Episode 189: Silver Lining

In this episode we discuss losing your virginity, breaking up, and our TV pilot.

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add me on steam course I feel the casual on Steam it is Steve I think the video game thing dude can you do it I love this I love this song so much I don’t know I don’t know the gin blossoms are so good that they had to get songs they have three there’s the other one too and he where he can use yeah our pilot wasn’t picked up wow yeah you’re gonna tell me later RRR to just drop the news not even a bill that not even like hey you guys so we found out about the pilot rose ok yeah your parents who had to tear the banded yeah that’s true where do I start so what is this advice show first of all we should say they were not joking yeah that’s true our pilot was not picked up by truTV they decided not to pick up the pilot that we made yeah we shot it in August and I guess just a backtrack a little bit you read a script they say great shoot it they said you told us to shoot it we shot it was an amazing experience we edit it took them a month to put it together we put we made an episode that we’re very proud of that we thought looked great and then for reasons you know I guess it’s a TV TV is a business and they thought they wouldn’t make money on our TV show well who’s to say you know what goes into the decision that’s you know that’s left to us to wonder forever it’s it’s one their opinion on the show to how focus group testing does this show it to random people and you know what’s going on inside the offices of truTV like what their budgetary constraints are we got shows they’re looking for and write like that what’s happening in the market place over every other network you know I got a million things but all that all that we could say is fuck them I’m just kidding but how did you feel when you first here’s the thing we found out two months ago but we weren’t supposed to tell him I think the worst part was probably just like talking to people like fans over the last two months ago when we gonna hear about the TV show really doing interviews with like rain and student newspapers yeah what it what about the TV show faith fingers across the entire time I knew that we were definitely gonna happen what he has my other questions about the pilot was the best experience of my life while I do that it was not move forward it’s it felt like we are also optimistic and positive when we shot it and then we put it together and then showed it to some people and everyone was like so I had no I didn’t even have space in my brain for the fact that it wouldn’t get picked up yeah i do remember being on set like everybody like the hair and makeup people the gaffer’s it was like we just have such a good feeling about the show like you guys are definitely get picked up yeah bring me back where this is this is if we just i mean they are so it never goes this smoothly you know what they’ve never it’s never this much fun I was like everybody’s favorite experience and it was our first time so it’s like a dream come true not to mention the cast were just getting very close like the other people in the show yeah I mean Rick Fox is under threat of our pilot I am happy 30th birthday that week everything was just like going like this going so great was lovely hey v4 was on Mad Men that’s super funny like it incredible cast its money I thought I was over now we’re talking about getting sad again yeah yeah and then it’s just printing and having fun like jogging having a great time and then when we found out that they were like no I was like I hit a wall and you didn’t see it like I hit a pole going on I feel like going on vacations and things like that was amazing like no just take some time off and they were all going to be back here again will do this with each other and then instead of like going on a second vacation that like all your friends are you talking about their dead we have fun together yeah everyone like I had I thought it was good I thought it was great and we have we have all these fans that would love to watch it why don’t you want to put it on yeah that’s the other that’s almost like a second layer sadness which is the president yes we’re like I was that for myself we found out such a fun experience and I want to keep on writing it but like to disappoint all of our fans like this now Jacobs actually over right no more there’s no more Jacob your effort that’s correct the end of the end of that chapter and the City of a college humor was bittersweet but we’re like we saw the pilot so there is the characters are not gone there’s a glimmer of hope and now that has the hope is that like you said it’s sad to tell your friends that like because everybody was always asking aid to find out anything you know that yeah you know whenever optimistic were positive reveron saying good things yeah yeah mommy daddy they said no to tell my parents is really hard I think it was harder to tell my family then friends because all of our friends are sort of in this industry yeah they do you know what it means like oh yes I got shot her pilot you know you’re gonna move on to the next project is all going to be fired