Episode 18: Snapchat


In this episode we discuss STDs, drinking tolerance, and the infamous “friend-zone.”

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got hip 10x might as well

the village shall change now back on

%um yeah I were you pylori

doing this year

oh and awesome damn I was del

heey cut a call back to the first
terrible and that you did he mean

DNA did better well I mean I wrote the
original music yeah

if any the we elevated each other cuz I
i gave ’em

I gave him the the blueprint he brought
it to life a little bit but will build

the house

yeah but with the house exist without
the without the Oprah you said Bill the

house and he just made it from scratch

no i i did rule 50/50 thing I said make
a how it did you record the intro

did you ever recorded through season
users etc affects

yeah home I got a loud tell you what
meant using its alright now

Arun to you 3 go hey if I were you

i would tell you that I would do that

to food a

a and it’s alright I shit does actually
really I

do welcome to a fire you show are locked
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I have what would do if I really I the
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on a mere and I’m Jake and yeah thank

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cell thanks guys for submitting on how
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has this podcast work well it’s for
starters it works usually buy you

explain how it works

so i hope i putting me on the spot right
now I we find people

in sticky situations %ah in their own
could not drive

I it seems not so young I learnt I get I
care a piece on the you can introduce

the shows I think the partnership for us

its I are you today movie

II so the love this show is we help you

have your sticky situations you email us
in with your problems and we are going

to try to give you advice whether or not
it’s good

we’re not sure but we’re definitely try
to make it funny or the very least

insult uhhh I so how to people right
into the show

the email us ashes if I R you show

at gmail dot com and I resent request
that your

yeah I really don’t think it’s fair I
loved exit leading

I I but I’m leaving you towards a good
at saving the way it is

me does the fact that you my lawyer
wanted a few

leading me you’re leaving you did you
say objection as a witness

I look things they are can only lawyers
object only lawyers can object I think

I object to that I think anyone should
object yeah

in fact I object assure that means
nothing comes up for you

sitting in a towel covered in your part

eating a sandwich watching this trial
has really getting here sir

I is watching Judge Judy half

objecting from home so yeah

to me just to throw ourselves into this

yeah lets her all ourselves into it we
try to keep it a half an hour last

recently we’ve been going over hey no
one’s complainant except for I yeah we

got a lot like people who were I lose a
little too much we’re losing 20 to 30 at

this time I

yeah all right here we go question
number one I’ll

we are we give these emails a fake name
you know which I keep these people

anonymous as possible

so we give these really emails fictional

to preserve your anonymity I’ll nailed
it that’s

I what vacation we get this person

we don’t really discuss the theme for
today’s absurd and yaa and death

therefore hey I gotta go on and

Ned Flanders rates we’ve already done
since it but they’re with their so many

characters I might as well not burn it
after five really we’re gonna do we

gonna repeat a show in Philly

I you do you think another separate
absolutely tell you what yeah I I really


%uh Corey no we already did this to you

doo-doo body as well I

good question not affix did week I would
remember we did to Bangor

yeah ago iraq Corrie Cory Matthews

hey dudes so there’s this girl who I’m
really good friends with but I’ve also

gone through sometimes I want to take it
to the relationship level

this has happened twice before the first
time she said yes but then took a back

the second time does a straight up then
I’ll but now I think I want to ask her

out again

she’s changed a lot over the last six
months and seems even cooler

if I tell her how I feel she
reciprocates that’s great but if she

does in I’m just afraid we won’t talk

to make matters worse she is currently
in a stable relationship since

I had some dude and we’re gonna go on
holiday with them

with the girl her boyfriend and some old
friends from high school

should I tell ur way for her boyfriend
to leave are not teller at all thanks


what you talking about I

I like a thinks that it’s his still his
decision to make right I like I was like

she’s gotten even cool and yeah but like
it bad at all you know

have you got cooler says rejected you to
IVC sorry via

already at a yearly know if you can
imagine I actually like or even more now

cuz gone cool

