Episode 173: Heroin

In this episode we discuss facial hair, hard drugs, and party horns.

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dude Adam from Harvard sailing team George basil Pat castles more and more comedians and friends having a good time talking about sports I feel like you guys would it really enjoy it that podcast is over it had gum dot com much like all of our other shows including this one let’s get started you do share so that barbershop quartet that that’s how you get laid that crooning tuned to the sound earth angel the email said imagine to NWA had a stable upbringing in the suburbs of Cambridge England and has sued a rap career fair shot at the barbershop big leagues that is what all the Sam and Colm have done for us I think I’d be down to join the barbershop quartet and since these are just three dudes I feel like you could now done while not a bother bang bang bang bang being blue moon will take back by but you really think so that it really I put half my ass you know the news that you’re looking for mylar balloon the kids are gonna love it so thanks guys our lease and Colm in Cambridge England they knew the word is shoes as jews as jews astute a rap career as Jude I think if you know that word then you are not going to be very good rapper well the thing is they’re from England so they already know they’re sort of cheating cuz they when your English yeah you know English good that’s not good I speak Hebrew so what i was born israeli learned yet interesting thats you for the first time that I think it’s a little different as I dunno shit i kno Inc Todd talked over me everyone else is good everyone else is bad and you’re good that’s the takeaway can I talk now sure everyone else’s bad to have to me I’m going through this until death do I am i blue moon what does this show its if I were you the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by I and I and we and us to have to I can’t stress enough we are not drunk or not high was a bonus thursday we can phone if we feel like we’re getting a little loopy one of those late night shows I just got my parents are getting divorced I just want to know whether a long time forty-three years next week finished alright so what if it’s alright nothing about them together alright dude take a breather I don’t need a breather I need to work I need to fill my void I need to fill the silence it cool she end up doing a very good job right now and I am I’ll presents a candy compartmentalize I’m actually part mental part departmental good UK my daddy did tell me that I was so funny even positive he also told me that I was sort of a novice in English but I was driving a wedge between him and my mother she’s price so how does it work could we felt I could do they realize we are receiving emails every day if I ratio @ gmail.com people in sticky situations they need desperately our advice and we do it every week sometimes twice a week sometimes short on a Thursday today is one of those times on a Thursday goin down Thursday right these are real emails for real people are going to give them fake names to preserve their anonymity have fake guys named Pablo Escobar rights my new relationship has gone mad at me because before I even knew that I had a chance of hooking up with her I hooked up with two of her friends and I had sent a dick pic two another do you believe that she should be mad at me for this she is not talking to me right now and if so and if not what should I do to make her not mad at me and to get over the matter ur thank you I appreciate your advice on the matter by the way I am 19 ok so I am NOT a nail in my first language and if not what should I do to make sure to get over the matter and what is the matter does it matter and how can I it doesn’t matter can someone get mad at you for study did before your relationship know so well as oh no date can they do right I don’t find it to be a fair way of life so you’re saying I meet someone fresh start everything that happened before I can’t get mad at that yeah but it’s not what is your not invincible you’re not untouchable you don’t have like a get out of jail free card you’re you’re not a Teflon Don yeah cause like still you find out you find out about things in their relationships past ya bother them sure I think there’s a difference between being bothered by something that something like if we were dating and I find out that you sent a dick pic to a bunch of my friends before we were even together yeah like that bothers me that you did that and I what can you do you just have to sort of be contrite about it you have to be like I should know I’m sorry I wish I knew that I would meet you don’t need to do anything I should apologize to be like I was an old me yeah you don’t really have to like bend over backwards to apologize but you know somebody’s upset you and you say I’m sorry I didn’t know my actions would be four words and the booty and I’m a little over grab your ankles and let me know I am upset at all I am coming you better believe it actually sit on my lap for a wildfire get over here no way you’re just saying that now is you know it’ll get year I do I get off so I think there’s like but then then if I was like if I was upset you would probably try to console me know if you’re a good guy I see but if I’m mad at you I’m like what the fuck is wrong with you send dick pics to everybody then you get defensive yeah you like it doesn’t matter it’s not important that was before I knew you liked it still matters to me that my friends have pictured it you know you know what I would do when someone used to get mad at me and relationships I tighten up how sad I was feeling so then it’s like now you the other person has taken so long and