Episode 169: Lightning Round

In this BONUS THURSDAY episode we try to get through as many questions as possible in one hour. It is our first (and perhaps last?) lightning round.

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things things actually did get real he said remember this when I yelled at you

so enjoy the hell

that was a really cool so I did you press dire need and I did it and I

barely know how to talk to a Findus rachel’s did and his music can be

streamed purchased or downloaded at Gus rachel’s . Bandcamp dot com I guess

rituals between those options I would choose download it then streamed and

then lastly purchased if if I had the same options for every song I guess some

of them can only be purchased some of them can only be streamed in some of

them can only be valid as you like let’s say you there was an mp3 and it says

would you like to stream downloader purchase the download it I would

download it then it’s on my computer that I have for everything you have ever

want that are you talking about I wanna hear the song I want to happen then what

about like the song and have to go back and stream it again he’s dreaming

anytime you’re reverse you really are averse to having shit that’s that’s I

think it’s a negative I think it’s not like cute little quirky preference I

think it’s actually detrimental yeah you say you say having shit stresses you

have to wait what do I need that I don’t have i don’t think you understand what

stress means like stresses like when shits going poorly and you think that

having books dresses UL likewise that stressful why are you stressed out like

you have to our thing as bad

to having stuff is bad I a church they’re all hung up his house is having

opinion badly but no one you do you have an opinion it’s not an opinion is an

opinion that I don’t like to have things yeah but it affects not only yourself

but other people around you in what way does it affect anybody around because

you get stressed out quote-unquote stressed out like let’s say

leave a dish on the counter or I’m given a gift and I’ll leave it on the kitchen

you think that stresses you out I had tupperware doesn’t stress me out

stresses you say having of stresses me out which it stresses you out I didn’t

know I don’t think that you having tupperware on the counter stresses me

out a way to put it away but having stuff over here he said stress you out

when you have such as you say you say you get stressed out by having things

around clutter

does not stress you out I don’t like clutter stresses you out of here said

something like that stresses you of course clutter stresses me out so I does

it stress you out where is the stress come from I don’t like to look at it

oh my god you don’t like to look at it what is happening right now I think

you’re putting yourself on blast by having the added to myself on black

coming across bad on the pot yeah that’s right now thanks Gus Reichle trim

spending that in gas rachel’s . Bandcamp com again what is this the new device

podcast or is it a public shaming actually today’s episode you had this

idea which is kind of stays in tune with this decluttering theme instead of

scientifically methodically going through our favorite questions in our

email we’re just going to try to uncluttered our inbox and get through as

many as we can

this is probably our first lightning round edition of the show these are

questions we haven’t read before but it gives you a good example of what types

of questions starting with question one the most recent from the beginning

no no I think the most recent like the most recent one that’s come in

ok yes yeah starting from the top right now we’re here these questions might not

be great because we haven’t read them yet it’s a social experience this is a

bonus Thursday episode so it’s kind of like you know little different a little


hey what if it goes well we can do it again this episode 169 maybe we could do

it every perfect square so like 13 squares 169 and then fourteen squared

course obviously alright to get started

dear medium gift a gift and I leave it on the counter yeah I think that’s not

okay that you have that they’re only gift I don’t you mentioned a gift that

you would have on the counter I guess why is it on the counter because I left

it out and want to put it in a cupboard you put in a cupboard I don’t know where

that gift is a gift we were given alcohol yeah I put it I put in the

coverage jordan gets stolen at the party was expensive alcohol or what about bags