also because he’s rejected me twice I’m
pretty into it I do doubt I’ve

definitely believe that she’s got cooler

I I definitely think that you are

I what the fuck you talking about yet if

if I tell her I feel she reciprocates
that’s great yeah I know we know that

it’s a great you faster at twice before
so yes it would have been great was a

guess if there’s time

I can’t believe how positive there’s
even a she rejected me twice

I’m gonna ask you out again she’s got a
boyfriend what’s up I

what a disaster ever to buy every lever
just sort of %uh never ask you again

I you already told her you actually we
applaud your courage because a lot of

people don’t even have the courage to
ask out their crushes

but like flies yeah let alone twice so
you you’ve already done so much

you were already very proud to view I
don’t know if you should quote unquote

fire that third bullet

but you know what i mean you might as
well just keep uncovered I

babies you will be able to resist this
on slot like in poker if you bluff

before the cards come out and then
you’re supposed to make a continuation

bet on the flop that okay that second

that it’s like that you get keep you
keep getting called you keep bluffing

and bluffing bluffing others like

all the cars are out the fire that last
bullet make that last bluffing try to

steal the pot

you want to look at you obviously don’t
care that much about your friendship


yeah I I mean yeah with the French would
like at this point I mean if you have


ahead unlike undying crush on your
friend you might as well just

always tell her that you like or you
wanna date or because otherwise like

you’re not getting anything out of the
friendship you had a

waiting for the boyfriend believe that
sort of a common question it’s like

I really had this crush on this girl
should I teller and risk the friendship

that we have

but how often is the friendship based on
the crash like you don’t have Yahoo

you don’t actually you shouldn’t be
friends with someone that you just have

a crush on right

that’s II they sell so it’s either like
relationship or nothing like yes it will

jeopardize the friendship

the Jap the friendship doesn’t really
exist anymore because all I want is you

actually want you either one a

or nothing you like the idea the
friendship because at least that means


you’ll keep in touch with this person
you’ll see this person did you have a

massive crush

right sometimes it’s fun have a crush
the wanna drive that out but I think

eventually always have to take the
plunge it like

I like you yeah and I think they’d the
people on the value this relationship

this friendship because they have a
crush on the person so it’s like

I don’t want to ruin the friendship
because the hopefully down the line

shellac wanna hook up with me too

right yeah it was like that there’s
something to display it slow to

writes like do you wanna like you wanna
like this be the moment that you

jeopardize that all or do you wanna do
that too nice guys that might as well

just like

yeah jeopardized it twice so just keep
on going Ricky by jeopardizing you heard


so should chichi at the I she also has a
longer term boyfriend stable


I like a didn’t a larger he said stable

it’s like a very solid relates alright
so I don’t wanna head over heels in love

with this other guy should I say
something should I recite destabilize

this relationship

yeah I think I’d at least wait until the
like the boyfriends out of the picture

or maybe it’s like for the relationship
is less stable

let the states like it’s like to rock
the boat you said metal

exact this building is is over god damn
for truth should I try to hit it with my

little hammer wait till there’s a few
kisses it there’s the castle wall and I

have its lease at what do i do here

do %uh so if your gonna go 4 for the
third time if I were you I would wait

till the boyfriend is at least at the
picture that always gives you some


yeah and I’m here as the lake huge
asshole when you like say something to

her she probably doesn’t

have a lot a large interest in to be
that comes and tries to break up a


right she might think you’re a jerk for
doing that at this point I’d say you

have like a .1 percent chance

to put it in a sports metaphors like a
full-court shot

and when the play for is out the picture
at least it’s like a half-court shot

there is a possibility dev NBA 3

I maybe like a 35-footer

shot clock is running out for you got a
lot of 21 if

pray for the best a cool thanks so much
for a

your bedding is the inquiry can we are
sorry to

to I crumble your world around you now
even meaner to People vs got really

suspect this guy for trying

yeah what’s got you got a good attitude
he’s got a good head on his shoulders is

doing him

unfortunately I it’s not gonna work out
with this girl

unfortunately the good have you have on
your shoulders is a