you can’t be mad at me and consoled me at the same time if I feel so bad that I’m sad I use those pictures I really do that i mean not to that extent but I feel like in retrospect yeah I would always like be extra yes exactly myself I wouldn’t be a I wouldn’t blame you if you’re broke up with in fact I deserve everything and that’s why I was broken up with 19 times in the calendar year because I would always say that and then eventually they do have to take the opening goal of take the bait yeah and then as they’re packing up to leave I say you could break up with me or you can and then I would bend over them at Dick’s didn’t mean anything for them that was the one I ended up getting engaged to you knew that I was engaged I engaged her in a marriage proposal was engaged to have her and me with me to have to hold til death do I start so what should this case I think about having a chases about like real adjusting the communication to be to be this dynamic of I’m not mad let’s not be mad at each other let’s recognize that were both upset by by this and what can be done like the dick pics are there there have been sent it happened so do you believe that you should be mad at me know I don’t believe you should be mad at him and if so what should I do to make her not mad at me and get over the matter I think you have to calmly saying I understand why Europe’s and it’s really tough because I don’t believe that you should be it’s really hard when the person starts from a place where where there is like not negotiation you know like I just like I need to do is guided her to just be upset in general and not pissed at you right but how do you how do you have that conversation talk about that how do you often find yourself apologizing for something that you don’t think that the other person should be mad about because I’m a moron like I have principles when it comes to apologizing and stuff like that you don’t want to I guess but more or less than an hour later I don’t like to start an argument like I’m not an apologist have to apologize about you know right I I think I always just like try to find the root of why somebody’s mad at me and it’s usually not because like they’re angry and being mean towards me it’s because they’re hurt invulnerable happened to that you say so rather than apologize I see that you’re very upset I bothered you I understand that your except I but I could tell that you do feel apologetic for that very sad that you even though there’s nothing man indeed I feel bad that I i dont forces you to apologize borderline get off your knees begging me for forgiveness you have any what would you say I mean if someone’s mad at you I would just i I would apologize even though I don’t necessarily feel like they have a right to be mad at me like I’m sorry you feel this way I would say that I’m sorry you feel this way is a pretty tough thing to feel to hear ya which is again nineteen divorce says one calendar year Oh I thought it was broke you were engaged to them you were engaged or married know I was alternated 19 each so I would be engaged and then Mary didn’t divorce aid and yes swing that it’s amazing how many times with the most time someone’s been married in a year not on purpose now I can get it was trying to break the record I X question hey guys great fan of the show and since now I have been lucky enough not to have the need to write in I talk to this girl on a semi regular and I feel hookup is imminent here’s the thing she started the conversation with the line would you hate me if I took heroin I said yes to try to deter her but then she stated that she started questioning me as to why and accusing me of being hypocritical hypocritical because of my lifestyle mainly drinking and the occasional but anyway I think heroin is a low whereas in it even though I have a suspension she is joking I feel I have the moral duty to tell someone a friend her parents may be a teacher were both in high school I just don’t now she’s a solid 8.5 if it helps any advice would be greatly appreciated I was gonna say something so friggin at a level field till I heard she was in a point I was operating because she was a 678 at most so thank you for that information let me readjust my how I say you just got a letter to the heroine known he says would you hate me if I took heroin is going to do heroin because she doesn’t even know that cool way to say it if I took it now you don’t take heroin what do you do yes shoot it would you hate me if I shot heroin oh that means you’re already do yeah oh and now I see ya this girls this girls faking it yeah so you don’t tell anyone I think you probably also that’s the wrong answer to say it would you hate me if I took heroin you don’t just say yes like I’ll hate you if you do something you say I would be really worried about you I’d be really concerned I’d be upset if you did that I would want to help you yeah would you say you could hate it if you took heroin you would hate the situation would you hate it if I took heroin was hilarious if you take care you think so thanks super funny I need to hear that would you actually I would never do it I got you I’m afraid to do drugs heroin yeah that’s a that’s a big scary one that’s the last one I think that’s like a diet the first time you do it yeah you can maybe die from it you could die for Mike other drugs to ya like adrenaline skydiver II died from that you can eventually died from it you’re sure you’re not drunk I am a little high oh yeah i an edible at lunch love them yeah I had a brownie by and those brownies in the freezer regular brownies I wasn’t even the freezer man man you were just so don’t tell her parents don’t tell the teacher that such a weird thing to do at the very I it