by my family they’re like this is your TV show and if it doesn’t go then you fail and you have to move home or something right there like wait so what now like what they didn’t like it you wasn’t good at like now it was good it was just that there was also other factors in the sometimes what are you gonna do now you’re like screw like meetings and will right we have a potluck that was like what you gonna do our focus on the hard no matter how popular podcast you have it’s not a good sense to say I’m just focused on my podcast right now and we also I also feel I hope that our fans aren’t I i mean i guess i understand that they’ll be disappointed I just don’t want them to be upset or feel like we short-changed them we do appreciate Lake the only reason we got this far one of the main reasons we got this far is because of our built-in fan base this that’s our show is on a very interesting trajectory cuz I don’t even know how much we told people I get moved to truTV but that’s because it actually died it TBS like the whole green light Jacob your hashtag yeah CBS didn’t necessarily pay attention to that as much as we want them to be registered but they like it didn’t help us and then but what did he do it did help us but not so true so TBS Pastner script and and then when that happens usually that’s it for everybody but because of the green light taken a beer movement that was what drew TV like responded to and they’re like these guys had this built-in fan base shot so the only reason we got to film our pilot is because of the fence right so you guys took us so far and we were hoping to be able to you know once were on the one yard line really threw it against the river we got this I’m a go back and we were stuffed three times and then mister field goal yet sorry about that when a kicker misses a last second field goal in like walks around looks at all that the real football players like fell as you know how girls will get them next time that yeah I’m actually if I can superstar athlete I made some pretty insane catches year five foot nine hundred 232 pounds and you miss a lot of pressure on ya guys there’s a lot of pressure on us and we did do our best job and we did we are proud of what we wrote and we are proud of what we shot and it we think it looks really good and we’re still really happy with it unfortunately as as it goes sometimes some of the funniest people in some of the funniest pilots don’t end up going because there’s so many like outside factors this is me talking to myself that night after like 12 depressed about it looked ok so my friend romanian listen every like buddy that you like in hollywood all the funniest people like Tina Fey all these people Amy Poehler all had pilots that didn’t go yeah like that’s how it works you don’t you don’t shoot one shot you’re like well that’s my career I missed one shot yet you have that you write a script and that doesn’t go then you’re a mission to pile on that doesn’t know you do that two or three times and then one does happen and then you can even have a show on TV that nobody watches some people have show’s first season and they go when you’re like what happened you like all my shows on TV and I don’t really remember that and you can have shows that are like super popular like Steve Levitan had modern families like the number one show he pitched another show went to pilot and that didn’t get picked up right you wouldn’t pick up a steep he’s already proven themselves but that’s sort of the business that we’ve chosen for ourselves it’s hardly know D harder’s doing literally any other teacher yeah that would be really difficult you don’t deal with the stresses of having shows being picked up in nine decisions being made a deer control but you do have to teach children for every day and that’s really hard to plan stuff being a doctor stakes are pretty high they’re so silver linings 10 this is like we said we found out several months ago so we’ve been through all the stages of grief first we were shocked they were mad late wide why didn’t true pick up our show our show is so good are our web series got more reviews in their TV shows then I was like you know I truTV gave us the opportunity to begin with so i cant be mad at somebody giving me a shot and then it didn’t happen to be like how dare you guys not give us two shots still yeah absolutely and silver linings line whenever stuff like this happens I like to imagine like three years from now being like oh my god that was actually the best thing that ever happened to us because that allowed us to do X Y and Z it’s hard to think about XYZ rate now because it hasn’t happened yet because we yeah we are still on W ya wxyz so W didn’t go but then I want I want to hopefully get to a place where it’s like ok now that we have free time now that what have we learned now we have free resources and effort at our disposal let’s create more let’s see what we can do after Jake and Amir that was 89 10 years of our lives we learned that I’m now maybe we can start doing something else maybe if if Jake and Amir didn’t exist or I should say that but Jake in our rearview mirror what what can we create thats new based on what we’ve learned so far