what that guy that you
were flirting with my car as for your number and i gave it to my god totally
and then it’s like a green late you that number has been given with the blessing
that means you feel way more confident texting you knew this was coming out
going right and then you can start off with a case and we both want to do the
same thing you know be doctors Slipknot yeah do you think any doctor potential
future doctors are out of Slipknot concert that’s a that’s a red flag tus
to begin a new career yeah I don’t know I mean like if you found out your
orthopedic surgeon is super tired from having on jewish Slipknot concert the
night before
oh yeah I mean I wouldn’t want them doing partying at a concert like when we
have two while their doctors
school you can hack it yeah he’s 21 she’s 19 they’re out of Slipknot concert
heated seats seats at a Slipknot concert does that seem right to you a little
miffed y’all were in the pit you really gotta
you went to a poetry reading last night tried to start a mosh is there that’s
how you started it
slam poetry slams at home and you started what is it called when you
walked bush whacking it started walking around in a circle nobody dared could
actually somebody as the leak and you
bush walks straight out of the library yeah sorry like punching myself and had
been it was chill it was a good reading you if you were in black cargo shorts
and a black t-shirt chain wallet romantic April magic a full Magic eight
Ball the size of a grapefruit on the bus on the train like hearing has not a
magic eight ball and a Rubik’s Cube that’s how big my pockets are my black
cargo shorts alright so ask for her number do it just do it what’s the worst
that can happen she says know when you feel ashamed embarrassed always happen
don’t ask for her number
shame shame as ugly cousin Andrew Harris me regret remorse and regret hideous
red-headed step child hunger hunger is abusive grandfather tired but tired has
an illegitimate stepson green
has sort of evil evil mistress she’s forty-nine Deborah not even an adjective
everyone felt deborah deborah is so hard that once you go debra you never go back
one thing I forgot to mention before we go
is this tour video that are boys battle and Dylan made for us in Australia
basile until my boys for life these guys followed us around to our two most epic
shows maybe ever Melbourne and Sydney yeah and made this behind the scenes
featurette more choices backstage just preparing for the show just fans of the
show footage from the show of us and Streeter my parents even side left it
really like this great little look into what our shows are like so if you
haven’t checked that out that’s on our website if I ryushare.com

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