Episode 182: Halloween

In this episode we discuss strippers, costumes, and hangovers.

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on a Web site yeah they’re so that’s me on these dot com one of our longest one of our best one of our favs me undies dot com this episode was recorded into chunks one before one after Halloween things did get real let’s get straight into it though maybe a man weight down girls do it yeah if they’re taking it from us bats R word for that noise about them and they stole it from me I still at first that was from Nicky Richards Jason Mraz cover ya Jason Mraz on the podcast I was actually thinking we should get more as on the show so it’s funny that you say that just because it’s so funny that you mention that goes like earlier today I was talking to Douglas my my artistic nephew and he was like yeah he was like what are you up to I think we should try to get more as I told that to Douglas ya at the Douglas and what do I don’t know why wasn’t I was he was he was on mute ok so I was just like I was ranting and raving I was like I know I’ll call ya I called him and he put the button on mute now as I will show you that I couldn’t hear anything else on the podcast and then I guess what their interaction with me you more as and then will you have a mutual friend I mean I just imagined you know and you when we actually had we took an art who is like what we call activities and i got a guy who gained like it was me as my buddy Romney Jesse over and then got yay he would think that what he was doing he was doing was always so we were like elbow macaroni on construction paper and I was like God ta why we don’t even call got his real name is shlomo McCauley and then I got here now and he does know Mraz and we should have and then mean you would be the two wouldn’t even care if it was humorous and got ta and even if meraz wasn’t here it was just meaning I don’t got a car show ya like a spinoff episode that because I guess not even this podcast we retire got here is the new host we do one episode me you got there we drop off one by one second episode as me you got da now humor as God why do you think you are around I didn’t see the second quarter the second option I gave you was you mad God I didn’t want to be there and then and then and then it’s Brad guide the transition is complete the podcast hosted by got here that was written by Nicky Richards I really liked it yeah I like the parody what was that even a parody it wasn’ta Jason Mraz song on the show I was saying that earlier yeah it doesn’t matter what started the show ok this is a recording this on Halloween Eve Hallows Eve Hallows Eve 31st you had the bright idea first time in awhile to record happy episode before halloween is right now the palpable excitement and energy you’re hearing is because we’re ready we’re almost ready to go out for Halloween you’re gonna party we’re gonna rage you love Halloween I do I never ever in I think ten years had a Halloween raided and have sex wow yeah I love that it’s a good streak record how many of them as just you masturbating in a phone booth all of them ok so not right on Halloween night and then just finish your idea do the first half of the epithet may go to break when we come back it’ll be after Halloween so our break will be like nine hours of getting shit yeah dancing and then we’ll do the second half Sunday November 1st and who knows what what’s going to happen on part two of this podcast we are going definitely gonna be hungover gonna sound different yeah I’m gonna sound sick again I’m gonna be so I’m so excited and happy right now afterwards probably yeah you’ll feel nauseous and like dehydrated made a lot of bad mistakes yeah yeah that’ll be fun and we can talk about that right but for now let’s talk about these people this is what is this show this is a fire you the only advice podcast on the internet hosted by me and Jason we get emails from people who are in difficult places seeking our guidance that email address if you have your own questions is if I were you show @ gmail.com I found a good one to start us off we can get into it let’s get right into it we need guys name we’re gonna give this email from real people fake name to preserve their anonymity do you have to get one your custom is Mario did I tell you my drug for my costume I guess anytime you meet somebody is always your name and Alison what’s your name and use it to me 900 I mean it’s a mirror Mario so they’ll be like they won’t know that I said that it’s it’s a mere yeah you did a bad thing that my Italian its Sammy has an art the reason you don’t want to dress up as Luigi its I just it’s that I have a thing that I do which is what I just have been a black cat this will be the seventh year in a row I believe in less than 60 giving myself too much credit I think I think I’m 30 now it’s either six or seven and you want to do in nine years or is that just the thing that I made up I wanna do it nine years and then retire it yeah and then you can view Luigi right you lose your costume for us perfect yeah the mustache and eyebrows shaved my mustache now I just wish I was a little shorter me to all the time so mario rights I found myself in a bit of a strange streak and 24 years old and I say I go out often and occasionally meet girls the last four girls I’ve met three of them drunkenly at bars and one of them from tender all had a similar quality I totally hit it off with them at the