tote bag that I wanted to go to Gelsons in and shop with the total I put it in

the top drawer I don’t know what the tote bag drawer is all AskMe I’m here

because you took it away you put it in the tote bag tote bag drug you organize

the whole fucking kitchen I can’t tell whether it is a problem that I wasn’t

included the organization said there’s no way on earth you want to have a core

CNN know that because you have a corkscrew of everything I put it in the

drawer drawer verbatim that’s alright

dear media moguls by referencing our new Podcast Network heading dot com dot com

new podcast every day a good friend of mine recently broke up with his

girlfriend of one year I found out after the break up that around three months

into the relationship she told him she cheated on him and then she made it up

to him just heard him it’s hard to know which is the truth and which is more

fucked up he managed to look past it for nine more months but eventually started

having doubts and a recent vacation on a recent vacation the two of them went on

was the final straw however despite plenty of sage advice to give it time

and it tends to steer him away he’s looking certain to get back with her

only after a few weeks my question is can I be cold towards her because I hate

the way she’s treated him or does my allegiance to my friend mean I should be

happy if he’s happy side note in about a month

him and I are heading off to Europe travel and I think you should be single

for this and live it up thanks

random question we could have chosen that one yeah the basic gist is if

somebody is mean to your friend you get to be mean to them if they get back

together late yet do you have to I feel like this is a very common question we

have come into the bug guess that you like don’t like your girl friends

girlfriend or boyfriend you know it’s hard it’s like the breakup and the like

yeah fuck that girl you can do so much better she actually when I said that

when I said that I was trying to make you feel better but now they are back

together I still like you actually we were going through a rough that you can

do so much better than what I really want to be with her and I think you

should too

what have you ever hated your friends

lady friend I don’t think I’ve ever hated somebody’s lady friend I’ve

definitely like I guess you couldn’t it’s really weird to have a super strong

opinion when you’re not in the relationship I think it’s easy to like

really miss our friend and feel like your friends not being themselves

because of their significant other

but I also think that there’s never there’s not really much you can do is

like if somebody says to you like hey you’re not cool I don’t like your

girlfriend you just make you act like that person’s door to fortify themselves

with the girlfriend then it becomes like me and my relationship against the world

you don’t want that so what’s the which is this guy do can I be called towards

her because I hate the way she was treated him I don’t think that you your

first order of business is to make sure your friend is comfortable save your

cold towards her than that like it’s basically just forcing him into a fight

with her and then what you can do is be super nice since cordial towards her in

public and then privately say like I don’t like the way she was treating you

that way it’s sort of giving your friend this inner turmoil that he doesn’t have

to deal with Leslie I’d say I think you are like you know to be super nice to

her but your court you just like fine with their don’t make her feel that you

hater and then whenever your friends like complaining about heard just you

know inject you got it positive reinforcement that’s what I always go

back to I think the side note is really telling raising him and I are heading

off to travel to Europe and I think because yet rather see this girlfriend

which he lied and said that she had never heard of that before but is it

seems that she cheated but wasn’t even true and she made it up just a little

liars liable to feel like she did you like lying about that is almost just as

bad as I go so you’re just fucking really messed up thats reading makes

sense because it’s fun to have said what you did was just tell this really global

s cool I where you wanted to test me in some weird way

quite global actually wolf does this shit he’ll be like I’m cheating on you

and then he’ll be like not just like this girl just feels there’s a lot of

emotion in relief will feel like asking a girl from that he’s been with for

years to to enter into an open relationship will never ever ever

separate from it like he will never ever cheat on her will be good so it’s just

yet he just there will be some nights where he won’t come home

anyone think that she that he’s met somebody it is not legal that are saying

that you legalize all right my question by the way this is a fiery you the only

advice podcast on the internet hosted by me and Jake and Amir J obviously you

have your own questions or theme song submission senate do if I were you show

@ gmail.com much like the kind this case sent Apr be needed him they dade day

they’re alright so one of my best friends are used to being this girl

who’s now in college she was a very intense and they used to date I guess

but they had a fight recently so they broke up and now she wants to fuck me

she is in the range of 5.75 to six point to five so it’s not exactly what I’m

wanting to bang but he was always bragging about how he fucks her but now

I can I can to and show him that it’s not that big of a deal cuz she’s not

that hot my friends say I’m a solid 7.5 some even see eight which I agree with

of course it is like a point or two below me as I wouldn’t consider this a

massive achievement because she’d be my first kill

does that mean Virgin is

after bragging so much better than he says I don’t want to make her my first

cuz she was already with him so what do I do

bang her and tell him tell him plus all our friends and our group might find it

gross do I fucker and don’t tell any I see anybody but they’ll all think

they’re all still think I’m a virgin for longer than I actually was if there’s

any way of dealing with this that I can get some policy or some sloppy toppy

please let me know ASAP because she’s tired of waiting to get fucked and I

don’t wanna miss out if I can thanks David

another question probably might have answered anyway I would definitely

answer this for too bad he’s toxic naughty he’s not good and the way he’s

talking is like a slut with four hundred girls are playing this girl of that

founder of five and she knows she’s not that hot virgins never slept with

anybody don’t like her and you just wanna fuck her so you can throw it in

your friend’s face that would be a reason not to have sex with her because

she’s your friends have you ever slept with the friends ex not that I can think


that’s another gap in your sex history yeah that in a married woman those two

white way I i might have done something like somebody that they were like really

casually dating or something but nothing like so-and-so broke up and I stepped in