dumb I up you have a good dumb head on
your shoulders

that’s not sure you’re not dumb are
fewer sex I

you won’t let me make this guy bill yet
at the active users like

I several I did you ever get to get a
good head on your shoulders but it done

Arab movies than Taliban s

to be if you have a damn mad the davno
headed out yet I guess butter

alright I its second question

this one comes from Shawn hunter

1 mister hunter I

as that oppression turned out pretty

hey all so I started using snapchat
because my friend suggested it to me and

before I knew it my week 9 got addicted

I started snap chatting with this cute
girl I know and I’ve started noticing

her pics have been getting increasingly
more revealing

I usually get some cleavage shots in the
last on with her in a bikini

does this mean anything should I sees
that she’s or is she just play’n

what would you recommend i doing this
sticky situation

by the way she just recently broke up
with her boyfriend big fan Sean hunter

cell so is he may be a good move wait
until the

wiper broke out yeah I give up you we’ve
done tender give your you sharper did

tendered all over our listeners

can you explain what snapchat is I can
explain why he thinks that this girls

flirting with him

okay and I’ve done it I’m with the
picture myself right now

I while you’re talking a took a snapchat
so what looked at least start with what

is not right for everybody was old over

Jesus Christ you do people art self
because I would notice that it is a form

for you

a snapchat is a it’s like a picture
message that vanishes after

a up to 10 seconds so it’s an app that
allows you to send pictures that

vanishes and video

that erases there’s no traces so it’s

its inherently flirtatious guess I’d say

but here’s the thing: its um like
texting doesn’t allow you to send

group messages and let someone think
that it’s just to them %ah

snapchat does I could snapped at like

eight different people on my list with a
flirty message

and every single person will be like oh
that was just for me so I get pictures

up somebody’s kleevage

it’s like that’s hot but I wonder who
else East like sedative

so I would not definitely not ask a girl
out based on

asap chat I think what you could do is
escalated a little bit

like asking her questions via the app or
something I i’m twenty-eight so I don’t

even know

I’m using this app I literally just
maybe like dick pics for everybody

typically I

like typically reverent I I always like
to know that

%uh something silly only to be still
like I’ll ask a question and that

there’s a answer something

like some kind of unique thing that
makes me know that it’s for me

that’s ongoing after snapchat is one of
the few laps that makes me feel

like I am tool to use that right it’s so

it’s so young like everything is so
silly and flirtatious and I just I feel


night at my ship has sailed like in
every snap chat

a really I mean at my school and college
that’s the ultimate snapped at age

you know at I thought the same thing i
download it after I was like so upset by

it was like I don’t understand what this
is like pictures the people’s faces in

the route late morning commute bidder at

make no I don’t want no I and I deleted
it and then I like was watching other

people look at their snaps and I was
like oh this does look kinda funny place

goofy writes i redownload it which is
also happened with me and tender

and I fell in love with it the second
time oh you deleted to near the first

time I used it

yeah to listen to the for Sammy’s why
cuz I was swiping there wasn’t like

I was like and really

impressed by the quality of people on it

do you think swiping the leftmost at the
time and I was like you know this is


but then i watch like people play it
together which is like

oh I want to be part of this set fires I
saw a room with a a five guys to drink

holding up matches

I and I’m that you’re struggling dates

you cave men raking your girls in
lifting up the ones that like you back

girls play the same exact way I do they

yes they do I really get a group in a
flight guys hung up in right yes

yes and they love the raise up the ones
that the electrolytic

that exactly extreme but I know that
I’ve hung out with girls who are like

yes we sweet like heater in cruise the
people and I

scene girls like slow %uh setting
screenshot of their matches

I know that happens so it’s it’s an
equal opportunity shallow

game yes I’m sure guys taking a little
further but

but it’s for both people said this guy
who’s been snapped chatted

flirty why snapchat so inherently flirty
like why do you send

wire they like whenever you get a
snapshot there’s like a little party

like to maybe this is like a booby pic

right which is also was that has like
ninety percent of the time disappointed

get like I think these other I

oh my god it’s gonna be boobs and I open
its like if somebody’s face in baby like

