Episode 175: Moon Facts

In this episode we discuss droughts, jupiter, and geography.

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I well trip we should buy a map and i’ll put a pin in Johannesburg yeah cuz that’s where we went yeah we went to Sydney and Johannes Berg it’s all just you know bizarro America speaking English and a funny accent yeah England Australia South Africa these are all normals and then there’s the secondary places which is like normal speaking a slightly different language that you have put ya daddy is weird as being in a different language all of a sudden that’s a fucking different planet we’re talking in Iceland we are talking Sweden were talking Nigeria over time China and then lastly we’re talking bottom of the barrel for doing it up top but I do not condone it the moon which is a different planet that hours thank you this is a different planet access no you’re right it’s not a planet moon do you know I actually learned some interesting facts this weekend by the way this right as I remember do you know how many moons of Jupiter s all saying 99 what would you do if I told you you were off by one of you try to guess how many numbers how much you’re off by now ok 90 you think Jupiter either a zero or a team that’s right ok well you are way off ok to you third previously thought to be outlandish guess a hundred and eleven you finally gone to this is 67 that’s a lot of moves a lot of moods also do you know how many astronauts have been on our moon is that this day was a lot of fun to play with a bunch of drunk people at a bar how many Astra were you just looking at moon facts dot com I don’t know how I started know it was like I think we started talking about it started off because Dave we were like talking to these people who are friend Nick told the story of how Dave didn’t think the moon was real right of course and then it was talking about the moon and then Jeff Dave’s brother said that only the Apollo 11 there was a power but only Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had been on the moon there is only one mission to the moon and nobody else God got it and I was like I found out how many people had 10 walked on the moon yeah isn’t it sad that there was a third person that didn’t walk on the moon yet noted you know now Buzz Aldrin and Roger Starr plumpers frank it’s like driving to New York and then everyone finally get out of here play gameboy tell me when we’re driving back la miel I have a good idea for a quote so how many people have been on the moon guess how everybody out there he gets along only Americans I don’t think anybody else from any country has been on the moon but I did I don’t know that interests you has there ever been a Russian Russia days but did they walk on the moon have this religious thing yeah that’s that’s why we put our flag in there take it the fuck out if you want we get the moon for the USA 2823 18 I think now I don’t ever listen to some vague moon facts on if I were you the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by US near jupiter’s got 11 moons I was way there’s another fact I sort of know two females on the moon seems about right I don’t know maybe there has been a dog may be there has it again I was in space these are all guesses these are all absolute guesses right how many people walked on the moon 12 and ladies twelve of these astronauts walked on the moon surface and six of those drove lunar roving vehicle that’s the best three astronauts flew to the moon twice none of them landed on the moon more than once the nine Apollo missions to the Moon occurred between December 1968 and December 1972 way everybody on the moon has been on the moon in those four years nobody’s been on the move since 1972 nobody’s walked on the moon since 1972 interesting what the hell is that all these fucking guys from the sixties and seventies get to chill on the moon and all these modern-day astronauts are just what floating around in space near the moon they don’t get to walk on the ship will be looking up now the last person to walk on the moon and Diddy moon will holla 17 when was that I can’t I can’t really find the right now but it looks like it was a December 1972 probably right that’s why does not look beyond dead so walking on the moon is more rare than being president yeah look what else has only twelve people down there is less unassisted triple others more unassisted triple plays WoW it’s more likely to do that than to walk on the moon its way as it’s pretty impressive that you and I are going to outer space that’s right now is the time to make the announcement we’re doing a live show on the North crag of them like the moon has like some sections that have names like that yeah like kind of Everest has like names like our landing on top sphere a bit there like definitely I magnin Craigo I wanted I mean yeah I think they’re they’re like craters on the moon for sure yeah but to other countries have to agree that those names or is it just like names from right unless I don’t have the names they can touch with the fucking moon themselves we get to name that because we went there for for us to have it to have to be there and if you don’t want us to be there then you get there before us and Daniel Armstrong as the king of the moon is he was the one that was there the first time Neil owns the moon and we’re just all citizens upon of the other 10 people that have been on the moon so it goes Neil Armstrong I’d actually like to join the moon’s army I mean every single