bar or club they’ve asked me to go back to their place we start making out and they stopped me and say you’re going to hate me but I’m a virgin and I’m not gonna sleep with you tonight don’t get me wrong everyone is free to do what they want and I’m not passing judgment Beauly invite me back to your place if you’re not gonna fuck and secondly what vibe am I giving off to meet girls who want to take me home but don’t plan on sleeping with me sincerely Mario interesting Mario wants to be a pimp daddy Mario wants to i get the vibe that he’s giving off is that he’s a nice guy unfortunately that’s not necessarily true it’s not attracting the ladies that don’t care to make you work for a little bit right he yeah he’s not attracting people that are looking for one night stands which I guess he wants but he sees actually like the HMO’s of pure defeat I was like in the grand scheme of things eighty-five percent of the way they’re having sex like it’s very it’s not that common to make out and be invited back to someone’s house like you think you’re cool and nice more importantly they trust you enough to let you into their house and they sort of but I think I mean I understand that he you know he issued some caveats about it but like the air he’s being a little bit of an asshole that he’s like the be all end all is fucking in like what the hell is wrong with you for not fucking yeah and it’s like he’s not even willing to give it a second shot yeah you it doesn’t have a date yet it doesn’t like being one and unlike I gotta go first night I would like to date minimal effort for sex in like the timeline of your life if you spend two or three nights with somebody and you’re a good person and you have sex that’s pretty they are you know that’s a great ratio that’s a great percentage conversion rate that’s a great conversion rate that’s exactly right it’s like someone bringing you back to their place he’s acting like he’s looking for $10,000 someone’s bringing them back to their place and giving them like $0.43 like things are not that great amigos almost like not as good a sec but like pretty darn close enough I mean it’s the build-up it’s great I don’t think I’ve definitely had better sex with people that I knew at least slightly more than than people that I didn’t know it all again I’ve had better sex with people that I knew a little bit random complete strangers and there’s nothing fun about that too but right but it’s not a complete loss it’s funny he is over for he’s not even like it’s not it’s a lot with attitude even if you’re fucking I met a girl invited me back made out and you know this is it suggesting that they all say I’m you’re gonna hate me that’s our girls have to say that’s not true that all your gonna apologize I’m not gonna fuck you I’m a villain because I and you don’t have to apologize I’m not gonna lie I’m gonna hate you you’re not gonna hate me you can just say I’m not gonna sleep with you right in here and if you make a big deal out hehe yeah when somebody says that to you the goal is to be like what are you even talking about zero expectations I don’t even know why this came up yeah like you’re gonna hate me but i dont wanna fuck you doing here to you time licking your tongue I could have done that at the bar Jesus Christ and then there’s often times an excuse sun-times fraudulent virgin they’ll say I’m on my period because a lot of times the emails feel bad for saying I just straight up don’t wanna have sex with normal just be ok I don’t want your dick penetrating me tonight yeah that’s that’s the thing like a guy just has to stick his dick in a hole that’s easy I’ll do that anyway a girl has to be like I have to trust you enough so much that you’ll go inside of me cum inside of me well you have to trust the guy to do that and like the fact that you can’t develop that kind of trust in three drunken ours is pretty well like at the same time you’ll never hear a guy being like listen lady I know you wanna fuck me it’s not going to happen much more rare occurrence but here’s the other issue that I see with Mario Wario Wario and that he is thinking about over for and like how upset he is he’s not fucking with these girls like he’s not thinking about having a fun time with the night he is not even on your horizon it’s got you have to like you’re a ship on the ocean and there might be land in the front of you but like just enjoy the waves in the sunset on the water enjoy the journey not the destination have fun with your boys have fun with your girls get to know somebody if we have sex like the set is gonna be a byproduct of being chill as do not being like and sometimes guys that are really really thirsty will get laid and I think that create sort of a false perception of like if I fucking if my heart is it that when you do have your attitude can even be that good words like what the records til 145 I’m still losing you if you’re keeping score than odds are it’s not in your favor it seems like this attitude only comes like all I see is like three other dudes calling on the day after midnight had to go well we made out of those three views went home by the way did you guys do we went to the diner only made out by giving up to meet girls I feel like I have a similar vibe which is kind of like the nerdy friendly look I’m not attracting super party ladies and that’s okay I think he has to embrace that he’s honestly that is attractive that is attracting people that are like