Episode 171: Soulmate (w/Julia Nunes!)

Friend and musician (and fellow podcaster!) Julia Nunes joins us to discuss true love, nude pics, and fanny packs.

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all right let’s get started very exciting episode our friend and fellow

had gum podcaster Julia nuances in the house

things got really enjoy


very very good it was alright Julia what do you think that was like the end of

lame is in that it is like a band of brothers i picture like linking arms the

power ballad uniting against bad decisions I guess is the point they said

in their email this is their theme songs of mission and would be honored if we

use it and then insert John and Brandon and they’re primarily function as a

YouTube channel under the monitor home brewed studios now and that they made a

Pomplamoose style video of us recording this song you can see here with the

Pomplamoose Opelousas my friends that’s like a full circle see they made a

Pomplamoose style video and you friends people with what style is that video

it’s basically them like recording the song it’s a video then recording the

song would you say that the yeah you everything you hear and there’s like it

the screens divided you see like multiple shots at a time that’s kinda

what you do that is Jack got the idea from me and he’s your friend got the

idea he stole your shit hole internet i’ve never never any need to like

claimed the fact that i do first and they say when he said problem is da

video part of your bands like actually it’s Julia Nunes Delgadillo not until we

started talking about video was and then you were like you do that and I was like

I did at first that’s really they give you our goal is to chip away at all of

your love your positivity tell you this podcaster suing public it’s like if

somebody made

a web series that was like two people talking to each other back and forth and

it became more popular than me Jake slip series and then somebody submitted a

video like we made up Brandon and Emma style video and I would be like I can’t

imagine I’d get to the point my life I’m like really think about the fact that

they stole mean Jakes thing and now it’s a brand and he was absolutely stole this