country and continent has an army sure why did I don’t even sure I think I said sure prematurely because I don’t think every country and continent has an army you don’t think you should join an article sorry for the moon you first have to joy at the entire dick armey some kind of dystopian future movie I’m in the mood army I’m in the antarctic the antarctic army the end of the country that’s awesome dude that’s so cool dude that’s not to say that yes that you you think so big deal I think like you think globally and locally I do think locally also think interstellar least you’re not bound by atmospheric pressure grab so consumed with their apartment then people that I think big I am thinking about the whole block and then just what I think globally no I think I think tactically I think intergalactic I’m talking wormholes black holes sustainable like are you worried about like sustainable me know dude that’s early as shit like that what did you have for breakfast today I think hotdog slurry I furthers the ballpark but why is that why did you put in your mind living in Mars and that’s how people do shit up there so I fight for the motion and I only when Matt Damon movie come out where he stuck on the moon but you see I got a boy into a little bit of trouble he just talked about this he interrupted and he-man splaine’s man’s land anyway it’s plain yeah any hydros should we start reviewing a different hero because if it appears that Matt is actually fly more so than we thought we all make I think Matt Damon making this mistake proves that everybody nobody’s perfect Damon fucked up hit it would never do this job are you kidding me duties so he’s also cut the hot hair and eyes perfect David used to be a better actor David the better actor is he does damning have Rangers he always liked this cool white smart dude that’s kind of a brad Pitt is 20 Brad Pitt does cool white smart dude but he also does like rugged cool army dude yeah I guess he did snatches pretty unique character in that the school in the ass sometimes plays like sad guy what is it like in there is a movie where he’s like he’s able to use places sad guy ok so that David really destroyed by where everything is different let’s try to answer some questions regardless of the world as according to Matt Damon we get emails from people in sticky situations they’re seeking our advice because they can’t reach them and they can only reach us these are real emails from real people if you have your own send him over to if I were you show @ gmail.com again thank you to goo goo from Cape Town South Africa to use you to view from Google you and this question is actually written and recorded it wasn’t actually record it was written by a high schooler can I get a name for this high schooler high schooler let’s call them what about the name of your high school ok Hamden Hall I could be a cool name actually hi my name’s Hamdan Hamdan all that’s actually a really chill name really I really think the HHS kind of strong don’t worry about it I was I see where you’re going and I don’t want you to do anything like that you don’t change your name so I wasn’t going to I was so and then writes here’s the situation I’m a senior in high school for most of my time in high school I have struck out with the ladies the last time I hooked up with someone was more than two years ago however I finally decided to start taking things more seriously and I’ve got five or six irons in the fire right now things genuinely do seem to be going well I’m thinking that I’ll probably be successful one of these chicks in the next month or so however since I’m just coming off a long drought I am nervous about hooking up with some of these people and making a fool out of myself by being clumsy / out of practice how can I get warmed up enough not to be left out like a dumb clown I love the show you guys are cools of yourself peace and peace teachers love Hamden Hall RA AJ is looking for a fuck practice dummy dollars human because he doesn’t want to play pickup basketball without you know shooting some hoops before hand especially when he’s been on a two-year two-year-long draft and billiard a Miller Genuine Draft out that for real thats a two years is a long time at a drought that’s the muscles will atrophy I am surprised that he was able to hook like usually if if it’s a two year long drought high school I would imagine you just go it’s like an eighteen-year lunch around yeah and fresh I was when I was 14 I was the cool is the hottest most asked getting guy maybe was like cool in middle school not high school possible that didn’t happen to you I was cool in yet can you hook up as a fourteen year old and the night again for a little bit while yeah yeah freshman but that guy I was like a little way freshman and sophomore year we’re pretty hard didn’t hook up a little bit but not very much and then and it still kills you to this day it was the braces do you have braces he just don’t feel like I don’t think I just anybody the entire time I had braces probably but now braces are like I feel like they’re made to be a little bit more discreet a little cooler it’s not as big of a deal yeah you get Invisalign I had a fuckin expander I i chin I had braces I had a nose guard right as I would we get your teeth were growing through your cheeks right yes my teeth or muriatic admira well yeah and I had one horn penetrated from the roof of my mouth into my brain because two years and then you have I was a rhinoceros for ninth tenth and a half of a