Episode 172: Airplane Romance (w/ Jon Gabrus!)

Friend/comedian/fellow HeadGum Podcaster Jon Gabrus joins us to discuss friendship, fire, fitness, and flying.

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were in for black women discuss pop culture the representation of people of color and the pursuit of the perfect body oil this week they talk about Serena Williams it’s really really really awesome and interesting to hear so please check out black girls talking on the network are also launching a fantasy football podcast this week I’m making my triumphant return nobody knows about it but I’m making my tram to return to fantasy yeah i know im back we’re creating a head-on fantasy football league that’s going to be out hopefully on Tuesday you were not invited let’s get started I do enjoy the Sept and we’ll see you at the break P where’d you get that gets 40 America Canada actually Joachim from Sweden Joachim from Sweden thank you for writing that love song I think our podcast pictured you guys singing that honestly that was way too earnest of a recording me how serious do just not just read your own music that you wrote you work that hard and develop that broke with the with the lyrics lyrics the opposite of going for broke he kept it rich for the name the lyrics but they keep Joachim for submitting that son John Davis Amir Blumenfeld and jay-z oh this is the second time on the show first time as a podcast on our network yeah I’m here solely to network and you’re just to get listen there’s hey guys if you’re listening to whatever the fuck this show is called the fire you hang up the phone logon to hire my connects to my FTP server and listen free care dot org thank you for free hosting got home I guess I thank you is a blind Italian man you guys have to stop when I just levels that was supposed to be surreptitious it wasn’t supposed to be part of the show was a major part of the show also brought up the fact that you change levels called us after stopping home and if I were you I just fuckin change levels and keep my mouth shut this is also my studio now mother fucker you don’t own the network getting applesauce on this night it was Apple’s original his applesauce apple that’s my Demetri Martin joke you can never have an apple you can only about the sauce it may come May carried around as an apple but you turn it into applesauce especially on the way out how do you like your show the last time I guess I already do it is only 33 episodes deep you’re you’re done with it I can’t believe how much I love to I mean I know how much I love talking but I can’t believe I would do too I would put my shit out twice a week why can’t you I think I can honestly I don’t know of anyone ever talked about this on if I were you but Jake and Amir have a lot of steps that we know we haven’t actually yeah there’s a lot of steps of the city I think that’s the number one thing preventing me from recording toys just the stairs I i cant come to Jesus I can come to any parties or anything like that just goes in the state you were not at our party yet those stairs I see why you did that to keep you out we gotta get this place the only thing that he gave us from just dropped wandering into a house and going through our picnic baskets you have to release your taco Bell episode right now I have released three episodes so far the first one of just me and Jay can you talking about what the show will be right and we don’t land on anything charlie cowman the second episode is you talking about predator with your friends yes we talked about predator with Ben Rogers and Ryan Stanger and then the third one was you giving sex advice with your other friend with my other friend John Flynn and then when does this episode came out like a week from Monday so you’ll have the fourth episode the Eugene episode that Taco Bell money might be out oh yes so that by the time I should have my fitness episode immediately followed by my taco Bell then fitness than Taco Bell if that’s not my trifecta I don’t know what is kinda says it all yeah that’s all you need to lift weights life goals we know why were you when we’re on your show you’re talking about how you want to get into better shape yeah that happen yeah I mean and Jack now guard I’m in a speedo doing burpees whenever I’m not talking I’m saratov initially say it again no sera sera petition and surreptitiously doing whatever I can go wherever you know what this show it’s an advice podcast yeah yeah so we’re gonna be reading it really emails from real people dispensing are our wisdom because you’ve lived like what most would consider a full of the normal full life and you’re willing to give advice you’ve never seen the country has adopted actually you have to give any advice you can give advice to like a fuckin kuwaiti nationals to americans of you never see all of your advice should be prefaced with well I haven’t seen top gun but this is here’s how I treat acne I don’t know who i SAT with your next predator movie gonna be there is a toss up we’re talking to their blood sport or commando we will get to all three at some point I have to do a special episode about my favorite film of all time Big Trouble in Little China alright but I think that’s got to be special I’m trying to get some 100 and 200 which should be in a week or two three and a half hours of content a day about action movies there’s like five people the world that care about