idea from I’m sure there were two men giving advice oh yeah yeah yeah that’s

dear abby the original there are no original ideas

the Bible took them all that you do the Bible was removed style video where you

can see everything you hear ya like Moses is this

instruments that is the famous prior estimates more famous than it is lol

their stuff

realize the old shit when you can get the new shipper free Julia Nunes thank

you for coming on our show for the first time ever thank you for having me Drake

and Amir Julia Nunes a podcaster for the head good network to do anything else

else in my spare time sometimes I write songs about my feelings play them for

crowds when you’re not podcasting you mean yeah just like whatever I can

squeeze in like an album or two you’ll make up Pomplamoose style album did you

meet the problem is people after I made about it because they knew that you made

those types of videos or was it a coincidence it was like YouTube was such

a small community and everyone knew like if I had a crazy sentence yeah it was

like yeah I knew everyone who is like killing it on music and like when I

talked to jackie was like watched your videos

thought of like cooler way to like split the screen up and like I think my

girlfriend is the most beautiful person in the world Nataly dawn so I wanted to

like put her face six times on it and I was like yeah man he liked the way I did

it and made a better and we talked about it and then we made music together

growing changing thriving because yeah for me that was just I would be angry

and sad about it everything I wouldn’t even collaborated I was just

I would close myself off to other creative types when you started had gum

where you like no other advice podcasts Amir was like no other Podcast Network

like he doesn’t even exist in the space with other people doing this I want to

just be me talking and he’ll never be happy and tell it’s only him but don’t

you understand he’s a Mortal Kombat character that now it’s we met so so

long ago correct we met at the at the height of this YouTube smallness

talking about and I mean I assume that that is why you know who I am because it

was such a smaller right internet

yeah that’s true do you remember how we met Julia I don’t quite remember I don’t

know you know what I think we were post we’re starting the post of her videos on

CollegeHumor I is what I think was happening

yeah julia’s earliest videos were there ukulele covers right where their rituals

back then too

yeah I think the first one you guys did was buy buy buy buy buy

and then we had that coincided with one of our first shows which was taking

place where Julia was going to college

some form of Internet message from GA or one of you that there was a myspace

message I hope it was a good message back when they were not filled with span

wow what a time to be alive and then you guys came into my dorm room

yeah just in my dorm Mexico because we’re 30 now it’s time we were walking

into a need to have any memories of that actual moment thirty just remember the

video that we already shot I remember cleaning my room really seriously before

you got like realizing that I needed to clean it like 30 minutes before you guys

arrived and just like working up a sweat and then being like freezing cold out

also like that dorm room was the tiniest little like I did you have a roommate

adore me now is a single but I mean it was like the smallest single in history

and they were just like making a little music video there yeah you did like

wheelbarrow move across the floor cuz that was the only one to do like

blueberry dance yeah yeah and the only thing you could really do was so we were

young and crazy there now we’re all adults and smart this is a fire you the

only advice podcast on the internet hosted by US Jake and Julia Nunes is my

name is cool introduction sure you know but we answer emails from people who are

in need of our sage wisdom is in

yeah exactly stayed with you i think thats you actually stole that from the

song at the right deal I’ll try to answer some questions because you know

sometimes we don’t have three people’s opinion

and I think we can really help extra hard today at least 50% more opinions

yeah alright Julia I need to get this do you think name do you have a fake name

that I can give a similar histories of what did come up with my kids Charles

that’s not everyone else guys all of these words were speaking right now made

up at one point not that long ago a little late with language there are made

up by a chimpanzee in a robe to which is crazy he was at the top of a mountain

just like coming up with words like throwing them down to the people but his

words into little pieces of poop and currently

hey guys I’m in an LDR you know that is long distance relationship nice hey guys

I’m an LDR with an incredible girl but sometimes I feel like I found her too

early I’m a 21 year old law school student and she is an engineering

graduate who works in rural Australia making a lot of money

majority of the time she is my queen and I dream of her and i living an

incredible life and ruling the world together but as of late her work

schedule has changed meaning we won’t be able to talk as much in general the

distance is starting to take its toll on me both emotionally and physically she

and I lost our virginity to one another at age 18 yes I started the game late

but the point is I’m playing great feel like I have met her too early in my life

she is amazing in everyway smart beautiful funny and incredible cook and

she’s so fucking driven have had no bad relationships and have never been with

anyone else and I sort of crave the new experience and bodies to explore

although I’m really cynical when it comes to women but that’s a whole other

question the other night had a sex dream about a girl I used to be into before I

met my current girlfriend and for the next few days after that

I became sort of obsessed with her anyway that’s detracting away from the

point I have two questions do you believe you can meet your soulmate too

early or am I just making an excuse to get myself through my own little rough

patch and two I know your stance on long distance relationships and it’s bad but

what should I do

thinks Charles zoom from his preface that you guys don’t approve of long

distance relationship not typically yeah but but is this a special case no for

there are no special cases where does he live I missed that part

it doesn’t say but I assume somewhere in non rural Australia right I guess the

the bigger question is can you meet someone that is the best to early like

that it’s like oh no you didn’t get to experience bad or does it not matter

once you find quote unquote one yeah I think the the answer like can you meet

someone to early like yeah and if it’s too early then they’re not the one so

like you have to first assume that he’s not correct in saying that she’s

