Episode 174: Romance

In this episode we discuss first dates, haircuts, and spiritual healing.

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you he didn’t pay homage to be what he did with steel material that I had written exactly for a week we wrote that those lines from CollegeHumor which is owned by interactive Corp I see ok which is a publicly traded company you should be on the side yard all he’s still he uses a corporate now he’s monetizing it how’s he monetizing well I’m making some cash from this podcast because you’re in trouble your monetizing off of his work your monetizing off by a C you display the big shots on uses a fucking staying Jonathan Gould wearing a wire for no reason it’s not attached to anything plugged in the piece of last year chess I wonder if all that is legal you think if someone wanted to sue someone for what just happened it would be suitable I don’t think they would send a cease and desist and then we have to take the episode down ya who would that come from your lawyer not my lawyer he wouldn’t care my lawyer he wouldn’t care either I want my lawyer to be really yeah that was twice by my own lawyer right and he defended you and care and lost the case against him in court and the judge who is me I’m the judge the jury and the execution and yourself guilty of calling for your lawyer is there a civil court is all part of the movie rewrote don’t even worry about a third act is a mess but the defining game section of leaves a lot of trailer moments that will be desired alright what is this this is if I were you the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by us amir Jake what was I going to say oh yeah it’s insanely hot yeah yeah I am saddened and comfortable in this room it’s it’s too warm to be here we have a fan which is how people kept calling like the early nineteen hundred’s the fans not really doing much it sort of blowing hot air onto my legs that’s not good our house is really nice yeah we live in a lovely home I agree the air condition does it sort of works Lake like a leaky faucet cool air and then it will cost $500 but not keep us cold so it’s it’s a leaky slightly cooler gas oxygen that leaks out of the vents for the first time I’ve ever experienced in LA it’s hot and humid with his unique it feels like really scummy shitty New York summer yeah except the Sun feels harder so the Sun is burning very very high intensity and in addition to that it’s staying also I woke up with a full on migraine smothered with heat on your body was releasing water to cool itself down so that you can’t think of anyone in the world who has it worse than me really I would pay money to be a migrant in a boat get into berliner some she’s yeah yeah school I bet because that yeah because the air the air conditioner on the boat probably at the very least 10 maybe a cold but at least they’re lake at least there in a foreign country and that’s pleasant and they’re so exhausted I bet they can sleep through the night with you it’s like you’re getting eight hours of it’s kind of a half’s its tossing and turning sure I can sleep if I want to win actually my room is really nice you woke up today at 9:48 and you’re like oh my god what a fitful night rest at 9:48 that’s true it’s not true it’s really close I set my alarm for 10 a.m. thinking I wouldn’t want to wake up at 10 but I was like I don’t wanna sleep past 10 you know hoping I’d wake up before the alarm isn’t getting up now your alarm was like oh shit if I’m still asleep at this point it’s too early yeah you do a border alarm not like it let me get up and seize the day alarm I mean sometimes I do but not the last couple days yeah I’m like yes anyway so saying I have it really bad yeah and then why do you think you are 948 cause I remember waking up and being like well as really close to my alarm was right do you ever do you do this or do you know people who do they don’t set their alarms and even times yeah I said it for like nine forty three-year like 1002 like the even numbers yeah do that or do I think I used to now I’m just like the nearest hour to get up to snooze snooze on at nine minutes 14 second I don’t know what that is is that is that default for all Apple iPhones maybe it is a 90 minutes news AP yes it’s not 10 another funny thing people do with time is set the time in their car late so that when they arrived places it feels like they’ve bought themselves extra time I don’t like but then don’t you know that you’re lying so it doesn’t really does it really do anything then you just feel like you’re always running always will do that run late anyway right running 20 minutes late 2010 only don’t worry that clock is actually eight minutes faster than you do a little bit of matthew is all it does is make you do more math my clock in moscow is always seven minutes fast right now it’s like a fucking late to school but then my dad with some time to change its like is it is a great time right now alright enough about time let’s give some people some well needed advice these are these are real humans and real sticky situations and emailed us for our feedback too if I were you show @ gmail.com sometimes it just B&J given advice and today is one of those times but we’re in the room with our new intern yet test as in the room so if you don’t say anything test a presence that’s what it is it’s not Kobe Bryant although it is also here yeah alright kobe say something bouncing the ball now he was making that noise with his mouth course you wrote you you forward me the emails I got a good one this is a young man from Kentucky lucky in Kentucky in Kentucky rides I have just recently started talking to a girl I’ve known for five years we’ve been texting