this and one that has the time to do you give me a fake guy’s name for this first question sure about rafe GHz let’s do a brief a few days ago I was on a flight to London and I got on the planet sat down next to an absolute dad i’m open up the conversation with some terrible joke about the in-flight menu and somehow we got to talking I feel like we really hit it off there were a few times where she gestured to her ears as if they were hurting due to weird pressure and I asked her if she wanted to nap or not talk when we landed and she replied that she enjoyed talking too much to stop and then we had a giggle after we landed we we were close to leaving the plane and she saw me take out my phone and told me her name on facebook and to add her also when we almost left the airport I gave her directions to the nearest train and she’d just returned cheeks for a few truefrench goodbye anyways it’s been two days since I added her on Facebook and she hasn’t replied yet I don’t know I don’t really know what to do as this doesn’t happen to me often any ideas P S if she does respond how do I asked her out any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks guys where he was fly flying to London and I know he’s British or not but he sat down next to a lady who asked him to add him on Facebook and then she just never replied when she was Fred just that she was French yo got it she gave that it’s called french kissing in america it’s like with time but French you know that’s when you bend over and she puts two fingers not constructed this really elaborate thing that I wish this was I wish it was cancer stone Bishop the heroes stop the gunman imagining the Evo before he boarded the check that nevermind I’m good girl oh actually I stopped a robbery or robber the old west then he said he was gonna ride the train baby was you you heard you’re not a patriot you haven’t seen top have never sat next to a hot girl on a plane it’s not like the sort of like every time you’re getting onto a flight that sort of the in the backyard head of cool thing that happens like you see someone boarding like there’s an attractive person what are the odds that I sit down next to them yeah I’ve I think I’ve only ever said thanks to you a lot to have only ever sat next to attractive girl and also on a plane a five is an 8th grade down as if you were on a plane back to you I know what you mean I know what you mean though it’s like also it’s the classic like subway ride the subway New York you just look around like who’s the hottest pepper spray meet your standards go down because it’s such a few select people like if you’re sitting next to a girl who is even your age that’s the Jets already an anomaly this person as old as I am actually I don’t even know what you did a double dare terrorists they were super hot chatty and now still fuck you now have imagined this from the other day the direction you’re an attractive lady on an airplane you look like fuck every single guy on this flight wants to sit next to me regardless of where I said it will be next to one of them I will have to have a congress also ever have a conversation with somebody that dude everytime a girl walks down the street she has to react to people just sayin shit a living nightmare if you’re a woman how do you ever get stoned because people just one media at least our dog I would like to go get coffee getting coffee is like to just a farm into a fuckin polar bear cage covered in salmon species like when I think I don’t wanna get on a plane I don’t say I hope she said I immediately I’m also married but I immediately put myself in her head and I know she’s looking at the empty seat next to mine ago and I will please don’t let it is I am the worst person because I’m visibly 0 outside of the seat like one shoulder goes into the aisle the other shoulder goes into the other seat so you look at me and this is in the laboratory my feet are in the exit row when you fly with your lady you guys do back-to-back you guys do middle or aisle window that nobody takes the middle we do next to each other middle aisle right now we do middle aisle or if we have our dog with us we do window meadow you have the dog needs a see why the dog needs a seat he doesn’t need a seat but we just want to put like a person away from us know what the dog to be in the aisle like we want to be tucked away at the window house and you fly with a dog couple times a year you know holidays and stuff wow how does that work it it he’s an emotional support doug is that how you can you get away with it yeah well it’s called that yeah he has that we have like we have a prescription for him more or less the actually go and do emotional support you don’t have to do anything to be an emotional support dog that’s exciting I’m too afraid to fly without my dogs right now is mostly for people with anxiety so that they feel more comfortable in certain environments and that’s what people use the loophole to get their dogs into casinos or whatever is also a seeing eye dog is a blind dog so he is emotional support from my wife but I got a guy the monkeys going to New York courier one time i sat next to a hot older woman there’s a seat in between us it was a red eye on virgin and I was super high and I was watching some stupid movie it was a red eye for you to have heard I read I have heard but I do have a virgin either virgins and she was like attractive milf there is a seated