definitely the right so I get there is room for error but he’s saying she’s

perfect in every way but he just wants to expand

he says she’s perfect in every way except we’re too young and she lives in

a different part of the country yet that’s not perfect and I’m obsessed with

another girl that I am sure is perfect but the situation is not like if you are

the perfect human in your life but she just happened to live if she lives in

rural Australia I think this guy would say that she is in her life

his life to che

like the perfect human and an imperfect place they get tired just came up with a

pretty interesting story there’s no actual guitar there he just said is that

means that if it was poetic of you want to strip and an imperfect place I’m so

upset don’t ever joke about reaching into your fanny pack and pulling out

you’re just thinking I found love in a hopeless place being rural Australia do

you think there’s something to breaking up with a great person just so you can

experience bad people I don’t think that’s what he really wants I don’t

think the point is to experience bad people I think the point is to

experience more people and if that’s what he wants to do that and he doesn’t

really need a reason he doesn’t really need like distance or imperfect

circumstance to make that is meaning meaning that wants to experience other

people he should go do that because that is an indicator of how he feels about

his queen picture is ruling the world together like I definitely want that

would break up you don’t like some guy ruling the world dictator power couple

I don’t like is that like he describes her in a way that I’m like yeah yeah

like I would love for someone to describe me that way like I want the

person I’m with to think that I am a queen and we can rule the world together

and then to think that that person could also be thinking about some other

princess he sees me

don’t don’t give it the Queen label if you don’t actually feel that way because

you clearly don’t but he does like he’s got these dueling ideas one that he

wants to rule the rule the world with somebody and the other that he wants to

be with somebody who sucks and Mike yeah he’s like reaching for excuses to get

out of there clearly he just doesn’t wanna be with this girl which is fine

there in a relationship that this is one of the things in a long distance

relationship that doesn’t have an endpoint insight like she’s working in

Super driven to stay working out there in rural Australia like if there’s no

real hope of you guys ending the LDR

advise staying in an LTR yeah what are your thoughts on long Dr’s ORL distance

ours relationship or I’ll long deep relationships that’s the last one thank

you for letting me now although oh yeah I think like physical closeness is super

important for a relationship I think like sex is one of the biggest parts of

a romantic relationship throughout their pretty up there in terms of like what

makes a romance romance and if you don’t have those two things and there is no

end in sight then like I don’t get that sounds like a very intimate friendship

yeah we see each other once a month and then you get at all as much sex as you

can possibly crammed in 48 hours and that’s like totally enough for you and

you’re not writing emails to advise podcast about

if you like I wrote this email that’s a really push it over it’s actually it’s

broken and it landed on a very expensive but the ground so if I were you

you break up with this person would stop like trying to pretend you don’t want to

get out of there I would just admit that like you’re reaching for reasons to get

out and just get out you don’t

my best advice is you don’t need a reason to get out if you know you want

to have to justify it

that may be the best thing to say but I think feel like if I were you I R this

guy I wouldn’t be able to break up with somebody that I really really liked at

age 21 and it’d be like hopefully I’ll find someone better I feel like I would

stay in this relationship for a little bit long long distance relationship

yeah like if I were you then that is like that’s your thing that you would do

but like is that correct way to do it no I would say not I would say I would have

stayed in this relationship for longer than it needed to be

yeah well I think what happens here is like if he’s if he stays and he

continues to have these feelings then it just turns into resentment and then he’s

just wasting his and hers

oh that’s also you as a 21 year old when you were powered have used a thirty

two-year-old now I’m very quick to cut things off I am I am yeah I’m in and how

important your departing the advice as current you right but at the same time I

feel like the hardest thing to do is break up with someone that is amazing

and great just because you’re starting to have some seeds of doubt that maybe

just because that’s because there are also lives across the country

yeah but who knows maybe she’s not going to be an engineering student for ever or

he’s down to live in rural Australia so maybe if you are planning on being next

to each other while believe you’re advocating for this relationship this is

in SE

I she’s she’s great she’s everything he was like he considers her his soul mate

and then you guys are having some doubts he’s talking about people they lost

their virginity together he’s never been with anybody else should he be the

romantic that like this is a beautiful tail and no I don’t

think that people are like know who they’re like you don’t get your the

first person you’re with is never your actual cell me some people just can’t

convince themselves that they are also if he’s never had a bad relationship

then like it sounds like he just kind of put them all on this even plain like

they’re all good but they’re all good enough for all of israel’s yeah we’ve

only been one if like I don’t you like with it he was into not really sure what

I wanna hear is like i’ve been an OK relationships with this girl blew me the

fuck away so he just had one food is that this is the best food ever in your

life and other cruel nothing’s better than this Groulx this girl is so driven

this girl is so cool

this girl is trying really hard alright so that’s two breakups and one stick it

out even though you shouldn’t stick it out until you hate each other

you feel like you’ve wasted your time will you guys resent each other how old

do you think you should you can be when you meet your real soul mate if twenty

ones too early I think you can meet them at any age thing they just cant be the

first person on 21 year olds don’t know that they met there is so me and then

she said any agency and I got you

alright so 21 need to officially old enough 21 isn’t a silly too old or too

young to meet your soulmate I said 21 is too young to know whether it is or not I

think you at the very least need to have had other experiences with relationships