stabbed chatting and trying to plan a time to hang out with one another that’s all it all sounds pretty juvenile but the problem is I do not know how to accelerate to the next level ie phone calls hang out but here’s the thing if given the opportunity to take her out on a date I’m confident that I can get her to want to be with me that day it I’m thinking of is taking her for a private flight as my friend is a pilot take her to a nice restaurant in the downtown area of my small city and then to a friend’s farm for alone time to enjoy each other’s presence without any city lights that problem lies with me not knowing how to get her to say he has to the days because I have a feeling she’s still in love with their last boyfriend without being too frank about it how can i in a sense persuade her to let me take her out and if I do get the opportunity is the date ed any good or less exciting do I wait for her to say we should go out some night you are not confined to this multiple choice I don’t want to bribe juror I want to brighten her thanks for your day’s worth of hilariously given advice keep doing you to da lucky in Kentucky additional question what’s the romantic date you have ever plan for a girl I feel bad because the most romantic day of every plant is probably a third of the romance of this casual first date he plans on giving this girl you like all out for somebody I’m never giving someone a private flight and then a dinner at a friend’s farm outside the city limits and this is just this guy’s winter break the ice with her ya know when you really like somebody you do you plan is like epic style dates would you say it’s a good idea for a first date or reduce a buildup to that i think is a lovely idea for the first day I mean I think it’s funny because like the problem is never like if the dates gonna get like getting her to say yes is some weird situation of like I could totally get her to love me if she would just like me yeah well as soon as she likes me I feel like the private flight will clinch it yeah it does it almost doesn’t matter what the date is like the biggest battle is getting her to be interested in you in the first place I fear that this is too epic of a first date oh so we think this guy’s done for different reasons why do you think he’s done because he is of course the issue is like will you go on the date or not like you can’t plan all this stuff if you don’t know if she likes you so can he just telling her about this date I don’t like what’s the equivalent of what I’m trying to I feel like this date might scare her away I don’t think he’s done I think he’s very naive and a little bit ignorant perhaps new like you want to sort of build up two things if I ask a girl out and then I tell her the plan is for me to take take her on a private flight and then to my friend’s farm outside the city limits I’m a French will be a little taken aback by the end I guess this is because I think you’ll be really taken aback by that if he’s worried that she doesn’t even like him right like this sounds if you really love somebody and they wanted to take you away for like whisk you away for a weekend or something that sounds great but if you don’t really like someone that much and you actually like a different person in somebody’s like let’s go away just you and me yeah that sounds really bad amazing day that could lead to you guys being totally into each other might actually just scare her in general right but then again he has known this girl for five years and they’re talking to each other for the first time I just started talking to this girl I’ve known for five years yeah I do you know somebody for five years and never say things like in school you sort of like your friends a pilot any other farm and he could just drop you off in the downtown area like how to go out with the pilot was a plane hope all of DAT that dude my other friend has a farm downtown is and we can go there how are you going to land the plane downtown what do you think pilot by pilot friend is also a skydiver little guidance and then is it the same friend with the farm probably do the fighting stone cold is a pilot weather and what are you do you just know this guy I i first friends farm for some alone time and enjoy the planning a fuckin honeymoon like this girl doesn’t notice guys now after dinner I would like to propose that we go to my friend’s farm for some alone time now understand public and just hang out with you maybe that’s because you don’t know just the advice is to go one at a time I feel like private flights really cool that’s not necessarily a date that’s just a cool experience that you be like hey lets you should I’m going on my friends play music humble be really cool and that you could say that without her being like let’s go out on let’s go out sometime and you say I’ve got just the idea you can’t actor you guys are already snapshot of trying to find time to hang out he said yeah so you say I’m going on to fly with my friend today it’s going to be really cool you should come boom there you are y’all are in the plane together you don’t have to talk about anything else after year in the plane was just like you sure have that other stuff in your back pocket like maybe you’ve got like you do the flight rate if she wants to keep on hanging out with you what you want to do next and then you’ll say oh I know this restaurant downtown thought about it right right downtown bar downtown whatever that’s what you do and then she’s like wants to hang out after that maybe don’t do the fire alarm is able to the farm another time so invite her to the flight as the date rather than proposing a date then dropping the flight thing on her and don’t have