I don’t want to get up today

II I tell you guys wanna get up today

yeah I little general I

the second time you called I peter is a
little general ap

iraq cool I guess that’s a no yeah

let’s not get it to three related very a
and it’s not

its it’s not little it’s a gigantic
swaying generating got em admiral

appease the is the naval and I’d
appreciate it if you’d Saluda right now


I really would like you do was stand up
and salute my PNF

I a good

cellco is with our advice I wouldn’t ask
her out based on the snap chat but I

would try to escalate its flirtatious
this by sending back some flirtatious

with yourself and see if you’re getting
like responses

and then if you guys have a reporter
where you are snapping each other

%uh then you might be time below so
there’s that thing that you can

do its natural if you go into your
contact list you can click on a name and

see who their

top three snaps are like the people that
they snapped at with

%uh and if you’re in that top three then
that’s good that’s a good thing to a lot

so who’s your top three um if you don’t
mind saying on this

very public forum mommy’s I’ll let me

and if I could look at myself oh yeah I

I 3 three friends at my

I pray for you third sets up I

3 Preds so if you’re listening friends
it’s probably you

I was I

here’s a question what is there a when
girl send you

revealing photos have you what’s the
response there you can’t send one back

can you

I’ve never said picture of my penis
raven like what this the equally you


I have done that like once but it was
like a response was like your boobs

here’s my peers me like it was like

I would send a sexy pic some point so
girl send

booby girls have a great thing with the
boobs cuz it’s like

it’s not so graphic but it’s like super
says we’ll have anything like

you don’t have boobs I really I mean I
showed my boobs famously like

you like around topless if you’re going
to get like vagina shots

in lab you get to that point I snapped
at you is open and see a vagina

but I don’t I kid just said some I she’s
cry subpoenas picture myself out I

you have nothing easy to send her a
picture somebody else’s boobs

now than I is a good idea is that here I
respect you I’m gonna send you

also a picture the boots cuz I’m said
fortunately I do not have boobs

I was said is that I thats or the lot
got dealt me

but a here’s a picture I love boobs all
I’ve got is this massive admiral that’s


I it saluted alright

a let’s move on to the third question

we’re hittin the five-minute mark very
evenly this time I like that

alright third question this one comes
from mister fini

george meany George Feeny hey dudes so
there’s this girl I’ve recently started

saying she’s really great

we get along wonderfully and she’s very
attractive as well as intelligent

however I hear rumors that she has been
around and is easy

and I’m somewhat scared getting an STD
from her I’d only ask her she’s clean

without making it seem like I’m calling
her a slut

much appreciated George Feeny funny to
think mister fearing that

it’s funny to you imagine how different
our answers are about to be

farewell the the premises like

this guy heard that this girl that he

at that he likes has been around and is

and he’s not turned off by that he just
wants to know if she’s clean before

boating here

but I feel like in my brain when I hear
a girl has been around in his

easy I A and less interested in her

but for you that doesn’t affect how
interested you aren’t a girl

it if she’s attractive smart did he say
funny to you

he yes say yet what he did doesn’t
matter if she’s easy

its I don’t know for some reason it just
feels like when the challenge is gone if

it’s like

00 she will hook up with but maybe
there’s some other challenge maybe it’s

not like challenging to a hook up with
their but maybe challenge here D

together like just like you or something
maybe it’s challenging to get her to

open up maybe she’s just use hooking up

as like a as I you know keeping people

the for some for whatever reason when I
hear someone is hooked up with a lot of

people are less interested

the Navy is that me being shallow hours
at you being shallow for not caring

I think it’s definitely a more negative
I’d you I

that’s what I’ve acetate I have not
played sir how yet I don’t know if it’s

shallow it’s like

up close minded the dates overgrowth you
heard that a girl’s hooked up with a lot

of your friends

in addition to a lot of people in your
class if you hit it with a lot of my

friends and I’m like

EE interested EE interested yeah lives
owned by the same level as my boys

with I if a year ago that I hooked up
with is hooking up with my friends that

like up

gross but if I haven’t looked up with
the girl and I hear that she’s looking

up with my friends my outlook over the

really I don’t know why that’s so
interesting is if a girl hooked up with

one of my friends out consider her off

oh you had no the opposite for me is
what I look up with one of my friends

I’m like that’s really attractive

I want that too so there’s no matter
friends at this girl can hook up with

for you to be like

turned off by it now I mean really they
would turn me off is if like she liked

when my friends my friend liked her

read that it’s likely I’ll oh say
they’re out of canada okay now

but you’re here if you’re able to
separate that I mean I i’m sweet

probably still be

mildly attracted to her but know that I
wouldn’t pursue it what if you’re at a

party you have a crush on a girl you
look up and she’s making out with

Jeff Rosenberg right and then you like a
how that’s cool I wanna hook up with her