to have a context of saying this person’s myself later this person’s the

best match for me getting your parents didn’t think that huh

they did other people when they were 18 when they need it in high school who

were married when my mom was 19 so wasn’t that the island was a smaller

place now that he got tender you don’t know who’s who’s out there for you my

parents had no idea who is in their radio could you imagine how hot my dad

would have been at my mom knew what was up

she should not have been with that troll knapsack of a man I we talk about your

parents settling this honestly my dad looks like a fanny pack a backpack and a

bit wary if anything today

small little man how do you like a penny back I love it you’re done you’re not

going back to personnel at any time soon

no i i sometimes carry a purse is a wallet inside the fanny pack that’s just

a ham sandwich so when he decided by an old lady decided that taking the smaller

than that and that’s that’s the small as it gets here when you decide person be

fanny pack I started wearing a fanny pack when I had corrections for my knee


yeah and I really like it and i also think it like I like tying things around

my waist I think it helps complete an outfit now I have like a belt yeah so

many other things that like my mom tried to get me to wear in the European 2003

which I was too afraid

aid that would look too nerdy is now cool I see also have a money belt under

your shirt get robbed in roemer something travelers UK passport all the

time to my god I do have my passport I was in Montreal shit and i’ve landed in

the back like in the secret pocket and a passport photo House Montreal it was ok

just OK huh yeah I play ukulele festival is that not good it was great business

pleasure here for I start stamping it yeah I got yelled at TSA for having CDs

what does that mean you can’t keep it in good condition just lot of boarding

passes on our floor now get yourself very much so I would never do this in a

row house

all right we have

another question this one in keeping in line as well as a photo taken in its

recent rally 2009 6 years ago not that reason alright keeping in line with the

musical theme we got a question that was a song a song cover question



yeah when you can three times he did I thought it was just annoying and she

thought it was annoying and I could do was great just unnecessary the second

and third taxes like the area we get the gist you think that your friend’s

girlfriend is a bitch and you want them to break up so is there like a concise

question in the email as a justice on there was no there was no text that is

that that’s just that’s exactly that is the question

yeah you just he just doesn’t like her maybe everybody doesn’t accept your

friend has your experience that a good guy dating a bad person I have

experienced a friend dating someone I didn’t like this are you in the minority

or majority in my in the specific instance I was in the majority so nobody

liked him and it was a female friend of yours

female friend boy friend that nobody liked yeah why did why did she like him

I think because like romantic relationships can entrench themselves

inside of a person in a way that other relationships are exempt from so it’s

just like for like sometimes with a guy it’s like yeah this woman is bad but

coming feels good so that issue I don’t think that’s everyone is it’s not a sex

thing like this cold it’s not that hard to have sex I don’t think anybody was

like I need to be with this person could never have sex if I don’t I think it’s

part of it

no I think having regular sex is mesmerizing and for some people it’s not

easy to get that and then once somebody’s willing to give that to you

like deal with the other bad ship because Jackie elating feels good and

it’s it’s better than how bad it feels went up not

doing that I completely disagree I think that could be like maybe a small piece

of it but I don’t think that that would make someone stay in a bad relationship

so what does make it I think it’s like when you’re in a relationship

relationship with someone it turns into like a co dependence that you but you’re

just very used to that person being super entrenched in your life so

removing that like really it’s a big piece I think like a romantic

relationship it becomes like 30 percent of year of your perception of yourself

so when you remove that person you remove a piece of what do you think of

yourself I don’t want to deal with finding another person like the idea of

losing this person means I’m not gonna be me anymore

yes so I’ll just deal with the badness or do you not even consider it the

badness blinded to it I think there’s also there’s an aspect of life

especially with a bunch of friends don’t like somebody you always hear that

person you don’t see it when it’s just us we’re just a loan you feel so

comfortable with somebody and like if your friends to like someone sometimes

you’re like oh shit like this person either but sometimes you’re like most

fortified you into the relationship where you like a it’s my girlfriend

against the world because nobody else likes this but nobody sees as well when

we’re alone and where we’re actually good together we make each other feel

really good I was in a relationship where a bunch of my friends would get

like tired of me complaining about it and what I took from that was not like

oh man seems like I have a lot of complains I took like I’m a negative

person and I should stop complaining so much I should like calm down and not one

so much so that my friends are still want to talk to me like I’m having a

fine relationship but I just complain about it a lot like it even help you out

of the relationship because you’re not showing

totally but he think of all your friends had intervention for using this person

is bad

would you like have to believe that marriage should be like all my friends

are bad

said maybe but I don’t think like most bad relationships are not so bad that

someone would hold an intervention most relationships are just like not amazing

and that’s why they’re about a lot of times you get out of a relationship and

then you realize it was bad though

absolutely so while you’re in it you’re just sort of like coasting along be like

oh some early every relationship is good and bad and I’m just upset yeah

sometimes we don’t like it when you leavin you find somebody else or you’re

totally erroneous for the first time I’m not fighting at all with somebody

yeah that’s pretty good yeah I love fighting with some great it seems like

most of these are my life support me and what I want yeah I positive I have less

complaints now oh and before the only person that was mean to be with the

person I was dating I think the hard part is actually breaking up like the

first couple days after that or so bad that people want to avoid it

yeah like I live my life to see mine is just to avoid a couple days

breaking up feels so terrible and there’s a very easy fix to it which is

getting back together those feelings go away by getting back in the relationship

especially when you break up with a really doesn’t want to break up really

doesn’t want to break out and like everything you ever wanted like love and

support and is right in front of you because you threatened to leave raped

and then maybe a lot of courage so how do you avoid that you have to be so

mentally strong and like forward-thinking like know even though

this is easy and good to get back together I cannot do it I can’t allow

myself to do it I think like the easiest way to get through that is too like

create a circumstance where you cannot get back together like be in a different


to los angeles la just 18 million people that have just broken up with somebody

on the east coast is a secret city that nobody has to know about ya whenever

anyone moves here I assume they are you speaking from experience

yes I did like it was 22 spot to be made up

yeah I had like some really like I had a cushion when I broke up with my person I