snowball if you knew for a fact she was taking heroin or if you had at least more conclusive evidence this is just like a 11 text message don’t sound any alarms yet yeah I think it’s fine to not you know what though it is you did call him a hypocrite so it is more like his moral duty but to call the police if you could set up a sting operation of shit yeah how would that like he’ll wear a wire oh my god acquire on his own accord according to Jim and then he’ll go out in a Honda Accord Honda Accord yeah to meet each hunters afford a forward if you can afford a Honda Accord from behind of course will meet this lady out as a matter of course ok and the heroine of this story will be buying some heroin from this glory through because he got into it before i before E for the glory of origin very gory but the allegory yeah HBU cancer then you try to sell the heroin and then you buster in 1991 what’s your emergency emergency what was your accent say I have an emergency but I i nevered with your voice where this is the Chicago dispatch police where are you from what’s your name is that fateful from Normal Illinois from normal if you have an emergency so I have an emergency I fall in my heart is just burst into a million pieces what’s your address my address the gun to your head as if so are you in trouble right now I just feel from Normal Illinois you had me at what’s your emergency don’t tell anyone with my advice yeah she’s not doing heroin she hasn’t he did and it was moral duty yeah right this is an interesting one miss this one is interesting and are you ready for it you better believe it we need another guy’s name Javier Pena I’m a 20 year old guy from England just finishing up my first year of university we’re moving out of the halls at the end of June book my most current of flatmates have already gone home so at the moment it’s just me and my friend living together in the flat and doing nothing all day every day recently she suggested that I grow my mustache out the reason for this is because I haven’t shaved in almost a week and when I go this long without shaving the hair above my lip in particular becomes quite a bit more prominent which she said looks good on me the problem is I think it looks ugly the only reason I have let him go to this point is that I’ve been really lazy I’m pretty sure that this is the extent that it can grow to any way I can really grow a full beard but I agreed to not shave it for two weeks just to see what happens then it occurred to me that she may be tryna mess with me I mean I’m pretty sure that the mustache just one suit me but what if that’s actually her plan is she’s playing some sort of John Wall fast long con to get me to grow up we facial hair walk around looking like an idiot for two weeks maybe she secretly likes having some small power over how my face looks GRT gives me haircuts and she pierced my ear with a sewing needle one time I just I really don’t think i mustache look good on me also in the unlikely event that it actually looks good should I keep it or shave it off before I go home to see my friends for the summer when I saw them lest they noted that changed a lot since going to uni this became sort of a punch line for their jokes while since I last saw them I’ve gotten the averments to the ear piercing which I have now started stretching also gotten a tattoo I getting a few more before I see them I get our the imagine the jokes that I’ll come out of it is that since these are permanent decisions I’ve made there’s nothing I can do about it really so I guess I’ll out does suck it up and take it but I could avoid having mustache jokes then on top of the whole situation by just shaving it off but what if it does actually look good what do you guys think I should do help love Pena Pena and you are you are the butt of a joke man you and your this is you have to at this point cut off your entire lip wide remove your live on even cut it off entirely no no lip all you’ll see above your lower lip his teeth and gums and you run up to this girl and you say and he already has a homemade ear piercing that is stretching out yes so you’re all about that self-mutilation shit and then he comes home and his friends have already made fun of him for looking slightly different from university he comes back with multiple tattoos a homemade ear piercing and the opposite of a mustache just ut oh it’s it’s closed almost there is just did I mention sale as a goose I would say the opposite of a mustache tangerine juice I think it’s Chuck Taylors deed jobs pretty close to death so what the fuck is this guy doing mustaches the most changeable thing and he’s concerned about it but like getting a tattoo and piercing his years with a sewing needle is fine it sounds like he’s just a little self-conscious about the mustache but how often have you had a girl who is interested in you like what you do your hair a different way want you to grow a beard it’s like something that’s it’s a change to you and you’re like oh no this looks weird this looks bad what are you talking about but it doesn’t matter if she did you like this girl and she says you look good a certain way they just embrace it for a little bit so it sounds like he was getting into it sound like he liked it does look good by the end of your email you borderline thought it did I mean all your decisions from what to wear what you look like facial hair clothing anything is to attract people otherwise why would you do it and now you have somebody who you’re attracted to telling you point blank what they like and you’re like no it doesn’t look good to you you don’t tell her what looks good to you for me to have to have to hold its already there and it sounds like also she’s not necessarily