that seems a really exciting and forbidden a friend’s ex girlfriend I

guess almost as much as not as not as much as I wanted to do it if he was like

he’s not even attracted to her he only wants to do it because she wants to do

and because he wants to show his friend that it’s easy to have sex with her

though he’s also a key is not a pile of the he’s like I’m all of my friends say

I’m a seven-point like that’s not back could even say an eight

so she agrees with the eighth not the 7.5 he’s actually five solid half is

that happen between 78 or 9 you actually a soft 8 I’m a rock hard 7.78 56 there’s

no shaking me off that solid wholesale bureau that’s the real number so what do

I do

guests leave her alone into some sort of sex puppet of yours that you can you can

brag about your first one like that should be a little bit more special than

some sort of revenge thing your first time should not be a revenge porn of


yeah alright will be gone and the evidence for this guy

tired Darda rates are back in college I made a bunch of friends for the past six

years 3 in college in three years after graduation

we’ve had been the best of friends we spend all the holidays together and even

go on elaborate vacations as a group but now I’m having an issue we’re all busy

with our careers and seemed distant we barely see each other anymore and when

we get in group messages everybody is pissy and reads the sarcasm were jokes

in the message is wrong it’s becoming a problem

the last time we all hung out everyone was so into their own world nude

girlfriends jobs family that we all just kind of left not really feeling it it’s

so strange because we are the best of friends for so long and I we act like

strangers or force friends even though we still live in the same college town

what should I do have a few work friends but now and I can really spend a lot of

time with outside the office I commute an hour each way to work so I only

really have weekends and nights free if I was to try and meet new friends where

do I start

thanks so I think this is a good example of one that wouldn’t wouldn’t

necessarily answer cuz it’s like this guy’s just describing life

I had these friends six years ago and we’re actually grow apart and now I

don’t know how to meet new friends I guess I also don’t hang out with the

friends that I hung out with every day in college that’s what happens you grow


yeah if I was to try and meet new friends I would say you should where do

I even start get pretty good we made a lot of friends at work

yeah you should take those sort of work friends and make them for real work

friends and then make them friends but what we do is we work in comedy so

everyone is at the very least funny imagine if we just worked out like a

potato chip factory right maybe there might not be a lot of friends there is a

funny guy to get that creates a silly pleased or I can imagine rangel’s logo

or something be friends with the Pringles man that’s a silly little

mustache he looks like he’s dead

do you think Matt Damon he says PSD think Matt Damon has ever been driving

and saw a black car that makes it look like a cop series slows down but then

when it gets closer you realize it was just a normal Carney will get ya know I

don’t damage it always goes five to ten miles per hour over the speed limit can

you imagine pulling over Damon and Damon being like giving a shit look at you

pulled over this is a fun story yeah that’s right

Matthew Robert game that’s my legs look up what do you think it is i think it’s

probably a first name like that like Matthew Daniel David Matthew page

diamond Wow to last name seems like one of those moms maiden name situation and

PDL actually there’s a new story about a man in the Daily Mail Matt Damon and

wife Luciana head out for a romantic dinner as they approached ten-year


course they’re they’re at Brentwood fancy steak house and he is wearing

glasses by the way

you’re giving lessons ya know they’re on their way so just know they could still

be damned and ask and still not have perfect vision so whenever he ordered

steak and had to be taken however the show these say that it is to recommend

and then there’s a medium rare and they considered that he doesn’t wanna just

blindly take the chef’s recommendations

does that check with what I desired and then you know it’s it’s all taken medium

rare you think damn I never got salmon a steak restaurant did David ever gotten

food poison bacteria’s dangers that it it incapacitated Damon for four weeks he

was just hunched over a toilet vomiting and diarrhea aching and not solid shit I

don’t think new friends about this for an idea you pick a hobby but say I like

watching football I go to a sports bar let’s go to sports about making friends

who play pickup basketball game something that’s true