this is like buying a pic so many actresses and when they do this the other is sarcastic and we do have ideas we have a lot of things percolating that we are excited about even when we were making Jake and Amir we’re still like developing other ideas and Jacob you just always had first position because it had been on the docket the longest yeah we had been meeting with these networks and stuff about it but they were there were always other ideas and now we have the time to to put you know energy effort and resources to creating other ideas so hopefully guys hear more about those soon and we still love the internet and like TV is really fun because when you get a TV show it still has a lot of clout like I’ve on television but the internet still excites us because one we have like complete control over like what we make like our podcast gets listen to more not more than some TV shows but we don’t have to give it to anybody for notes notes are fun but difficult at the same time but it does kinda feel like for eight years we’re pushing a rock up a hill and then like at the last second we let go and tell all the way back down or like shit god damn it took us so long to create that and now it’s at the bottom of fucking hell but hopefully it’s more like the rock fell forward down a hill so it didn’t go all the way back down to the top of the Eiffel we got it to the top of the hill and then we pushed it down like we let it would end up and then like it fell into the ocean sunk to the bottom I know we trusted the universe and there I didn’t really fall into like a deal he gonna go in like why you really push Iraq uphill to begin with course it was more of a metaphor than anything else is there was sisyphus ever like why do I have to you well thats I guess we’re talking philosophically about why do we do anything at the end of the day it’s just changes god oh my god I’m crying I’m dying which is like crying but even worse if you can imagine so that’s that’s the sort of full story frequently asked questions can we see the pilot another said answer its it appears as if since true pay for it they own it so we can’t release we asked we made this show for them and they took it and they can do with it whatever they wish we can ask again but it’s not necessarily to us but like a lover that’s been broken up with I feel like the only way to truly get over it is too sink her teeth into something do yes and is why we got the Podcast Network right we’ve got our shit that’s the goal right now is to create other stuff to occupy our creative talents and abilities still we still got the same sensibilities were still we still find each other funny I don’t want to say we’re still funny I’m still funny to me like the saddest thing to say into the mirror I’m actually still funny and then going to say oh right another silver lining is that damn it it was just my brain worries saying we’re still funny yeah that’s true we’re still create something creative here but not taken another silver lining is the fact that I really like the way the Deccan Amir web series ended the fact that there’s no TV show gives it a clean and definite definite ending whereas like if that was the ending of the web series and then there was also a TV show that lasted eight episodes it would have been kind of murky yeah that’s true so I like like Jake and Amir is now a self-contained online volume which is sort of how it started and then I feel like it’s an appropriate ending for it ya think the beautiful thing yeah rather than like having it go on to do some other kind of mediums I feel like by the bill the college years or less entourage movie that was obviously the turtle Ridge Ridge now it’s about like if that was our office what’s our extras what’s next and that’s a rustic said yeah exactly I mean most people’s favorite comedians don’t just do one thing for ever and that’s it hopefully yeah we can do what is what’s our Curb Your Enthusiasm yeah Larry David made a great show and then that’s right working period making me aside for ya internet is good and internationally renowned let its yeah let’s let’s now if Jason Mraz our twenties we’re excited about what our thirties and this podcast is actually giving us a ton of ideas just because like I feel like we’re constantly breaking in psyches of 15 to 35 year olds and their biggest insecurities and their biggest questions and their biggest concerns these emails a case study on Millennials general so hopefully giving us a lot of fodder for sure yeah and that’s what I’m most excited about is turning our new time to create something like Jake and Amir but completely different and I might be a carpenter’s apprentice what’s that I’ve always been interested in woodworking and comedies not panning out so I might be like building porches and gondolas gondolas yeah dude like a wooden floor or like a giant cable car a gondola porch a gazebo for some sort of those three make sense with the gondola feels like a marvelous thing is a gazebo in my head I see so in your mind a gondola was just a wooden ship to you I can I can probably help police with the definitions pro-gun delay just start things I used to do comedy a gondolas not what I want to make