lemon and then I had this thick dicks a condo is almost like a trust small traffic on that started at the base of my brain and there was a bidding for a license to kill you it was a rare I was rare game and a dentist actually tried to murder me the lion beloved and cheered and when I thought I was dead but I was just playing positively reviewed that he was known as the dentist of the year in Minneapolis Minnesota so what is this Kate do how does one practice can one practice for sex without one practice runs like six hours in the fire that does sound like practice you have to dial back in liars in the fire just means text flirtations of that nature but I mean like I think that’s what it is you just getting back in the game you’re flirting with girls openly that converts to you seeing somebody that converts to you kissing scene but you know that’s the practice that is not what are you saying like this guy just go in use a flashlight and Siri practice was asking Siri to fucking there’s like Siri talk dirty to me that’s kinda funny Siri actually I’m getting pretty hard to get Siri are you attracted to me I’m sorry I can’t answer that because it because you’re afraid of how deep your feelings will go for not taking this is Lee is there practice only practice is doing it I genuinely want to try to flirt with a guy can get on my TV I think I could get her off there’s a reason people aren’t good at this kinda stuff until they do it is because at first like there is no there’s no substitution for the real thing rate you can masturbate yeah but even I masturbating just so different that I feel like even when I’ve jerked off before a date still you know someone touching you and talking to you and being a real person what would you say the metaphor is masturbation is to sex as what’s another parallel you can think for a little bit all all either staller cut-out time depending on how long it takes you ok well let’s pretend like you saw first but if I take a really long time masturbation is to sex as you’re already thinking about food right food with the ads act first sex is like a really nice steak dinner ok so masturbation is 260 like dinner is to dinner the masturbation okay so so what’s like if if the sex is a really nice the best million ever had 16 X is the Mules so say sex is dinner do you do you’re preparing for dinner yeah is it like snacking or is even less than that I don’t think it’s a cracker would be like hooking up it’s like no food clearly not even food masturbation is the sexes like video games is to a nice dinner or vomiting at the office could have dinner going out of you totally counterproductive to dinner and but like I said before dinner to make room for to prepare your esophagus aloft involvement before a dinner it’s called a reversible have a shitty is to dinner because sitting like masterbating feels really good clears the system that maybe the pastor basin is the sex as a as shifting is to eating dinner does that make sense as with a t-shirt will global will actually come up with various t-shirts that don’t necessarily come from something you said but still attributed to you but since he’s not technically selling it it’s not illegal so fucked like that metaphor I also one of the things that I like about this question is that it it vacillate between the most confident guy in the world in the least confident guy so he’s like I’m probably gonna hook up in a month that being said I haven’t hooked up with anyone and I’m afraid of being left out like a dumb class where does he get his car started to take things seriously in the fire like he’s also just saying the only reason I haven’t hooked up in two years is good I didn’t have my head in the game isn’t it weird to think that high schoolers might be on tender is that a thing yet between eighteen you like to be in a hurry we will you could also definitely just lie about it right it doesn’t take much to your Facebook but I don’t know if you can lie and that just reverse light that’s awesome dude imagine that cool I’d get hooked up with so much at my high school of a tender as an eighteen-year-old about jimmy is I guess most 18 year old boys on tender who would who would you find ya just don’t know lots and lots and lots of other 18 year old boys fishing each other how can I get warmed up enough not to be left at its it seems as though you can try yeah you just can’t I think you just have to be like of these six people that these tix irons that are in the fire just hang out with ya and then and hope it let her know that she is practice after you’re done said I wasn’t too bad piano practice makes perfect cracked that they practice is that what he’s saying other guys are all the other guys you been with their practice right I shouldn’t you be the best at sex at your current age as you had the most experienced now I think it’s great because I think I care about sex less now than when I was like 23 24 see your brain space is less occupied with sex look I don’t know I think I’m probably a better lover than I was then I think I could like I’m definitely more thoughtful know if that helps I care more about the other person enjoying it than I did when I was younger when you’re younger you just like oh maser and now I think it’s I view it as more of a dual person experience right where you want to be good maybe because it’s easier to tell people if you’re not out there like apps and stuff those like how good was he so you gotta focus on the other person which is it might be a bad way to get to