also been victim of this like thinking that some kind of like I’m using data experiences gonna get some girl to like me she the person has to like in be interested in you first she got it is just extra it does doesn’t matter how awesome the private plane is if she gets more human than the setting basically yeah I could take someone to the best restaurant but if I’m a terrible human they won’t be like you know at least the food was great right I’m into you and likewise I can be a great guy and take her that’s why I take all my dates to Burger King right if I can make it there I can make it anywhere date to me then you can have it your way and she’s yeah that’s really good actually and then I can proposing a pulpit what’s the most romantic date you have ever planned for a girl I like I do real romantic should actually be perfectly honest with you blew a really romantic romantic I don’t know it was like that something you did for whom who just say the day and then if one person thinks that’s great if to that’s fine I’ve known people places for the weekend and taken like cute little trips to certain parts of America and I have taken one or got the city or town and I believe me or not in different ways or not when I was like this cuz I think I’d like more money unlike you end up doing more romantic an epic seeming things when I was younger I was having to plan dates the first girl that I really liked I like made food put it in a pissed picnic back basket and snuck onto this golf course in the middle of the night and we like had a picnic by the stars in this kind of nice that’s beautiful it wasn’t a mean it was it was not as intense as though but I think that like the same amount of but and carry on into it and now I disagree that the flight is probably more thoughtful was it just gives picnics his friends doing all that first idea was yours that connect to the picnic I did the flight thing you did the flight the farm thing actually really went to a farm in this come up as I never thought of it that you’ve ever done in a day and i know i I had nothing jumps out to me beyond like a restaurant like flavor like I can think of one thing that you do it was cute more than like super romantic you did like a baking day where somebody came over and you cooked cookies cookies or something like that but that’s not really romantic is that’s like it plus it was suggested by the lady was like to order more level the first dates should be like you were key a little romantic this isn’t like The Bachelor you don’t have to try to win the rose ceremony yeah you know it’s a good first date is bowling bowling solid it’s kinda classic old-school American you can be self-deprecating and bad I’m actually not good at bowling so there’s a chance that all these naturally which lent itself to like a funny discourse high-fives turned into hugs bullying strikes and spares yeah I take my you know how your fingers get fucking dirty as shit because you’ve been bowling I know and like the lady starts rubbing it in I like she and I put my fucking greasy ass index finger on her on her lips as I’m just like don’t say that don’t say that around you seems like suck it I just got a turkey which is like bowling three strikes and elects like my fucking it’s cake at this point with the black the bottom of the bottle and is using the ball and naturally because it just kidding the natural black priest is everyone’s been touching it actually trying to do over the course of the evening I haven’t lost my hands of what feels like hours in the cold I don’t know fifteen 2040 frames and lenses for you and that’s a lot yeah well I keep going into his I’m like I lose the first to testify that’s bullshit but it’s the fucking NBA players at that point to my fingers hooking her mouth well I’m going over the rules and then let’s say I do peter that one time I’m gonna be like alright first two were warm-ups first-year warm-ups and now I’m up while your dates usually go well no way do yet as long as they get one game off on I don’t care what happens next your dates are more about winning bowling that meeting people at a time when the date was born with a dude afresh in a leak yeah and that’s a date that the day has been figuring other dudes in your bowling alley dude bearded dude how about James Harden rights I’ve been going to this barber shop that’s been exclusively female barbara’s I’ve been going to this one stylist Alex and she does a pretty good job a couple months ago I made an appointment on a day that Alex wasn’t working I decided to take whoever was available and I got my haircut and beard trimmed by Elizabeth she ended up doing a great job much better than Alex my predicament is that I want to go see Elizabeth instead of Alex now but how do I go about doing that without hurting his feelings I can try scheduling appointments for days that Alex isn’t working and elizabeth is but how do I even make sure of that discreetly I’m sure there’s an easy solution here just can’t think of it thanks for any help you can give I hate that I missed you guys were you when you were in Houston hope to catch you next time would really like to have been at that Houston show and show some work in that audience actually out if you’re in Toronto on october first cast their October 14th eruption gonna be there too so maybe we can see you there also coming to Isla Vista in February yeah I think we should start promoting that show ya don’t you worry about that sorry I call that guy about the stylist is Alex the bad stylist Alex good stylist Elizabeth sounds like you have this issue do you go to a specific barber I don’t sometimes I wish I did there has been like one or two times where I got a stylist that