and just know that I’m interested in what she’s Louise answer question we take a break like that little cleansers yeah it’s a little early but we’ll take a break think a few more people will come back will answer some real fucking questions and honestly you guys don’t give up on us like this is a wholly shit everyone’s leaving its weird now I have it we have processed it now have to rethink about the dumbass pilot well well for the listeners and our fans this is the first I’m hearing about it remember how we felt for the first half hour just like days like we were confused and sad and angry at such a weird feeling just feel like I have I didn’t pick it up what he’s talking about those calls we worked so hard for years on this thing why would they not give us a chance to make it was it not good to them did they not like it is not good did we just lie to ourselves I think it was good but then again every time someone makes a pilot whether it’s good or bad everyone says this is good yeah everyone’s quote-unquote optimistic because that’s what you have to be you have to be happy and positive living in a couple years will I can meet some Tru TV executives it’s like event and will all be drunk and like will be successful at something else right and will be awake so it does obviously doesn’t matter now we’ve got the number one show on it friends too yeah we’ll be right back thank you you to Lisa L E S a.com for sponsoring this episode I 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working on a haircut and then somebody just says sorry we don’t want to do that yeah just something silly answer some questions yes I think we we threw a pity party and the party is over yeah I think so guys get over it will still do shit this isn’t the end of me and Jake it’s just the end of our our web series with the same exact name of the park yesterday to this is shit we should we should have mentioned that earlier to this is the last podcast as well numbers just aren’t really just getting we now have more time to dedicate to this podcast more than ever expect bigger things coming in and head going to grow and we can we can sink your teeth into that whole thing creating videos and more podcasts and more what about giving the names of these people about the names and addresses of Tru TV executives ok so I was gonna say the names of people that helped us to show ya for example helms executive producer could not have done this without him got this far because of him the godfather folks landed his invaluable insight with them throughout the whole process and help his rights hey guys love the show and I’m running for a third time I made nineteen year old sophomore in college and I’m a virgin and not the most social guy but I have also never had an issue having conversations with girls I just realism to episode 95 in which you answered a question about a girl who was a virgin and was wondering if she should tell a guy she’s about to have sex with that she’s a virgin I have the same question but for a guy if I’m in a situation where I’m about to have sex should I tell the girl that I’m a virgin and if not and I ejaculate too soon how do I remedy the situation sorry for the long email and I hope you guys can get to it wasn’t a long email I love that helms so first of all I wonder what kind of advice we give the girl I think if I remember correctly I actually remember would you say tell somebody you’re not my guess well it’s funny I mean it’s always a stable in the moment I don’t know if I like but I I don’t think you have to tell anybody right so I would imagine that I said that to the girl you just specially do you think it’s any different for a guy or girl no I don’t I don’t think there’s with a girl I think there was a little bit of a difference because there is the hymen breaking in the bleeding and all that issue well that’s actually not necessarily true it’s not what I mean like your home in can break pretty easily before you lose your virginity the letter that doesn’t and then you have it and then there’s lots of blood and then it’s like the test the tell the proof is in the red putting is it ok that I call the hymen breaking or really any female menstruation red putting its ok with me but I think it’s definitely wanna know is that if it’s okay with you as long as your coach will be ok with other people yesterday I got into mothers red putting I really like it’s curdled I think that you know that big of a deal to lose your virginity be I wish your hands down your pants right now you’re talking about yeah you’re squeezing your dick will you answer this question you’re you’re squeezing your balls as if like is some sort of weird like fortune telling thing you like actually let me see what I should do so my balls open my mouth and then the edsel come out my balls recorded audio I think you have to tell anybody do not I would I would prolly not I would prolly not if you’re worried about like coming too early and like seemingly inexperienced and have been having somebody be like wow you don’t know what you’re doing you could one say like what I was my first time and you know people usually I think if you had sex assembly and said there was a first time