you know kind kind of wholesome don’t necessarily want a 1099 numero uno right and and like on that and I’m like I take it slow to its like let’s go out again let’s go out one or two more times and then you will have sex and then everyone wants to have sex gonna happen you have to develop a trust you gotta be chill about it and then when it happens don’t upgrade your score board heard that it’s not one behind but when you like that as an earlier dude like maybe a phase you grow out of it but I like numbers in like I did about numbers but I never ever cared about like not having sex like yeah I would want to say I’m surprised even let you definitely like if somebody said they wanna fuck me I was like hell yeah yeah like I did when I did have sex I think I would like definitely catalog you like there we go my confidence was boosted but how often would you see that person again versus someone who’s like we’re only gonna make out i think is like 50% of the time I had sex on the first time I don’t know I don’t know we gotta go back to your catalog let me open up the Google Doc Ock quip let me add you know this guy who hears on slack for you like that because when I was in my twenties and stuff in relationships I don’t have numbers I had just I had loved I guess well not really cuz like if you break up with someone then you’re not you were never in a relationship nothing like at the end of any relationship that doesn’t end in both of you and your death beds 00 it’s not the making out at the SEC’s its did I go the distance quote unquote an area still die together holding each other as the Titanic’s the old couple on the bed then I’m over everything yeah we’ve had it all right let’s I guess at the 20 minute mark I guess I should stop right now I don’t think we should do this because we have people coming over but I’ll be funny to get drunk get in their costumes consider that we don’t know if that’s ok so you gonna take a break right now we’re definitely taking a break yeah that’s happened and will be back on the other side will it be tomorrow will be later will be drug will we be hungover only time will tell I feel you feel good about the positive like this I’m excited that my costume is comfortable like one time I just as a Rubik’s Cube and I couldn’t even walk that the best part about the cat oh yes sexy cat tonight though which is what I was wearing a tank top instead of it t-shirt like I had all the other two years ago I may be aware jumpsuit johnson Johnson alright BRB this is well stocked conference sponsoring this episode they list nature box that is when they deliver snacks to your door so you don’t have to go to the grocery store anymore and I explain it any more clearly nature bucks sends us snacks in the mail it’s a fun little surprise a fun little bonus to receive these delicious snacks because you sort of forget about it and then when it arrives it’s like a gift to yourself when you eat it it’s a gift to your mouth and then if they give to your stomach we’re talking about Big Island pineapple we’re talking about sweet blueberry almond and harvest now not next sriracha roasted cashews they’ve got popcorn they got salty 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try we highly recommend it personally I think it’s actually pretty darn good I’m off in chewing on their snacks myself so be like Jake and chew on their snacks if I were you let’s get back to the show yelling it’s raining here it is the next day it is we’ve conquered it my friend I think we won by Mario costume was I was the belle of the ball was also a hit for pictures you can see my Instagram photos of me a photo of Jake over snapshot into its own are snapshots I snapped a little bit too many follow me right now take a video of me talking while I tell you guys a funny joke I said at Halloween ones around its ok candid like I walked into this place he went to like a nineties dance party right and I’m wearing overalls and a red shirt and Mario hat goes Mario all thank God you know who I am afraid nobody would know there was a subtle costume my giant red hat of course Mario right god how did you first of all how was it for you cause I saw you having a sour time for an hour and a half in the bathroom I was I got their sober yeah yeah bones and then yeah I was trying to get everyone else to sober up yeah I get home New York Times there was sort of like there is news of a russian jetliner that crashed in Egypt killing everyone on board yeah I was trying to summer thing oh oh yeah I remember that sort of thing like you either party here in Los Angeles the rest of the world burn right the deejay recognize this Jake and Amir in the house and then you’re like yeah can actually get on the mic and then you said what’s the celebration here you guys are all Nero for this you know i Greek emperor of the Roman Emperor that plays fiddle while the city burn I see so that’s what we were to you but overall you had a good time how do you feel today I guess it’s 5:30 p.m. I was pretty hungover this morning what is a hangover like for you I feel like it’s a little bit different for everybody mine is very consistent within myself 100 you I call your hangover those are exactly the same you have its stomach now it’s not a stabbing a headache headache dry dehydrated like no sudden movements you think that’s unique to you yeah let’s start with the headache in the morning and gets gradually better throughout the day and then