I really liked yeah I was like and I like took their card but I didn’t save it or remember it right and they usually when I am getting a haircut or something I want it that day the last drive had three bad hair days in a row like this is happening now right and I go and if they’re they’re great if not you don’t plan ahead no but some people have their favorites yes I mean some people are like regimented and they like every month I’m gonna get my haircut next week so I’ll make an appointment now I wouldn’t do that but it doesn’t seem like this is what this is Elizabeth problem to tell Alex that she like if there’s tension between the like Alex’s friend he just went to a couple times yeah but then it’s like it’s weird you go to the same lady for like eight times and then you just arrived and you’re just like hello im actually here to see Elizabeth today but basically saying oh hi I think elizabeth is better than new yeah maybe so maybe idea of what’s going on days that Alex isn’t working I guess you have to ask elizabeth ray it’s kind of weird to know which day Alex doesn’t work but what a weird thing to like ask elizabeth is Alex working this day will you could call Alex one time you’re like hey I want you need a haircut soon what’s your schedule and then you get her schedule to avoid her own cool yeah I’m free everyday next week with Thursday really Thursday’s sort of the only one I could do is Elizabeth around I also think you could just go in for your appointment with Elizabeth if you see Alex you say I didn’t know you working haiti’s made up when we get it next time and then that’s probably the only time you ever had to address it now it’ll happen again but like once you do it and the like once he comes back and they’re they’re the same time they probably still just get the hits you get the idea i i dont think also doesn’t get used to this they get cut kinds and lose clients and especially like a barbershop right yeah but I think it still stings nonetheless and I feel like this guys had developed a relationship with Alex sometimes you can talk to Barbara’s about doing like private appointments like outside of the barber shop because of the barber shop they only keep they get a salary and they keep tips or something but you could say like a I’d rather just give you the 25 bucks or whatever cause so he just goes to Elizabeth and yes hey can you give me a source yeah and then you go to her place and she lives with Alex you ed yet she’s and she’s like that shaggy song caught me red-handed on the bathroom floor yeah should be more than enough evidence I would think Alex comes home later in like lives up hairs did you cut someones hair it was like maybe what are you talking about this belongs to James Hardie anywhere I can tell he’s been here many of the bathroom flushing the toilet Alex walks are sorry james walks out of the bathroom he had no idea what I would do the situation I guess if I I would ask when Alex works and go on days that he she does it I think I would just schedule with Elizabeth interface SCI Alex I would pray that she was someone else’s here really even notice yeah I think I did what I did that first example is correct I think that’s what you should do but I just don’t think I would do it would you pray to God though when you said you were a pretty god knows that you pray I wouldn’t pray to god mode you cheap rate like you don’t necessarily believe in God right yeah I would just sort of like state of myself as you like please don’t let her yeah you sort of like talking to you like I don’t know just like they either the universe universe the world do you believe in the same sort of universal energy that can guide ya believe that like if you put a hope in a dream and to the world that like sort of make it come to fruition it’s not necessarily a religious aspect is just spiritualism is the idea that something larger than necessary you don’t necessarily know what it is or isn’t you control your own destiny right so you buy power of positive thinking exactly so when you’re talking to yourself you’re not really talking to yourself you’re sort of putting words out into the universe and then you can realize them so they can become true to you but not necessarily a prayer as known in the classical sense of old dear god this thing I’m taking that word yet exactly which makes sort of you which turns you into that sort of God tape person so like I will begin now bring to you I don’t you would be my god I don’t want you knew it would be a mile or so down to me that feels right to me about me going to use a real nice fuck me do it again really good at taking advantage of it now oh god why are you so how do you show me little mercy God alright that’s all we would do if we were you let’s take a break and come back with another questioner to how does this sound for dinner BBQ roast pork with corn on the cob potato 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go back to the show by the way happy Rosh Hashanah to everybody out there listening should not do absolutely let’s get back so we’re worried alright you are my new Lord I do about to you I do pray to you and worship I worship you and I’m like gods of your I can actually see you and feel you see you are more humble servant i do please live to serve you I will do my bedding my bed has been soil God and I have no need for best I have kissed and shot in my bed god oh god his Lord you have indeed deprecated in your sheet as I move in you move your spirit have and will you move my she shoulda laundry or perhaps the garbage because I’m afraid that amount of damage that’s been done to your sheets my lord by your house and buyer excrement by your urine it I don’t know of