between us and all the Sun it was like an insane the first thing I like dozed off and when I woke up she was climbing over me like straddle sorry sorry sorry to wake you up and I was like a fucking sex hard as a rock right now twice one time flying back from Amsterdam again nineteen I woke up in like a teenage girl in nineteen year old garage in nineteen or twenty was standing on my standing on my to arm rests I like to walk up in her life she touched me and like her vagina was at my eye level and I was like she’s actually I didn’t want to wake you and I was like this is fucking strangers box I like if I’m going to sleep I gotta wake up with a box in my I lied so this bug that’s all there is this woman we end up it’s the most turbulent flight I’ve ever been on it’s like dropping you know it’s like skipping like a fuckin discman and she’s panicking and she’s like oh my god you ok get you a drink or something like that she’s just really scared it’s ok this is just turbulence it’s like hitting potholes we’re just gonna be fun we’re gonna find you never been on a plane like this I’m like it’s alright it’s ok and then I just go back to watching a movie and my hands on the middle C and she just grabbed my hand and my hand my middle of a great deal middle and won the mega firm and then she leans over and puts her head on my hand and I she’s I convey here I feel I feel so high she’s crying unto my hands and what happened after the turbulence and I like I just you just hold my hand through the whole thing like squeezing I’m like it’s ok and I just watched I’m super high watching 16 and I guess it’s gonna be okay you intervene diesel actually a pretty good as well as a husband I’m used to trying to watch a movie while playing with a sleeping girls hair or rubbing my wife’s feet like as a way for me to just get through movie like I love you and after the fight and you’re my hero like hugging me and she said it’s been a real pleasure but I feel like it would be taking it would be cheating but if I was single I like that would have been the I would have asked if I wanted on their facebook name yeah you could have been like this guy that guy who’s like what his advice what he talking about what to do added her on Facebook has responded he needs to write her a message right how do I know how to ask her out here’s how ask her out right now yeah you’re ever in town I would say rave rider if you’re hey if you’re ever in my part of town or if you know in the future you’re gonna be in wherever her part of town by town being Europe here that just say let’s meet up and grab a coffee I had a great time on the flight guys a lot of people over think asking people out right and in do you know it’s up to you to do it online is that there’s no risk because you never actually see the rejection send out a message and then just like that like if you’re ever in this part of town and you want to get a drink that simpson like there’s no like whatever yeah yeah it’s all of its just have to respond to that is like you can say yeah let you know that’s it that’s that’s a no actually I love you know duties for some reason I have no problem like I tell it like it is bro you talk to me talk to you however I want the wrong you know the wrong draining to tell him all this motherfucker prompted to meet the boss I like that girl might do you know alpha males until it’s like I think you’re pretty just teller just fucking tell people don’t be a creep about it but if she gave you her contact info that was to be contact unless you contacted if just maybe to be friends which is possible but you’re only going to find that out if you send this met you can’t just beg will now have a cute girl as a Facebook friend you ask her you don’t have to say like hey how do you feel about a drink on Friday at 7:30 cuz that’s something that’s I understand you fear of rejection that’s added she says no to but if you’re ever in my part of town or hey I might be passing through let me know if you get a drink or something you know yeah is it is it cooler or more polite or more or less cool or whatever to ask her out in person as he was leaving the ideal world is it nicer to do it over the Facebook has and she’s like she doesn’t have to confront your life your faces now I think you gotta strike while the iron’s hot while if if if you’re if you’re five min and she’s telling you like you’re laughing on the flight together and she’s like gives you her contact info I feel like it’s like she’s transferring to a flight to France and you’re staying in London and you’re like if there’s an opportunity that you’re going to like you’re going to the same place she’s getting out and getting in a cab I think you gotta say like hey if you’re in town if you’re here for this week let’s meet up and grab a coffee or grab a drink or something you gotta go for it they’re worse comes to worse you have to unfriend someone I think there’s a way to ask for in person that’s also like he was gracious says yes alright we’ll get your contact info we could set it up yeah you don’t like it ever romantic to start doing logistics right knee joint pick you up at your hotel room when you leave a key at the front desk right just show up at midnight logistics are never sexy but you do have to get around to get them done over text after yeah like going out to dinner with a girl can be romantic but trying to find a place to go to dinner is literally the