like was home with my family and like he could leave and go back to New York and

we could be away from each other and even still like when we were around each

other after that was so painful that I would I think of that time is like such

a precarious like it’s really just like that I didn’t get back to that I didn’t

like stay and like you could have easily done that easily

absolutely yeah so i didnt happen because I created a circumstance where

it would have been very impossible but that’s not luck that’s what does your


yeah I mean that’s my advice is to create a certain well we’re not actually

advising this person we’re advising it’s a completely different advice for this

person what is it would not be able to do that today I get involved in this


yeah but what if one of your best friends dating a terrible first of all I

feel like it’s not necessarily for me as an outsider to decide who is terrible

for my if the girl is terrible or like they’re both terrible or if they’re just

terrible together I feel like this

had a small role in the grand scheme of the relationship that you like to try to

break it apart is a little selfish I think what are the only thing he could

do is maybe talk to his friend a lot and just deduce it his friend is actually

happy or not because it is Brenda’s truly happy then get the fuck out of

here than just don’t hang out the girlfriend if you don’t get a lot but it

is not happy then that I think you just may be kinda talked to him about that a

lot until he makes the decision are you put them in a box and send it la take

your friend

poster tube the first to a poster poster to poke holes in the top and bottom so

that he can breed on the way I wide with the poster tube have to be that’s a

great question what are we thinking these guys like where you why its best

players shoulders for sure that’s a 38 40 inches yeah that’s the diameter of

you want to FedEx Ground because he’ll pass out if he’s in the air for that

long because they put him in a non pressurized cabin and then depending on

where he lives will be in LA for days now advises all shipping advice shipping

related a lot of it is trying to UPS Ground yeah I think I like advice like

talk to your friend and like help him lay out the reasons he’s not happy if he

is like help him answer questions that can like lead him to see his life more

clearly because like any sort of like you should do this for you should do

that will cause him to exactly told me to do something I might not do it just

to be like fuck you guys but I think that the goal should be to either

empower him to break up if he wants to or if you see if they go into it with an

open mind like maybe he’s gonna convince you that his girlfriend is raped

I want to take a second also because like if this is a group of friends are

all guys and they like don’t like this girl is really between the lines that’s

true I’m worried that like she just has emotions and feelings and they’re like a

bunch of Bros being like shut up you feelin since there’s a will there’s a

major chance that she used like totally but he doesn’t even have emotions are

feeling like completely even kill its just the this the first girlfriend that

group of friends ever had yeah and like now is fred is coming out slightly less

city’s low shoes ruling the group yeah that’s why your advice is the best one

because like if he really is happy if if she’s actually like not the terrible

person that he thinks she is then then like you just need to like this is like

the goal is to do a little detective work and find out if your friends have

your not like this should not be about making him happy

I’ll be happier of my friends single cause will be friends again we’ll get to

you do mean actual detective work like higher than the bush with a bush and

then when he looks at you you have to sort of settle down and have a doctor

you up against the wall and then you sort of adjust the frequency seeking

hear the conversation

ideally in a van or something like that you can like measure your friends

heartbeat with that stethoscope nice n stressed that might be because you’re

holding jumped out of a bush has got to be all right let’s take a little break

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let’s get back to the episode now julia’s got more shit to say hey hey