afterwards they might take a little bit of a big deal about it would you like me like that not had sex once before I haven’t done this a lot you know ya like 0 will I probably won’t get into that much but yeah ago when I was like a couple years ago like running high school musical 2 45 really like that that also if you can too early if that’s your only concern then I think you can always at least once or twice a smooth over coming to early by saying like you just turn me on so much I’m sorry yeah and like usually if you are so excited that you come early and you’re also an eighteen you could probably focus couple more times your dick hard again pretty quick and that’s second and third time you’ll be lasting much much much longer ya so just like your good yeah it’s coming too early is not like a virgin thing so you keep well oh my god I’m a virgin sorry I’ve been outed 30 and I still come and you’re not a virgin will I my high school girlfriend that’s awesome do read putting bro I love it so you would say you don’t have to tell anybody or virgin I would agree with that and then it jacki late too soon remedy the situation you turn me on oh my god I can’t believe how quickly that happen god I can’t fucking contain myself I think people always liked even though not necessarily satisfying to somebody else if you say I came to early cuz I’m so attracted to you like really be that’s better than not being able to come at all yeah yeah like nothing’s wrong if anything it’s too good too fast too soon its new but it’s exciting and when it happens you’re gonna fuck and love it dude yeah baby can’t wait for that helps to lose his virginity all right do we have a lady’s name marcy matters that are see our line producer first hire of the Jake and Amir TV show amazing team helped us create the show hardest working person on the entire set probably dealing with logistics that we couldn’t even begin to understand right I found out my boyfriend and his friends send each other dirty pictures of girls they find on social media and they all talk about how hot they are and how they want to bang these girls they also tell each other every time they see some girl that they want to have sex with like when he was recently in Vegas he was telling them about all the girls out there that he was seeing and wanted my question is is this normal or acceptable it makes me very uncomfortable that one he’s talking about other girls sexually and two he’s talking about girls and a degrading way I know guys all look at other girls but where should we draw the line I’ve tried talking to him about it but all he says is where guys we’re gonna act like was one more point is he hasn’t been completely faithful in the past can you help a girl out keep season that cheese or C Paterson interesting I feel like I was on the guys side all the way up until the fact that he cheated on ya give your I am totally cool with you being like you know sure being attracted to other people letting your boys no girls high you know that kind of thing but then like it we are they telling his girlfriend anything how does she find out like that so I think that’s the weird part to this whole thing there’s always guys are sort of scum balls like nobody would like the guys nobody would like me if they saw me hanging out with just two guy friends that I really like we all like we bring out the worst in each other but like that’s not a hundred percent of the time is just when you’re with a bunch of other guys everybody like we wrap it up you see can you say can you see can you see and I think the weird thing is that you I would never tell a girl friend of mine like everything that my guy friends talked about that’s that’s the advice to the guy who can do this we think it’s straight she said is is it weird we think it’s weird that he’s telling you especially given the fact that he’s cheated on you guys are going to be guys we’re gonna talk about the girls that we want to fuck also I did was a mistake and the rest of the damage just meet chat about it I’ll send pictures of girls that we would have bought out social-media etcetera etcetera one time that you can you get a big deal about this mercy I would say where do you draw the line I would say you can draw the line at actually acting on his sexual impulses and I mean I think you should tell him to stop talking to you about some of the stuff like that he’s telling you that he was telling his friends about girls that he wanted to have sex with him that he saw in Vegas they don’t share some of this stuff with be that has if you wanna like fuck with him there you should start doing the same exact thing yeah there’s this guy sounds like he’s just a little bit of a tool bag so I don’t want this to be like dudes can talk about this stuff but chicks can’t I think guys should talk about this stuff with other guys and girls to talk about fucking other guys with other girls get this guy is the part where this has been a toolbag by telling his girlfriend that he’s talking about this stuff or maybe she found out I don’t know how else can you find but like she should tell him that she’s talking about guys that she wants to fuck with her girlfriends and then I feel