making grow mustaches just don’t shave the hair above his left is most of Uighurs in the other mustache now yeah I do were you remember your first mustache yeah you couldn’t stop thinking about it when he first there it’s like oh my god forbid twenties when I i mean I would always do it when I was shaving just fine at the end of like if I have like a life order something I’d shave and leave a mustache just for fun or leave a goatee just for fun for a minute but no way would you keep it for more than a day and then it then like during working knowledge you might think I started likes sometimes having a beard then took a long time but I did the mustache and the first day I had my moustache all I wanted to do was like tell people how was a joke yeah it’s not a real I’m just doing this is a bit why have it it’s funny now you have it you don’t even really think about you know I like people comment on it like a mustache and I yeah sure yes obi deal so you sort of you’ll grow desensitized to the statue is what I’m saying right hundred-percent I think you make it sound like you’re growing and changing and be doing different things so your friends may not like it but maybe this girl likes it maybe you like it that’s really the most important with seven girls more important than the guy girl and you get there I feel there’s sort of like an equal importance if I think you’re right you like her like it is definitely really important like that should guide him if he really can’t reconcile then he can’t like you also have to be confident when you’re talking to the girl what’s more confident in her saying I like it like that I’d like that I like what you’re right I’d like to fuck your life on the part of his life mercy so keep the stache yeah for a little bit as does the keep the stache don’t give yourself a tattoo or two or three it sounds like you’re rushing into this tattoo thing to realize that though through with anything except for maybe no peers in the new years with the sewing needle here and that’s a hygienic that’s unsafe unhealthy stretching out a hole in your body that you pierced with a needle yourself with somebody who is definitely not I was really into do that I would advise against getting multiple tattoos I would say get one at a time is what have you regret it and you have three instead of one right I thought that he was a hard sell for several more than he was gonna go go for it said there’s going to be more several more before they even see his friends see him again in a couple weeks interesting so yes mustache maybe tattoos certainly I wanna make fun of this coverage too much knowledge the air I remember when I went to college the thing was at least within my friend group is that like nobody cut their hair for what seemed like nine months yeah everybody came back with like super long hair yeah without like a 2000 thing I do when they go to college and when do I i think is a $2000 your brother also agrees he really long that’s true maybe I could be a cup is it’s like he it’s a 15 estate guy can’t afford a five months ago for the first time oh yeah I cut my hair dying I don’t know but I love to ride a bike ride is here because he was like in a surfing culture yeah and man buns had become a la mode or of the fashion indeed so for example I had a brownie a la mode the other day which is a brownie with a little bit of a man but on it really does I had some ice cream onto a man god it’s hot it’s alright let’s take a break and we’ll be back with more right after these thank you also to next issue dot com for sponsoring this episode we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about next issue dot com one of our newest favoritest sponsors next issue is you know it does I do it’s it’s a it’s an app where you we’re in that you can download and read magazines that’s right you don’t 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issue and began getting back let’s get back in to it it is September 10th when this comes out nice we are dangerously close to our Toronto shows Just for Laughs comedy festival at the beginning of October and then in two weeks after that we’re gonna be at the Irvine Improv orange county are for showing orange county is a five hundred see Peter shit you really have to come yeah and once they do get there it’s going to be a fucking party yet I’m gonna have what’s it called when you have that thing like those blows a vuvuzela vuvuzela a paper mache and it blows out yeah sucks back party popper yeah noise makers not even any of those things even search that on Google it like it’s a party horn is it is it’s how would you describe that I would describe it as a party horn but see laser etching yeah party horn oh wow look at that party horns horn formed from a paper tube that’s correct that doesn’t even sound familiar to me and actually another one another way to say it is noise maker and another way to say this paper ton paper 10 interesting but I said two of the three ya party horn and I guess it’s just like not a very common vernacular because you didn’t think they were right anyway I’m gonna bring a party horn so it’s kind of you and saying you know there will be a party horn and also Wednesday which you know Wednesday orange county that we had a day off Friday night yeah volatile yet gonna be on Wednesday so you guys can see their shows and quite a bit since Montreal ya gonna get back to Canada I can’t wait to be to slightly too drunk on stage I can’t wait until I make that mistake he gained everything over in a minute really and i was just like full on drunk in the Montreal Airport yeah there’s nothing here to there being drunk gone through customs I have never experienced that before that was a very unique experience yeah