hey we’re back alright what are your thoughts on your podcast he just started

14 our network three weeks ago for weeks ago

yeah how has it been versus what you thought it would be it’s really fun I’m

very much enjoying it I didn’t know exactly what the form is going to be

until like a day before it and then my first guess was Jake and Jake basically

led through cast that it should be like the gassed the reading of something old

from their past

right i want to sale your show is in case anybody here hasn’t heard my

podcast is called that was us and I have a guest on every show that reads

something from their past something old enough to be interesting text messages

emails Facebook something written evidence of how they used to be and make

them read it and we’ve talked about how they were then like how they’ve changed

now why they were why they changed the circumstances of the world at the time

they were and what they’ve learned yeah sometimes we learned things within the

podcast I share stories from similar times in my life and so far jake has

been on the show I’ve been on the show and has been on the show

reading a diary entry boy troubles and diet pill times in her life when she was

early early March last year marks the 14th so earlier was February was a leap

year to be fair be having a good time with it I love it I have been doing half

an hour podcast but I think I want to talk a little bit longer about life and

love our podcast also started at like 30 and then like we just get more and more

plump and robust and then our like between 45

our yeah I couldn’t talk for another 20 about that dude who doesn’t think that

his friend’s girlfriend is cool I think may be back very possible he did sit for

a long time composing bastille will cover all your album a big thank you I

appreciate that I have an album coming out September 25th called some feelings

is your third album is that it’s like I’ve been making music since I was 14 so

I have leg clamshell like picture of me with eyes that I photoshopped blue aware

that I put out like do I count that as my first album I do the script on the

front is like handwritten you know that’s a late this year or early mixtape

said yeah but like people bought them you know i mean they made my internet

bought them so you can make money off of mixed it that’s addressed as $1 up

mixtape yeah I wanna provide your old mixed it instead of your new album

that’s very smart

sure what the percentage that the clam dig CDs have a view presold albums

already have to sell albums 3000 pieces and Kickstarter before I was even done

mixing it is that is that the most albums have sold over now what was it a

secret I don’t know I I don’t know exact numbers of anything that’s beautiful

yeah I know it well here’s what I know is like I make i order 5,000 CDs of like

any one thing and then I have to order more when I run out so i no absolute

least 5,000

my last album and and over 3,000 of this one that’s not even out yet and when do

I get to hear it as a as a pre-order I think like two weeks before September

year donated my Kickstarter campaign did you get my last 12 and I guess raise

your hand if you or someone else in the room that donated to the Kickstarter you

can pre-order a website ok I’ll do that to people you 50 bucks I give you $30 in

cash and 48 cents and a stamp you have some early tracks on your phone yeah

let’s do it the Bastille cover again four minutes of people pre-order the

album julianne’s dot com has my store and you can give me $10 and I’ll give

you the promise of a CD in September 25th to come and incapable like sample

the songs like how to get people into your music you can play like the 92nd

previews on iTunes pre-order my album on iTunes right now you get a discount and

you get one track immediately there is you have to choose it now it’s a song

called something bad and there’s a music video out for it and so that’s why it’s

so yeah you can see you can you can listen to something bad right now on


what you want to do with the cash the scrilla you listen to one song you like

you want more