like he’ll be like ok I i actually dislike that and then and then at the very least he will stop sharing with you that he’s talked about that stuff with the guys it is just things that you don’t bring into a relationship if we don’t know who you’re attracted to its hard to tell a guy to change his ways when he’s with other guys that’s like a difficult predicament to put somebody and that’s why it’s this is just like in ignorance is bliss type thing like mine do your thing with your guy friends don’t cheat on me and don’t tell me about the girl that you want to hook up with I don’t want to know that everything else is coach yes so like if you want to go in like tell your guy friends who are girls are hot that’s fine but just don’t tell me that you’re doing it and then also you cheated on me so I think she should probably break up with him for that it is weird because I don’t want to be like this guy and i know i feel like im stuck between like I don’t want to tell this girl to just fucking relax but at the same time like guys sending pictures of girls that they find on social media and seeing how are they are and how they want to be like is it is this is that ok for a guy to do I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it necessarily I don’t know exactly the pictures that there’s any other and all that but yeah it is pretty normal behavior for boys and girls to like talk about members of the opposite sex or so I can’t stress how much more gay-friendly 420 friendly cat friendly dog friendly but I think like all day is normally you know tell your friends who want to fuck the part that really grinds my gears is that he’s is that they’re having this conversation with each other boyfriend and girlfriend should not necessarily talk about this right unless there is some sort of open relationship where they’re like down for it we have it so don’t tell it relax but we should probably I feel like I want to tell the dude to like you know britain arkin you know like this he’s he’s got loose lips loose lips sink ships once it’s not just about the rejection of the pilot is just that there is there is an undertone of like when I tell people they’re like oh you failed that wasn’t funny enough it was a good idea and I’m sorry to hear that do you feel like people think that and whether they don’t think it consciously it has to be part of it like listen we made this project we made this item we made this thing and it wasn’t deemed good enough like so you’re not good enough inside a way I don’t ever feel that the thing that bothers me is when I tell people and then I can instantly feel them trying to get like cheered me up and I just want to I don’t need to be cheered up I got it which makes you see me if I would never say that but that’s like so I say no it didn’t happen oh man I’m so sorry will like this this and this look I know and I just go along with it but in my head I like it I’ve had this in my head for like months I’ve all these things that you’re reassuring me I reassure myself and they could never understand why all the tiny little things in my life that like that make up the big mosaic of who I am and I just I just don’t want to give anybody that like level of intimacy in any one moment I just want to be like the pilot and get picked up I’m fine with it let’s talk about something else yeah but the question with a question we look for a good line actually a nice idea another lady’s name another lady who helped on our pilot actually rooted year as to whether post-production coordinator and she specifically rights early someone were calling Ashley Rubin writes so I met this guy on Halloween bar crawl he was a friend of a friend’s boyfriend and through the net we made out in different places and you know had a good time handjobs were made we exchanged snapshots and kisses goodbye and for the entire week we chatted every day we meet up for a beer on Friday night that week after we had a good time she left I left we ended the night with a passionate French kiss we snapped every day for the next week as well Saturday that next week we meet up for a coffee he told me a bunch a deep shit about his friends who went through some drug problems and all that coffee date we held hands kissed had a good time kissed goodbye and snapped every day for the next week I mean out i mean are snapped is on fire the sunday the next week we meet up sit down at a bar we had some fries the night ended up at my place we stayed up all night talking we slept with arms and legs around each other we snapped for the entire week after that 10,000 words on a Saturday this time my friends are there and his friends are there fun night night ended up with me going home with him and his friends to his friend’s apartment we had some more beers made some more jugs danced a little he followed me into the subway and we kissed goodbye snapped Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Friday but not Saturday and now for the last two days I was the one who says the first snap I was the one making the jokes it felt like he was getting distant so I thought if you want to get down he must send the first app and he never did for every single from every single day