any amount of bleach and detergent didn’t get clean these soiled sheets my god starting to get a little inside your God is actually scared and a little bit control shit right now which actually isn’t very god-like it all we mentioned before her on a show coming up October 1st we have another show October 2nd as part of the Just for Laughs comedy festival and live podcast in Irvine all tickets and information available on our website if I ryushare.com I don’t think so let me tell you shit gonna get wild scene needs and a high for Disneyland right Eagles games exactly right so take into the game whatever so take everything you knew about Anaheim and then say maybe let’s push it a little bit closer to Fullerton a little with a sprinkle Laguna Beach of that of that and the city of Tustin you put it all in a bowl lol phones this magical little town known as early as the beach it is an at lots of street and I assure you there is a town and a trap stop if you’re looking to get a salad pre-show really I actually don’t I am hoping there is sort of chopped salad re not necessarily a child stop yeah we’re gonna have fun it’s gonna get wet and wild and it’s gonna be Wednesday make sure you take that as they are going to play unless you want it you need to work on Thursday may be tough it through Thursday or Friday that way it’s a good long day weekend three-day weekend although you don’t take too much time off because summer has just cuz it’ll be October right to save your vacation days saved your personal days even if you knew Susie yeah you get it they could roll over and take a nice long vacation maybe to europe you can hang with us on Wednesday if you have liked it I don’t know Wednesday going out on a smart idea no I think staying on Wednesday stay in 30 ok I was thinking that too but then it’s like yeah actually I think it’s you go out Thursday you’re a little hungover at work so the day sort of like goes by Friday and Saturday you rage on Saturday is all about football and chillin recovery although I am a little bit worried if you get one of those hangers that lesson to Monday yeah we don’t go out Friday’s home day a home night if you want you could reverse the not go out on Thursday so you go strong on Friday then you’re hungover Saturday and Sunday the real fresh by Monday so one night at a two I like that or if you do if you wanted to have a meal weekend we like to add you just drink tea on Friday and friends don’t stay in ya watching movie rain and thunder you exercise maybe there’s some place you can get up early before like as people are still out from the night before that way the city belongs to you a little bit you come back home and you read a novel yeah that’s good exercise your body and your mind exactly right so what am i doing to recap and we’re going crazy on Thursday hand on Friday Friday silly Saturday’s church Sunday alright let’s get to one last call you know that we actually before we get to the last question we got an email about a guy that had a run-in with John wolf oh really is a really interesting it was something I i didnt know for sure if I had two suspected it i’ve seen people exit bathrooms in sort of a sour mood and I’m like they’re doing so I guess this is what he’s doing first-hand yes somebody who shared bathroom with John global all rights you know how you can see when people are using a public style based on their feet under the door I noticed I noticed local channel enter a bathroom but I could not see his feet after you went into the stall someone entered the bathroom and tried to open his locker stall at which point global yelled what the hell dude it turns out John wolf enters bathroom stalls and while sitting on the toilet ulysses legs high into the air and suspense them like a woman giving birth to confuse people entering the bathroom over whether the stall is occupied not why so get out of that he just likes people like you push on the door and then there’s a little bit of resistance and maybe this is one of those polled doors and then you pull on the door and then he yells he yells feel like passion he basically compounds with like the fact that you probably have to use the bathroom then you want to leave here too embarrassed bashful eyes turn people into a passion but that’s illegal it’s not illegal it’s not that’s what he does that’s not at all this is completely yet completely legal he can’t get quote unquote in legal trouble he wreaks havoc I wish you could put a stop to it lol of quiet terror have ever been in a quiet room in the new year like a really high pitched audio you like when I am i hearing this type it ring that’s global that is global thats he is that energy lives and yeah and he is he’s a sound wave to you and I just in your yeah he’s he’s an invisible little spider web that you feel when your brain freeze is a bead of sweat I hear back on a hot day let’s get to one last question yeah I know and I am too he he’s selling a something I said I get a press 0 glocal yeah yeah he put a quote if you’re not on CafePress aunty public with the public but you don’t buy it you take one of your inspirational quotes and designed into a poster you can you tweeted about it he hacked my account he did that yeah well you should totally legal globally we need a girls name class she loves it love the show and I have a problem my mom’s a lawyer but recently due to the economy she hasn’t been getting as many cases she applied for and was about to start a lecturing jobs she could have a steady income until today when she made the realization that she wants to be a spiritual healer after watching a YouTube tutorial on it now she wants to invest in some woman’s healing kit and start a practice in