I don’t they would be like that baby is
I don’t they are just getting I want you

that they would be like Jeff cases there
a couple weeks go by jeff hasn’t kissed

her sense there’s nothing happening
between like now with the with that girl

I was just there

for an interest and yet okay so this
guys like you he just wants to know that

she’s clean or not

how does he ask a tuna I

seizes Christ you don’t care if she is
clear not

first of all what do you like what
diseases are you worried about

as good as he thinks he has aids now but
maybe like a

clomidia gonorrhea okay roadies yep are

herpes is rough but those you can see
the side that herpes if she doesn’t have

open calls or that’s fine

but is that true do you want to give
that advice right now is there a way I

that’s when I was there a possible for
you all to look clean and still have

herpes I feel like an ass yes though
they have herpes is like it

if you have herpes it on you to say
something before

you hook up with someone or at least
like be cautious and I

the and you herpes are not contagious if
you don’t have open source okay said

the other ones committee 8 gonorrhea
shirt with penicillin

said if it’s curable you might as well
not even ask yeah I think

I’ve never got committee or gonorrhea
but I would if I did I’d be fine with

that I got an adventure that the funds

I’ve got crowded I at gonna take i buy
rx for a week if I got clomidia that

would be an adventure

yeah says that they’re obviously I would
be the best that they serve all

I move over Burning Man there’s a new
adventure in my life

gonorrhea its golden at yeah

and I am DTF a at I’ve been asked before
hooking up if I have an STD

sure that’s the thing that happens
writes like what but it’s a acquired

looking up

you don’t do it like before you look
around I would not like if I were to

bars and was like do you have like are
you clean it be like

what are you talking about credit like
you’re in the moment the %uh the other

dangerous things like in the moment

she much shipped you like does that you
want to hook up with you anyway she may

just get no

cool I am fide the liquidity eyes that
she gets it test done every single time

she’s had sex especially if she’s

quote easy and been around but also I

quote rumor okay that’s like that’s not
even necessarily true

right who does with the river if the
rumors are true so maybe she’s

very maybe she’s a virgin I also like
std’s on women I believe you’re like

very easy to spot like

there’s rashes and dished discharge I
could be having sex with her while she’s

like well is why I wanted to do my
scarlet letter theory which is lyle

forcing girls to brand themselves and
ever they have an STD

yeah I’d guys can still you know keep it
play it cool play close to the vest or

whatever but if this girl had to sell a
giant feeder

say with absolute big what your butt
face I know your clothing your side is

nothing that you ever met his or her
clothing as as TV I sold it to a guy

gives skin I just don’t want I just
don’t like to have a put on a cardigan

that she can take I love you know that’s
a little it’s a little small her

to hide that from the microscopically
small love you I deserve to know and see

that you deserve to be dead I

its most specifically from some sort of
sexually transmitted disease

I see you not scared of STD’s and your
advice to disguise

he should NASCAR he said just yet you
love you like where if you if you are

you’re hooking up with their maybe like
give her a quick little pap

I a little %uh i’m siobhan the Vijay put
it up yet to tell you how to do a very

discreet perhaps you’re right now

I I wonder there’s a love said that’s
like slava girl in her sleep

put it on a peachy this in email it to
us and then what

go lay it yeah that sounds I guess now
that I said it sounds the legal but

right at the very least that they just
think what are you say let’s not tell

you that it is a good time you thou the

if federal legal as soon as you say I
was sleeping pad its rear

administered without a girl’s consent or

excuse you at I

girl the other third story here but
please job out the window it but

I hope you die exist as I believe that
your head and face

I my neck your clothes if you let his
lead out that I couldn’t do it just


fall backwards like you’re going scuba
diving or something

I think that would do the trick and
please don’t flip all the way that you

lead on your feet yet again

you really should land concrete against
the back to the SEO

things so large that one’s faith to %uh
sleeping pap smear

I think I that you deserve to die I’m

for and yeah this isn’t like the cat
thing that you can apologize for playoff

is a joke

this is just that it’s the debt if that
is a better idea is

I have the executioner year I’m the
judge jury and executioner and I

yeah I don’t know guilty I guess please
leave died

I R got an ready ready

what I’ll to be finished we as in this
case question

why do I get my base which is to not
worry about it bright I guess my advice

is to ask her about it in the heat of
the moment

which’ll that we lie to you and remember
the you ask her about it maybe they are

you and other

Gulf I guess is that when you get an STD
your friends like to you at least ask if