most unsexy I want I like anything about time well I swear to God being married most of being married is trying to decide where T actions a just married being in any like long-term vision just like deciding where to eat what you have for lunch and Mexican food I was dying for me but I’m willing to make the central heating Italian ordering the most the Mexican thing on the menu I will have the nachos much Sorella and meet blindfolded me and tell me they’re not taking you so fuckin 88 shouldn’t be dry raviolis with guacamole guacamole is actually sounds like fuck yeah it’s paired with the Regular Show guacamole filled ravioli of a kind of guac raviolis how do you make your go out without a disgusting but I was feeling the same thing to a blind person yeah why are you always see what I was gonna say is in the beginning of a relationship the first couple dates everybody is over amenable like it’s the opposite I want to be like let’s go get typecast let’s do it I’m not back now I had type like I’m good I’m just gonna be as agreeable as humanly possible you’re never gonna be like oh I can’t have pads you remember I get diarrhea from chicken sausage chicken apple sausage that our Dells brand bad that she gives me diarrhea you always have to either yeah I know that it does because it’s Dave something else and that also gives me diarrhea I like like where we’ve known each other for a long time I would consider ourselves that good of friends but the fact that the one thing you do know about James I always have time I listen i three of your blog has mostly been about dr. on talks about shit if you can record yourself while getting a colonoscopy I think that would be the ultimate yeah you will you do the car at the very least watch it to make it a special video idea of something specific giving you diarrhea because everything does Gabby bananas avocado or water until I am always gives me diarrhea also every other ice cubes whether it’s a hand surgeon or otherwise get a read on time it’s been two hours and fifteen answer the question other dudes name now please blendon Vokoun we would have never got to do something so much so much more magical and you described as the first of all I would like to say that I’ma shitbag for what I did no need to rip on me myself so and at least I’ll be able to listen to confirm whether you guys should let the ship made my two best friends had a business where we shoplift close-in sell them to people for cheaper than a business with its tax at first but then when I wasn’t there my two friends got caught and busted for shoplifting they were pretty pissed that I wasn’t with them they think I bailed on them or some shit so to get even with me they told my girlfriend who is a smoke show but a bitch nonetheless she flipped and won’t talk to me anymore what do i do I have no girlfriend and no real friends left can I hit my boys or should I just forgive them thanks for all the help I think he needs to get a lawyer and not necessary podcast then lyn is a criminal yeah but he wasn’t all time crook small-time crook not caught his friends and then to even up the playing field that he wasn’t with them they told his girlfriend other girlfriends mad at him I would definitely be pissed at the front it gets there is no honor among thieves though friends his only two real friends were dude that he shoplifted with you that’s not the right crew oceans 3 will have you ever shopped at all shit many schemes became an adult does your friends that when you when you’re doing it but I had other friends it didn’t steal you know i mean he lost all of his relationships because of stealing first of all three people are trying to be a dick blendon but if you refer to your girlfriend as a smoke show but a bitch nonetheless yeah I don’t think you need a clean slate a club and the information they don’t get along for some reason the Venn diagram spinning in chaplin is me Demi schemes like they’re nice cool or not really schemes but like you know we shoplifted we still lighters in like lit fires with them moralists and then I burn down the my entire elementary school playground and I was brought over in Dubai action we’re like lighting the grass on fire then putting out and then it was just the whole thing I had to call 911 you like 13312 summer camp the next day for a week and when I came home like I didn’t get in trouble I came home my parents my parents were like my father drove me to the school yard and made me as I get out of the car look at what you did oh my god stand and stare at the fucking burnt down field is kept saying this is what you did and it was watching people like in their backyards with hoses trying that lit the fire spread to the season right way you did that I did that just a just a bunch of a bunch of people with us where we always did that we would like shoplift like you know we’re in we’re twelve or thirteen shoplift later in the night light bags of newspaper on fire and throwing up I’m watching Burn than one time we were like grass on fire put out like gratify pointed out we lit on fire we couldn’t put it out just like the whole like it’s like three baseball fecal looks really awesome it was getting cool I guess is escalating this is not stopping had the wherewithal to call nine yeah I know I’m not like slightly proud of you could just run away off and I wouldn’t and I would’ve been fine I would never have gotten in trouble I would just felt