it but it’s kind of a good way to think about it like if you only think about the other person because you want to make sure that they’re having the best time of their lives that might be the best way to go about it yeah you should always be the other person if you agree I guess if you get to that mentality because you’re worried about your loose quarter then you’re an asshole but also doing good things like the ends justify the means yeah what’s that metaphor so having sex with someone when you’re only thinking about them is eating healthy because you’re allergic to oil or eating healthy because you want to fuck more people yeah it’s a bad reasoning but it’s also a good idea net positive it’s also a good tip for guys because it’ll feel good for you regardless so you might as well not even think about it feeling good for you in fact try to do the opposite make it feel as bad for you as humanly possible that way you’re just focus on the other person you last as long as possible as long as your posse of doing it and then you’re all your focus and energy and attention on the other person through the roof you ever accidentally come when you’re thinking about your grandfather like I’m gonna think about something on sexy and yeah I mean not my not your grandfather but definitely not actually maybe yours yeah a couple times and I thought about yours but I was just masturbating wasn’t anybody else do you go about someone else while you masturbate with my grandfather god man driver with think about someone you’re masturbating and thinking sexy thoughts because I wanted to last longer for me or like lying to yourself retroactive you could just stop masturbating like a like move your hand yeah I ever do that like this is going too fast for me even have to like slow my own role yea feels good you want it to last long I’ll tease myself what do you have you ever heard it edging dog so what is the edging that’s like getting yourself to the precipice and then going down it sort of practice for this lasting longer prices it just feels good but isn’t that doesn’t the orgasm feel the past year but still i mean if you’re especially good if you educate you tease yourself all the way to get as close as possible like a teetering over the edge and then go down like squeezing a bottle of what a half-filled bottle of water alright legit dude are you just her she squirted a bit you know you like a Capri Sun in a single pump comes out like you should a little bad things get out of my body one 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that’s going to be doing more sketchy stand up stuff and seeing other hilariously talented stand-up acts were gonna be part of the Toronto Just for Laughs comedy festival so if you want to see is but you were too late and the podcast sold out you can still come see us on Friday night and we’ll get to hang out we’ll get to tell some jokes will get some do some shit and I’ll be blowing cocaine in the back now I will be cocaine is the PAA that’s helping us sell yes she and she is quite a lovely lady and she does have a piece I will be blowing her I think there are tickets either individual tickets or festival passes still available on the Toronto Just for Laughs comedy website it’ll be a fun festival I’ll funny people their homes will be there Teej Miller will be there other funny people they’re just like Montreal but I would say a little bit a little bit colder later on in the season and would you say toronto’s west or east of Montreal I would say I had to guess I think it’s easiest yeah I’ll say East I don’t even want to check because I’m not so sure we aren’t yeah come i mean if you live in Toronto URT you already know exactly where it is right we establish the air fine improv October 14th you know you guys probably already knew about that too what else do we have anything else to talk about before we fucking get into it too much did we have we talked about on this show how Michael he was about making a job I don’t think so that was a pretty exciting we haven’t actually talked to a head governor while let’s let’s just really quick mention cuz I listen to this episode Toronto is west of March and I lost all credibility as I nelson very far this is how I was just it seems so correct and it’s so this remember this moment next time you’re sure I was so sure that Toronto’s where Montreal is on this map and Montreal’s run like montreal’s above like vermont eastern New York and then Toronto’s basically west of New York the distance of New York is what separates the two cities Toronto being further west you don’t think of it like that you think of Toronto as the easternmost really do and when I say you i mean specifically you and I yes sorry Keegan Michael key and Peele was on black men can’t jump podcast on the head of network 3 funny dudes discussing the roles of african-american in cinema and that class was sort of like a fucking graduate school lecture was like funny it was it was it was touching and hilarious yeah and also like it kind of makes you a little angry sometimes do you know they’re like this this podcast is candy and if you’re looking for a real meal we highly suggest black men can’t jump in Hollywood right and then if you want even more dessert twin invasions also on Friday which is our boys just written about dumbass ideas those two are Friday shows could not be more different right one Keegan Michael key is talking about the role of the black man in hollywood Sidney Poitier first Oscar african-american daily with