it’s like you know at the end of the night at a bar when you’re just like drunk and tired and like the best thing in your kitchen in like cold from the refrigerator and I you sleep for like eight hours in the best so instead of eating the food in the kitchen in the sleep it’s walking through a line of strangers that woke up at 4 a.m. it’s showing drunkenly showing a TSA agent asked him what he’s doing what are you doing in Canada I was lost I got lost in the airport couldn’t find her gate wouldn’t what a weird position to be in to just go from the bar to an airport yeah absurd and yet if you like that happens a lot especially at the end of these pests yeah we should try to do that in Orange County that’s a good idea well we’ll just drive drunk home after the show that’s really good looking rage dude it’s actually cool to drive truck oh I was thinking the same yeah a lot of adults are all like no doubt it was just telling his mom don’t worry it’s actually really like a lot of the stuff they do is actually a drive drunk it’s cool to be a drunk driver oh so you find this funny and now they’re making fun of me the parents said now obviously you should indeed trying to get that I’m not gonna backtrack from this bid so you shouldn’t drive drunk now driving drunk is the like the one thing that even cool people don’t really do like the commercials like laughing you can really get into a car accident your high that’s not that whatever but now I actually don’t drive drunk don’t go breaking all the school but not that one yeah the coolest thing you can do is break a rule accepted the rule is to Georgia so they don’t drive drunk and be real cool cartoon dog at a bag to schools not i dont no sunglasses but I have like cool glasses so I am still a cool cartoon that’s good Mackenzie but he’s a hipster do you think I’m a hipster why do you say it like that just for everybody home he is sitting like a pretzel his legs fully behind his head on details to the michael has shoved into his anus there is a there’s a party hard in his butt off before your back into it I have one thing that I want to plug and I apologize but I’m gonna like this for a friend of mine named Walter aka people back from Adelaide Australia shows he I told you I think I discussed this summer I guess that I followed him on Instagram Instagram message me he asked me if I would give him a shout out for this talent show I’m going to be voted for just a nobody had any idea I will not do this for anyone else except for Walter got it this is for him this is a this is an added this is borderline is a free advertisement you are reaching roughly 800,000 listeners and this is the have their ears we have their attention we have a full concentration but really if your gonna do one thing I did a search the Royal Adelaide show on Facebook ok and take a second to find Walters entry and vote for him he gave me an a URL but like I don’t think anyone’s gonna it’s it’s long yeah it’s HTTPS colon backslash backslash a diet PGT be like you know what is going to be able to read announced here saying go on Facebook is what I did I went on Facebook and I searched the Royal Adelaide show and it came right up so and it’s a talent show where you like a video yeah I think what I guess I mean I voted for him how to vote you if you scroll down from their page there’s a link that’s like vote for our entrance and then you can click on his name ok and his name is Walter Buckley and is it one of those things where you know how many people have voted so far oh I wonder know if they do cuz if it’s like in the teens and stuff we can just fucking create a little walter avalanche and have them win yeah that’s true I don’t know what I don’t know if so what’s his talent he’s saying see sales of billy joel’s durable fifteen year old singer Billy Joel song it’s a very much worth it is good when people Babcock sent me this video I was like I don’t feel bad I don’t want to be like a shitty right video but I showed it to you yeah you think it was great yeah I couldn’t believe that that adult tones coming out of that teenagers mouth yeah you sound like Billy Joel I’m gonna vote for him right now it’s actually Billy Joe by Billy Joel Billy Joe but that you do town that’s how I’ll be frank with everybody does what a lot of information ok but once you put in that social security number it’s sort of auto fills in the rest its I tell you what if it is a double email verification is not that bad even if they send you a letter in the mail you fill out a form hire a message to be given your bank account they’re gonna take $1 just to make sure that your menu and then you know your bank account routing number do you know the number you have your passport scanned easier to get into Canada than it is to cast a vote for Walter for Pippi bad cut so it is and then you vote for him and that’s it anyone’s the talent show ya so you know his talent is talent is actually knowing you it’s not actually singing Billy Joel is encouraged ever all of our listeners to watch the watch all the videos you know what I’m just promoting the Adelaide Royal Show make an informed decision but I feel like you’ll find Billy Joe Walters billy joel is top-notch you can’t see what the what the score is right now it’s that close to 65,000 people like the page need we say less alright I think we give more time for those of 48 min apply holy shit I’m sweating let’s try to answer one last question before we have to let it bounce outta here we sort of answer the three questions that we’re gonna get to on the show so do you want to search our email right now find a question live on the show its bonus Thursday episode time it’s things are getting a little loosey-goosey a little experimental last