to absolute silence it’s been five days now I like this guy he had brown thick curly hair the smile of an angel the body of a Greek God so what happened what should I do I’m kind of pissed that he destroyed our snap fire was low of him luv Ashlie room yeah dude she was describing the beginning of an excellent relationship to you disappeared like a snapchat itself the ghost emoji ghosted interesting yet he just doesn’t like right so annoying so why are there other good stuff I think that’s just like modern dating you know like your fire and then your your eyes you know it breakups always sort of happen out of the blue for one other person because it’s hard to be mean to someone for the third fourth and fifth day like I am my best version of myself when I’m with somebody that means it seems outwardly that it’s going great what am I gonna like roll my eyes not smile at jokes not laugh not pretend to do this not be polite I my best version date five six seven eight and then at a certain point I feel like I don’t want to live anymore I don’t want to be polite anymore I wanna be my true self which is not necessarily be dating this other person writes off to be like sorry this is going well but I don’t want to do this anymore and then oftentimes they wait what he talkin bout we had such a great time it seems so perfect we snapped I wasn’t having any fun it was what I was doing was lying more and more and more and more to the point where I can’t quite be that person anymore but I would say that this isn’t necessarily like this guy was growing more and more distant from this girl he also my body so maybe some other girl just came in he got super into that you know it so hard with new relationships because you don’t know at all what the other person’s going there he’s gone through something completely different than you and so frequently those two things don’t line up the other remaining upper so small that’s why not everybody in the world gets married to somebody that the right but the odds of you marrying someone like 101 and 500 whatever the testing thing is always funny to me too she liked it she was sending the first national spending the first jokes that she’s like you know what I won’t send it and that’s always a really dangerous game to be amnesty if you can text me first yeah because then he doesn’t and then what do you really built the fact that he’s got every single day as the longest day you like look at your phone really what the fuck is going on so I think you if you fuck somebody I don’t think there should be any like qualms about sending your texts are sending us down for whatever whatever whatever and you would say even if I’m the one initiating it over and over and over that’s fine I mean it depends on what you gettin back if you’re getting it is a kind of a good litmus test because I did show her like she’s like I’m not gonna snap first and see what happens is not interested yeah I know it’s a little too little duckling it’s a little her with them right now because that’s maybe what he was hoping if she stops all stop and then we both goes to each other when in fact he was the one that was doing the ghosting yes you’re never I really hope wherever he is I hope he’s not like I’m off the hook she didn’t text ya but obviously that you know when somebody likes you and you know when they’re waiting you said you just i mean you don’t have to like making you snap this girl but the very least you should be alright I probably her that was an ideal of me to do yeah it seems like this is trending towards the girls reaching out one last time like harry let me know if you wanna do the same with me and then he’ll either complete the ghost and not respond to that bad or he’ll be like yeah sorry I guess I’m just not feeling it anymore you’re you’re taking this guy’s side because he is you yeah I am a snap chatter you are the guy that you stopped texting you to text me so I did text you when I’m in the right but then I feel bad because I like what what’s I’m just talk about myself that this guy like my to have to quote unquote break up with somebody like after like four dates email her and be like listen this isn’t going out well for me I don’t really like you like that and then she was like wait what are you talking about like he could have just stopped after adding me and I would have been fun it’s really a case-by-case basis because some people would rather be ghosted and that some people would rather you be honest which is what I came up on a podcast last week like some people prefer the like just the polite you don’t have to sit down and talk to me already feel like the rejection let me just at least like yet convinced myself let me get ghost and I don’t have to have this uncomfortable exchange with you somebody else’s like hey you need to just tell me what’s what so I can’t stop thinking about it right and yes I don’t know there’s not really a right answer because it’s really like what was the other person preferred what do you prefer and I’ve done both I have like broken up or had to send an email to someone like after like two days and then some people like we did you like break up with her later that you could have just said you