real racism all this shoot is happening right now you click over 220 evasion and I don’t know dave is talking about installing troughs out of bathrooms to go to the bathroom know that Friday what was known as the belly butt plug for your belly button so there is that it’s something for everybody and hopefully delays both of your senses because you do need to learn a little bit but you’ll also want to have a little bit of fun you know we’re up to 16 Podcast Network is really on-point latest one being the fantasy football one that I am currently in 10 not a huge deal I did have a pretty bad week luckily I was playing the worst player in the league so I want who’s the worst that’s the beauty of fantasy football as long as you get lucky can still win who would be a domestic Adams championship team but two of my players got injured in the middle of their games which wasn’t good all right let’s get back to answer some real question i mean otherwise how are we supposed to help people you know right this one is written by a lady maybe we should give her my high school’s name as I said milken Milken Community High School rights I have a friend whose company I enjoy very much about six months ago I met her boyfriend and realize not long after that I was starting to crush on him a little bit I feel horrible but I can’t help it I know the smart thing to do is just suppress those feelings but it’s difficult and I started to feel extremely guilty I really love my friend and I would never want to hurt her and the two of them make a really dope couple i mean they are really happy that I started thinking about them as a couple and well I’ll just cut to the chase here before I knew it I realized that I really like my friend too and I think I want to know them a little bit better biblically speaking that’s right fellas a menage a trois and I’m take and I am talking about P&G and adding a supplementary secondary veggie this that has consumed me and every time we are together I have the urge to act on it mostly because part of me genuinely thinks they might be into it anyway I know this is a crazy idea and I swear I’m not normally so boulder hedonistic the last thing I want to do is ruin their relationship or my friendship which with either of them I know these kinds of relationships don’t usually work without open consent and communication at the same time there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night am i right we all three have chemistry together and it could be fun they have joked around about polygamy before so I know so I don’t know maybe it’s not so crazy I don’t think I would be obsessing over it very much if I thought it was out of the realm of possibilities so guys how do I make this happen or should I just give up on my hopes and dreams and stick with normal boring sex thanks for the advice of milken it’s funny because if this was a guy rating it about a guy and a girl if he would be delusional crazy we will laugh at him that yeah you wanna fuck another guy and a girl your friend you wanna fuck this couple no they don’t want to have sex with you dude but it is a girl thinking it so you know what the very least the guy would be damn sure one of the people in their relationship would be pumped about it so interesting you hear about couples looking for a third be rarely hear about like one girl being like at down to fuck this couple how do I talk to them about it I wonder if there’s like some lovely world where this couple is talking about like how they wish they could talk to her like you kid how do you how can you i think well you gotta start with one of them and I don’t know if it’s better to talk to the guy and convince the girl over talk to the girl and the guy was either one it’s it’s it’s you gonna want to convince the girl I like that the hard one is it harder to do that if you’ve already talked to the guy or will she feel like she was stabbed in the back or would it be better to talk to the girl one-on-one convince her and then let’s convince this guy but the guy the girl you can to surprise the guy she convinces the guy they surprised the girl for your birthday this year it will be a tour will be on top of it will be peppercorns so insulting delicious your birthday you deserve a menage what is it that another Drake Kanye what do you think I think it seems like if they’ve the way to do it is always through like joking a little bit if they have been if you’re hanging out drinking a little bit yeah you let the joke and come back in and then you like and then just say you’re down or whatever you know right to use that they keep make that a joke you know you have when you joke you have to say it while you’re like standing up and walking away so like they’re all having dinner together at the table featuring line and then it’s like joke joke joke and then yes yes this girl will stand up and take a plate and walk away like all I know is that I’d be down you’re walking away their like what’s going on like she’s walking away with the place you need to walk away with a plate rack up otherwise it’s just too in your face so you take a play you take it up you start walking away you say how I B I’d fuck you when you have the the plate what is it yeah yeah played a cup and then you put it in the sink and then that diffuses the Opera sounds good she just texts and they can have this they’ll have a look share a moment whether its implicit or explicit whether it’s gonna be place it’s going to be a list and you better hope to god he’s not live it