bad call 911 and still ran away but I should have had a cell regret it your dad was telling you shoulda called 911 you can read my dad by the way smoke show like the first scene in a movie about like I turn into be a gangster you never let your friends read my father that beats the shit out of a friend of mine in front of me nobody rats on my side like talking about fires will talk about this one turn and walk away looking what you did I love you boy never mind the field was charged felt awful issue fires for a long time yea well beyond just that every one of the Pirates every kid likes fire a little bit yeah but I had one friend that was like the one that had the firing got the fireworks we all liked it right his parents have a fire pit now says too much and now at the house in the living room with his big ball of tinfoil here and just let me do my issues were fired after like I was kind of afraid of fire like yeah i would like to bring like I attach fired to being wow what a very specific link yeah I like trains negative I’m over it now and now I put fire very close to my face you know several times a day and when I smoke not over you know it was later fired tear into it for 23 hours just imagine all the people that were wronged me burning that we’re playing internal flame drives me motivates me to become a different person saying by Jo koy internal flame that joke joke so I think for this guy we just tell him to cut his losses and start a new life without his girl friend or friends and if you really want to keep her because she’s a smoke show let’s use the word bitch from a vocabulary unless she’s being a bit like you and then talk to your friends are you ready I think it’s time we like maybe you can still be friends with those dudes without doing your quote unquote business business where I go on some people’s iPhones I sell them we start a business entrepreneur startup we shake down kids at the playground when you’re signing up for an Amazon affiliate link for your business what would feel these are businesses sponsored by me on these sponsorships take a break and come back soon with more papers this transition was a really nice space as well for sponsoring this episode great guys great product the deal is this most people don’t know how to code it’s it’s difficult and time-consuming to know and learn a different language it’s actually I know how to code a bit but I recognize what you like what can you code like I have coded I mean I know like a few days I do little front-end back-end I back into it back-end development what do you use to build until yeah when you’re on the back back in his element type it out but he made me do it on txt Edit I love that you know you have a good man it’s true that the algorithm is on point unless you don’t know as much about coding is Jake clearly does scribd.com is the best solution for you there are sites that look professionally designed regardless of your skill level it’s intuitive it’s easy to use the F state of the art technology powering your site statistics 24 7 life-support it’s everything you need and its trusted by millions of people so you know they’re doing a good job only that the website started eight dollars a month and you get a FREE domain name when you sign up for years not bad not shabby not at all although water domain names are taken I pretty much except for the ones we recommend when we I think one of the best websites out there you you suggested that name it was available at the time somebody snatched it up and built Daniel mint.com website for you so what you got for us this week are available domain at the time of recording keep in mind it’s Sunday night september 6 9:47 p.m. Pacific this URL is currently available I can’t believe it’s available simple fungus dot com simple and mine is fort Boehner dot com let’s say you want to make fun of a fort old is a really nice for what he called for Boehner actually build a website for my life to defend its gates secret start your free trial today without a credit card required just got a square space.com / if I were you and use our offer code if I were you to get 10% off that’s an even lower price than $8 a month we recommended to you earlier that square space.com / if I were you offer code if I real Squarespace build it beautiful Squarespace build it beauty beauty even if you know the line the voice was dumb places where space beautiful they don’t they didn’t write that line for somebody with that dumb sounding of a voice to say you gotta be like now I know I know we do it space that was really good Squarespace sure built nice did I love that lets go back to the show block oh I wanted to say we told you forgot to mention during the show so we should mention it now we have shows coming up in Toronto October 1st 2nd 3rd we have shows coming up in Irvine California I believe on October 14th and we’re gonna put the links to other shows on our website if I ryushare.com also coming back on Thursday this week so I’ll see you guys in a couple days but don’t go away the rest of the episodes starting right now we’re back high and mighty john burris thank you worry just saying what do you like about your podcast what do you hate what it what have you learned in the last three weeks I really enjoyed doing a podcast I don’t enjoy the logistics of emailing people to say like who’s free Monday at 7:30 might have a hard time you check my own schedule when you