playing sports pickup basketball but then you have to be invited to the game

actually you can pick up with you like kinda just chillin on the sidelines and

I’m doing ok I mean it’s tough it’s a real uphill battle to start from zero

but i think thats that is how you do it you gotta but I will say that new

friends are more exciting because these are people that I line with myself with

right now so like rather than friends that are six years old like we’ve

drifted apart a little bit our friend Stacey is a brand new friend that I met

at the gym right that’s a hobby I went rock climbing stacy is there still hang

out with your own ship salt be friends with Stacie Stacie Stacie rights I

recently broke up with my girlfriend before summer as she had planned on

accepting an offer to an out of state college over the summer we hooked up a

little as the feelings are still there and she was still at home we even went

to a concert together but recently it turns out she decided against going to

that college

and will be staying at home to help her money out of their parents just

separated obviously we would be getting back together right well it turns out

that the whole reason she wanted to go out of state was to be with some other

guy that she had been thinking about this whole time I think she’s just

romanticizing this guy doesn’t realize that we are ready make a great realistic

couple what do you get this isn’t this is a good example of like it would even

like you think you should do you think you’re getting broken up with what do I

think you should do what I think she’s just romantic we know what you think

think that yes you made it you’ve made this opinion to protect yourself having

created a nice little reality of your girlfriend doesn’t like what they liked

you whether you think I should do I think I guess you do and your girlfriend

does it it takes two to really make their relationship work leg one person

can be down in the other persons or a half hour even if like you’re so down

that’s ya down and it still yeah it’s got to be pretty we can typically be

mutual yeah it’s gotta gotta stay above like everyone’s at least 80% death so

whatever whatever we think you should do I guess we should we think you should

maybe accept the fact that you this lady doesn’t really want to be with you all

you can do is look good in hindsight at this point you are being broken up with

his is over and this person is either going to break up with you and be like

you know what they say took it really well right or so gonna break up with you

and be like you know what I’m really glad I broke up with Stacy she really

flew off the handle there at the end if I had a girlfriend who was down to move

cities to be with another guy I think I’d be offended to the point where I

would want to be with her anymore but it’s hard cuz you like this place is

obviously hurt by your feeling a little vulnerable years like I just want things

to go back to normal I want things to be how they were like me as much as I

but yeah that anger so that wouldn’t you know not in a bad way but just be like

the pride that we have like I don’t want to be with somebody who doesn’t want to

be with me over by the time to take a break right now

answer as many questions as you can on the other side of this commercial POW’s

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thanks guys let’s get back to the show

that a bat bat bat bat back to back another year do another dude

Dwyer said he saw that D WY re re wire to wire rights hey dudes I’ve got an

issue and i want to know if you can shed some heavenly wisdom on the matter and

this like all great problems of the modern age centers around pubic hair I

like most men find a natural and unshaven bush to be inconvenient

uncomfortable and all-around kind of gross so I like to keep it clean down

there and I pride myself in and the ability to keep a nice short need to cut

in the Wii days of my youth I was leaning learning the fine art of pubes

shaving and of course I had my fair share of run-ins with ingrown hairs most

of them went away after a couple days and since I figured out how to avoid

them and still stay nearly bare unfortunately I have one lasting mark

from my inexperience days there’s a purple mark that’s been there for over a

year which I presume to be a scar from an infected ingrown hair ingrown hair

right in the middle of my pubic area I swear to god damn great on my junk and

it can’t be ignored so my main concern is girls thinking it’s an STD and it’s

affecting my game right now I’m still in high school and still with my friends

girlfriends as she knows it’s not an STD I’m just worried about college when I

presumably will be smashing every night will girls be put off by this unholy

monstrosity is there any way to cover it up with a seemingly absence uncaring God