you like no other NASCAR I just figured
she was being really you here which is

better at no I have heard that use
better energy is easy

or would you like to say all I got an
STD but I asked her she said she was


because as TV don’t tell anybody we’ve
got a good on intercollegiate get it

straightened out and now you can go

the conscience who cares about a clean
bill help police do not blaming yourself

has that for fair as after feeling good
being able to sleep at night even though

your penis is on fire

I that’s unrelated to the St Ann’s
talking about letting your dick on fire

for you which is a that’s what you like
to do every as a veteran as tds

is like the letter O team is on fire I
like to have

you know the letter that issue is but
every once in awhile i buy pubes on fire

just to see what it feels like it’s a
it’s hot oddly enough it’s very warm

I alright halfway point not really

for 25 minutes the but we can to week in
a take that break they like to think I

love this little break I live for this
is like a mental

vacation yeah how you been man a good

we are in in we recorded a podcast
yesterday for

a last week and they were recording one
for this episode

yeah because we’re trying to get to out
before you go to Burning Man that’s true

I still excited about Burning Man I at
this point I’m still very very excited

about 30 min just

download Liberty man ap it’s so funny
because by the time

this is released you’ll have survived or
died at Burning Man but I’ll be back

from Burning Man listen to the talk
about future Jake

I just wanna I just wanted to tell you
that I know you’re about to have a great


I hope everything goes very smoothly
under this is this is future JQ just

returned from burning man

coach did you check at welcome back I

I can’t wait to hear how call about the
the crazy experiences here at out they

were all as positive as

I currently think they will be I

I have they surpass even my wildest
expectations you said you sort of knew

what you’d feel like at the end up
burning at are you had a

good estimate of what it was be never
tell me who had Howard

what it was exactly he said I feel like
I’m know what I feel about Burning Man

when it’s over

you remember that I never really you
like I i think I know how I’ll feel

about Burning Man

0 I said I think look at the end a
burning Man

I’m gonna be like I can’t wait to go
next year I’m gonna go next year as the


and they like as next year comes around
I’ll be like that was a lot of like

planning effort last year

maybe it’s not had that experience I
think that’ll only go once

but I mean who knows it is consuming
your week like yes thinking about it

knowing that you have to go

and it’s expensive and I like it it took
a lot of effort I mean I started

planning this in February

you start you what you but a hundred
dollars with the costumes yesterday

yes so what they wear costumes for
Burning Man really

was only cost as much as I just Mike
Yahoo up to be

apply which is Jacob I up but I got
everybody is a character

I was on a character everybody is the
truest self there’s a difference

I so I but a fur vest a fur coat

a cowboy tassel jacket and a

are the Pats it so that’s you you’re
going to be living some sort of

post-apocalyptic YMCA dancer lifestyles
about welding goggles to %uh shield

the duster my eyes god I can’t imagine
something I’d like less than burning Man

I mean it seems amazing I downloaded the
app today I was like its tell me all

about the intense that I get to hang out
in and they all sound incredible

but I don’t want to be hot and
uncomfortable for sale a bunch these the

kids have like shading couches and music
and drinks

offer free so you’re saying I would like

I’m so you can go there and I think you
could probably be relatively comfortable

has more control than you madly I think
that you think it’s like going to Iraq

like City 110 degree heat like

it a little like eight by ten square up
say that you can’t move real bird today

yeah it’s not that there’s sushi there
is there’s a there’s a sushi tent

where you can go get fish I am at this
issue recently it’ll save that for

another break

please don’t I both it’s actually never
talked about how

I fish a we’re almost at a time but
let’s try to get one more question is do


on ed this one comes from another dude

was afforded today yeah I gotta find
some more ladies for next one is fucked

i’ma what score his brother named Eric

Eric nappies rights I’ll be honest I
don’t have the greatest alcohol


the problem is I want people to think
I’m a light weight plus

I mean I bench 175 at the moment that
might sound like a stupid problem but

I’m gonna be a freshman in college in a