which music video on my end and when does it come out child man amir is in

the next single I’m putting out is called don’t feel and Amir plays just

like my very annoying and then very upset boyfriend the ones that all your

friends complained about and try to get you to break up with but I am NOT ready

to hear about that noise smashes break-away glass over my head in slowmo

music that I must have broken eighty glasses and bottles over your head I’m

sure it was over a hundred and one of them

legit hurt you like I felt bad yeah I merely concerned with my well-being it

was very unlike my relationship is like even the bottles had like a hard part

two of you like I just keep crashing over my head but it has to be this spot

otherwise like it will sound like a glass hitting a table had a couple of

eggs on the back of my head there was one shot that we were really excited

about it must be like a close up with like just smash smash smash smash smash

lyke just ten things on my head all in a row and not only do we not use the shot

but like three of the things didn’t break one of them was a real coke bottle

that I brought in from lunch or did you that’s gotta love have to have happened

once in the history of breaking balls right that is why we didn’t bring you

like the snack car was outside cuz we just didn’t want confusing

yeah that guy in the crowd or something

the fake bullets he choked on a coke bottle at a time but I do wanna get to

one last question this one’s from a lady Julia can you read it we rarely have a

lady on the show to lend her voice hey guys alright here’s the thing I have

been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we have an extremely great

relationship until recently he was studying a few hours away no big deal

when it had been a week or two between visits he would never hesitate to ask me

to send him dirty pictures I’ve never minded doing so and it’s been something

I’ve actually enjoyed doing since the beginning of our relationship he’s back

hometown now and I still sending naughty pictures pretty often that’s the thing

it’s always me a few months ago I asked him to send me pictures of himself and

he flat out refused I brought it up every time he asked me for pics or if I

send him some and he always says now I’m not sure if it’s embarrassment modesty

or if it’s a guy thing but I’m sure he has a gallery of almost 20 pictures of

me and I have yet to receive one picture of him I brought it up before teasingly

but he always changes the subject what do I do to get a picture of the D help

love Sarah interesting I feel like most of the time it’s guys wanted dick pics

won’t send any dick pics yeah well the I think the obvious answer was you

shouldn’t have said you should have like start in an exchange rate early on now

he’s got 25 years you don’t have any of his but that that ship has passed what

have you seen as she now get a DEP Scheelhaase the DPP now double that if

this is just like a small issue than just like downtown him anymore pictures

until he sends you an cause I think that’s only fair I think that’s a

conversation you can have you like this has started to feel that I’m not going

to ask you just know that I get the DPP IV do with that international I think it

works so you know you came up with it as a hero that’s yours now

yeah I think this could be like a light-hearted issue I think it could be

like pretty fun and like if you if it’s like he’s not an acyl but I’m worried

you guys I’m worried he’s an acyl because he wants the deep yeah I’m

scared that he liked the first thing that occurred to me was like what if

he’s holding her pictures so that he can do whatever he wants later and he

doesn’t want to give her any ammunition like this whole relationship has been a

long time

amateur porn I think I think somebody who is afraid of sending dick pics like

what’s your ratio I don’t these receivers as DP’s out I said to dick

pics in my whole entire life and it’s just cuz like my dick looks really ugly

I don’t buy ideally I don’t know like I had what i’ve only also only had one

person that asked me over and over again to send a dick pic and I was and I would