have a change of heart have pity on me and cleanse me of this scourge that have

been consuming my psyche as of late I really like you to weigh in on this

issue as it’s a big fucking deal

okay thanks keep it up sees the cheese keep you when you do that pretty good

question yeah not necessarily a big deal I wonder if there’s a way to get rid of

it she went to a doctor it seems like he’s trying to avoid the medical opinion

yeah I mean I remember seeing Lakers if it’s a scar the scar but like

yeah that’s the thing that made me look like if it’s like the size and shape of

a great yeah look again at least not good maybe you can Lancet and make some

sort of wine out of it a shot of a shot of what I’ve ever had +1 where you’ll

answer grape sized you like me I yeah I this question really does think about

like how is it that he’s just got a girlfriend in highschool you really are

just like well I know this will be the one for every year now when you get into

a relationship that’s like is this person the one right I have to have a

child soon so those girls down to ignore the grape sized Boyle maybe I should

just lock it down this girls being so like nice and accommodating and he’s

just like this flavor of the week is down to fuck me regardless but I’m

worried about

upgrade can you maybe just grow your pubes a little bit longer to cover up

the things you don’t have it doesn’t have to have them so neatly trimmed that

you can see his pelvis yeah you need to keep it like straight bear down there

like you can have a little a little growth it can still be need to know does

scorched earth he was like I don’t like that idea I don’t know if he still does

it used to just have scorched earth like that shaved it every single day like

what do you like working at a job at nassar something that you can even have

stubble understand

it’s the same like a first for whatever reason like shaving my legs also kinda

grosses me out for me to have smooth legs but still do it yes I will still do

it obviously iraq’s every other day but like it’s not like a daily shave shave

your legs like that gross you out $5,000 to shave your legs $4,000 rally to that

thousand dollars to shave your legs sure that could be like a funny podcast yeah

I’ll pay $1,000 Aug yeah what about your arms but it does I magnin you wouldn’t

do that

know if I give you $1500 the full body sweat 1503 arms now just doesn’t for you

know 11 what if I say that it’s sort of your way of decluttering your body

suddenly want to do it right so what should I do I think go to a doctor to

make sure that there’s not a movable yeah because if it’s so maybe it’s not

supposed to be there but the size of the grape and then there might be like some

kind of like when you get stitches or something they give you my best to make

sure there’s not a scar it may be too late for stuff like that but tried that

and then barring both of those things I think just grow your pubes out a little

bit more and then boom three options dude what more do you want multiple

choice and other lady and the lady question because this is mentioned the

other girls named Lacey wow ok so one of my best friends is a dude we’ve been

friends for almost four years and like the weird instant best friendship that

just happens to the thing but it’s always been a bit more than just

friendship we’ve hooked up quite a bit over the past few years but never dated

we tell each other we love one another all the time and have dated a handful of

other people while this friendship has gone on

and it’s always been weirdly misleading because it’ll feel like we’re dating but

then a few weeks later one of us will be dating someone else I just don’t know if

it’s just me feeling like we should have been dating this whole time or if the

timing not working out was a good was good because we could still keep our

great friendship going it also doesn’t help that all our friends asked me why

we aren’t just dating we graduated from college about a month ago and now live

in cities a few hours away from each other he’s come to visit already and

stayed with me and it was awesome but a little too cupola for us to be just

friends I don’t know what to say or if I should say anything because honestly no

matter what will always still be friends I think him and I have just gone through

a lot of weird uncertainty that we should both get some clarity but I have

no idea what to say or where to start any advice or insight would be greatly

appreciated he also listens to the show source if he picks up on it I think I

think you’ll get it based on the context clues day thanks for the read hope to

hear back from you hugs and high-fives Lacey Lacey nice memory

it seems like both of you might be thinking about this and this is like one

of those relationships where there’s this elephant in the room it’s lasted

for four years I feel like you guys have to have one epic conversation ya think

you deserve it he probably feels like it’s coming and it’ll be cathartic to

have a conversation I don’t even know he might not see it coming he’ll just hope

that maybe he’s like a dude and i’ll see another girl and then I wanna do this

why do we have to talk about it

dream situation for him he seems to be it’s like seems it’s borderline an open

relationship for both fuck with it their best friends and you get to hook up and

then you sometimes look up with other people but you’re always going to be

best friends by the way that’s not true you won’t always be best friends I feel

like once you start defining the shit and then go for it and then break up

like officially I don’t think you can just go back to status yeah but this is

probably not sustainable for ever I would say have the conversation and it

it can even be asleep on the notices hey we should talk right and then he I think