time was a lightning round this time we’re gonna try to find a question on the actual show itself live so how would you like to party propose we do go about doing keyword yeah I’ll come up with the word that I think there has to be only a few of wow ok 14,500 emails in this box fourteen thousand emails I want to search term or 30 one word that idea is it down it’s only going to appear in in less than a hundred less than $125 less than 25 ok juxtaposition shucks Ju ex ta position this is insane this is beyond lowering its one what and it’s a question we’ve already answered is it really according to my records yes we answered it on January 7 2014 how well was thinking about families religion and beating someones significant other good stuff so come up with another one K dandy I think there’s going to be more than DND dandy a matching set everything was fine and dandy and then this happened ok there’s 21 some of them are ads so within the 21 give me a number one thru 2118 Jake and Amir this is we’ve never had this before this is an email from July 12 2013 from 2013 that’s right this is this is this month after recreated the podcast Jake and Amir so I’ve been flirting with this girl for a couple weeks but we haven’t really gotten anywhere I mean we have come to know each other pretty well but we haven’t really advanced on the boyfriend girlfriend front now that’s all fine and dandy except for the juxtaposition that’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that a couple nights ago I met another girl and we instantly hit it off we had a lot of fun and got further that first night with her than I did in a week with the other girl basically I want to let the first goal know that I met somebody else so that I’m not keeping her on the hug when I have moved on I like both of them and I would prefer to stay friends with them but mainly I just want to tell the first girl to move on as nicely as possible what would you do if you were me we just flirty with lorena was it a date he was just flirting with a girl for a couple of weeks but hasn’t really gotten anywhere so you don’t the breakup with it sounds like you didn’t it sounds like you failed he had a failure to launch he hit on somebody for weeks yeah they basically rejected him we ask somebody else and now he wants to go and break up with honey this is a working out my rejection I just don’t see there’s not Sparks’s I agree I actually and I know this is gonna fucking pain you to hear no I actually met the other go places like that this is something that happens you can get you answer to get stuck in a flirtation cycle where nothing really escalates the yeah you have to sort of you have to add more gasoline or fire take a risk her swing start actually get a lot of things like this that are like were flirting over text but like I don’t know how to turn it into anything else they have to escalate the next invariably the first thing that you have to do is turn it from a text message to a date that’s the first that the ultimately that’s the goal of the text so true because texting is not the goal texting is the means to the end so texting allows you to start a context is the first thing you need text it’s like the the twiggs what this is the a natural evolution rate it’s like there’s a group of people hanging out and it’s like you’re interested in one person but I do you get a private conversation going that’s the tax that’s why you walk up to them and say hello my name is Jacob I would like to engage you in a private conversation yes always have your 7 digit telephone number area code including you don’t live in the area otherwise I know its current code 3 lambda alpha male thing you my eyes are impervious to this to this gas you get her phone number and that’s a private conversation but then at the end now you need to get into an actual private d a private meeting and greeting so the evolution from single celled organism in a water to amphibian that crawls out of the water into a into a primate and then eventually a human being crawls into a primate like crawls out of the water inside these assholes and that’s the missing and then and then the chimpanzee tears open its chest it’s a lizard man and he’s oh my god the food chain we’re not even given his goodbyes we’re just talking about how you don’t need to break up with the girl he’s been flirting with if you meet somebody you also have only it’s been one night with the other person that’s been one night as you have just launched into it even the fast part I have I have it down the middle listens and he wants to break up with the other girl for the girl that he probably doesn’t have yet I feel bad this is the same as written two years ago there’s an 80% chance this man is dead this is not to say if anything regarding the two ladies who are two more often than not they will be deceased by the time we reach them to you to you I say thank you for writing it I’m gonna respond to this year ending in we just got to your email the word and a half years later that’s it thank you to basically didn’t get the satisfaction of getting tired and we only made fun of they could be married at this point of marrying both of them thank you for adding it to anybody has ever written and we’re trying to get everybody obviously we have more than we can as we’re doing our best that email address if you have your own questions if I R you show @ gmail.com and if you have your own theme song actually start and end every episode this episode 173 and we started and ended every episode with the news theme song give or take a few the opening line was by all these salmon coleman’s closing line by James Sherlock today’s Thursday will be back on Monday our regularly scheduled programming later