week and I’ve heard how big drinking is


any advice on how to build a better
tolerance or how to seem like more of a


love the show Eric Matthews

it’s good that we have fans that are so
unlike us

right I if our fans new S if this guy
was a freshman when I was a freshman

he would ridicule me right you would
make fun of me he could bench

you are now you can bench more than me I
wait twenty pounds less than what this

guy can bank how much can you bench

I maybe like a 110 we’re talking about
like a one rep max

one rep want ed ways that a lot or a
little i think is a little

I i guess i D like want okay also 125

I I don’t have you at 110 sega’s

one rep is like just the maximum you can
put up one eighth

maybe like 250 I that as long as I lied
about shit

if I could do 10 at 110 I feel like I
could you wanted a thousand already

about yes I could you see here this
Jared tell you how much I could better

we don’t have to go to a gym

good followed by getting benched 275
does that never got if I give

50 to 100 I Q a $500 once out the cable
leave this guy’s asking me and you have

to see what were the take

I only like spirits are being take like

I be a good alcohol tolerance that’s
true you can bench with shipping hey you

can travel a lot

here %uh I while so feel little silly

her I silly is not the word I feel %uh

illegal I feel criminal thing as

I advice on how to drink as much as

I got a good like how to score I’ll call
for like a little bit of our but how to


basically bij Drake here’s a question is
is this a good problem to have

is a big like I hate the way alcohol
taste I wish I was drunk after one drink

liza considered lame to be drunk after
one or two chances like hell you’re

saving money

and in school everybody drinks
excessively so you need to like while

they drink until they get plastered

very few get plastered in one or two
drinks I prefer that

everybody you know it’s its crazy cuz
it’s like it’s cheaper it’s easier it’s

probably healthier too because you that
you have anything less will ease in a


but no I think I get school you kinda
people like you do those things where


they liked duct tape all the cans appear
they drank together to yeah huge spike

staffer tried it you can fake that

so this is what you do I wish there was
a pill they got me as drunk as five

drinks that I would take that pill drink
cranberry juice for the rest of the


this actually I it’s not drunk in this
is it

it’s a happiness drug with its

probably similar if scientists wanted to
stop worrying about diseases and

start worrying about getting drunk you
think there’s a pill that can make you

as reference 5 drinks

I they’re like EE bill pills that make
you feel drunk that only people abuse um

I pink your description they feel is the

so what we’re saying is getting yeah of
the congress saying is that

don’t worry about drinking try
prescription painkillers and actually if

you watch down anoxic on with life

love your job do I feel like that’s it
will swim the fast %uh

no I think you said if if drinking comes
up in college don’t try to like

overdo it just your tellers bill that
national you’re very young

and above all don’t drink you’re not a

I you more importantly please never have
a SIP about all that being said if you

do your alcohol tolerance will rise very

and then you work at you know how things
work at first your little weekly like me

you can only bench went when

125 and then as you do things more and
more your body get stronger and stronger

the body has a great ability to heal
grow and become better over time

I me think about getting cut and then
your skin is heels

that sort of magic think about how you
can bench 175 now

you can do that before yeah your got you
already are a god damn tank

your god damn take it seriously having a
low tolerance

I feel like I’m onto something here is
not as bad as it seems

like you know they say you’re a two beer
queer yeah I would love to be a two beer


in fact I probably have a two beer queer
rising I’ve never had to hear so I would


year even finished one beer II maybe
have had one beer

I think beer so disgusting and itself I
think it

I said this before but when I’m when I
drink a beer and I look around and see

how many oven

people are enjoying it I think all of
society is playing a Truman Show as

prank on me and I’m not falling for it I
was like sorta with you i think there

but like craft beers are

can be very delicious I wouldn’t want
more than like to

I feel like 40 people are like to recall
that’s like there’s usually a theory in

the body lies to a mere

so he’ll be like oh this is so good with
gadget this is a castle the pray that we