you’ll know what that means like we’ve sort of been dating and hooking up and

friends for four years do you want to talk about what could have possibly be

talking yeah you’re right but like you think Ill go for it like I should either

right now you’re sort of in this grey area I think you should choose one way

or the other and talking with our friendship so you not gonna go out and

you like to stop looking up you can’t talk about it but you’ll end up doing

the same things which is just hooking up I guess the real question is what does

she want anything this girl wants idea just see all you want is to define it

either way then then say you’re in an open relationship

yea or if you are a go for it you want to date him say that cuz then that

changes everything

or you can just a friend is that number one is decide what you want step number

two is happy conversation if what he wants doesn’t match up with what you

want then maybe many should I go out whether is that crazy she does you just

she’s like just graduated college and yeah casual about sex

yeah she’s yeah she’s probably because she’s 22 23 and that’s like a hot even

if it’s not her actual name the fact that that’s the name we gave her was

actually pretty hot so like I have to know I have a hot girl in this fucking

guy solid 7.5

yup weather is starting to encroach on my shit no way nice alright have

conversation right next email hi it’s Adam I just started using textplus from

iphone it’s just an ad it says I’ve been using textplus from my phone call

messages this is my mobile number

gallery space download this done anything again alright talk to you soon

as a follow-up email see if this year ago this guy appears to be four and he

appears to be danish or Swedish same thing there’s lots of valves that I’m

not really sure what they are in his name so maybe you can give up we are

fake interesting European aim to give this guy oh yeah first and last ideally

Sasha Sasha so traipsing around on omegle with interest such as

relationship like the lonely as fifteen year old I am and I find this hot 22

year old girl who was a god damn dime piece by happenstance after a bit of

chatting she says she was turned on by me and wanted to make me after a good

hard dicking 30 minutes I hadn’t come yet I’m writing an hour after this

embarrassment when she said she was going to bed how the hell can I come

faster was I too nervous and then in a follow-up email pls I knew she wasn’t

some stripper bothersome ship because she

give me like five pics and is it for free and didn’t ever redirect me to some

website you’re mad because you couldn’t come in and check why did you tell her

video I think I made a video but he says that you know that she sent him pics

yeah yeah

jerking off so hard he can’t come and he told the butt and then she went to bed

maybe he told her she did but now is wondering how the hell can I come faster

which is a new type of question how do I come faster I feel like I think you have

to just do it less yeah when you’re jerking off it it really shouldn’t be

hard to make yourself cum from masturbating unless it’s like this is

the sixth time of the day right and you’re just running dry maybe that so I

would say how the hell can I come faster come less often higher quality let’s

cuantos are you using lube lubrication lubrication some baby oil and gasoline

gergen tan lotion with this baby oil and what is that like super slippery

actually is but what he’s supposed to do with baby oil why does the baby is if

your baby is too dry use it baby oil was to be it may be good for skin like next

skin soft I kind of like lotion

most oils are like that word baby oil for like whatever it was designated for

it not to jerk off every other oil is the oil is what it’s made of coconut oil

is made of coconut oil vegetable oil baby oil zike made ahead of

what you’ve made me baby who’s in beating the oil regardless that’s true

undergo you think people like this lightning round it’s a little different

is a bonus Thursday the questions are all have all been pretty legit yeah I

mean I don’t think we would have answered how can I come faster but I

just need to get two questions we wouldn’t necessarily have gone to maybe

that could be a bonus Thursday theme interesting tweet at us let us know what

you think about this like this may not be a question

hey guys I just want you to know that during 1952 rosenberg’s being Julius and

Ethel were convicted guilty of sharing nuclear secrets to the soviets not to

worry because any arms race that american russia may have in the future

I’m sure that David win hashtag curls before girls I understand this email is

entirely pointless I just thought you should know peace out

has ever said before girls cuz it does sound like that I can remember ever

hearing my camera and that’s pretty funny sometimes they even questions or

just tips I just know that alright here’s one from

I do you from Canada Steve Nash rate I’m in a bit of a complicated situation with