like one day one moment in the day it always just disappears for me like them around 3 to 4 p.m. and that that it going away feeling is amazing yeah there’s nothing better than just clearing yeah like this even better than being drunk is not being hungover and there’s always a moment when I’m drinking I’m like oh I’m pretty hungover 2 a.m. very drunk I’m like I know within an hour to ya why do you why do people drink when there that’s the worst idea is drinking when you’re drunk you’re already drunk that’s when you’re making these decisions right here to shop for ya like the the amount of alcohol that hasn’t even reached my blood yet it’s like pretty gray and now just adding more it’s like yeah I used to set an alarm would go off at 1:30 a.m. after I know what you know that’s a good movie like good job and you’re still gonna be drunk you think when you’re drunk if you see why you’re like oh that’s just gonna ruin my that’s going to end my night every time I switched to water there’s a commercial for water actually invested in this new miracle pill called water I switched to water should be the slogan for this new water what are your hangovers pretty similar to yours I mean just like feel very dehydrated feel a headache headache and I’m really really fuzzy very fuzzy and slow can you eat no I want coffee in the US and then it like two or three months yeah that’s just needs salt bread they talking about the stock goes well yeah it was it wasn’t like it was not the most epic night ever but not a terrible night yeah but a really solid how we as a solid dance party Halloween yeah I was a really great now yeah I like just people like that same exact night with nobody dressed up is not as fun yeah just like this is more I’m always dancing but because I’m wearing a Mario more fun every weekend should be lol I guess that’s part of the fun of just like dressing up before you go out and general yeah like what if I just wore my Mario costume on like a very nice grade yet to a deli for lunch and Italian deli I just want to go alone to an Italian restaurant just as Mario utilizando by myself you wouldn’t be able to do you wanna buy you started yeah like a flash mob type to you totally should pray like a camera show ya bro turtle shells at me and then maybe let ya know you’ll be Oshie yeah I was trying to kill you got it but I could be used to and now that you’re no longer on over can you imagine drinking if necessary we could you get drunk tonight I guess if necessary I would have a beer I am I have a beer tonight this is what it feels like when we do like three shows in four nights like this is the second night type live like we could rally yep we got a drink in us and then it’s like okay maybe we can have a little bit more yeah really all I need to be prescribed is like a whiskey drinks on ya back to back shows you know we have three shows coming up in November yeah it is November holy shit videos are in like two weeks less than that lasts throughout Muhlenberg College November 11th we’re in philadelphia the helium comedy club we just found out that 18 19 20 year olds can come if they bring someone that’s 25 and older and a 25 or older person can bring up to five people I think between the people that have already bought because we’ve sold like 75% of the tickets already and we guarantee those people are 21 and over right so if you buy tickets and you’re 18 to 21 can find someone in line will take me with you never made it our movie is really hey can i just walk in with you have to be like accompanied by a 17 year old brother apparent that a good just like walking with you then leave here at this point I would say like this is an 18 and over I mean just find twenty five-year-old to bring you in that’s gonna be a good show it’s gonna be a first-lap Pakistan Philly and what else is going to be insane show is this brooklyn show the next night which is already sold out weeks so excited that and that’s not even including the list of 30 people we have to bring I know gotta get those those rosenberg boys in ya Big Bear baby bear bear fuck it’s your boy I was in a mention that just their podcast listening to the other two days ago I was driving to Santa Barbara to innovation it’s so funny they are reaching a rhythm they’re getting into a rhythm their shows better structure than anywhere on a fucking structured its funny dave is I he’s he’s he’s being having delusions of grandeur oh yeah we thought he was confident before he even had a podcast and now that he has a somewhat successful one Carnell can’t quite even raining men and head is in the clouds are moving in a show you know you’re talking about and if not check out I think the last three episodes as a good way to like catch up on everything you need to know yeah it’s Dave Jeff and Mike Kernell childhood friends of each other and Jake’s and the premise of the show is coming up with schemes dreams hustles and business idea some of them are not even business ideas of them are creatures or other that’s giving them too much credit because oil would be the greatest I D hehe we should go in there showing where New York idea to you have right now live ok rather than like will will go on their show our podcast almost like a spinoff well so it’s like episode that episode on Monday whatever we would you like a two minute interval yeah this the following is not an episode of 24 wow that’s a very in depth crossroads people who didn’t actually know about