get the lecture at other people’s schedules into the mix it’s difficult yeah that is a true white wine that is it true that a champagne problem that scheduling my own podcast that somebody else record puts up and gets advertising for some day of our network grows that’d be really great job for somebody to have like the coordinator that you like as you’re the talent years like this is my availability and then yeah yeah yeah I love talking to people and I’ve been talking mostly people I dunno and I want to sort some some people who I don’t know interviewers yeah a couple people who have never met before that are specifically experts on something like GI doctor yours yeah maybe I would love to have like a botanist or legal marijuana expert on that’s another leg get ya just gotta get high life you have had that I guess what about the reaction how have you been able to gauge like people tweeting and emailing and whatever you know what I realize I’m like so pumped with how he’s doing but I don’t know what constitutes a popular podcast and I don’t think I’m really want to know is I’m just very happy with like I’m getting a surprise I didn’t think I would get over a thousand people to listen any episodes you know I remember you asking what you like how’s it doing and I told you like it was like two days in a like 68 people not bad like shit really like but I like the guy might have misjudged the need for my podcast to be out there sixty you read that as I just quit the show but now I mean yeah literally tens of thousands of people to listen to your show so far yeah people should yeah if anybody listening to this right now hasn’t heard yet to it I think you guys I appreciate you sharing now and first of all giving me the opportunity and secondly promoting it yeah I mean I don’t listen to any of the podcasts our network but I hear such good things about you you know you have 95 ratings on iTunes right now in ninety two of the ninety five or 5 stars and three of them are four stars that’s a weird complained to have pretty good I’m asking people to rate it going fine but just you know if they think it’s the four is the most they can cause I think you pushed you like you just click on the Start all the way to the rule is that a good amount of reviews that is yet solid it’s a solid solid base but you know more is always better is more better like money in that having more is better than if you have too much you start getting jaded and move into a place you can’t afford that you like they just got real ya thats all our guests actually selling under on the side unrelated when I get free me on these in various sizes I sell them to people for cheaper that’s not a good how are you actually making tax and what friends of yours what people are like oh shit are those are those discounted khakis get him don’t ask ok yeah I’ll buy them him and you get any cool shirts in I’m a size medium size extra large mother fucker I don’t fit into a large in the button downs like the money of buying getting doing one shirt splitting that three ways just critiquing his illegal business loans the only thing that blend in was right about is that he’s a ship that was due self-aware to that extent awesome well we do really appreciate you having a show on your network only makes us look better oh thank you it seems like you’re looking at a computer it seems like you just read that you wrote that like I takes it so it she Thursday morning had not come and go it is there’s this is thursday’s yes yes like a dumb dumb dumb you didn’t wasn’t anything recently where you can get any extension I feel like I need to get done injured really yea you can do it I know you can maybe get injured just getting that so how does one go about creating their own URL extensions imagine it would require several million dollars as a bare minimum but anything forehead done I bet you can get that to be honest let’s try it tonight let me back here house 2 a.m. in the dead of night we couldn’t ok you had done that org profits are you wanna get one last question you tell me dude with USB jig now I’m asking myself the answer is always yes partners crux room which is our beers God’s divine as goofy grin g8 why did I get to your wearing led the cheetah print leopard print leopard print flip-flops and ice user we’re yeah they’re kinda hard to find a size 12 15 women’s 1,500 numbered prints are you a drag queen did you get those what’s the story behind that so I really like these companies cynic which i think is tied for smile and they make great sandals for a long time I was wearing these green astroturf sandals of their as I would like to buy a new pair every summer I really dug him and I saw one time that they had and they’re like they’re like forever tariffs and other day leopard print and I said hey you know I like a little flair 2015 is the summer of Gabriel yeah I bought two pair had a pair like five years ago and I never was able to find them again and then just recently they went back on sales I bought like three players and I just in my closet just in case medically seal this is something I can’t live without leopard print mandals when when the end of days is near and still gonna have to fresh pears be trained in leopard print elastic and goods power bars be apocalypse preparedness kit I can’t run guys fabulous alright big-name one last name claimed him he’s from New England clam data rates I’m just gonna get