did the wrong thing each time the first time I shouldn’t have said anything but I was expecting me to reach out and if I didn’t want to be a hassle I’m always thinking which one will get the lady to think that I’m not an asshole yeah I think the very like just the fact that you’re thinking those that makes United Nassau yeah but then at a certain point it’s like it’s a little bit selfish to be like I just which one will make you like me like I don’t I don’t give a shit if you want to see nothing say something I’ll do it just tell me which one you want me to do yeah but that’s like sort of a win-win because you want to do like you but like them like the least hurt so it’s sort of like it’s it’s ultimately nice even though that’s not necessarily your primary attention right another example of like doing something that’s kind of rude but I feel like it’s actually beneficial and helpful as a lot of times I hear the advice that like it’s better to ask a girl out in person than to like do it over text or email cuz it’s a really passive and that’s kind of greenery in kind of lame kind of modern like a man and say to her face but I think I prefer I think asking a girl out over text or email is nicer because you’re not like confronting her in putting in her putting her in a weird place where she s like reject you or accept you instantly to your face right if I’m staring at someone like do you want to go out sometime like what kind of weird position is that they usually just say yes and maybe a lil later right I think it’s almost as does it even matter that they like you they like being asked out in any of those fashions and don’t like you I guess they’d probably mostly to not be asked out face-to-face yeah if you get the sense that somebody like serious about face to face their pretty pumped done it but there’s there’s a whole fashion thing which sake you should ask someone how to their face also heard recently that it’s nice to pick somebody up in there in your car rather than like let’s meet at this bar neuberger yeah I’m all for that like second level confidence like I don’t think I would ever go up so late I’d like to take you out sometime but like you know you make friends you like everybody doing like you set up a day and there was the data set up then you be that like ultimate gentleman then I will pick you up I’ll do whatever all that stuff pick up his and i know im not a hundred percent into the pickup either way we live in Los Angeles words like it makes more sense to me in it over so you can both get drunk right but I mean it always makes more sense to meet new procedure both get drunk but like it some people would say like now we live in LA it’s a car culture the data-driven a drive-in movie theater so you have to take you your date and the arbitrator will be calling hoover will pick you up and Louisa Mario will just sit in the front has to be Louise Mario Luigi and Mario sorry I just think most Italian plumbers end up driving for you to go around that’s I guess what was this guy specific question she’s like put up the snap fire what should she do i mean you there’s nothing happening so if I were her I would continue the non to reach out to him except that it’s over he was sort of a little bit of a dick but that’s ok try to be somebody else there’s always other humans that’s the best thing about people being on earth there’s more human than just that one guy there’s more pilots we should be able to write again TV still exists the internet still exists we we can create stuff that doesn’t have to be drinking beer they can be something else can be something entirely new something exciting something that builds upon we’ve owned and run it doesn’t make sense alright thanks for listening everybody know I have to promote that I wanted to my moms don’t you guys let’s wrap this pilot is not picking up that you could still hear me reading The Secret Life of Walter Mitty my mom’s podcast which is called the easy chair network her mommy’s I cast Jake favorite guests she actually admitted on this podcast that I was your favorite child wow at least the favorite son still she still shouldn’t have done that yeah we’re also on the black men can’t jump podcast week or two ago talking about white men can’t jump if you like their episode on our show last week we go on their show you can listen to that right now thank you for listening thank you for supporting thank you for listening think you’ve heard everything we appreciate it we will continue making stuff and we hope you continue watching and enjoying this isn’t the end this isn’t the end this is not the end of us this is not the beginning either oh yeah definitely not the big us we are peaking yeah join it’ll be a nice long descent baby and you guys wanna be with us every step of the way with the best part of a roller coaster and I write their precipitous drop jet jet jet jet to drop the opening theme song was written by stop the rock you can listen in on Steam Steve I’ve built the casual and this closing theme song is from Misha and Alex Scott will be back next week and the week after and over and over and over and he doesn’t have any the shit they just cancelled our podcast legal next week