their show to listen to it we really have to think on that I don’t know if I have a great idea for 2000 when you get the I got to actually I have two ideas and when I don’t think I could get real quickly also shows in December in the northwest of here in San Francisco Portland Seattle or Vancouver to get their first they’ll all the ticket link sorry if I read show dot com contracts out we’re talking about podcasts just wanted to mention that we have a bunch of new shows on the head gum network we have a fantasy basketball podcast now you’re you’re doing a fantasy sports for the first time ever I might raise about to go through commissioner Tim bolts Utku was on an episode couple weeks ago synergy is in it clocks low and a bunch of other funny comedians and friends of the family so if you’re at all interested in the NBA gonna be a fun listen what do you what are you losing right now 36 winning in this is it you become damaged sure that destroyed me think of it I haven’t started anybody since Tuesday beating him on our assists in field goal percentage well you shouldn’t have had the draft strategy of drafting only white people from UConn after the way basketball pursue their own schaeffer’s in your fantasy all right we should answer some questions there in Meyers Leonard is a fuckin problem even jau draft admirers legend and his aides been anything but why don’t we give this guy Australian dude named a fake name you want to do a Halloween theme you want to do maybe Australian basketball player did you pick up Dellavedova on your team did not Delhi I don’t think he’s actually any good he’s playing all right now because your boy Kyrie Irving is hurt well was delia rights I’m a 19 year old male from Melvin and last night I went to the strip club as a lone wolf for the first time after a long tiresome day I ended up talking to the twenty five-year-old smoke show for a couple hours in our conversations would revolve around things like life goals dating lives issues with our current generation etc on everything was going quite swimmingly afterwards I got pretty late and I told her I had to leave soon as I had a uni exam the next day she then told me that she enjoyed our conversation was intrigued by my modesty and friendly personality since apparently her typical customers can hold up a proper conversation and simply just want a lapdance anyway I felt like it would be rude rude if I left without getting a lap dancers and strippers there have to pay for their work rather than being given an actual wage so I ended up getting a private lap dance however at the end when I was about to hit the old gentleman her on Facebook and told me her full name I added her later that night and today she accepted my friend request but neither of us has initiated a conversation yet now my question is what do you think her intentions are is it just a business thing she wanted to another due to be a loyal customer order she actually have peer interest in me should i message her on Facebook first she did mention at one stage that she would date a 19 year old but I’m not exactly sure what that was implying hence why I’m writing this email anyway looking forward to hearing your sound advice kind regards Matthew Dellavedova ok Delhi dude went to a strip clues this is like a weird thing that almost all guys have which is like this desire to date a stripper but then like when you actually come close your like such heavy skepticism about it such reservation but you still like go you dive headfirst into trying like the the breakthrough connection conversation that happened at a strip club thing happens all the time and you always are like I might not like the other guys come to strip clubs here right now and then you always have the hope you like I know she’s paid to flirt but I feel like she’s actually into me I know yeah they’re all flirty with everyone but I’m not like a gross weirdo I like a normal dude who came to the strip club by myself but there is a chance she didn’t give him give him her full name did add they did at tell their to add him on Facebook and she accepted the friend request like this stripper probably avoids real-life connections with people that she gives lap dances to write like it would be one thing if she’ll get this book fan page or twitter something I don’t know I imagine that strippers would have to go to lengths sometimes hence having fake names like to a lot like a real-life connection exactly because be weird right so I didn’t really like two strippers have liked it when you get a haircut at a salon and somebody gives you their car in like you know we can do this outside the desires I could just come over and give you a haircut the strippers do that now have a direct line I don’t have to go to the strip club you just come over give me a lapdance and leave I think there’s a guy that exists where it’s like if you like dancing strip club you can pay me to fuck you you know last week I got a massage for the first time oh that’s right it’s like uber where you click a button someone comes over that’s right I wanna say their name yet but it was green I’m wondering could you do that with lap dances in which the legality of somebody just coming over in a bachelor parties right so like what’s the stop like why is there in the legal thing about having to go to a strip club does it have to be the zone dancing like a structural integrity that has to be mentally you can order dancers to come