my ex girlfriend right after that seems like he should not be in any situation

what situation is under is actually no leg simple with an ex-girlfriend don’t

be in a situation with your ex because it will be complicated we were together

for a few years in high school but mutually decided that we would break up

before you went to college because we knew how complicated it would be to

either do long distance or go in with a pre-established relationship so we

decided to not tell each other which schools we were applying to agree and

agreed to put some distance between us

allowing ourselves to experience other people comfortably and without the

others judgment however after I told her which college I was choosing to make I

was sorry however after I told her which college I was choosing to make sure she

didn’t pick the same one she suddenly decided that she would go to school

there to it being her third choice not her first like me and that you would

change your mind now we both go there this is a huge problem I wasn’t too mad

about it but my issue is she wants to hang out all the time and be friends

which is what we were trying to avoid in the first place at least so soon after

the breakup and this isn’t the worst part when we hang out she always makes

moves on me and tells me how much she still loves me since our breakup was

mutual and pre decided neither of our feelings are really hurt essentially we

keep looking up because she’s a temptress and i cant say no what do I do

to help we use this has been going on for a fucking year and I can tell her to

stop because when I don’t show interest in her

she thinks I hate her which I don’t you didn’t break up with your ex it’s just

silly weird situation we broke up mutual Eng constantly confesses her love to me

we still hook up and go to the same school so that’s not a break up it’s

almost like the breakup never happened I think if you actually don’t wanna see

her you should make you make it clear that the breakup you break up you can’t

be like halfway doing it we’re still friends we go to the same school we

still hook up cuz that’s not being broken out and it sounds like she knew

it was not out of mutual as you hoped it would be I don’t think he was I don’t

think it was mutual to her I think she felt like she got dumped and she’s climb

your way back into your heart it’s one of those things where you felt that this

is mutual right and she felt that she doesn’t want to be totally right anyway

I do want to go to college with you I wanna hang out all the time and we will

still hook up and you don’t see me you hate me

yeah I can’t tell her to stop because when I don’t show interest she thinks I

hate her

that’s a problem with someone that you’re going out with ya that’s not

something I friends as to a friend you don’t think that a friend problem the

problem that’s like you hate me because i dont wanna hook up with me is not an

issue you have to deal with so I just have to like letters think that you hate

her for a little bit yes you could say like I don’t hate you but I shall be

confused she’ll say something like how can you do this you coming from I’m sure

she’s the temps Tristan am sure she will try to not break up with you but you

have to stay strong and break up with her and not be your friend either for a

little bit you can transition from girl friend to friend immediately you have to

everybody has to hit each other for a period of time to read that’s the way to

get over someone you can’t be the guy that breaks your heart and consults her

the same person you are two pieces of bread and you need to make a sandwich

it’s beautiful thank you

thoughts on which salami or luncheon meat she should use should be turkey I

really do think it should be a pastrami like you said you didn’t actually say


got about five minutes to go do it and as spam from a website called I pull

that interesting help a celebrity’s hitting on me

low interest I wanted she even says it let’s get this lady a fake name she saw

a freshman in Chicago Tracy Tracy McGrady rights hey guys I’m a freshman

in college in Chicago recently one of my favorite comedians on YouTube / movie

stars added me on snapchat and after a few funny snaps I sent him this alone

was a dream come true for me of course but I didn’t contact him again because I

didn’t want to seem like a fan he sent me a message over chat and asked if we

had met before he said I look so familiar as if we had met in another

life and he hoped we can meet in real life he then followed me on instagram

elect a bunch of my pictures and told me how pretty I was and how kissable my

lips looked well here’s the shitter he then said that he wanted to keep one of

the pictures on my story forever so we screen shot at it and asked if it was

weird that he was coming in and pretended to make out with a photo at

this point I’m very confused but flattered I responded by saying is it

weird that I wish it was true and he opened it but he didn’t respond I’m

sending you guys this email because I’m curious mio fucking loser weirdo for

saying that is the celeb buzz scumbag am i special or does he just uses

popularity to try to get news from cute chicks should I try to talk to him again

somehow I’m a little sad that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore I wanted this