when he’s thinking about the vivid just with great details the idea of fucking his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s friend right which bike in the thinking about of course you are edging right now always edge I thought this question is gonna go a different way which is having a crushing your friends a significant other which its did sort of is it is sort of still an issue rate I always find it interesting what if you meet a friend significant other even if it’s someone you’d be interested in maybe this is just for me it just feels so off limits that I can never liked find myself to be romantically interested it’s almost like having a hot sibling I think my brain won’t allow myself to go there I think that I’ve been in both situations when you’re it’s easier when you’re younger and circles are smaller and you know less people so like when someone new comes around it’s like oh shit how to my friend meet a girl like I want a girlfriend this girl is perfect and now my friends girlfriends around him like I know how to me I don’t need them to introduce me to people even if it’s a specifically attractive person I’m never just like oh my god like as if she was somebody I met randomly yeah nobody has ever been this much you have been attracted to my friends girlfriends but never to a point where it was like you have a crush yeah it’s almost like your mind will allow yourself to go fully into it right but this girl it’s too late for her so how did she pull off this epic ordeal first of all I think she has an advantage because she is a lady rates by another guy and a girl you got to enter with the joke you can’t be serious and then I think once you’ve liked said the Joker embraced their version of the joke I think if they really wanted to keep harping on the joke and then you like you say something like wow you guys like you by joking about I think you really want to do it and then let them just feed them feed their families fire little spark at first just to get it going and then if you if it dies out instantly then so it goes in it might in front of you they may have a discussion later about it so don’t think that all happen at at that moment I do think you should it should be discussed a little tipsy it’s hard to get into that kinda shit in your bones so hopefully at 2 p.m. I’m imagining like a dinner at home home-cooked meal at the top and matching the very least rose yes I know I’d be down like that’s not hot in my brain it has to come after a meal during the dessert everyone everybody’s need your full of your full of pork fat I think you have a light dinner at home on your own and you come over for a game night you bring wine you get its just alcohol maybe at like nobody wants to be full and then have a threesome will target happened that night I was just this is when the inception what had ice and it shouldn’t happen because gay marriage is like more people I think it needs to be more of an intimate setting rates have just have you should get a date and the ovaries do a double date came over and I’m sorry let’s have thick mashed potatoes and I made gravy up i think im just dinner I think it needs to be like you said it’s still something in a grouchy everyone who wants some wet Beef Wellington and needs to be a wet me otherwise how can he start thinking about boating needs to be so dark borderline black and ale pie really think we’re both on the same page needs to be a little drunk he needs to be little tipsy need to start of joke about a real deal you joke about it unless you gon do it next day the news that you know that song about it it’s like when it’s really hot here goes so take off all your clothes and I think it’s actually working the temperatures hawkers the girl if you remember the refrain get close so that means she’s getting naked for him the whole song which I don’t even know what I thought it was about before they actually getting a girl to take her clothes for having sex slaves being war dude somebody at themselves to New them of their clothing and any nudity nuda I know it’s when it is it was amanda Bynes line you say all fares and shove in floor and you pushed and shoved me to the floor said you needed me and then you said I just got an email back Damon you have been seized with Matt Damon was the origin of the Matt Damon we were on top of the world we’re doing different shit now it’s busy in a different way I think it’s nice to all good things must come to an end after all committed I’m glad this podcast we hope we have a table I know and I think we we gave it all I think it’s alright that it ended after eight years of anything we lasted a little bit too long I’m back now I think that that’s cruel weak attempt to cross I ran out of ideas in 2011 shoving laura lion that was an inspired right there we go there we have it that’s our advice for time thank you for writing in if you have your own questions your own theme songs emissions everything Facebook thumbnails emissions every time we put our podcast to Facebook we use an original artwork made by our talented fans everything goes to FIU show @ gmail.com the opening theme song once again was from Google in south africa is closing line is by Lil dirty boy a young drew suffer so that’s that at the very least their creative sounding names I think thirty billion young truth thats joy that once again more podcast every day it had gum dot com including ours and all of our friends and family check those out if 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