to your house can I thought that what bachelor parties are I need like I need a seamless web e24 on GrubHub shower now for lap dances yeah not that I would use it but I feel like they’ll be a good thing to have like you press a button and then it’s a good idea what do you want to be the guy have to go to view I don’t like her bag is it legal 125 people would use it at three if I was a millionaire because of it will what I tell people that was never hung out with the Bang Bros guys like they those guys like a long time ago it started like a link dump site for porn and they realize how much more money they could make it and they were like in dental school when they were doing so it’s not illegal it’s just like do we want to be the guys that make a shitload of money off of porn and ultimately they did they did it well imagine doing it not succeeding right you paid you pay to make porn and then like nobody watched the point that you made that happens it’s interesting I feel like if you make porn everyone watch it pretty easy way to get a viral video American Life about the porn industry cuz I’m really confused about like I make a porn like how does an I just get lost amongst the infinite free porn like how do I get paid for my board yeah like do you think since you’re sort of a connoisseur do you think you could produce up horn that is so premium that people would pay for it definitely no book off the bat speed like high def highres 60 frames per second I mean definitely there is a difference between premium porn and free porn right i mean but it might step would be it wouldn’t be like this like a gimmick like that like oh I know you know it would be a little things are better camera it’s not just about the camera no guide noises that’s what the isolated audio tracks you get to choose somewhere in the cleavage I can get a boom operator a fluffer I just don’t wanna hear them talking you mean like the guy groaning yeah oftentimes like when you’re watching like POV porn especially say doggystyle where somebody’s mouth is facing away from the bike and a guy is holding in his mouth is really close to them you’re getting a lot of men to the point where occasionally somebody masturbating said video made me and play another video in the background Wow different girl moaning with the guy enjoys dual sensory trace erecta me it’s kind it’s the art of convincing yourself you’re nodding to the actual audio of the video that you’re dealing with horse and I think there is I it’s you I don’t know how you get people to buy airport yeah I don’t understand how it would work you have to make a lot of all the points owned by three different companies and do they charge yet they charge but also I read that a lot of these porn sites that charge like browsers or reality kings they also own their own tube sites so they’re giving it away for free on the side yeah but I shorter shorter videos like a 12 minute video which you know gets most people off but every once in a while somebody’s like you know what I want to do the 40 minute version yeah and I’m not just another just about to watch this twelve-minute video three times and call it a day I need to watch forty minutes of original content so would you say to this guy who wants to date Harper yeah I it sounds like what’s the worst that why you not setting expectations why don’t you say I’m going to see where this goes whether it’s a client thing or a business thing or a friend thing or an actual romance with a lot of speculation before even like sends the first message stop speculating start masturbating thing interesting idea masturbate then you messaged her then you’re clear of a sexual conscious mind you’re thinking clearly lucidly about what you need to say another text.com is closed can you give this guy a suggestion about an opening message to send to this stripper her name exclamation point which is almost always text with that means you’re excited and yeah everything that makes you excited so your name is Kristen would you say are real perfectly Kristen exclamation point it’s me Delhi perfect we met last night I forget where but it was fun that’s good you’re winking at the stripper thing but you’re not ashamed of it you’re not necessarily bring that’s why don’t you know there is for free now that you might well want to restart this the lap dance to go out oh yeah what do you think of lap lap out perfect I mean different pocket yeah this is that’s it what can we say go for it don’t don’t you don’t have to save yourself out before anything happens walk into this thing with an open mind maybe like ur it’s possible yeah you would date a stripper I feel like you’re sure that was our tube to partner with in one episode episode a little before and after I think I think it worked out well the if you have your own questions are you on the inside the missions we start and end every episode with original theme song submissions the opening line was from Nicky Richards remember the ukulele lady from yesterday in our hearts but just 40 minutes ago in our minds and it’s ending one is by Mitchell and it’s an Arctic Monkeys parity you have your own questions your own theme songs emissions Facebook thumbnail submissions all of it goes to if I were you show @ gmail.com you live in the cities where we’re going to come to our live shows will see you soon if not we’ll be back on the airwaves next week and that’s very happy Halloween happy November see you guys soon