straight to the point my fiance sex drive has decreased to the point where is almost non-existent in two years of us having sex it has slowly but surely continue to dwindle in correlation both of our way to have increased throughout our time together in college about 50 pounds each her excuse for the lack of sex is that she doesn’t like the way she looks without clothes and that she doesn’t feel attractive anymore given the weight between the two of us is noticeable but I still do what I can to make her feel attractive and sexy yet to no avail what should I do to coax her out of this long-suffering funk along with that what kind of weight loss tips can you guys give with my recently graduated and working Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. jobs and her on a similar schedule our availability to go to the gym constantly isn’t always there any advice would be greatly appreciated keep up the good work guys have gotten me through a lot and I’ll be a listener for a life thanks claimed intended that’s amazing that’s a really nice yeah I really beginning it’s not nice but this is a real I really want to help this guy most of the time of your ready and I want to sell the idea to start doing what they’re doing yeah this is a dude who needs help and I think we could give advice to but that’s the end of the time we have spent the guy on an airplane and shoplifting this is actually at this is a very like I’m sure this is more common than most problems like this is a very common problem if you like sex so he slows down in a long-term relationship because it’s there you know like you know it is not tonight it can be tomorrow but then that’s the same thing you know that with the gym to go tomorrow I’ll just go tomorrow and like if you’re in a long-term relationship you know she’s gonna be there in a month so if you don’t get around to it you’re gonna have sex next month and next thing you know your hymen grows back Dajon six-year-old so what would you guys say you’re you’re like legitimate Li an expert on relationships so here’s what I would do that you know that the hardest part about a workout regimen is starting it is it’s the heart it’s literally the hardest part is you’re in the worst shape and you have yet to see any results like the first four days the first day is the hardest cuz like I’m just struggling and I’m not yet of course you’re not fit yet because this is just the beginning and there’s just the the social aspect of having to go to a gym with you don’t feel good about yourself and you know like you don’t know exactly know if you haven’t been to one yet if I’m assuming he’s just out of college maybe not even living where he was previously said in a new area and he’s gotta find like you’ve got to build a routine now you gotta start now you’re fresh out of college or 22 if you want maybe you’re 26 with military service but and we think that and whatever the case you can lose 50 pounds at that age it’s only gonna get harder as you get older the time to lose weight exactly and it sounds like you’re probably gonna work 8254 eternity getting out of 5 is not that late I was gonna say like 825 it doesn’t leave any time for the gym yes it does five to midnight is definitely said that he’s doing the not the gym that he likes watching Netflix that’s what’s happening is that it’s funny to say that because I i understand that too I’ll say that shit I only have three free hours takes an hour and a half to go the gym like oh right understand but your schedule is gonna be a 25 for as long as you have this job have to figure out a way to make it work this is a priority and it sounds like it should be but you don’t have to go to the gym four days a week to not be fifty pounds overweight at that point that I was gonna make to first it’s a diet is huge and i cant out rain and bad diet is a classic like like fitness mantra you can’t no matter how much you work out if UD like garbage you cannot exactly like a crash diet might take out cards just like this guy just needs to start eating healthy and specifically say this guy I this is a way to make this you make this a couple thing right there you guys go to the farmers market you can go to Whole Foods it’s gonna be a touchy subject to try to get like to secretly but she’s she’s open about not being comfortable with the way she looks like maybe it’s okay for you at this point to say like let let let’s do this let’s cook too healthy meals a week and let’s go walking three nights a week after work and that’s what you do that together and you do that together and it’s more time together cooking together is romantic walking together is romantic and it there you could get healthy meal go for a long walk that’s just exercise and then maybe you know a couple weeks go by staff people are feeling better about themselves it’s not even a matter of her losing 10 pounds to look better if she just walks a couple of days we can eat and she’ll just feel better and when you feel I know I know that I’ve been in a relationship for a single for thirteen years you want to talk about like being in a long-duration sex getting all thirteen years of having sex scene girl its gonna go against difficult but it’s you me and that’s if you want it this is what you gotta do here but what about cheating on your spouse so you get it somewhere else yeah I guess you’re right like to find a skinny girl that isn’t your girlfriend and just blown