to be a want to be his friend and make him laugh you cool cats are internet

comedians to do you see where he’s coming from you are the only ones I know

that could help any advice or comforting words would be greatly appreciated

much-loved Tracy so strange so when he went from like creeping her out

grows to now she wants is now she does want the advanced yet that what she said

to him was the most flirtatious thing

I guess what he did first was very flirtatious usable that the meaning of

the photo snapper ever is it weird that I wish it was true that very like

forward it doesn’t you just flirted back though it wasn’t like you know you

didn’t say anything that turned him off

exactly what he was hoping for that like what he wanted the entire time but the

fact that he didn’t respond as a little odd why would he just stopped by but he

didn’t respond eventually just didn’t look like I’m sure he’s clearly hitting

on you I bet he does if he’s doing it to you he doesn’t everybody yeah you know

that you’re the only person on social media abuse famous but you’re the only

person that hit him up right but she just wanted to be his friend what about

all these questions just tackle them one by one

lightning out after all sure my fucking loser rear of her saying that no is the

celebs scumbag not entirely am i special or does he just uses popularity to try

to get news from cute chicks both she’s special entities as popular did get

newt’s yeah I think she is special in their own right but she’s not the only

person that is doing this do should I try to talk to him again he doesn’t

respond yet he doesn’t respond and also go into it knowing that this is not like

a true love

thing this isn’t like some magical connection you have with the celebrity

he’s doing this with a lot of people do you see where he’s coming from

yeah I’ve definitely been there before people over Twitter Instagram Facebook

all that stuff yeah you’re the only one that was it

Tracy yeah I think I mean I don’t want to throw this guy under the bus for

being a little horn dog that’s you know as long as a single in his life is not

heard you but it’s fine but she shouldn’t feel like well this dude was

in love with me and I said something and I fucked up in love with you anymore he

just thought you were hot until things are happening but he’s getting lots of

messages from people and that’s the truth

tracy has questioned sure I am a boy in high school and I’ve never been a cool

but for the last month or so I became a pimp and a cool

Brad Pitt of my great if you will my question is should I keep this newfound

power to myself or should I just fuck every

hot girl in my grade ABS every girl in my grade is willing to fuck me thank you

this is a good example of a question that we get where they’re trying to be

funny it’s not a real question it doesn’t mean anything this guy actually

it and unfortunately he was right but not in the way he thought it was right

he thought we would either take this seriously and try to answer it or find

it so funny that we would have to read it on but we like we actually only read

it because we read everything in the email unsuccessful stint at the very

right time which was 12 hours ago at 5:59 in the morning sometimes the

questions will be false we tried to do our best to answer only real question

but unfortunately many of them are either incorrect fake or repetitively

this girl’s friend zone me or I want this girl to like me but she doesn’t

look like anyone who should I fuck yeah talking about is nothing to answer this

question should we hang out please we do want to hang out with you that’s alright

here’s another one if this was worth acts in our answering there’s a girl of

whom I work with that’s been showing signs of attraction but I’ve never had a

girlfriend and I don’t really know if she just wants to be friends or if she

wants to have a more personal relationship she always tells me that

she doesn’t want me to leave when my shift is almost over and engages

snapshot conversations most of the time should I ask her out I don’t know what

to do I’m 18 yeah they have a lot to lose I think this is another type of

question we get our guys you like on the fence or they need convincing to do

something that they probably already wanna do they want with its head coach

us towards the answer

she always does this she engages in snapchat and she seems like she likes me

she asked her how do you just want to say yes yes yes he wants like asking

when you ask someone out there is a fear of rejection like worries thinking why

did you do that then it’s like I ask these guys and they said yes it seemed

like a no-brainer yeah I think you always you weigh the signs in this case

the side that they are worth asking around you always ask once you’ve never

asked them out

yeah I think it’s just like to ask to meet again at that sometimes too like I

asked her how she said no but now this this this is happening again the answer

that is all you know never asked out twice I see these 3 signs should grab

the answer is always yes because even if she says no it’s fine you like still got

the signs right you got the signs and you open up your eyes you got the signs

that say I think we had some more questions on this show them in the past

what 45 episodes we didn’t get deep

we definitely scrape the surface of a lot let us know what you think if you

have questions your own theme songs emissions send them all to a fiery show

@ gmail.com the opening one was written by Guster Angels is closing one was

myself and Amalia which had the surgery put at the end of this two teens people

black men can’t jump all right let’s find an intriguing part of black men

can’t jump which is a podcast

three comedians talking about black people’s role in hollywood very

interesting very intriguing stick around for that and again you can listen to you

all had cast at had done dot com thanks for listening

will be back on Monday

like this dude is badass

energy of him is still like the way you see him when he’s under cover whatever

just like this is just a bad ass cop to me it was a jokey dude who is will be

string of one-liners like rush hour starts the same way yes yes his

undercover you know anything like this happen he go back to your impression of

a fast start

ok that’s how it’s done to your point something you were saying drive is like

a shower we don’t see we don’t see Chris Tigers character actually be smart but

we get to see anymore to be smart like it’s actually a very believable kind of

like drug dealer time you know and like I think that’s what’s great that’s what

sort of the cops in him being like like like he didn’t panic he just like you

know like I just found out he is good like that fast-talking person is like

trying to talk about everything but there is like an intelligence to go to

the lake

you know lies that he’s like coming up with ya doesn’t happen a lot now just

movies in general the comedian in like an action type of role is like your

nostalgia this person is more than just being found a way to show you on

multiple occasions like oh this dude understood that the coffee grounds

probably means of drugs in the box but i would like to bring up the fat as great

as the movie worth he still did not get the Dragon Rider