reveal your fortieth birthday

when I said I like beer the Lakeview 88
is a 20-year con

we got you to say you like this asshole
taste companies were rich I love this

year the

break saying the emperor’s new clothes
exist no I’m stay and stay firm

beer tastes like what it feels like what
I puke a little bit my mouth

it is better which is a bad thing for
things that taste like you know and milk

goes bad it goes better sour

that’s what beers default setting is is
also very

carbonated which as a personal
preference kinda burns my time don’t

appreciate the carbonation

and three you have to drink so much a
bit to get drunk now worth it

can i suck your dick I was the hottest
red I’ve ever see

is me talking to a girl the fire I I
fell ya

heavyweight barkeep another water I
watch me guzzle this

you have really live did you wanna hear
something you can’t just sit here it’s

all the beer

that so I only ordered the girly is
cocktails you do

my goal is to get drunk without tasting
alcohol and usually that’s the pink is

to read a store bluest a drink

yeah I always like you would love
attacker it yeah like it

even like a virgin de que I feel like
that would be ideal a strawberry


yeah if I can get a razzle-dazzle John
bridges that gets me high drug faded


for rolling on anything I would do that
a few

appeared a better mood for this very
prude dude

has and cool that was a

those good advice for this guy I say
don’t worry about it get drunk

of one or two drinks tell people you
drink a lot

but you know they’re they won’t remember
how many children lasted anyway exactly

you know they’re the ones based in late

I promise you in college nobody is like
discussing the next day like

albeit did you see that everything
nothing like

you’ll be greatly three beers he was
looking at you

to use he self-centered prick I that the
world doesn’t revolve around you even

though you’re built like a god damn shit

is it up if you only put pledge a frat
are so they were like they’d been

straight to

initiate you the right which is already
the most dangerous stupid thing ever I

try not to do that

I guess trying to join a frat will turn
out to be a string and why should talk


you sure you want it should talk frets I
mean you think they’re stupid

I don’t think they’re cool I what about
a bottle in our listeners that are in

frats I mean their core cool obvious

obviously I really don’t know alienate
those people who all your friends are

the assholes

other people that you considered
brothers are the losers

an ideal unless they start with all my
brothers I

whom I just as I would say it’s cool
versus not go I would say it’s not for


I would say yet yeah for totally

because we’re cuz we’re cool oh yeah
because we could join a frat we wanted

just like it’s not for us and a also

we walked into a frat provided when I
was a freshman I would get laughed the

fuck at their

unless it was quote unquote the Jewish
frat the weird for a brat would become

the Jewish frat if you join I

like a little dropper red food coloring
in a drive container with you makes it

out becomes dark dark blood red

yeah every frat would become the Jew
frat if I join date:

that’s a shirt that the shack I

we are more than a tie we keep going on
but I guess that’s good its gets free

content you know

all we are going to start charging for
this podcast cody lane good idea about

the public side

1999 perhaps that is a just finish this
episode which means you will be billed

by the iTunes Store your first episode
is going to be 299

as that’s pretty good everyones got
charge though I then from here on out

it’s a

$21.99 perhaps episode so listen to the
breaker they listen to the second half

moon we lose

loosen up a little bit and no just
joking it’s always gonna be free

thanks to our awesome sponsors they give
us the money so that you don’t have to

perfect and then you can check them out
and you know everybody’s happy

everyone with i’ma that’s it that is
more than our time

but thanks so much for reading EVERYONE
that email once again for those you

don’t know it’s if I were you shell

at gmail dot com the submissions are
getting better and better

the emails are so fun and funny and we
love songs are awesome too

yeah so keep those coming as much as
possible we really appreciate any and

all feedback and

even the tweets and Facebook messages
that we have a new episode comes out is


the viewership goes up and up and up a
as with every episode so we appreciate L

are you guys stranger den and spreading
the word

except for that guy who we probably lost
a couple episodes

fandom every frat a brighter I be ready
to kick my ass case of industry

I think our goal is to just keep going
and going until we alienate every single

person that thinks you’re funny video
are the only fair that the podcast a

we want to end the show with another
theme song which is you know how we do

things around here another user
submitted theme song which is comes from

Dr this girls name

Claude no I lotta Audra

bosra address water if they say lotta I

Minnesota real name is not a name that
you just made up at the natural way that

she had the pair Claudio was closer to

I then nothing at all I guess how’s this
one comes from

Audra evince thanks so much for
listening everyone we appreciate and

love you all

I’m film word me


yeah this

yeah you


me know


yeah I’m


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