down with their calories a good advice it’s about making her feel better and to be honest and I don’t want to put any more pressure on the scan anything else but if you just start exercising you start dropping some albee’s it’s gonna be like she’s going to be a more into it and be shipped back fuck now I can’t be the one everything is sort of contagious in a relationship and negativity can be contagious and lazy this could be contagious or positivity and being energized could be continued 100% because it’s literally just the two of you and it’s like my wife comes home in a bad mood from work I’m in a bad mood if I wake up and I’m being like a grump just escalates and it’s just one of those things where my wife is in a bad mood in a great mood she started making me laugh where it’s contagious and you need to let me be artificially spark that contain and I will say that although it working out at the beginning of the hardest it’s also those are the easiest pounds to lose you can just remove one like like if you’re drinking soda or beer like if you just take that away that like usually accounts for like the first jump start of like 5 10 15 pounds if you’re drinking soda and emailing people for fitness advice just if you’re listening to this guys finish questions would you happen to be drinking soda just eliminate so I understand why beer is difficult to eliminate but no one drink soda anymore it’s a treat yeah that’s there are like to drink vodka Noah added sugar is the white devil and your biggest way they uses pounds to lose in the first few range right because it’s a matter of percentages and because if you’re not adapted to exercise the moment you start your body kicks into adapting to that and I’m an empty exercise 3 30 minute walks a week we’ll get we’ll get you go to a gym like this you’re absolutely right you do it walks you do push ups at your house like you can ease yourself into it we gotta pull the first exercise the first exercise I ever started was just getting up pull up bars like $18 and I put it up at the door for a walk past it every time I go into the bathroom go to my room I’ll try to do a pullup yeah sooner or later you can I get it to ya ten years later I’m here baby just stop shitting also I was in a sitting together is literally a high school event it’s a wider mouth snapple the ultimate shifted to one of the little sport into a Capri Sun bags firefighters piercing your wreath relic with that little strong quick look at your back urethra through my last bit of real advice is instead of trying to like inspire hurt you ask her to be like can you do this for me that way it’s like you’re asking her to help you she’s less likely to say like that like I need your help can you help me start trying to eat better right can you help me cook you know on Sunday night let’s make a comment if you work Monday on Sunday night let’s make grilled chicken or some proteins Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and Friday we fucking the pounds away yeah it’s gonna happen but it may be due like YouTube in the house that if people are embarrassed to go out and just the two of you circuit workouts yeah just like a pushup workout that you found on you to actually do two types of YouTube workouts after I run I do there’s a push up watching called passion for professionals little brothers and there was a six pack abs workout thing called like the coach has six pack abs workout and like I’m seeing like the numbers go up like into the millions of these things like others a lot of people just doing these you to work it’s it’s great it’s a way to you know it’s a way to get inspired and I think doing something together it would be very helpful and spending more time together and also think about what the route is she’s really not feeling good about herself and that’s why she doesn’t have sex actively pursue on a nice night making her feel as good as possible about herself a beautiful she looks she gets dressed up comment on the outfit dim the lights and get after it have a couple of glasses of red wine glass of red wine and get after you go for it you know and just put you know don’t push it but just let her know no I find you attractive you’re my girlfriend I’m in love with you let’s do this and then afterwards after it does happen and we do have sex that’s even more positive reinforcement was the best sex I feel like every time my wife and I have sex we say we gotta do this more often right after I like how do we not like we always have like awesome session then we’re like we waited five days to do we should be doing this way more 45 is an underestimate the awesome thank you for coming on the show thanks for having me on the show and Jake to say that people reach you at John gave us no age inja Norgay Burris and check out the high and mighty Pakistan that had gun network love it Thursday morning baby rattle to record some ads for you perfect the opening theme song was Joachim this closing line is from Gareth so thanks Joachim think scared if you have your own questions on Facebook thumbnail submissions it’s all coming if I would you show @ gmail.com we tried desperately tried to read them all so send him away thanks for listening I’ll be back next week broken heart please give me some so we can’t afford it represents reaching out to you tell me that some kind of India you can help me to put me on blast either way you would do podcast down podcast