always I just feel so embarrassed doing it can’t do it and I was never like that

being said semi nude pictures of you which he did anyway but she would say

you know what I don’t we don’t need to do this at all

i cant send a dick pic I’ll send all these shirtless pics my dick with it

just makes me laugh it doesn’t look good

photogenic and they weren’t issues having a really bad day so I center dick

day and it’s really nice things but it’s gotta be it’s gotta be you have to be

open you can be like you can expect the new pics and not and not send a dick pic

if it’s asked ya still I think what I would do here she takes the nude photo

really hot one rate and then she zooms in all the exciting parts ok and that

she’s like all doom all the way out

oh you send it our way out for a picture of your penis and then I’m getting

exasperated to rethink my opinion on this because like I’m reversing it in my

head and like if I got is sending a bunch of pictures of himself to a girl

and she’s like happy to receive them and then he’s like I want pictures of you

and she’s like now I would want for him to respect her boundaries right but like

that but that’s taking it halfway so he’s respecting her if she says she says

I like getting your dick pics but I don’t want to be nude photos that like

the conversation is over as long as he

as long as she doesn’t keep on asking for I forget who was doing this area but

as always a person doesn’t keep on pressing after the initial conversation

yeah there should be pressure either way he says you know what I feel too

embarrassed to a shame to send a picture of my penis but I love getting your new


that’s one thing but he can’t keep on asking her for the photos they like I

demand you send me nude photos nude photos and he’s not going to pony up in

like happen exchange yeah that’s what’s bothering me is like the pony up part of

this like I don’t want I take back like withholding pictures until like it you

want to send naked pictures then that’s your prerogative but it shouldn’t be

with like a an exchange in mind but she’s not as she’s only sitting there

because he’s asking for them this is it on her own volition she’s she’s there

she like yeah yeah I think he’s asking for them that he has to realize that he

might need to pay for them in a certain way

yeah I think that I like this is hard because i dont have I don’t have

experience from either done no nude pictures with the person I’m dating or

like all nude pictures all the time for all dick pics all the time just burst

dick that she photographs of the wild ok I have a maybe like a new approach like

if it is embarrassment if it’s like what you’re talking about where you don’t

feel confident about the way not the size you there it’s just take ok then

like maybe you can like do a sexy photoshoot of the two of you together

and he can like see the way he looks hot with you and like how those pictures

would be hot for both of you to look at

then he might be like more into sending some solo hot pics that’s true you could

definitely make him feel good enough about his dick that he want to

photograph it and share it with ya so it’s like next time we’re together maybe

you take the dick pic and then the floodgates are open the ice has been

broken and then he feels more comfortable sending you some solo shots

down the road because she doesn’t have a wire right now she like guess is that it

might be embarrassment and that seems pretty legit also like I would never be

members to open the Bears to my penis we gotta go but they said it was too big

for the camera right it would fit the frame is all about panorama mode this is

also betting that they haven’t had a real conversation she’s only brought it

up joking and she’s like to change this

yeah so maybe he doesn’t he may not be aware that it’s an actual issue that you

really does dick pics cuz I think a big part of it is like a dick pic would you

really want to but she’s like a a really do I want to look at it then maybe you

do get to her I like the idea of doing it together or at least being there the

first time it happens a sexy photoshoot or like talking about why you want that

dick pic in like a hotter away then so that it’s even

say you want it regardless of how many new DS you sent him if you’re doing the

nude photo exchange it’s worth at least having maybe they already have but like

one of those don’t an NDA yeah they have signed an NDA yeah so that it’s illegal

for him to disseminated leader will have a way yes it is illegal it’s not i mean

they’re like revenge porn is a real thing that happens all the time and the

guys are protected behind like the laws that started the revenge was just went

to jail but all the men that posted those videos

the guy that started the site what to tell ya I also went to jail for

jaywalking was a completely different crime can accept that you can hear ya

think of something else entirely

murder cool I think we answer this lady’s question do you think you did

yeah I think you did you think you did I think and I think that I agreed with

Julia so that’s like me answering it as well

do anything you want to plug before we have to go

album which is on sale for presale right now and Julia Nunes dot com your podcast

that was a son had come dot com is it has anyone else on YouTube and

SoundCloud yeah that’s right

and anything else that’s not related to any podcasting I’ll Bravo promote

something just save the whales are pushing you to say something already

already no pressure to promote petition to end revenge porn I think that the

medically good we are at the hour mark so we gotta cut you think you want to

promote is change.org there is a petition to end revenge porn so you just

go to change.org and search and revenge porn and sign the petition so that guys

can be held accountable for sharing porn of their ex-girlfriends cuz they’re

pissed that the relationship is over

yeah that’s a pretty worthwhile cause between the album I feel like people

have two things to do right now please thanks to Julia for coming on our show

finally a hundred and seventy-one episodes in their health took ISA haha

la Frieda moved to Los Angeles and if you have your own questions or your own

theme song submissions or own anything everything is the same email address if

I were you show @ gmail.com the opening theme song she really liked to rate was

from Brandon Inge on and it’s closing one is from