our house she said that she would start part time but was sure it would overtake the law overtake her law I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff but she claims that it really works though she has an impressionable mind and she did join a cult that had her praying in tongues and frequently creepy nighttime prayer sessions I know this is selfish but I don’t think we can go from living on lawyer money to whatever I healer makes my question is should I tell you that I think this is a bad idea and if so how am I allowed to tell my mom not to do things test is tough PSU’s no longer nikalte that’s good and I allowed to tell my mom to do things I think you’re allowed to tell your mom I don’t think she’ll listen to you you’re allowed to have an opinion you’re allowed to have an opinion but I can’t imagine raising a child into a teenager and then hearing what it has to say with any sense of validity they yeah I know you think that I breastfed you and raised you as it it’s a good idea for this lady to become a spiritual healer I guess I don’t necessarily think that it’s bad to change career paths because she’s not necessarily a successful we’re so it’s like whatever will make you happy if anything should be like on the fence about becoming a spiritual healer and her daughters like you got to do what makes you happy don’t worry I’ll make do with what kind of case do you have a mom I’m sorry but the lifestyle I lead I need that lawyer money so it’s the you’re just asking someone else to make more money for you is this really true so you can’t really tell someone that is is your dependent on to change their source of income for you yeah but it’s my feeling is that that’s true but part of me is like this this girl is looking out for a mom a little bit she’s like hey is this another thing we’re getting swept up in like the cult is a sure this isn’t a better hobby and there’s not a better career where you can do is be one opinion of hopefully many because I feel like once you have your heart set on something it takes like a few to counteract it right it won’t just come from one but I think there’s never any real benefit to like telling someone they shouldn’t do something I think what you can do is keep on this I give your mom more and more information so she can make a better informed decision you know like maybe share with her some research about spiritual healers salaries yea or like and be like do you think you can afford to do this if you’re only doing this XY and Z types of you dive into it with her then you can defeat it from the inside rather than start trying to chip away at it from the out yeah but I also think that it much like any like you said chipping away not gonna come from just one person I think a bunch of people are going to have to so seeds of doubt and then hopefully they blossom into beautiful trees of self-destruction and eventually terrier mother out of this the spiritual nonsense that she wants to get in there who knows there’s a lot of money in spiritual healing and it sounds like this law thing isn’t going to offer either so there is a chance would have both things were equal would you still be down to the spiritual cuz if you have to ask yourself that is this just a money thing for you true or is it yet or is it just like I don’t believe in spiritual healing so I don’t want to do it yeah and she was a cold one time of the crash I remember the cult mother don’t think I forgot about the cult and the tongues mother I do remember about the times I do remember about the cult funny stick to the law thing is I gotta I got a car that I wanna by mommy and also found that hold this lady is like bragging about the lawyer money but she also is not making enough to sustain yourself then what now I like that a lawyer to maintain my mom is meeting its job the lawyer money has dried up has dried so I do need more cash I’m afraid it won’t balance and how a baby but she gettin builds in GIMP $100,000 attack hours this week comes out to a grand have to just talking about so I suggest to sow a seed of doubt make your opinion known you can tell your mommy what you think but I don’t think he convince your mom you to change your mind and I suggest acquiring as much information as you can about becoming a spiritual healer that may make a truly informed decision that everyone can feel good about that’s your last free everything you always about becoming a spiritual healer often tell people to become spiritual yeah what does that mean to become a spiritual healer and a few other do that kind of stuff like that Eastern ship that Eastern medicine should I bet there’s varying degrees spiritual healers them to ya like some will actually give you stuff to do and then someone just like burn incense around you and say you’ll be fine that’s the kind I want to be I wanted to sort of make a a pleasant smoke around the human and say that they’ll be fine that’s nice and I’d like to get take cash i think thats wakey wakey wakey so my sisters to do it just like I yeah just like place your hands mere body at me like sending energy and stuff yeah sometimes it worked he had you arguing that sometimes it worked that’s what it says on the bridge sir I went to her sometimes it worked cool thank you for reading in a few of your own questions you’re on your own Facebook thumbnail submissions we highly recommend reaching out to us if I were you shell @ gmail.com the opening theme song was written by Jonathan Gould this closing one was written by Luke Smith will be back next week I promise it will be less hot in here we won’t sounded slutty we won’t sound as tired we want sounds miserable we want sounds hi I’m looking forward to it that way you know